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I can still smell them on my skin; a heady mix of sweat and saliva. Even the subtlest of movements wafts their scent to me and makes me purr — I feel owned; in a way still held by the beautiful boys I took into me last night. I can smell Matt on my wrists, on my thighs, on the wetness still left on these panties. My husbands’ scent floats around me, woven through my hair and dancing over my breasts. I am covered and claimed by them and I love it.


Walking down the hallway to his hotel room is torture. I know what’s about to happen, we all do, and although this isn’t my first time marching towards a threesome — there is something different about it tonight. This time I am nervous, anxious and self-aware. My fingers lace with my husbands’ as we walk and he smiles down at me — for a moment I lose myself in the swirling hazels and greens of his eyes and the slight wrinkles at their corners. The waves of his light brown hair crest down around those orbs when he leans in to kiss my forehead; a fleeting moment of sweetness before I get my “punishment” for the teasing texts and photos I spent the whole day sending my two favorite men. Each had been a bit naughtier than the one before: a peek of a nipple here and a whisper of a curving hip there gave way rather quickly to harder shots of me fucking myself with a large black dildo. I had even been helpful enough to include a video of my pussy taken nice and close while I pounded away at it with the rubbery hardness, a second video of me toying with my clit, and several “after” shots so the boys knew exactly how wet I was thinking of them. I had kept them on edge all day and they would have their revenge tonight — and I would love every second of it.

He left his hotel room door open for us and we make no pause before accepting its invitation and slipping in. The room is dim and quiet, Matt sits in silence in a chair in the far corner — long legs out before him, elbows resting lazily, his torso angular and leaning. His shock of blonde hair is uncovered tonight and for the first time I notice the tiny curls there, on any other night they would make him seem almost cherubic — but tonight there is a quiet dominance to him, a calm sort of power that swirls and dances just under the surface. I want to worship him tonight, to bow in abject supplication at his feet. He makes no move to greet us yet, just smirks. To say he is lounging is not quite putting it right. In this moment he is lording; the king in his castle watching as his subjects approach him in silence. He is beautiful, even more so now than he normally is. Tonight he is hypnotic. Tonight his eyes challenge me. I meet them momentarily, but I can’t keep that gaze without blushing and looking away. I feel almost childish being awash in all these nerves — especially in a situation that, up until just a few moments ago, I was sure I would be controlling. He has me exactly where he wants me and he hasn’t said a word yet.

My husband is the first to offer greetings, his voice breaks the silence in the room along with my trance. It is deep and commanding. Matt stands and reaches a hand out — that moment of greeting between the men is the break I need to wriggle past and steal Matt’s seat, pulling off my heels and making myself comfortable (or at least making a vain effort to make myself SEEM comfortable). I can’t help but notice their sizes and scents as I pass between my men; each stands nearly a foot taller than I. My husband is a familiar and warm smell, one I have always found calming and powerful. His scent is cool and crisp, he smells of the sea on a warm day. Matthew is earthen and loamy; a low noted almost feral scent. He is new and intoxicating, heady and dizzying and addictive.

Salutations and small talk are brief, yielding to initial curious kisses easily. Matt hovers, exploring his way over my lips and neck as I lay on my back. My nails graze their way softly over the fabric of the shirt covering his spine while he moves, searching and sweet, over my skin. Hubby is seated now, watching the tease for a moment before moving in; his hands slithering up my legs and across my rolling hips to the waistband of my pants, pulling them down and off before I have a chance to protest or assist. His lips find my sex instantly, parting soft labia with a firm hot tongue to lap at me gently, taking his time to toy with my clit and nibble softly at my inner lips. He licks me to show me he loves me. He is tender as he slides his hands under my ass and around the curvature of my hips, pulling me down to impale me on his tongue. The flexing of his biceps against my outer thigh makes me tremble. He is strong — he is sexy. Matt lifts his mouth from mine to look down at my husband licking and sucking between my legs. A soft little groan passes his lips before I manage to pull him back down to me, guiding his mouth to a pert nipple.

