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King Dong
Chapter 1

Kathy was at the age where she knew she had to go to these big family
gatherings, but could only think of perhaps fifteen or twenty things she’d
rather be doing. She knew it wouldn’t do any good to protest, and she’d
gotten in the car with her sister and mother, but she hadn’t been happy
about it. That changed when they got to her Grandmother’s house.

Kathy saw her Uncle and grinned. He was so cool. He was big and
strong, but when he wrestled with her it was like fighting with a big soft
teddy bear. He tickled her so expertly it was almost scary. He could
position his hands in such a way that when she jerked her body to get away
from that tickle spot, he would be ready to strike at another tickle spot.
She loved to jump on him and try to tickle him back, even though he didn’t
tickle very well. She always felt special whenever he paid attention to
her in their special way.

When her breasts grew out she hated them. They got in the way of almost
everything, and they were tender and sore. And then hair grew between her
legs and it held odors so that she had to take showers almost every single
day. She felt awkward and ugly. But through it all, her Uncle Bob smiled
at her and hugged her and wrestled with her. Now his tickling wasn’t so
rough, though he still made her squirm and giggle. When she was trying to
escape-but-not-really from him, she forgot she was a gangly misshapen girl.

Eventually she grew into a lithe strong limbed woman with thrusting
breasts that didn’t hurt any more, but sometimes tingled strangely,
especially the nipples. And all that hair covered pouting lips that also
tingled, especially when she washed there in the shower. Her long blond
hair glistened with health and her skin was flawless. There were lots of
people who thought she and Uncle Bob shouldn’t wrestle any more.

But neither she nor Uncle Bob agreed.

And when she saw him today, she planned her attack.

She pretended not to notice him, or not to care, as if he were just
another relative at the family gathering. There was going to be lots of
food and card games and all the usual things that happened when some part
of their large family got together. So she talked to the odd cousin, or
one of her Aunts, only looking at Uncle Bob out of the corner of her eye.

He was, as usual, wearing a pair of loose shorts with an elastic waist.
He also had on a tank top that showed off his bulging arms and broad chest.
Sandals completed his outfit.

But it was the shorts she was interested in.

Sixteen year olds aren’t known for using the best judgment. Kathy was a
normal teenager, who thought something would be cute or funny without
thinking things through completely. Her plan was to get behind Uncle Bob
and jerk those shorts down around his calves, exposing his underwear. Then
she would laugh and yell “GOTCHA!” and run away before he could jerk his
shorts back up and chase her.

It just never occurred to her that he might not be wearing underwear.

She had two Uncles and four Aunts and about forty cousins. Uncle Bob
was talking to his two younger sisters, Cora and Liz. Liz was her mother
and, as she maneuvered, she was struck by the look on her mom’s face as she
talked to Uncle Bob. Her mother was smiling, which wasn’t unusual, but
there was something else there, some look of utter happiness that was
striking and caught Kathy’s attention. Aunt Cora was just as animated and
it occurred to Kathy that she wasn’t the only female in the clan who
enjoyed being around Uncle Bob.

Kathy put her plan into action and wandered into the area behind Uncle
Bob. About then her sister, Jill and her cousin Mindy, came up to their
mothers to ask if they could go hiking together. Kathy wanted to snort at
the idea that her mother, or Aunt Cora would allow the two f******n year
old girls to go off alone. But they played into her plan perfectly.

All four of them had a perfect view when Kathy grabbed Bob’s shorts and
jerked them down. Her plan worked perfectly. His shorts went all the way
to his ankles. She yelled “GOTCHA!” gleefully and jumped up, at which time
she saw bare buttocks right in front of her face.

Something in her mind said “Uh oh” and, instead of running away, she
just stepped back a pace.

Liz and Cora had grown up with Bob, and in that family there had been
little privacy. With four girls and two boys plus a set of parents, and
only two bathrooms, modesty wasn’t a first priority. But by the time Cora
and Liz had reached the full blush of puberty, Bob was the only brother
left in the house and the two older sisters had gone off to college as
well. So when Cora and Liz got interested in men, their brother had his own
bathroom and they never got to see much of him. They were therefore
unprepared for the penis that was suddenly exposed to them.

Their 14 year old daughters were, at that point in their lives,
EXTREMELY interested in boys and boys’ bodies. Neither had ever gotten a
good look at a penis, and both wanted to badly. They would remember this
day for the rest of their lives.

The organ these four women were confronted with was unusual, to say the

We all hear stories about huge dicks, but nobody sees them routinely.
However, as anyone reading this story probably knows, there is proof out
there on the internet that these things do, in fact, exist. Bob’s penis
could pose for those pictures.

It was nine and one quarter inches long while flaccid. It was
uncircumcised, and so smooth looking it almost seemed like it was made of
some kind of light wood. It hung from a tangle of light brown curly hair.
The top third or so was flanked by what they could see of his balls, which
were big hairy sacks that pushed the base of his cock out from his body an
inch or two. The result was, oddly enough, quite similar to what an Indian
Elephant looks like, in a nearsighted sort of way, with the balls being the
ears, the penis the trunk and the hair the head.

All four females knew, in theory, that this penis could get hard, and
that when it DID get hard, it would lengthen by a third. The two women
suddenly felt weak in their knees at the thought of what that would look
like… and what it would be good for.

The two girls promptly disregarded all the rumors that boys could stick
those things in a girl and it would feel good. It was plain to see that
any girl who got THAT thing stuck in her would need a wheel chair

There was a general hush in the crowd after Kathy screamed “GOTCHA!” and
every head turned toward them. The only person in the room who did not see
his monster dick, was the person who was responsible for exposing it.

Cora, whose husband had a four inch penis that, until this day had been
perfectly satisfactory to her, said “Oh my goodness.”

Liz, who was divorced and had not had a man in over six years, said “Son
of a BITCH!”

The two girls chorused “EEEEWWWWWWWWW”

Everybody else just stared at first, then there was a hubbub of noise as
women started yelling and men started realizing that their women were
comparing them to this freak of nature.

Basically, the only person who thought it was funny was Kathy.

Her mother yelled “KATHLEEN SUE MARTIN!” at which point Kathy’s
suspicion that she was in trouble for her prank was confirmed. Now she
KNEW she was in trouble. She leaned sideways, expecting her mother to be
frowning at her, but her mother’s wide eyed gaze was riveted on Uncle Bob’s

Her mother shouted again “KATHLEEN SUE MARTIN!!” like she was one of
those stuffed toys where you press part of them and they speak a
pre-recorded message. Uncle Bob whipped around to see who had de-pantsed
him and Kathy suddenly got a glimpse of what all the hubbub was about.
When he turned, the trunk of his elephant rose up and lashed wildly.

Kathy’s first impression was that he had a rope tied around his waist or
something. When she realized that was his PENIS, she freaked. She held
her hands out in front of her, warding off an unseen attacker and said “Oh
shit… I’m sorry… oh shit… I didn’t… Oh SHIT!”

Bob, having never married, and not having a spouse to be embarrassed by
all this, decided that getting upset wouldn’t do anybody any good. Instead
he bent over, pulled his shorts up and said “Very funny… Ha… ha…
ha. You’re gonna pay for that Kat!” He sounded for all the world like he
actually didn’t care that his secret had been revealed.

Kathy, however, was mortified. She had embarrassed her favorite Uncle
and everybody in the whole family knew it! She ran out of the room crying.

Bob, knowing that what had happened wasn’t his fault, but that most of
his family would blame him anyway, was more worried about Kathy than he was
any of them. Some of them would try to make her life miserable and, all
things considered, nothing REALLY terrible had happened. Yes, some k**s
had seen a real live penis, but then, what did that actually hurt?

But if his relationship with Kathy had been damaged, he actually cared
about that. He was about to go after her when his sister Liz caught his
arm. “Oh Bobby, I’m so sorry. Sometimes k**s can be such… I don’t

He was saying it was OK and trying to pull away to go after Kathy.

Liz went on “Wait! I need to talk to you… privately.”

He looked at her and saw in her eyes the same look he’d seen in several
other women’s eyes once they’d seen what he had in his pants.

“Surely not” he thought. “Not my little sister!”

But once she got him alone it was obvious to him what she wanted. She
started talking about how long it had been since she’d seen him, and how
they hadn’t spent enough time together, and how she missed her husband…
well not her husband, but having a man around. She touched him on his arms
and once on his hip, and when she didn’t touch him her hands hovered near
his body.

He’d seen it all before.

It would have been funny if it hadn’t been his sister.

On the other hand, she was no slouch. She was a vibrant woman, with a
good figure and a better personality. He finally stopped her babbling.
“Liz… I know what you want.”

There was a little panic in her eyes. “Don’t be silly. I don’t WANT

But her eyes darted to his crotch.

He almost laughed. “Come take a walk with me” he said, holding his hand

Now she fidgeted. “OK… let me tell the others where I’ll be.”

He took her hand. “Nobody needs to know where we’ll be. Come on, I
want to show you something.” He pulled her and they left the house.

It was the house they were all raised in, so in reality, there shouldn’t
have been much he COULD show her that she didn’t already know about.

But she didn’t say anything, she just went along with him as he took her
into the woods. He kept going and finally she said “Bobby… where in the
world are you taking me?”

He turned and said “Far enough they won’t be able to hear you.”

“What?” she said, pulling at his hand. “What did you say?”

He stopped and turned around to face her. He walked up close and she
shrank back a little.

“You are going to be making a hell of a lot of noise in about five or
ten minutes, and I don’t think you want a bunch of your cousins coming to
find out WHY you’re making so much noise.”

She started to ask him what he was talking about but he kissed her. It
took her by surprise, but part of her had been hoping for just such a kiss
and that part responded with a hunger that surprised them both. She
writhed against him and his hands came up and slid up her sides, then to
her breasts and he squeezed them through her shirt.

She broke the kiss but did not move away from him one centimeter. “What
are you doing Bobby?” she said, her voice husky.

“You know what I’m doing Lizzy.” he said, and he kissed her throat as
she threw her head back.

“You can’t” she moaned. He pulled her and she yelped, following him as
he took her deeper into the woods. “Bobby, this is crazy. We can’t do
this. Bobby! I won’t LET you do this.” But she kept running after him,
her hand lightly held in his. She could have jerked her hand out of his

But she didn’t.

Kathy had run blindly for ten minutes after leaving her grandparents’
house. She couldn’t ever show her face in public again. “How STUPID that
was!” she thought to herself. Finally, out of breath she sat down. She
was sitting there feeling sorry for herself when she heard crashing sounds
in the woods. She jumped up, afraid it was an a****l, but then she heard

Not just any voices. She heard her mother’s voice! Were they looking
for her? They probably wanted to punish her. But her mother’s voice
sounded funny… almost scared! Then, very plainly, she heard her mother
yell “Bobby, we CAN’T do this… it’s WRONG Bobby!”

They had stopped.

Kathy crept towards where she heard her mother’s anguished voice.

Liz had kept telling her brother that she couldn’t go with him, and kept
that up all the time he pulled her along. She followed him until he
stopped. They were in a little clearing that had grass thick on the
ground. He turned around and looked at her. Her eyes were big and her
mouth was open.

He took off his shirt.

“Bobby!” she moaned.

He bent over and pulled his shorts down. “Ohhhh fuck” she groaned.
“You don’t play fair.” Her eyes were riveted to his cock … the same one
that Kathy had unveiled a short time before.


Kathy pushed a branch aside and saw her Uncle and her Mother standing in
the middle of a little clearing. Her Uncle pulled off his shirt. Then he
took off his SHORTS! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


Bob stepped up to his sister and began unbuttoning her blouse. She kept
up a stream of statements that they couldn’t do this, that they shouldn’t
do this, that he had to stop immediately, but did nothing whatsoever to
stop him from taking her blouse off. When he put his fingers to the front
of her bra, where the fastener was, her hands came up and cupped her
breasts, holding the bra to them after he unhooked it. Then he fell to his
knees and began taking her shorts down. She couldn’t hold on to her bra
and pull her shorts up at the same time, so she let go of her breasts,
which were not in imminent danger, with his hands and head down there by
her crotch.

She grabbed her shorts, trying to hold them up as he unbuttoned and then
unzipped them. Bob ran his hands around to her ass and began kissing his
way up her body, starting at her belly button. He nosed aside her left bra
cup and sucked in her pink nipple.


Kathy’s jaw slowly dropped until her mouth was hanging open. Her Uncle
was doing things to her mother that boys tried to do with her on dates!
And her mother was just STANDING THERE!

Kathy could hear her telling Bob to stop, and that they couldn’t and
shouldn’t, but it was just OBVIOUS to her that her mother didn’t mean a
word of it. She WAS holding her pants on, but Kathy didn’t think that
would last long. Then she saw Uncle Bob kissing her mother’s stomach and
then he sucked her mother’s nipple and she suddenly felt all hot and itchy
between her own legs.


Liz stopped talking when Bob sucked in her nipple. Her hands went limp
and her shorts fell with a plop to the ground. “You bastard” she moaned.

He switched nipples and she shrugged her bra off before bringing both
hands to the back of his head. “How did you know?” she moaned.

He let the nipple pop out of his mouth and pulled her panties down. She
stepped out of them, all resistance gone now. “I saw it in your eyes.”

“Are you really going to do it? Are you really going to fuck me with
that… thing?” she sighed.

“Why do you think I brought you clear out here?” he said. He stood back

His dick was hard.

“I want to touch it” she said, sinking to her knees. She held it,
stroked it and talked to it. She kissed it and sucked the tip into her


Kathy undid her own pants and slid her hand into them. She had to do
something about the itch in her pussy. She slid a finger in and then
pinched and pulled her nipples through her shirt. Her mother was such a


Liz played with his prick for a little while longer and then lay back on
the grass. “Bobby? I need you Bobby. Please, baby, please.”

He sank down between her legs, his hand around his cock with five inches
still sticking out. Kathy watched and groaned in her own throat as her
Uncle fed that long hard sausage into her mother’s pussy.

Kathy had seen X rated videos at her friend’s house, but this was
nothing like that. This was raw and powerful sex. Uncle Bob shoved as
much of his monster cock into his sister as he could get in her and her
mother just went CRAZY. Her legs flailed and her arms flailed. She cried
and screamed and moaned and groaned. She cursed at him in one breath and
professed undying love for him in the next breath, all the while shoving
her pussy up to meet each of his downward strokes.

Kathy had two nice orgasms with her fingers stuck up in her when she saw
her Uncle manage to get all but a couple of inches of his prick in her
mother’s belly. Her mother gave a screech and she went limp. Then she
heard her Uncle Bob say “Liz, baby, I’m gonna cum. I’m right up by your
womb Lizzy and I’m gonna fill it up. Are you on the pill little sister?”

Liz lifted her head and screamed “NOOOO YOU BASTARD… YOU KNOW I’M

Bob said “Good. I just wanted to make sure” Then he grunted and his
buttocks clenched.

Kathy heard her mother say “OH FUCK… I FEEL IT… BOBBY I FEEL IT…

He was shooting that awful prick off inside her mother. His sperm was
splashing into her mother’s womb! Kathy sat down hard as her knees gave
way. She realized she was panting and tried to quiet her breathing.


It got very quiet then, and Kathy stayed as still as she could,
breathing lightly, afraid to move. She heard noises… their voices again
and, ever so slowly she moved until she could see them again. Her uncle
was still lying on top of her mother, who’s body was lying limp, except for
her arms, which were tightly around her brother.

After a while her Uncle and Mother got up and got dressed. They were
talking quietly now and Kathy saw her mother touch and then kiss Uncle Bob.
Obviously she wasn’t mad at him for doing what he’d just done. When they
left she decided to follow them. It was late in the day and she didn’t
want to be in the woods when it got dark. She didn’t know what she’d do
when she got back. Feeling bad about making a fool of herself and her
Uncle had given way to other feelings. Obviously he and her mother hadn’t
done this before. She was thinking about it so hard she almost didn’t hear
her mother’s tell-tale groan in time. Kathy stopped suddenly and then
moved forward carefully.


This time her mother was on top of her Uncle, riding his hard pole.
Again, she couldn’t get it all the way inside her, but she was sliding
forward and backward on it, having a great time trying. “I can’t…
believe… you’re doing this… to me.” she panted.

He seemed to be much more calm than she was. “I’m just lying here
Lizzy, and it’s you who’s doing all the moving around. In fact if you keep
doing that you’re going to make it go off again. When was your last
period, little sis?”

“Ohhhh fuck Bobby” said her mother as she hunkered down on his rod and
began to cum. Her head was hanging and groans of joy poured from her
mouth. She gasped her answer. “Two weeks… it was two weeks ago, Bobby.”

