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Cooling Off
It was seventh of April, a sultry summer day and Anju Shenoy could not have forgotten this day for ever. Precisely seven years had passed since the dreadful afternoon when she had heard the tragic news of the accident which had shattered her life to pieces.

It was on that fateful day that her husband Rajesh Shenoy while returning home from office had met with an accident which had resulted in his right arm and leg being totally paralyzed. Since then, to date she had toiled hard to see that her husband and c***d were not affected in any respect and today after a lapse of seven long tormenting years she was feeling tired, fatigued, and lonely.

Today she was so tired that after finishing her lunch she just stretched herself on the sofa and reclining on it as she started recollecting the horrifying past, her eyelids grew heavier and before she could lie properly on the sofa she fell asleep. In her sleep as Anju moved down on the sofa, the sari covering her chest slipped down, exposing a part of her robust chest and down below, her midriff too was bare. While one of her leg was dangling down and the other one folded, her inner thighs were clearly exposed to any one’s gaze who was nearby.

She was stretched out on the sofa totally lifeless and unmindful when her husband Rajesh pushed his wheel chair in and on entering the drawing room saw her lying there totally exposed, which made him draw his wheel chair closer to her. On getting closer, Rajesh looked at her robust body and when his gaze fell upon her exposed midriff, the most electrifying part of her body, he suddenly had the urge to lift his hand and touch her.

To add up to this, as Anju was dressed is a black cotton sari with a black blouse, the contrast of her fair skin upon her dark clothes was a sight to behold and her exposed midriff, which was rising steadily up and down due to her breathing was so stimulating that Rajesh almost extended his left arm to feel her up.

Though physically he wanted to touch her, mentally he toughened his stand not to and as he turned, he had a momentary glance of her exposed thighs which again was captivating. This time he weakened a little and positioning himself near her thighs, when he was about to dip his face down to see what lay between them, he suddenly sensed that he was being observed from behind, which made him draw back swiftly and when he turned to have a look, he could see nothing except the curtains of the room fluttering.

Rajesh was certain that his actions were observed but as he was not quick enough to turn, he could not see the person. It was not one but two persons who had simultaneously watched Rajesh’s actions. The first one was the 51 year old cook cum helper Satish and the second one was Rajesh’s 18 year old son Ajay. Satish was in a habit of always spying on Anju and whenever she lay on the sofa to rest, he was there to see her stretched on it, out off exhaustion.

But as far as Ajay was concerned it was the first time he had seen his mother lying down on the sofa exposing her body and what made him anxious was the way his father Rajesh was trying to look under her dress. Though he was not able to see much of his mother’s exposed body from the balcony where he was standing, he got excited from watching his father trying to feel her exposed body and look under her dress and the moment he saw his father turn around, Ajay stepped back and slipped inside his room unobserved. He was lucky that his father had not lifted his face up.

Satish too felt he was fortunate to have not been caught red handed and he resolved to be more careful in future. He had been watching her behavior since he took up the job six months ago and he wanted to study what made her feel so tried. He wanted to confirm whether it was from the daily workload she undertook or whether she suffered it due to her husband’s ill health.

As he possessed a cure for her exhaustion, he wanted to make sure the cause of it and after having watched her for so many days, he finally came to the conclusion that her weariness was not because of the workload but it was for not having been sexually satisfied. And as such her body ached for it which made her physically tired.

He knew it was difficult for him to approach her directly on that subject as the treatment he had for her was Ayurvedic (medicine made out of mostly roots and other parts of weeds and plants) and the person taking the medicine had to have lot of control over its influence on their body. Finally he decided it was the right time to put it across to her, as he could not see her tormenting herself anymore.

Safely tucked in his room, Ajay was visualizing the incident which took place that afternoon and as the figure of his mother came in front of his eyes, his body started getting warm and he could feel his pecker getting stiff little by little, and as he got a clear picture of his mother stretched out on the sofa in his line of vision, his pecker started to get hard.

This heavenly sensation was something new he was feeling up inside him and he was happy that his mother was the cause for it. Suddenly when he realized that on seeing his mother lying down on the sofa had such an effect on him, he wondered what effect it would have when he was really close by. Thinking of it he set himself straight and came hurriedly down the stairs.

Ajay was a few seconds late in coming down the stairs as his mother Anju had just got up from the sofa and was steadying herself. Though he was unlucky in catching her lying on the sofa, he felt the same sensations of his pecker getting stiff when he looked upon her closely. He took some time in looking her up and relaying the images up to his brain to be imbedded there. He got immense pleasure in watching her strong robust body from the front and when his gaze got too direct, he moved behind her and totally transfixed his eyes on her behind. Now at leisure he could see her strong shoulders, her complete back, her curved waist, the upheavals of her buttocks and the long legs. When his mother moved away and started climbing the stairs, watching her buttocks sway underneath her sari, Ajay got an erection and he followed her up the stairs to her room, all the time captivating the sensual movements of her whole body and when she entered a room and bolted the door, he realized what he was doing was wrong and he came down hurriedly before she could catch him.


The next morning as Anju walked into the kitchen, Satish noticed again that there was some weariness in her and before she could start giving him instructions, he said ‘Maam’ you looked very tired and if you don’t mind, I think I have some medicine for it. Hearing his words, Anju smiled at him and replied ‘Its okay Satish, I could not sleep well yesterday and now I am feeling much better. ‘But Maam, it will cure everything’, Satish replied. ‘Thank you Satish, I will take it when I feel tired again’. She replied softly and set herself on her daily chores. At this stage, Satish did not consider forcing her; hence he dropped the subject and continued in helping her out with the breakfast. Later on as Anju was setting up the table for breakfast, she saw her son Ajay come down the stairs dressed up in school uniform which surprised her. She was surprised to see him already dressed up and she had no idea what made him do it. Ajay had hurried up as he felt it would give him more time to be with his mother and he wanted to be near her as much of the time as possible.

When he came down, though he felt it was wrong to look at his mother’s body, his eyes took to the dress she was wearing. He could not take away his eyes from the long flowing night dress she was wearing. Though it was of a heavy material, he could still make out the figure of her bosom and the curves of her thighs from the corner of his eye and when she turned he kept looking at the impression created by her buttocks on the material and when she started moving and passed under the light it gave a clear image of their size and shape. This mental picture brought a sudden change in Ajay’s body and to come out of it, he shook his head to clear the vision.

After some time when his mother returned with the dishes and was under the light, Ajay eyes instantly looked up and this time he could see the shape of her breasts wrapped in a bra. He knew it was wrong to look at his mother but every time she passed under the lights by instinct his eyes followed her and on her third visit, when she came under the lights, Ajay was looking down at her front and for a split second, as he saw that she was not wearing anything under the gown, his body suddenly convulsed and before he could look the other way his mother felt his gaze.

This was the second time Anju had seen him staring down at her. The first time it was just a refection of him in a mirror when he had followed her up the stairs and now being right in front of him she had seen his eyes glued over her body. She let it pass through as she felt that every teenager had this curiosity inside them and it was nothing more than it. Ajay at that time did not know that his mother had noticed him, but as he felt what he was doing was wrong; he stopped looking up her body and finishing his breakfast left for school.

At school Ajay was inattentive as every moment the vision of his mother was foremost in his thoughts. He had a tough time controlling his mind and making the vision fade away. He was relieved when he heard the final bell and on rushing home he went directly to his room to lock himself up. It was quite sometime before he came down and he was happy to have the living room all by himself.

Meanwhile, Anju after finishing her lunch, started to get tired again and as she needed some rest to come out of it, she stretched herself on the sofa. Relaxing on the sofa, the prime thought on her mind was Ajay. She kept wondering about him. She knew he was growing up and she had to handle him in a different way. He was passing through his teenage, which was very difficult to cope with and it was here that one needed proper guidance.

She made up her mind to be as accommodating to him as possible and to treat him as an adult. She realized that the present moment, she had to be more of a friend to him, than a mother. It was here she regretted her husband’s helplessness. Thinking about it as she tried to get up, she found it hard to lift her head and she felt as if her body was too heavy and it was pulling her down on the sofa. It was then she thought of Satish and what he had said in the morning.

By the close of evening, on having finished cooking a rich meal for her son, she looked up to see Satish relaxing out in her back yard. She moved over to join him in the open and as he looked up, Anju was in two minds whether to tell him about her problem or not and she stammered at the start. Satish instantly knew the purpose behind her visit. When Anju could muster enough strength, she asked him about the medicine he had talked about in the morning.

‘Oh that Maam, Is a bit difficult to control, Satish replied. ‘Why? What’s so difficult about it, enquired Anju? ‘It’s nothing much, but one has to control the sudden urge he/she gets on taking the medicine, otherwise it is of no use’, replied Satish. ‘Do you think I won’t be able to do so, asked Anju? ‘No Maam, you can’, at first you will find it difficult but gradually it would be easy. You may have to have the medicine for about 10 days, replied Satish. ‘I will do anything to get back to a healthy state’, replied Anju. ‘Okay Maam, from tomorrow you will start taking the medicine’, replied Satish.

