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Halftime Delight
I’m layed on my tummy on the living room floor, colouring in my book. paci in my mouth wearing a little skirt, a t-shirt that reads “I ?? daddy”, pastel pink panties and socks that go to my knees. Daddy’s sat on the sofa watching the game on TV, during half time I push myself up to my knees and turn around to show daddy my picture.

“That looks brilliant little one well-done”
“Thank you daddy” I coo as I lay back down to colour some more
Daddy looks down at me, able to see right up my skirt.
“Why don’t you stop colouring for a while and come sit on daddy’s lap kitten?”
I scramble to my feet excited to have cuddle time with my favourite person.

I clamber onto daddy’s lap straddling him one leg either side of his waist my arms wrapped around him and my head resting on his broad chest. He places his hands on my back and slowly slides them down to rest just below my butt cheeks.
“Daddy! That’s naughty, you’re not allowed to touch me there”
Daddy raises an eyebrow “oh really? Do you not like it when daddy touches your little butt ?”
I squirm and blush, shrugging my shoulders.
I push my butt down into his lap and feel something press against me
“Daddy? What’s that?”
“That’s a special lollipop just for my little kitten”
My face beams with delight
“Do you want to have a taste ?”
“Yes please daddy !”
“Kneel down on the floor canlı kaçak bahis like a good little kitty then”

Daddy unzips his jeans to reveal a hard, throbbing uncut cock.
“Come on sweety don’t be shy, I know how much you love lollipops”
I lean in and lick the tip gently, daddy moans softly. I lick it again and again. Daddy takes hold of it slowly pulling back his foreskin.
“Why don’t you try putting it in your tight little mouth and sucking on it for me little one?”
I take his throbbing head in my mouth and begin to gently suck on it until daddy begins to pant and squirm in his seat.

“Stand up kitten”
“I’m not finished with my lollipop yet daddy”
“Did I stutter ? Stand up, we’re going to play a fun game”
“Ooo I love playing games with daddy” I say as I rise to my feet.
Daddy sits forward in his chair, running his hand up my thigh towards my innocent little cunt.
“It’s okay kitten, it’s part of the game. I’m going to show you what grown-ups do. Unless you think you’re too little for grown-up games?”
“Umm…. No I’m a big kitten!”
“That’s the spirit, why don’t you take of those pretty little panties?”
“My panties ? Why daddy ? ”
“Well to make you a grown-up daddy’s got to be able to see your special parts”
I nervously remove my pastel pink panties and hand them to daddy, he presses them to his face and inhales pinbahis giriş deeply letting out a moan as he exhales.
He runs his hand up my thigh once more, caressing my lips with his fingers.
“I think someone’s enjoying themselves more than they think” he says as he pulls his wet hand from beneath my skirt and licks my juices from his fingers.
He places his hand back between my legs and slowly massages my clit, I squirm and groan
“Stop daddy, it feels weird!”
“It’s okay kitten, it’s supposed to feel like that, you’re all wet which means you’re enjoying it” he slips a finger inside of me and begins slowly thrusting it in and out.
“Such a tight little cunt kitten! Come here back on daddy’s lap ” he wrapped his hands around my waist and forced me back onto his lap. I could feel his member rubbing against my clit, my heart was racing, my cheeks were flushed.
“Do you want to watch TV with daddy?”
“Mmm hmmm”
He spun me around and as I sat back on his lap he thrust his hard cock into my tight innocent hole.
As I went to scream he placed his hand over my mouth.
“Ssshhh it’s okay, it’s all part of our game just relax, if you scream you can’t have anymore lollipops”
He slowly eased me back until he was balls deep inside of me.
“Does that feel good little one”
“Yes daddy”
“Do you want to keep playing?”
“Yes please pinbahis güvenilir mi daddy”
“Good, I need you to start bouncing on that big lollipop for me, here I’ll help”
He grabbed my waist and moved me up and down , tears filled my eyes as I felt his head brush against my cervix.
“Daddy I think I’m too little for this game”
His grip on my waist tightened
“No you’re not little one do you want to try a different position? ”
Before I could answer he pushed me off his lap and face down into the sofa, and with on thrust he was deep inside of me once again.

Thrusting hard and deep he was determined to defile my cunt and plant his seed in my untouched womb.
“Daddy stop, I need to pee!”
“That’s a good thing kitten it means you’re going to cum just let it happen”
“No daddy I’m going to pee” and as I yelled that my thighs began to twitch and spasm my little cunt began to throb and pulsate and a I squirted all over the sofa, my legs and daddy’s cock. He pulled out very briefly to watch me squirt and squirm then he forced himself back in me.
“No daddy, please stop”
“Oh fuck I’m so close, I’m going to breed your tight cunt”
“No daddy, I’m too little!”
It was too late, he thrush deep inside of me and flooded my cervix with a stream of hot, thick cum holding his dick inside of me so none of it would escape.
“Do you want to taste your lollipop now sweety? ”
“Mmm hmm” I mumbled as I turned around and licked every drop of stray cum from daddy’s lollipop.

“Well-done little one” he said as he patted my head
Why don’t you lay down on daddy’s lap and have a nap whilst I watch the rest of the game

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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