“You going to pull off of me this time?” he asked, breathing harder.

“I don’t… think so” she gasped.

“Well then you’re gonna get another belly full unless you stop squeezing
me like that” he moaned.

She whined “I’m there again Bobby… oh honey you have no idea how I’ve
missed this” She lay down on him as he rammed up into her, dumping another
load of his i****tuous sperm in her womb.


Kathy just stared and, for the first time in her life, she wished just
maybe she’d have given her cherry to Danny Trumble. For her mother to act
like this… it must be something awfully nice.

Her mother pushed herself back up and then just sat there, impaled on
his giant log. Neither of them were moving now. Her mother said “How
could I DO this? I’m SUCH a hussy!”

Uncle Bob said “Maybe, but at least you’re a well-fucked hussy.” He
reached up and tweaked one of her nipples through her shirt.

Liz batted his hand away and yelled “And what am I going to do if I turn
up PREGNANT? Everybody knows I don’t date! Most of the family thinks I
hate men since Roger left us. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!”

All the while she had been rocking back and forth on Bob’s prick, which
had half softened, but because it was so big, didn’t FEEL soft, stuffed in
such a small place.

Bob reached up and touched her cheek. “It happened because you needed
it to happen. It could have been anybody. I was just handy.”

“NO IT DIDN’T” she snapped at him. “It happened because you’re hung
like a fucking HORSE! One look at that thing and all I could think about
was how empty I felt! What are we going to do Bobby?”

“That depends on you.” he said simply.

“You mean you’d do it again?” she said, with both hope and scorn in her

“Any time you want to baby sister. You say the word and I’ll be there.
I love you.”

She collapsed on his chest, crying and telling him how much she loved
him too. They lay there for a while longer and then she reluctantly pulled
herself up and off of him. As she got up a big thick glob of his sperm
dropped down on a long string between her legs. She stared at it until it
finally dropped to the ground and then pulled on her panties and shorts

“I’m fucked” she said “I bet you put twins in me.”

“That would be nice” he said, and he kissed her gently. They walked


Kathy crept out to where the sperm had dropped on the grass. She knelt
down. She could see it plainly. She reached out one slim finger and
dipped it in the viscous stuff. Then she rubbed it against her thumb. It
was slippery and still a little warm. She shuddered and wiped her finger
on the grass. Then she followed her mother and uncle back to the house.

For the rest of the day Kathy laid low, keeping in the background. She
watched her mother, who was radiant and happy. There was one moment when
she and Cora got into some kind of argument – Cora was yelling at Liz in a
whisper – but her mother just put her nose in the air and said something
that made Cora lean back and close her mouth. There was another bad moment
when her little sister Jill sauntered up and said “You are in SO much
trouble.” But Jill knew better than to say that and stay around. Kathy
wasn’t about to draw more attention to herself by chasing the brat.

But the worst part was when it was time to go. She couldn’t face Uncle
Bob. Her mother, acting completely normal – that blew Kathy’s mind more
than anything else – told her it was time to go and asked her “Have you
apologized to your Uncle?”

“No” Kathy said sullenly.

Her mother frowned with that ‘You’re going to have to do what I tell you
sooner or later so do it now’ look. Kathy saw him over across the room,
saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa.

She went that direction, but veered off, unable to look him in the eye
after what she’d seen. She felt jumpy and anxious, even though she knew he
probably wasn’t mad at her. He looked up and his eyes bored into hers. He
came toward her. She turned away from him, staring at the wall.

When one of his fingers dug gently into her side she twisted away and
said “DON’T!” She didn’t understand why she was mad at him… but she was.
Her whole day had been ruined. She’d spent half the day wandering around
in the woods and then hiding from everybody right there in the house. She
took in a breath to scream at him and closed her hands into fists.

Right then he touched both her elbows and said “Hey… I just wanted to
say thanks.”

It blew everything she was going to say right out of her mind. She
turned her head and said “What?” She tried to frown. She was mad, right?
She wanted him to know that for some reason.

He turned her and when she wouldn’t look in his eyes he put a finger
under her chin and lifted it until she had to. “I wanted to say thank
you… you know… for the prank… and everything else.”

She didn’t understand. What was he talking about? He was so

“I saw you” he said. “Out in the woods.” When her eyebrows rose he said
“Watching your mother and me.”

She blushed furiously and, with no place else to do it, buried her face
in his chest. His arms went around her and she sobbed. He whispered
soothingly in her ear while he held her tight. “Look, I know it’s weird
and that you don’t understand, and you probably think we’re perverts, but
it was something special. Your mother has been so lonely. She really
needed that. And it was your prank that led to it. And you didn’t blow
the whistle on us. that means a lot to me. I think it means a lot to your
mother too.”

At that her head snapped up. “She KNOWS?!”

“I had to tell her… in case you said something. She had to be
prepared to face the family. She didn’t say anything to you though did

Kathy buried her head in his chest again and sobbed some more. “How
will I ever face her now?”

Bob looked up. No one seemed to be paying an inordinate amount of
attention to them. But for what he was going to do he wanted no witnesses.
He moved her around a corner. She looked up to see what he was doing. He
wiped her eyes with his thumbs. Then, very tenderly, he kissed her lips.
Her eyes opened wide, and she saw his were closed. She closed hers just in
time for him to break the kiss.

“Your mother loves you” he said. He kissed the tip of her nose. “And I
love you.” Her mouth was open, like a fish gasping for air. “Everything
will be OK, I promise.” he said. Then he shoved her out into the room
toward her mother with a slap on her butt. “Now, get moving. I’ll see you
Friday night.”

She turned around to ask him what that meant and then heard her mother’s
strident voice “KATHLEEN! We have to GO. Come ON!” The last she saw of
Uncle Bob was his big smile just before he blew her a kiss.

Chapter 2

The ride home was… interesting. Her mother didn’t say a word about
anything that had happened that day… not about anything. Except “Did
you apologize to your Uncle?” When Kathy said “Yes” that was it. Once,
when Kathy said “Mom… about today…” her mother glanced over and said
“Not now Kathleen.” Then she glanced meaningfully at Jill, who was playing
with a video game. The rest of the trip was silent.

When they got home, though, everything changed. As soon as Jill was
safely in the shower, Liz called Kathy and said “We have to talk.”

Kathy followed her, head down, to her mother’s bedroom. Liz pointed at
the bed and Kathy sat. Liz paced for a while before she finally spoke.

“Look, there’s nothing I can say about what happened today that will
make this easy. I know you probably don’t want to be here, and there’s
nothing I can do about that. But we have to live together for another two
years, and then you can get out of this place and never see me again.”

Kathy couldn’t breathe. “But Mommy WHY? I’m sorry. I thought it would
be funny. I didn’t know he wasn’t wearing underwear. I didn’t think it
would hurt anything. Please don’t make me go. Uncle Bob said you LOVE
me!” She began crying huge tears and barely saw the look of horror on her
mother’s face.

“Oh honey” cried Liz, going to her daughter and hugging her. “I DO love
you. I didn’t mean you have to leave. I just thought you must hate me for
what you saw. I DO love you sweetheart. I’m not mad about the prank. I
think it did some of those biddies a lot of good seeing a real man.” She
giggled somewhat hysterically. “And if you hadn’t done that then we
wouldn’t have… ”

She stopped, blushing a little. Kathy was sniffling, but she looked

Liz went on “Sweetheart, what I meant was there’s no way I can explain
why your Uncle and I did… what we did. I don’t think you could
understand what I was feeling.”

Kathy burst out “I masturbated while I watched you!”

Liz was thunderstruck. Until she remembered that she lost her cherry
when she was Kathy’s age. Thinking back, she realized it was possible that
Kathy COULD understand the lust that raged through her mother that
afternoon. She looked at her daughter. “And how did that make you feel?”

Kathy didn’t know how to say what she felt. “I got mad.”

“Mad?” prompted her mother.

“Yes. I was mad at you for acting slutty, and I was mad at Uncle Bob
and then I wanted to shout and scream, but my… pussy…” even now she
was mad enough to say a word she knew would get her in trouble, “yes… my
pussy itched and I had to rub it and then he ejaculated in you and I wanted
to scream. I didn’t like that feeling, and I know you’ve stayed away from
men because of Jill and me and I’m all confused about everything.”

Liz’ eyes got bigger and bigger as her daughter babbled on, and she
realized that Kathy was JEALOUS! She had all the classic symptoms.

“Kathy, honey” she said. Kathy quit talking and looked at her mother.
“Has Uncle Bob ever touched you?”

Kathy didn’t understand. “Of course. We wrestle and tickle and stuff
all the time.”

“No, I meant has he ever touched you… like he touched me today?”

Now it was Kathy’s eyes that got big. “Oh NO Mamma, NEVER. Why would
you ask me that Mamma? I don’t let any boys touch me like that.”

Liz held up her hands. “I know, honey. But you were acting like maybe
he had and then he touched me too and you got jealous about it.”

Kathy barked a laugh “Just because he’s handsome and strong and smart
and has a cock to die for…” she clapped her hand over her mouth with an
audible smack. She expected her mother to slap her or worse.

Instead Liz just laughed. “He does indeed have a… cock – I believe
you used that word – to die for. Tell me something. When you wrestle with
him how does it make you feel?”

Kathy thought. “Well, I feel all warm and good and happy. It’s fun and
I like him and it feels good when he touches me.” Her head jerked up “But
that doesn’t mean I want to…” she trailed off, her eyes going out of
focus. “Um… mamma… he kissed me goodbye today… on the lips.”

Liz smiled “Oh?”

“Yes. And I felt all gooshy inside, like when I was watching you two.
Mamma you did it TWICE!!”

Liz ducked her head to cover her smile. But then she frowned. Her
daughter was ripe for the plucking, full of hormones that some pimply faced
boy could soon use to manipulate her into something that could be good…
or bad. Liz didn’t want that to turn out bad for her daughter.

“Yes we did. And that’s because I wanted it. I NEEDED it.”

“But I don’t understand. You kept telling him ‘no’ and to stop and that
you shouldn’t be doing it but you just kept going until… I don’t

Liz thought for a minute. “If your Uncle tried to kiss you again, would
you let him?”

Kathy’s eyes went out of focus again. “Yes. Is that bad?”

“No” said her mother. “It’s normal. What if he wanted to kiss your
neck, or shoulders, or your stomach? Would you let him do that?”

Kathy’s eyes got bright. “Like when he kissed your stomach and then…”

“Yes, that too. How would you feel if he wanted to do that with you?”

“I don’t know” said Kathy. But she was rubbing her thighs together, and
one hand was over her breast. She didn’t even know she was doing it. Liz
knew though, and it was plain to see that Kathy had a crush on her Uncle.

“You know he’s coming over here for the weekend,” said Liz.

Kathy’s eyes got wild. “Here? He’s going to stay HERE? But… why?”

Liz laughed. “You saw us out there. Why do you THINK he’s coming over

Kathy’s pussy spritzed at the thought of her Uncle on top of her mother.
“Ohhh Mommy I don’t feel good. I think I’m going to go lie down.”

Liz smiled. “Look sweetie, let me explain what’s happening to you.
You’re horny.”

Kathy gasped, and Liz went on. “That’s right, you’re just horny, and I
think you’re horny for your Uncle Bob. No, don’t deny it. I know EXACTLY
how you feel, because he does that to me too. The reason you were mad at
us today was because part of you wanted him to be doing those things to
YOU, instead of ME.”

Kathy slumped and then flopped back on the bed. “Ohhh what am I going
to do? Why is life so hard mamma?”

“Well” said Liz, “One thing you could do is let him do some of those
things to you. Then you’d get it out of your system.”

There was hope in Kathy’s eyes, but it dimmed. “He’d never want to do
those things with me. He’s my Uncle.”

Liz said “And he’s MY brother.”

The hope came back to Kathy’s eyes. “But I don’t know how to do that
stuff, and his penis is so huge it would never fit in me.”

Liz held up her hands. “Now wait a minute. I said try a FEW of those
things. I don’t think you’re ready for full intercourse yet. Don’t get
ahead of yourself.”

There was silence for a moment. Liz went on.

“Look, honey, what if I talked to Uncle Bob for you, to see how he’d
feel about helping you sort of discover the woman inside you? I trust him.
I think he’ll do what you want, and nothing more. What do you think?”

“I think I’m having the strangest conversation any girl my age could
have with her mother,” said Kathy. “But OK. It makes me feel all funny
inside just thinking about it.”

“He’s coming over here this weekend to… help me too. I know exactly
how you feel.”

The next day Bob got the strangest call of his life. When Liz asked him
if he thought he might be able to force himself to neck with and pet her
daughter, his prick sprang to attention immediately.

“What’s going on over there Liz?” he said warily. “First you go wild
and now Kathy? And you’re SUPPORTING her in this?!”

“Bob, she saw us making love, and it awakened feelings in her that she’s
had lying there dormant… feelings for you. She’s jealous! Of all the
people to be jealous of, she’s jealous of her MOTHER!” She sighed. “But
Bob, I don’t want you sticking that monster of yours in my baby. She’s not
ready for that yet. I just want you to show her a good time. Maybe work
on multiple orgasms or something. If you don’t do it she’s going to go
looking for it somewhere else and I don’t want that. What do you say? Can
you do this and keep that beautiful prick where it belongs?”

“I say there is a full body massage in Kathy’s future. Can you get you
and Jill out of the house for a while?” Liz thought that would be no
problem. Bob said “Tell her this is the kind of massage that requires she
be unclothed. That will get her ready to be naked around me. Things will
take care of themselves then I think. And no, I won’t fuck her, OK?”

Liz thanked him and hung up. That night she told Kathy about the
massage date and told Jill that they were going shopping together. Both
girls were happy.

Kathy met her Uncle at the door. He was carrying what looked like a
folded up table of some kind. She hugged him fiercely, pressing her
breasts against his chest. “Mommy says you’re going to give me a massage”
she said, kissing his cheek.

“That I am.” he said. “Do you know what that means?”

“Mom said that I’ll have to take my clothes off, and you’ll touch me
places she doesn’t want any other boys to touch me, but that it’s OK if you
do it.”

He looked at her. “Well, that’s a start. Where do you want to do

She looked down, unaccountably embarrassed. “Can we do it in my
bedroom?” He nodded and followed her to that room where he set up the
table. It was narrow, just wide enough for her body to fit on it with two
wings for her arms that were adjustable. They could be folded in, along
the table, so her arms were by her sides, or folded out and up so her arms
cold be in any position including over her head. The legs were adjustable
too, so the table could be low or high. It was padded with soft cloth.
Kathy stood there watching as he set up.

“When should I take off my clothes?” she asked.

“Now would be fine” he said, making an adjustment to the table. By the
time he was done, Kathy had stripped down to her bra and panties, which she
thought was far enough. He turned and smiled. “Take those off too Kat” he
pointed at her bra.

Suddenly she got shy. “Do I have to?” she whined.

“No” he said. “And that’s something I want you to understand perfectly
today Kat. You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If
I touch you someplace you don’t like, just tell me and I’ll stop.”

“You didn’t stop when my mother told you to stop out in the woods.”
Kathy said in a low voice.

“That’s because she didn’t actually want me to stop Kathy. Its hard to
explain, but I knew she didn’t mean what she was saying.”

“I know” said Kathy, reaching behind her for her bra catch. “I knew she
didn’t mean all those things too.” The catch came loose and the bra fell
off her pale bulging breasts. She saw a hunger come in Uncle Bob’s eyes
that made her pussy start feeling like it needed a nice rub. Before she
could chicken out she pulled down her panties and literally threw them far
enough away from her that she couldn’t grab them and put them back on.

Bob looked her up and down. “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm” he said. “You are one
beautiful young woman, güvenilir bahis siteleri Kathy.”

She felt her pussy spritz again at his compliment and crawled up on the
table before juice could start running down her thighs. She lay on her
stomach. The arm wings were at her sides right now. She felt very exposed
and slightly chilled, even though it was summer.

Then, as if he could read her mind, he covered her back and buttocks
with a flannel sheet and she felt nice and warm. He also had a very warm
oil that smelled nice and he began rubbing it on her legs and feet. He
worked one leg up to her thighs and then went back to get the other one.
Then he did her thighs and buttocks, rubbing and squeezing them until she
bit her lip to keep from moaning. He moved the sheet and did her lower
back, and then her upper back and it felt so good she wanted to go to
sleep. He worked her neck then each arm, pulling the wings out so she
looked like she was an airplane, flying along. He put the wings back by
her sides and told her to turn over.

