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Curiosity Cured
Curiosity Cured

By: Londebaaz Chohan

“Natured or Nurtured”, the debate is still on and the jury has still not announced its verdict but, Arvind Kumar was not interested in all of the mess. The only thing, he knew was that he was soon going to be graduating from the high school and joining a college and wanted to experience it before then. He had faked every possible move; the high school boys do but nothing had soothed him. He had a girlfriend, just short of fucking her like most of his groupies claimed, Arvind kissed her, he played with her young tits and the sexy nipples; even tasted them. His girlfriend, Hiya only allowed him to kiss, lick and soft touch her pussy just as much as she took his youthful cock in her custody and loved, kiss and licked it. He would have loved to fuck Hiya but only if it would calm down his constant fantasy of being with another man all naked and without any shame or shyness. Now he was hell bent that OK, if not in the school or with a boy of his class; he will take a chance outside but he must work on his desire to be naked with another male to see what went on and how. The curiosity was killing him.

Arvind had gone through a lot of forums, discussing the bi and or bi curious issues and also the people for their first time. He had also read a lot of erotic fiction and true stories to get the legit of the matter. Lately he had also started to look at the gay personals and the ads on the specific websites, making him extremely horny and turned on. Finally, he decided to make his own ad on a popular gay site that read, “A young virgin of the legal age, looking for an older guy [not over 40] for the first time experiment. Must be very discreet and patient”. Next morning when he checked his email, it was amazing to find 11 responses already but 7 being from the guys who were far away but all had encouraged him and wished him a happy experience.

Then his eyes got glued to this email, he really liked. It was from a man who claimed to be 38 years of age, divorced, experienced and looking for young guys to show them the joys of sexing with a man. He said his name was Jasbeer. Jassy also talked about being patient with the first timers and caring to make the youngsters feel comfortable while enjoying.

Jassy particularly mentioned that he would like to start with a chat only for couple of sessions and only if Arvind thought that they should go ahead, then they would plan for the meeting. Arvind decided to take the chance and replied back and for the next almost one week, they talked back and forth, Jassy giving Arvind some very wise advice about growing up with such and more curiosities. Each day Jassy seemed to grow on Arvind and Arvind seemed to be attracted to Jassy. Finally, Arvind decided that he was ready to meet with Jassy and they decided to meet next Saturday morning at this very famous café of the town and sent each other a picture for identification.

Arvind came in before time and sat nervously in one corner for a while till he saw Jassbeer enter in and order a coffee and got to his paper. Arvind had to show the resolve and walk over to sit next to him. Jassy was glad to welcome the illegal bahis sweaty, nervous boy. They chatted for a while until Arvind was really relaxed and they decided to go take a walk in the nearby park. Now most of the talk was about sex and Jassy suggested various options to go into the dense and hidden areas of the park, public restrooms, his own car or even his house for the ultimate safety and security. Arvind suggested to go for the mutual jerking off only to start with and Jassy nodded with a good word to go in the heavy and thick growing bushes and walked almost 10 minutes until they came to a quiet, very dense bushes and tree corner and they stopped.

Jassy said that in order to make Arvind at ease; he would not mind to remove his pants first and after approved by Arvind, he chucked his pants revealing the most beautiful, long, thick and extremely hard uncut cock with a pair of most matching low hung balls. Feeling encouraged, Arvind also decided to expose himself and dropped his pants to show, not that impressive but a much cute, younger, healthy cock. Jassy was a true aficionado and did not show any dereliction to reach over and started to run his fingers over the Arvind’s young junk, stepping much closer. They were kissing each other very gently while Jassy was stroking the young guy’s penis. Tongues rolling out of the warm, wet mouths were felt great. Still a little hesitant, Arvind reached for the Adult cock and began running his hand up and down along the stiff shaft. Few minutes of this and then they broke the kissing and jerking off smiling at each other. Feeling slight pressure on his shoulder by the adult hands, Arvind did not resist and sank on his knees to be face to face with the much larger cock head stressing out of the foreskin and throbbing, shining with the sheen of his pre cum almost dripping by now.

Unable to resist, Arvind wrapped his hand around the live meat shaft and stroked it for couple of times and then his tongue dragged out to lick the cock eye and the larger head to feel the warmth and the moistness with the manly smell and taste. It was all awesome, compelling Arvind to open his mouth wide and take the cockhead inside, slow massaging it with his tongue making Jassy moaned and breathed deep; appreciating Arvind’s efforts and also placed his hand on the back of the youngster’s head; a subliminal invitation to take more of the cock length in the young curious mouth. Being a dutiful, obedient boy, Arvind opened even larger but reached hardly half way down the shaft to realize, he won’t be able to take anymore. Nature took over and Arvind slowly withdrew until the wet tip was between his lips and took the shaft in his hands for a coordinated mouth and hand work in unison up and down the cock length with raised up pace and tempo in minutes.

Deep hard breathing and the feel of further growing larger and stiffer in Arvind’s hands, Jassy was nearing his orgasm, when their eyes met and Jassy noted the enthusiasm of the youth on both cocks with one hand to serve each. Jassy smiled and lovingly finger combed the boy’s hair groaning constantly. Suddenly Arvind felt the manly cock grow still more and canlı casino the balls also knotted under the boy’s grip and pulled up. Jassy firmly grabbed Arvind’s head with his hands and thighs and with a feeling of rush warm jets of manly semen started hitting the roof and the back of Arvind’s mouth. Before Jassy removed his cock from Arvind’s mouth and praised him for being awesome as a first timer, youthful hands made sure the cock length was totally squeezed and balls fully milked of every drop for him to swallow.

