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Keep It in the Family 02
Chapter 2 – My younger son

I woke up early, and was reviewing the way my life had changed, my son elder Michael asleep in bed next to me, taking the place of my absent husband. It could have been little more than three weeks since I caught my elder son masturbating to pictures of me, from cameras that he and my younger son had hidden in my bedroom and bathroom. I seemed to have no choice, so I gave in to his threat to post the pictures where they would be seen, when my reputation and role as an elder of my church would have been over, and I let him fuck me.

I’d let him think that I was his Mommy slave, but the truth was that having embarked on the adventure of i****t, I was enjoying it so much, that he wasn’t going to be the Master for long. I was going to be in control, and I was going to fuck my younger son, who had helped with setting the camera, and my twin daughters, who had seen the pictures, though I suspected they were innocent of putting them there. All of the other three were away at summer camps, while I was being screwed hard and often by my eldest son, but Tony, my youngest, was due back later, after a wildfire threatened their camp.

I was gently rubbing a finger along my slit as I pondered how to handle Tony when he came back. Not enough to get me to come, but just enough to give me enjoyment, and perhaps give me inspiration. I knew just what I wanted, which was Michael fucking my ass, while Tony pumped in and out of my cunt, and they both came inside me, hopefully fairly close to each other, and at the same time as me.

The problem was that although I knew Tony had helped set up the camera, I wasn’t sure that going straight in to DP might not be too much for him. After all, he’d only had his eighteenth birthday a few weeks earlier, and unlike his three-year older brother who was a sportsman, and had always been involved with girls, Tony was more of an introvert. Well, most people would say a bit of a nerd, I guess.

I was also a bit worried about my elder son’s reaction when he realised that he was no longer in control of me, and that this might be the last night he could sleep, of right, in my husband’s place in my bed. Still, before we went out for our run, I had a special treat for him that I hoped would make up for it, but at the same time send him a gentle signal that I was the one in charge now, not him. I looked at the clock and decided it was about time to get going, if I was going to have time for everything before I had to help at the yard sale at the church.

I pulled the sheet back, and had to smile as I saw my son’s limp cock as he remained asleep. It wasn’t going to stay like that for long! I gently picked it up, and sucked it into my mouth, and as I did so, I straddled over his face. I pushed my cunt down on his softly snoring mouth, and sucked harder on his cock. The reaction was wonderful. His arms went out, and he initially tried to push my butt off of him, but he almost immediately recognised the taste and feel of me, and as his cock stiffened in my mouth, his tongue pushed my lips open, and started flicking over my clit.

I jammed my head down, forcing his cock way down my throat, then I pulled back and started moving my head up and down. If he was surprised, because normally I sucked him off only after our run, he didn’t show it. His teeth were nibbling my ears, and then he’d lap along my slit, pushing his tongue as far into me as he could, before going back to tease my clit again. Neither of us could speak, but by now we knew each other’s bodies well enough not to need to. I could feel him getting more and more aroused, and I rubbed my tits across his belly, and my hips over his face, making him work to keep my cunt in his mouth.

As always, the knowledge that it was my son fucking me added to the sensations his mouth was giving me, but today I had something extra to anticipate when I came, which made my cunt tingle even more. I felt my son’s hips start to buck, his cock thrust deeper into my throat, and I knew that his spunk would soon be in my mouth.

I had a treat for his mouth as well, if he did but know it. I still had a full bladder from my night’s sleep, and as I came, I squirted all its contents into his mouth and over his face. The movement under me showed that I’d surprised him, and I felt another stream of spunk shoot in to my mouth. What was even better was that I could feel him struggling to swallow all my pee as it overflowed his open mouth.

Eventually we both ran out of liquids, and I rolled off him. I turned to kiss him, smiling with delight as I saw that his face and hair were drenched with my pee. I broke the kiss and opened my mouth, letting my son’s spunk fall back on to his face, then I licked the mixture of pee and spunk off of him, as least as much as I could.

“Mommy, you’re such a dirty slut, but I love you. Open your legs, and let me fuck you before we go for our run.”

“You’ll have to wait till we get back, son. Mommy has to change the sheets, as she seems to have had a little accident. Lucky she put a plastic sheet over the mattress before we went to bed, wasn’t it?”

I leapt off the bed, and started pulling the wet sheets out from under him, and he had no choice but to help me. I threw the sheets into the washer, and set the cycle going. I’d imagined he’d want a quick shower, but he said he wanted to leave my pee to mix with his sweat while we ran, which delighted me.

“You dirty boy, Mommy will have to wash you off when we get back,” I said, putting on my running gear, and letting him chase me out of the door.

I beat him on the run, of course, only letting him catch me as we got back to the house.

“Just fuck my cunt before Elizabeth picks me up, son. Tony should be back by the time I get home, and you can get him ready for when I get back. I want you in my ass, and him in my cunt, and I want my two son’s spunk in me before dinner.”

I’d only just got out of the shower and dressed before Elizabeth called up the stairs, telling me we needed to get going. Oh, if only she knew what I’d just done, and even more, what I was planning when I got back.

It was another one of those days when I was totally distracted, my brain whirring, and my body tingling as I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a cock in each of my holes. I’d never done such a wicked thing before, and I’m sure the pastor could have found some verse to tell me it was always a mortal sin, let alone if the two cocks belonged to my two sons, but I didn’t care. I just couldn’t wait to lay back, look in the mirror, and watch their spunk oozing out of both of my holes.