Her nervousness and shyness were gone now, something she didn’t think
about, and when she bared her breasts and pussy to him now she felt proud
somehow. He’d already told her she was beautiful, so she knew he liked
looking at her. Now she would get to feel his hands on her, like she’d
seen his hands move on her mother’s body. Her pussy creamed a little bit
thinking about that. He did her arms first, talking softly about how, in a
few minutes, he was going to have to touch her intimately. When he
finished with each arm he moved the wings until they were extended above
her head. Now she was stretched out like an arrow. His hands came down
the arms and onto her shoulders and upper chest, where he spread the warm
oil liberally.

He stopped for a minute and said “Your mother tells me you want to feel
some sexual things. I brought a special balm that can help with that. Do
you still feel that way?”

She nodded without speaking and he leaned over and kissed her lips
gently. She pressed her head up and kissed him back and moved her arms to
hold his head, but he pushed them back where he wanted them.

“You just lie there and enjoy the feelings. They might be pretty
intense. The stuff I’m going to use will make your skin VERY sensitive to
stimulation. You may even have an orgasm. Will that be OK?

She stared at him wide eyed and nodded. He dipped his fingers into the
little can of cream and spread it on her breasts, paying particular
attention to her nipples. She gasped at his touch, and then bit her
tongue. She didn’t want to sound like some little girl. He dipped his
right hand fingers into the cream and, without warning, rubbed the greasy
fingers over her pussy lips, between them and one finger even slipped into
her slightly. Her hips jerked and she let out a gasp of surprise.

“OK, let’s just let that work for a while and then we’ll revisit those
areas.” he said.

He went to her legs and did them again. She felt a tingling in her
breasts and pussy that had to be the cream. His fingers came up to her
stomach and traced along the skin between her breasts and the light thin
hair she had above her pussy.

He wasn’t pressing hard, but it felt fantastic. Her hips started moving
up and down in what she realized were the same motions her mother had used
when he was fucking her. She got embarrassed and tried to keep them still.

“Hey… knock it off… you’re getting all tense again” he said. “If
something wants to move, let it.”

She moaned “It feels strange. I want to touch… things.”

“That’s my job.” he said. “How does this feel?”

He ran his hands up and over her breasts, making them go in circles.
His palms sc****d her nipples and she felt little electric shocks go from
them to her pussy.

“Unngggg” she moaned. “Good… that feels good.”

He kept doing that and then put his fingers on her nipples, squeezing
them and pulling on them. Instinct kicked in and her heels drew up,
smacking into her buttocks while her knees lay out. She realized she was
exposing her pussy to him, as open as it was possible to be.

“Ah, you need some attention there too.” he murmured.

One of his big hands slid into the vee of her legs and he fluttered his
fingers over her pussy lips and clit as her world fell apart. She cried
out and an orgasm crashed over her, drowning her with its rush. She
couldn’t breathe. He made it even worse by bending over and sucking one of
her nipples into his mouth while he pinched and pulled the other one.
Finally, he sank one of his fingers deep into her pussy, feeling for the
rubbery mass at the back and tickling it with his fingertip. Kathy flopped
like a fish out of water, gasping and crying out and groaning. Her hands
came to the back of his head and held him to her breast and she remembered
seeing her mother do exactly the same thing. In her mind’s eye she saw
herself doing the other things her mother did with this man. She wanted to
do those things. He took his thick finger out of her and she almost cried
at the loss.

“Are you going to… fuck me?” she groaned.

“That wasn’t part of the agreement” said her Uncle, licking and sucking
the nipple he’d been squeezing.

“I feel so hot… so empty… I need… something.” she moaned.

“I WILL do this for you” he said, going to the bottom of the table and
pulling on her legs until she slid down and her butt was almost off the
table. He d****d her calves over his shoulders and leaned down to put his
mouth on her pussy. Then he licked and nibbled her to another mind
shattering orgasm while she screamed her pleasure. It was a good thing Liz
had taken Jill out for pizza or they’d have heard.

When he was done she wanted more, begging him to fuck her like he had
her mother. But Liz had specifically asked him NOT to fuck her, and he
felt like he had to honor that promise.

He offered to let her see him, and do for him what he’d done for her.
She eagerly agreed. He bared his prick for her and she played with it,
getting it hard and then sucking on the tip while she held two hands worth
squeezed tightly in her hands. He showed her how to jack him off and
warned her about the sperm. To his surprise she stayed on him when he
came, drinking his spunk down like she had a taste for it already. Then
she rubbed his slick cockhead on her face and chin and breasts, finally
standing up and trying to rub it into her pussy. He made her stop and told
her about the promise he’d made.

Finally she calmed down and settled for lying on the bed with him
holding her.

Then she demanded to be eaten again and to eat him again. She had two
orgasms in a row while he sucked her hard teen clitty. He began to wonder
where Liz and Jill were. They’d been gone long enough for the standard
jerk-off massage. Maybe she wanted him to lose control and break her
daughter in.

But he didn’t.

Almost an hour later they heard the car drive into the garage and got up
to put their clothes back on. They were sitting at the kitchen table when
Liz and Jill came through the door with bags of groceries and other
purchases in their arms. The first thing Jill did was stand in front of
her sister and looked at her face. “She doesn’t LOOK any different” she
said to her mother.

Kathy said “What are you doing brat?”

Jill said “Mommy told me Uncle Bob was helping you discover the woman
inside you and that you’d probably be different when we got home. But you
don’t look any different to me.”

Liz came over to her daughter and whispered something in Kathy’s ear.

Kathy shook her head and said “No… thanks to you”.

She pouted as Liz looked up at Bob. “Well well” she said. “You were a
good boy after all. I’m going to have to reward you… later.”

He grinned. “Good. I keep my promises, but it wasn’t easy.”

Kathy went “Humph” and flounced out of the room.

“What are you talking about?” piped Jill. “Does it have anything to do
with sex? We’re studying sex in science class. It’s interesting.” She
went over and sat down on Uncle Bob’s lap, putting her arms around his
neck. He was her favorite Uncle too. “The book said that the average male
penis is six inches long, but I remember when Kathy pulled your pants down,
Uncle Bob, and yours is LOTs longer than that.”

Bob groaned and said “The girls in this family will kill me one of these

Jill wiggled on his lap “Did you spank Kathy for jerking your shorts
down Uncle Bob? I hope so. She deserved a spanking for that.” She wiggled
some more.

Bob grabbed her waist and turned her over his lap. “Yes I did, just
like THIS” and he began smacking her butt with his open hand.

She shrieked and laughed and wiggled some more until he started hitting
her harder and harder and she actually felt some pain.


Finally he stopped, letting his hand rub her tight teen butt while Liz
laughed from across the room. “I’d better get your reward ready pretty
soon or I won’t have a virgin left in the house!”

Bob let Jill go and she stood up, smoothing her clothing. She was red
in the face and breathing hard. She looked at her Uncle for a few seconds
and then stuck out her tongue at him. He grabbed her again around the
waist and pulled her between his legs, sticking his tongue out and pushing
his face toward hers.

He was obviously going to lick her face and she screamed and pushed at
him. He was too strong, though and he was able to get his face into her
neck and lick her there.

She struggled but he could feel a shudder pass through her as he gave
her a short hickey. Then he pushed her away and said “Be careful what
faces you make little girl.”

She stiffened and stood up straight. “I am NOT a little girl.”

Liz came up to them and pried Jill out of her Uncle’s grip. “Go get
ready for supper. she ordered. When Jill had gone Liz let her hand stray
onto his lap while she kissed him. “You’re a horny old goat” she said.
She jumped as he tweaked one of her nipples.

That night, bob went to bed on the couch. Kathy, of course, knew he
wouldn’t stay there long. She waited for the squeak of the board in front
of her mother’s room and got out of bed. As luck would have it, Jill
wasn’t asleep yet.

“What are you doing?” Jill asked.

“Nothing. Go to sleep,” said Kathy, going to the door and opening it

She peeked into the hallway. She was about to go out into it when she
realized Jill was behind her. She turned around “Get back in bed. You
can’t come with me.”

“Why not?” said an obstinate Jill.

“Because you’re too young.” whispered Kathy.

“I am NOT!” whispered Jill hotly. “Too young for what?” she asked.

“I can’t tell you. You’re too young. You wouldn’t understand. You
wouldn’t even believe me!”

“Yes I would. What? Kathy WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” the last part she spoke
out loud. Kathy whirled around and put her hand over her struggling
sister’s mouth. “Shhhhh! You want them to hear us? Shut up! You’re
going to ruin everything!”

“If you don’t tell me what you’re doing I’m going to scream.” warned

Kathy pushed her back into the room. “OK, OK, just stay quiet. I’ll
tell you, but you have to SWEAR not to tell anybody… not even Tricia.”
Tricia was Jill’s best friend. When Jill had solemnly promised Kathy
licked her lips and said “Mom and Uncle Bob are going to have sex.”

“Sex with who?” said a confused Jill.

“With each OTHER dummy!” whispered Kathy.

“No WAY!” whispered Jill. “You’re lying. What are you REALLY doing?”

“I know it sounds weird, but they ARE. I saw them do it at Gram’s the
other day… the day I pulled his shorts down.” “You did not” said Jill
with complete confidence that she was right.

“I did too and I can prove it,” said Kathy. “You can come with me – I
think they’re going to do it in the living room because her room is too
close to ours. She makes a LOT of noise when they do it. But you can’t
say a WORD! And you can’t make any noise. If we get caught they’ll
blister our butts.” Kathy knew that wasn’t what would happen, but she
needed Jill to stay quiet.

Jill wasn’t convinced, but the way her sister was talking made it sound
like she really believed what she was saying, so Jill crept out into the
hall with Kathy and they inched down the hall. Sure enough, their mother’s
bedroom door was open and the dim night light showed there was no one in
her bed. They snuck down the hall and peeked around the doorway into the
living room.

But the couch was vacant too.

Kathy looked around, trying to think of where they might have gone.
Maybe the back yard. It was a warm night and the back yard was big and
dark. She pulled Jill with her to the kitchen and found the sliding patio
door open. Once through that they were in the moonlight, but there was
nothing they could do about that.

There was a noise from the back yard, out by the big twin Elm trees that
had the rope hammock strung between them. Silently the two girls tiptoed
toward that area.

Kathy knew they had struck pay dirt by the sound of her mother’s voice
moaning. To Jill it sounded like her mother was in pain.

They got to the tree and peeked around. Kathy was ready and clapped her
hand over Jill’s mouth as Jill started to yell. They could clearly see
their mother, stark naked leaning back in the big rope hammock. Her calves
were up on Uncle Bob’s shoulders. He was also naked. Where their crotches
met there was a solid line of darkness running from Uncle to Mother. Even
Jill could figure out it was his penis, and as she watched in horror, that
long thick thing sunk into her mother’s body until it looked like it was
all gone. Her mother let out an agonized croak and then she sighed “Oh
Bobby don’t EVER stop that” and it was obvious, even to Jill, that her
mother was VERY happy that this was happening to her.

Once it was clear that all of this was voluntary, Jill settled back to
watch what they had just studied in school.

Bob was working her pussy hard. With her butt supported by the hammock,
he could hold her hips and slide her back and forth on his firm rod. Since
he was standing, he could jut his loins forward and he had no trouble
controlling her pussy as it slid up and down his shaft. And in this
position, he was able to get the whole thing inside her. Every so often he
leaned over and gave her a long tongue sucking kiss, or sucked her nipples,
giving her little rabbit thrusts and mashing her clit with his pubic bone.
As expected she exploded into an orgasm that was both satisfying and loud.

In the end she begged him not to shoot his sperm in her, but then didn’t
tell him to take his prick out of her. When he told her he was going to
cum she told him she was fertile, and that if he did she’d have a baby for

But she didn’t make him take it out.

It was obvious to Bob AND her two daughters that she wanted him to cum
in her, maybe even make her pregnant. She was teasing him, trying to get
him so excited that he’d do exactly the opposite of what she was demanding
and fill her full of his hot sperm. None of the rest of them knew that Liz
had decided she wanted another baby before she got too old, and this man
was who she wanted to father that c***d. When she felt his cock give up
it’s heavy load of thick cum she squeezed her newly re-discovered pussy
muscles, milking him for every drop of his precious baby batter.

As for Bob, the fact that his beautiful sister was willing to let him
dump his seed into her belly, knowing full well she could get pregnant, was
so hot for him that he stayed mostly hard even after spewing her full of
his sticky sperm. And so he kept fucking her, pulling out a bit now, to
give her internal organs a rest, and fucking her pussy with long slow
strokes that were soothing to both of them.

Jill, feeling light headed, glanced at Kathy, who had one hand in her
panties and was rubbing between her legs furiously. Jill had also
discovered the delights of rubbing certain places, and happily joined her
sister in getting off while they watched their Uncle ream out their mother.

While Bob lazily ran his long penis in and out of his sister, he said
“What are we going to do about Kathy?”

Both girls heard that question and Kathy whirled to put her finger up to
her sister’s mouth again, reinforcing silence.

Liz sighed and lay back in the hammock, enjoying their lazy fuck. “I
don’t know Bob. She wants you to fuck her, but I don’t think she can take
your cock.”

Jill stiffened at her mother’s words and Kathy put her hand over her
sister’s mouth. Jill struggled, but Kathy was stronger. when Jill
realized she couldn’t break free, she relaxed.

“You know as well as I do” said Bob “that if a woman WANTS to take a big
cock she CAN take a big cock. Physically it’s not a problem. I’d just
have to go slow. The problem is whether to let her do it or not. Once
she’s had a taste of junior here – he shoved it into his sister hard – once
might not be enough. And Jill’s going to find out sooner or later. What

Liz laughed. “Weren’t you paying attention today? She climbed all over
you. She sat in your lap and wiggled all over it. When you spanked her I
bet her panties got wet. She’s not far off from where Kathy is and Bob, I
just don’t want them sexually active with strange boys. That’s a recipe
for disaster. At least if you knock them up we’ll know whose babies they
have and we can raise them in a good home without resistance from some
boy’s parents.

Bob leaned back and stopped. “What do you mean? Aren’t you going to
put them on the pill?”

Liz shook her head. “No. I don’t trust the things. I’ve read that
some researchers think they cause cancer and I’m not willing to take the
chance with my girls. Besides, if they’re old enough to have sex, they’re
old enough to live with the consequences. If they understand that from the
very beginning maybe they’ll control their urges a little better. Besides,
if they get all their attention from you we can control when you give them
that attention.

The two adults were standing now, in a loose embrace, but it was obvious
they were going to go back to the house soon. Kathy pulled her sister away
from the conversation and started retreating to the house.

Chapter 3

Kathy kept her hand over her sister’s mouth until she got her all the
way back to the patio doors. Finally she let go. Jill was panting from
trying to move quickly and breathe just through her nose. She wasn’t
happy. “What was mom talking about?” she said, staring at her sister.
“What did she mean you want Uncle Bob to fuck you?”

Kathy bit her lip. This wasn’t turning out well at all. “Um… while
you and mom were gone shopping… he gave me a massage. It was kind of a
sexy massage.”

Jill was indignant that she hadn’t been included in the going’s on and
she made no bones about it, complaining grumpily for a few minutes. Then,
as if she’d never said a word she said “What was it like? Tell me all
about it. Did you get to see his penis again?”

So Kathy told her sister all about what it was like to get a massage
from Uncle Bob, and even about how good it felt to have her mouth on his
penis and suck down all the nice warm stuff that came out of it. Jill took
it all in, some of it confirming some of the things her girlfriends talked
about. There was a short period of silence while both girls thought about

Suddenly Kathy said “What was mom talking about Uncle Bob spanking you?
And your panties getting wet? What was that?”

Jill told her what had happened, and that she DID sit on his lap just to
feel the big penis she had seen at Gram’s, and that when he licked and
sucked her neck she got a funny feeling between her legs.

“That’s what I felt too when he was touching me” said Kathy.

“So what are we going to do?” said Jill.

“Well, it sounds like mom may let us do a lot of things. Do you want

Jill wasn’t sure. She frowned. Then she remembered the feeling of her
fingers in her pussy, watching Uncle Bob fuck her mother. She nodded

“Then I have a plan” said her sister.

When Liz got back to her room she was relaxed and full of warm, heavy
brother spend. She was looking forward to lying down to let all that nice
sperm soak in. There was only one problem. Her two daughters were in her
bed waiting for her.

“Well”, she said. “What do we have here? I thought you girls were in

Kathy said “Gee mom, we were just talking… in our bedroom, while you
were… wherever you’ve been… and we got to thinking about way back
when we were young, and about how nice it was to climb in bed with you and
get all warm and snuggly. So we decided to do it again.” she finished.

