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Of course, I would recommend that you read Chapter 1 first, if you haven’t already.

All characters are at least 18 years old.

Robert rolled into the guest bed in Scott’s house, finally exhausted from the evening’s festivities with Scott and Vance. Brian and Maggie had had other things going on, so the three remaining friends had gathered at Scott’s to watch movies, play games, and talk.

Life had been good the past three weeks. Jackie and he were having sex two or three times a week, and they had finally started to go out as girlfriend and boyfriend, though while they were out having a good time, they could hardly wait to get somewhere to fuck.

This was tougher on the weekend than it was during the week, since Jackie’s parents were home, so they had had to get creative on where they did it. Once they had done it in his car, and once on the high school’s football field. Last night, they had actually done it on the couch at her place, terrified that her parents would wake up and come down the stairs.

They were both getting better at it, and trying new things. He could hardly wait to fuck Jackie again, though tonight he and Jackie had agreed to spend time with friends.

Robert’s friends seemed to be doing well. Brian was more upbeat than he had been. Robert could tell that he was getting up the nerve to ask out Brandy. Maggie seemed happy, too; almost as if she were getting laid, but she hadn’t told any of them that she had a boyfriend.

Thinking about his life, and that of his friends, he drifted to sleep.

A few hours later, the lights in the guest bedroom came on, and he heard someone come in and shut the door. His eyes, adjusting to the brightness, could not tell who it was. After a few seconds, whoever it was finally realized that there was someone else in the bed.

“Wha . . . what the hell?” a female voice asked. Robert recognized the voice just as his eyes focused on her.

He was surprised to see Scott’s older sister Amanda, who had left for college two years ago. Amanda had been one of his many crushes through the earlier years of high school. She was slim and attractive with full red hair which fell past her shoulders. She wore a black dress which hugged her hips and her ample bust, showing the barest amount of cleavage. From her slightly disheveled appearance, it looked as if she had been out for the night, and was just now arriving home.

“Amanda,” he said dumbly. “Didn’t know you were back.” Scott’s guest room had once been Amanda’s room, and it was still decorated the way that she had kept it.

“Yeah, well I am,” she said, “and I don’t appreciate finding you sleeping in my bed. Now, out!” with that, she grabbed the bedspread and yanked it off of him.

Robert had not brought pajamas with him, and since he had thought he had the room to himself, he had stripped completely naked to be more comfortable. To make matters worse, he was fully erect, as he often was when he woke up.

“Oh, my god,” Amanda said, emphasizing each word. Robert moved to cover himself, then changed his mind. He was used to Jackie seeing him naked. Why should he cover up now? He wasn’t ashamed of himself. He put his arms behind his head, and looked defiantly at his friend’s sister, as if daring her to complain.

Amanda, however, having recovered from the shock of seeing him naked, was looking at him with a half-smirk. “What are you doing, showing off?” she asked.

“Well, you pulled the cover off,” Robert retorted playfully. “You can put it back.”

She didn’t put it back, but instead sat down on the bed next to him. From the way she moved, Robert guessed that she had had a few drinks, but her intoxication was barely enough to be detectable. “Well, that’s different from the shy boy I remember,” she said. She looked away from his eyes, calmly letting her eyes drift to his cock. “Not bad, actually,” she said, getting an eyeful.

Robert was flattered in spite of himself. He had never been quite sure how he stacked up. He found the experience of being examined arousing, as long as Amanda’s opinion was favorable. He didn’t say anything, enjoying the attention.

She sighed, “I was hoping to get one of these tonight.”

“Not much luck at the clubs?” Robert asked.

“Nope,” she said, finally looking back at his eyes.

“I guess you get laid plenty of times at college?” Robert asked. She had had a boyfriend when she had graduated, but Robert knew that they had broken up halfway through last year.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “It was slow going at first, but now. . . I’m having a great time. How about you? You getting laid?”

“Once in a while,” Robert said nonchalantly.

Amanda reached out, and ran her fingers along the underside of his penis, and Robert stiffened involuntarily. Amanda didn’t notice. “Well, I bet the girls love it,” she said.

“I haven’t had any complaints,” Robert said.

“Mmm,” she responded, intent on his penis. She lightly grasped his shaft between her fingers and thumb, and rubbed its head. “Does that feel good?”

