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How I met my 67 yr old married sex partner. true s
The first time I formally met 67 year old Mrs Boyd, she called my cell and asked me to look at her leaking water heater, its a very small town and I am known to help with home repairs. We made arrangements to look at it and I went over early morning before it got too hot and humid. Mrs Boyd was the only one home, her husband was out fishing and she had “just got out of the shower” she said. She was wearing sort of a medium length white almost see through nightie, maybe it was because it was warm and humid? Mrs Boyd had known my ex-wife from a quilting club they both belonged to, Mrs Boyd was about 20 years older than us. They were introduced each ther before my wife left me angry, who knows what my ex had told her about me?

Could not ignore Mrs Boyds large jiggly titties obviously unrestrained by any bra as they were swinging and swaying around under that thin fabric, I tried not to stare, downward pointed nipples visibly swinging under her sheer white nightie, this is how she greeted me this warm morning, when she stood nearby a window with the morning sunlight behind her, I saw right through the fabric, slight belly, healthy, maybe a roll or two, large round full tits, nipples pointed slightly downward, legs fine, body kind of barrel shaped. I tried to be respectful and not to stare. I examined the water heater located off the kitchen, it had a slight leak in the tank. Nice body for an older gal. She works in the local insurance office, I always noticed she dressed up nice, just the right cleavage showing, shorter skirt nice legs, high heeled shoes, nice dresses, smells good.

Each time Mrs Boyd sat down or bahis siteleri bent over, my eyes would wander to look at her, couldn’t help it. I am thinking I was getting a flash glimpse of pussy when she seated at her kitchen table, slightly apart knees, bent, I swore I could see her pussy split at the top of her very white attractive legs. I doubted myself that she really had no panties on, hard to tell. Maybe my imagination? Im very horny.

I told her I would have to order her a new water heater, she should be okay for use her dishwasher, I had seen dishes piled in the sink. She said “Great, because I have a full load”. I began to pickup my stuff when Mrs Boyd began loading the dishwasher, she bent from the knees forward away from me. OH YES, I was certain she lacked panties. When she bent over I saw her white haired, red pussy staring right back at my stare, her very white smooth ass cheeks parted when she bent, the deepest crevice in her ass crack was as if it was painted red, her asshole and snatch were in full view as she loaded and shifted the dishes.

I am in Mrs Boyds kitchen, she is loading away and I am staring at her bright pink puckered asshole and her perfect split older cunt as she is shifting around the dishes making them all fit. Its beautiful red skin. I wasn’t sure if she knew she was showing it off? I didn’t want to appear rude, but I did not want to miss a glance either!

Oh to be staring at her hot looking old asshole and cunt made my young cock so very hard, my pants became exceptionally tight. I was trying to disguise it and avoid her seeing my excitement but damn. As I was reaching up putting the flue pipe back while standing on bahis şirketleri a 3 step ladder, I am busted, she spies my huge unmistakeable hard on and she says “Oh my goodness”.

I was stiff as hell obviously. I am in horny lust. She looks back at me without uprighting, and I am looking right into her goodies when I say “Mrs Boyd, I think you are you flashing me”. “Wow, I need a drink of water?” My mouth is so dry. I sit at the table. When she brought the water I saw her staring at the tented bulge in my pants and she said “Oh goodness, did I do that? I may have a load of dishes but it looks like you may have a full load yourself, been awhile, huh?” and She giggles.

I must have turned a hundred shades of red, including the shade of her pink pussy. I said “I am sorry but I couldn’t help looking at you bending over, you don’t have anything on under that nightie” citing the obvious. She said “I know that but now why would a young man like you be looking at an ugly old fat woman like me?” as she bent over from the waist to reach a dishtowel way under the sink, exposing her round ass and cunt. Her very red cunt and asshole were obviously on display as her ass cheeks spread opened from her bending way over, her skin is quite pasty white, her asshole and pussy lip skin were so very pronounced red when juxtaposed against the white skin of her ass cheeks, can see glimmer wet. I was intrigued and flying wth emotion. The very pink ruffly inner lips of her pussy are incredible, her hole wet and ready. Just when I thought I could not get any harder my cock is pounding with each heartbeat.

She tells me of her husbands diabetic limp dick, we talk about things illegal bahis I should never know about her, how horny she is for a real hard human dick, she said toys just are not the same as a hard dick, that I must be quit horny since my wife left and she was looking forward to calling me, she was scared I might reject her advances and showing off n “morning clothes” was a way she could deny intent. I wondered what my ex had told Mrs B about our sex life as they went on quilt outings?

“I will be pleased to loan you my cock Mrs Boyd but you can’t own it”. She said she would “love that arrangement” but I must keep it a secret. I said “Of Course” She took me into her extra bedroom and we went at it. I ate her smoking hot 67 year old pussy and her licked her tiny pink clit, tongue probed her puckered asshole, a first for Mrs Boyd, as she rolled up so I might gain asshole access,moaning deep guttural noises, she sucked and licked my cock saying “God I miss sucking a real hard cock” and she sucked me expertly, I sucked and tongued her swollen clit leaving nothing unlicked. She came the first time.
We fucked away as she wrapped around me, legs wide and my cock buried in her probing her guts, damn she is hot. I felt ready to cum I said aloud “Im gonna cum”, she pants “cum inside me please, fuck me deep, please harder, harder, please” as I slammed her deep stroking her, legs spread are wide open crotch, seeing my hard young dick deep inside her, shooting cum somewhere around her cervix while her cunt swallowed me, Her huge titties and belly, extra rolls of belly fat rolling and moving all over as I slammed into her. I can still see her image that day, wide legs just like you see in her pics, fuckhole open and leaking me and bright red, outer labia holding onto as we both came at the same time. Wetter than ever.
We visit often now. I am not sure what arrangement she has with Mr Boyd but he always leaves before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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