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Dad’s Fuck Pole – Part 1 (Growing Up As Papa’s Gir

a beautiful young lady with a perfect figure and matching statistics of 36-24-32. I am 25 years . I have done B.Sc. and MBA in finance. I am the Finance Director of my father’s chemical company.

My husband Pramod works as area marketing in-charge of the same company. My father is the founder and C & MD of the company. Let me give some background story of this narration. My parents are Manohar and Prema. Right from the college days my father is a best friend of Vinod (Pramod’s father) uncle.

They both completed M.Sc. together and established this chemical company with a small investment they had, which prospered well. It was Vinod who got married first to a beautiful lady Meena. They were blessed with a son Pramod (my husband).

When Pramod was 2 years old my father got married to Prema an ordinary looking and contended lady. After one year I was born. During my birth, some problem had arisen and doctors had to remove the womb of my mother. She lost the chance of getting another c***d.

Both the families intermingled well and became family friends. Meena aunty always called my dad as Bhaiyya. On the Rakhi day, every year, she used to tie Rakhi to my father. My mother never tied a Rakhi to Vinod uncle. I don’t know why. When Pramod was f******n his father died of a heart attack.

It was a shock to the family, and my father took good care of them. Meena aunty became a beautiful widow at the age of 33. Years passed on and when I was 21 I was married to Pramod. Though I was reluctant for this marriage, I can’t say no to my father as he had taken much care of me.

He gave me a lot of affection. I am closer to my dad than my mom. When I was celebrating my 16th birthday while giving me a present, dad hugged me so tight that my sweet lemons were crushed under his strong chest. He kissed my forehead first and then kissed me below my ear.

This gave me such an immense thrill that I can’t explain. My dad whispered slowly in my ear, “Baby, you are a beautiful girl and going to be a beautiful young woman one day.” I felt proud at that time by hearing his words. My whole body tingled.

By the time I am 22, I became a mother. When my baby was 8 months old a sudden change took in my life and this narration. As I already told you that my husband is the marketing in-charge. He used to be always on trips to outstations. Because of this, he used to be absent from the house 10 to 15 days every month.

Whenever my husband was out of the station I used to go to my parent’s house to spend the days there till Pramod’s return. My MIL never objected for this, rather encourages me saying, “Seema beti, you will be bored here in the absence of Pramod. Why don’t you go to your place?” I readily accepted this.

When I am in my parent’s house, I am a free bird. By that time, I had not joined the company. I used to go for shopping, cinemas, meet my old friends and have lunch/dinner with them. Sometimes my father used to take me out. My mother used to be very happy being at home taking care of my c***d.

She never accompanied us, as she feels happy at home. She regularly attends bhajans or pravachans by swamijees etc. Whereas mine and my dad’s chemistry is the same. We both have the same wavelengths. Sometimes he took me to the prestigious club where he is a member.

One day dad introduced me to his friend Shashank. He was awestruck to see my fine figure and beauty. When he learned that I am a mother he said, “Wow, a mother? Dear, you are so young I can’t believe that you are 22/23. You are like a girl if 15 or16.” And he pointed his finger where some girls were playing.

“Like that.” That is really a good compliment for me. After some time, Shashank uncle asked me to dance with him. I looked at my dad and he nodded. He is a good dancer. While dancing he said, “Really you are very cute. Your dad is lucky to have such a charming daughter.”

He pulled me so close to him that my crotch almost touched his crotch. My firm boobs were brushing his chest. “Your daughter is also beautiful, uncle,” I said as I was introduced to her. “Of course, but not as sexy as you are.” I was shocked to hear his words that “I am sexy.”

Though I was shocked, I also felt proud of my sex appeal. After some time while dancing I felt that his left hand which is on my slim waist slip down. Oh my! What is he doing? His left palm is on my bum cheek and soothing there.
I don’t know what to say, to protest or not.

I just kept quiet and danced with him. During the dance, I felt that he even slightly pressed my fleshy bum cheeks. On our return, my father asked, “Seema beti, did you enjoy dancing with Shashank uncle?” I didn’t understand what to say and said, “Yes, dad, he is very nice.”