The time seemed to pass so slowly, but eventually Elizabeth dropped me off at home, and once again I dashed in with barely a goodbye, so keen was I to see my younger son again, or more honestly to have him fuck me. He must have seen me coming, because he greeted me as soon as I came in the door, though his kiss was disappointingly lacking passion, and not at all like someone who is dying to get his cock in you.

“Michael has told me what he did. I never imagined things would get this far, Mom. Are you really sure you are alright with it?”

“Well, I was shocked at first, but I love you, Tony, you and Michael, and it really just seems natural that now you’re grown, that love should include sex. Don’t you love me? And wouldn’t you like to fuck me?”

“Of course I would, Mom, especially after I saw the pictures of you. You go ahead with Michael, and I’ll join you in a moment,” he said, blushing,

That seemed slightly strange, and I couldn’t see a bulge in his trousers, but he had said he wanted to fuck his Mommy, so I put any concerns out of my mind, and rushed up to the bedroom. Michael was there already, naked, his cock stiff from his imagination and his hand.

“Hi, Mommy, are you looking forward to having both your sons in you?”

Well, he knew the answer to that, so in reply I just ripped my clothes off, and pushed him back on the bed. I took his cock in my mouth, and made it wet with my saliva, before turning around and sitting on it, forcing it as far into my ass as it would go. I leaned back against him, and pulled my cunt wide open, ready for Tony’s cock to enter me for the first time.

“Tony! We’re ready!” I yelled.

I must say, I’d expected him to come rushing in, naked, cock stiff, and as soon as he saw the opening of his Mommy’s vagina, to ram it up her immediately. However, he didn’t. The door of the bedroom opened a bit more, and Tony sidled halfway into the room, fully dressed. He looked at my cunt, and what he could see of his brother’s cock, and I could see from his face that it had had a powerful impact. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one I’d hoped for.

“I just can’t do this, Mom,” he yelled, and ran out of the room.

Shit, clearly I should have gone for the gentler introduction to becoming a motherfucker that I had considered first. I wanted to get up, and run after him, but I’d promised his brother that he could fuck my ass, and a good mother should always keep her promises, shouldn’t she? Anyway, I knew from past experience that so obviously favouring one of the boys over the other would only cause trouble.

“Don’t worry about Tony. I’ll talk to him later. Mommy just wants you to fuck the hell out of her asshole now.”

He did, and he was more than normally brutal about it, ramming his fingers into my cunt as his prick pumped viciously in and out of my ass, and I had to use my own hand on my clit, else he’d have come in me without me coming at all.

“At least one of your sons loves fucking their Mommy. I guess you’d better find out what was wrong with him, and I’ll order us all a pizza,” he said, as he pulled out of me.

I wiped myself off, though I left plenty of spunk in me, as I still hadn’t completely given up on the idea of seeing spunk coming out of both my holes, even if it had gone in separately. I pulled on my dressing gown and went along to tap on Tony’s bedroom door.

“Tony, it’s Mommy. Let me in son, please, so I can find out what was wrong, and try to put things right.”

Although the cause was different, it wasn’t the first time I’d had to comfort Tony after a falling out with his brother. They say you should never have favourites among your k**s, but the truth was Tony was mine. He was the youngest, and a mistake. He was born barely a year after the twins, and I suppose we must have got careless, half believing the old tale that you couldn’t get pregnant when you were still breast feeding. It was a hell of a shock when I went to the doctor to get put back on the pill, only for him to tell me it was already too late.

After the ordeal of carrying twins, and the bigger one of getting them out of me, Tony gave me far less trouble, and the birth itself was easy. Trouble was, he was a bit early, and he was small and feeble. I always had plenty of milk, so I had no trouble feeding him as well as the girls, even after they had started to eat solids. Tony never seemed to want anything other than my milk, however, so I kept feeding him until he was over two, even though I’d persuaded him to start eating normal baby food.

Of course, the girls, and even Michael, let alone my husband were more than happy to keep sucking the milk out of my breasts, as Tony on his own never managed to empty them. Nursing him, as he suckled on my nipple remained one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of my life. I don’t know if other women feel the same way, but the sensation of your c***dren sucking the milk out of your breast was, to me, almost like having a prolonged orgasm.

He managed to survive, and even to thrive, but he never developed the athletic body Michael did, and most people would probably describe him as a weedy nerd. However, what he lost out to Michael on physical prowess, he more than made up for in brainpower. He raced through school, and was soon going early to the college in the city to study IT. As I said, though, this wasn’t the first time I had had to give him a bit of Mommy love when something had gone wrong.

“Please, Tony, just open the door and let Mommy give you some of her old-fashioned love.”

What Mommy meant by that wouldn’t quite have been what he was expecting, but it did the trick, and he opened the door, let me in, then closed and locked it behind me. I could see that he was really upset, and was only just managing to hold back the tears he considered unacceptable for an eighteen year-old boy. I sat on the bed, and held out my arms to him.

“Come on, son, come and let Mommy give you a big hug.”

Slowly he came over, and he lay across my legs, with his head in my arms, as he used to do. I started gently rocking him.

“Do you remember how you used to love laying like this, sucking on Mommy’s breast? You’ll never be too big for you to keep enjoying it, darling,” I said, pulling my dressing gown aside to reveal a naked breast close to his face.