Robert bahis firmaları considered, then decided against, a sarcastic reply. “Yeah,” he said instead. He looked at her. She was leaning forward slightly, still looking at his body, and he could see even more of her shapely breasts now.

She moved her fingers up and down the length of his penis, still touching him lightly. Then she leaned forward and took the head of his penis into her mouth. She worked the head slowly with her tongue, then pulled back to lick the underside up and down.

Stopping suddenly, she sat halfway up and looked at him, “You don’t mind if I do this, do you?” she asked with mock gravity.

Before he could realize she was joking, Robert shook his head furiously. With a satisfied smile, Amanda bent back down to her ministrations.

Robert thought about Jackie for an instant. Was he cheating on her? As soon as the thought had surfaced, though, it was gone as Amanda flicked her tongue across the very tip of his penis. When she ran her mouth up and down the top half of him, he moaned with pleasure and felt himself relax against the bed.

Jackie had given him two blow jobs so far, and, though he has enjoyed them, she was still learning, unlike Amanda, who definitely knew what she was doing.

She rubbed his scrotum as she worked, changing her technique every few seconds. Robert felt the desire building in him, and he lifted his hips, starting to thrust against her. “Ah, ah, ah,” she chided, immediately pulling back, to his disappointment. “I don’t want you coming yet.”

On her knees on the bed, she turned her back to him, then looked at him over her shoulder, smiling seductively. “Unzip my dress, please, you lucky boy,” she commanded, sweetly.

Trying not to appear too eager, he pushed himself to his knees and unzipped her easily. The black dress fell around her knees, revealing her smooth, toned back. She was wearing no bra, and her black panties accentuated the round shape of her buttocks.

Feigning modesty, she held her arms in front of her as she turned around, still seducing him with her come-hither look, then, still doing her best to cover up, reached down and removed her panties, lifting one foot, then the other. Suddenly, she pushed him down by the shoulders. Her heavy breasts swung free, bouncing as she climbed on top of him, working her way forward until she was straddling her chest.

Looking up at her, he finally admired her breasts from below. They were slightly larger than Jackie’s. The nipples were darker and wider.

“Now, you’re going to return the favor,” she told him. “Alright?” He nodded dumbly. “Good boy,” she laughed, then walked forward on her knees, and practically jammed her fragrant pussy into his mouth. Robert noticed with some pleasure that she was completely shaved.

Willingly, he applied what he had learned, alternately licking her clitoris and driving his tongue into her opening. She grabbed the headboard and closed her eyes. With his right hand, Robert reached up to Amanda’s breast, and began to massage it, feeling its soft, perfect shape. She moaned in pleasure. He continued to work, sucking her clit, as he pinched her nipple and rolled it slightly between his thumb and forefinger.

Her breath came in gasps, and she rocked against him, apparently heedless of the pressure she was putting on his head. Not minding, Robert continued to pleasure her. Finally, after long minutes, she cried out, and Robert felt the gush of her come. Absently, he wondered if others had heard her as he hungrily lapped up her juices.

She stopped moving, her breasts rising and falling as she caught her breath. Robert looked up at her, and she was smiling, savoring the pleasure of the last few seconds. She climbed off of him by lifting one knee, and knelt next to his reclining form on the bed.

“How was that?” he asked. “As good as those college boys?”

“It was alright,” she said, but she couldn’t help her satisfied smile. Her breasts caught his eye again, and he reached for them. She playfully batted his hand away. “Hold up there, big guy,” she said.

She straddled him, again, this time centering her pussy over his penis, and lowered herself until the tip was just touching her. She then grasped her breasts with her hands and rubbed them, closing her eyes with exaggerated pleasure.

Robert sat up deliberately. Realizing what he was doing, Amanda allowed him to move her hands away. He took one breast in each hand, and gave each nipple a long, open-mouthed kiss. He continued to move back and forth, sucking each breast one after the other.

Amanda kept her eyes closed and moaned. She put her hands behind Robert’s head as she let him suckle, and focused on the sensation. Then, she eased herself downward. His penis slid inside her soaked pussy easily. He continued to penetrate her until his entire length was inside her, and her weight rested on his hips.

He continued to suck one nipple, as she slowly began to rock, rubbing herself on him, and moving his penis around kaçak iddaa inside of her. With his hand Robert caressed her other breast roughly, squeezing the nipple and letting it rub against his fingers.