I myself don’t know the words slipped from my mouth and unknowingly I blushed. Hot blood rushed into my cheeks. My dad is a real charmer. On another occasion, I heard him telling jokes to some lady members of the club which included some non-veg jokes also. I was upset with his jokes.

While going back home I said, “Dad you are very naughty. How dare you tell such jokes to women?” Dad was driving and I was sitting in the front passenger seat. Dad put his left hand on my shoulder and said, “Seema dear, you are not a girl now. You are grown up. Married. These are common things in high society. Tell me sincerely didn’t you enjoyed the joke?”

While talking he was pressing my shoulder. Generally, he presses my shoulder now and then. But today it is with more pressure and for more time. To be frank I enjoyed the joke but was upset. “Yes dad,” I agreed shyly. “There is nothing to be shy dear,” and he pressed my shoulder a bit hard.

He kept his hand on my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bare back. I was wearing a wide back open blouse. His hand running on my smooth naked back slowly. I felt a soothing effect on my body. When we were going into the house he said, “Don’t tell your mom that I am telling such jokes to women.

I nodded my head in O.K. He said thanks and hugged me. He ran his hand on my back again and kissed my cheeks. I don’t know why I felt a thrilling sensation in my body. After two days of this incident, dad asked me whether I am interested to go to the club.

I said, “No, dad today I have to buy things for the baby. I’ll go shopping.” Dad went to the club. After a while, I also went out on my scooter for shopping leaving my baby with mom. I bought baby food and diapers for my baby. I did some shopping for myself.

I also bought a beautiful saree for my mother and a beautiful leather purse for my dad. It was almost 8.15 by then. I was returning home. The route I took was via my in-laws’ place. As I reached my in-laws’ house I thought to say hello to my MIL. As I just wanted to say hello, I locked my scooter outside the gate and went in.

There was no light in the porch. I thought the bulb might have fused. I went to the main door. I was surprised to see my dad’s car parked on the porch. I thought dad also might have come to say hello to my MIL and pushed the door. The door was locked from inside.

Then I had a doubt why the door is closed when dad is in? I had a key to the main door. So without making any noise I opened the door and went inside. Dad’s briefcase and his purse were lying on the center table. When I looked at my MIL’s room I could see the light glowing.

Then I heard that sound. “Aaah,” a moaning sound. A joyous moan. My doubts confirmed. That my MIL is with somebody. Is it dad? I was hoping that it is not dad. But the proofs say that it is him. The car in the porch, the briefcase, and the purse, all say it is him. But it was only my thinking!

The moaning sound made me more curious. I wanted to see what is happening and to confirm who he is? There is a veranda on the other side where my MIL’s room window opens. I went into the veranda and to my luck the window was open. I went there and slowly adjusted the curtain and looked inside.I reached my in-laws’ house and I thought to say hello to my MIL. As I just wanted to say hello, I locked my scooter outside the gate and went in. The door was locked from inside. I went into the veranda and to my luck the window was open. I went there and slowly adjusted the curtain and looked inside.

My! What is happening? Inside my MIL and the man were naked. I could not see his face as he has turned the other side. My MIL was sitting on the edge of the cot. The man was sitting on the floor on his knees between my MIL’s fair, healthy thighs. The man was licking her choot. Her hands were on his head.

“Oh! Manohar mere raja, ab bas bhi karo. Jaldi se apne lund ko is chudasi bur mein pelo,” and pulled him up. The name confirmed that it is my dad only. The lady who ties Rakhi to my dad and calls him bhayya is calling him by name and ‘mere raja.’ Then my dad got up.

Now he is sideways and I could see dad’s face clearly. Oh! My god, what is this, is it a lund or what? Such a big one, not less than 9 inches in length and the thickness was almost as much as my wrist. “My, my it is a monster,” I thought. It is fully erect and almost parallel to the ground.