I squeezed my breast in my free hand, and pressed my nipple against his closed mouth. He looked up at me, and I saw some of the emotions in his eyes that I used illegal bahis siteleri to see, but to my delight a bit of something else, that I hoped was lust. He slowly opened his mouth, let me push my tit in, then he started sucking gently on my nipple, sending charges of sexual energy streaming back through me. My nipples were stiff and hard, and my only regret was that my tits were now as dry as the Sahara. On the other hand, my pussy was starting to feel warm, and I knew that I was leaking cum out of my vagina and along my cunt.

“Come on, Tony, tell me what’s wrong. I know that it must have been you that set the cameras up, as you’re so much cleverer than your brother, so you must have wanted to see me naked. Don’t you want to fuck your Mommy after all?”

I kept gently rocking him, and gradually I noticed that the way he was sucking my breast was changing.

“I wanted to see your body, Mom. All the k**s at school keep saying how hot you are, and trying to get me to show them pictures of you naked.”

“I don’t think I’d want pictures of me passed around, but didn’t you like me when you saw me?”

“Of course I did, Mom, I mast … oh.”

“You masturbated looking at my body, just the way Michael did? But wouldn’t you rather have my body in the flesh? There must be something more, Tony. Please tell Mommy. I don’t mind whatever you tell me, as long as it’s the truth.”

“well … it’s just … I’m too ashamed, Mom. Michael has always told me my penis is tiny, and I’d never be able to fuck anyone properly. And the other boys have been saying the same every time we showered at the camp. I couldn’t stand the humiliation of you seeing how much smaller I am than Michael. To make it worse, I’m still a virgin, so I might not do it how I should. You might even have laughed, and I’d just have died,” he said, and I had to look away so he didn’t know I’d seen him shed a couple of tears.

Of course, this brought all the memories of the two boys fighting each other flooding back, with Tony always losing unless it was about something that required his sharp intelligence, rather than brute force and loud insults. I suppose I’d overlooked the fact that whilst my sons might both be old enough to fuck me, they were still c***dish enough to still have these silly arguments.

“Oh, Tony. You know size doesn’t matter, and I’m sure it can’t be that bad anyway. I’d love to feel you inside me, no matter how big you are. Come on, take your shorts off and let me have a look.”

“I can’t, Mom, I’m so ashamed. You’ll just hate me, and while you keep on letting Michael screw you like a slut, you won’t want me at all.”

“Tony, son. Whatever physical attributes you have, or don’t have, they are partly my fault, and you’d still be my son, and I’d love you anyway. Come on, I saw you often in the first few years of your life, so you don’t need to be embarrassed, and I don’t remember your cock being smaller than Michael’s. Come on, suck my tit a bit more, then show me.”

Tony returned to give my nipple a last, mighty suck, then lay back, and started to pull his shorts down. Shit, as it came in sight, I could see what everyone meant. It was the smallest penis I think I’d ever seen on an adult, barely any bigger than when he was a c***d. What the hell was I going to say? Size didn’t matter, but it certainly needed to be big enough for me to feel it in me, so maybe Michael was right after all.

I stood up, and bent over for a closer look, hoping that I might be able to uncurl it a bit. As I got up, my dressing gown came open, giving my young son a clear view of my pussy. I guess it was this, combined with the touch of my fingers trying to straighten him out, which suddenly made him start to get erect. I watched as his cock moved from being almost a coiled little worm, though something that looked a respectable size, but then it just kept on growing. Fucking hell, by the time it had stopped, it was huge! I tried to speak, but found my mouth was too dry, and it seemed all of my moisture had transferred to my cunt, which had started leaking like mad.

“Um … well, son … it certainly was small when you were flaccid, but … but it’s huge now, definitely bigger than Michael’s …”

I ran out of words, as I just lost control of my body, climbing on top of him, and guiding his massive cock into my cunt, though I was so wet it really didn’t need any guiding.

“God, Tony. Just fuck Mommy, please. Please! God, you feel so big inside me. I love your cock, and I love you son. Aagh … fuck Mommy’s cunt.”

I think I must have kept going in that vein, though all of my consciousness was occupied with the powerful sensations he was causing in my vulva. I shrugged my dressing gown off, and my son grabbed one of my tits again and pulled it to his mouth. He sucked it, but this time not like a baby, making me yell out with pain as he tried to drag my entire breast into his mouth.

I was trying to move up and down on his cock, but the way we were laid restricted my movements, and stopped him from getting all the way into my vagina. I put my arms around him, trying to pull him on top of me, but it was tricky. I lifted myself off of him, and saw his cock glisten with my juices. Had I really had all of that inside me? And was I really going to try to get him in me even further. Too fucking true.

As he pulled his T-shirt off, leaving him naked, I got myself back on the bed, and I pulled my legs back over my head. His cock looked even bigger against his lean body, but I hoped he liked his view equally as much, as I gave him a perfect view of my asshole, and right along my slit to my big labia hiding my clit underneath.

“All my holes are yours, son. Just fuck my cunt, and shoot your spunk up it, as I think Mommy’ll need a bit more preparation before she can take anything that big in her ass.”

Yes, of course, I was making more of his cock that was strictly necessary. I’d rammed bigger dildos into my pussy, and while he was bigger than Michael, the difference wasn’t enormous. However, I’d had plenty of experience building up my younger son’s confidence, and I wanted to convince him he could screw his mother as well as his brother could. I didn’t want him backing out again, as I still wanted to feel one son in each of my fuck holes.

