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I’ve never been what you would call a “lucky person,” certainly not where the opposite sex is concerned, and that’s what makes this story all the more remarkable. I live with my partner ….female, of course …..and we haven’t had any sexual relations for nearly two years now; but, that’s another story!

I was walking the dog one day in the local woods. It was drizzling with rain, as it had been for the past couple of days, and there were quite a few puddles about. We were on our way home, when I heard a cry from behind me. Turning, I saw a lady who had fallen over and was laying right in a puddle. Being chivalrous, I went to her aid and helped her to her feet again and noticed that she was favouring her right leg. Asking if she was alright, I saw her grimace as she said, “I think I’ve twisted my ankle.”

“You look as if you’re in pain,” I said, “would you like me to call someone for you, or help you home?”

“There’s no-one to call,” she said, “and I live on my own since my husband died four years ago.”

“In that case, let me help you get home,” I said. “Where do you live?”

“Just over there,” she said, pointing, “in Oak Avenue.”

“Well, if you’d like to lean on me, I’m sure we can make it; provided we take it slowly,” I said and smiled at her.

She returned my smile, saying, “That’s very kind of you.”

With that, I helped her to her back gate, which was just across an adjacent field, and although our progress was quite slow, we eventually made it safely and she fumbled in her pocket for her door keys. Taking them from her, I unlocked her door and led her inside, where she sat down on a kitchen chair.

“Not many people would have gone to all this trouble,” she said and asked my name.

When I told her, she said her name was Irene and smiled at me again.

Now that I had the chance, I looked at her properly, noting that she was quite slim and attractive, especially for a woman who, I guessed, would be in her sixties. (I later found out that she is 67) Helping her out of her coat and boots, I suggested a cup of tea and switched on the kettle, noting that her ankle had begun to swell.

“If you look in that top cupboard, ” she said, “you’ll find some Brandy. I think that might be called for too,” she chuckled. So, I found two glasses and poured drinks for us both.

“You look soaked! Perhaps you’d better get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold,” I said. “Shall I fetch you a towel?”

Blushing, she looked at me and said, “I will in a little while. It wouldn’t do for me to get undressed in front of a complete stranger.”

“Your foot needs strapping up,” I said and smiled “and you can’t stay in wet clothes, you know? Besides, we’ve introduced ourselves, so we’re not complete strangers.”

“I know,” she replied, “but only my late husband has ever seen me with no clothes on,” blushing furiously.

“Well, I can’t leave you like this Irene. Would you like me to call one of your neighbours round?”

“God, no! We don’t talk, they’re such a prudish bunch and I can do without them knowing I fell over in the woods.

“In that case,” I said, “we are of similar age and I wouldn’t be at all embarrassed if you undressed in front of me. Shall I fetch a towel and your bath-robe and wait in the other room? Would that be better?”

She hesitated for a long time, looking very embarrassed, until I said, “If it makes you feel any easier, I’ll take my clothes off as well, if you like,” grinning to myself and laughing at the same time. This made Irene start laughing and blush even more.

“You really are naughty! I think you just want to see me naked,” she said.

“Well, I did offer to join you,” I replied and chuckled, “then I can strap-up that ankle of yours. Anyway, you’re very attractive, so seeing you naked is not such a bad idea.”

I turned round to make the tea and had just bent down to fetch the milk from the fridge, when I heard her whisper something. Turning to face her, I said, “Sorry Irene, did you say something?” and smiled at her.

She was looking down at her hands in her lap, and said, “You have to go first though, because I’m not sure I believe you.”

“Sorry love,” I said, quizzically, “I’m not sure what you mean?”

She looked up at me and, blushing furiously, said, “Getting undressed, I mean,” before dropping her eyes to her lap again.

“OK,” I said, smiling to myself and thinking, this is shaping up to be a good day. I slipped my sweater over my head and un-buttoned my shirt, before kneeling in front of Irene and removing my shoes and socks, all the while expecting her to shout ‘stop,’ but she remained silent and watched my every move from under her lashes. Standing, I slipped my shirt off and laid it on the back of a nearby chair. I unbuckled my belt, undid my trousers and slipped them down before stepping out of them. Very rarely for me, I was wearing knickers that day ….brief black ones …..and watched Irene’s face as I laid my trousers across the chair. pendik genç escort Standing back, I said, “Well, I did tell you I would take my clothes off too,” and grinned.

