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Eat Him Out
It was 12:00am when I was just about done closing up shop when I heard a sound from the Arcade room.

“Polybius?” I peeked my head around the corner, not seeing any sign of him. “Hello?” I walked in further, “I know that sound was you!”

I started to get worried and quickly made my way over to the Polybius cabinet, tucked behind all the others and slightly hidden in the dark shadows of his corner. I found him leaned over his cabinet, his back to me.

“Polybius are you okay?” I reached a hand out just before he glanced over his shoulder at me with a glare, but something was off. He looked back away.

“No I’m not okay. I’m all hot and I don’t know why, it just feels like something is building in me. And it’s a feeling I have never felt it before I don’t know what it is.”

“Oh no, here look at me.” I gently grabbed his arm. “What were you thinking about to get you this way?”

“… you.” Polybius face was full of a light teal blush, it even dusted along his ears.



“In what way?”

Polybius wanted to avoid eye contact at all costs as he described his thoughts. “I was wondering, what you would look like without any clothing. I know that’s a taboo thing for you humans, showing each other your bodies…. And I was thinking about what kind of sounds you would make if I t-touched you.”

“Oh my god. You are horny.” I started to laugh out of second hand embarrassment.

“THIS IS WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE?!?” He covered his face with his hands. “How do you humans deal with it?”

“Well…” I started, ” you can wait and see if the feeling passes. Or if it is okay with you, I can try to help out?” I tired my best to end with a wink but Polybius just wound up laughing at my attempt.

“Yeah um. You can help if you want.” Polybius leaned against his cabinet, still not wanting to fully make eye contact. I smiled as I moved closer to him.

“I mean. We have been dating for a while.” I took his hand. “If you ever güvenilir bahis şirketleri want me to stop or slow down, tell me okay?”

“Okay.” He nodded, finally looking towards me.

“So I have told you before that I’m trans. So don’t like. Be freaked out.” I said as I undid the buttons on my uniform. Polybius didn’t say anything as I continued to undress.
“There we go. That’s all of it.” I said as I dangled my underwear on my finger, letting it slip off and fall to the floor.

“Now what?” He asked, a little at a loss for what to do.

“Now we kiss, and you can put your hands anywhere you like.” I took a step closer to him, barely any room between us. I reached up and pulled him down into the kiss. His hands found their places on my waist, if only for a few moments.

His kisses were always exciting, charged with something like static and left me giggly for a few moments afterwards. But the ones in the past where quick pecks and nothing like this.

I could feel the tingling in my body as we kissed, my mind already turning to mush from the feeling. My hands quickly found their own way into Polybius’s spiky hair. I gave a gentle tug at it and he let out a small noise. God the little noises he was making was almost too much for me to handle as he let one of his hands wander to my chest as the other pulled me in even closer.

I let myself catch my breath but only for a second as I kissed my way to the nape of his neck. I barley noticed how heavy my own breathing was becoming and the overwhelming arousal that had grown in me.

I planted a few more kisses on his neck before testing a nibble, eliciting a pleasurable noise from the pixel demon.

“This okay? The biting?” I whispered. He nodded, the hand that was on my chest had now made its way into my hair.

“…please.” the response made me smile as I gave a few more kisses to his neck. I had to stop, quickly tugging at his shirt.

“Is it okay to canlı bahis şirketleri take this off?”

“Ah yes.” Polybius responded. The top seemed to be dispersed into pixels then disappeared before my eyes, leaving his chest bare. I continued my nibbling, getting excited at the smallest of noises he made.

It took me by surprise when i felt him shift the hand that was on my waist down further to grope my ass. I couldn’t help but laugh a little out of embarrassment.

“Yeah my butt is kind of big.” I hid my face against him.

“It’s soft. All of you is soft, I like it.” He said as he continued to squeeze. His hands were firm against my body and I forgot how strong he was for a being that looked like he could be shatter as easily as glass if you hit him hard enough. I let my hands gently explore his body as well, tracing circles on his back as he poked and prodded at my fat.

“Is it okay if I touch you…” Polybius hovered his hand over my crotch, “here?”

I laughed a little, “Yeah if course.” I parted my legs a bit so he could have access between my thick thighs. He took a breath before placing a single finger on my slit, applying a little pressure and the lips parted. I buried my face against him once again. His touch felt amazing, just like his kisses. That buzzing blurry feeling shot through me as he brushed across my clit with his finger.

“You know exactly where to touch huh?”

“I may have done some research. But knowing things is nothing like actually experiencing it.” He whispered as he continued his light taunting touches on me. My breathing was getting heavy again as he worked. Small noises started to slip past my lips into the emptiness of the arcade.

“Human Mason..” Polybius stopped his ministrations for a moment, “I want to try something.” He removed his hand and tired to prop himself up a little further on his cabinet.

“I-i would really like it if you ate me out.” He said, avoiding canlı kaçak iddaa eye contact once again. My eyes lit up at the suggestion.

“Yes!” I fell to my knees between his own legs, ready for him to dissipate more of his outfit. To say the least, I was confused this time when the pixels dispersed. There was nothing where, just, null.

“Just trust me.” He said as he gently placed a hand on my head, guiding my face closer. I did trust him and found my mouth on something warm and wet, something that wasn’t visible to the human eye. I felt around with my tongue, the structure was familiar and then it hit me.

“Oh my god.” I said, slightly muffled by him.

“I did say to trust me.” I looked up at him with just my eyes then got to work.

The smell he was emitting was a little weird at first but I got used to it. It almost smelled like smoke from a fire mixed with the metallic taste of pennies. I lifted up one of Polybius’s legs with one hand and held the arm that wasn’t in my hair in the other.

I pressed my tongue hard against him, and tried sucking.

Everything I did to him gave a very audible noise of pleasure, rather it be a moan or a high pitched squeak. All the noises just made me hotter. I released his arm and used that hand to touch myself, the pixel demon enjoying himself far too much to notice.

As I touched myself, I found myself moaning into Polybius as I ate him. Only making the experience more pleasurable for the both of us.

“… close…” He whispered so quietly I almost didn’t hear him.

“Pleas-e Mason.” He spoke a bit louder, his voice was becoming crackly and glitchy over time.

He gripped my hair tightly and pressed my face into him even harder than before, making it increasingly difficult to breathe.

A set of glitchy ‘fuck’s fell from his lips as his he grinded himself on my face.

“Okay okay,” he said with shaky breaths and releasing my hair from his grasp, “That was… really good.” I just smiled from my place on the floor, happy that he enjoyed himself. He slid off the cabinet and onto the floor with me. He laid down and patted his chest.

“Come cuddle.” I smiled even more and jumped on top of him to snuggle.

“I love you Polybius.”

“I love you too Human Mason.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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