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HIS P.E.T. 7


I returned from my run hot and sweaty. As usual, I re-entered the house from the back rather than the front door. The house seemed quiet but that wasn’t unusual. I headed up to the master bedroom for a shower. I stripped off the little running shorts and sports bra, dropping them on the floor of the bathroom to hang over the shower after I was finished with it.

I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped into the bedroom only to hear someone in the sitting room. I walked to the doorway to find Hein.

“I thought you were going to the office today.”

As we walked to each other, “I was. In fact, I was there. I decided there wasn’t anything happening that I couldn’t just as well handle from here. Besides, I wanted to see you.” With that, he put his hand on the towel around me. I left my hands at my sides as he loosened it, both of us letting it fall to the floor. He looked down my body, his hands then moving to my breasts, one falling to my stomach. I separated my legs in anticipation and hope for the destination of his hand. I wasn’t disappointed as his hand slipped between my thighs and a finger slid along my pussy lips. He leaned forward and kissed me, his finger continuing to slide back and forth. In a moment, he slipped his finger from my pussy lips and brought it to my lips. I took his finger into my mouth and sucked, swirling my tongue around it. He smiled, “I do like how quickly you get wet. There is no pretending about you.”

I put my arms around his neck. “I have so many options available to me. What a waste to only pretend when I can fully experience without inhibition.” I kissed him and touched the outside of his slacks at his crotch. “It is what you have fantasized for and what I have yearned for.”

He smacked my ass and turned me around toward the bedroom, “Go get dressed and meet me in the office.”

I took a couple steps and called out, “Any particular desire for my dress?”

“Your choice …”

Hmmmmm, my choice … only partly, though. There wasn’t any misunderstanding about that.

I opened the top drawer of my dresser, which contained an assortment of stockings. I elected dark gray. I was still cautious on the stairs, though I was getting more comfortable in these 4 ½ inch heels. As I was halfway down the stairs, my clicking heels brought the attention of Chris who was walking the opposite direction from the south wing and the office. He turned as he continued to walk, giving me an approving smile. Along with the dark gray stocking, I wore shiny, silver colored heels, a dark gray choker with a silver pendant saying PET, and silver dangling earrings.

I walked into the office and took my desk chair opposite Hein. Since this was also my office, there was no formality about my entry into it. I sat in my chair and scooted up under the surface, then leaning back to await his intention for the meeting. Although I was essentially naked, my legs were crossed under the desk and my arms rested comfortably on the arm rests. I looked across the desk at him.

He moved a note tablet in front of himself. We had some similar habits in that regard. We each had a stack of yellow note tablets nearby, each one for a specific topic. The one he was looking at appeared to be recently started, so it seemed to be a new project. I reached to my stack, prepared to take a fresh tablet from the bottom when he stopped me.

“I don’t think you’ll need to take notes.” Hein was not in the habit of having to repeat his instructions and ideas regarding projects. It was already my instinct to cover much of our discussion of projects with copious notes for reference and inclusion as I worked on documents and presentations.

“What project is this, then?”

“Project … you.” He looked up and smiled. His eyes met mine, then dropped to my breasts and their nipples pointing at him as I sat with a straight back. He allowed that despite being naked, I could act naturally to include crossing my legs and standing with my thighs together. As a concession, I worked at holding myself straight, giving an appearance of pride and self-confidence. I then saw his eyes drop further to my hidden pussy as he looked through the table top.

“Me? This sounds interesting.”

He laughed, “I hope so.” There were two small boxes on the desk next to him. He took one and slid it across the desk to me. I leaned forward and took it from him. It had some weight to it. I saw him watching me so I proceeded. I opened the box to find two solid steel, jeweled butt plugs. One was smaller than the other. “I would like you to start wearing one of these for portions of the day.”

I looked up at him. Much more anal play appeared to be in our future. Each one sat on a descriptive piece of paper. I picked up the smaller one, which was described as a beginner-friendly size, sleek and shiny plug made from high-quality metal and safe for long-term wear. It was 2 ½ inches as an inserted length, 1 inch in diameter and 5 ounces. He indicated with his eyes to the box and I also noticed a tube of water-based lubricant.