“But you’re cheating,” she said, looking at me from the corner of her eye and still blushing.

Knowing what she meant, I slowly slid my knickers down to my ankles and stepped out of them as my semi-erect cock stood out. Boy, was I glad that I had chosen that morning to shave my shaft and balls!

Looking at Irene, I saw her smile and lick her lips, as she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, before reaching behind to unclasp her bra and free her small, firm, round boobs. “You might have to help me stand up,” she said, as I moved towards her and supported her while she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I bent to retrieve and lay it on the chair, as she slipped her pale blue knickers down and sat on the chair again, immediately crossing her legs and denying me sight of her pussy.

“You have gorgeous breasts,” I told her, “and a lovely figure. I can’t understand why you’re on your own,” smiling at her as I watched her look away before flicking her eyes back to my erect cock.

“It’s by choice,” she told me, ” the same as me getting naked in front of you was my choice.”

“Then I feel both very flattered and honoured,” I told her as I knelt in front of her and gently rubbed her swollen ankle, becoming aware of her firm boobs with their erect nipples. “let’s get this ankle strapped-up,” I said, reaching for an elastic bandage, which I had found in one of the kitchen drawers.

Pulling over a low stool, my legs parted and my cock sprang to attention once more and I watched Irene’s eyes fix on my erection. Asking her to turn her ankle to one side and rest it on the stool, caused her legs to part slightly, giving me my first …..and very surprised ….sight of her pussy.

“Mmmm,” I said, “you’re a very modern lady too,” as I looked at her and grinned as our eyes met. She asked me what I meant and I told her how surprised, and delighted, I was to see that she shaved her pubic hair.

“I’ve been doing that since I was thirteen,” she told me, “not that my husband, Brian, appreciated it! I’m sure he thought that ladies didn’t grow hair down there. Since he passed away, I’ve felt more comfortable about doing it …..among other things,” as she started grinning and blushing again. Despite the obvious distraction of having a beautiful lady in front of me, not to mention sight of her lovely pussy, I managed to strap her ankle and leant back … proud erection starting to throb with desire as Irene, once more, fixed her eyes on it and licked her lips.

“And what ‘other things’ do you mean? I asked her softly.

“Since Brian died, and he was never very interested in sex anyway, I’ve started reading erotic novels and I’ve learned all sorts of new things and lots of naughty words,” she giggled, “I expect you know most of them already.”

“I’ve read some myself,” I admitted, “they are usually quite uh …….stimulating?”

“That’s what I find too,” she said blushing again.

“Mmmmm,” I said, “the thought of you masturbating is a heck of a turn on, I can tell you. Have you not had sex at all since Brian died?”

Irene just shook her head and said, “I use my vibrator,” hiding her face in her hands as she told me. I leant forward and gently pulled her hands away from her reddened face, then tipped her chin up to look at me before kissing her lightly on the mouth.

“You are not the only person on earth who masturbates, you know,” I told her, “it’s very natural.”

“Do you?” she whispered, and smiled as I nodded at her as she said, “I don’t know why, but it’s so easy talking this way to you; I feel as if I could use all the naughty words I’ve learnt and you wouldn’t mind. I smiled at her and kissed her again, more slowly this time, and eventually felt her lips part under the pressure of my tongue and allowing me to slip easily into her mouth. Our tongues started dancing that delicious tango as I shuffled closer and felt her legs part and her arms slip round my shoulders, causing us both to moan softly into each others mouths.

Breaking our kiss, I asked her about those ‘naughty words’ she had recently learnt?

With her arms still round my shoulders, she smiled into my eyes and said, “Well, you know when you told me earlier that I have nice breasts?” I nodded and lightly kissed her lips again as she went on, “I call them my tits now,” she giggled.

“You have divine tits and gorgeous erect nipples,” I told her, as my hands covered them both and my thumbs stroked her nipples into further hardness, “anything else?”

“Oh God!” she said as I touched her, “that feels wonderful! Lots of other words. I used to say that I was going to the loo, but now I admit that I’m going for a pee; I used to refer to Brian’s penis, but I now know that it’s a cock,” she blushed, “and I used to refer pendik evi olan escort to my ‘bits’ as my sex, but now call it my pussy ……..or sometimes in the bedroom, when I get excited …..another word!”