I was going to have to teach him to play more with my clit, though, but I forgave him given it was his first time, and I made up for it by using my own hands.

“I’ve wanted to do this so much, Mommy, I love you,” he gasped as he pumped in and out of me, taking my breath away with each stroke.

“I love you too, son, and I never realised how much I’d enjoy you fucking me, equally as much as my other son. Look at my asshole, see how you are squeezing his spunk out of my ass.”

I couldn’t see, of course, but I could feel it tickle as it ran down. I wasn’t actually sure if he could see either, but my words did the trick, and he came. I came as well, and came so strongly that I nearly passed out. Not only was I having a gorgeous fucking, but it was my son who was doing it, the one I’d spent so much time with to make up for him being an accident. Even better, it was the first time he’d come inside a woman, and I knew this would be something he’d remember for the rest of his life. And so would I.

We were right on time, because I heard a knock at the front door, which had to be the pizza delivery. I stood up, and walked downstairs with my younger son’s spunk pouring out of my cunt, and a trickle of my elder son’s still oozing from my ass. What better way to show Michael that he wasn’t the only great motherfucker in this house. Tony came in after me with a dressing gown on, I guess still to reduce any comment on the size of his dick. Michael cut me a piece of pizza, and I wiped it between my legs, picking up some of both of their sperm, and then I ate it with a smile.

“Well, sons, Mommy loves both of you fucking her. You both fill me up, and I love the taste of your spunk. I don’t want to hear any more comments about your younger brother, Michael, else Mommy won’t let you use her holes any more. But what Mommy really wants is you both to come in her at the same time. Can we just eat our pizza, then we can start again?”

The look on Michael’s face told me that he wasn’t convinced, nor was he keen on me taking over as boss. However, he knew from the past that when I said something, I would stick to it, and he didn’t want to take the risk of losing the use of my body entirely. I could hardly wait to get back to the bedroom and try again, and I like to think that the sight of me naked, and so obviously recently fucked had the same effect on them.

When we went back upstairs, I made Michael sit in a slightly different place, so I could see more of the boys’ reflections in the wardrobe mirror, and I made sure I gave Tony a good look at my cunt and ass as I bent over and sucked Michael’s cock. It wasn’t that I needed to lubricate him, after all, both holes were still well lubricated with their previous emissions, but I wanted to make sure that Tony was stiff before he took off his gown. As I pulled back up, I could see from Michael’s face that he couldn’t believe the size of his baby brother’s penis.

Once again, I turned around, and lowered myself on my elder son’s cock, letting it force my asshole open, then slide right up inside. I pulled my cunt open again, but this time Tony didn’t run away, but almost took a run at me, and I gasped as I felt his prick pushing against his brother’s, causing a delightful distension of my belly. I looked in the mirror, and saw the two boys looking at each other: clearly they had turned it in to some sort of competition. Whether it was to come first in me, or to last longest I couldn’t really tell, but in reality I could control the depth of Michael’s thrusts into my ass, so I could pace both him and me to the tempo Tony had set.

I hoped that having fucked me already not long before would slow him down, and I guess it did, because the wonderful friction the two cocks were generating in me lasted a lovely long time, and it was me I had to slow down. Tony came first, adding another load of his spunk to my already sperm-filled vagina, and I used my arms and legs to pump myself up and down on his elder brother’s cock until it came in my ass, and I let go of everything and came myself.

“Fucking hell, boys, Mommy loved that, and I love you both, equally. Your father is back tomorrow, so I think I’d better sleep alone tonight.”

I sensed their disappointment. Tony because he had plenty of catching up to do, and Michael because it meant our usual suck-run-fuck routine would be broken. To tell the truth, I was quite pleased to have a bit of a break. The running was fine, but my cunt wasn’t used to all this fucking, and my asshole was as sore as hell.

Maybe it was because my frustration had been taken away, but I found the time with Charlie relaxing and enjoyable. It was much more like the way it was in the brief period between blunting the edge of our lust, and the arrival of babies who needed attention, and then growing k**s who needed even more. I still loved him, at least as much as when we married, even though I was convinced he was fucking around on his business trips. I’d only strayed, if that was what it was, because he’d been neglecting me. I might be older, and had no desire to have any more c***dren, but I still had the same sexual desires I’d had when we were first married. Anyway, I wasn’t really being unfaithful, was I, as it was only my sons I let fuck me, and I didn’t really have much choice about that.

The best thing, though, was that Charlie and I had started talking again, mostly in bed to give ourselves some privacy from the boys. I was surprised when Charlie said he was thinking of stepping back a bit in the business, and letting his very capable team do more of the travelling.

“I’d just like to spend some more time with you, Susan. I’ve realised I’ve been neglecting you a bit. I heard the boys talking when their friends were over earlier, and they were saying how hot you looked, a real MILF, and it hit me that I hadn’t really been aware of your attractions the way they were. I’m sorry.”

This was a bit scary. Had the boys been telling their friends that they were fucking me? Was this the next bit of blackmail coming my way? I loved fucking my sons now, but they were family, and part of me, and I wasn’t going to start becoming a whore for all of my sons friends. No way. For a few moments I’d forgotten about Charlie, even though he was kissing me, but then I felt his hand sliding up under the long T-shirt I slept in, his fingers pushing between my ears, and finding my clit.