“Try it out.”

I stood up, applied some of the lubricant to the plug, then reaching behind me, to my puckered opening. The end was a sparkly diamond color. I pressed the plug against my resisting opening but persisted until it popped inside. It felt funny being inside and I imaged it was going to feel even more so when I sat back down, but I did. I was right, it felt strange, not being used to having the entrance filled. But, it was also strangely erotic. He saw me squirm and smiled. I picked up the other one and saw that it was a little larger. It was called a medium size with an inserted length of 3 inches and a diameter of 1 ¼ inches, weighing 8 ounces. It didn’t seem like a lot bigger, but I bet it would feel bigger inside. The end of it was an emerald color.

“How does it feel?”

“Weird.” I squirmed a little in my chair. “But … erotic.”

He smiled. “Excellent. You know what this is about?” I nodded. “You okay with it?” I nodded, again, adding a smile. “Excellent. There is another larger size in this style, but you can get used to these, first. There are also 14 colors. Who knows, maybe we’ll have matching ones to your chokers …” I chuckled, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

He then passed the other box to me. My ass was already full so I wondered what this might be. I felt like it was some kind of naughty birthday. Inside were two solid glass balls. The cover sheet called them Icicles, hand-blown glass medium Ben Wa balls. They were shatter-resistant glass and guaranteed to strengthen the pelvic floor and improve sexual enjoyment. They were 1.2 inches in diameter and weighed a hefty 15 ½ ounces. I weighed them in my hand and looked up at him.

He smiled, “You think you can hold those inside, yet?”

I considered them, still feeling the plug in my ass, which was a bit distracting. The other ones he had me using weren’t a third this heavy. It seemed like a big jump to make, but … heck, I could already tell the difference the Kegel exercises with the lighter balls made.

“I don’t know. These are a lot heavier. What’s the worst that can happen, though? They fall out. Just so I’m not out in public, right?” He got a funny look on his face and I thought, UH OH. “I think I will adjust to the butt-plug for now, though.”

He smiled. “That’s fine. Now that we have the gifts out of the way.” I chuckled. “There are some more things I wanted to talk about.” He looked at the tablet. “I told Sharon I wanted a nice dinner tonight, I have some things to discuss with everyone. Some of them are specifically regarding you, so I wanted to give you a heads-up. Again, per our agreement, you can veto anything, but …” He smiled. He knew I wouldn’t be inclined to ever veto something. My trust was already there. “Inside the house, the temperature will be comfortable for you to be naked … or nearly so like now. That is the way I would like to see you. The way you are dressed now, stocking and heels can be presumed as the attire for our daytime working when I am home. When I am not home, you can be completely naked if you want. I find a little bit of clothing quite erotic.” I smiled. No problem with me. “But, given that, evening dinners are sometimes a quasi-formal affair. I have struggled a bit that you should be able to also be dressed differently for dinner and after.” He had my attention. “I was thinking maybe some finely made negligees for that purpose. What do you think?”

My nipples were erect from not only the anal plug but also the new conversation. And, I knew he was aware of it. His eyes continued to drop down to them. “I like the idea. It would allow me to appear different, too. I presume you have in mind something sheer and exposing?”

He chuckled, “Naturally. There is a shop that was recommended. I will have a car take you there. Maybe a couple shops. You’ll need more stockings, shoes, negligees, and dresses.”

“Thank you.”

He smiled. He was also looking forward to seeing me in them. “Now … you have tried to be careful about being mounted by the dogs, often by restricting it to the kennel. I assume that was for the benefit of the rest of us.” I nodded. “From now on, you will be free, and encouraged, to accept the dogs wherever on the property and whenever the desire comes over the three of you.” He watched me.

I looked at him. “That will be fine with the others? I know that was part of my being here, but I didn’t want to offend anybody.”

“It will be fine with them. Is that your only concern about what I just said?”

I looked at him puzzled. Then, “Ohhhhh … you mean the ‘whenever’ part. No, I mean they are outdoor dogs so while I am working it shouldn’t be a problem, should it? Otherwise, I … I mean, I love those dogs, Hein. And you said whenever the desire came over the three of us.” I think I blushed. “I took that to mean that I still had control bahis şirketleri over when.” He smiled.