The boys work me like that for a few minutes; my husband taking in the taste at the apex of my thighs, Matt casino şirketleri suckling back and forth between my nipples and my lips. When they switch places it is a slow tormenting move, my husband kissing his way up to suck at my right nipple while my lover works my left only to work his way down just a few moments later. My thighs part for Matt eagerly; I’ve wanted him since we met. I can’t help but lift my head to watch as he pleasures me. He tries to be slow about it — using his mouth on my thighs and working his way inward — but I want him so much I can’t tolerate the wait. My hands slide lower to his head; fingers entwining together through his hair and pulling his face down and into my cunt. I gasp when he presses his tongue into me, arching my back and curling my hips to deliver my clit up to the tip of his waiting tongue. Matt doesn’t lick me like he loves me. Matt licks me as a challenge — daring me not to fill his mouth with my juices almost immediately. I can feel his facial hair rubbing against my labia; warm and prickly and wonderfully scratchy. When he presses his face harder into my sex I can’t help but cry out in pleasure and try to wriggle away from him; but he holds me steady with strength I didn’t know he had. My husband lowers his mouth to my ear, whispering to me:

“You’re ready aren’t you baby?”

I can only nod as Matt has taken to sucking my clit and leaving me breathless and writhing.

Hubby pulls away, moving off the bed and grabbing condoms while Matt comes back up to kiss me. I can taste myself on his mouth. I can feel my wetness in his facial hair. No longer timid, I kiss him hard this time, letting my tongue slip past his lips and over his own nimble muscle. I am greedy as I take my taste from his mouth, my hands sliding up to cup his cheek and pull him closer to me. I pull away only to ask why he is still dressed and take possession of his mouth again before he can answer. He somehow manages to pull himself out of his clothes while we kiss, my hands taking the opportunity to wander enthusiastically over his newly bare flesh.

“I’m ready. I need it.”

My voice quivers as I speak, but I know my boys have heard me. Hubby responds by handing Matt a condom and moving himself up to my breasts again to make way for new cock I’m about to experience.

“You first. I want my pretty little slut to get me harder.”

I take him into my mouth so hungrily that I don’t notice Matt slithering his way between my legs. I don’t notice until he thrusts his perfect hardness into me. That first stroke is a thing of beauty: it is satisfaction, its scratching an itch that’s been bugging you for hours. It is fulfillment. It is completion. Matt is gifted with more girth than expected, he is longer than expected, just MORE than I expected him to be. His cock fills me tightly with a thickness that presses itself firmly against my spot. I know from the first stroke that I won’t be able to last as long as I typically would and that when my orgasm hits it will be longer and stronger than normal. When he turns me over onto all fours to fuck me I know that this man is my new drug of choice.

“Oh God, his cock … is… perfect.”

Another trembling sentence strung together between breathy moans with a mouth full of dick is about all I can manage to get out to let my husband know how wonderful Matt feels pressed into me. Hubby responds with a derisive little laugh and a grab at my hair, pulling my mouth free from his cock for a moment to force me to look up at him.

“Tell HIM, not ME.”

He doesn’t give me an opportunity to respond, he turns his wrist, forcing my head to the side so I am looking back along the length of my body at Matt as he grinds himself into me.


My first attempt to speak is in vain, hubby chuckles at the way I stutter before tightening his grip in my hair and ordering me to try again.

“Louder. So we can HEAR you.”


My voice is almost a shout this time and Matt responds with an acknowledging grind, pressing deeper into me with a smirk and a snicker. He lifts his eyes expectantly but doesn’t stop pushing himself against my cervix while he waits for me to finish my sentence. One last jerk of my husbands’ commanding wrist and I manage to work up enough composure to clearly and slowly speak:

“Your cock is perfect, Matthew. You’re right on my spot. Thank you.”

Matt nods a “you’re welcome” and quickens his pace, my husband pulls my mouth back down onto his shaft and I purr at the position. I love being fucked from both ends. Even with my head down and my mouth wrapped around the smoothness of my husbands’ prick I can see Matt in the mirror. He is unaware that I am watching, his eyes are fixed firmly on the roundness of my ass and the show happening there. His focus is on his cock –staring at that hardness as it snakes its way in and out of me, he is watching the way my labia pucker and pout giving casino firmaları way to his shaft. Matts’ thrusts are slow, eliciting not so much a moan as a coo from me. I can hear my wetness around him in the tiny muffled sloshing sounds that accompany each stroke. My husband stiffens more in my mouth with each little rumbling purr, his growing girth encouraging me to stroke and suck faster. I twist my wrist, working my hand around his slick shaft while my tongue and soft lips focus on his head. My husbands’ dick is magnificent.

