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This is the story of a mature woman, Deepti Sinha. She lives in the greater metropolitan region of Mumbai, India. She comes from a conservative Indian family and married to a troubled businessman through an arranged marriage, still a common custom in India and other countries in the region. She is a good woman, a good wife, and has made it her goal to create an environment of peace and comfort for her husband. It has been a task that she was predisposed to perform even if the effort seemed under-appreciated.

Deepti is a submissive in personality and nature. The only problem is that she was unaware of that and didn’t know what that was or meant, even if she was aware. All she knew at the time was that her role was to please and serve her husband in much the same way she did when she lived with her parents and family before her arranged marriage. Her natural impulse to please was of primary importance to the man’s family in order that he be freed to concern himself only with his rising career in business. They believed he was a man destined to succeed and bring credit to the family.

Deepti was a virgin at marriage and understood little of the sexual world or its potential. As it turned out, her husband, Prakash, had as little interest in sexual relations as she had knowledge of it. Unfortunately for Deepti, though, the consummation of their marriage and the early years to follow opened something within her that remained frustratingly unfulfilled by an inattentive husband interested more in his business efforts and vices, gambling and drinking, than the significant charms of his wife. And, despite her subtle hints and flirtations, he remained consumed by other things. Being submissive, however, she found it difficult, if not impossible, to express her interest in exploring sex with him.

After 15 years of a c***dless and sexually frustrating marriage, she began to contemplate, fantasize, and imagine what might have been or might be if … The if was something she was not comfortable with. This story is the exploration she innocently began and found difficult to control.

Hidden deep inside Deepti was a desire and need to satisfy and be satisfied in simple ways initially, but in not so simple ways, eventually. But finding the way to satisfy and be satisfied seemed impossible to her. Impossible until her world was opened up before her in a very unexpected way.

The wonders Deepti experiences through adventures devised and supported by her secret benefactors lead her to increasingly satisfying and risky behavior. Mr. Venkat Iyer, a very successful businessman, and his personal and professional assistant, Swapnil Kolte, show her what her world might be like if she was respected, honored, and made safe along her journey.

After those years of being neglected and trivialized, she finds excitement in exhibitionism, canine sex, and sex with men like she had never experienced kaçak iddaa with her husband. The cravings she yearned for in Part I of this story opened a world of experience she had never dreamed of. With each new opening presented to her by Mr. Iyer and Swapnil, she eagerly passed through and found herself craving more. She learns what her craving involves and what her personality means to her. She learns the meaning of being a submissive, traits she had always recognized of herself.

At the end of CRAVING, Part I, she was presented with an opportunity for her consideration:

“Deepti, do you know what a submissive personality is?”

“You have used the term before, Sir. I looked it up on the internet and did some research. I think I understand.”

“You understand the term?”

I giggled nervously, “Yes, certainly, but I also understand why you have used it with me. I see now how my family had control over me and was able to dictate and manipulate my decisions and choices. I understand why my husband’s family was willing to settle on a girl from my background. I would be easily controlled and manipulated to serve the needs of my husband.”

He was nodding, still seeming to be engrossed in some story in the paper. “I am guessing that despite the treatment you receive from your husband and your growing craving for sexual gratification, you still maintain an orderly and efficient home for him.” I nodded. “But, you don’t feel whole, fulfilled, do you, Deepti?” I shook my head. My eyes moistened and I looked away from the match, my eyes not focused on anything. He was right, I didn’t feel any fulfillment in my life. And, if this was his way of letting me know he couldn’t continue to help me, I didn’t know what I might do. His hand moved to my arm and gently touched it. “Deepti, a submissive is fulfilled by pleasing and serving, but there is also a deep need to be respected and honored in the process. Without that, it might as well be a servant’s job.”

I looked directly at him and he put the paper down on his lap. “That is the way I feel. You understand, don’t you? You have for a long time.” He nodded. I dropped my head and mumbled, “I don’t know what to do. Are you telling me we are done? Are you saying my duty is to my husband? Are you saying this has been an intriguing lark, but it can’t continue?”

I couldn’t bear to look at him in case his answer was the dreaded response I didn’t want to hear. But, I heard his voice light, but firm, in control, “Are you dressed appropriately for our meeting?” My eyes opened wide. I was wearing a saree with a top, but underneath I was not wearing a bra or panties or petticoat. I looked up smiling and nodded. I was also blushing, not because of the admission but because of the feelings of anticipation. I glanced at Swapnil and saw the kind, friendly, and caring smile lighting up his face. “I have no desire to end this, Deepti. Quite the opposite, in fact. I want to move this relationship forward, but I think to move it forward would perabet güvenilir mi require some changes in your life.”

“What kind of changes?”