Now the situation being that Jassy enjoyed his climax but Arvind was still hard and slow jerking himself for relief but Jassy ordered him to leave his cock alone and pull up his pants. As Arvind complied; they came back into the main park. While walking in the park, Jassy asked Arvind if he was ready to go with him to Jassy’s home. There was absolutely no pressure because Arvind could say; he was satisfied with his first gay experience, but surely, he was too horny to answer and just kept walking towards the lot, where Jassy’s car was parked.

It did not take long and they were at Jassy’s home. Jassy asked but even before getting the answer, he had mixed 2 large glasses of scotch and coke which they gulped fast and Jassy suggested to Arvind to come with him to his bedroom. Standing by the bed, they stood face to face and took off each other’s clothes and soon they were both in their underwear’s only. Jassy in a very pleasant mood, made Arvind to lay down on the edge of the bed with his legs dangling to the floor, kissing him and rubbing his young chest and belly. Slowly, kneeling between Arvind’s legs, Jassy had hooked his fingers under the boy’s underwear and slowly pulled it off to his ankles playing with his young cock again. Totally naked young Arvind’s body was soon getting love stamps on his cheeks, neck, chest, nipples, stomach and down to the rock hard, exposed cock. Soon the young hard cock was expertly taken in Jassy’s mouth while his nose was buried in the clean shaven acreage of boy’s silky and smooth pubic area skin. Arvind’s eyes were rolled back into his head due to the ecstasy as Jassy’s tongue rolled around the getting sensitive penis of Arvind. Jassy did not stop for a second and with continuous attention and effort, it did not take much longer for Arvind to hit the climax filling Jassy’s mouth. After coming to senses they kissed and Arvind could taste himself in Jassy’s mouth.

Soon young Arvind was hard again and now Jassy stood up, walked to the side table and took out a small bottle of KY lube. Arvind knew what was to happen next and his heart started to race. Jassy did ask Arvind if he was ready and he nodded. Jassy made Arvind to bring his knees to his chest while Jassy bent down slowly to lick young man’s balls and area close to the tight virgin asshole. The warm wet tongue was sending shivers into the boy’s hole for a bit and then a lubed finger slowly penetrated him. Adding some more lube, Jassy swirled his 2 and then 3 fingers inside the boy’s tight fuck hole making him relaxed. Soon, Jassy stood up and took the position at the young Arvind as they both looked at each other. With little forward kaçak casino move, the cock tip was at the lubed hole. Jassy rubbed it up and down at the crack just before targeting the hole and putting pressure on, resulting the cock sliding into the youthful tight asshole. The larger head felt almost tearing the meat as it popped in and went past the puckering. Arvind just could not control a pleasurable moan slip out of him as the thick shaft started stretching his snugly fitting ass around the big cock girth. It took very long, centimeter by centimeter move until Arvind felt Jassy’s balls touching him. Arvind was full. He could feel adult cock deep inside him till it was reverse wrenched and drawn out but only to be thrashed right back in with force and gusto. Though for a very short while but the emptiness of the hole felt very oddly empty and to avoid it Arvind softly muttered for Jassy to fuck him non-stop.

This constant plowing was positively hitting some special spot inside Boy’s rectum producing intense feeling of pleasure with each stroke. Jassy fucked Arvind with long smooth strokes, making sure every bit of the length probed in the no more virgin asshole. In appreciation, Arvind was touching Jassy’s chest and pulling his hard nipples. As Arvind clamped his legs around Jassy’s back, he felt his climax rushing and with no other choice he placed his both hands on Jassy’s rounded ass bubbles and pulled him in. Jassy tried to continue ponding into Arvind but his orgasm wheels had also started to spin much faster. It was too much to endure and in no time both were shooting. Arvind unloaded onto his stomach and chest between the two bodies and this made Jassy’s cock to swell up and unload his essence inside Arvind.

After, all done, they fell over and under each other and they kissed for long time until Jassy’s cock softened and slid out of Arvind. Arvind was feeling so alive and so pleased for doing it all. Because of the huge mess made, Jassy suggested to take a shower together. While Jassy ran his soapy hands over the youth’s body, Arvind again submitted himself and bent over ready for the fat, long gay cock that had grown hard again for the second fucking. This time Jassy’s cock was buried much quickly because it was full of Jassy’s thick lubing cum already. With Arvind jerking himself off, his head down and warm water falling on his back was like the symphony of ultimate kind. The boy was almost blacking out at the verge of being engulfed in another rush of climax brewing in his balls.

He was about to collapse but right then, he felt Jassy’s cock swell and unload once again inside him. He was held firmly by the adult grip as large hands washed him well, brought out to bed and lay him there to catch the breath for a bit. Tired and weak, the boy dozed off for a while, till he got up and dressed. The time on the wall clock said; 8:20 PM. Jassy was nowhere in the room but as Arvind came down, he saw a fresh pizza pie delivered for their dinner and the trainer man insisting to eat before saying goodnight. It was nice that during dinner, Jassy agreed to drive Arvind down in the town closer to where he lived for easier walk back home. They also promised to stay in touch via the email address and Jassy had kind of agreed to give Arvind at least one chance to top soon.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan August 29, 2019.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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