“That’s right. I want you to have control. They give the indication, you decide.” I nodded. “The other sexual part is that your human sex won’t only be in the bedroom and that might mean an audience.” I nodded. “Yes, that will be fine with the others. They know why you are here.”

“A question about that.” He nodded. But it wasn’t strictly about that. “Mrs. Herron and Raul … are they …”

“Yes, but they have kept it under wraps. I am thinking that their pretending will disappear soon as we make you more visible.” Wow, maybe a five-some or seven-some with the dogs.

He continued, “Short-term goals for you. Not work. That will evolve. One: exercise up to holding those solid glass balls until you can separate your legs and not drop them. Two: work up to the medium butt plug for an extended amount of time. We’ll look at the next stage after that.” He smiled. Anal options are definitely in his plans. “Three: have you ever taken a dog anally?” I shook my head. There it is. “That’s number three. I guess included with that is anal with men more comfortably and double penetration.” I nodded. Maybe I should be taking notes. “I think that’s enough. I don’t want to get carried away.” I laughed. He was definitely headed down that road. He might already be well down that road.

I made my way outside and walked to the back gate looking out at the yacht I had still not been on. I was deep in thought about what Hein and I had talked about that I didn’t hear anyone come up behind me. An arm going around my waist and squeezing me was a prelude to the voice.

“How did your talk with Hein go?” It was Mrs. Herron. She opened the gate and pulled it open, pulling me through and closing it on the approaching dogs.

“Do you think I should be out here like this? In the yard, it is mostly private.” I looked up and down the shoreline with some concern. I stopped and looked at her. “Wait … you knew about the talk, Mrs. Herron?”

She smiled and took my hand, casually leading to the boat and further from the walled security of the property. She patted my hand. “Yes, he told me. So, what do you think of the … ahhhh … gift? Are you wearing it? Show me.”

I laughed, turned and bent over in front of her.

“Oooooooo … I do like that. It is pretty … naughty, but pretty. How does it feel?”

I shook my head at her as she continued to move us to the yacht. “I am getting used to it, already.”

Then, she surprised me. She turned me around on the deck alongside the boat and hugged me. His hand moved up and down my bare back. She separated us to arm’s length and looked me up and down. “Laura … you really are wonderful. I am so glad you are here. I know you have probably been a little nervous about me. And, I’ll be honest. When Hein told me about his idea, I figured he would never find a truly smart, strong, self-confident woman who would also be comfortable being a sexual plaything. When he brought you here, I was convinced you were a slut who he would see through in short order.” She hugged me, again, and laughed. “You might be a slut, but you are definitely his equal in the smarts department and that is saying a lot.” I feigned a hurt look and she lightly slapped my arm. Then she thought better of it and slapped my ass and not nearly as lightly. We both laughed. “The best part, though, is that I can see how good this is for him. He needed this release and he didn’t allow himself casual affairs.”

She led me along the edge of the water wall as though it was perfectly natural for a naked woman in stockings and heels to be out there. She stopped me, again. “By the way, call me Sharon. I insist on Mrs. Herron just to intimidate you.”

“Well, it worked. I was definitely intimidated.” She patted my arm.

Just then, Chris popped out from the back gate. “There you are. Putting on a show for all the boaters? Come on. I’m supposed to take you shopping.” He came out to us and took both of us by the shoulders and walked us back to the house.

That night, I was getting myself ready for dinner. Hein was sitting in the sitting room of our suite as I came out after my shower. I normally air dried my hair, finger-combing it until it was completely dry before putting a brush to it. I was using my fingers as I walked into the room.

“Do you want to see what I bought and decide what you would like me to wear?”

He looked up from his book. He was in a very nice suit that looks like one he might wear to the office, but without the tie. “No PET. You know what I like, and I like for you to express that in your own way.” I moved to him, bent over and kissed him as he looked up at me. I walked back to the bedroom door, stopped, and slightly bent over. It only took a moment for him to look up and smile. “That does look nice on you … or, in you.” I blew him a kiss.

