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Ladies Hot Tub
I have always enjoyed soaking in the hot tub after a good workout, but the hot tubs were always so public that I couldn’t relax. I hated putting on a bikini that had to cover everything because i was a trainer at the gym, and then going out by the pool to soak. So when they finally put them in the women’s locker room, I was thrilled.

It was always funny to me that these women with wealthy husbands were always so uptight and sexually frustrated. It was obvious that they wanted to fuck the younger girls like me, but felt the ring other finger meant that they couldn’t have fun. I always love flirting back with hem, and showing off and teasing on the floor and in the locker room. I would see them get wet when I pulled my leggings tight and gave myself a camel toe. In the locker room, i would walk around naked and only the most daring would join me in the shower. When they did, I would make them cum like they had never came before.

The gym was quiet and I had on my tiny yoga shorts because I was hoping to pick up a guy, but the gym was so empty it was mostly couples. there were a few older women in the gym, most in their late 50s, but no on my age. I did notice that the group of older women were staring, but trying not to be obvious about it. It was obvious that they were regulars because they were in fantastic shape, but I didn’t know them. I figured, what the hell, so I slid my shorts to the side a bit without casino oyna being obvious and kept working out. I was giving them a little bit a view, but being coy about it. My nipples were hard, and I love teasing so I was ready. They continued to stare and smile for an hour, but none of them approached me.

I decided to go get off in the new hot tub since there were no real contenders for fun at the gym. I stripped and got rinsed off in the shower and covered myself with a towel and walked over to the hot tub. While I was turning the jets on, the older ladies came into the locker room. They stopped and said hi, and asked about the new hot tub since they knew I was a trainer. After a brief conversation they turned and went to their lockers, which were in perfect view of the hotel tub. I dropped my towel and stood there for a minute so they could see and then I got in. I sat up a bit in the tub so my tits floated not he water in case they were interested. They all stared and smiled when they thought the others weren’t looking when they went to the showers. Within minutes they showed up with towels and asked if it was okey to join me. I smiled and said yes. They seemed eager, but reluctant to get naked in front of me. I lifted a bit out again so my tits showed and told them that it was perfectly ok to be naked around me.

They dropped their towels and their commitment to the gym showed. they were tight and toned. It was also obvious kaçak casino that they had husband that wanted big tits as they all were “enhanced”. I complimented them, and it seemed to ease them a bit. I mentioned that their husbands were lucky because I knew it would bring on a sexual conversation. I talked with them about husbands, and told them my husband was older, and that’s why I never was faithful, and bisexual. They stopped and focused on me eating pussy. I told them how much I liked the feel and taste of a woman. I could tell that they were sexual repressed and wanted something other than fingers so bad. I asked them if they were interested in being with a girl, and all said immediately that they wanted to try it. I had been with women like this so many times, I lost count. Older women who had k**s in college and their husband didn’t fuck them anymore, but they were too honest to take another dick. So they watch lesbian porn and get off thinking about it. I knew just what to do.

I stood up and walked across the hot tub to the other side where the one that I could tell was playing with herself under the water was sitting. I sank back down in the water and parted her legs with my hands. I put one hand between her legs and the other on her gorgeous D cup tit and leaned in for a kiss. She became aggressive, as all women like her do, and reached for my pussy too, I lifted my ass out of the water so her friends could canlı casino see her fingering me while we kissed. I heard the other 3 moan as they were obviously playing with themselves under the water. I sat her up on the edge so she was plainly visibly to her friends and parted her legs. We kissed for a minute, then I moved to her nipples, and then to her pussy. I fucked her pussy with my fingers while i used my tongue on her clit. Every no wand then I pulled my fingers out and then stuck my tongue deep in her cunt, then asshole before going back to fingering her. her friends were close, so I pulled my fingers out and then stuck them in her friends mouth so she could taste her pussy. She came, and I told her friend to take over for me.

When she started to eat her friends pussy, i went to the next girl, and had her sit up on the edge. I kissed her and the get her pussy started, but had the last friend take over for me right away. When she was bent over, i went back and forth between the two girls servicing their friends. Fingering one while tasting the other, then switching. The girls swapped, and one couple put me in the middle. I got to eat one, while the other worked my pussy. We swapped girls around, completely oblivious to what was going on, around us. We looked up to see a couple girls playing with themselves and a college age couple fucking while they watched us.

The couple finished she the guy went back to his locker room, and I cleaned out his girlfriend. Then we had a few other girls join us before we traded information and agreed to a girls night the next weekend. I told them to tell their friends and then we went on our way

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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