To my amazement I found myself getting really aroused. I guess it was a combination of things. Firstly the thrill of knowing that he was touching my cunt, and putting his fingers in my vagina the way his two sons had only a day earlier. However, I also wanted to put on a show. The cameras were still there I knew, and I really wanted to show the boys that they weren’t the only ones who canlı bahis siteleri could fuck their Mommy good. I couldn’t think of a better way of showing them that they really didn’t own me, than by letting them watch their father fuck me, and putting on a performance that would leave them surprised, jealous and humbled.

As Charlie continued to play with me, sliding his fingers right along to the opening of my vagina, then back to my clit, I pulled my T-shirt off, and threw it on the floor. Then I pulled Charlie’s boxers off, even though it meant him having to take his fingers out of me. My cunt wasn’t going to stay clear for long, though, as I straddled over his face, and pushed it down on his mouth. I knew this would leave me facing the camera, so I smiled into it as I cupped both of my breasts, pushing my stiff nipples forwards, then I moved my head down to Charlie’s cock which was pulsating around in front of me.

I’d sucked off both my elder son over the previous few days, and I thought my technique had been good, but I was going to suck Charlie off like I’d never done before, and the camera was going to catch it all for my sons to watch. I forced my head down until I was gagging as Charlie’s cock was so far down my throat I couldn’t breathe, and I held it until my chest felt as if it was bursting. Then, with a waterfall of saliva falling out of my mouth, I worked my head up and down as fast as I could, taking Charlie’s rigid shaft right down my throat with each stroke.

What I was doing was having its effect on Charlie, but he was clearly trying to hold back, while he licked my cunt and my asshole, swapping between his fingers and his tongue on my clit. God, he seemed to have recovered his enthusiasm and technique, and he was making my body shudder and tingle in a way he hadn’t for years. Like Charlie, I wanted to make it last as long as I could, but we were just too good at exciting each other. I could tell that Charlie was about to come, so I stopped trying to control myself, and I let myself come as I felt Charlie’s spunk shoot into my mouth.

As I writhed around on his face, I swallowed down most of his sperm, but let some spill out of the side of my lips, and I kept plenty in my mouth. I pulled myself back up, and smiled at the camera again, opening my mouth and letting my sons see my husband’s sticky white cum in my mouth, before swallowing what was left, and licking my lips.

“Shit, Susan, you haven’t sucked me off like that for years,” Charlie said, pushing my cunt off of his face so that he could speak.

“I could say the same about you, Charlie, and you can do it again while I clean you up with my mouth. If you can do it again just as well, then I’ll let you fuck my cunt the way you used to love.”

I think I came even harder the second time, and by then Charlie’s cock was as stiff as it had been what felt like so much earlier. I slid myself down over his body as soon as I could control myself, and let him push into my vagina, with my back to him. This had been one of our favourite positions, and it had the advantage that the camera would have a grandstand view of my cunt with Charlie’s cock in it, especially if I leaned back. And lean back I surely would.

When we were young, Charlie had found a battered copy of the Karma Sutra in the little bookshop in the town. Goodness knows where it had come from, but it seemed well used, and we used it well ourselves, trying every position, though not all of them we liked. In addition, there was a lot of instruction about the use of fingernails, to inflict pleasure, pain, and temporary marking of your partner. For some reason, Charlie really enjoyed using these techniques on me, and I enjoyed receiving more than giving. I knew if I leaned right back, then Charlie could just reach my tits, and use his fingernails on them, and it would all be captured by the camera.

Shit, he did. I felt him tugging on my nipples, then digging his nails in hard enough to leave a series of crescent marks. When I was young, Charlie could get me to come just by doing this, but my breasts had filled with milk to feed my sons and daughters, and now they had lost a lot of that sensitivity. Fucking hell, though, what he was doing was sending me wild, the pain and pleasure from my tits meeting up with the aching pleasure in my cunt as Charlie rammed into me hard.

The other thing about this position, though, was that if I bent forward, I could control Charlie’s thrusts, and as my ass was up in the air, he could watch himself going in and out of me. More than that, though, he could reach my asshole, and could use his hands on it.

Now, many men like to think that banging their cock in and out of a woman’s vagina or asshole is enough to send her wild, but of course, this is pretty much bullshit. The inside of neither hole has many sensory receptors, so the truth is that the feelings that get us women aroused come from just the region around the holes, having them stretched open, and more than anything having our clits played with.

Unfortunately, sex education doesn’t seem to get this over very well, and most modern porn ignores it. It’s so sad, because in my work with the church, many women said they didn’t enjoy sex, and had always faked their orgasms, not knowing enough or having enough courage to even bring them off themselves. If they came across a man who was intelligent enough to know how to get them off, this most often ended up in a broken marriage.

I suppose we should thank that battered Indian sex manual, but Charlie and I were always keen to experiment, and to tell each other what we liked and what we didn’t. I’d said that Charlie had never fucked me in the ass, partly because of the church’s teaching against sodomy, but that didn’t mean my asshole wasn’t part of our love play, and it certainly was this time. When I bent forward, Charlie could play with the crinkly ring of my asshole, and that neglected little area of flesh between my two holes, which if treated properly, could send waves of pleasure through me. Charlie used the fingers of one hand in this area, pushing a little way into my asshole, then stretching it open, while with the other, he teased the lips of my cunthole as his cock stretched it, and sometimes his fingers would join mine on my clit.