Anju was glad that she had spoken to Satish. Though he had not made it clear as to what she had to control, she had totally agreed upon it. She wanted to be as fit as a fiddle to help out her son. Having these thoughts in her mind when she reached the living room, she was amazed to see Ajay stretched out on the chair as an adult person does.

He was so keen in watching the news on the TV that he did not see his mother. The sight of him behaving like a grown up person made Anju stand rooted to the spot, feasting her eyes upon him. It hurt her a little when she realized that he had grown up and he was no longer a boy whom she used to fondle in her arms, but still she was happy to see him as an adult.

She abruptly left the room and returned back with a tray filled with her cooking and when she placed it in front of him, Ajay was astonished to see the change in his mother’s behaviour. It really surprised him when she squatted on the carpet presenting him a plate with a smiling face. Ajay could not believe this and as he took the plate from her hand he said ‘thank you mom’. When Ajay finished up, Anju very lovingly took the tray back to the kitchen.

This was a new found love between the son and the mother and both were very pleased about it. This was a new type of bond between each other and no one knew at that precise moment where it was leading to, but both were in an immensely happy mood.

That night Ajay was on cloud nine. He felt elevated. He felt as though he owned the whole house and he was the head of it. While he shifted his things to an adjoining bedroom and as his mother did not object to it, he felt proud of himself. In the new surroundings when he went to sleep on the king size bed, the last thing which came to his mind was the scene of his father trying to feel his mother’s body. This made his body warmer and he had a sound sleep.

Anju too was recollecting the day’s proceedings lying on her bed. She found it very enjoyable to treat her son as a grown up. She wanted to do all that was possible to keep him happy. She found that she was getting closer to him. She was amazed when he shifted his things from the study to the adjoining bedroom. The last thing she remembered before her eyes went drowsy was from tomorrow she had to take the medicine to cure her weariness.


Anju was a little late in awakening the next morning. On getting up she was surprised to find herself in a healthy frame of mind. After completing her morning chores as she walked down to the kitchen, she saw Satish grinding some roots out in the back yard. As she finished cooking she saw Satish come into the kitchen. He had a glass full of water in his hand and he added a little quantity of the paste which he was grinding and after stirring it a bit, he presenting it to Anju said ‘Maam I have added a very little quantity of the medicine into this, please have it and try to control yourself to the last second’. Saying this Satish left the kitchen.

Anju was puzzled a little as she did not know what she had to control. The only thing Satish had said was the longer you control yourself the more affect the d**g will have on her. Still wondering about the outcome she gulped down the glass of water and stood still waiting for the result. For a few moments she did not feel anything but gradually she found her bladder being filled up. Her stomach started swelling a little and by the time she could realize what was happening, she suddenly felt her bladder trying to burst open and holding her stomach tightly she ran into the nearest bathroom to relieve herself.

She had reached it in the nick of the time otherwise it would have been a different situation. So when it hit her what she had to control she found it embarrassing to come in front of Satish, but as she stood there she also felt her body go light. Was it due to the fact of emptying her bladder or was it due to the affect of the medicine, she started to wonder.

Anju felt a lot better coming out of the bathroom and after having fetched a glass of tea she took it up the stairs to her son’s room. Though she thought she could enter his room without knocking, she felt it appropriate to knock first. When Ajay opened the door he was glad to see his mother standing at the door with a cup of tea in her hand and when she gave it to him, he kissed her hand while accepting the cup. This small token of love made Anju proud of her son and as she turned to leave, Ajay could not stop gaping down at her lush bottom.

After getting ready for school as Ajay was sitting on the table, he never let a moment pass without looking down at his mother. Today, as he was sitting in a different angle, he could see his mother under the light for a few more seconds while she passed under it. He looked from the corner of his eye when she was in front of him and when she turned around he gazed directly upon her bottom. On looking down at her, Ajay felt the same warmness creeping inside his body and whenever she passed under the light, seeing her figure prominently his pecker started to go stiff. Anju felt his stare and mentally made a note to test him when he came home in the evening.

After Ajay left for school and when she had taken care of her husband, as Anju entered the kitchen, she came face to face with Satish. It was an embarrassing moment for her and when her mind grasped that Satish was quite old and what he had given her was just a medicine, she was at ease again The d**g which Satish had given her was ‘Ganja’ (marijuana) which had an intoxicating affect on whoever consumed it and also he had added something to make her bladder fill up.

As Anju finished up her daily chores, she again felt tired and by the time she climbed up to her room, she felt herself drained out. The moment her head hit the pillow she fell fast asleep. Soon she had to wake up as she felt she had to rush to empty her bladder and when she emptied it, she felt a lot of relief. Surprisingly she felt lighter when she came out of the bathroom and she made up her mind to control her urge a little longer the next time as it was what Satish had very clearly mentioned to her, ‘control as long as possible’.

When Anju realized it was time for Ajay to return home, she started searching for some garment to wear to test him. When she could not find anything appealing, she loosened the top two buttons of her night gown which revealed the top of the breasts when looked down from a close range, otherwise she still looked respectful from a distance.

She did not have to wait long to test him. When she came down Ajay had already entered the house and was undoing his shoes and when he looked up she gave him a big smile. Ajay for the whole day was waiting for this moment and he was pleased to see her smiling at him. In a flash he ran up, changed, came back and took the seat which usually his father used to occupy. Anju, when she saw him occupy his father’s seat felt as though he was her husband and not her son, coz the way he sat and the way he acted was a replica of her husband’s actions and from the angle she was looking at him, he looked more like Rajesh.

His looks resembled her husband so much that Anju was stunned and coming out of the daze, she hurriedly went out of the room and after she could get hold of some snacks, she walked into the living room. Ajay had watched her actions and he was enjoying the admiration he got from his mother and when she entered the room with snacks, by instinct his eyes wandered over her body.

Anju saw him looking at her but she did not find any fault in his stare. When she sat down by his side on the lush carpet, she suddenly sensed some warmness creeping in her body and when she saw him looking down at her open gown she shivered with excitement.

Ajay saw her tremble but could not reason it out. As he saw the upper buttons of her gown open, it sent wrong signals to him. He thought that his mother was deliberately showing off and this made his small pecker to grow. Getting bolder he kept staring at the open flaps of her gown hoping for some kind of miracle to happen to expose her body. It did not happen but Anju was baffled as it not only confirmed her suspicions but she too loved every moment of it. She hurriedly left the room.

Once she had tucked herself safely on her bed she tried to envisage what was happening to her. The first thing she realized was that she was getting excited, her body was getting warmer and it had a pleasant effect on her. As she placed her hand on her body to feel the warmness, by instinct she had to drag it over her breasts and when she moved it over them, she was shocked to find her nipples erect with excitement.

She knew she was sexually aroused and as she caught her breast in her hand, the whole of her body convulsed and she started moaning slowly, letting the heat take over her body. As the fondling of her breasts intensified she trembled and shuddered. Though she did not come she was enjoying every moment of this and when at last everything subsided, she had to run again to relieve herself.

The thought of her son being the cause of her getting sexually excited struck her and she suddenly shook it out of her mind as she felt it was terribly wrong to even think like that.

Anju had a difficult time facing Ajay whenever she came in front of him. As she went around fixing the table for supper and taking care of her husband, she saw him looking up at her whenever she passed. She thanked herself the moment she was free from all her work and moved down to her room.

Ajay, as he sat alone in the living room wondered whether it was right or wrong what he was doing. After seeing his mother a little tensed he was a bit nervous. He recaptured what he had done. First he had tried to look inside her open gown, thinking it was she who was encouraging him. Secondly as he was stubborn his stares where well directed which had made her tense. When he realized that she had not talked to him the whole of the evening he suddenly wondered whether his staring down at her had gone too fast and too far. This upset him a little and he thought to be more careful approaching her in future.


As Anju got up the next morning and went down, she saw Satish holding a glass in his hands. As she saw it she wanted to have the medicine but as she realized the circumstances which led after taking it, she thought it better to consume it after completing her work and when she would be alone with Ajay at school. As she was feeling light she felt the medicine was having its affect and today she wanted to control herself as much as possible to enhance its powers.

The morning session passed off with Ajay behaving more like a son and when he left for school, Anju relaxed a bit and whilst it was time for her to take the medicine she strolled down to find Satish stirring the medicine. As she stood in front of him, Satish gave her the glass and when she looked into his eyes, Satish’s eyes were encouraging her to control herself. She got the message clear and when she turned around to leave the room, she spoke to herself.’ It’s very difficult’.

‘I will help you Maam’ was the surprised, unexpected answer from the back.

This made Anju look back at him. When she saw his innocent face she bowed her head in confirmation. As she moved nearer to the bathroom, she could feel Satish following her and when she stopped to lift the glass to her mouth, she sensed him standing close by. As she turned and looked, he nodded his head.