“Ab ajao raja ab saha nahi jata,” and she lay on the bed pulled him over her. Dad is rubbing his long and stout cock on my MIL’s thick pussy lips. But wait a minute! ‘Oh! What a cock it is? Holy Jesus, it is so big and so stiff’. I just could not move my eyes from that lovely cock of my dad.

My MIL inserted her hand between them. And holding dad’s dick and opening her pussy, pushed the knob into her lips. Dad gave a jerk of his tool. “Aahh raja you are hurting me, push little by little,” after saying that she raised her bum up to meet his thrust.

I took out my smartphone and took two-three snaps. Then keeping in video mode, I kept it on the window sill and looked in. Dad’s cock is moving in and out of my MIL. Though moaning with the pain she was raising her buttocks up. I was getting hot by watching the live fucking going on in the room.

On one side I am shocked by my father. That he is having such a relationship with my MIL. And on the other, he is cheating my mom. On the other side, I was getting excited by their screwing. I felt my boobs became heavy and swollen up. I put my hand back and opened my bra hooks.

Then opened my shirt buttons and put my hand on them and pressed. “Aaahhh,” I moaned slowly. Then pulling down the zip of my trouser inserted my hand and fingered my pussy over the panty. My pussy became wet by the release of preliminaries.

“Aahh, Manohar, ab maza aa raha hai. Bas vaise hi dale jao, apne lund ko. Agar tumahara lund nahin hota to main pagal ban jati. Aur ander tak pelo.” My MIL saying all these words made me wonder – such a nice and cultured lady using such abusive language.

Dad was fucking her vigorously moving his dick in and out of her well-lubricated pussy. A kind of sweet moaning sound was echoing in the room. Here I was also fingering myself by looking at their chudai, ‘Suppose my hubby Pramod’s is like that, how nice it would have been?’ I thought.

Then I remembered Vikram’s cock. It is much bigger than Pramod’s but not a match to dads. Vikram was my boyfriend and we had decided to get married. And I had allowed him to take all liberties except fucking. The reason is I had made up my mind that I will be a virgin until I get married.

My seal güvenilir bahis şirketleri will be opened by Vikram after marriage only. But that had not happened. And Pramod took my virginity. “Aahhh raja ab my teesri baar jhad rahi hoon,” my MIL is almost screaming with joy.

“Oh please do it slowly. Since how long you are screwing my pussy. Do it fast now and make me cum. Oh god, this is the third time I reached my orgasm. You are continuously fucking me from past 25/30 minutes. Please discharge soon let your hot seed fill my choot. Your strong cock is making my pussy ache.”

My God third time! In my whole married life of three years, I never discharged for the second time, ‘What a retaining power dad had’ I thought. Dad said, “Oh! please wait for another few minutes. I am coming. Your pussy is so good so tight, I feel like keep you fucking like this forever. Meri Rani, you are so good.”

I saw that both of them were sweating profusely. Even the bed sheet was partly soaked with their sweat. My MIL was looking great in that condition. Since her body was fully wet due to sweating. It is shining in the mercury light. I saw that despite being above 40 her body is still very firm and her boobs are not sagging.

I could not stop admiring her sex appeal. Every part of her body is still intact, no sagging and no drooping. And of course no extra fat on any part of her body. She had big boobs. Although, as a woman, I am very health conscious and have maintained my body properly.

Almost the same thing applies to my dad as well. As I have already told you how my dad is. Now I know why he takes so much care of his body. He is still young at heart and active at the physical level. Inside my dad is fucking my MIL at a furious pace. They were nearing their climax.

Both were moaning loudly. My one finger is still fingering my choot. For the second time, I am imagining if my hubby had a dick as big as my dad’s. My husband’s cock is very small in comparison to my dad’s huge dick. It is hardly 5.5” and not more than 2” thick.

Then suddenly a thought entered in my mind. How it could be if dad could shove his hard dick in my pussy. I still stood frigging myself at the window. I must have been doing this for a few moments thinking about dad’s cock in my pussy. Then I had a guilty feeling.