“Like your cunt?” I ask her, and watched as she hid her face against my shoulder and nodded.

I held her close, feeling my massive erection against the edge of the chair as I stroked her back and said, “I am so pleased you shave your lovely cunt Irene, and I would adore slipping my hard cock inside it and fucking you silly.”

With her face still against my shoulder, she said, “Oh God, yes!! I don’t know why, but I want you to fuck me, but first ……will you stand up please?” Which I did, my throbbing cock standing proud as she reached out and wrapped her hand round my shaft. Leaning forward, she snaked her tongue out and tentatively licked the end of my glans, capturing the drop of pre-cum that was there. She licked her lips and sighed as she looked up at me. “I’ve not been allowed to do this for over forty years,” she said, “I just hope I can get it right.”

With that, her lovely hot lips encircled my glans and I saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked me ….hard. That made me gasp and she released my cock as she asked if I was alright? Telling her that I was fine, she grinned and once again took my cock between her lips, slowly sliding a good length of it in her mouth until she gagged. She pulled back a bit and continued to slide her mouth and tongue up and down my length, her tongue teasing me beautifully. At the same time, her hand was stroking my cock each time she drew her lips to my glans, whilst her other hand was cradling and gently playing with my sack.

Looking down, I caught her eye and she stopped, saying, “Is this alright?”

“It’s absolutely perfect!” I told her, “But if you keep it up you are certain to make me cum,” smiling at her.

“Perhaps I want you to,” she said. “I’ve never tasted that and I have a lot of catching up to do from a forty year unsatisfactory marriage. Besides, I’m sure I can help you recover.”

“Do whatever you want to love. Your lips and tongue are very exciting and I am sure I will recover,” I said. “Anyway, I did say that I want to fuck you silly and I am looking forward to that ……a lot!”

She slid my cock deep into her mouth again and I found it hard to believe that this was new to her. Here hand and mouth worked my cock so well as she moaned and sighed every few seconds. At one point, she stopped and met my eye, grinning from ear to ear she said, “I think I dribbled a bit,” as she stroked my rampant cock, wet with her saliva.

“I think it’s perfect,” I told her, “I love it when you make me wet. I want to make you VERY wet in a few minutes,” and grinned at her.

“Good,” was all she said a she drew my cock into her mouth once more. It didn’t take many more minutes before I felt my climax approaching and wrapped my fingers lightly in her brunette locks. Feeling my hands in her hair, she dropped her hands away and allowed me to fuck her delicious mouth as she stroked her tits until I felt the release of my seed into her as my cock throbbed with my climax. She gagged slightly at first, then sucked and swallowed every last drop of my cum, until she felt me relax.

My cock was still semi-erect, throbbing and excited as I dropped to my knees in front of her and said, “Oh baby! That was great! I can’t believe you’ve not done that for forty years?”

“I’ve been practising with my vibrator, but it’s not the same and the feeling and taste as you spurted into my mouth was incredible!!” she told me, as I caught sight of a small dribble of my cum trickling from the corner of her mouth. My tongue flicked out and I licked it away before covering her lips with mine, my tongue sliding into her mouth as she kissed me hungrily and I tasted myself in her.

“Why did I ever stay with my husband?” she asked. “All those wasted years and frustration, we could have had so much fun together if he hadn’t been such a prude,” and I saw a tear at the corner of her eye.

“I can’t understand any man not wanting to pleasure a lovely, attractive woman like you …..much less that he never tasted your cunt or brought you to a very fulfilling orgasm,” I told her. “Did he ever suck your nipples?”

“Very rarely,” she said, chuckling. “As for licking my cunt ……..well, he just thought that was disgusting. It’s only since I’ve been reading those naughty books and trying things for myself with my vibrator, that I even discovered how wonderful it feels to …..what do you say, cum?”

“Yes. Don’t worry though, I want to kiss and lick every inch of your sexy body ….especially your sadly neglected cunt. I want to taste your juices as they flow from you; I want to watch you abandon yourself to orgasm after orgasm, then slide my cock deep into your cunt and fuck you senseless,” I told her, kissing her face and smiling.

“Oh heavens above, I think you pendik olgun escort need to help me to the bedroom ……right now!” she said, holding onto my already hard cock as I helped her to her feet. With my arms round her waist, and Irene’s arm round my shoulders, I lowered my head to her left tit, covering her nipple and aureole with my wet lips and making her gasp as my tongue flicked over her erect nipple before sucking it greedily and hearing moan her say, “Pinch me. That’s so good and I think I’m in a dream today.”

