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It was night. 8:43 PM to be exact. I looked at my watch anxiously, as I sat at the bus stop, biting my lip. ‘When will it be here?’ I thought to myself, getting a little annoyed. Daddy was expecting me home by 9:00 and if the bus didn’t hurry the hell up, I was going to be late. Three and a half minutes later, just as I was standing up to leave, the bus arrived. “How ironic,” I grumbled to myself unhappily. As I deposited my bus fare, I looked around the bus for a place to sit that wasn’t infested with some disgusting pervert or crazy person.

Finding a place near the back of the bus, I silently sat beside an older woman. She looked about 73 or so, and had white hair and thick-rimmed glasses. “Why hello there, dear! Why are you riding the bus so late? It gets very dangerous when the sun sets, you know! In fact, when I was a wee little girl, I was never allowed to go anywhere without me parents!” She told me, nodding in agreement with herself, in her strong Scottish accent. In my mind, I couldn’t help but smile, for she reminded me much as Mrs. Doubtfire.

And so ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ who later told me her name was Ellen Lacroix, chatted for a while on the bus. I kept looking at my watch, trying to predict if I would get home in time or not. Perhaps if I was lucky I could get home with about a minute to spare, but chances of that were slim. Stop after stop, people started to get off the bus, until it was only Ellen and I left. Eventually, the bus rolled to a stop as it reached my street. I smiled and stood, waving goodbye to my new friend. “Bye Ms. Lacroix! Maybe I’ll see you next time I’m on the bus?” I said, but sort of asked.

She only smiled and waved, a sort of confused look on her face. Blinking, I walked towards the door of the bus and looked at him. “Is she…okay?” I asked him, a concerned look on my face.

“Oh…She’s fine, I guess. It was very nice of you to talk to her. People rarely speak to her; you know, since she has short term memory loss and all. Oh yes, it’s been going on for thirty years now. She always talks about her childhood, but she can never remember things she did the day before, ya’ know, Miss? She rides the bus everyday, looking for her old home, but she just cant ever remember where she lives now. It’s really quite sad,” the driver said, then waved goodbye to me.

Confused and a little depressed after I heard the sad tale of Ms. Ellen Lacroix, I stepped off of the bus, thinking to myself for a minute as I quietly walked home. I shivered, walking slowly, as if stepping carefully along my thoughts; I didn’t want to crush them…Damn, it was cold! Perhaps Daddy would have some hot chocolate waiting for me when I arrived home. Wait a minute— I stopped in my tracks and gasped, looking at my watch. “OH FUCK!” I cried, 9:12 staring back at me with a sickening glare. Suddenly running at full-speed, I dashed to myself, thinking of what lie I would tell my father.

Perhaps I could tell him that I–umm…was mugged? No, they would’ve probably killed me. Umm…I could tell him that the bus was late? No, he wouldn’t believe that either. I panted softly as I finally arrived at my house, 324 Pepper St. Swallowing a little, I slowly opened our front door, pulling off my shoes at the door mat. Quietly closing the door behind escort beşevler me and locking it, I bit my lip and slowly started to creep up to my room. Ha-ha! Daddy was probably asleep already, and he wouldn’t even catch me being late! I felt like jumping in triumph as I headed down the hallway towards my room, but I stopped outside my father’s bedroom door when I saw a flickering light.

Well, curiosity grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go, because I slowly entered the room. It was the television that was emitting the flickering light but–what was on it? I gasped softly as I realized what it was–film of me sleeping. I was shocked and appalled at what I saw. Film of my father pulling my blankets away while I slept and pulling off my pajamas…Film of him fingering and licking at my pussy. I felt like vomiting but…at the same time, it was turning me on. I slowly sat down in my daddy’s office chair, spreading my legs a little. Reaching a hand down, I gently started to play with my pussy. Rubbing and fingering my wet little hole; massaging my clitoris with my thumb, just like my father was doing on the screen. I gasped when I heard a voice from the doorway.