“What am I thinking? This is unthinkable, how can I think about my dad in a sexual way?” I thought. Somehow I decided not to reveal the fact to my dad and my MIL that I have come to know of their affair. So I decided to leave for home. While I am going out I took dad’s purse from the center table.

Should I inform about her husband’s cheating to my mom or not. I didn’t decide. My mother welcomed me when I entered the house. For the first time, I have seen my mom in a new light. The glow on her face and the happiness in her behavior made me feel happy and jealous at the same time.

Happy because she is my mom and jealous because all her life she is enjoying my dad’s fat cock. She definitely had all the reason to be happy. Again my thoughts drifted towards my dad’s fucking and his dick. I could not take it off my mind. Seeing me lost in my thoughts mom asked me the reason.

I had decided not to tell this to mom and spoil her happiness by telling her husband’s cheating. That too with my MIL. I knew the moment I tell her about the incident her happy life will be shattered. So I decided against it. I loved my mom so much that I couldn’t afford to destroy her life.

I decided within my mind to discuss this first with my dad and tell him to sever all relation with my MIL. I thought it is the best solution and our family will be saved. I was in a dilemma to ask my dad or not. Two days passed. But in these two days, dad’s cock is always reeling in my mind.

I always think about how it would be in my pussy. The thought ached my juicy pussy. I am getting tingles by that thought. And finally, I decided that I’ll enjoy his dick in my wanton choot. Then I started planning about this. The third day at about 3 pm I went to my dad’s office.

Dad was surprised to see me in the office. After formal greetings and showing concern for my well being, he asked me the reason for my visit. Seeing me silent he started talking on his own. He said, “Seema, you are a very lucky girl to have such a nice MIL. She takes good care of you and treat you as her daughter and loves you so much.”

At this juncture, I got an opportunity to say what I wanted to tell him. I said “Yes dad you are right. She loves me very much like a daughter. And why not, I am almost her daughter, after your relationship with her. Isn’t it?” Dad is shocked in disbelief. “What do you mean by this?”

“Don’t you know where were you two days back at 8 pm ?” I said and continued. “If you don’t remember I’ll remind you,” and saying so I took out his purse and kept it on the table. There was a concern on his face. “This is my purse,” he said picking it up.

“Yes, I picked it from my MIL’s house two days back. What were you doing there?” I said. “Wrong, you are unnecessarily blaming me. You don’t have the right to blame me or your MIL.”

“O.K. what do you say about this?” and I showed him the photos which I took. I could clearly see his face ashen. He kept quiet for a while. Then getting up from his seat, sat on the sofa. He asked me what my intentions are. I went up to him and sat at his side. I said, “I will tell this to my husband, and also to mom.”

“Don’t do that, ” he kept his palm on my shoulder and pressing it said, “You will be spoiling your mother’s happy life. If you tell Pramod he may hate his mother and also me. He may hate you also that you are my daughter. And this will ruin your family canlı bahis şirketleri life.”

There is truth in his words. And I didn’t have any intention to do so. It is only to blackmail my dad to fuck me. “Then severe all relationship with my MIL,” I said. He thought for a while and asked, “Is there any alternative for this?”

“At present no. I didn’t think of an alternative,” I said. “Then I am a dead person,” in a gloomy voice he said. I looked at him to understand his meaning. “Yes, beti if I severe my relationship with your MIL I will be a dead person.” He removed his hand from my shoulder.

Coming close to me put his hand on my left thigh and soothing it slowly continued. “I am a horny person, If your MIL would not have been there I would have been a dead person long ago. Your mom is not much interested in this you know. What I mean is sex is a physical need like thirst and hunger.”

“Your mother is cold in this matter. Now and then she accepts but she could not bear me.” When he said that, I imagined his dick which I saw three days back. “I have to unload the heat in me. What should I do? You tell me,” and he pressed my thigh.

I felt a tingling sensation run through my body. Unknowingly I still came closer to him and felt the warmth of his thighs. We are talking about these things as if such talks are common between us. Dad is talking about his sex life directly to his daughter i.e. with me.