I was holding Hein’s arm as we exited the suite and started down the curving staircase. His arm provided some security. I was quickly adjusting to the taller heels, but the slick marble stairs were my worst nightmare. Literally, I had dreams about those stairs. We were half way down when I saw the other three gathered in the foyer/entry area in front of us.

“Wow! I do like that. That was an excellent choice, Laura.” Chris gushed it out and the others alongside him nodding with happy smiles.

I stopped on the stairs and made a funny curtsy, then laughed. I had picked it out just this afternoon and clearly, he liked the result on me. I was wearing a floor length, white, sheer negligee. The bodice was a fine white lace that up close showed my nipples. The rest of the gown was a sheer material with a front opening fastened at the bodice and a backless design. All the edging was the same fine lace as the bodice. Standing still, the front closed and the lacing hid my pussy. But, once I stepped or a breeze caught it, the front opened exposing my body for all to see. Underneath I only had white thigh-high stockings, a pair of white heels, and matching white PET choker. I knew the effect it had, Hein had already told me twice how erotic and enticing it was on me. The reactions of the others told me Hein was right about them and me.

The dinner was wonderful. How Sharon manages to pull it together and still be a guest at her own dinner is a trick she could get rich from on some daytime women’s show. Everyone was relaxed with joking and stories. Hein asked how the trip to Phoenix went, which I thought was strange because I had told him. It was only after I looked up at him and saw him glance at Chris that I realized I was being set up for the benefit of Sharon and Raul who were sitting together on the opposite side from me. I tried playing it innocently, but Chris and Hein kept at it until I blushed, and in the white outfit, I was sure it showed well. I finally blurted out that I had a wonderful evening shared with Chris and the two pilots. It ended there and I could see both Hein and Chris were waiting for Sharon and Raul to catch up on the implication.

It was quiet for a moment, but then Sharon dropped her fork, “You did all three of them?!?”

I looked at Hein and Chris, “Honestly. Like a couple school boys in the playground …”

That made Sharon look open-mouthed at each end of the table where they sat and broke into laughter. She stood and leaned over the table and put her palm up in the air. I stood and joined her for a high-five over the center of the table. She looked at me nodding, “You go, girl!”

Chris shrugged at Hein, “Just remember, boss … you’re the one who wanted a strong, confident woman.”

Hein tried to regain some element of his position in the group, but Sharon kept looking at me and giggling.

“I do have some news we have been waiting for. The house outside of Amsterdam is ready. All the modifications and additions required have been completed. We’ll have some boxes delivered and a shipper to handle most of the move.”

I looked at him, then at the others. Clearly, everyone was excited by the news. This was something they had been anticipating and were eager for. Why didn’t I know anything about this? What exactly did that mean? Was I that much of a fool?

My face must have belied my feelings. Sharon looked at me, “Laura, what’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?”

I looked at her, then at Hein. Tears formed in my eyes. I stood up abruptly and walked out of the dining room and into the entry area. Where do I go? I moved toward the front door.

Back in the dining room, it was stunned confusion. Finally, Sharon looked at Hein, “Didn’t she know? Hein? Tell me she knew.” His face went slack, then tensed in anguish as he closed his eyes tight. He pushed his chair back, tipping it over and rushed out of the room. The others just looked at each other.

“Laura! Wait, please, let me …” But I was out the door. He followed and touched my arm. I pulled it away. “Laura, please. You didn’t … I didn’t tell you about Amsterdam and the house?” I shook my head. “Laura, I’m …”

I spun around and confronted him, my hands on my hips. “What does this mean, Hein? Did you bring me here for only a few weeks? What? Am I supposed to just wait here for you to come back? How long are you going to be gone? A month? Three months? What am I really, Hein? Am I really just a kept woman for your time in Miami?”

Maybe … maybe, if I had thought the words out ahead of time, I might not have been so stupid. The truth was, though, it showed me how vulnerable I felt about everything that was happening. There was that part of me, that strong, self-confident woman part of me he wanted so badly, that had questioned and challenged my decisions about this. Had I been a fool?

