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Early Family Life Part 2
I slipped my shorts back on and followed Mum back into the house, her panties had ridden up the crack of her nicely rounded arse and I could see the tightness of them in her thigh gap, she knew I was looking and gave a little wiggle as she walked into the kitchen.
She looked down at my shorts again to see the reaction and I wasn’t going to disappoint as a visible bulge was appearing, it was like she had a new toy and was determined to get the best use of it, she reiterated again how pleasing it was that Dad and Val had a close relationship and hoped that we could enjoy the same, no pressure but it was obvious she wanted my cock.

She told me that I was at the age to explore my sexuality, we were not blood related due to my adoption so there were no legal issues and she admitted that she had wanted my cock ever since she started to see cum stains on my sheets, on Val’s panties and even had suspicions that I had been through her panties too, as we talked about panties it was evident that my arousal was increasing and she smiled as she looked at my visible tent pole.

“Have you been through my panty drawer Frank?” she asked in a matter of fact voice, I couldn’t lie, why would I and I openly admitted that I had on many occasions.
“Wow!, and what ones do you like best? She asked in a soft voice. What did I have to lose, it was an honest and open discussion and I think mum was getting turned on at my revelations.
Those red ones you have on now are awesome mum” I said coyly, “You have some nice panties mum”

“Have you worn them?” she asked and I nodded as I felt my face burning
“Have you cum in them?” was the next question and again my face burned up as I admitted to my mother that not only had I worn her panties that I had cum in them too.
To my surprise she was extremely good about it and seemed happy that I didn’t try to hide it.
“Good boy, there is no problem with experimenting” she said with a smile and even quite happy that she was indeed wearing my favourites.

She then asked me if I had seen Dad’s cock and I had to admit that I had on a couple of occasions when he showered and even walked in the bedroom when he was asleep naked on the bed, she then told me that my cock and my cum was better which for a lad of my age was a big confidence boost, even Val had commented that I was better at practicing with than Dad.

We talked a lot that evening and it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I opened up to my mother, nothing I said surprised or disgusted her and straight away I felt the bond between güvenilir bahis şirketleri us grow, to sit talking about sex in just my old shorts with her in my favourite underwear set was a situation I never thought I would experience especially as I had a boner for much of the time which she enjoyed looking at.

Mum decided to open a bottle of wine to celebrate our newfound honesty and although I have drunk wine before it was not my beverage of choice but it was a nice atmosphere and I was quite enjoying it.
We were on our second glass and mum was teasing with the way she was sitting with her legs slightly apart giving me a permanent view of her gusset, I could clearly see her lady slit and a few stray hairs and from the red shading it was clear she was damp. My erection was straining under the fabric of my shorts.

“So Frank, why don’t you show me what you look like in my underwear?” she said in a quiet soft voice, the wine was taking effect so I wasn’t taken aback by her request and let out a boyish giggle.
“Really Mum?” I questioned, “Shall I go upstairs and get some?” I asked definitely up for the challenge.
I saw the glint in her eyes as she shook her head and stood up
“Oh no, you can wear these, they are your favourite” she said as she reached around and unhooked her bra, it was like all my Christmases had come at once as her breasts came into view, they were medium size and very perky, her nipples stood rigid.

Now I had only worn her bra once before as I found it a hassle to do up but she stepped over and helped to clasp it up, it felt good and fitted remarkably well.
She stepped back and slowly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, OMG the sight of her pubic triangle nearly made me cum on my pants and she had to click her fingers to snap me out of the trance I seemed to be in, time froze as I stared at my mother’s naked body.

“Here, let me help you” she said as she got on her knees in front of me, her thumbs inside my waistband carefully lifting my shorts over my throbbing cock and slides them down my legs, my cock sprung out nearly hitting her in the face, luckily her mouth fell open and the head landed on her outstretched tongue.
“Mmm” she said as she gave the head a quick suck before returning to the job in hand.

I stepped into her soft silky red panties and she gently eased them up my legs and up to my waist taking very good care as she tried to force my throbbing manhood inside. It was a tough ask but her expertise won the day.
“Wow!, that feels so good” she said softly as she rubbed my cock through canlı bahis şirketleri the fabric of her panties. I had to agree with her and the fact that I was wearing the full set of my mothers underwear in front of my mother was mind-blowing, every fantasy coming true together.

