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Finally I get Gemma’s mum
I have known Gemma for around 13 years now having gone to college with her. Her mum Maureen is in her late 50’s blonde and very busty. When I first saw Maureen all those years ago I thought that she was Gemma’s sister. Maureen married her partner Alan a few years ago and they live in South London around 20 minutes from me.
I have always flirted with Maureen any time I saw her but she always rebuffed my advances due to her being married.

Long story short after a few days of relentless flirting she Maureen finally agreed to meet me.

Last Monday she had told me to come round to her home as her husband was leaving in the afternoon to go to a work function and Gemma was with her k**s away for the day.

That day Maureen had asked me to grab a bottle of wine before I came over. Maureen had messaged me to say that her husband was getting ready to leave and that I should make my way.I ordered a Uber and just before I arrived at her home, I asked the driver to stop at a nearby BP/M&S station that was near Maureen’s house.

I went in and went straight to the wine section, all of a sudden I heard a voice call me. I turned around and it was Maureen’s husband Alan. Alan had come over to say Hi to me. He had noticed that I was holding a bottle of wine in my hand and had asked me who the lucky lady was. I made some excuse to Alan unbeknown to him that I was going round to fuck his wife while he was out.

After paying we both left together with me getting back in my Uber and him getting in his vehicle.

I arrived at Maureen’s house 5 minutes later. I knocked canlı bahis şirketleri on the door and was greeted by Maureen dressed in a black bra black panties and sandals. I got hard just watching her. We both kissed passionately as I rubbed her ass. Maureen had gone into the kitchen to get a few glasses. I poured us both a drink and we kissed even more. Maureen to my hand and lead me upstairs to the bedroom.

We entered the bedroom kissing even more as I began to remove my clothes, Maureen climbed onto her bed and I made my way over to her.

 I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and kissed her lips very softly. Then I kissed her neck, working my way down to her cleavage. She reached behind her and undid her bra for me. Her breast sagged a little but she had rosy pink little nipples and a big circle around them a little darker with little bumps on them.

 I used my tongue to taste her nipples and took as much in my mouth as I could hold, sucking them a little harder.

I kissed and licked my way down her belly and then licked her panties right where her pussy was as she was standing. She grabbed and held my head as she moaned.

Her panties were getting wet from my saliva and her juices. She lay back falling on the bed saying “take them off please.”

 I tossed them aside. I kissed the sides of her legs licking and kissing all around her pussy teasing her. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head into her pussy which smelt awesome and tasted even biter.

 She was humping and grinding her hips into my mouth. It only took a few minutes and I could feel youwin her tense and start to shutter. She came her juices coving my face like a fresh mango.

Maureen said she was ready for me. Maureen to my cock and rubbed it against her pussy then placed the head against her. She used her finger to spread her lips apart and I pushed my cock in gradually.

I kept control as asked and just kept pushing and forcing more into her bit by bit untill my balls were touching her ass.

Then I started to fuck her slowly at first following her bucking rhyme then faster and faster being led by her unbridled lust Patten. Her nails now digging in my back.

She screamed in delight and told me that she wanted my cum inside her.

Maureen lets out a cry of pain, but I can tell she likes it. And then, but only then, I start to fuck her. Easily, I pick my pace, and it’s not long before I’m fucking her senseless, slapping her ass hard, and letting her grind against my cock from time to time. She is gasping for breath, letting out short groans that curiously resemble those of a pig. Her back is sweaty, her flesh glistening. I delicately run the nails of my free hand on her skin, causing goosebumps to erupt.
“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she screams.

I pull her head for a kiss when I’m fully inside of her. Our tongues intertwine. The room smells of sex, sweat, and cunt, a perfect aroma, one that turns me on like no other. I grab her boobs as she starts to grind her pussy hard on top of me. Her eyes are revulsed, and she bobs her head back, her hands planted on my chest. Her face has an a****l youwin giriş expression, one of pure sexual pleasure. Her hips work on me, moving fast and in an effortless way. The bed squeaks in agony, as her body dance on and on, her big body trembling, glistening, fucking me like no one ever has.

She screams with a full voice, each thrust of her hips bringing a deep moan out of her mouth. I feel my cock, drowning in her juices, inching closer to it’s release, as I feel the familiar tingle in my body. I look at her face, wondering what she must be thinking right now.

Is it her husband? Is it the first time we met, when I caressed her hand, feeling the sexual tension lying in her beautiful body? Is it the first time I kissed her, grabbing her head while my mouth sealed hers? Or is it only deep, inexplicable pleasure that fills her mind right now? I pull my head to her chest and give a quick suck to one of her nipples. As if she was waiting for that precise thing, she buries her head in my chest, screaming as she cums again, her whole body convulsing violently. She bites me, and this removes the last bit of resistance I had left in me. 

Maureen laid back on her back, With her legs spread wide and squealing as I fucked her hard, it took only a few minutes for my bell to swell deep inside maureen and my balls to twitch. Gripping her ankles I groaned loudly as I thrust my pelvis hard against her body and unloaded deep inside her. Her tight cunt milked my cock dry as the excess spunk trickled out over her red plump lips and down her arse. Straining every muscle I finally felt my cock begin to soften inside her as I ran out of her in rivulets. 

Pulling out, I slumped on the bed next to Maureen, we were both sharing kisses with eachother as we both laid there.

After catching our breath we went again…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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