“I swear, you’re such a slut sometimes…” The voice said, closing the door behind themself when they entered the room. I swallowed and sat up, pulling my hand from my skirt and quickly standing up. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, like a jackhammer and I backed against the wall instinctively. I was frightened and horribly humiliated, in front of a stranger. In the dim lighting I couldn’t even see who it was, which frightened me even more. The person hidden in the shadows clicked off the TV with the remote and pinned me against the wall, kissing me possessively.

I struggled and fought, trying to get away, but they were much too strong. Somehow, he managed to get me to the floor, and I figured he was a male because I could feel his cock growing in his pants as he pressed against me. Dominating me was obviously turning me on. I tried to bite at him, but he only slapped me and growled. “Stop it,” I cried, thrashing about, “or I’ll scream! Daddy help me, please!” I screamed desperately, knowing that any second now, my father would rush through the door and save me.

But daddy didn’t come. Well–not yet anyway. “Mmm…but I am helping you, baby.. Daddy’s helping you lose your cherry…Mmm we don’t want that nasty thing around anymore, now do we?” The voice said, which I easily recognized as my father’s. I was confused, I was scared, and I was getting horribly wet at the exciting news.

“No–! No! You’re lying! I don’t believe you!” I screamed behind tears, even though I knew it was true. I struggled even more as I sobbed, trying to kick and scratch my Daddy away from me. But it seemed that the more I tried to get away, the harder he got. Daddy quickly let go of me and stood up, clicking on the light. I stared up at him and trembled, my heart going a thousand miles a minute. Oh yes, it was daddy alright, but he had a raging hard-on. He locked the door and grinned down at me, pulling a small box from his closet.

“Mmmm that’s right baby, daddy came prepared. I’ve been planning this for quite some time now…” he whispered to me, pulling out a escort balgat rope from the box he held. Placing it on the floor, my father pinned me down and wrapped it around my arms, stomach, and legs until I was hog-tied. I trembled helplessly, trying to squirm free of the ropes, though I knew it was hopeless. I did the only thing I thought I could do–I started screaming at the top of my lungs. But daddy was prepared for that too, because next in his “Box of wonders,” he pulled a ball-gag. I shuddered and tried to squirm away, but I was tied up so tightly, it hurt when I moved even an inch.

Daddy wrapped it around my head and strapped it nice and tight, so I couldn’t even get a word out without it being muffled. I struggled more, nervous as I felt daddy lift my legs up to look under my skirt. I let out muffled cries, and shook my head, but daddy didn’t even seem to care. He raised an eyebrow. “Mmmm…My baby’s wearing underwear for once. Those will have to go,” he grinned and pulled out a knife, which obviously freaked me out. “Shh…just settle down, baby-doll. You’ll be alright,” he whispered, then kissed my inner-thigh. I was disgusted, but at the same time getting so horny. I didn’t want daddy to see how wet I was!

I closed my eyes and whimpered as I felt him cutting my skirt off of me. Daddy tore my pantyhose off quickly, tearing it into pieces as he did. I trembled lightly as he made his way up, slicing my shirt and bra off in only seconds. My eyes welled up with tears; afraid that daddy would cut me if I continued to struggle. With a grin, my father sliced my panties off and inhaled deeply, smelling my wet cunt. “Mmmm baby-doll, you’re so wet for daddy…You want me to eat you out, don’t you baby?” He grinned, and before I could answer, returned the knife to his box and pulled my legs up as he kissed his way down to my pussy.

I shook my head, though I could feel myself grow even wetter, as I thought about my own father giving me head. I shivered a little, feeling Daddy’s hot breath on my cunt. I squirmed a little, but moaned against my gag when he started licking and sucking at my pink, juicy clit. I squirmed more and more, slowly starting to enjoy my daddy eating me out. I arched my back a bit as he penetrated me with his wet, slimy tongue, making circles inside of my cunt. “Mmmm daddy!” I moaned, though my words came out mumbled. I slowly started humping Daddy’s face, desperate for an orgasm.