He didn’t back away, though. He stayed right there, not a foot from my angry body. I gave him credit for that right away.

“Laura … Laura, I’m idiot. I was so wrapped up in the business, illegal bahis the move, my need to be in Amsterdam … then you. I was so tantalized by you being here that I … I forgot what you didn’t know.” In the faint light of the driveway circle, his eyes looked lost and fearful. Not afraid of me or my anger, but … fearful of what my anger meant. “Laura, you not knowing only means I need you more than I thought.” I looked at him questioningly. “Look, I can be stupid sometimes.”

“I find that hard to believe. I have met a lot of high-powered, successful men in my former job. You’re brilliant in comparison.”

He chuckled, “Believe me. I can be stupid. Okay, not about business, maybe. But, ask those people inside. They know the real me. I can be stupid.” I couldn’t help but want to smile, even though I did everything I could not let it show. “I brought you here to be with me, Laura. Not for two weeks or two months or two years. I want you, Laura. I need you. Please.”

“Hein, I don’t have a passport.”

He stared at me. “Of course, you do. It is sitting right there on my credenza. Don’t you remember? You had to sign the form when we signed the contract and other HR things. I put a rush on your application.”

I looked at him, my eyes squinting, trying to remember. “I … I don’t remember … I was so excited about … you took care of it for me.”

He nodded. He put his arms out and let me walk into them. Now the tears that flowed were happy and relieved. He stroked my back and over my hair, pulling me and my head into him. “Laura, oh, Laura. We need to talk. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much too soon, but … we need to talk. There’s a responsibility I want you to take over from me.”

I pulled back slightly and looked up at him. “What’s that?”

“Run my life. I wanted a woman like you, strong and confident, for two reasons: someone I couldn’t run over, and someone others couldn’t intimidate and who could protect my time. Besides the other stuff, I want you to manage my business schedule with my personal and social commitments. So, this exact type of thing doesn’t happen. I want to talk to you about that. Okay?”

I hug him tightly, then step back. “I’m ashamed. I am so sorry. I was acting like a silly girl.” I sought his eyes, “Can I admit something to you? Just between us?” He nodded, of course. “I didn’t recognize it in me before, but I think I have been feeling vulnerable about everything that has happened and so fast.”

He took me in his arms and kissed me on the lips. It was a wonderful kiss. One of those kisses that seem to make the world slow down, the noise surround you to fade away, and all sensations to disappear except for the body, arms, hands, and lips. He broke the kiss and put his mouth to my neck, moving my hair with the opposite hand. He kissed my neck, but his breath on me … his breath caused goose bumps to form on my naked arms. I pulled my body into his and held him tightly.

He whispered in my ear, a shiver rippling through me. “Next time, tell me. Just turn to me and tell me, I’ll always be right there beside you.”

I kissed him and everything felt good, except … except I still felt bad about my reaction. “I made such a fuss and such a scene in front of the others. What can I do to make it up to you and them?”

He considered me. “You don’t need to do anything, they will understand and be happy just to have you back. But, if you insist …” I looked at him slyly and he smiled. He leaned in and whispered his idea. I smiled, took his hand, and marched us back into the house. They were still waiting in the dining room and became quiet as I led Hein back into the room. I stood before them, Hein beside me.

I apologized to them, explained how I had been feeling, and my over-reaction. I was properly sheepish and embarrassed. I suggested the guys take a drink to the family room and I would help Sharon quickly clear the dining room. Then in atonement, I would give a demonstration they may be seeing more of going forward. Hein would prepare the guys for what that was, I would fill Sharon in.

As expected, when I told her I was going to give them a close-up demonstration of mating with the dogs, she stopped and stared at me. “Hein said we should be ready for this and, frankly, I’ve been waiting anxiously. It sounds so … so …”


“Yeah …” She was quiet for a moment, then turned to me. “Laura, I want you to come to me in the future for any reason when you have a concern or question. I’ve been with Hein for a long time and I can attest he can be a bit flighty sometimes. In the future, though, I’m here.” She looked at me, my body showing under the sheer gown and smiled. “We’re all here with specific responsibilities to provide Hein with a comfortable, relaxed, and safe environment away from the business. But, all of us, this is the only family any of us has. You, too, right?” I nodded. I hugged her and thanked her. She then took my hand and led me back to the family room.