Jill raised an eyebrow. She wasn’t buying it. She ignored Jill and
focused on Kathy. “Kathleen, have you been peeking at us again?”

Jill laughed. “I told you this was a stupid plan.”

“What plan” asked Liz.

Jill rolled her eyes. “Kathy’s plan to get in bed with you, so we would
be there when Uncle Bob sneaks in to have sex with you.”

Liz’s eyes got as big as saucers. “How do you know… ?” Her eyes
darted back to Kathy. “Did you tell her… ?”

Jill laughed again. “I know because when Kathy was peeping at you in
the back yard… I was there with her. I made her take me along when I
caught her trying to sneak out of our room.”

“Ohhh shit” moaned Liz, covering her face with her hands.

Bob chose that moment to sneak into her bedroom. He was already half
stiff again, having been contemplating sleeping with his sister all night.

“Oops” he said, sounding confused when he saw all three women sitting on
Liz’s bed. “I must have thought this was the bathroom.”

Jill giggled. She was about the only person in the room who was having
a good time. “Well, Kathy” she said. “I guess maybe THIS part of your
plan wasn’t so stupid.

“You may as well come in Bob” said Liz, her voice full of chagrin.

Both girls stared interestedly at the tent in the front of the boxers
he’d put on “just in case one of the girls is up”.

“What’s going on?” asked Bob carefully. He didn’t try to cover the
tent, since it was obvious no one in the room was offended by it. Liz
sighed. “The girls saw us in the back yard.”

Bob’s eyebrows rose. “How could they see us? We were clear in the

Jill hopped out of bed. “I’ll be right back.” she chirped. She started
out of the room, and as soon as she got behind her Uncle she stopped.
Faster than anyone could do anything about it, she squatted, grabbed the
legs of Bob’s boxers and jerked them down.

“SURPRISE!” she yelled, and then burst into giggles.

Bob, tried to maintain an air of dignity as he turned around and his
penis pointed at his younger niece. It was obvious to him that this was
going to be an even hotter night than he had originally thought. Liz’s
comment about him knocking them up came back to him and his penis rose. He
decided to deal with Jill first.

Jill’s eyes got bigger and bigger as he moved toward her. She backed
up, but he lunged and grabbed her as she began to squeal and struggle. He
picked her up bodily and carried her to the bed, throwing her on it. Then,
as she bounced and tried to sit up, he grabbed HER panties and pulled.
There was a tearing sound, along with Jill’s cry of “HEY! OWW!” and he
stood up with cloth dangling from his hand.

Then, before any of them could say anything at all, his hands grabbed
her knees and spread them, opening her virgin teen pussy to him. He took
one look at her young split and dove in.

Just before he stuck his tongue between her pussy lips he said loudly
“SURPRISE!” Then he tried to cram his entire tongue inside the young girl.

“OOOOO OWW… OHHH AWWWWWAAHHHH” she squealed as he punished her clitty
with the front of his upper teeth, pressing them against the sensitive
nubbin of flesh and snapping his head back and forth in little one inch
jerks. His hands slid up her legs, across her hips and the half of her
panties that was still hanging on her body, under her shirt, across her
belly and onto her titties. His fingers found her nipples and he squeezed
them as he sucked, moving his lips up to her clit and sucking on it.

Jill writhed, her whole body shocked by the sudden onslaught of
sensations too powerful for her young mind to deal with. Her legs
straightened and then bent again, convulsively, her knees flopping apart as
her hips jerked up off the bed toward the mouth that was making her crazy.
Bob was making “MMMMMMM” sounds as he pushed his mouth around in her mushy

In the time it had taken Bob to do all this, Kathy’s mouth fell open and
she actually recoiled from the pair. It looked so violent that she felt a
stab of fear. She expected her little sister to scream in pain or from
fear. Her eyes darted to her mother’s and she saw astonishment registered
there too.

Both of them took in a breath to object, just as Jill’s hands slapped to
the back of her uncle’s head and pulled. She began bleating little yips
“Oh yes… oh yes… oh yes… Uncle BAAHHHHHHHHHB!” and her whole body
shivered and shook as she had what was obviously an orgasm.

Kathy felt anger flush her whole body. This wasn’t FAIR! He wasn’t
supposed to do this with Jill first. SHE was supposed to be the first one!

“HEY!” she yelled. “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY TURN!” she squealed
indignantly. She pushed on her uncle’s shoulder, as if she was trying to
push him off her sister.

Jill suddenly collapsed like her muscles had all turned to water, and
she lay there breathing in great shuddering gasps of air.

Bob’s wet, grinning face rose from between Jill’s thighs and his hot
gaze fastened on Kathy. She felt that stab of fear again, and began
crawling toward her mother.

“Mommeeeeeeeee” she squealed as she felt her uncle’s hands on her hips.
Now it was HER panties that were being dragged down off her buttocks and
she wriggled, her hand going to the front of them and pushing. She was
actually trying to get out of them, to escape from them because in her
mind, her uncle’s hand on them was keeping her from reaching the safety of
her mother’s arms.

She literally crawled out of her panties, kicking wildly at her uncle’s
head. But all that did was give him a foot to grab and she shrieked as he
began pulling her toward him with that foot.

She rolled over on her back to kick at him with her other foot, and then
gasped in dismay as she realized that put her right where he wanted her.
His gaze was fastened on her now naked pussy as he pulled her down the bed
toward him. She gibbered mindlessly as she saw his penis sticking out from
it’s nest of curly brown hair, a huge club that she somehow knew would kill
her that very night.

Now his hands were on her hips, dragging her pussy toward that awful
sexual spike and her T shirt was bunching up under her back.

“UNCLE BOB!” she pleaded as he jerked her pussy within an inch of his
monster phallus.

His bulk loomed over her and her fear became so intense that she went
limp. She closed her eyes and whined as she felt his hands leave her hips
and pull the front of her shirt up, exposing her soft round breasts.

Then, as quickly as his violent behavior had appeared, he stopped. His
mouth went to her left nipple and he kissed it, gently, then licked it and
finally pulled it into his mouth, sucking and playing with it. He leaned
forward, letting his penis touch her pussy, but he didn’t do anything more
than love her nipples.

His face turned up to her wide eyed stare and he said “You’re playing in
the big leagues now Kathy.”

He reached down and grasped his cock with one hand, using it to massage
all over her mons, between her pussy lips, all over down there, spreading
his leaking lubricant all over.

“I changed my mind” pleaded Kathy, pushing at his head and wiggling her

“No you didn’t” he said around one nipple.

“Yes I did, I don’t want you to do this. You’ll kill me with that

Jill’s face appeared beside them. “I’ll do it.” she said. Her face
turned up to her uncle’s “I’ll do it Uncle Bob. Me. Me. Do me.”

Kathy’s body was reacting to what he was doing to her nipples. But her
mind reacted to her sister’s obvious attempt to butt in.

“NO!” shouted Kathy. “You HAD your turn!”

“But you don’t want him to do it to you. You just SAID so!” grumped

“I think you’re too young Jill,” said her Uncle, prodding Kathy’s pussy
more with the big knob on the end of his fuck stick. Now he prodded her
hole, and slipped it up over her clitty.

Kathy shuddered. She didn’t know WHAT she wanted and didn’t want. But
he wasn’t acting so scarey any more, and her own fear began to abate.

Now Liz’s face appeared beside them. “I think your BOTH too young!” she
said. “Bob, let my little girl up and come make love to me.”

“NO!” shouted Kathy, convinced now that everyone in the room was trying
to keep her from doing what she’d earned the right to do.

Bob, knowing that the argument could only get worse, and feeling Kathy’s
lubrication begin to make her pussy soggy, pushed suddenly. Kathy’s face
froze and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her hymen was destroyed
and the head of his monster cock popped into her channel. Then, just as
suddenly he pulled it out and used it to rub her clitty again.

Kathy started to scream. The pain of her tearing hymen and the cruel
stretching of her pussy mouth made her want to scream. But then, all that
pain was gone as he pulled out. Her scream turned into an “OWWOOOOO”.
Then, as she tried to figure out exactly what had happened to her, he stuck
it in her again.

“OWWWW” she cried immediately, but it changed again to an “OOOOO” as he
popped it back out and rubbed her clitty again. This time she had felt
stretched, but not that awful sharp pain from before. And he was making
her clitty feel sooo nice. She felt his hands on her hips as he stood up
and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed.

“Put your legs around my back” he ordered.

She automatically did as she was told and he popped it in her again.
This time he didn’t take it back out. This time he reached between them
with his thumb and pressed her clit, rubbing it hard enough that it hurt.

“OWWWW UNCLE BOB!” she whined. Then she subsided with a sigh as he
stopped pressing her there so hard.

She suddenly realized he had stuck two more inches of his cock into her.
Now she could feel his penis clear inside her. She was stretched, and
there was discomfort, but suddenly she could live with it. He moved it in
her, making it go an inch or so out and then back in.

“You still want me to quit?” he asked, bending over to suck on her
nipple again.

“I don’t think so” she gasped.

Jill’s voice came from one side. “Kathy! He’s got to be splitting you
in two. He’s like King Kong… no KING DONG!” She started laughing at her

Her mother’s face came beside hers. “Are you OK baby? Do you want me
to make him stop?”

“Nooo mommeeee” came her plaintive cry as her uncle pressed another two
inches into her aching pussy. She couldn’t explain why, but she loved the
pain she was now feeling. It was the pain of having eaten too much, or of
having run too fast for too long. It was the pain of laughing too hard.
It was ALL those pains at the same time, but they were all right in one
place – her adolescent pussy.

He started making short jabs, over and over again, and within a minute
the pain was gone. Kathy started making little movements in reciprocation,
and inside another minute she was fucking her hips back up at him, pulling
with her legs on his back, trying to get even more of his thick King Dong
cock up inside her.

When she felt his penis press into the end of her sheath, she looked
down and gasped in dismay. There were still four inches of long, thick
cock sticking out of her pussy. There was no way he’d ever get it all in

He didn’t try. He fucked her with what would fit and she went crazy as
her pussy adjusted, and then writhed as she came around the invading
monster. Her orgasm was loud. Now SHE was the violent one, wiggling and
thrusting and clawing at him as her pussy rippled.

Then, as she came down from that fantastic feeling she felt him tense
and heard him groan. His face came down right in front of hers. “In you
baby?” he whispered, and then he kissed her. She stuck her tongue into his
mouth as she felt a rush of heat inside her and realized his sperm was
filling her up. She wondered if you could pass out from being too happy.

Bob pulled out of the sated girl, who lay there limply, his spend
gushing from her abused pussy. He liked the look of her… satisfied…
splayed open… full of his cum. He imagined her belly swelling with his
baby, then shook his head. That was crazy. It couldn’t possibly turn out
well if that happened.

But she’d look so sexy pregnant.

He turned around and found the other two women staring at him.

Liz had a look on her face of wonder… amazement even. “Is THAT what
it looks like when we do it?” she asked, her naked breasts tipped with hard
swollen nipples. She was wet from seeing her daughter’s passion as she was
deflowered and the obvious joy her daughter had felt at having it done.

Jill, on the other hand, was pale and shaky. “You can’t do that to me”
she whispered. “You’d kill me if you did that.” She backed up and bumped
into her mother, who put her arms around her younger daughter.

Bob sat on the bed and held out his hand to the scared girl. “Come here
Jilly. You don’t have to worry. I’d never ever do anything to hurt you.”

Her mother gave her a little push and she went to him, letting him hug
her. He was so strong. “I’m sorry” she whispered. “It just looks so…
so… I don’t know. It just looks like it would hurt really bad.”

Kathy raised her head. “It wasn’t like that at all Jill.” Her head
flopped back down. She was staring at the ceiling. “I loved it.” she
whispered to herself.

Bob stroked Jill’s back. He didn’t want her to be afraid of sex.
“Baby, why don’t I make you feel good another way. There’s no need to put
anything in you at all if you don’t want to. But I think I can make you
feel good, like before.”

“Can I lie by Mommy?” she asked, feeling his strong arms around her and
being both turned on and afraid at the same time.

“Sure baby.” he said.

She lay down beside her mother, who held her hand while Bob crawled up
on the bed and began to stroke and rub her feet and legs.

“Just relax. Being tense is no fun and it makes your muscles sore.” he
said. He ran his hands all over her body, taking care not to touch her
sexually until she was relaxed and ready. When he crawled up over her she

“Heyyyy” he whispered, kissing her cheeks and forehead. “I’m not going
to hurt you. I promised.”

Then he kissed her all over and she began to respond to him, reaching
for his hair and stroking it. He took ten minutes with her before he
kissed one nipple. She tensed again, but this time it was with passion,
rather than fear and he sucked that nipple gently.

“MMMMMmmmm” she moaned. Her legs moved apart, almost by instinct.

Bob worked both nipples, back and forth and then started kissing his way
down her belly toward her sweet sexual center.

“Ummmm are you going to… to… kiss me there again?” she whined the

“If you want me to.” he said, kissing down to her sparse pubic hair.

“Do you want me to Jilly?”

“YES! NO wait! Oh I don’t knowwwww.” she moaned.

He licked the very top of her split, trying to find and titillate her
clitty without touching anything else. Her legs opened more. He saw it
and stabbed at it with his stiffened tongue.

“Ohhhhhh” she sighed and her hips came up off the bed.

“Can I kiss you there?” he asked, kissing her clit with his mooshy lips.

“Uh huh” she grunted.

He crawled around and between her legs, which spread willingly for him
now. He kissed his way up her thighs and she wiggled, impatient now to
feel his kisses where she itched.

Finally he reached her virgin pussy. He sucked her lips in and then
pushed, shaking his head and rubbing her pussy mouth with his lips.

“UH” she grunted again, thrusting upward. “UH… OH… OH Uncle Bob!”
she gasped.

He let her lips go and shoved his stiffened tongue at her again, but
this time inside her. He felt her hymen at the lower end of her pussy
mouth as his tongue filled her hole and she squirmed. Then, leaving his
tongue in her he moved his upper teeth to her clit and pressed against it,
abusing it and rubbing his front teeth across it, back and forth.

She whined again and shook as she had her second orgasm brought on by
another human being.

“OH MOMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she squealed, sounding both passionate and
nervous at the same time.

“It’s OK baby” murmured her mother, kissing her cheek and stroking her

Bob pulled his tongue out of her and licked her clit with the flat of
his tongue as she shook through her orgasm, her fingers locked in his hair,
pulling at it hard.

He kissed her pussy one last time and raised his wet face up to smile at

“How was that, Kitten?” he asked.

She was still gasping for air. “Not… too… bad.” she panted.
Then, with the energy of the young, she sat up and hugged her Uncle around
his neck, holding him fiercely. She whispered in his ear.

“Thank you Uncle Bob. I’m not so scared any more.”

Bob’s prick stiffened as he felt her hot breath in his ear, and heard
her relaxation of her ban on him fucking her in his brain. But he knew it
was too soon for her. When she let him go he turned his hot gaze on her
mother, who had a finger in her pussy, stroking herself languidly. When
she saw the look in his eye, her gaze dropped between his legs. She smiled
and lay back, pulling her knees up and letting one leg fall over on top of
Jill, opening herself up for him.

“Come here” she commanded, pulling her finger out of her pussy and using
two fingers to spread her pussy lips apart.

Jill watched as her Uncle crawled up and slid that massive cock into tipobet her
mother, who cooed with happiness at being filled to overflowing. Maybe she
could take it after all. She watched as he rutted in her mother, and
listened to her mother telling him how wonderful he was, and how full she

“You got anything left for me Bob?” she teased as his thrusts increased.
Jill couldn’t believe that he could get the whole thing in her mother’s
pussy. Then he grunted, like he had when he was on top of Kathy, and he
froze while pushing deep into Liz.

Jill knew his prick was spurting thick globs of sperm into her mother’s
womb. She shuddered, trying to think what that might feel like.

Uncle Bob sagged on her mother, who held him tightly with her arms
around him. She was whispering that she loved him, and loved the feel of
him inside her, and asking him never to leave. Finally he rolled sideways,
toward Jill and she scrambled to push Kathy further toward the edge of the
bed. She turned sideways just as her heavy Uncle landed on the bed between
her and her mother. The king sized bed barely held them all, but, cuddled
against each other, they all drifted off into an exhausted slumber.