As Anju took the glass to her mouth, she felt his hands grip her shoulders. This grip excited her a little and she gulped down the medicine at one go. At first nothing happened and when the liquid started accumulated in her bladder started churning her insides, she again felt the urgent desire to relieve. She was struggling hard to hold herself still. She interlocked her thighs stopping the gush, but it was intolerable. The moment she felt it was going to gush out of her and before Satish could hold her tighter, she rushed down to the bathroom and entered in.

Satish had followed her up to the door of the bathroom and was relieved to see that in her urgency she had not bothered to bolt the door. Though he could not see anything by peeping in from the small gap between the doors, he was content that his theory was working out.

Anju after relieving herself realized that in her moment of urgency she had forgotten to bolt the door. This instead of making her feel disgraceful excited her. Her excitement grew when she recollected Satish’s hand gripping her shoulders. She sat motionless for sometime visualizing everything as if it were a dream and when she came out and saw Satish; he looked a different person to her. He looked like a healthy, well built, energetic male.

The affect of the d**gs continued to torment Anju and she fought back to control her desires. At times, in the kitchen she passed a few fleeting glances at Satish and every time she looked at him, he looked more appealing and more lively. These fleeting glances, though they disturbed her a little, they also aroused her physically.

These feelings persisted in her mind and as Ajay came home, her thoughts drifted over to him. Now Ajay was foremost in her mind and to her surprise it aroused her to a greater extent. As she waited for him to come down she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her night dress without any hesitation. When she looked down at her open dress, she felt a rush of blood sweep her body.

She had not to wait long as Ajay entered the room limping a little. The moment he came saw her, his eyes were drawn towards the opening of her night dress. He stood his ground staring down at her openly. This boldness of his sent shivers down her body and she trembled with excitement. Ajay seeing her tremble took a hasty step and fell. In his excitement he had forgotten he had hurt his ankle during the play at school. Anju reacted quickly and coming to his aid, she held him and guided him on to the sofa.

When he had settled comfortably, she quipped ‘What happened’?

In response to her query, Ajay pulled up his pants a little and exposed the ankle on which he had hurt himself in the playground.

Anju went inside and was back in a moment with water, ointment and bandage and as she sat down on the rug to fix his wound, Ajay who was sitting up, had a prominent look at her bosom. He started to get aroused when he saw the swelling of her breasts between the flaps of her dress; he kept staring down at it, while she looked after his bruise.

Anju was so much engrossed in cleaning up his wound, that she totally forgot her stance was revealing more than she had expected to show. When she saw him looking deep inside her gown, she smiled up at him, encouraging him a little.

Ajay was thrilled to see his mother encouraging him with a big smile. Taking advantage he returned the smile candidly. Anju was getting more excited and to keep up the trend she leisurely finished her work. She obtained immense pleasure in holding his feet and his ankle. At last when she finished tying up the bandage, she bowed down and planted a kiss on his ankle, giving him more leverage to look inside her gown and when she saw his eyes were transfixed on her bosom, she lifted her hand to cover eyes and hid the view from his gaze. Before Ajay could react, she said ‘naughty’ and left the room.

Ajay sat perplexed in the chair after his mother left. He could neither believe his eyes nor his ears. First, to see the top of her gown open had excited him. Secondly when he stared down the opening and looked at her bra while she was dressing his wound, he felt thrilled and finally when she bowed down to kiss his ankle, as he saw the top of her breasts in the black bra, he got aroused. To add up to this when she brought her hand up to his eyes to hide the view, his prick started to vibrate and when she so daringly said ‘naughty’, his body shuddered and he felt a pleasure unbelievable.

Ajay went to his room and after taking a bath did not come down. He was lying on his bed when he heard the knock at the door. He found it hard to get up and face his mother. When he could muster enough strength to open the door he was relieved to find Satish carrying some snacks instead of his mother.

Meanwhile Anju had gone to her room and was recollecting the scenes. She could not believe what she had done. It was fine till allowing him to look inside her gown, but taking her hand and placing it in front of his eyes was like authenticating her intentions. To add up to this, she had called him ‘naughty’. What did it mean? It only meant confirmation from her part. This was too much and it had gone beyond her control and she did not know how to face him.

The whole evening both Anju and Ajay did not come out of their rooms and when it was time for supper, Anju walked down, determined to face him. After laying the table as she did not see Ajay, she went up his room, knocked and entered to see him fast asleep. She slowly shook him up and when he woke, she asked him to wash his hands come down for supper.

It had worked. Being casual had worked and she felt relieved. Later, as she sat up in bed and recapped what had happened, she knew she was at fault. She was the one to have stared this and now as it gone far, she did not know what steps to take. Though she could not find any answers to her questions, she made up her mind to tackle him in another way. She thought she would take him out for a treat and make him forget what had happened.

As soon as she settled on the bed, her thoughts drifted to Satish. When his face was pictured in her mind, her body grew warm. Anju crisscrossed her legs and hugged a pillow between her thighs. Thinking about the morning, she drifted to sleep.


The next morning was a pleasant one for Anju. Ajay was his usual and the day being Saturday, he left for school early. Once Ajay was out of the house, she completed all her morning chores and looked forward to meet Satish. Finally when the time approached, Anju went to her room and stood looking at her reflection in the mirror. What she saw was the figure of a robust woman who would pass for a 30 year old rather than of 39. She looked at her bosom and was content to note that she still had the same physical appearance which she had some ten years ago. She had put up some weight over her thighs, but they were not that bad to look.

When she finished looking at herself, her thoughts drifted to Satish. She thought it would be better off to be without her panties as it would be easier for her in the time to come. She lifted her nightgown and taking her hands inside them, she pulled the panties out from her body. As she turned to go down to meet him, she felt naked without them. She was getting aroused and this made her a little naughty. Satish was pleased to see her. She looked radiant and the smile güvenilir bahis which she wore was a mischievous one. Satish could not stop himself from speaking out. He said ‘You look beautiful Maam’ as a passing comment.

Anju beamed on hearing those words and in reply, said ‘is it true’? ‘Very true Maam, you look charming and I think it is due to this treatment’, he replied. ‘But it is very difficult to control . . . . . . She did not complete the sentence. ‘I know Maam’, but gradually it will ease down and I will be there to help you, replied Satish. ‘Will you be there to help me’, she questioned and looked again at him mischievously? ‘Yes’,’ yes’, he said. And coming closer to her and handing her the glass he replied ‘I will be always there for you, call me when you need me’, he whispered.

On hearing those words Anju got aroused. She lifted the glass to her mouth playfully and before she could drink it, Satish caught her by her shoulders. Anju smiled at his eagerness and when he shied away, she moved closer to him. She allowed him to put his hands over her shoulders and when his hold was strong enough, she emptied the glass in one go.

Even before the drink could have its impact on her, Anju feeling horny, let her body drift backwards and touch his and when the liquid started to fill her bladder, she started squirming and shaking over him. Satish was delighted to see her wriggling her body and taking due advantage of the situation, he held her more tightly, having a full body contact with hers.

Anju loved being glued to his body, but as her bladder was getting full, she wriggled a little. Satish held her still. When she felt the force sweeping her body, she really thrashed her body. Satish was enjoying her wriggling and writhing. The more she wriggled the more of her body contact his. He was enjoying every second of it. When Anju felt it was impossible to withstand any longer, she pushed back at him with such a tremendous force, which not only imbalanced Satish, but it also tore the part of the gown he had held in his hands. And just as she reached the bathroom, her gown which was torn at the back started to slide down her body.

Anju had managed to enter the bathroom and close the door, before her gown slid down to the floor. She without bothering to look back, moved forward to first relieve her-self. Once she was free from it, she sat on the seat of the commode, enjoying the warm sensations building inside her. She felt ecstatic to be nude under the strange circumstances and when she looked down at her soaked nightgown, it too added to her pleasure. Holding the wet garment in her hand and caressing it over her body she pulled it over her. The feel of the cold soft cloth on her hot body sent shivers down her spine. After fixing up the torn material with a pin, when she came out of the room, Satish was waiting at the door. This heightened her pleasure ten folds.

Satish seeing her drenched dress quickly picked a towel and handed it over to her. When she hesitated to take, he at once d****d it over her body and yet when she did not move, he started to rub her body with it. Anju was mesmerized for a few moments by his massages. Her body was burning with hot desires and she allowed Satish to have full liberty. When Satish moved his bare hand to the top of her dress, trying to remove the pin, holding her gown, she suddenly came out of the trance and shook his hand. When objected, Satish pulled her closer to his body. Anju on seeing her body so closely entangled with his was so shy that, she had to hide her face on his chest.

Satish gaining more ground embraced Anju’s body to his hot body and she started to tremble. Having her so close, Satish moved his hand behind her back and encircling her waist he pulled her body tightly to his. As soon as Anju felt her breasts being crushed on his chest she cried out in ecstasy. She came so strongly that she could not stand still. Satish realizing her situation held her firmly for some minutes and by caressing her back, he soothed her to repose.

