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I Fucked the Boss Wife Blacken Published by 425ol
I Fucked the Boss Wife Blacken
As a black man it is never easy moving up the corporate ladder. I was a little lucky that I found a sponsor, as such, at the company I worked for. A man named Tony took me under his wing and greased the sk**s a bit for me. I almost felt like a family member. The day everything came together was the day Tony invited me to his home. I found out from other employees that Tony rarely invited anyone to his home, even his corporate equals.

I drove over to Tony’s house that Saturday morning. It was a palatial house with a couple expensive vehicles parked in the driveway. I rang the doorbell and got a bit of a surprise when the door opened. There stood a petite woman with just a bathrobe on. I soon found out that this was Tony’s wife, Betty. She invited me in and then offered me some coffee.

“Tony’s a little late finishing up his round of golf, he told me to have you wait,” Betty had said.

What was I to do, just up and leave? This was one of the owners of the company I worked for. I figured I was in for a wait. Betty sat down directly across from me on a couch. She was a small woman with dark brown hair, attractive features and she had big tits. My eyes homed in on them the first minute I was there. The robe she wore revealed her cleavage quite nicely. She also had a habit of letting her robe part right at her legs. It was if she was inviting me to take a look.

Well, I did look and I could tell Betty was giving me the once over. I saw her eyes trail down to my crotch more than once. I think my cock was bulging through my pants. Our gazing at each other was interrupted by the phone ringing. It was Tony. He was going to be really late, so would I mind waiting even longer for him? What could I do, I figured there went my entire Saturday shot waiting for the boss.

I told Betty I would stay and wait. A big smile crossed her face. She stood up and walked directly in front of me as I sat in the chair there in the casino siteleri living room. My eyes nearly popped out of my head as Betty pulled the belt free on her robe and let it drop to the floor. There my boss’s wife stood entirely naked before me. I didn’t know what to say. I think my mouth dropped open.

“What do you think, Scott?”

I thought she looked beautiful. Her pussy was shaved and she had these enormous boobs topped with pinkish nipples. Her hips were very narrow. It also looked like she had a small pussy. I wondered how a man could ever fit his cock in there. Betty reached out and took my hands and pulled on them as if she wanted me to stand up. I did as she wanted and Betty got to her knees and started to unzip me.

I couldn’t hardly believe what was happening. It was all moving so fast. Betty loosened my pants and then pulled them and my briefs to the floor.

“Oh my God, Scott, it’s huge!” Betty’s eyes were focused onto my giant black dick. It was already getting hard and was very thick as well. “I don’t know if I can swallow that,” she said to me. As Betty drew her mouth closer I reached out and placed a hand on the back of her head. I guess there was no turning back now. I wanted her mouth around my stiff cock.

Betty wrapped her lips around my cock head. She could barely take a couple of inches into her mouth before she started to gag. I guess I was too big to swallow down. I tried to force her head down even more onto my pole. Betty’s cheeks were puffed out and saliva was dripping from the corners of her mouth. There was only so much of my black dick that she was going to take in her mouth. She continued to suck what she could until I was completely erect. My cock stood out straight nearly ten inches in length.

I then lifted up under Betty’s arms and brought her to her feet. I removed my shirt and kicked my pants and underwear away. I hoisted Betty up and placed her onto the edge of the counter in the adjoining kitchen. Betty just looked down at my cock. casino oyna She must have thought there was no way she could take all of me. I guess we were going to find out.

I slid her legs apart and I took my cock in hand. I fitted the head to her wet pussy and I started to push. Betty was so small and tight I could barely get my cock head and a couple of inches inside her. Betty was moaning and telling me she couldn’t take all of it. I just kept stroking into her. I had never been in a pussy this small before. It was like fucking some young virgin. Once I had a few inches of my black cock into her. I picked her up under her ass.

Betty threw her arms around my neck and locked her legs in place. I started to pump my big black muscle into her. I knew I was never going to get all my cock into her, but I was going to attempt it. We stood in the middle of the kitchen. My giant black cock was stuffed into this tiny pussy.

“Jesus, Scott, your cock is fucking massive!” Betty was screaming into my ear.

I was banging my boss’s wife for all it was worth. The friction was almost unbearable. I felt my nut sacs starting to pinch. I stopped pumping for a second and told Betty I was close to cumming. She told me I better pull out. She wasn’t on the pill she had said. I went to back out of Betty but my cock was locked in placed. Betty’s pussy constricted so much I was caught inside her tiny hole. I just looked into her face.

It was too late to do anything. I just flexed my cock muscles and I erupted inside Betty. I think we both threw our heads back as cum spewed from the tip of my black nozzle. I must have cum for five minutes straight as Betty’s pussy had me in a death grip. I could see my seed dripped out from Betty as I brought her back over the the counter edge. She sat there until we both calmed down enough that I was able to remove my dick from her wet hole.

“I have never been fucked like that before, Scott,” Betty told me as she was panting. I had never encountered a pussy like kaçak casino Betty’s either. It was so small and tight. Once I slipped out, Betty got on her feet and wobbled to the bathroom. She brought back some wet towels and we were able to clean up some. My cock felt raw from being in such a tight pussy and Betty said her pussy was hot and raw from the fucking I gave her. We managed to both get dressed and Tony eventually showed up. He was in good spirits as the golf game went well.

The reason he had asked me to drop by was that he wanted to offer me a better position in the company. I was going to be moving up the ladder. All three of us had a drink to salute my good fortune. If Tony only knew how good my fortune had been that day. Betty and I managed to trade cell phone numbers before I left their house. When I got home later I was lying in bed naked. My cock was sore and raw still and I was thinking about Betty.

My cell phone rang and it was her. Tony had left the house for a few minutes and she wanted to chance a call to me. Betty had said that she and Tony rarely had sex anymore. She felt as if she was just the trophy wife who was trotted out at company functions. Besides, Tony’s cock was nowhere as big as mine. Betty had been fantasizing the whole afternoon about the sex we had together. She was also a little scared that we had unprotected sex.

Betty quit taking birth control after Tony and she no longer made love. She did say that there was excitement feeling a complete stranger blow his load into her tight pussy. The main reason she called was to find out if I still wanted her. Did I want to fuck her again and again like we had today? I told Betty I was going to make her my fuck slave from now on. She was not to make love to Tony anymore. I was going to stretch her pussy until she was able to take all ten inches of me.

Betty said she was in bed also. She was fingering her clitoris as we spoke on the phone. Even though her pussy was so sore from the sex we had that afternoon, she wished I were there now fucking the hell out of her. Betty sure knew how to make my cock erect. We are now making plans to meet soon, so I could fuck that tight white pussy once more.
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