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Hayley visits the forest again.
Hayley sat by the breakfast bar, totally naked as usual and was watching a lesbian clip on Xhamster as she nibbled her way through the cereals. Only half watching and half eating she drifted into another world. A few weeks had passed since the divorce papers had been signed, and Haley had experienced such pleasures in the forest that she longed to return for a repeat performance.

Time passed slowly and Hayley returned to the real world to find her fingers hard at work massaging her pussy and thumb rubbing her swollen clit, cereal still in the bowl on the table and the clip had long finished. As she gazed at the laptop a PM appeared and it was from an older guy who she had been chatting to recently. Deciding to acknowledge she was soon caught up in conversation. Before she knew it she had agreed to see him later that morning in a well known parking area at the forest. I walk in the forest would give then time to chat and let her get some fresh air and maybe afterwards have time to seek out the rangers.

Unsure as to what to wear, not wanting to be blatantly whorish, whilst at the same, time not wanting to wear more than she had to Hayley went to her room.. Deciding on a blouse and skirt she dressed and went to see her daughters who were spending the day at home. As usual her eldest was pleasuring herself, this was an accepted part of the daily routine, and the dildo was still pulsating when Hayley left them to it.

Driving along the lanes Hayley wondered whether to be forthright and go for it with Rudeolph or should she be demure and await his advances, would she end up getting her pussy spunked or would she have to wait and hope the rangers would accommodate her, She arrived at the parking area still unsure, parked up there was only a couple of other vehicles, illegal bahis but no occupants, had she been stood up, was she the victim of a hoax.

Brooding she sat in the car and automatically her hands found her itching clit and tingling nipples. Closing her eyes she was once again knuckle deep into her now gaping pussy and was so occupied she hardly felt to light touch to her now very erect nipple, suddenly aware it was being tweaked she opened her eyes with amazement to see the elder gentleman standing with a big smile and even bigger cock in his hand. “Hi Hayley, so you started before me” he said and leaned forward to give her a gentle kiss. “Don’t stop, we can introduce later” and he reached down and started to control the movements of her left hand, Closing her eyes Hayley allowed him to manipulate the hand and within a few minutes she was pumping juice everywhere.

Rudeolph told her to lie back across the seats and he would clean her up, then he proceeded to kneel down and slide his tongue slowly up the inner thighs then repeat on the other leg, the gaping pussy was at eye level and the lips well spread. Moving his tongue into place he slid it up and down the smooth passage gliding over the still swollen clit and down to the pussy and on the to rear entrance before returning back. Varying the speed and pressure it was not long before Hayley started to flinch and her legs wrapped around Rudeolph’s head , her abdomen was lifting from the seat in search of the probing tongue the tip of which was now inside the love tube. Rudeolph had long since used his hands to massage her swollen tits and was totally absorbed in pleasing Venus, he had now both lips inside his mouth ready to catch all the juices that he knew Hayley was about to throw in his direction.

Sitting up Hayley had perabet giriş a big smile and looked at the stranger who had just taken advantage of her, and admitted to herself that she had enjoyed the experience and would continue to enjoy the moment. Reaching forward she took hold of Rudeoph’s semi erect cock and leaned forward so she could lick it and slide her tongue up and down and across the tip. Slowly her attention was rewarded as it grew to its full 8 inches, flicking her tongue across the slit at the tip she felt Rudeolph twitch and slowly squeezing his balls as she sucked the foreskin was pushed back and she sucked away to her hearts content. Managing with a little difficulty Hayley had nearly the whole shaft in her mouth as Rudeolph held he head and started to uncontrollably pump away, she could feel the swelling rise just before she had a full on mouthwash and as he withdrew the now shrinking cock the jism spilt from the sides of her mouth.

As they walked and talked Hayley had not bothered to fasten her blouse so her tits swayed as she walked, it felt natural to be walking in the forest with this total stranger having just had a wonderful experience and she waited for his manhood to reload as she hoped to be able to have a ride on the shaft and feel the full pleasure of throbbing cock hitting her cervix. She did not have long to wait.

By chance they had stumbled upon the same location that Hayley had been in on her last visit, Rudeolph sat her down and as they talked some more she took his cock and was stroking it back to life. Rudeolph aware that access to pussy was unobstructed soon moved between her legs and placing her ankles on his shoulders prodded her with the tip of his manhood, without much resistance slowly the throbbing member began to penetrate Hayley, perabet her pussy muscles drawing in the invader in anticipation.

Any pretence at anything other than a lustful fuck on behalf of both soon vanished as Hayley was pistoned and each stroke touching the cervix before withdrawing back to the point whereby it nearly fell out. All of her love tube was feeling the friction of raw flesh against raw flesh, he in turn was enjoying the warmth and tensions caused by her muscles tightly gripping his swollen cock.

After a few minutes he withdrew and he lay back as she prepared to mount him. Straddling him she placed a leg ether side and slowly sank onto the shaft, leaning forward Rudeolph was able to suckle her tits as she ground her pussy against the base of his member. Continuing to pound his cock she felt the desire rise inside her and came once again.

Out if the corner of her eye, Hayley had seen the elder ranger watching and he was now removing his trousers and moving towards the couple. Without warning he inserted his now very hard cock into her arse and she felt Rudeolph going up as the ranger was coming down, just a few strokes later she felt Rudeolph squirt and she was totally out of control, two throbbing cocks moving alternatively had really set her off and yet again she felt the moisture soaking her pussy and Rudeolph’s cock and balls. Exhausted Hayley moved to allow both bodies to move and as she lay on the grass the other ranger and a third appeared and in her daze she saw four cocks all being jerked and her body was soon showered with load after load of hot cum.

Rudeolph and the older ranger stood aside to allow the young studs the opportunity to finally finish her off, and within minutes Hayley once again found herself sandwiched between two great lumps of meat. After what seemed t be hours Hayley managed to locate her blouse and skirt, and seeing the spunk covered body, she really needed a bath, but what a day she had had.

Who knows if she would even dare to consider a repeat but time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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