Chapter 4

Jill had a dream that night. She dreamed that she got a pony for her
birthday, but when she tried to get up on it, it turned into Uncle Bob’s
penis. She perched on top of it, looking around. She was way up in the
air. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t going in her either. She looked around
and could see for miles. Then, slowly, she realized she was sinking down
on it as it spread her open. Again it didn’t hurt, but her hips spread
apart visibly and then her belly bulged as if she had a baby inside it, but
it was just the head of his monster cock inside her. She stroked her
swollen belly and he cried out and spurted inside her, making her belly
swell even more as he filled her up. Jets of his sperm started squirting
out of her belly button, like there was a fire hose in there.

Her eyes flashed open. She was breathing like she’d run the fifty in
four seconds flat. It was dark. There was nothing in her pussy. With a
sigh, she went back to sleep.

The next time she woke, when she opened her eyes, her Uncle’s chest was
right in front of her face. They had rolled together in the night and were
facing each other. She drew in a breath and smelled his male scent. Her
hand was between her chest and his and she lifted a finger to drag it
through his chest hair. She remembered her dream, and then watching as her
mother got fucked by the cock she had dreamed about.

Fucked. That was the word for it. Jill wasn’t used to thinking about
things like that and using words like that. But now she knew what that
word meant. It was a raw, sexual word, a word that brought to mind thick
creamy sperm being flushed into a spasming pussy. Her own pussy started
getting wet and she felt the tingle of being excited sexually.

She let her hand wander down toward her uncle’s cock. She ran into it
long before she thought she would.

It was hard.

It was lying between them, up against his stomach, and a wrinkle in the
sheets was why she hadn’t felt its heat against her abdomen. She moved the
sheet and rolled against him, feeling that hot, hard log press into her
stomach. She knew how it felt on the outside now.

And, after her dream, she just HAD to know what it felt like on the

She scooted upward until her face was at her uncle’s chin. Then she
raised her topmost leg and, reaching between them again, grasped his cock
lightly and moved it until the head was nuzzled into her pussy. The head
was so big that it rubbed her whole pussy mouth, including her clit. She
began rolling forward and backward, just a little… just enough to make
that big knob masturbate her clit.

Now she got wet, and her pussy mouth opened up each time the head nudged
into it. She was having such a good time that she didn’t feel his body

Bob didn’t wake up, exactly, but he drifted toward the line between
sleep and being awake. He was dreaming, apparently, because his prick felt
like it was sniffing around a nice, juicy pussy. If his cock would have
had a tongue, it would have been licking that pussy, getting it excited so
it would open up and welcome the massive girth of his cock. He pushed and
felt the head get warmer as it burrowed deeper. In his dream there was no
reason not to slide it right on into that nice warm pussy.

So he did.

Jill was breathing deeply anyway, very excited now, and close to getting
off on the cock that she was masturbating with. Then, suddenly, before she
could do anything, her uncle’s body rolled toward her and his hips thrust.
There was an instant of sharp pain as her hymen was torn, and then a
deeper, duller, more intense pain as her pussy mouth was cruelly stretched
as her virgin pussy walls were forced roughly apart and two inches of Bob’s
cock pried it’s way into her.

Jill’s eyes, which had been closed in rapturous sexual thrill, popped
open and she looked at her uncle’s face. She was holding a breath, about
to shout at him, when she realized he was still asleep. She let the breath
dribble out of her mouth in a low pitched moan as she raised her leg again,
trying to open up her pussy and ease the ache in her loins. Her uncle’s
arm moved and d****d across her waist as she lifted her arm. His arm
pulled her close to him and she let her hand drop on his hip. It was
through that hand that she felt the muscles of his buttocks tense and she
knew he was going to thrust again. She also knew that, while she could
stand what had already happened to her, she would NOT be able to take two
more inches.

“NOOoooooooo” she groaned as his hips DID flex and ball bat in her pussy
was driven further up into her.

Bob woke up suddenly at the agonized sound of his niece’s voice at his
chin. The first thing he saw was her face, which was a mask of pain. The
first thing he felt was his cock, being clasped by a set of velvet vice
grips. He felt her body against his, and knew immediately whose pussy his
cock was in.

Jill, with tears in her eyes, said “Oh shit oh shit oh shit” about the
same time she realized her uncle’s eyes were open. She looked up at him
and whined “Owww”.

Bob tried to roll away from her, to get his cock out of her, but he ran
into Kathy’s still sleeping body. At some time during the night she had
crawled between him and her mother. His automatic response was to push
Jill away from him. She rolled about eight inches and suddenly, there was
no more bed.

Arm flailing and squealing with fright, Jill rolled off the bed and
landed with a thump on her butt on the floor. The pain was gone. She
looked down at her pussy, expecting to see raw, torn flesh, maybe even
spurting arterial bleeding. What she saw was her perfectly normal, though
now gaping open pussy. There was a little tint of red, mostly around the
bottom of her slit. There was so little feeling that she was afraid
something had been injured and her hand flashed to her pussy. When her
finger hit her clit and a tingle of sexual thrill shot through her she
heaved a sigh of relief. She looked up to see her Uncle Bob leaning over
the edge of the bed, looking down at her.

“You OK?” he said.

The whole thing suddenly seemed hilarious and she started giggling.
Then the enormity of what had happened struck her and she stopped. She
looked up at the uncle she adored.

“It was IN me!” she said in awe. “You popped my CHERRY! It was up
INSIDE me Uncle Bob!”

“I know” he said softly. “I felt it. But are you Okay?”

“You know?” her serious gaze locked with his. “I think I AM Okay!” She
pressed her clit with one finger again and smiled. “I’m DEFINITELY Okay!”
she said. She leaned up and her arms reached out, her hands capturing her
Uncle’s face and pulling it down for a sloppy kiss on the mouth. “I wanna
do it some more.” she said when she was done.

Bob looked at his recently deflowered niece. “Maybe later, sweetie. I
don’t think it’s a good idea to push things. Besides, you might feel
differently about things in the morning.” He knew she’d be sore in the

She contented herself by crawling into his arms and snuggling up to his
warm naked body.

Eventually they both slept again.

Bob woke up slowly, reluctantly. Somehow his brain knew it was
Saturday, even though he wasn’t really awake yet. He had to pee, but
didn’t want to get up. What caused him to leave the bed was the thought
that, if he DID get up and go, the pain would be gone and he’d be able to
go back to sleep.

He had cultivated that
don’t-quite-wake-up-all-the-way-and-navigate-by-Braille method of moving
around in the low light of the morning, and he sat to piss, pushing his
hard cock down into the bowl and leaning forward comfortably. He almost
fell back asleep sitting there.

He jerked as his body leaned forward enough to cramp his lungs a bit and
stood up, feeling his way back to the bed. When he got there he cracked
his eyes open and… woke up.

Liz and Kathy were gone. His head swiveled but they were nowhere to be
seen. As if in answer he heard the clinking of cutlery from the kitchen
and realized they must be making breakfast.

Jill was still in the bed. She was still naked. She was lying on her
back, sleeping the sleep of the young, deep and peaceful, one arm flung
carelessly to the side, her hand by her head. Her hair was fanned out on
the pillow. One leg was straight, and the other bent at the knee. One
side of her body was straight, and on the other side her limbs were flung
wide. He realized that the straight side was where his body had been only
a few minutes before.

He peered at her sparse pussy hair and her pink pussy lips winked at
him. They had been hot and tight around the tip of his prick the night
before. He looked down, surprised to see his cock straight and rock hard
again. He felt the overwhelming urge to soak his cock in Jill’s pussy.
But he knew he couldn’t. Not yet anyway. She was just too tight.

Instead, he crawled onto the bed and stuck the tip of his tongue between
those tight pink pussy lips. He slid it upwards, feeling for her bud and,
when he found it, he flicked it lightly with the tip of his tongue.

She made a noise in her throat and the leg that was bent flexed a

He kept it up, pressing harder until his tongue was spreading her lips.
Over and over he licked her clitty, until she made another sound and her
hands moved. He felt moisture seeping into her pussy, and smelled it at
the same time. Her straight leg began to draw up until she was lying with
both legs spread, knees bent. She lifted her head, her eyes sleepily open.

“Mmmmm that feels so nice.” she murmured.

He stopped long enough to raise his own grinning face. “Good” he said.
He started pushing harder, now using his lips and teeth on her and her hips
began that special female wiggle that tells a man he’s doing exactly the
right thing. He felt a drip of precum ooze out of the tip of his cock – a
big drip, that he knew would string down and eventually fall to the bed.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to cum.” she moaned, her fingers
finding his hair and running through it, like she was giving him a scalp

He paused. “Good” he said.

“But I don’t WANT to cum… not this way” she complained. “I want to
cum with you in me.”

“I’m too big.” he said, and went back to sucking her clit.

“It went in me last night.” she said, now pushing at his head, instead
of caressing it.

“And it hurt” he said.

“Please?” she begged.

She was dripping wet now, and again he felt the urge to sheath his cock
in her femaleness. “You have to tell me if it hurts.” he said.

She nodded and began breathing hard immediately as he crawled up, over
her young body. Her hand reached for him and she sighed as she felt his
girth and firmness.

“You’re sooo hard.” she moaned, digging the tip between the lips he’d
just been licking.

“And you’re soooo warm” he grinned, pressing forward.

He didn’t fuck her, so much as poke at her repeatedly, pushing for
entrance, but not hard. Her legs spread even more and she panted.

“You’re teasing me.” she whined.

“I’m taking it easy on you” he countered.

“I want moOOOORREEEE” she squealed as he bored in, the head popping
between her stretched lips until they snapped over the neck of his cock
must behind his glans. He felt his foreskin being stretched and bunched at
the same time and stopped. Now he pulled and pushed, but not enough to
actually make his cock move back out or in much farther. All he did was
stretch her pussy lips over and over.

He leaned down and sucked a stiff pink nipple. Suddenly his forward
movement DID cause him to go in more, and he was now able to move an inch
back and forth.

“I feel so stuffed” she gasped.

“You only have just the tip in you.” he said and she frowned.

“I still want more.” she demanded, shoving her hips up at him.

He fucked her with that inch until it became two inches and then three,
but that was as far as he could get. She was just too tight and tense.

“It feels… I don’t know… I feel like I’m being split open, but it
feels so good too.” she moaned.

“Just lie there and enjoy the good feeling part” he said and began to
fuck her with the three inches of the end of his cock. She was stretched
so tightly that the skin around her clit pulled as he went in, dragging her
clit down to where the top of his cock rubbed it hard on the in-thrust.
Then it was pulled back to it’s normal position as he pulled out.

She lasted for another two minutes before she started bleating and
whining and yipping that she was going to cum. He didn’t think she could
possibly be any tighter, but when she came her pussy clamped down on him so
hard that he had to stop thrusting. She shook and gave a long rising

She opened her eyes and the look in them was so full of emotion that he
suddenly couldn’t stop. His balls lurched and an astoundingly good feeling
coursed through him as his cock spat a thick stream of spermy semen up into
her pussy. He groaned.

Jill’s eyes opened wide and she thrust her pussy up hard, getting maybe
another inch in her as she took a breath and said “Uuunnngggg it’s
shooting, isn’t it Uncle Bob? You’re cumming in me aren’t you?”

“Yeeesssssssss” he groaned as three more liquid bolts of hot lightning
shot into her stuffed pussy.

“Mmmmmm it feels all warm and nice.” she said as she felt the
aftershocks of her own cum.

Bob’s prick felt so good making those short jerks in her spermy pussy
while it spewed his load that he shoved just a little more in her as he
dribbled one last teaspoon of his potent spooge in her fertile slot. Then,
unable to hold himself up any longer, he rolled sideways and landed flat on
his back, his chest heaving.

Jill lay there too, sprawled on her back, her legs bent, as his copious
ejaculate filled her pussy mouth and oozed down to make her butt crack wet.
When she felt that she closed her legs, clamping her pussy lips shut. It
had been a lot of work to get that nice warm spunk in her pussy, and she
didn’t want it to all leak out.

Her head rolled sideways, looking at the man who had claimed her prize.

“Thank you Uncle Bob” she sighed.

His head rolled too. You’re welcome sweetheart. We didn’t get too far,
but boy, howdy, that was fun.

They spent a little time kissing and talking until Liz stuck her head in
the doorway to see if they were awake.

“Good, you’re both up. Breakfast is ready.”

Bob loved his first cup of coffee in the morning. He loved it even more
if he had time to read the paper while he drank it, and t his morning he
did. He was deep in the middle of a fascinating article on Quarterback
Tony Ogden’s troubles with testing positive for steroids when something
pricked at his attention and he began to listen to the women, who had been
chattering like women do.

“So I get Tuesdays and Thursdays” That was Kathy’s voice.

“Yes, and mother gets Fridays and the weekend, but has to share once in
a while,” said Jill.

Liz agreed. “During the day, but he sleeps with me all three nights.

“Fair” said both girls together.

“My bed’s not big enough” said Jill.

Kathy said “Hey, I have an idea. What if we got a bed like Mom’s for
our room? I mean we’d have to get rid of the small ones, and just have one
big one.”

“But then you’d be in the bed too, when it was my turn.” complained

“Well, yeah, but I wouldn’t be doing anything with him. You’d be in the
bed when it was my turn too.”

“Oh… yeah. I guess that’s right.” Jill thought about it for a while.
“Would you go sleep with mommy sometimes? So Uncle Bob and I could be

“Sure squirt” said her older sister. “If you’ll do the same thing. Is
that OK Mom?”

Liz was shaking her head. “What have I done? Yes, I suppose that would
be OK. At least I’ll get to spend some quality talking time with my
daughters once in a while.

Bob spoke from behind the paper. “Shouldn’t you… you know, talk to
Uncle Bob about this? I mean you’ve got him assigned to a different woman
every single night. What if he doesn’t want to do it that much?”

“Bob?” asked Liz.

Bob lowered the paper as if he hadn’t been listening. “Um?” he tried to
look innocent.

“Do you love us Bob?” asked his sister.

“I do indeed.” he affirmed.

Liz turned to her daughters. “OK, we’re agreed. Deal?”

“DEAL” yelled the two grinning girls, in unison.

Chapter 5

Bob didn’t actually move in with Liz and the girls, or sell his house,
despite the fact that they had planned out his entire week… or at least
each night of his entire week. He still went to work and actually spent
some nights there at home. While Liz and her daughters did invite him over
almost every night, they still spent some nights doing other things. They
established a girls’ night out, and found that spending time as a family
had a lot to offer.

They did lots of things together. They went to amusement parks
together. They went bowling together. They went to the library together.
And… they went to Lamaze classes together. Bob didn’t go to the
classes, though he wanted to. It was sensation enough that three women in
the same household – a household that, technically, had no man in it – had
all gotten pregnant and had delivery dates within a hundred and twenty days
of each other. There were a lot of people who speculated about that.

One of them was Cora. Knowing that her daughter was close to Liz’s
daughters, she quizzed Mindy, asking if either Jill or Kathy had said
anything about who the man was who had made their teenaged bellies swell

“Surely they’ve said SOMETHING that would help” said Cora one night.
She and Mindy spent a lot of time together too, but that’s because the man
of THEIR house was gone on the road, selling toilets, for days and
sometimes weeks on end.

Mindy frowned. “Mom I tried everything I could think of to get them to
say something, and they just won’t!” Her eyes went a little unfocused.
“They won’t even share any of the intimate details about what it’s like to
GET pregnant.” she sighed.

Cora’s eyebrows went up. “And just why would you want to know those
kind of details, young lady?”

Mindy jerked and her eyes focused again. She blushed, like she hadn’t
been aware she’d actually said that. “Well gee, Mom, they seem so happy. I
mean I thought Jill would be crying and unhappy and everything, but she’s
not! I asked her if she was afraid… I mean about labor and all that…
and her being so young and everything, and all she did was rub her hands
over her belly and tell me how she just couldn’t WAIT to have the baby! So
I guess I just got curious. That’s all.”

Cora wasn’t surprised, really. She had gotten pregnant with Mindy when
she was only s*******n. Her family was living in Tacoma Washington at the
time, and she’d had a girlfriend whose boyfriend was a soldier out at Fort
Lewis. He had a friend named Todd who had looked so handsome in his
uniform that Cora let him do things to her she’d only let one other boy do.
And she let him do it without a condom. And, to tell the truth, she had
loved being pregnant too. Todd had offered to marry her and she had
accepted, thinking that they were in love.

And she DID love him, but then he’d gotten out of the Army and was gone
all of the time trying to become top man in his father’s plumbing business.
He was competing with three brothers to take over the company, and all his
time went into that. They had drifted apart in the process.

Cora’s mind came back to the situation at hand. “So… you’re curious.
Why haven’t you ever asked me about such things?”

Mindy’s face was classic teenager in it’s surprise. “Mom! Ewwwwww.
You can’t talk to your parents about sex! ”

Cora bristled. “And just why not? I HAVE had sex, you know.”