It was absolutely wonderful, but I wasn’t sure that my sons would see enough of it to be made jealous the way I wanted. So when I knew we were both close to coming, I leaned back again, and let Charlie work on my tits. Fuck, he was so good at it that I couldn’t control myself for more than a few moments. Charlie half clenched his fists, and sc****d his nails over my breasts, hard enough to just break the skin and leave four red trails over both nipples and down the side of my breasts. I cried out with the gorgeous pain, and the climax exploding in my cunt, as Charlie’s spunk jetted deep into my vagina. When we pulled apart, I made sure I pulled myself open, so my sons could see the sperm dripping out of me, the way theirs had earlier in the week.

It took a bit longer for Charlie to recover as I stayed on top, but this time facing him, so our sons could see their Mommy’s asshole and cunt as their father fucked her for a second time. I loved the control this position gave me, and Charlie loved it as well, because my tits were totally at his mercy. This time when we came, he raked his nails down my back and across my butt cheeks, adding more red trails across my skin.

We showered, then as we lay together in bed, my brain told me that if Charlie had regained his mojo, then it really was time to stop letting my sons fuck me. However, my cunt was telling me something else. Yes, it said, I could have tried to call Michael’s bluff, but I knew that was dangerous, as he’d inherited two of my own characteristics: I liked being in charge, and I never made hollow promises, so if I said I’d do something, I would. I could easily believe that he would go through with posting the naked pictures of me, and even though I was sure some people in the church would support me, I was bound to get some of the blame for not bringing my sons up properly. Anyway, it was clear that when celebrities had naked pictures posted against their will, they were the ones who got most of the blame, not the ones who had done it.

You can guess which part of me won. Not only that, but as I was halfway to sleep, an idea came into my head which I just couldn’t shake off. My treacherous cunt argued that it was something I couldn’t ever get with my husband alone anyway, and wouldn’t it be wonderful my two sons to fucked my vagina and came in it together. It would be more spunk up me at one time than ever before, and it was so wickedly attractive that I just couldn’t think of anything else.

The following morning I went out early for a run on my own, as Charlie wasn’t going away again until just after lunchtime. When I got back I think I must have been even wetter and smellier than usual after a run, because I just couldn’t shake off the image of my two sons in my cunt at the same time.

“Hey honey, you look like you had a really good workout today, from the size of those wet patches under your arms and under your shorts,” Charlie said, smiling, and giving me a hug and a kiss as I ran back in to the house.

I have a feeling I blushed, though I hoped Charlie would think it was the flushing from the run, because I’d just had the best sex with him for years, but the wetness under the crotch of my shorts was more from thinking about our sons fucking me than from the run. I went to the bathroom and showered. As I soaped my breasts, I could see they were lined with Charlie’s nail marks from the night before, and I knew my back and butt must have been as well.

God, I felt horny, as I went over the way Charlie had fucked me the night before, and the show we had put on for my sons. I just couldn’t imagine their reaction when they saw the marks he’d left on me. As I started soaping my pussy, though, my thoughts went back to what I was planning to do with my sons. Shit, I really had become a slut, hadn’t I? The trouble was I was enjoying it, and I was enjoying the feel of my own body, proud of the way I’d kept in shape so that both my husband and my sons lusted after me, and loved fucking me. I put my soapy fingers inside my slit, and played and played until I came under the warm water, imagining both of my sons cocks in my vagina, which I was determined they would be by the end of the day.

I calmed myself down, and after I’d dried myself off, I put on a T-shirt without a bra, and a pair of panties under a clean pair of shorts. Well, I couldn’t risk another visible damp patch without the excuse of a run, could I?

When the taxi came for Charlie, Tony and Michael weren’t around, which I hoped was because they were studying the video they had captured from the night before, but I called them out, and all three of us stood on the porch and waved Charlie off on his way to the airport. The boys had their arms around me, and before the taxi had barely started to move off, I felt Tony’s hand reaching under my T-shirt to cup one of my tits, and Michael had his hand down the back of my shorts, his fingers stroking my asshole.

I just loved having my sons touching me like that, especially with the risk that Charlie might turn around and notice. They obviously didn’t think the risk was quite big enough, though, because as the taxi turned out of our driveway on to the local road, Tony pulled my T-shirt up and off in a single movement, and Michael pulled my shorts and my knickers down to my ankles, leaving me naked on the front porch. That was scary, but oh so exciting, as Charlie or the taxi driver could have seen me, as could anyone who drove along the road. It wasn’t just my nakedness, but the boys had their hands all over my body as well, and were studying the marks Charlie had left over me.

“Well, Mommy, that was quite a show you put on last night,” Michael said, slipping his fingers inside my cunt.

“Look at you, Mom. Only a fucking whore would let someone leave scratch marks all over her body. You are such a dirty slut, Mommy,” Tony added, tracing the marks over my breasts with his fingers, and making my nipples stand way out.

“It’s been three days since we were able to fuck you, and you’re going to have to make up for it Mommy, darling.”

I could feel both of their cocks pushing against me inside their shorts, and the combination of Tony’s hands on my breasts and Michael’s fingers in my cunt would have sent me wild any when, let alone when I was stood naked on the front porch and visible to anyone who drove by.

“Calm down, boys, and let me back indoors. You’ve discovered that you’re not the only ones in the family who enjoys fucking me, and you’ll have seen how good your father was making me come. I’m going to have to train you a bit more, sons, because neither of you have got me to come as often or as hard as your father did.”

I could see irritation, maybe a bit of embarrassment, and quite a bit of anger on their bahis firmaları faces, and Michael pulled his cock out and tried to push me over the back of the settee, and shove it in my ass as soon as I was inside.