My eyes are still locked on Matt when he starts to pump faster and harder into me. From my position there on all fours between my boys I watch as the smirk creeps its way across his lips, I can see that mischievous glint in his already sparkling green eyes. He is toying with me now; slamming himself forward and watching the ripple roll across my ample bottom as his hips come crashing into me. He seems hypnotized by that motion — like a stoner with a lava lamp — that thought makes me giggle onto my husbands’ rod, the sound finally pulling him out of his mesmerized state. We lock eyes in the mirror and he smiles at me — such a babyish grin. It’s disarming and unfair that a man so deliciously wicked should have a smile so sweet.

“Switch. He needs to feel your mouth.”

My husband commands and I, of course, obey and turn around to offer my ass to him. I greet Matt with a soft kiss to his lips and down over his chest and abs, taking care to nuzzle and lick lightly at the tattoos that mark the path lower and lower to his cock. He pulls his condom off as I suckle at the base of him and at his balls, licking my sweetness off of him before taking him into my mouth. I could taste his cock for hours if he’d let me. Hubby wastes no time touching me tenderly, his thrust is immediate and powerful. He fucks me like he is claiming his territory and I moan for him in agreement, that moan sending a rumble through the cock that fills my mouth.

It is Matt who is tender now, touching my cheek as I engulf him. He rakes his fingers through my hair, moving the loose strands away from my face with a sigh and twisting them into a knot at the base of my neck. He uses that knot as a handle as I love Matt with my tongue, slippery and slick along the underside of his shaft, flicking lightly over his glans only to flatten and press and slither with heat down again at a slightly different angle.

Where my mouth is absent I add my hand, taking as much of him as I can manage. I want to work his cock masterfully and so I listen, I pay attention to his breathing as it changes; I let my tongue remember each pulse of his dick against it. I suck him not out of love or ownership — I suck his cock because it is perfect and deserves to be sucked. This is reverence. I worship at the altar of Matts dick until the pounding I’m receiving from my husband is just too much to handle and I need to stop. I pull my mouth away with a squeal as my g-spot gets slammed. Matt draws in his breath, twirling my hair around his fingers and grazing my cheek tenderly before he grabs my chin and lifts my face to meet his. I move my hand to his cock and stroke him now that my mouth has moved away. His kiss is sweet but his voice is all alpha male as he snarls at me:

“Oh he knows ALL the good spots to fuck you, doesn’t he?”

I nod, once again left breathless by my boys, and lean closer to Matt — pressing my breasts tightly to him and running my lips along his cheek while my husband fucks me. I want Matt to hear me moan. My mouth is soft as I slide it across his jaw and down over his neck to worship lightly at his collarbones, trailing the tip of my tongue along the outline of the tattoo perched on the left side of his chest. I can feel his breath as it glides over my skin, his hand slides flat-palmed down the length of my spine and I shudder. His touch is masterful. My palms are equally skillful as I stroke him sweetly, twisting and rolling and kneading my fingers to massage this perfect phallus. I plead with him, my voice almost inaudible through the grunts and soft groans coming from behind me:

“I want you to come fuck me baby, please.”

“In a while, I know you’re getting it good right now and I like this”

“Please don’t make me beg…”

“You’re cute when you beg.”

Matt taps me on my chin and slides his long fingers over the back of my neck, his hand drawing me closer for a whisper of a kiss before he plants my mouth back on his cock, thrusting his hips upward this time. He is done being sweet with me now, time to use me. Hubby slips his hand around my hip and cups at my pubic mound, slipping his middle and ring fingers past swollen lips so that he can toy with my engorged clit. I am in heaven in that moment and move up to my knees, pressing my back hard to my husband and pulling his mouth down to my neck in one fluid motion, leaving Matts cock bobbing and aching.