“MOM! EWWWWWW!” came the standard reply.

“So you’re trying to find out about sex from a fifteen year old girl??”
said her mother.

“Well, she obviously knows how it happens!” came back Mindy.

“And I do too!” complained Cora. “Why can’t you talk to ME about it?”

“I told you Mom, nobody talks to their mother about sex. Not these
days.” Mindy was resolute.

“Hold on,” said Cora, angry that she hadn’t developed the kind of
relationship with her daughter that she now realized she should have. She
went to the phone and called Liz.

“Hi, it’s me. I have to ask you a question. I’m not prying. OK? Do
you know how Jill got pregnant?… No, not that. Of COURSE that’s how she
got pregnant. OK, let me ask this. Did she talk to you about sex before
this… happened? I’m trying to get Mindy to talk to me and she won’t.
Honest Liz I’m not trying to pry. I just need to know if you talked with
the girls about sex before all this happened… Really?… REALLY?… Oh
my word! Oh Liz thank you! I have to go. Yes, I’ll talk to you more
later. OK. Bye.”

Cora turned, her mouth open. “She KNEW they were going to get pregnant!
Can you BELIEVE that? She KNEW!”

“She knew?” Mindy was just as floored as her mother.

“She said she talked with BOTH of them and that they PLANNED the whole
thing! Together!”

“Mom, that’s wierd,” said Mindy. She was chewing her lip.

“It sure is,” said Cora. Her mind was racing. All of them…
pregnant… and it was PLANNED! She naturally included Liz in the plan.
It was too much of a coincidence to be any other way. But Jill didn’t
date. Cora and Liz had both agreed that their girls wouldn’t be allowed to
date until they were sixteen. That meant that something INCREDIBLE must
have happened. It was just too strange. She couldn’t concentrate. She
knew there was something there that she should remember… something that
was relevant to all this… but she just couldn’t think.

She turned back to her daughter, who was fidgeting. “In any case, Liz
DID talk to her daughters about sex. And I want you to talk to me too.!”
she demanded.

The corner of Mindy’s mouth turned up slightly. “OK, Mom, what do you
want to know? I’m not all that experienced, but I’ll share what I know
with you.”

Cora spluttered “Mindy Marie, you KNOW what I’m talking about. What
have you done with a boy?”

Mindy didn’t know what to do. “If I tell you, do you promise I won’t be
in trouble?”

“Of course not! I’m your mother!”

“See? That’s what I mean. How can I talk to you about things if you’re
going to yell at me, and ground me and… be mad about it?”

Cora had been shocked at what she’d said herself. “OK, OK, you’re
right. I’m not used to this idea either. But honey, I love you and I don’t
want you to make the same mistakes I made.”

“Really? What mistakes did you make, Mommy?” Mindy’s reply was so
smooth that Cora started to answer her.

“Like when I was your age and I let a boy take my top off…” she
realized what had happened and her face calmed. “And I believe I asked you
what YOU have done with a boy.”

“And you won’t ground me and get all mad if I tell you?”

“I just want to talk about it Mindy. That’s all. I want to be your
friend and share in your life. I promise.”

Mindy was still unsure. “OK. Well… I let Tommy Vaughn kiss me.” she
started. Her mother looked at her, waiting for more.

“Well we kissed several times, and he wanted to put his tongue in my
mouth, but I kept my lips closed tight,” said Mindy, looking to see what
her mother’s reaction would be.

“And” prompted Cora. She made her face relax.

“And we hugged and stuff,” said Mindy.

“And stuff” repeated Cora.

“Well, he sort of pressed his body against me. We were hugging, you
know? And I could feel his… I could feel something pushing against

Cora was remembering this same experience in her own youth. It had been
a high point of her young life when it had happened to her. “down there.”
Mindy finished.

Cora wasn’t sure how to proceed. She’d wanted to talk, and it looked
like it might happen, but she needed to be careful. “So Tommy had an…
erection while you kissed?”

Mindy’s eyes darted to her mother’s face and she relaxed when she saw it
wasn’t a ‘mad’ face. “Yes, at least I think that’s what it was.”

“So you didn’t… see it?”

“He wanted me to touch it. But I said no. I was scared.”

“So you were scared. Did you feel anyting else?” asked Cora, her
curiosity aroused.

“My stomach felt funny,” said Mindy. “Tommy touched my breasts too, and
it made my stomach do flip flops. I was afraid I was getting sick.”

“Did you feel sick?” asked Cora.

“No. It all felt good, but my stomach felt like it does just before I’m
going to throw up and I got scared.”

“Well, if it’s any comfort, you’re normal.”

“I am?”

“Oh yes. I remember… your father touching me and it made me feel the
same way. And I wasn’t sick. You weren’t either.”

“What was it then?” asked Mindy.

“Well, for lack of a better word, you were horny,” said Cora.

“Mom!” objected Mindy.

“Hey, it’s just a word. And we’re having such a nice talk. Isn’t this
OK after all?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so. But when you say ‘horny’ it makes me feel… I
don’t know… wierd.”

“OK, fair enough. What else?”

“Wait. I want to hear about you taking your top of with a boy. When
was that?” asked Mindy.

Cora balked. “We’re here to talk about what YOU’ve been doing, not me.”

Mindy didn’t relent. “But you said you didn’t want me to make YOUR
mistakes. So tell me why it was a mistake for you to take your top off. I
know a boy is going to try to get me to do that too.” She looked at her
mother earnestly. “Please?” she begged.

Cora had to admit that there was a certain twisted logic to telling
Mindy about… things she had done as a youngster. “Well… his name was
David and he lived next door to me. We were both… I don’t know, maybe
twelve or thirteen and we’d played together for years. We were playing
hide and seek with a bunch of k**s and he and I were hiding in the shed so
we could practice kissing.”

Mindy’s mouth went into an “o” shape as she compared that to what she
had just confessed to. Admittedly she hadn’t confessed EVERYTHING yet, but
it was still exciting to hear her mother talk about doing the same things
SHE had been doing with boys.

Cora’s eyes went out of focus as she remembered. “We had kissed a lot
before and he’d rubbed my breasts lots of times under my shirt. I still
wasn’t wearing a bra in those days.” Her hand came up to her breast
u*********sly and squeezed it gently. “He wanted to see them. So I took
my shirt off and let him. And before I knew it he was sucking my nipples!”
She shook like it was twenty below and her daughter stared at her.

“Wow!” sighed Mindy. “What did it feel like?” she asked, watching her
mother’s hand slide across her breast, squeezing.

“It felt WONDERFUL!” sighed Cora. “I wanted him to suck them forever.”
She suddenly jerked her head as she realized what she had said. “But he
DIDN’T, Mindy, and you must not let a boy do that with you!”

“But why not Momma, it sounded neat.”

“That’s the problem” said her mother. “It WAS… neat. And it felt so
good I let him put his hand in my pants and he put his finger in me and
tore my hymen. I had blood in my underpants and my mother saw it and had a
conniption fit! She grounded me for six MONTHS! That’s what I’m talking
about, honey. Things get carried away, and I don’t want that to happen to

“So how did it ruin your life?” asked Mindy. “Other than being grounded
I mean.”

Cora started to say something and then realized she really didn’t have
anything TO say. “Well, I mean it didn’t RUIN my life, exactly. I didn’t
have my hymen any more. I mean I couldn’t give that to…” she started to
say Roger Powers, who was the boy she had let into her pussy for the very
first time. But she hadn’t married Roger Powers, and she couldn’t admit to
her daughter that she’d let a boy other than her husband fuck her. That
would be counter-productive. “I couldn’t give my virginity to your
father.” she said finally.

“What do you mean? You were a virgin when you met Daddy weren’t you?”
asked her too intuitive daughter.

“Of course I was!” said Cora, blushing as only those telling bald faced
lies blush. “Your father was my first.”

“OK, so how did it ruin your life again?” asked Mindy.

“Why are you so concerned about my life being ruined?” asked Cora, still
rattled and not realizing that Mindy had actually adopted the whole idea of
learning from her mother’s mistakes.

“Well… ” started Mindy. Now she was looking down at the floor.
“Um… I don’t think I have my hymen any more either.”

Cora sat there in shock. “You let a boy FUCK you?” her voice rose.

“NO!” shouted Mindy. “You promised, mother. You can’t get mad… you

“You DIDN’T let a boy… make love to you, then?” asked Cora. “But
your hymen… OK. I’m calm now. What happened to your hymen Mindy?”

“Well, when I went to the school dance, you know, last month? Richard
Smythe asked me to dance and while we were dancing – it was a slow dance –
he put his hands on my butt and squeezed.”

“And what did you do?” asked her mother.

“I didn’t do anything. It felt nice. Well, what I mean is that while
he was doing that he started kissing my neck. And I got all tingly and it
felt good and then he put his hands on my butt and squeezed. Mr Turner
came along and made him stop, though. He kept watching too, so Richard
couldn’t do it again.”

“And would you have let him do that again?” asked Cora.

“Sure. Like I said, it felt really nice. And all the other k**s were
right there, so nothing could happen, so I thought it was OK. Anyway, when
I got home I was all… horny and I couldn’t go to sleep and I was all
itchy… down there and I started rubbing myself with the hairbrush
handle… you know the one with the brown handle? And I sort of stuck it
in me a little. And it hurt really bad but it felt really good too and I
didn’t want to stop… and there was some blood in my panties the next
morning. Are you mad?”

Mindy was so relieved that some pimply faced boy hadn’t fucked her
daughter that she almost laughed. She gave her daughter a hug. “No,
sweetie, I’m not mad. I know how you felt and… I hope you don’t hate me
for this… but sometimes I touch myself too.”

“You do?” Mindy’s voice was the one that was rising now.

Cora straightened her shoulders. “Yes. Your father is gone a lot and
sometimes I get horny too. Just like you do dear. And so I know how you
felt. Your father isn’t here to touch me, so sometimes I have to touch

“Wow” said Mindy, trying to picture her mother doing that. It didn’t
seem quite so ‘Ewww’ as it might have in the past.

Cora went on. “But I WILL tell you that, if you let boys touch you in
places like your butt, and your breasts and… down there. Well pretty
soon you want to let them do other things too, and when you do THOSE
things, it’s very hard to stop. That’s why it’s best to do them with
someone you really truely love, and not just anybody.”

“Is that what happened with Jill and Kathy?” asked Mindy.

Cora thought for a moment. “I guess so, baby. If they talked about it
before it happened, and it STILL happened, then I would have to guess that
both girls loved the boy very much. I still don’t understand why Liz would
LET them get pregnant. I mean what boy would be willing to marry them and
take care of them and support the c***dren?”

It was at that precise moment that the thought gelled in Cora’s mind
that it must not have been a BOY who impregnated those girls. It had to be
a MAN, and the SAME man must have made Liz pregnant too! Liz just would
not have let them get pregnant if she didn’t KNOW they’d be taken care of.
It was a short list as to what men Liz was friendly enough with that she
even let them into the house.

In fact, the only man Cora knew of who had EVER stayed in that house
overnight was Bob.

Her mouth dropped open as she suddenly saw in her mind again the vision
that had haunted HER dreams for weeks after it happened: Bob, his shorts
around his ankles, his ENORMOUS prick half pointing at her, with that set
of bull balls supporting it. She hadn’t been able to go to sleep that very
night, having to masturbate over and over before she was relaxed enough to
fall asleep. And for nights after that she had fantasized about it…
what it would feel like in her hand… and elsewhere.

“Oh my” she blurted, her hand squeezing her breast harder. Kathy had
pulled his shorts down and then run away. Liz had gone after her. Bob had
gone with her. They had been gone a long time, and when they came back,
Liz had looked… happy. No… happy wasn’t the right word. Gloriously
elated… that was the right concept. Cora remembered thinking that they
must have found Kathy and gotten everything resolved.

Now Cora was suddenly quite sure just how things had been… resolved!

She thought of that monster inside her sister and saw Liz’s face
grinning from ear to ear. Then she thought of that huge prick inside
Kathy, spurting… making a baby in her. And then in Jill… poor, young

She turned to Mindy again. “You did say Jill seemed happy about being

“Uh huh.” confirmed Mindy. “She said she loves the baby and can’t wait
to hold it and feed it and take care of it.”

Cora checked her watch. It was only seven thirty. She picked up the
phone again and dialed.

“Hi Liz?… It’s me again. Can I come over? Mindy and I? I need to
ask you a question. No, I won’t pry! OK, I might pry, but you don’t have
to say anything. Come on Liz… OK… OK… We’ll be right over.”

She turned to Mindy. “I think I know who got them pregnant.” she said
to herself as she turned. She realized too late she’d said it to Mindy.

“Who!?” came the breathless reply.

“Later. Right now let’s just go over there. I’m glad we had this

Again she was talking to herself, but, to her surprise, she got a hug
from her daughter.

Chapter 6

Cora hummed to herself as she drove the car. She stopped humming
abruptly when she turned the corner and saw Bob’s truck parked out in front
of Liz’s house. She hadn’t thought about the possibility that he’d be
there. Then she laughed. If he had knocked up all three women he must
spend a LOT of his time there.

“What’s funny?” asked Mindy, sitting beside her.

“Nothing honey” said her mother. “I just thought of something that made
me laugh.”

“MOM!” said Mindy sternly. Cora turned her face to her dauther’s
frowning face.

“If we’re going to have this new honesty between us thing, you have to
be honest with me. It’s not fair for you to demand that I tell you things
if you won’t share things with me too!”

Cora was only mildly astonished at her daughte’s reaction. The girl was
growing up, after all.

“Fair enough” she said, parking the car. “I think there is a
possibility that your Uncle Bob is the father of those babies.”

Mindy’s shocked face and the complete silence in the car made Cora
suddenly doubt that honesty was, in fact, the best policy at this juncture.

Mindy’s eyes got rounder and rounder. “You mean he put THAT inside

Cora suddenly remembered that both Jill and Mindy had been standing
right in front of Bob when Kathy had jerked his shorts down. She had been
so engrossed in her own feelings about it she hadn’t thought anything about
what her daughter must have thought.

“Honey… don’t get upset. And don’t say anything either! I just have
this idea. I don’t have any proof and if I’m wrong it would be a horrible
thing to accuse him of. So don’t say ANYTHING to Jill. OK? You asked me
why I laughed and it was because I saw Bob’s truck here and was surprised.
That’s all, OK?”

“OK… I guess,” said Mindy.

They got out and went to the front door. It was Liz who let them in,
hugging them both, pressing her bulging belly against them shamelessly, her
face happy and welcoming.

“You haven’t been over in ages!” she said as she ushered them into the

“Well, we’ve been busy… I guess,” said Cora lamely.

Jill took them into the living room, where Bob was sitting on the couch,
his feet up on an ottoman. Jill was curled up on one side of him, and
Kathy on the other. Both were leaning their heads against him, and his
arms were around them as they watched a cartoon.

“Oooooo Shrek!” squealed Mindy and she immediately went to sit next to

Cora stared at the domestic scene before her. Obviously, if it really
WAS Bob who had impregnated the girls, they didn’t hate him for it. In
fact they looked gloriously happy, sitting there doing what millions of
people were doing all over the world – just being family. She watched as
Jill effusively invited Mindy to sit with them and then lay her head
loveingly back on her uncle’s shoulder.

Liz pulled at her hand. “We can talk in the kitchen.” she said.

“No, I would never get to sleep tonight. Got any fruit juice?” asked
Cora, amazed that she could feel so at home here, considering what she was
about to accuse her sister of having done.

They tipobet güvenilir mi got their drinks and sat at the kitchen table. Cora delayed saying
anything, suddenly uncomfortable. Finally Liz prodded her.

“What is it Cora?” she said.

“Whatever are you talking about?” Cora responded, still not sure how to
proceed – or if she even WANTED to proceed.

“Come on Cora” said Liz. “You haven’t been here for almost a year and
you just show up? I mean I’m glad you’re here, but… Why don’t you just
tell me what you want?”

Cora delayed a little longer by sipping her juice. “Um… I think I
know who… um… ” she suddenly had no idea how to say it. Finally she
blurted “It was Bob… wasn’t it?”

Liz looked at her coffee.

“You could have had coffee. It’s decaf.” Her hands came to her
protruding abdomen and rubbed over it gently.

There was a tense silence between them. Cora was unable to say anything
more. Liz frowned. Finally she spoke.

“What do you want Cora?”

“What do I want?” Cora wasn’t sure she understood the question.

“You came here for something. Now you’ve suggested that Bob has done
something most of society would hang him for. What do you want?”