This act of Satish impressed her a lot and as she regained her composure, Anju was totally awed by his deed. Finally when she disengaged from him, she brushed her lips on his hand thanking him for it.

Satish kept staring at her when she came out of his arms and as a passing compliment when she pressed her lips on his hand, he felt very excited. He was satisfied with the days out come. Even though he wanted to grab her with both hands and pull her to him, he let go of her, as he felt he could have her anytime he wanted.

In Anju’s mind Satish’s stature had suddenly grown. From a helper he had grown to be a champion. He had earned her respect in one simple gesture and she was grateful to him for that act. She was proud of him and she did not fear or shy away facing him. In the afternoon, when they came across each other both of them acted casual and as it was time for Ajay to come home, Anju started preparing lunch. Ajay came and left home in a hurry to attend his friend’s birthday party. Consequently Anju had all the time in the world to recap the pleasant happenings of the morning, in her own abode.

By the time Ajay returned home it was quite late and when he came in, his approach to her had changed. He looked at her with hunger in his eyes and his stare was well directed upon her lush body. Anju felt certain that the boys in the party had discussed women and their anatomy and this was the result of the discussions. While it was mostly true the other thing affecting him was the little liquor Ajay had consumed.

Anju could not detect the liquor he had taken but as she wanted to change the topic, she diverted his attention by asking whether it would be possible for him to take her to a movie the next day. Ajay was delighted to hear this and in answer suggested that they would go to see the movie ‘a****l Instinct’. Well, Anju was surprised a little as the title suggested, it was a hot movie but as she could not complain, she accepted it. Ajay was thrilled when he saw her acceptance and without any further comments he went up his room.

Next morning Anju walked down the kitchen looking for Satish. She wanted to convey that as Ajay was at home, it would not be possible for her to take the medicine. As she went looking for him she was surprised to see him busy preparing breakfast and there was no sign of the glass he usually carried. This gesture, again made her feel grateful to him. She went on completing her errands with a smiling face.

Soon morning gave way to noon and before she could realize it was time for her to move. She went to her room, changed and came down wearing a dazzling sari with a matching sleeveless blouse. Ajay was stunned to see her in the rich sari with a sleeveless blouse and this again sent wrong signals to his mind. Seeing his mother wearing the sleeveless blouse was beyond his imagination and he felt elevated to escort her.

Soon they reached the hall and as it was not crowded Ajay moved across to the secluded spot and found two cosy seats. Anju too felt comfortable sitting in the corner as she had enough space to move her feet. After seeing his mother was settled, Ajay went out to procure some snacks and chocolates and before the movie began they started munching on the snacks. They kept shuttling the packet of snacks between themselves and during this give and take, Ajay was trying to touch her body.

When the packet containing the snacks was empty, Ajay was left with two bars of chocolates. He peeled the wrapper of one and taking the chocolate up, he brought it near her face. Anju was moved by his actions and as she held his hand and guided it to her mouth, Ajay pushed her hand away and raised the chocolate by his own. Anju was delighted by this gesture and she very proudly opened her mouth and bit a small piece of chocolate. After having a bite of the chocolate, he raised it again for her to have her share.

When the lights of the hall were off, plunging it into darkness Ajay got an opportunity to roam his hand over her bosom looking for her mouth. Anju caught his roving hand which was more inclined to roam over her body than feed her chocolate. As she took hold of it and steadied it, she placed it across her chest. Ajay was delighted to finally have some contact with her body and taking advantage of it did not move his hand till Anju had another bite. They kept eating it turn and when it came to the last piece, which had melted down a little, Ajay thrust it into her mouth and Anju considering it to be the last bite, licked it out from his fingers.

Ajay felt excited on having his fingers licked by his mother’s hot tongue. And to keep up the tempo he took the other chocolate and peeling it, he pushed a piece into her mouth. Anju was surprised to see Ajay feeding her another piece of chocolate, but this time as he pushed his fingers inside her mouth, she very eagerly started to chew it out of his fingers. She was enjoying the game Ajay was playing and soon when it came to the last piece, Ajay pressed his arm over her bosom and squeezing the last piece of chocolate in his fingers he pushed one finger inside her mouth and with the other he moved them over her lips.

Anju was getting excited by the pressure he was exerting over her bosom and when his fingers started caressing her lips, she playfully started to lick his finger clean. As soon as his finger was licked clean, Ajay lifted the other fingers covered with chocolate and started applying it over her lips. Anju by this time was ecstatic and as Ajay’s finger smeared the chocolate over her ripe lips, she brought her tongue out and started licking her lips. Seeing her getting excited Ajay kept moving his finger over her lips, avoiding when she tried to suck them in her mouth. When she failed to catch, she opened her mouth wide and beckoned him to put it inside it. Seeing her invitation, Ajay pushed his fingers deep inside her mouth and felt aroused when her hot tongue ravished it clean.

Anju after having sucked his finger clean pulled it out of her mouth and holding his hand placed it over her cheeks and caressed it lovingly. Ajay cooled down a bit allowing her to caress her cheeks with his hand and turned to watch the movie. As the scene before his eyes started to excite, he slid his other hand under her arm and moving his fingers up her armpit, felt the hot naked flesh for the first time. He gradually pushed his fingers under her armpit and when it tickled her she lifted it a little. This gave him room to feel the hot flesh of her armpit and also the softness of her breast over her blouse. The invasion of his hand made Anju’s body go wild and as she felt his fingers touch the side of her breast, she let out a soft moan.

As the scene in front was passionate, with the hero and heroine kissing and embracing Ajay got excited by watching it. He slid his fingers inside her sari and gradually gaining space he poised his hand over her breast. Anju could feel his hand moving inside her sari and as she felt the heat of his hand rest above her breast, she desperately wanted him to cup them. She kept waiting for it and as the scene enacted on the screen got more stimulating, she took hold of Ajay’s other hand and slowly started nibbling his fingers.

Ajay feeling the heat of her mouth on his fingers and considering it as a green signal; he moved his hand over her breast so that just the tip of her breast touched his palm. As he felt the heat coming from her breast penetrate his palm, he cupped the full breast in his hand. Anju let out a mild scream and looked straight into his eyes. Ajay was puzzled for a few seconds and when he saw there was no anger or rage in her eyes, he snuggled his face on her bosom, and was stunned when Anju drew it tightly to her upper chest.

Ajay’s face was totally engulfed in the v of her neck and his cheek was pressed over the top of her breast, which he had cupped with the other hand. Anju was having the maximum pleasure out from his cupping her breasts and she could feel its heat spreading all over her body. When Ajay’s lips brushed the flesh between her breasts, it made her vagina pulsate with heat and the wet juices started flowing out. Ajay too was mesmerized to be in this position and feeling the soft warm flesh over his cheeks; he opened his mouth and planting a kiss right in middle of her breasts, dug his face deeper into her blouse. Having his face deep inside her blouse, Anju brought her hand over his head and started to fondle his hair and caress his forehead. This made Ajay cuddle his face deeper into her bosom and when he was enjoying the heat from the soft delicate flesh of her breasts, and was getting aroused, suddenly the lights in the hall were illuminated for the interval. Both Anju and Ajay quickly disengaged themselves and were embarrassed to face each other in full lights. Anju was the first to get up and proceed to the ladies room. And in her absence, Ajay set right his erection, minimizing its appearance to the least possible.

Once Anju reached the ladies room, she peeped in the mirror to find her face glowing. Though it was the outcome of the foreplay with her son, she felt shaken for having let her son play with her body. But when she recalled what she had missed these seven years and what consequences she had faced, she felt it was right what she was doing. She cautioned herself to slow down a bit as the things were progressing rapidly. Thinking of this, as she reached her seat the lights were off and once again it was dark in the hall.

After occupying the seat, Anju reclined to find Ajay’s hand at her back. Turning around she caught his hand and circling it behind her, she placed it over her shoulder. Ajay was pleased and sliding closer; he gripped her shoulder and pulled her to him. When Anju responded, their bodies were closely snuggled to each other. They remained in this warm position for some time watching the movie and as the scenes turned passionate, Ajay slipped his hand from her shoulder and letting it slide down to her arm held it tightly. Anju hugged his cheeks to hers.

Motivated by this, Ajay slipped his other hand inside her sari and placing it under her breast waited for her response. When Anju did not object, he opened his palm and moving it upwards he engulfed the whole breast in his hand. At this contact as Anju sent out a low moan, Ajay taking benefit of it caught the other breast with the other hand. Now Anju’s both breasts were held in his hands and also he had encircled her full body with them.

He continued fondling them with his hands and as he moved his finger to the top of her blouse to unbutton it, Anju’s body was throbbing wild with passion, and as he started to unbutton her blouse she looked straight into his eyes with astonishment. When he continued unbuttoning her, she buckled down and holding him tighter, she pressed her cheek upon his. This was the moment Ajay was waiting for. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse and setting aside the flaps he positioned his hand over the bra and took possession of her breasts in his full hands.