I started for the door to the patio and noticed the area in front of the sofa with the chairs forming a U-shape had been cleared of the coffee table. Hein said, “Let’s do this inside with better lighting.” I said what we would need to protect the carpeting and Sharon scurried off. I went to the door and called the boys. They weren’t used to being inside, but with just a little encouragement from me, and a look of concern toward Hein, they did and sat expectantly.

Sharon returned with an old blanket and a couple large towels. I spread them out before them on the floor and stood before them. I wasn’t sure how to go about this. I had recognized the thrill of exhibitionism, but this was the most blatantly exhibitionistic performance I had ever provided. To be accidently seen while doing it was one thing, to purposely demonstrate it to them at close proximity was entirely different. In a part of my brain, it registered that much more of this kind of behavior was likely to be requested from Hein and not just before friends, or as Sharon said, before family. I decided on a sketchy approach to have fun.

Whether it was verbalized or just happened, Hein and Chris took the two side chairs, putting Sharon and Raul on the sofa together. I stood before them and slid one strap off a shoulder, then the other. The gown sagged, held momentarily by the bodice over my breasts, but the backless gown was too loose to remain there without the straps and fell quickly to my feet. I moved the gown with my feet, turned my back to Sharon and Raul, bent over at the waist with straight legs to pick up the gown. I heard Raul gasp and Sharon whisper something to him. I had the smaller, jeweled butt plug still in place.

I turned my back to Hein and raised a foot to him, looking over my shoulder. He grasped the shoe delicately in his hands and slipped it off. I pivoted around to present my other foot to Chris, who duplicated the action of our mutual employer. I winked at him, then turned to face Sharon and Raul on the sofa. I stepped up between them and parted my legs slightly. Raul’s eyes went, as expected, to my clean pussy. I raised a stocking clad foot and placed it on the edge of the sofa between his legs, causing him to shift slightly to accommodate my action. I looked at him and nodded. I then turned my attention to Sharon and surprised everyone.

“Don’t worry, Sharon, I’m not moving on him, just enticing him.” She looked up at me, then to Raul, before smiling and nodding to Raul. He moved his hands up the inside and outside of the thigh until they came to the elastic lace of the stocking tops. He slid the tops down my thigh to my knee and over it. He glanced up at me, but quickly back to the leg he was making nude like most of the rest of me. He pulled on the toe and the loosened garment slid off my ankle and foot.

I put that foot down and shifted to put my other foot alongside Sharon’s leg, not requiring her to part her legs with the dress on. She looked up at me tentatively, then to the others and seemed to gain confidence. Then, she surprised me. She slid her fingers up the inside and outside of my thighs just as Raul had done, but her fingers continued over my already bare thighs until her hand on the inside touched my pussy lips. I was watching her, not her hands, so my response was a flinch and quickly looking down as one of her fingers grazed up and down along my lips. She gave me a wicked smile as her fingers then grasped the stocking top and pulled it down and off my foot. She slid her fingers back up my leg from my foot to my pussy, sending a shiver through me. I also noticed Raul’s eyes glued to her fingers and the light teasing they provided my lips at the end. I smiled at her, bent over and kissed her lightly, a peck only, on the lips.

I backed away, my eyes taking in each of their faces until I turned around and found the two dogs patiently sitting at the edge of the blanket. They weren’t normally in the house and their slight nervousness was evident. I knelt down between them, scratching and petting their large heads, giving them my face to kiss and lick. They quickly settled down with the attention and stopped looking over to Hein, accepting my attention and acceptance in these new surroundings.

As the dogs settled, so did I. I stopped considering what might, or might not, be happening behind me with the others. The intention of Hein’s suggestion was, besides raw stimulation, exposing them all to the other side of my erotic pursuits and interests. This was going to be an increasing part of my display and it was best to get understood what that involved right off the bat. Max and Axel were familiar with me already so it was easy to get them into position for our preliminaries, our foreplay, almost laying themselves on the blanket with hind legs raised for me. Maybe not quite, but this had become common for us, even when they were illegal bahis siteleri ready to mount, I enjoyed sucking their cocks, at least a little most times. My love of sucking cock wasn’t just human cock.