Robert released her breasts and looked up at her face. Her grinding was already building in ferocity. The bed began to creak loudly. Amanda, not caring, half-moaned, already short of breath as she pushed against him. Her mouth was half-open in an expression of pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked into his, then, with a cry, came again.

She continued thrusting for several seconds, before collapsing on top of him, her luxurious hair cascading around their faces. Robert lay back. Her breasts pressed down on his chest as she rested. Reaching up he pulled her head down to him, and they kissed passionately, their tongues flicking against each other.

Having recovered her breath once again, Amanda pushed herself backward until she was laying on her back in front of Robert. Her knees were up, with her legs spread enough to show her bare, wet pussy. Her breasts still stood up pleasantly. “Come on, tough guy,” she said. “Let’s see what you’ve got,”

As leisurely as he could manage, Robert rose to his knees, then lowered himself on all fours over her. “First time I’ve felt in control all night,” he said.

“Don’t let it go to your head,” she said. “You’re lucky you made me come twice. Since you didn’t come with me on top, this is only fair. Now, make it good.”

Robert laid himself gently on top of her to free his hands, and took her breasts in them, relishing their feel. He quickly sucked each nipple before lifting himself back onto his knees and one hand. With his free hand he took his penis and guided it to her pussy.

Amanda moaned as he slid himself inside her and started to thrust. He started slowly and lightly, then started to build as she looked up at him, her half-closed eyes showing her increasing ecstasy. For the first time that night, she gave a small cry with each thrust, her face twisting as if the sensation were too much to take.

The bed started to creak again, but Robert did not slow his pace. Amanda grabbed his ass as he pushed himself into her again and again. Gradually, his fucking grew harder and faster, until his hips were smacking against Amanda’s. Her cries grew louder, until it almost sounded as if she were in pain.

He looked at her breasts, which jiggled enjoyably each time their hips met. Reaching with a free hand, he played with one of them as he fucked her.

Her cries grew to small screams, seemingly audible to anyone in the house. Finally, Robert could control himself no longer. Desperately he pulled out, and rubbed his penis on her flat stomach. With a small cry of his own, he allowed his come to burst onto her. He continued to rub his penis on her as two more spurts erupted onto her belly.

“Mmm,” she said finally, lifting herself up on her elbows underneath him. Grasping his penis somewhat painfully, she milked the rest of the come from him, and let it drop with the rest on her stomach. “I know you liked that, bug guy.”

He rolled off of her and laid down beside her. “I did,” he said. “So did you.”

“Mm hm,” she agreed. “Remember that when you’re fucking high school girls.”

“Do you think they heard us?” he asked her.

“Who cares?” she asked. “They’ll just think I brought a guy home from the clubs.”

“But what happens when they see me come out of your room?” Robert asked.

“That’s why you’re sleeping on the couch,” she said sternly. With her seductive smile in place again, she pointed to his clothes. Gingerly, he got dressed and left the room.

“No, try it again,” Ms. McCall said, her exotic face showing frustration despite herself.

Vance, face red with embarrassment, put the bow to his violin as the rest of the orchestra looked on with varying degrees of pity and amusement. It was their scrutiny that was making it difficult for him, he knew, and he desperately tried to put them from his mind as he tried to play the passage again.

He played, but after the first few notes he fumbled his bow, and his violin screeched. He looked at Ms. McCall, afraid of what she would do.

She sighed. This broke Vance’s heart. Like many of the women in his life, Ms. McCall was a secret crush of his, and he couldn’t bear to disappoint her.

She was in her late thirties, with perfectly styled shoulder-length black hair, a small, dainty mouth, and almond-shaped brown eyes. Her wardrobe each day pushed the boundaries of professionalism for teachers. Today she wore black pants, with a tight, low cut black blouse which left little to imagination. It was quite a debate among the male students whether her bust was real, or the result of a masterfully performed surgery.

With forced patience, she said, “Come on, Vance. Just play it; Don’t worry about anything else.”

Taking a deep breath, he started again, then after four notes, he missed the fingerings, and a dissonant chord came out, causing another barely audible sound of kaçak bahis frustration from the rest of the class.