As Ajay felt the heat of her breasts scorch his hands, he slipped them inside her bra and held each of the hot mounds of raw flesh in his hands. Anju on having allowed Ajay to open her blouse and let him fondle her breasts was writhing with passion. And as he dug his hand deeper and clutched her bare breasts, her inner juices started to pour. He wanted to unhook her bra and play with her bare breasts. He wanted to touch other parts of her body too and as he moved his hand over her back searching for the straps of her bra, Anju who was on the verge of coming, feeling his warm hand roam over her bare back abruptly let out a cry of ecstasy and her body started convulsing with pleasure.

Seeing her body writhe with convulsions, Ajay waited for some time allowing her to cool down. After a while as she relaxed and when Ajay saw her in a relaxed mood, he again stretched his hand over her back trying to reach the straps of her bra.

Anju felt his hand moving towards her straps and she knew he was going to unhook them. To avoid him she slid a little away from his reach. When Ajay moved forward and gripped her arm, Anju was contemplating what to do. As Ajay tried to unhook her bra, Anju let out a load moan. Hearing this Ajay stopped in his tracks. And when he looked down at her, her eyes were posing him a question ‘what are you doing’.

Ajay at first was surprised by her conduct, but when he regained some courage, his eyes pleaded with her to allow him to open her bra. On seeing him plead, Anju smiled at him and moving closer to his ear, she whispered “why”. Ajay blushed when she put across that question and in reply, he stammered “……… to look”. And when she mischievously asked “what”, Ajay was not in a position to speak out and he faltered. Anju bowed down a little, while teasingly nibbling his ears she replied ‘next time’.

Saying this she bit hard on his ear. Ajay on hearing those words and having his ear bitten was not in a position to ask her again. Taking cue from her; he removed his hand from her back. Anju was very much pleased by his act and in way of thanking him, she kissed his cheek hard and when he curved to look at her, she brushed his lips with hers.

The moment Ajay felt her lips brush his, he got an instant erection and before he could try to take advantage of the occasion, Anju had reached out from his grasp and was setting her clothes straight. Though he felt sad, he was happy to have ventured so far. Later on, the movie came to an end and both left for home with plenty to think and dream about.


Next morning, Anju got up after a sound sleep and she felt very much relaxed. Her feet were light on the ground and she could move about freely. She advocated this change to be the result of the medicine which Satish was providing her and thinking about him, she went through her morning chores in a breeze.

The moment Ajay was out of the house, Satish approached Anju with the glass of medicine. When Anju saw him approaching her she shook her head and ran, deliberately trying to avoid him. Satish saw her moving towards the living room and before she could enter the room, Satish moved in front of her and presented the glass to her. Anju acted c***dishly and shaking her head she blurted out, “I cannot control it”. Hearing this Satish moved closer to her and taking hold of her hand, said, “This is good for you and soon you will be free from it”.

In reality Anju was eager to go ahead and drink it, but as she wanted to tease him she shook her head again and said ‘I can’t’. Then Satish drew forward and caressing her palm and fingers with his, said “I will help you out”. Hearing this Anju’s face brightened and to tantalise him more, she looked towards the bathroom and said, ‘can you help me in there’. This was the moment Satish was waiting for, he shot back, ‘Yes, I will.’ Anju could not believe his words. What she had meant by saying ‘in there’ was inside bathroom and to see him accepting and pleading with her, she started to feel warm inside her. She knew she could now use him to her advantage and thinking about it as she turned and moved away, Satish followed her.

On reaching the entrance to the bathroom as Anju stopped, Satish came behind her and slipping her the glass, he placed his other hand over her shoulder. Anju took possession of the glass in one hand and with the other she patted his hand which was placed on her shoulder. This intimate touch gave Satish some courage and taking advantage; he encircled one of his hands over her neck and with the other he manoeuvred her inside the bathroom.

As Anju lifted the glass to her lips, he held her hand firmly till she emptied the glass. Anju choked at the last mouthful and before she could spit it out, Satish was quick enough to hold her mouth by his hand and make her swallow it. The feel of his hot masculine hand over her wet mouth made her shiver. And as the liquid was churning her insides Anju pushed herself closer to him and when she felt her body contact his, her body started to shudder. Satish was waiting for this to happen and as he saw her trembling, he moved his hand from her mouth on to her shoulder and bringing the other hand over her waist; he tightened his hold over her.

Anju was totally engrossed in his hold and when the churning inside her stomach increased she started to writhe in his arms. Satish without loosening his grip on her, moved his left elbow over her bosom and slowly caressed it. On this contact Anju was getting more excited. She wanted to be caressed by his hands and to gain time; she squeezed her thighs firmly holding back the rush of her bladder. On seeing her relaxed and enjoying the caress Satish brought his left hand into play. He moved his hand over her robust chest and feeling the warmness of it, he encircled her breast and when Anju did not object he grasped her breast in his hand.

Anju cried out in desire. She wanted his caresses to continue, but the rush from her bladder was so strong that it was getting beyond her control. She started to writhe again and this made Satish grip her more firmly. Anju cried out again and as the rush from her bladder increased, she brought her face closer to his and said ‘I can’t control it.’ Satish tightened his hold on her and pulling her drew her under the shower. Anju started shaking her head rapidly; her cheeks were touching his. Satish moved his face in line with hers and enjoying the feel of her soft delicate cheeks on his hard face said. ‘Hold it as long as you can’.

It was getting intolerable for Anju. She started to wet her panties a little and when the drops gradually grew into a stream she opened the tap of the shower to drench her and when the shower was in full blast Anju relieved herself. Satish knowing she had relieved lessened his grip on her waist. He started to caress her waist with his right hand while his left hand moved across to the other breast. Anju’s body was now burning with desire. The cold water flowing down her hot body and his caresses where tantalising her.

She moved her arms and held his head in both of them. She drew his face closer to her neck. Satish’s body was suddenly on fire. His member started to grow stiff. He opened his mouth and kissed the nape of her neck while his right hand drifted down in circles caressing her midriff. Anju was going wild with passion and the moment Satish’s hand which was caressing her midriff slid down over her panties and gripped her inner thigh, she jumped out in pleasure. This not only made her come but she also felt his hot tool for the first time.

Satish continued fondling her breasts and her thighs while Anju let her juices flow out of her. When at last it subsided, Satish politely asked her to turn around. Anju was so bashful that she shook her head. Satish waited for a few seconds and again asked her to turn around. This time Anju did not shake her head and she also did not turn around. But to show him her appreciation she pressed her cheeks to his. Satish was content with this and before releasing her from his hold he opened his mouth and kissed her hard on her cheeks. Anju was pleased by his actions and as she reciprocated kissing his cheek, Satish brushed his hand over her mound before leaving the room.

After Satish’s departure Anju stood wondering at the outcome of the episode. It was a big relief for her to find him to satisfy her pent up desires. Though twice he had helped her attain the utmost pleasure, he had so far not taken any advantage of her for his own pleasure. Anju knew that soon she had to reciprocate. Though she felt she was cheating her husband, she thought she had no other way.

Anju also thought about Ajay. With Ajay it was different. Here he was her own c***d and she was just giving him some lessons. She wanted to bind him closer to her and also wanted to achieve all that her husband had failed to give her. She was looking in him, a male companion not only to use him for her pleasure, but she was also looking in him, a man to fall back upon. When she visualised the proceedings which took place at the movie hall, she felt sorry for him. Though she had allowed Ajay to feel her breasts, she felt sorry for not having allowed him to see them. Finally she resolved to fulfil his desire in the evening.

Anju had rested the whole day and she was looking hale when Ajay returned home from school. By the time Ajay changed and came down, she was waiting for him with his evening tea. Ajay was delighted to see her in high spirits and raking up enough courage he asked her ‘whether they can go for another movie’. Anju’s face brightened when he asked that question and in answer to it, she replied ‘finish your school work; we will watch a movie on TV’. This was music to Ajay’s ears as she seldom gave him permission to watch a movie on TV.

Ajay went up his room, finished all his work and he settled on the bed recapturing the events which took place in the movie hall. It was very difficult for him to conjure up whether he had really felt her breasts. And as the picture in his mind became clearer and clearer of what had taken place, his member started to gain momentum. He placed his hand over his member and felt it harden to his touch. He kept caressing it over his pants and when it had attained the maximum, he unzipped his pant and bringing it out in the open, he was astonished to see its size. He had never seen it so big and so hard and this was a great revelation to him. He kept fondling it and was surprised to hear his mother call him for dinner so soon.