Cora suddenly realized she had no plan. She had just reacted to her
suspicions and had wanted to talk about it with her sister.

“I want to talk.” she said.

“Talk” said Liz. “What about, Cora?”

“I don’t know. You… me… the babies… just EVERYTHING. Liz, I’m
so lonely.”

Cora’s face assumed a look of shock as she realized what she’d said.
She hadn’t meant to say she was lonely.

Liz’s hands slid over the tabletop and grasped her little sister’s. Her
eyes were damp, and glistened. “I’d love to talk to you baby. But we have
a lot at stake here.”

Cora suddenly realized that Liz was afraid she would alert the
authorities or something… that everything would come crashing down
around their ears.

She squeezed her sister’s hands. “Oh no Liz. I wouldn’t TELL anybody.
I just want to understand. It’s so… so… so…”

“Strange?” prompted Liz.

Cora blushed. “Well… I guess so. Yes, that’s a good word for how I
feel. Strange.”

“So IF it was Bob… and of course it WASN’T Bob… but if it WAS Bob,
what would you do?”.

“That’s the strange part! I don’t KNOW what I’d do. I mean I wouldn’t
go screaming to the media or anything like that. I think I just want to
understand. I mean I have feelings about it. It’s just so… so… so”
again she couldn’t say the word.

“Perverted?” prompted Liz.

“Yes! NO! Oh Liz I don’t know WHAT it is. I don’t FEEL like it’s
perverted. I mean I even think about…” She couldn’t finish. She

“You think about Bob?” prompted Liz again.

“YES! Ever since Kathy… at the reunion… and I couldn’t sleep…”
Cora suddenly looked up at her sister and their eyes locked. “You went
with him. Out to look for Kathy? You were gone a long time and when you
came back you looked… I don’t know… HAPPY! I mean really happy Liz.”

“I love him, Cora” said Liz softly. “We ALL love him.”

“ALL of you?” whined Cora.

Liz swallowed. “Yes, ALL of us.”

Cora was suddenly antsy. Her pussy was hot and her nipples tingled. “I
tried to get Todd to stay home.” she said, for no apparent reason. “I told
him I didn’t care if he was the head of the company… I just wanted him
home.” She looked at her sister now with tears in her eyes. “I just want
him home at night.” Those tears began spilling down over her cheeks.

Liz got up and went to hug her sister. Cora cried silently for a while,
her shoulders shaking as she sobbed. Finally she stopped. She wiped her
eyes with a napkin that Liz handed her and then looked up, her eyes clear.

“What’s it like?” she asked, quite calmly.

“What’s WHAT like?” asked Liz, not sure.

“Oh for goodness sakes Liz, what’s it like to have that monster inside
you?” asked Cora with unusual directness. “It must be like a firehose when
it goes off.” she added, giggling. Then, in her head she saw a cartoon
image of Bob, his cock ten feet long with a caricature of herself stuck on
the end as it waved her in the air and white stuff came out her ears. Now
she was laughing and couldn’t control it. She laughed harder and harder
until she was letting out long belly laughs and c***dren started popping
into the kitchen to see what was so funny. Liz waved them all out and
grinned while Cora got control of herself, little by little. When she had
finally settled down to little stretches of bursts of giggles, Liz got up.

“I’ll be right back.” she said. She left the room. When she got back,
Bob was with her. He smiled at Cora and held out his hand.

Cora’s eyes got huge and her giggles vanished. “What?!” she gasped.
“You don’t think…” her huge eyes watched as her hand betrayed her and
reached for his. She jerked it back so hard it slapped her thigh

“Go with him Cora” urged Liz in a soothing voice. “It will be OK, I

“But I can’t do that!” said Cora as her body stood up and walked toward
Bob. Her eyes went to the front of his sweat pants, to the lump that was
plainly visible there. “We can’t do that” she insisted as his arm
slithered around her waist. “Bob what are you doing?!” as his face neared

Bob kissed Cora gently, with multiple soft, short kisses, on the edges
of her lips and on the lips themselves. His free hand slid up and cupped
her left breast, hefting it as if to see how much it weighed. His thumb
slid slowly, lovingly over the nipple that was making itself known even
through her bra.

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck” she sighed as he let her lips loose. She looked at Liz,
who was smiling gently, and then back at Bob, who kissed her once quickly
again on the lips and squeezed her breast.

“I’m doing this under protest.” she said firmly as she stepped out of
Bob’s partial embrace and grabbed his hand. “Can we use your bedroom Liz?
she asked, pulling Bob who was smiling broadly.

“Sure,” said Liz as they disappeared out of the kitchen. “Close the
door please.” she yelled at them. “And don’t protest too loudly Cora.” she
yelled and grinned.

Cora did close the bedroom door and she locked it for good measure. She
turned around firmly intending to tell Bob that, while she was lonely and
horny and loved him to pieces, all she wanted was one nice quick orgasm,
preferrably with his mouth of fingers, and then they were done.

That’s what she firmly intended.

But he had already taken his shirt and sweat pants off. And he was
already mostly erect.

“Son of a BITCH!” cursed Cora, using the exact same words Liz had used
the first time she had seen his cock. “If you hurt me with that thing I’ll
find a way to make you pay.” she said and she went toward him and pushed
him on the bed.

Like her sister, once she had made up her mind, Cora was a take-charge
kind of woman. Bob let her push him down and play with him. She talked to
his cock like it was a little boy, scolding it for making her pussy wet,
for keeping her from sleeping and for wanting to sneak into her pussy.
Then she climbed up on top of him and notched it into her pussy.
Interestingly, she had very little trouble accepting his girth, sliding
down around the top three quarters of his cock almost like she had done it
before. It surprised both of them and she was delighted to feel full and
stretched as never before, but with no real pain at all. Bob reached up
and twiddled her nipples as she gasped and wiggled, trying to bet the rest
of his cock into her famished pussy.

But it wouldn’t go. He was just too long.

“Rub me please.” she commanded. Bob dropped one hand down to her furry
patch and slid his thumb through the slippery, almost oily hairs until he
found her clit. Then he twiddled that for a while as she first moaned,
then groaned, then cried out in ecstasy as she came hard.

When she began to slump Bob pulled her down and rolled her over,
settling between her thighs.

“You ready for more?” he said, looming over her and prodding the end of
her sheath with his long dong.

“Oh yesss” she sighed and then bucked her hips up at him as he gave her
three more orgasms over the next thirty minutes. Finally he lifted his
lips off one of her nipples and put his face right in front of hers.

“I’m ready to cum now little sister.” he said, digging his cock into her

“Are you going to cum inside me?” asked a wide-eyed Cora.

“You bet I am” he said.

“You made them all pregnant.” she stated as her hips began to thrust

“That’s right.” he said. “I know a way to get it all the way into you
Cora. Do you want me to do that?”

She knew what that would mean. It would be a little like having a baby.
“If you cum in me you might make me pregnant too Bobby.” she said.

“I hope so” he said softly.

Cora felt wildness take over her body as the thought of letting this
man, who loved her so well and so long, put his seed deep inside her, where
there was quite likely an egg waiting.

“See if you can get it all the way in me.” she whispered.

Bob changed his angle and prodded the end of her sheath, pushing this
way, and then that, until he felt the tip of his cock press inward.

“I think I found it” he said, and pushed.

Cora sucked a big lungful of air as she felt pain for the first time
since starting this process and she was about to tell him to stop when he
sunk all the way in her and his pubic bone smashed her clitty.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh” he groaned, and he filled her womb with volley after
volley of cream that packed her uterus full and flushed up into her
fallopian tubes. Her cervix was so tight around him that it restricted the
flow a little, so he pulled out of her womb and hosed her thirsty pussy
with more long streams of milky white sperm as Cora gave a long sigh of
satisfaction and contentment.

Then there were more little gentle kisses, and “thank you”s and “You’re
welcome”s and promises were extracted to come to dinner at Cora’s house a
LOT more often. Finally Cora put her finger over his lips.

“I know this is going to sound strange, but I don’t think it is a good
idea if Mindy actually gets pregnant.” she said. She just assumed that
Mindy would find out about all this, and that, based on her recent
questions, she would want to be included.

“OK” he said, not surprised that she had brought it up. “She may not
want anything to happen at all.” he said.

“Oh she wants something to happen” said Cora. “I don’t think you have
to worry about that. I just don’t know what Todd would do if he found out
we were both pregnant, like Liz and the girls are all pregnant.” Bob looked
thoughtful for a minute. “Remember the Tech Bubble?” he asked.

She nodded.

“I got out before it burst.” he said. “I work because I’m bored if I

“But your house is so… normal,” said Cora.

“There’s nothing wrong with my house. It’s a nice house. I like my
house.” he said.

“What are you saying then?” asked Cora.

“I’m saying you don’t need Todd or his toilets or his money. Unless you
just want them I mean. You don’t ever have to worry about getting by. I
have plenty to share.”

“But I love Todd. Really I do. He’s just gone all the time,” said

“That’s great” said Bob. “I’m all for it as long as you don’t snivel
and crawl because he holds money over your head.” He kissed her nose again.
“And this never has to happen again either if you don’t want it to.”

She clasped him hard. “Oh I WANT this to happen again, don’t you think
otherwise. I NEEDED this and I know I’ll NEED it again. I just don’t know
what to do about Mindy.”

“Don’t do anything” said Bob simply. “If she’s interested she’ll make
it known. She’ll figure things out sooner or later and then she’ll ask you
about it. You can decide what to tell her then.”

“Ironically, she and I just started that kind of relationship tonight!”
said Cora. “And in a lot of ways it was all because of you! If you hadn’t
knocked up every woman in sight we never would have had the discussion we
had, or come over here tonight. No, I know excatly what I’ll tell her if
she ever asks any ‘awkward’ questions.”

“Well good. Now, are you ready to go again?” He dropped his mouth to a

“Oh you’re incorrigable” she squealed. “Unhand me you lout!”

But he didn’t. And they DID go again. And she got even more of his
thick potent sperm up inside her before she finally dragged herself up off
of him. She stood on the floor, naked, and bent over, talking to his cock
again as his issue dripped out of her and down her thighs. She praised his
cock for being a “strong little cock… a good little cock” and for
shooting so much nice warm stuff up inside her. She kissed it and then
couldn’t resist taking it in her mouth.

But Bob was done after two intense orgasms. He told her he loved it,
but that she wasn’t going to get anything out of it for a while. With a
smile of regret, she kissed his cock, and then his lips.

She was intensely aware of his gaze as she got dressed, and she made a
production out of it, feeling slightly slutty. She bent over, showing him
her butt, and then shook her breasts as she put her bra in place. She
pressed her hand to her panty-covered crotch and commented that she must
have gained three pounds in “liquid weight” as it came away wet. She
finished getting dressed, and then made him get up and get dressed and they
left the bedroom, hand in hand.

Chapter 7

When Cora and Bob sauntered into the living room everyone was watching a
movie. Liz was lounging in a recliner and her two daughters were lying
around too, Kathy on a beanbag chair and Jill on the couch. Mindy sat on
the couch too, with Jill’s feet in her lap. Everyone looked up when the
two adults entered the room.

Jill looked pointedly at Kathy. “I told you so!” she smirked.

Kathy just shook her head and rubbed her belly. The baby was beginning
to move around and it felt strange.

Liz spoke up. “Mind your tongue young lady.” she chided, facing Jill.

Mindy had just stared at her mother. Now she spoke. “Did you really

“Did I what?” asked Cora, trying to act normal.

“Did you have sex with Uncle Bob?”

Cora spluttered. “Why in the world would you think that?”

Mindy’s gaze didn’t falter. “Jill said that’s what you guys were
probably doing. Aunt Liz got mad at her.”

Liz frowned. “Jill, you HAVE to learn to watch that mouth of yours.
You think you’re being cute, but sometimes it’s not funny.”

“Well, did you?” insisted Mindy, looking at her mother.

Cora had known this would happen sooner or later, but she thought she’d
have some time to plan for it. She turned around and looked at Bob.

Bob stepped forward and got on one knee in front of Mindy.

“How would you feel about it if we HAD done that?” he asked his niece.

“I’m not sure” she answered. “Did you?”

“Lets say, for the sake of argument, that I not only had sex with your
mother, but I bought your house too and now you are going to have to move.
How would you feel about it now?”

“I DON’T WANT TO MOVE!” said Mindy standing up. “I LIKE OUR HOUSE!”

“What about the other?” asked Bob.

“Do you love my mother?” asked Mindy.

“Yes I do.” answered Bob immediately.

“And do you love Aunt Liz and Kathy and Jill too?” asked the precocious

“Yes I do, very much.”

Her green eyes bored into his brown ones. “And what about me Uncle Bob?
Do you love me too?”

He didn’t hesitate. “Yes I do.” he said.

Mindy turned to her mother. “Are you pregnant?”

Cora was so unprepared for this question that she blurted “I don’t think
so!” Her eyes went wide and she slapped her head with one open hand.

Mindy bored in like a lawyer after an incriminating statement. “So you
DID have sex with him, didn’t you Mother?”

“WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KNOW?” cried Cora, sitting down, her eyes filling
with tears.

Mindy went over to her and sat on her lap, hugging her. “Don’t cry Mom,
it’s OK. I know Daddy’s been cheating on you and I don’t blame you for
cheating back.”

The only sound in the room was suddenly an ogre singing a song on TV.

Cora had stopped crying suddenly, like a faucet that’s been turned off.
“What do you mean cheating?”

Mindy wiped her mother’s cheek. “Come ON Mom, every time he comes home
his clothes smell like perfume, and it’s not YOUR perfume. You can’t tell
me you didn’t notice that.”

“I didn’t.” protested Cora. “I really didn’t!”

“Mom, do you love Uncle Bob?”

Again Cora was so unprepared she just answered. “Yes, of course!”

“OK. As long as you love him and he loves you then I guess I don’t mind
if he makes a little sister for me.” Mindy kissed her astonished mother on
the forehead and stood up. She went to stand in front of her uncle. “We
learned in school that it’s the man’s chromosomes that determines the sex
of the baby. I want a sister, not a brother. And we’re NOT moving!”

Then to everyone’s astonishment she went back to the couch and sat down,
lifting Jill’s feet up and sitting down under them again.

She looked over at her mother again. “And Mom, I think maybe I should
be allowed to go out on some dates. Can we discuss that when we get home?”

Cora just nodded.

The ride home was even more interesting than the ride to Liz’s had been.
Now both Cora and Mindy KNEW who the father of all those babies were. AND,
they both knew that the same monster prick that had made those babies had
recently been busy inside Cora, possibly making another one.

But Mindy’s primary focus was on the idea of being allowed to date.
There was long discussion about what she was and was NOT allowed to do on
these dates and, while there wasn’t full agreement between them on the
rules, Mindy accepted her mother’s restrictions on what was OK and not.

And Mindy DID start going places with boys. And when a boy asked her
what she wanted to do, she was very forthcoming about it. She wanted to go
bowling. She wanted to go roller skating. She wanted to watch this or
that movie. She wanted to go to this or that store at the Mall and hang
out. What she DIDN’T do was agree to go parking, or “to my house… my
parents aren’t there”.

That’s not to say she didn’t experiment. She did that with abandon too.
She loved kissing and pressing her young body against a hard male one. And
she didn’t mind when a boy slid his hand to her teen breasts and squeezed
them. But when they wanted to do more than that she put her foot down,
telling them quite plainly that, if they wanted another date, they had to
play by HER rules. She loved the feeling of being in control.

It was nine on a Friday night when Bob’s doorbell rang. He’d been
working on a scale model of a New England fishing trawler and put the hull
down. When he opened the door Mindy was standing there alone.

“Mindy!” he smiled. “To what do I owe this honor?”

“Oh, I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop in and see you.” she

“Right.” he said, holding the door open so she could come in. “I’ll
just call your mom and let her know you’re here.”

“OK, OK, I was on a date with Tommy Robbins and I made him bring me
here.” she said, looking grumpy.

“And why in the world did you do that?” asked her Uncle. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, Tommy’s no real problem. He’s horny all the time, but I can
handle him.”

“Oh really?” said Bob, picking up the phone. “Still, your mother needs
to know where you are. And that you’re not still with Tommy.” he added.

“OK” sighed Mindy. She wandered around, looking at pictures on the
wall, and the knick knacks Bob had ammased over the years. She picked up a
pair of handcuffs and peered at them, looking at her Uncle and then back to
the cuffs.

Cora answered after two rings. “Hi sweets, it’s me” said Bob. “Mindy
had her date drop her off here. I think we’re going to talk for a while
and then I’ll bring her home. Hmmmm? Sure, I’ll get her.”

