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I become a crossdressers lover
Rick came into the apartment looking sexier than any woman I had ever seen.
His long slim legs encased in silk stockings. He walked better in heels than my wife Caroline.
My cock was hard just looking at him
He kissed me his tongue sliding in my mouth. I returned the kiss. My hands running down his back to his tight arse. I wanted him so badly.

As we kissed the phone rang. It was Caroline and I knew I had to take the call we spoke at the same time every Sunday when I was working away. These rituals pervade married life.
I answered and sat on the sofa. My cock still hard.

I chatted to Caroline and she seemed distracted. At one point I heard her gasp. I asked if she was alright and she said it was just a headache. As we spoke Rick slowly slipped down his dress. He was wearing casino siteleri a lace black and gold bra, matching suspenders and Brazilian briefs. It was my turn to gasp. When Caroline asked what was wrong, I told her I had stomach ache. We consoled each other on our aches and pains.

Rick was now kneeling between my knees and removing my cock form my boxers. Caroline let out a squeak and said it was. Stabbing headache. She sounded breathless. Ricks mouth was now around my cock. It felt so good. I tried to not to groan but when a finger slid in my arse, I let out a low moan. Caroline said I sounded poorly, and we should speak later. I agreed as she seemed to grunt. We said good bye both sounding breathless

Rick was now working my cock and I was lost in the feelings he was generating. I could think canlı casino of nothing but this sexy man. Rick picked up a bottle and put lube on my cock he pulled aside his panties and positioned himself over my cock. I saw her had a jewelled butt plug in his arse. He removed it and began to ease my cock inside him. My hands went around him. I had wanted no one this much before. Rick moved slowly up and down my cock. Each time he took me in deeper. His tight arse was better than any cunt I had ever been inside. I was lost in my lust and desire.

When I was fully in Rick leaned down and kissed me deeply. His cock stood proud form his panties. I let him take the lead on the pace of our lovemaking. We kissed and I stroked him as he slowly rode me. He picked up the speed and began to moan as I did. He leaned kaçak casino in and whispered in my ear. “Fuck me daddy. Use me like a slut.”

That was too much for me and I began to pound him calling him daddies’ little whore. A fucking slut who lives for spunk. I was lost I became the dominant alpha I avoid being. I was treating the gorgeous Rick like some cheap whore and he loved it.

He was crying out,” Yes daddy I am your whore, I love cock and older men. Fill my cunt.”

I began to cum I cried out with the force as I pumped what felt like a gallon of spunk into Rick’s tight arse. His cock spurted a jet of creamy spunk on me and we collapsed into each other’s arms. We kissed and lay together getting our breath back.

Rick pulled my cock out and my spunk leaked into his stockings. He put the butt plug back in and went to fetch us both a drink.

He passed me the wine and stretched out his legs over mine. I stroked his beautiful silk clad legs and licked his cum off my stomach.

We talked and he told me more of his sexual awakening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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