At the table Anju was looking more ravishing with the bright light falling on her. Ajay kept staring at her most of the time and Anju felt his hot gaze upon her. As Rajesh was close by, both of them were very cautious. They passed fleeting glances whenever they had opportunity. As soon as they finished their meals, Ajay excused himself and went out of the house in search of cool breeze to bring down the heat from his member. He kept wandering here and there and by the time he came back his father had retired to bed and he saw his mother cuddled on sofa watching the TV, which again forced his member to rise.

On his entering the room Anju looked up at him with twinkles in her eyes. She beckoned him to come and sit on the sofa beside her. She had left adequate room on it for him. Ajay was too happy to oblige and before taking his place he drew a small pillow to cover up his erection. Anju noticed this.

As Ajay settled down on the sofa beside her, he forced himself to watch the TV rather than prying his eyes over her. Anju kept changing channels to find a movie of her taste. On selecting a movie, Anju moved her head closer and as she felt it touch his thighs, she laid down more freely.

On being so close, Ajay had a tough time controlling his passion and when he felt her head nuzzle near his thighs, it provided more energy to his already swollen member. He was going crazy with excitement. Yet he did not have the courage to venture out his hands. He kept his itching hands at bay and when Anju held a bar of chocolate in front of his eyes, his joy knew no bounds.

Ajay was on cloud nine to having the bar of chocolate. Immediately he peeled off its wrapper and very lovingly took it to her mouth. As Anju saw him excited, she lifted her face and opened her mouth. She allowed Ajay to put the chocolate in and out of her mouth. Sometimes he let her have a bite and sometimes he pulled it way. Ajay kept teasing her with it and when he saw it was vanishing fast, Ajay painted Anju’s lips with it. Anju brought out her tongue to play. She snaked her tongue over her lips and licked them clean. .Ajay took the remaining piece to his mouth and after making it creamier, he trust it deep into her mouth. Anju was delighted to have his fingers enter her mouth. She closed her lips upon them and licked all his fingers clean.

As Anju sucked his fingers deep inside her hot mouth, Ajay started to get aroused. This action was building up the tempo and Ajay was getting bolder and bolder. He then pulled his fingers one by one and caressed them over her lips. Anju loved this. She lifted her head and placed on his thigh. As Anju moved her head over his thigh, his arm brushed the side of her chest. As his arm came in contact with the side of her bosom, Ajay pressed it more firmly gaining more leverage. When Anju felt the pressure of his arm over her bosom, she turned a little giving him more room to rest his arm over them. Finally Ajay’s arm was firmly placed over the top of her bosom and he started to glide it up and down over her. This slow massage of her bosom was exciting her. To add to this as Ajay drew his fingers from her lips and brought his hand under her sari, she started to moan. As he tried to tug the sari out from her bosom, Anju lifted herself a little in helping him slide the sari out from her. Anju was very cautious in moving her head. She took care to see that her head did not contact his stiff member. She was not ready for it yet, as she wanted the things to advance at a slow pace.

Having got the favourable response from her, Ajay slowly heaved her sari from her shoulders till her sleeveless blouse was completely exposed. As Anju was lying on her side Ajay could only see the side portion of her bosom and the other part was hidden from his vision. He then placed his hand over her arm and started to caress the bare skin. With every move he made he got more access to her naked arm and when he reached the top he slid his hand inside her armpit to feel the hot flesh around them.

This action tickled Anju and she suddenly turned towards him, which provided him a good look at the composure of her breasts. This was the first time Ajay could see the mould of her breasts and he kept his eyes glued upon them. He was watching with fascination the trust of her breasts up and down, due to her breathing. He was captivated by the movement of her breasts. When Anju saw him engrossed in looking down at her breasts, she felt a rush of hot blood sweep through her body. She wanted him very badly to place his hand upon them and fondle them and when he did not do so, she even trust her breasts up a little.

Ajay’s eyes were still watching the heaving of her breasts. He gaze was more prominent on the bare upper part of her bosom. He was waiting for some miracle to happen so that he could look at her nude breasts and when it did türkçe bahis not happen, he moved his middle finger down on the top of her bosom and touched the bare hot flesh. The moment his finger felt it, it gave him a jolt and also made Anju let out a soft moan. It was then that he slipped his fingers deep inside her blouse only to feel her bra. He drew his finger out and slowly unhooked the top three hooks of her blouse. As this bared her body a little, Ajay was excited to see the creamy white top of her breasts so well concealed inside the dark brown bra. This scene made him hasten a little and he quickly unhooked the rest of the hooks and spread the material of her blouse aside. This was a sight which he had never believed he would see. Though he had fondled her breasts yesterday, today’s sight of them in her bra was more appealing, more exciting and more stimulating.

He brought both his hands down at the side of her breasts and cupping them he squeezed them softly. The moment he cupped them, Anju started writhing her body. Her legs were sliding up and down the sofa, her lower body was heaving heavily and she was also shaking her head. When she started to wriggle Ajay got bolder and bringing his face down, he planted a soft kiss on her hidden tit. This sent a shiver down Anju’s spine and she pulled his face down to her breasts. Ajay was in heaven to have his face pushed deep between her soft delicate breasts. He moved his lips from one tit to another and in doing so; it heightened the pleasure deep inside Anju.

Ajay then tried to lift Anju a little, so that he could have access to the hooks of her bra. As Anju did not budge, he then proceeded to remove the straps of her bra from her shoulders. At first he had some resistance as Anju caught one of his hands and when he put more pressure in bringing the straps down, Anju reluctantly let go of his hand. Though the straps slipped from her shoulders, the cups of her bra still hid the breasts from his vision. This made him a little furious. He suddenly dipped his face down again in between her breasts and as this jolted Anju a little, he slid his hands inside the back of her blouse and lugged the straps of her bra free. He had applied such force that the hooks gave way tearing the texture of her bra. Anju was aghast as she realised that her bra was torn and as Ajay held the straps of her bra in his hands, she suddenly turned her body and hid her face on his belly.

It was then that Ajay realized he was harsh on her and feeling bad about it, he moved his face down to her ear and expressed ‘sorry’. Anju did not respond to it but slipped her face deeper on his belly. This shook Ajay a bit and to solace her, he started to rub her back with his hand, soothing down her anger a little. He kept saying sorry on and on.

After giving her some break, Ajay continued his light caresses and when all looked good and Anju stopped being uptight, he was relieved that everything was forgotten. His light caresses were stimulating her again and she was feeling the heat rise in her lions. She moaned a little giving him the signal to proceed. Ajay got the clear message and he proceeded with lot of care. First he gave her time to relax and then he slowly lifted one arm of hers and slid the blouse away from it. Then it was easy for him to remove the other from her arm as she too helped him ease it out of her. Thus Anju’s whole back was bare to his gaze.

Gazing down at her back and looking at every pore of her bare skin, Ajay was getting excited again. He pushed aside the lock of tresses from her back and planted soft kisses on the nape of her neck. This aroused Anju a lot and in the heat of the sensations building inside her body, she loosened her posture a little. Sensing it Ajay moved his face further down her back, kissing her all the time and when his lips met the straps of her bra, he caught them in his teeth and slid them away from her body.

Now her whole back was bare, Ajay was having the pleasure of a life time gazing at it. As his face was close enough he could even see the impression of her buttocks ensconced inside the thin veil of her sari. Though he wanted to touch her buttocks, he was a little scared in doing so. He kept his gaze glued over them and when it was very inviting to touch them, he moved his hand softly over them. Anju suddenly reacted strongly and pushed his hand away from them. This made him again draw back his moves. He took to kissing her back which she liked most.

Kissing and caressing her back, Ajay tried to shift her slowly. At first he held her arm and tried to turn her. When she did not respond, Ajay brought his face close to her cheek and started kissing her cheeks. He even wetted his tongue and slid it across her face. She loved the feel of his hot wet tongue on her cheeks. She could not stop from being excited and when his tongue started to seek more of her face, Anju turned a shade on his side. This prompted him to trust his tongue deeper and it brushed her lips too. It was too much for her. She could not control herself and moving further she let his tongue glide over her lips. She slowly opened her mouth to his tongue and when it slid into it, she cried out in desire and closed her lips over it.

Ajay was waiting for such a moment. He jammed his lips over hers and kissed her hard. As his masculine lips and tongue started to grind her lips and inside her mouth it was too hard for her to control and she let a stream, wet her panties. She bit his lips hard and pulled his face hard down to hers, when she came. Ajay knew that she had wetted herself and in trying to give her more pleasure, he held her face in his hands and lifted her.

He brought her body over his till he felt her breasts press his chest. He held her tightly in his arms crushing her to him. He even slid down his body and curled hers upon his. He had her in arms and was caressing her back. This time he even let his hands wander over her buttocks. Anju did not object to this and when he slowly started to pull her sari up to expose her body, Anju turned crimson and held his hand back. Ajay was getting excited and he bowed down to have more access of her sari to pull. As Anju realized that her sari had slid up her legs and exposed them, she abruptly held his hand firmly. When Ajay tried to wriggle his hand out of her grip, Anju lifted her face and said “No”.