Just as I was getting close to cumming, Daddy pulled away from my cunt and grinned, his face glistening with my juices. I whimpered a little when he stopped, but only squirmed anxiously when he flipped me onto my hands and knees. Daddy slowly brought a finger to my puckered asshole, and gently started to rub at it, making me moan softly. Pleased with my reaction, Daddy gently licked my brown-eye, then grinned and jammed his tongue into me. I groaned, my head resting against the carpet as daddy licked and played with my asshole. I was really beginning to enjoy playtime with daddy. I moaned and groaned against my gag as my father lapped at my ass, slowly adding another finger. I groaned in slight pain, for it was uncomfortable, but soon began to enjoy it.

Daddy seemed to like it too. He was happily burying escort batıkent his face between my ass cheeks as he licked at my ass, but then slowly came to a stop. I pouted once again–well, as close as you can get to pouting with a ball-gag in your mouth– disappointed with my lack of orgasm. Lying me on my back, my father grinned down at me, gently cupping my breasts. He leaned down and kissed them gently, rolling my nipple around with his thumb. I winced a little; seeing as his hands were so strong and I was so weak. Apparently, daddy wasn’t that interested in my tits, because he quickly moved on to my pussy once again. “Mmmm…now its time for daddy to take your cherry, baby..” He whispered and grinned, positioning himself at my wet entrance.

Daddy quickly shoved his cock into my pussy, groaning as he humped into me. He expected me to scream against my gag; he expected me to bleed, but I only moaned in pleasure. He raised an eyebrow as he pounded into me, panting softly. “You aren’t a virgin?” He asked me between moans, closing his eyes every few humps into me, to enjoy it. I only nodded, I had lost my virginity with an old boyfriend behind the bleachers at a football game, as cliche’ as that sounds. It seemed like the perfect place at the time, since our parents were both home.

Daddy snickered a little and kisses my forehead. “Mmm that’s alright. I’ll work with what I’ve got, then. And what I have is a hot daughter with a nice, tight pussy..” he grinned, closing his eyes as he slowly started to pick up the pace of his rhythmic fucking. I moaned, slowly bucking my hips towards my father’s cock. Grabbing my tits as handles, Daddy suddenly started going faster and harder, riding me as if I were a horse in the Kentucky Derby. It was a little uncomfortable, but all-in-all, it still felt amazing. “Mmmmm god, baby-doll, I’m cumming!” He panted to me, and I tried to squirm away, showing I didn’t want his cum inside me.

Apparently, Daddy understood. He slid his cock out of me just as he was tensing up and shot his cum all over my stomach and breasts. He took off my ball-gag and smiled, kissing me softly. He grinned and slowly began to lick up his cum and feed it to me, via-kisses, which I happily lapped up. I was happy to have daddy fuck me, even if people said it was wrong. After daddy wiped off the remaining cum with my ripped shirt, he untied me and smiled, gently rubbing the red marks where the ropes had dug into my skin. I winced a little. They hurt, but it still felt nice to have daddy touching me. He gently kissed my forehead and brushed my hair from my face, examining the flushed color of my cheeks from being fucked so hard.

“Mmmm…So daddy…” I said after silence, kissing him softly. “Can we try this again tomorrow?” I asked him, blushing a little. Surprised with my question, my father nodded and smiled, gently rubbing my cheek. “Okay…but next time…I want you to tape it.” I whispered, then leaned up and kissed him. “I think I’m gonna go to bed now…You fucked my energy out, daddy.” I smiled and giggled as he gently slapped my ass. I headed into my room and lied down on my bed, replaying my adventure with my father over and over again in my head. I smiled to myself as I slid under the covers, thinking to myself about old Ms. Ellen Lacroix. How happy I was to have made her my friend, even though she wouldn’t remember me tomorrow…Perhaps she had children that daddy and I could play with in the future. “Mmmm…this looks like the beginning of a beautiful sex life,” I whispered to myself, before easily drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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