Gently, I closed my teeth round her nipple and bit down as I felt her fingers grasp my hair and felt her head go back as he said, “Oh God!” several times while I sucked her nipple to greater hardness.

Slowly we made our way to the bedroom, where I watched Irene collapse on the bed and start rubbing her tits before asking me to make sure the doors were locked. I could feel her eyes on me as I walked away, and again as I returned to her side, watching my throbbing cock sway slightly with each step until I lay down beside her.

Given that this encounter had started out so innocently, then progressed to being very sexual, we found ourselves kissing an awful lot …..not that either of us complained, even when she said, “God, how I wish you were my husband! Just think of the fun we could have and I want you to show me everything!”

“Well, we can pretend for a while,” I said, “and I feel sure that I will be calling on you again ….quite a lot, in fact! You’re my perfect dream girl. Attractive, loving, sexy, gorgeous tits and your shaved cunt is my idea of heaven!” My lips kissing her neck and throat, while my right hand covered her smooth wet mound and I felt her legs part slightly.

She gasped as I slid a finger between her labia and I felt her finger-nails dig into my back as I stroked her erect clitoris.

Kissing her mouth, I then slowly kissed my way down her body; her hands wrapped tightly in my hair as I reached, then licked, gently nibbled and sucked her tits and nipples, bringing forth a deep moan as she said, “Amazing!”

Teasingly, I skirted very close to her cunt as I kissed and licked my way down her body, but avoided touching her mound as I made my way down her legs to her feet. Taking each foot in turn, I sucked each toe very seductively as our eyes met and I watched her fingers caressing and pulling her hard nipples as she licked her lips. The advantage of playing with her toes, is that it slowly forced her legs apart until my eyes were feasting on her reddened, swollen labia, opening slowly as I forced her knees apart.

Slowly, I kissed my way up to her thighs, kissing each leg in turn until I was licking and kissing the inside of her thighs. My eyes were drawn to her smooth and very wet cunt as I ran my tongue up and down her groin on both sides as my hands cradled the cheeks of her bum and I lifted her to me. Hearing Irene gasp and say, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” as I ran my tongue the length of her slit, from her vagina to her clit. Her hips were writhing with pleasure and she suddenly grabbed me by the hair as I forced my tongue deep into her wet cunt.

She cried out as my tongue circled the inside of her cunt, licking and tasting her juices, until I moved my mouth to her clit and she thrust her hips towards me as I covered her clit and sucked, not too gently as I listened to her cry out “Yes, yes, yes!!!” as my tongue flicked across her hard nub and I thrust two fingers deep into her, reaching for, and finding, her g-spot which quickly caused her first delicious orgasm, soaking my hand as I finger fucked her. As I felt her climb down a bit from her orgasm, I withdrew my fingers from her wet cunt before looking up at her and, as our eyes met, slowly licking and sucking her juices from them before plunging my tongue into her cunt and drinking her juices as they continued to flow from her.

“I want you,” she said “now!” looking down at my mouth pressed against her wet, swollen labia as my tongue licked her. “I want to feel your cock inside me! Fuck me please Tony; don’t make me wait any more!”

I kissed my way up to her tits with their hard nipples, sucking them as I slowly passed before kissing her mouth and hearing her deep moan as she suddenly said, “I can taste me on your lips,” and grinned at me. I felt the tip of my hard cock touch the wetness of her cunt lips and reached down to tease her by rubbing it up and down her slit, before pushing the glans in her love tunnel.

Instinctively, I guess, she wrapped her legs round my waist as I plunged deep into her and made her cry out before pulling back and driving into her again. Looking down at her closed eyes, parted lips and the tip of her tongue, I sunk my cock deep into her cunt again with a fast thrust as she groaned and said, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!” Alternating between slow, deep strokes and fast, deep lunges, I did just that, aware of her moaning and saying “Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! Fuck me hard!”

Driving into her, she cried out that she was cumming and I soon felt the contractions of her vagina against my cock, spurring me to drive deep, fast and hard into her as her orgasm rolled on and on and I saw tears trickle down her face. My own climax was rapidly building as I reached down for her legs, forcing them back and opening her gorgeous cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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