Ajay stopped when he heard ‘No’ and when he saw her pleading eyes, he kissed them softly. Anju again melted in his arms and she too kissed him on his eyes and cheeks. Ajay then turned and putting her down on the sofa he looked deep into her eyes. Anju’s face was gleaming and there was a twinkle in her eyes.

He watched her face very intimately. He had not dared to do so before and when Anju asked him ‘what he was looking at’, he replied ‘You look very pretty’. Anju blushed deeply and asked ‘what’s so pretty’? ‘Your lips, your eyes, your cheeks’, they are so pretty, he replied. ‘Don’t you wish to see anything else? When he heard those words he shifted his gaze to her breasts which were still hidden behind the cups of her bra. When asked ‘want to see them’ he replied in the affirmative.

Anju then lied down straight on the sofa inviting him to remove her bra and look at her breasts. Ajay just gazed down at her exposed body. He was looking at her chest which was half covered with her bra and down he was gazing at her beautiful waist and down below it her navel had a tantalizing effect to his eyes. He hesitated at first and when she held his hand and brought it over her breasts; he slowly pulled the bra out of her body, exposing two perfectly shaped creamy breasts with two hard stiff black tits. It was a sight to behold and Ajay went agog seeing them.

Anju was happy to have fulfilled his desire and as she tried to get up, Ajay pushed her back on the sofa. He then proceeded to touch and feel the soft breasts in his hands. He roamed his fingers on every part of her breasts. He held her hard tits with his fingers and gave them a twist. All this was again stimulating Anju and before she could reach the position from where it was difficult to look back, she said ‘Is it not enough’? Ajay replied in the negative. Seeing him shaking his head, Anju as a last choice pulled his head on to her breasts and fondling him she said, ‘you will have more time tomorrow’. Hearing this Ajay agreed and moved away from her.

Anju was pleased to see him a disciplined boy. He agreed on all her terms. When Anju set herself tiding up, he sat staring down at her. Anju turned her back to him and went ahead wearing her torn bra and blouse. When she was buttoning up her blouse, Ajay came behind her and putting his arms around her waist pulled her to him. Drawn to his body, Anju for the first time felt his hard member on her back. Though she felt guilty in not satisfying him, she turned her head and brushing his lips with hers, she said, ‘tomorrow’. Still Ajay did not let her go and pulled her more tightly to his body. He pressed his hard member against her back which again excited her. Bearing in mind his hardness, Anju turned fully towards him and holding his face in her hands and looking straight into them, she said ‘I promise’. This was the last thing he wanted to hear and before he let her go, he hugged her body tightly to his.

The whole night Anju felt sorry for Ajay. Though she knew it was wrong on her part to engage him to fulfil her desires, she had no other options. She felt sorry for him; while she had come twice she had not reciprocated it. She knew it was hard for him to have gone without being relieved. She thought she could have easily relieved him when he let her feel his hardness, but she had not done so. In fact even Satish had done the same thing to her in the morning. He too had made his intentions clear. Keeping both the cases in mind she drifted to sleep.


She was late in waking up the next morning. She had to hurry up to finish her work in time and when it was time for Ajay to leave for school, she saw him standing near the door. As she ventured closer to find out the reason, Ajay pointed to his lips, asking for a kiss. At first it shook her but when she realized what he had missed the night before, she looked back to see if anyone was present, then coming forward she pressed her lips over his. Ajay was not satisfied with it and he stood rooted on the spot. Seeing him wanting more Anju moved closer to him and holding his face in both her hands she gave him a wet kiss which Ajay was too pleased to receive. As Anju turned back after kissing him, she was stunned to feel his hand fondling her buttocks and when she turned to confront him, he had fled the place.

This small incidence made her feel warm and craved for more. As she realized it was time to meet Satish, she thought of making good use of it. She then climbed up to her room, removed the thick dress she was wearing and put on a thin light gown. She also put on light material bra and panties, which hardly hid them. Coming down the stairs she started to feel naked and thinking about the excitement which lay before her, her panties started to get wet.

The change of dress did not go unnoticed. Satish saw her coming down the stairs and instantly knew the time had come. He hurried back and entered the bathroom. Anju not finding him in his usual place went looking for him and was overjoyed when she saw his silhouette in the bathroom. This suddenly shot up her desires. Taking a bold step she entered the bathroom and bolted the door.

Satish was standing below the shower holding the glass. Anju stepped closer to him and taking the glass she turned around. Satish moved a step forward encircling her waist with one hand and with the other he pulled her closer to him. Anju moved back until she could touch his body with hers. On having her in his hold, Satish lifted her hand, holding the glass to her mouth. Anju opened her mouth voluntarily. As Satish tilted the glass, allowing the liquid to pour into her mouth, Anju swallowed as much as she could hold in her mouth and the remaining drops trickled down her dress.

Satish moved forward to grasp her tightly in his hold. The liquid started to fill Anju’s bladder. It started to churn her tummy up. She held it for some time and when the urge became stronger; biting up her lips, Anju lifted her arms and putting them around his neck, she held him strongly. As the urge became unbearable, she moaned ‘Its coming, its coming’. On hearing her moaning, Satish tightened his grip. Anju struggled to release herself, but could not, as his grip was stronger. She started to double her legs, pushing back the gush inside her and when it was unbearable she let out a few drops of it.

It wetted her panties and soon there was a yellow patch in front of her dress. Satish was thrilled to see the wet patch in front of her dress. Anju screamed at him to open the shower but Satish had his eyes glued over the wet patch. It gave him immense pleasure to see the gown getting soaked. When Anju felt it unbearable, she let it gush out of her. Satish’s eyes went wild seeing the liquid soak up her dress. He also saw a small pool forming at her feet. This was so arousing that he could not stop his hand from reaching the spot from which it flowing. Anju stood paralyzed when she felt his hand over her wet front and when she saw him wetting his hands with it; she felt a burning desire creep inside her.

Feeling his hands over the wet dress, Anju was getting aroused. Suddenly she thought of bathing his hands with it. She stopped the flow and collecting all she could deep inside her and when her bladder was full, she let it out in one gush. Satish hands were flooded with it and he loved every bit of it. Satish then placed his hand firmly on her spot form where it was flowing out and caressed it along with the hot liquid. Feeling his hand and the hot liquid on the most sensitive spot, Anju went wild. It was burning her insides with hot desires. It was unbelievable and it had such a wild affect that as soon as his hands flooded with the hot liquid pressed over her mound, she came in her panties, blending both the juices.

It took some minutes before she came back to senses. Meanwhile Satish had opened the tap and was dousing her. In the heat of passion Anju had not realized that his stiff cock was wedged on her back. Feeling its heat, Anju again felt warmness growing inside her. Satish pressing himself hard against her body set his hands to wash away the stains from her gown. He stooped down to reach the bottom of her dress and taking hold of it he raised it up her legs. Anju did not mind it and as he lifted her dress higher and slid his hands inside, she started liking it. As his hands caressing her legs reached up her subtle hot thighs, Anju started to whine. And in no time, Satish had his hands on her panties and before she could comprehend, he pulled them down her thighs and removed them.

Anju went feverish by the pitch of his action. She glued her body to his and on feeling his erect member she started to grind her back on it. Satish encouraged by her grinding felt his member started to vibrate. Positioning himself behind her, he wedged his member deep in between her soft buttocks. Anju greeted him by giving room.

Satish on having his member lodged in the hot groove of her buttocks, held her dress at the bottom again. This time he did not lift it, but he slid both his hands underneath the dress and bringing up he held both her thighs. This sent shivers up Anju’s body. She went limp allowing him a free hand. He then moved his hands up until he could feel the softer part of her thighs. He caressed them with his open palms. He moved his hands further up. He did not let his hands touch her hot spot, but continued till they reached her waist. He caressed her waist with both his hands.

Anju was anticipating that he would touch her there but as he moved his hands away, she stood still wondering what he was up to. When his hands moved further up nearing her breasts she started to adore it. What she did not realize was her dress was getting hoisted up and it had bared most of her back. Then she felt two things at once. First she felt his hot hands over her breasts and second she felt his hot member ram into her bare buttocks. Anju had not anticipated this move and it made her freeze in his arms. Seeing her going flaccid he positioned his member in between her hot buttocks. Though he had not undressed, Anju would feel his member creep live in between her buttocks. While Anju’s attention was focused on her back, Satish held the thin material of her bra with both hands and shred the material into pieces. This heightened her pleasure to a great extent and she loved being treated ruthlessly.

After having shredded her bra to pieces, Satish raised his hands further up and holding her gown in his hands, he removed the night gown in one go, making her stand naked in front of him. Anju had never expected this to happen and she buckled down with embarrassment. She had totally failed to recognize his moves and now she was repenting it. Only thing she was sure off was, she knew Satish was unable to either see neither her nude breasts, nor her cunt as he was standing behind her. Though it gave her some respite, she was scared to even move an eye lid and when she felt his hands come down on her naked shoulders and gripped her, she stood frozen.