Mum stepped back to admire me; I could feel the dampness on my balls as they were a snug fit.
“Wow!, just WOW!” she said looking at me,
“Needs a bit of filling up top but definitely no filling required down there” she said pointing at my bulging cock.
“What a magnificent cock, why don’t you come over here and fuck me in mummy’s panties?” she said and I didn’t need telling twice, but I wasn’t going to just go over and fuck her, I was going to have some fun.

I spun her around and bent her on the sofa, her cute arse up in the air on her knees with her legs slightly spread, her arse looked delightful and I reached forward and spread her cheeks, I heard a soft moan as she anticipated what was coming next.
I bent down and flicked her labia lips with my tongue before running it up the length of her crack and on the return I stopped as her arsehole giving it a flick and deep probe, I could hear her moaning softly as my tongue got to work forcing it’s way into her hole,
She tasted good and I was getting her quite wet with my saliva, she squirmed as I pushed a finger into her butt, then two and I could feel her pushing back as I worked my way in.
“Oh YESS!” she cried as I worked my fingers, trying to forge an opening for what was to follow, she was nice and wet and just where I wanted her.

I reached down and forced the waistband of her panties under my balls, my cock sprung out happy to be free. I entered it up and along her crack and gently forced the head inside her inviting arsehole, she yelped as the head entered but then pushed back on me as my shaft felt the tightness, I spat down adding more lubricant as my cock started to slide in and then felt my balls hit the back of her legs, I was in, right in.

“Oh YESS!” mum cried out as I started to pound away at her arsehole, building up a rhythm as the intensity grew and I was giving it all I had, her moans and cries were louder,
“CUM IN ME FRANKY” she cried out and I was there, I felt my balls tighten under the strain of the elastic waistband of mums panties and my cock start to pulsate, my ejaculate shot out of me at such a rate that mum even shuddered as it hit her deep inside,

“YES, YES, YESS!” she cried out as her arsehole sucked every last drop out of me, she looked up smiling, “OMG” she said as my cock canlı kaçak iddaa softened and I pulled it slowly out,
“That was… OMG!, I am lost for words” she said as she spun around and took my softening cock in her hand, as she pulled the skin back it forced a little droplet of cum to escape from the tip, she didn’t hesitate and leant forward putting my cock in her mouth and cleared up all the excess, she took great pleasure in making sure there was nothing left to come out.

She sat back and looked at me with a look of amazement as I still had her panties tucked under my balls, we both laughed about it but she did comment how sexy I looked, it was a pleasing statement to hear and opened the door to the future.

It was getting late and as Dad was away Mum suggested that we sleep together, I was all for that but she did say on the condition that I slept in her panties, I was all for that too.
We retired to the bedroom and mum threw on one of Dad’s tee shirts to sleep in and after removing the bra I slept in mums red panties.
I think we were both a bit woozy and we drifted off to sleep very quickly, mum slept with her back to me and I snuggled up behind her with my arm around her.

When I woke up, not sure of the time but mum was still fast asleep, I could feel my morning wood pressed hard against her arse and I had to reach down and release it from captivity and in doing so my hand brushed against mum’s bare arse.
I ran my fingers down her arse crack and between her legs, I fiddled with her lips and rubbed up at her little button, she didn’t flinch and I could feel her getting moist. I continued to probe about and gently inserted a finger into her moist pussy, I felt her take a breath but she didn’t wake up as I pushed deeper all the time adjusting my hips into position.

I pulled out my finger taking hold of my stiff cock and entered it up to her moist mound, slowly running it around and between her labia lips before slowly pushing it home, I think she must have realised what was happening as her breathing increased as she moaned softly.
I pushed right in and started slow thrusts while my arm went up her tee shirt and I gently squeezed her boobs; her nipples were stiff as I built up a rhythm and if she wasn’t awake at the start she was now.

“Oh Yes!” she cried as I fastened the pace and I felt her body shake with orgasm, “YES, YES, YES” she cried as her juices covered my balls, she was soaked which only enhanced my thrusting with my balls banging against her thigh.
I knew I was there; my whole body shook as that feeling in the pit of your stomach shot down the length of my cock, she cried out as she felt the hot cum shoot into her belly
“OMG! YESS!” she cried as the second and third spurts hit home, that was intense and we cuddled and laid there, my cock still inside her as we drifted back to sleep.

To Be Continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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