“No, stop, Michael. Don’t worry, Mommy will teach you a lot more tricks to get me really excited, and I’ve got a special treat for you today while we have the house to ourselves before your sisters come back.”

By this time, the boys had taken their own clothes off, I had a cock in each hand, and they were stroking me gently all over. I felt a buzz run through me, from the gorgeous feeling of power I felt, knowing that my sons would do almost anything to get their cocks in their mother’s holes.

“Surely we’ve fucked you every way possible?” Michael asked.

“That’s where you’re wrong, son. There’s one thing you haven’t done, and which your father couldn’t do for me either. Your slutty Mommy wants you both to fuck her cunt at the same time, and to fill her vagina full with the spunk of her two young sons.”

Their faces were a picture. They hadn’t seen that coming, and I could see a whole mixture of emotions run across them, although of course the main one was lust to get inside me again.

To tell the truth, though, I was a bit worried that Tony in particular might not want to do it. Even when they are in different holes, the two men fucking you have to have a degree of cooperation and empathy if all three parties are to get the maximum pleasure. Without it, it’s easy for one to put the other in a position where they aren’t able to pump in and out easily, meaning that one may come early, and the woman loses the delight of feeling two cocks going in and out of her at the same time. I was a bit surprised that the boys had mastered this so far, given how they had always competed over everything.

However, it would be a lot more intimate with both of them in the same hole, because in reality, part of what would get them off would be the rubbing of their cock against their brother’s, and not the opening of my vagina. I’d never seen any signs that either was in any way gay, and I wondered whether Michael in particular, a real macho man, would object to his cock touching Tony’s.

“Well, sons, are you up for it? I don’t want any fighting about who gets in first, and you’ve got to work together so that you both come at the same time, so the spunk left in me is an equal mixture.”

My answer was for them to pick me up bodily, laid out on their arms between them, as they carried me in to the bedroom.

“God, Mom, you are such a fucking hot, dirty wicked slut,” Michael said.

“You’ve still got the marks of your husband brutally screwing you last night, but you still want your sons in you, Mommy bitch,” Tony added, his cock banging against me as I was rushed into the bedroom.

Well, I’ve got to tell you that it was a lot harder to get what I wanted than I had ever imagined. I got Michael to lay on the bed, and I straddled over him, my back to him, and he pushed his cock deep inside me. Then I leaned back, so that my cunt was unobstructed, and I grabbed Tony’s cock and tried to help force my hole open wider, so that he could get in me alongside his brother. I can’t describe how exciting it was trying to get both of my sons in my vagina at the same time, but it was also embarrassing and funny as we struggled to get me wide enough to take them.

I knew from the big dildos I’d rammed in me that opening that far wasn’t in principle a problem, but it was much harder to get me to open up for Tony’s cock, as stiff as it was, it was still softer than a plastic dildo. He kept slipping to one side just as we thought we’d done it. We tried pulling me open with either my or one of the boy’s fingers, which were easy to force in with Michael’s pole still in place, but then the fingers would get in the way when Tony tried to get his cock in the space it had created.

Normally sex and humour don’t go together at all well in my experience. The male ego is a bit fragile, and if the woman laughs at anything, it gets easily deflated, and so does the erect penis. However, for some reason we all three saw the funny side of our continued failures, and actually the movements themselves were amazingly arousing. Goodness knows what the other women at the church would have thought about me fucking my sons, but I think they’d have been even more horrified at seeing us laughing our heads off as we struggled to get my younger son’s cock in my cunt alongside my elder son.

In the end, after a lot of fun, we managed it. The problem was, though, that all of the playing around had taken me and Tony a bit too close to coming, and once in, it was easier for him to thrust in and out of me than Michael. The consequence was that Tony and I came far too soon, and I had to let Tony slip out of me, and bend forwards so that Michael could fuck me properly and come inside me.

“Well boys, that wasn’t very good, was it? We’ll have to try again when you’re ready,” I said, but laughing as I did so.

Tony was laughing, but I could tell that Michael was a bit grumpy, and was on the edge of one of his moods, the sort where he’d upset the whole family when he was younger.

“It wasn’t us, Mom. Your cunt just isn’t big enough for both of us. I think we need to find something to loosen up Mommy’s hole, Tony,” he said, and the two of them disappeared out of the bedroom.

I had a nasty feeling I knew what Michael had in mind, and I wasn’t at all sure I was going to enjoy it. I knew I was right when the two boys came back clutching a whole load of things which all had the common feature of being smooth, longer than they were wide, and a hell of a lot wider than a standard dildo.

“Lay back on the bed, Mom, and let us see if we can stretch your cunt a bit. You’ve got plenty of our spunk in you, so you won’t need any lube.”

They started with a beer bottle, which turned out to be all too easy to get in me, and even a wider wine bottle didn’t cause any trouble. Actually, I was starting to enjoy it, and I was rubbing my fingers over my clit, keeping myself close, but not too close, to coming. The champagne bottle was easy enough with the top going in first, but it just wasn’t possible to get it in me far enough for the wide part to stretch me out properly. They tried the other end, but that was as frustrating as trying to get the two boys in me, and we ended up laughing like mad as the bottle got covered in spunk as it kept slipping to one side as they tried to ram it in me.