He turned on the bench to look directly at me. “Big changes. You want to be free to experience what is possible, don’t you? You are more than a bitch, Deepti. Recently, you have shown that you could also be a slut.” My face showed my reaction. “Do you doubt it? I know your desire, craving for dogs. It was the dogs that truly set you free. But, you have also shown you might crave the pleasures of men, as well, like a true slut. A submissive like you, Deepti, a bitch to dogs and a slut to men, would be fun to play with.”

“What I now appear to be was with your guidance and assistance, Sir.”

He nodded. “Yes, there was that. I confess my part in directing and manipulating your experiences all the way to sucking and fucking Swapnil before you eagerly did the same to both of us together.” He chuckled. “Then, as though we weren’t enough for you, you wanted to be mounted by Sheru.” I giggled shyly at the recent memory. “Swapnil called you a sex goddess, remember? I think he was right, more so than he might have expected. Do you disagree, Deepti?”

I shook my head. “No, Sir. I mean, I don’t know about the goddess part, but the idea he was expressing is exciting for me to imagine. But, it has been through your guidance …” I looked over to Swapnil … “and Swapnil’s, of course.”

He smiled and nodded. Then, he became very serious and held my eyes with his. “Deepti, do you want this to continue, even to grow?” I nodded. “Are you sure, Deepti? To continue like this would continue to be restrictive and risky. To continue it and to grow it would require the big changes I was referring to. We have to bring this out of the shadows. You are a woman who needs strong control and direction.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

He chuckled, “I know you don’t. You are like a neophyte waiting to be groomed into being the slut and bitch you could be. That can’t be done a few hours at a time, a few times a week. It requires turning your life over to it.”

I looked up at him. I was stunned. When he said there would need to be changes, I never thought he meant changes at that level. How could those changes happen as a married woman afraid of what could happen to her? Oh … my God! Is he talking about leaving Prakash?

“Sir, I can’t leave …”

He put up his hand. “I understand how important the perception of your marriage is for you and your family. Though, I don’t think that husband of yours deserves you. He is a fool to have left you in this state that you should find yourself.”

I stood and faced him while keeping a respectable separation between us in case someone should notice us. “I don’t understand, Sir. What can you possibly do to make a difference beyond what we have been doing?”

“Answer me this simple question: Do you want to be shown, led, instructed, guided, and freed to seek and discover experiences you have tipobet only imagined and then well beyond those?” How would he do that? How do I answer that? How could I still be married and realize all that? But, if I could … of course, I would want that. What does that make me? A slut, a bitch? Yes, that’s what it would make me. Isn’t that what I have been moving toward with his guidance, already? Of course!

“Yes … I would want that, but how?”

“Deepti, there is a saying: To live fully you have to experiment; to have the ability to experiment, you have to have confidence; to have confidence, you have to be secure; to be secure, you have to trust.” He looked into my eyes deeper. “I have asked you before if you trusted me and you always said, yes. This time it is a much bigger question, isn’t it? Do you trust me this much, Deepti? Do you trust me to not only to free you up to experience more of this while maintaining your marriage but do you trust me to control what you experience? I am not offering you a love relationship, Deepti, this will be directing you into experiences, but I will keep you secure.”

“Yes, Sir. I do trust you with my being. However you think you can manage all this, yes, I trust you to do it. It excites me, Sir. I have become wicked in my desires, I need your guidance.”

“Good, excellent. I am excited, too, as I am sure is Swapnil.” He chuckled and glanced to his assistant who smiled. Keep that phone nearby. In the next day or two, I will call for a meeting for it all to be explained.”

“Yes, Sir.” I was almost giddy, which on its face seemed strange. I was almost giddy to truly become a submissive, controlled woman directed to increasing sexual experiences. But, I very definitely was.

He turned to leave, his eyes showing that he wanted to give me a parting kiss. After only a few steps, I saw Swapnil say something to Mr. Iyer and he turned around. “Deepti, when I call for you, don’t forget to dress appropriately.”

I smile … and blushed. I call after him with excitement, “Yes, Sir.”

EXPLOIT, Part II of the story takes up with Deepti’s meeting with Mr. Iyer to learn of his solution and her life beyond that meeting. As Mr. Iyer will explain to her, a rewarding life filled with excitement, joy, and satisfaction is one where you are able to exploit your skills, interests, motivations, and desires into a way of life. Some find the ability to incorporate a piece that into business, sales, science, teaching, art, or acting. The lucky ones are those who find a way to live their lives entirely within their motivations and desires. The ability to realize the opportunity, then take the risk, make the leap, to decide to live and experience a life dedicated to using, exploiting the interests, motivations, and desires that drive your soul.

What will Deepti when she attempts to live what she now understands about herself through her cravings, hoping to step into a life in which she will find fulfillment, reward, and being whole?

Of course, exploiting your own desires and cravings can open the door to exploitation and abuse, in the process. Is it possible to rely on others to exploit your desires and cravings without putting yourself in a position of abuse?

* * CHAPTER ONE will follow * *

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