The switch is quick, each man burying himself güvenilir casino in a new hole with ease. There is no tenderness now, each fucks me with a sense of urgency. My purrs and coos give way to shouts and guttural groans while my boys use me mercilessly until my arms and legs are trembling. They are punishing me, fucking me into submission, breaking me the way one needs to break an unruly horse before it can be taught to be ridden properly. I am coated in their sweat. I love it. My husband is the first to begin to lose himself to the edges of his orgasm, his voice low and grumbling as he barks to Matt:

“Fuck her harder!”

Matt is more than happy to comply, driving his pelvic bone hard against the bouncing curve of my ass as he pounds away at me. I would tell him he’s doing it right but I don’t need to, the squealing and screaming into my husbands’ dick are all the encouragement he needs to just keep going; though he can’t help but laugh a bit at the way it all sounds. When my husband fills my mouth with his cum it is sudden and sweet, exploding in waves across the length of my tongue as I suckle, thirstily pulling every drop from him I can manage. He moves away after I swallow him, seating himself atop the dresser to watch the rest of the show as he touches himself lazily.

Matt pulls away, moving off the side of the bed and beckoning me to follow with a crook of his finger. I turn my body, offering my open legs to him. His movement is fast and decisive when he grabs my thighs and yanks me down the length of the mattress and spearing me onto the fullness of his erection. He fucks me to toy with me, to remind me I never had the upper hand here. His strokes are strong and sure and almost cruel in their precision. I am entirely at his mercy and begging for more when he pulls out and takes a step back, pointing decidedly at the ground. He need not tell me to kneel, I melt off the edge of the bed and onto my knees quite readily; planting my mouth to his balls as I do — kissing and sucking and stroking his shaft. Full soft lips work at his dick with a greedy sloppy tongue as my husband watches, smiling at his little slut in action. My eyes are locked on his, Matts’ fists clench and unclench trying his best to keep from filling my mouth with a load of his fluid. I want it. The taste of his skin is decadent and rich, one can only imagine how much sweeter his cum will be. He is close, I can feel the throbbing working its way from his root through his shaft, creeping its way ever closer to his head — but he pulls away without giving me the gift of his semen on my tongue.

“I want you to wait until next time to taste me.”

My pout is audible but short-lived as I am directed to lie down on the bed. The boys are on me like lions descending on a fresh kill; they are a blur of hands and mouths each aiming to please. My husbands’ fingers furiously work my g-spot, his mouth latched to a nipple. Matt has claimed ownership of my clit, his cheek pressed to mine as he speaks into my ear. His voice is low and sensual, sending chills through my body with the rumbling bass notes he is giving me.

“Oh you thought you were going to be in control tonight didn’t you?”

My husband presses harder against my spot

“Don’t you know it’s not nice to tease people all day long? Especially not with pictures of this pretty little pussy.”

Matt pinches at my clit, sending my hand immediately up to flatten against the headboard, leaving a slightly foggy palm print on the dark polished wood. He keeps talking in my ear, chastising me for distracting him while he had been at work. The low register of his voice sends an ever-increasing tight ball of pleasure through my body. My orgasm is close and both my boys know it, neither backing down from the challenge. My husband suckles harder at my nipple, fluttering his tongue over it and sending my legs into shaking fits.

Matts hands snap firmly around my throat and his mouth swoops down and takes ownership of mine — this isn’t so much a kiss as it is an invasion of my mouth, a muffling of the screaming orgasm my beautiful boys are forcing me to ride out. The first one is a writhing delicious agonizing climax that I am well and truly pinned down for; I try and lift myself up onto my elbows to pull away and my husband presses harder against my spot while Matt forces me flat down onto my back again:

“You’re going to take it; we’re not done with you.”

The second climax is an explosion of screaming wetness across my thighs and over my lovers’ hands — a squirting squirming moment of perfection given to me by my men. I coat their hands and the bed sheets in slickness and heat as I wriggle beneath their collective touch. I glow for them and they pet me approvingly in return. In this moment I am fulfilled and beautiful


The drive home was quiet, hubby and I basking in the afterglow as opposed to talking. He fell into sleep easily, especially since it was nearly 5 AM when we stumbled jelly-legged into our house. Sleep did not find me last night, instead I lay beside him replaying the events in my mind as I quietly teased at my slit, scraping my fingernails along the crotch of sopping wet panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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