When he said your mother can’t bear me, his thick long python came in my view. The thought of my dad‘s lund caused a thrilling sensation in me. Over and above he is soothing my thigh and pressing it. “I can put a suggestion,” Dad said. I looked at him inquiringly.

“You can reinstate your relationship with Vikram,” dad said. As I already told you that Vikram is my boyfriend. Dad had taken a promise from me that I will never meet him again. But now to have his relationship with my MIL he is allowing me to continue my meeting with Vikram. Dad is buttering me.

Indirectly he is telling me to get fucked by Vikram. My body tingled and I said “Really!”

“Yes. provided you will keep silence in this matter and don’t put any restrictions on me to meet your MIL.” Dad is bargaining with me that I allow him to enjoy my MIL whereas he allows me to enjoy with Vikram. “If you want you can meet him today only. Take this car and go to our guest house,” he said.

I thought of taking this opportunity. I looked at him lovingly and hugged him so tight that my boobs crushed under his chest. I said kissing his cheek, “O.K. dad if you wish. This is a good gift for your daughter. I am thankful to you for this. You are helping me in fulfilling my long cherished desire. Just give me five minutes to freshen up.”

Saying so I went to the attached bath and re-did my makeup. Since I wanted to seduce my dad I tied my saree well below my navel. I opened my blouse and removed the bra and worn the blouse again. Now my stiff nipples were clearly visible through the blouse. My saree was clinging to my ass.

When I came out I saw a glee in my dad’s eyes. He was greedily looking at me. I called up my mom and told her that I will be a bit late to come. As I was talking to my mom dad’s eyes were on my cleavage and prominent stiff nipples. I also noticed that two-three times he ran his tongue on his dry lips.

“My, my, Seema how cute and sexy you are. Seeing you like this Vikram will be mad. Why Vikram, any man will be mad to be with you,” he said. “Oh! You are a naughty dad. How can any man be mad after me? You tell me,” I looked mischievously at him and said.

“Seema beti I am telling you the truth any man will be mad after you.” He put his hand on my wide naked back and started running his palm. “You are joking, you tell me are you mad about me,” I asked looking into his eyes teasingly. He kept quiet for a while.

Then he said, “Yes, beti I am also mad after you for a long time now. Now seeing you like this,” and his hand slipped from my back to my buttocks. He gave a small slap on them. “Oh! Daddy, I won’t talk to you, you are very…” I stopped and said again, “Give the car keys.” I stretched my hand.

While taking the keys I dropped them. As I bent to pick them my saree slipped from my shoulder revealing my cleavage and boobs. I saw dad looking at my swelling bobs greedily. I smiled at myself took dad’s permission to leave. Dad hugged me again very passionately.

I felt his one hand very casually travel up to my ass and linger there for more time than necessary. When I extended my hand to take the keys my pallu dropped from my shoulder. As a result, both my heaving breasts became visible to my dad. I was correcting the pallu.

But my dad took the pallu from my hand and kept it on my shoulder. While removing his hand from my shoulder he slid it downwards and his fingers touched my breasts for a second. I felt the touch was not accidental, rather intentional. This thought made me shiver a lot.

The feel of dad’s fingers on my boobs was great. Somehow I controlled myself and taking the keys and finally thanking dad I started going. When I was coming out dad told me, “Seema beti, I know you will come back by 9 p.m.”
He hugged me again.

While hugging he put his left hand on my boobs over the saree. Slowly squeezing it, he whispered in my ear, “Happy fucking baby.” My plan was to blackmail him to enjoy me. But, it seems that dad himself is interested in enjoying me and shove his stout dick in his daughter’s juicy pussy.

When I was leaving, he said again, “Come by nine, baby, not before that you know where I will be.” He winked at me mischievously. He said again, “At nine your mom will leave for night bhajan. I will be waiting for you. We will be alone at home,” and he again winked at me. I left the office.

I know mom now and then goes for night bhajans and returns only next day morning 5 or 6 am.

So dear readers how do you like this? What happened after that? How I enjoyed dad’s cucumber in my pussy. This I will let you know in my next episode. Please give your comments

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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