The bell sounded, granting Vance a reprieve. Thankfully, the class packed up their instruments and headed for their lockers. Dejectedly, Vance began to do the same. He stopped when Ms. McCall spoke from her seat behind the podium.

“What’s wrong, Vance?”

He shrugged, not sure how to explain himself. He could play when everyone else was, but when he had to do it himself, with the rest of the orchestra listening, he psyched himself out.

“Do you think you could play better without anyone else around?” Ms. McCall persisted.

“Yeah,” Vance said, hating the timid sound of his voice. “I guess everyone else makes me nervous.”

“Okay,” she said, soothingly. “Tell you what. I have to leave right after school. Do you think you could come by my house this evening, and play your part? We can work on it then. Maybe after you play for me, you won’t have as much trouble playing in class.”

“Okay,” he said, nodding. Ms. McCall smiled, got up, and went to her office. Vance watched her go before continuing to pack up his instrument. He had never heard of private lessons at his instructor’s house. He was a little excited to be alone with her, even though he knew all they would be doing was playing music. Maybe he could finally play if they weren’t in class, he thought, putting his violin case in his locker, and leaving the orchestra room.

He headed through the crowd of students to his next class, which was History. Rounding a corner, his heart leaped almost before he realized who he had seen. Krissy’s gorgeous red locks shone like a beacon in the press of students, highlighting her smiling face.

Vance was walking faster than her, and she was going the same direction, meaning he would soon overtake her. She was rarely without her friends, but now was walking alone. Vance swallowed. He had resolved to himself that the next time he had an opportunity, he would talk to Krissy.

Telling himself not to overthink the conversation, he walked faster until he was within earshot of the beautiful redhead. “Hi, Krissy,” he said, struggling to sound natural and confident.

She looked at him in momentary confusion. “Oh, hi, Vance.” She said, her face lighting up.

Vance smiled in spite of himself. He was surprised that Krissy recognized him, and that she would seem so happy to see him. Of course, Krissy was friendly with everybody, Vance knew, but for the moment, he chose to interpret her smile as genuine.

He realized suddenly that Krissy was looking at him, expecting him to say more. “Uh, what class do you have next?” he fumbled. Inwardly, he tried not to lose confidence when he recognized that he should have thought out the conversation a little more.

“Biology,” she said, her smile fading slightly. “We’re getting ready to dissect the pigs,” she added with an expression of disgust.

Thankfully, Vance grasped at the opportunity for conversation. “Not looking forward to that?” he asked. “My class has already done it,” he said. “It’s not that bad.”

“Well, I wish you could help me. I don’t know how I’m going to do it.”

Vance nearly laughed with giddy pleasure. She wanted his help? Even if it was just idle conversation, he found the image of helping her with her lab like paradise.

“Well, see ya,” Krissy said, jolting him back to reality. He had not realized that they had reached a hallway intersection, where Krissy was destined to head left for her Biology classroom, and Vance, to his next class.

“Bye,” Vance said with a final smile, waving in a childish manner. He sighed. The conversation had been over too quickly. Automatically, he turned toward his History room and smiled to himself. Oh well, he thought. He had talked to her! She had smiled at him! He set a goal for himself. By the end of the year, he thought, he would ask her out.

The hot water flowed down around her, and she sighed, tossing her head back to wet her hair. Jackie loved the feeling of a steaming hot shower; one that she enjoyed every day after track practice. Though it was an open shower, the presence of the other girls on the team didn’t bother her at all. She knew that some of them could be self-conscious, but that was not a problem she shared.

She rubbed the soap between her hands, then rubbed the lather onto her chest, letting her fingers lazily flick against her nipples. Not too obvious, she told herself. She didn’t want the other girls to think she was enjoying the shower too much.

She looked at her teammates. While some of them kept to themselves, and finished their showers quickly, other seemed to enjoy the opportunity to gossip.

“Oh, magosh,” Tanya was saying to two of her friends, “I swear, Mr. Jayo could not keep his eyes off of me today.” She puffed out her chest indignantly. Modesty was not her problem either, Jackie decided.

Mr. Jayo was the men’s track couch, and Jackie’s secret crush among the school faculty. She felt a tinge of guilt as she admitted that to herself and thought of Robert. Oh well, she thought. She couldn’t help it, and Robert would never know. She suspected Tanya felt the same way, and the drama queen was not afraid to show it, at least in the locker room.

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