He held out the phone to Mindy who rolled her eyes and took it, putting
down the handcuffs.

“Hello? Hi Mom. No, it was OK. He just wanted to do some stuff I
didn’t want to do so I told him to bring me here. What? No, I don’t think
so. Wait a minute.” She turned to Bob and said “We’re not going to have
sex are we?”

Bob swallowed and then made his voice steady. “I doubt it very much
sweetie. Is that why you came here?”

Mindy shook her head. “I’m not sure. I just wanted to talk… to a

Bob took the phone back. “Cora I think we’re just going to talk for a
while. I’ll call you if things change, OK? OK, just relax. I’ll call you
later. You still coming over tomorrow? Good. I’ll see you then. Bye.”

Bob hung up and turned to his niece. “So, you want to tell me what’s
going on?”

“Why do you have handcuffs?” asked Mindy, picking them up again.

“I have a friend who’s a detective and I helped him catch a criminal.
He gave those to me as a joke afterwards. Now, you want to tell me what’s
going on?” he repeated.

“Tommy wanted me to… do things.” she said, as if that explained

“What kind of things?” asked Bob.

“Touch him.” She said. Then she flopped down in a chair. “He wanted me
to give him a blow job.”

“What do you know about blow jobs?” asked her uncle.

“I know enough to know that I don’t want Tommy Robbins’ penis in my
mouth,” said the girl who Bob had thought was a lot more innocent than she
apparently was.

“So you’ve had somebody’s penis in your mouth before?” asked Bob, his
own organ beginning to respond to the idea of her sweet lips around a hard

“No” she said, as if she were saying she hadn’t bought those new shoes
she had her eye on yet, but it wouldn’t be long. “But I know how to do it.
My friend Marjori told me all about it.”

“Oh, I see,” said Bob, stifling a smile.

“Why do boys always want a blow job anyway?” asked Mindy.

Bob sat down on the couch and crossed one leg over the other. “Well, I
guess because it feels so good. We men are sort of wired that way. All
men like to have a woman play with their… uh penis.” He opted for the
clnically correct word.

“Has my mom ever given you a blow job?” asked the girl.

“Well, sweetheart, that’s something you should ask your mother. It
really isn’t nice for a man to talk about what he and a woman do without
her permission.”

“Well, whatever you two do, my mother loves it. I’ve never seen her so
happy since she started having sex with you.” Mindy said pragmatically.

“And you’re still OK with that?” asked Bob.

“Yes. Daddy stays gone longer and longer. I love him, but I don’t like
him very much. I’ve been wanting a sister forever, and I don’t think he
even tries any more when he comes home.”

“I’m sorry to hear that pumpkin,” said Bob. He meant it too.

“It’s OK. Mom keeps taking her temperature every day and staring at the
callendar. I think I’m going to get a sister before too long.” She was
quiet for a while. Then she looked up. “What’s it like?”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking,” said Bob.

“Sex. Nobody will tell me what it’s like. Well nobody I believe
anyway. Jill still won’t talk to me. Aunt Liz said Jill would be grounded
until her baby graduates from High School if she said anything to me. I
don’t think that’s fair. We’re the same age.”

“Having sex and getting pregnant is a big decision and Jill is very
young.” Mindy started to say something and Bob held up his hand to stop
her. “I know that up until seventy-five or eighty years ago lots of girls
used to start families at her age, but this is a different world. I just
don’t think they want you to do something you might be sorry you did later
on. And there’s your mother to think about.”

Mindy blushed. “Mom says I can do what I want, as long as I don’t get
pregnant. She says I can’t get pregnant until after I’m fifteen. I think
she was kind of desparate when she said that. I mean she was trying to get
me to wait a little while at least. I think she figures since Jill and
Kathy… and Aunt Liz and maybe even her are pregnant, that I’ll want to
get pregnant too.”

Bob was solemn. “And are you thinking about wanting to get pregnant?”

Mindy looked up. “Not exactly. I’d really like to see what it’s like
to TRY to get pregnant, but I don’t really care if I get pregnant or not. I
mean I’ll be happy either way I think. It kind of depends on who the guy

“I see.” he said in his deep voice. “And when will you be fifteen?”

“You know it’s tomorrow.” she said frowning, but blushing again.

Bob’s prick jumped in his shorts. “And did that have anything to do
with you telling Tommy to bring you here?”

“No, not really. I just got to thinking about how IF I was going to
give somebody a blow job, it would have to be somebody I liked a lot and
wouldn’t mind having his penis in my mouth. And I couldn’t think of
anybody like that. And then I remembered at the family reunion, when Kathy
pulled your shorts down. And I saw your penis.”

“And what made you remember that?” asked Bob.

“Well, Tommy pushed his against me when we were kissing.”

“OK” said Bob.

“And it didn’t feel like there was hardly anything there,” said Mindy.

“Oh,” said Bob.

“Could I see yours again?” Mindy blurted. She blushed and wouldn’t look
at him.

“Would you be willing to wait until your mother gets here?” asked Bob.
“To see it, I mean?”

“You mean look at it while Mom’s here? In the room?” asked the teen.

“Yes,” said Bob. “I mean we told her we weren’t going to have sex. I
don’t lie to your mother.

“But we aren’t going to have sex!” said Mindy. “I just want to look at

“Yeah, well, those things have a way of going farther than you think
they’re going to go,” said Bob. “I thought you and your Mom had this new
closer relationship.”

“We do! Honest. And I like it a lot. But wouldn’t it be wierd for us
both to be here when you… you know… show it to me?”

“No” said Bob simply. “But your mother might. What do you say you call
her and ask her about that? We said we’d call if things changed. See what
she thinks. That’s what she’s there for, after all.”

Mindy seemed to relax, and smiled. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. OK.”

This time it was Mindy who called her mother. “Hi, it’s me again.
Yeah, well, I sort of changed my mind and I asked Uncle Bob if he’ll let me
look at his penis, but he won’t do it unless you’re here too.”

Mindy had a way of cutting to the chase. She was very direct.

“Mom? Are you there?” she asked the phone. “Yes” she said. Then she
rolled her eyes again. “So you’ll come over? OK Good. See you soon. I
love you. Bye.”

She put the phone down. “I think she’s upset. She said to wait until
she gets here.”

“OK good,” said Bob. “That’s why I thought it would be good to call

When Cora’s car came to a stop in Bob’s driveway her hands were
trembling. She took a breath and went to the door, opening it and stepping
inside. She heard the TV on in the living room and peeked in there. Bob
and Mindy were sitting on the couch. Mindy was curled up next to him and
his arm was around her. They were fully clothed.

“Hi!” she called out, stepping back. She closed the front door and
walked into the living room. No one had moved. They really were just
sitting there, watching TV.

“Hi Mom” said Mindy.

“Hi sweetie,” said Bob.

“So what’s up?” asked Cora.

Mindy looked half over her shoulder. “I wanna give Uncle Bob a blow
job, but he won’t let me unless you’re here.” Mindy had always been
embarrassingingly direct.

“Hey!” said Bob. “You didn’t say that at all! You said you wanted to
SEE it again.”

Mindy looked up at her uncle. “Adults are so dumb!” she grumbled. “Why
did you think I was talking to you about blow jobs?”

Cora had to sit down. “You were talking to Bob about blow jobs?”

“I just told him that Tommy tried to get me to give him a blow job, but
I didn’t want to because the only penis I want in my mouth is the penis of
a man I like.” Again she looked pointedly at Bob.

“And then you said you wanted to see my penis again,” said Bob with
understanding dawning.

“And you said Mom had to be here,” said Mindy.

“Why?” asked Cora. “I mean why would you want me to be here when…
well, when you… Oh this is too strange.” sighed Cora and she sat down.

“I just thought things were getting to the point where they might um…
well get out of hand,” said Bob.

“SEE!” said Cora to her daughter. “I TOLD you that things get out of
hand when you start doing things with boys.”

“But I didn’t DO anything with Tommy!” said an indignant Mindy. “I just
wanted to do them with Uncle Bob.”

Cora thought about the last time SHE had put her mouth on her brother’s
rod. It had been absolutely the most fun thing she’d done in a long time.
She’d offered to suck Todd, but he said that was slutty, and that he could
never kiss her again if she did it. And making love to Bob’s mammoth prick
with her mouth had been like having an extra large ice cream cone, except
that it didn’t melt. She thought about Mindy’s sweet lips wrapped around
the same penis and suddenly, from nowhere, she got… wet.

“OK, but no sex, right?” she said to both of them. “I mean
intercourse…” she blushed, realizing that a blow job was… most
definately… sex.

“Absolutely” said Mindy.

“And no complaining if it gets… messy,” said Cora.

“Messy?” asked Mindy.

“Girl, you have NO idea,” said her mother.

Bob didn’t make a big deal about it. He simply stood up and took off
his shirt, and then his pants, and then his underwear. He stood, his prick
hanging halfway to his knee.

Mindy stared for a long time and then leaned forward. Her nose was only
two or three inches from the thing that so fascinated her. Her hand came
up and she saw that the thing was five or six times the size of her thumb.
She touched it with two fingers and marvled at the softness and suppleness
of the skin. There wasn’t anything anywhere on her body that was like that

“You’re not circumsized” she commented.

“That’s right,” said Bob. “That hood of skin covers the head. When it
goes into a woman that skin slides backwards and stretches.”

Mindy put her hand around it, holding it lightly. “It feels warm.” she

“It has a lot of blood vessels in it and they’re close to the surface.”
he informed her.

“Just looking at it makes my panties wet,” said Mindy.

“Me too” said Cora, before she could stop herself.

“Have you done this Mom?” asked the girl.

“Yes” said Cora, blushing.

Mindy tightened her grip and pushed her hand toward the nest of hair
that this amazing thing sprang from. The foreskin slicked back, exposing
the large purplish head with it’s little snake eye. It began to stiffen in
her hand. As she watched it lengthened and got even thicker.

“It’s getting hard,” said the girl, breating faster and more deeply.
She glanced up at her mother. “Will you help me do it right?”

“You’re doing just fine sweetheart” said her mother. If you run into
trouble I’ll help.

Mindy leaned forward and kissed the bulbous head. She rubbed her lips
along the tight smooth skin of the glans and then stuck just the tip of her
tongue out and licked it.

“It feels so smooth” she sighed.

She began kissing the head, and then the shaft below the head with
multiple small kisses, her lips getting softer with each kiss until she was
mushing her lips all around the almost hard prick.

Now she could put both hands around it and she did so. Still the head
stuck out from her hands. She opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over
the glans. It was so large that her jaws hurt. She felt the circumfrence
get smaller as she got all of the glans in her mouth and she clamped her
lips down on that neck. She gave an experimental suck.

Suddenly she felt throbbing in the long, firm thing in her hands. It
was a measured beat and she suddenly realized it was his pulse. She pulled
her mouth off of his cock to give her jaws a rest.

“It’s hard” she said, meaning it was hard to get her mouth around it.

“It has to be hard to penetrate a woman” said Bob, misunderstanding.

“I mean it’s hard work.” Mindy corrected.

“I can make you feel good while you do it… if you want,” said Bob.

“How?” asked Mindy.

“I can do the same thing to you, while you do it to me.”

Mindy felt a rush of pussy juice dampen her panties. “I’m all wet down
there.” she said.

“That’s why I like doing that. I like the taste.”

Mindy slid her mouth back onto his cock and then pulled it off, tasting.
“You don’t have a taste” she said. She did it again. “Not really.”

“I will later… when I cum.” he said. He reached forward and began
undoing buttons and clasps and belts and slowly stripped his niece. He
commented to her about how beautiful she was as she blushed and wiggled
with delight, looking at her mother from time to time.

Cora smiled softly, understanding that, even though Mindy was young, she
was being treated to something a lot of women never received… patience,
and a slow simmer of her feelings. Cora knew that Bob would get her so
turned on she’d do anything. That’s when Cora thought she might be able to
help her daughter.

Bob began kissing and licking Mindy’s body. He cupped her butt and
suckled each pink nipple gently as she oohed and aahed. He could smell her
arousal. Then he took her to the bed and put her on top of him, in the
classic sixty-nine position and started licking her pussy.

Mindy felt so wonderful that she just stared at the massive prick in her
hand for a while. What he was doing felt so good she could hardly stand
it. She’d had orgasms on her fingers before, and she knew she was going to
have one soon, on his tongue. She held on to the big prick in front of her
face as she began to wiggle her hips, getting closer and closer.

“Uhhhhhhh” she moaned, licking her lips.

Cora stepped forward. “Stroke it up and down, baby” she ordered.
Mindy’s hand began to slide up and down on the beautiful phallus in her
hand. She found if she held on tighter that the foreskin would peel down,
uncovering the head. She liked doing that and put her mouth on the tip
while she did it. As his forskin came up and covered the head, it was
almost like a pair of lips, kissing hers. About then Bob nibbled her clit
and she tumbled into an orgasm.

“Oooohhhwwwahhhhhhhhh” she keened as the thrills shot through her. She
sat up, mashing her pussy down on his devouring mouth and he stuck his
tongue up inside her. Her pussy gushed juice and he sucked and lapped at
it, swallowing. In the afterglow of such a wonderful orgasm, Mindy looked
at the big cock and then opened her mouth wide. She leaned forward and
took as much into her mouth as she could get, almost gagging as it dug into
her soft palate. She sucked, like his prick was a straw, and jacked on the
rest of his cock with her right hand. Suddenly she DID taste something.
It was a little salty, or maybe musky. She backed off and looked to see a
big clear drop of something oozing out of the tip of his cock. With just
the tip of her tongue she scooped it off and tasted it.

“You DO have a taste.” she said, satisfied. “I like it.” she went on.

“I hope so, because there’s going to be a lot more.” he groaned.

“Sweetheart, he cums a LOT” warned her mother.

“OK” said the teen, fascinated by what was happening.

She leaned back down and got four inches in her mouth. Instinctively
she knew to speed up her hand as she jacked him off. A long low growl came
from his throat and he sucked her clit again as she was surprised by a
mouthful of cum that blasted into her throat, choking her. She pulled her
mouth off his spurting cock and, as she managed to swallow what was in her
mouth, got a shot right in her face. She sat up straighter and his spunk
squirted a long line at the base of her throat and one one breast. By then
she’d tasted him fully and her mouth shot back down and captured the next
two spurts of his cream. She swallowed greedily as she ground her pussy on
his chin and felt another orgasm rushing toward her.

“MMMMMPHFFFFFF” she managed as she swallowed and came at the same time.

As she came back down to earth, Mindy was surprised to find that the
thing in her hand was still firm, though not quite as stiff as it had been

“It’s still hard” she said, drooling cum and wiping it with her hand.
“You made a mess Uncle Bob!” She rotated off of his face and sat, her hands
lifted so she wouldn’t get his wetness on everything she touched.

Cora stepped forward, naked. She had disrobed as she saw her daughter’s
mouth bulge with the cum that was being pumped into it.

“That’s because he’s not finished yet, darling.” she said to the
daughter. “That’s one of the things you have to remember about men.
Sometimes some of them aren’t finished when you’re ready for them to be
finished. Scoot over, dear.”

Mindy started licking her hands and arms and then scooping up the cum on
her face and chest and eating that too as she moved to let her mother climb
on top of her uncle. Bob reached down and held his gargantuan rod upright
as Cora lowered her pussy onto it and sank gratefully down, leaning forward
when he hit bottom.

“Ohhh I love that.” she moaned as she was filled to capacity.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” asked Mindy.

“Oh no honey, it feels wonderful,” said Cora as she began to move on it,
getting it deep and then shallow. She dropped one breast within reach and
Bob sucked the nipple, making noises of appeciation.

He let it pop out and said “You’re gonna get a cunt-ful Cora, if you
keep that up.”

“You really shouldn’t Bob. I know I’m fertile right now.” moaned Cora.

Mindy’s happy voice spoke up. “Don’t listen to her Uncle Bob. She
want’s you to make her pregnant. I’ve seen her getting ready for it.”

“You want to be like Liz and the girls?” said Bob, thrusting upward.

“No… I don’t know… Oh fuck yessss” moaned Cora as she worked her
pussy on his dangerous prick.

“Lean forward a little” grunted Bob. He grasped her hips and she knew
what he was going to do. With a little sob she worked until she felt that
special pain and then pushed down on him as his cock slid all the way into
her body. “Right there!” he groaned, and she felt the wet heat that meant
he was fertilizing her. “What are you going to tell Todd?” he asked as he
squirted her womb full of his baby makers.

“I’m going to tell him he should have stayed hommmmmmmmmmmmmme” Cora
moaned as she came on his spurting prick.

“You guys

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