I moved from dog to dog, nuzzling first Max’s face and neck, then moving over to Axel. My hand working down their sides and bellies until I was sliding alongside their sheaths. I could sense there no longer any concern of frightening them or they being nervous about the touch or the different situation. I raised my head and looked at the two of them. I had to somehow make a choice in who would go first. Or, did I? I wrestled with Max to get his hind end next to Axel’s. I smiled. I now had only less than a couple feet separating the two sheaths. After having them both erect and exposed, the first one to mount me would be the first. Solution found.

I started at Axel, stroked his sheath, his reddish cock tip showing quickly. I bent down, my face moving along his soft belly, turning my face to his cock tip showing in front of me. I licked at the drop of pre-cum showing on the tip before taking it between my lips. I sucked at the end of the cock, rewarded with more pre-cum with increasing amounts with increasing length of cock showing from the sheath. I moved to Max and repeated the process until I was working my mouth over the visible cock, sucking hard, and finding more cock deeper in my mouth as I did. I heard Max moan softly with a guttural rumble and pulled away slowly, making sure to suck all the precum his cock was ready to give me. I found about 4 inches of reddish cock showing and I moved back to Axel and I knew the others could now glimpse the dog’s different cock. The murmurs coming from all sides of me.

I was focused on what I was doing, not what they were doing. As if reinforcing that, I moved to my hands and knees, wiggling my butt, not directed at either of them in particular. I only half glanced at Sharon and Raul on the sofa, noticing their hands together on Sharon’s thigh. I noticed movement to the side and found Chris shifting for better viewing angles. Axel was the one who responded. He came to me with calm self-assurance. I felt his wet nose against my moist lips, then his tongue lapping at my sex. I spread my knees further apart and sighed as his tongue lapped the full length of my slit, over and over. His tongue was randomly long, wet strokes over much of my pussy from my clit to my asshole or more intense and focused attacks at my pussy, his tongue occasionally slipping inside my opening, curling inside me and sliding out and up over my asshole. And, that’s when I remembered, because he wasn’t licking my asshole, it was filled with the plug. I was already wet and ready just from giving head to the boys, but being licked by a dog with experience is always a joy and thrill and it is difficult to want him to stop. I groaned and sighed at the pleasure of his tongue, but I wanted the others to see more. I wiggled my butt and reached back to move his snout, then patting my ass. He jumped on top of me immediately.

I gasped out at the impact of his weight landing on my back. But, I also remembered Max. I looked around and called him, patting the blanket in front of me. I felt the 120# Rottweiler bound alongside us, pouncing with his front paws only inches from my hands, his massive tongue covering my face. I patted the floor, again, until he settled himself down with a plop in front of me. I moved slightly to reach his exposed cock and licked it. All this with a 100+ pound Bernese on my back thrusting his cock into my pussy. That was when I truly felt the difference. I always enjoyed their cocks, but the butt-plug filling my anus constricted my vagina enough to press down on his cock as it penetrated and thrust into me.

I heard various gasps and utterances from my audience, but the most distinct were Sharon’s sounds as she gasped, “My god … look at that. I never realized how big they were until … my god …”

I smiled around Max’s cock as Axel continued to pound his large cock into me, knowing that Max’s was even larger. The bigger difference between the two, though, was the tactile sensual effect of Axel’s deeper furry body. It felt luxurious against my back. My moans and groans, gasps and sighs, the physical sensations coming from the dogs were magnified to another level entirely by the close presence of my other house members. And, if they had caught moments of my being fucked by the dogs, this was the first real experience for them where they could see the detail and see my reaction and understand the experience as I presented the show intimately in front of them.

Sharon leaned into Raul, “Look at her … listen to her … it’s as if she’s being driven to new erotic heights. Look how fast and urgent he pounds into her.” It looked to her nearly like abuse. In fact, if a man was doing that same to me, she thought she would have to go to my aid. My ass was being pummeled by the a****l but I somehow managed to keep the other cock in my mouth, at least for the most part.