Actually, it was candles that did it. They’d found a big one we used to light only at Christmas, and that went in me fine, though it was definitely a snug fit. They then had a box of smaller ones, and trying to get them in alongside the big one had a lot in common with trying to get the two boys in me. We had a whole load more fun trying to prise me open to get another candle in, and gradually we learned the best way of doing it. By the time they had got four of the small ones in me as well, my cunt was starting to ache, and I noticed that the boys were fully stiff again.

“I think that’s enough, boys. You must have got me as wide as when you came out of me when you were born. Pull them out, and let’s try again.”

Not surprisingly, they were keen enough, having forgotten that their hands were covered now with each other’s spunk. As they started to pull the candles out, I thought I’d give them another treat by using my fingers to keep myself open, letting them see right up to my cervix, which must have been smeared with their sperm.

“Lucky Mommy is on the pill, sons, else we’d have to try to work out which of you was the father,” I said, laughing, though the effect on my son’s was definitely more one of lust than amusement.

The second time was more successful. We managed to get both of my son’s cocks in my cunt much more easily, but we were still finding it hard to keep the two boys at the same level of arousal, and again Tony came before Michael. We didn’t really need to do any more stretching, but we’d all enjoyed it before, so we did, and anyway, the boys needed time to recover.

This time, they did manage to get the blunt end of the champagne bottle in me.

“I always thought champagne was a sissy drink, but seeing it stuck out your cunt, Mom, I think I’m changing my mind,” Michael said,

“Promise me, Mom, if I get married, you’ll let me see you do this at the wedding.”

In some ways that was a lovely thought, letting all the wedding guests see me like that, but I knew it was never going to happen. The boys hadn’t finished experimenting with my cunt, though, shoving their phones, an apple, and Michael’s baseball bat up me.

“I’m playing tomorrow, Mom, and maybe your cunt juice on the bat will bring me luck,” Michael said.

When he pulled it out, though, I got another surprise. I’d heard of women, mainly lesbians I thought, being fisted, but I’d never experienced it, and quite honestly I didn’t think I’d be able to cope with it. I was wrong, because as the bat came out of me, Michael pushed his fingers in me in its place, and kept pushing until the opening of my vagina closed back down on his wrist. It was both exciting and horrifying to see his arm coming out of me, and knowing his fist was inside me.

“Gee, Mom, I just wish I could get all of me inside you,” Michael said, rather optimistically I thought.

“No, Michael, it took so long, and it was so painful to get you out of there last time, that I’m not going to go through that again. I love having my sons hands and cocks in me though, so let’s just stick with that.”

Fuck, it was almost as painful this time, though, as he tried to pull his fist out of me directly, rather than folding his fingers together, but the sight of my stretched out vagina had worked its wonders again, and the boys were stiff and ready for me. This time I had a different plan. Tony seemed to come more easily, and I thought that if we tried with me the other way round, it would give Michael the ability to fuck me hard, and I could try to make sure that Tony got a fair look in as well.

Tony lay on the bed, and I climbed on top of him, letting him enter my still spunky cunt in the good old missionary position. With us on the edge of the bed, Michael was then just the right height to push his cock in me from behind. Oh yes, this was better. In this position, my younger son could kiss me and play with my breasts, while both sons could work their way in and out of me enough, hopefully, for them to come, and come together.

For now, I wasn’t bothered about them not playing with me to get me to come. Those lessons would come later, and I used my own hand on my clit, though it was crushed between me and my youngest c***d. Yes, fucking yes, it was going to work just the way I’d imagined. I thought everything was perfect, but then Michael started playing with my asshole. He pushed two fingers in, and I could feel the pressure on the flesh separating my vagina and my anus, just the way it did when both my holes were being fucked. It was amazing, and I could feel my climax rushing uncontrollably towards me like a tsunami. Fortunately, it must have also increased the friction for the two boys as well, because I felt their strokes change, almost at the same time.

I started rubbing my clit harder, and I fucking came, and as I did I felt my two sons working their cocks in and out of my cunt the way they do when they come, and I knew that my vagina was being filled with both of my sons’ sperm. When I said a tsunami, I was more accurate than I had thought, as I completely lost control of my body, and started jerking around like someone being electrocuted, and all I could think of was my two son’s cocks up my cunt, my vagina full of spunk, and my asshole penetrated by my elder sons’ fingers.

From the feel of it, they had surrendered control as well, and the three of us rolled around, locked together, until we fell off the bed and on to the floor. We all burst out laughing again.

“Mom, you’re such crazy slut, and I love you so much,” Tony said.

“I know you do, darling, and I know you do Michael, and I love you both so much more now you have started to fuck me. It won’t be long before you go back to college, Michael, and you go back to school Tony, so we need to make the most of the next couple of weeks. We’ll work out a rota of who has me when, so you get an equal share of your Mommy, but we just need to make sure no one finds out what we’re up, so please don’t strip me on the porch again.”

I thought the boys would be happy with this, but Michael, had another trick up his sleeve that I hadn’t seen coming.

“You know I love you Mommy, but our sisters are back tomorrow afternoon from their camp. You’ve got until then to work out how you are going to persuade them to let us fuck them as well, else an even better set of pictures of you will be going to the pastor. I guess you forgot that the cameras are still here, so we now have hard evidence that you let your own sons fuck you. I don’t think he’d like that, do you?”

Shit, I had forgotten the fucking cameras would provide him with a whole new set of blackmail material. Michael was back in control, though in my mind I added an additional challenge. Yes, I’d persuade my daughters to fuck my sons, but only after I myself had fucked the girls first.

to be continued…….

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