Then, everything changed. My head raised from Max’s cock and my mouth was open, low guttural moans flowing out but sounding as if coming deep within me rather than a vocalization in my throat. She and Raul were no longer merely sitting next to each other, they were pressed thigh-to-thigh, arm-to-arm, body-to-body. She didn’t remember when or how they had shifted those inches to be so intimately touching. It wasn’t just their bodies, though, his hand was on her thigh, her hands placed on top of his. His hand grasped her thigh just above the knee but also moved up and down over a half foot range above her knee. She wasn’t even sure if it was his hand moving or if her hands were, in fact, propelling his hand along her leg.

She had insisted on discretion as their relationship blossomed several years earlier and demanded it as it grew stronger. At first, she was convinced a household relationship would not be appropriate in the house of their employer who was without a relationship himself. As their relationship grew and the reality of it was undeniable to each other, their conservative response to propriety took over. Both having become without spouses after long marital relationships and without families, they found themselves torn between honoring those memories, presenting respectful service to Mr. Koningh, and old-fashioned propriety, especially as they discovered resurgent sexual interest.

Now, here she sat, pressed up against that same man with her employer in the room as they all watch their newest household member get mated by one of the dogs, my face and mouth busy in the crotch of the other at the same time. All of her strictly applied resolve at discretion was melting away like soft margarine in the microwave. In front of the others, her resolve for discretion and propriety was vanishing. And, with that clear realization, she also understood that it was her hands that were moving his along her leg, a leg she had uncrossed and in the process, had raised her dress inappropriately to her mid-thigh. But, she no longer cared. Despite Hein turning the house sexual, she tried to remain discrete even to admitting the relationship with Raul. She knew that discretion was now gone. She also knew she didn’t care.

Her eyes moved from the movement of hands on her thigh back to the naked woman on the floor as I screamed. My head rose from the extended cock of the other dog and the cock visible there had her mesmerized. It seemed huge, red, and oddly shaped. But, it was my cries that had her even more fixated. My long hair cascaded over my face, but as it swung from the pounding from the other dog, just as my magnificent breasts were, Sharon could see glimpses of facial ecstasy reflected, my mouth open, my eyes open but unfocused, my body tensed and pressed back into the urgent action of the dog behind me. My screams and cries were the sounds and reaction of a woman fully released and committed to the experience I was immediately in, lost to that experience and divorced from everything else surrounding me. She immediately envied the woman for the ability to freely experience what she was.

And, with that thought of envy for experience, she turned Raul’s face to her own and kissed him on the lips. His reaction was predictable to her. He had been always the perfect gentleman, honoring her implicit needs for propriety, perhaps even against the cultural aspects of his Spanish masculine approach to relationships. He pulled his face from hers and search her eyes and face, giving her every opportunity to stop and recover. She didn’t want that, though, she would limit her expression, but she was tired of holding herself back. She wanted to be able to express herself, her feelings, her love. More would come later. She knew the house would accept them. For now, though, she took his head with one hand and pulled him in for another kiss. And sighed deeply as I cried out, again, pulling their attention back to me.

Axel’s knot had just pushed past my resisting opening into my pussy when I caught a glimpse of Sharon and Raul in a lip-lock, his hand and her skirt high on her thigh. That was more than enough stimulus to put me into an orgasm. While tied with him, I orgasmed a second time as I watched the two of them watching me, sharing kisses openly for the first time.

When Axel pulled out of me, Sharon gasped loudly at the sight of the dog’s cock and knot. “That was inside her?!?” I smiled, but Max had waited long enough and I was immediately impaled by him.

We all knew Sharon and Raul had a thing going between them, even if they were trying to be discrete about it. That night changed all that. After watching me blatantly being mounted by the two dogs, they lost any desire to remain discrete and they exited to the north wing, she dragging him behind her by the hand.

Still tied to Max, I smiled up at Hein and Chris. I wasn’t so sure they would be interested in such sloppy thirds and fourths, but maybe I could suck them to a good climax.

* * CHAPTER 8: AMSTERDAM will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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