She was in this position when Satish asked her to turn around. He had her in such a situation where it was only advantageous to him. If she stepped forward to leave the room, he could see her bare buttocks and if she asked him to leave, he could have a look at her front. Anju realized the situation she was and when Satish again asked her to turn around, she was contemplating what to do. In the meantime Satish started kneading and caressing her shoulders waiting for her reply. Anju on being totally under his mercy was getting aroused again and also his caresses were igniting her desires.

Satish continued massaging her shoulders with his open palms, getting hold of more and more raw flesh in them and he was guiding them over her breasts. Anju knew he would not stop now and when she heard him say again ‘turn around’, she nodded to herself and finally decided to go his way. She straightened herself and started slowly turning her body. Satish seeing her move moved back giving her room to manoeuvre. Braving herself, Anju turned a little and as Satish encouraged her by twisting her shoulders, she at last faced him. It was a moment which Satish had waited for so long and he fixed his stare on her lustful body. His eyes wandered over her ripe breasts and when they reached over her moist cunt, seeing the hot opening covered with black moist hair, he let out a deep moan. Anju was withdrawn standing naked in front of him and as his eyes took to every pore of her body, she started enjoying his stare over her body. It made her cunts juice surging out.

When Satish had finally pictured her naked body in his mind, he looked straight into her eyes and moistening his lips, beckoned for a kiss. Thinking over it, Anju felt it was easier to kiss him than stand in front of him exposing her nude body: she opened her mouth and wetting her lips with her tongue she stepped closer to him. Satish was waiting impatiently to have her lips meet his. He stood his ground moistening his lips with his tongue. Anju moved still closer and she looked straight into his eyes. She lifted her hands to his face. Satish member’s was at its peak. She fondled his face with them. Satish snaked his tongue out to feel her fingers. She brought her lips a shade closer. Satish started to sweat. Anju then brought her tongue out. Satish opened his mouth wider. Anju slipped her tongue inside his mouth. She then touched his tongue with hers. It was electrifying and Satish’s member started pulsating.

Seeing Satish panting Anju moved her lips closer. Her lips braced his and her tongue darted inside his mouth. She let it sneak to each and every corner of his mouth. Satish pushed his tongue into her mouth. On having his tongue inside her mouth, Anju brought hers out and licked his lips with it. She made them slippery with her saliva and when they were moist enough she took them in her lips kissing him passionately. Satish had controlled this far and he could do no more.

He suddenly moved his hands over her back and holding her body in his arms he rammed his pulsating cock over his dress right at the opening of her hot spot. Anju felt mesmerised to feel his hot cock over her cunt and when Satish started to grind it over her she started to suck his lips with vigour. Satish then slipped one hand down and bringing it right over the cheeks of her hot buttocks pulled her to him. This move made the head of his cock cram against the opening of her vagina. It was still covered with the thin material of his dress. Anju cried out in delight and as Satish pushed his cock deeper and rammed into her insides, she screamed out with pleasure. Satish on having ripped through her insides was unable to control himself and he shot his load of come in her hot oven of a cunt.

Both stood panting in each other’s arms. It was Anju who first came to her senses and before dislodging herself from him, she kissed him passionately. On being kissed, Satish tried to grasp her, Anju slipped out of his reach. And before Anju could open the door, Satish reached her and placing his hands at her sides on the door, imprisoned her in between them. Anju knew she was trapped and she turned politely when she was asked to. With a naughty smile on her lips she looked up at him. Satish caught her face in both his hands and drawing her closer; he jammed his lips hard on hers. Anju lifted her arms and encircled his neck. She hugged herself closer to him. When Satish let his hand slip over her cunt, Anju stopped him and saying ‘tomorrow’ opened the door and went out. Satish stood looking at her naked form crossing over to her room.

By evening Anju was in a mischievous frame of mind. Her eyes were looking forward to see her son. The time crawled slowly and Anju was getting impatient. She was picturing him in her mind. She thought as Ajay would enter, she would take him in her arms and kiss him passionately as she used to with her husband. But when Ajay entered, she felt so shy and embarrassed she could not even face him. She blushed and turned crimson. Ajay seeing her turn pink, which was to his liking moved closer to her and standing behind her, seized her shoulders. When Anju did not flinch a bit, he moved his body forward feeling hers with his. Then he held her chin and turned her towards him.

When Ajay’s hands held her chin, Anju succumbed to his pressure and turned her face and looked up at him. Now it was her turn to see his face intimately. She looked deep into his blue eyes and what she saw in them was her own reflection. She got aroused to see her face in his eyes and when he opened his mouth a little, Anju slipped her hot tongue deep inside his mouth. Ajay let her tongue play with his mouth while he slid his hands down over her body and rested it over her buttocks. As Anju was busy trusting her tongue in and out of his mouth, Ajay kept pulling her lower body on to his rising manhood. Once when Ajay felt his manhood was firmly glued over her stomach, holding her buttocks, he pushed it harder into her.

Anju felt his hot member snake around her stomach and waist. Though she wanted to slide her hand down and hold it, she felt it would be too fast for him. Allowing him some time to pound his member over her body and also letting him fondle her buttocks, she came out of his arms and smiling down at him, looked towards the room occupied by his father and left him silently.

Ajay went up his room and finishing all his work came down. However hard he tried not to get close to his mother, he could not control his desires. Even though he was scared that either Satish or his father would catch him, he could not keep to himself. He was in such a state when he saw his mother at the kitchen. He rushed inside only to retract his steps as he saw Satish in the kitchen. Anju recognized his dilemma and she felt pity for him.

The whole of evening Ajay did not get any time to be with his mother. Even at dinner she was out of his reach. After dinner Ajay went for a stroll and when he came back, he saw his father lying on the sofa watching the news. It was a jolt for him, but as he saw his mother squatting down on the rug beside the sofa, in the darkened corner, he hurriedly went across and sat beside her. From their position, it was difficult for Ajay’s father to see anything.

At last Ajay was happy to be seated beside his mother and not bothering with the presence of his father, he cuddled closely to his mother. Anju got excited to see him take such a bold step and she lifting her arm pulled his head over to her shoulder. For anyone looking it was a common picture of a mother and her son cuddled together.

Both of them were at ease in this position, grasping whatever comfort they could derive from cuddling each other. They kept themselves warm with their hugs and as time went by, Ajay slid his thigh close to hers and on feeling the heat generating from her thigh it aroused him a little. Anju sat motionless, allowing his thighs to feel hers. Ajay feeling the heat generating from her thighs placed his bare leg upon hers, touching it. Anju pulled back her legs a little as it was well in front of them and she felt that her husband could see it. Ajay kept tugging at her leg with his and when Anju pulled it further up, he was happy to have her legs folded up. Ajay took benefit of it and putting his hand down, he placed it on her knee.

Anju felt his hand on her knee and as it was away from her husband’s gaze, she kept her cool. Ajay slipped his hand down on her thigh and when Anju pushed it aside, he took it under her thigh. Anju could not keep moving his hand away as it would attract Rajesh’s attention and when Ajay took it under her thigh; she kept quiet, thinking his hand was out of Rajesh’s sight. It was then that Ajay squeezed her inner thigh firmly. This made Anju to stifle her moan. When Ajay slid it further down, his hand felt as if it were in an oven. Anju’s mid thighs were on fire and all the heat was sweeping to his hand. Ajay kept his hand poised on her thigh feeling its heat. He held as much of her soft flesh as he can with his hand and squeezed it.

Anju started to squirm on feeling his hand grasp the flesh of her inner thighs. She was in a dilemma. She could neither stop him nor encourage him. Ajay too realized this and as he let his hand slide down he felt it touch the rug. He had come to the end of her thigh and what was near it was making his pants budge with excitement. He did not move his hand. He was contemplating what to do next. He was not sure as to how his mother would react to it. He did not want to spoil the game. He did not push his hand but he slowly let one of his finger glide in that direction. Anju felt his finger move. She knew where it was leading. She wanted to pull his hand away but she thought this may upset him. His finger moved still further. It was getting closer and closer. When Anju was pondering what to do, suddenly she felt her husband stirring. This came to her rescue and moving quickly she got up to help him.

Seeing his mother move, Ajay dragged his hand out. He had come so far and suddenly this had to happen. He felt disappointed and he sat frozen in his place. He had not to be disappointed for long, as when he lifted his eyes up, he saw his father moving out of the room by himself and he saw his mother standing nearby watching him go. This again brought back some life to his member.

Once Rajesh was out of the room, Anju looked down at Ajay with amazement in her eyes and sitting down, shaking her head, she whispered to herself, ‘you are too much’.

Ajay did not hear her but understood what she was uttering and he smiled at her.

Anju seeing him smiling at her discomfort lifted a pillow from the sofa and thrashed it at him.

Ajay not only caught the pillow but he also held her arms tightly. Anju was trapped in his masculine hold. She was surprised by his strength and her body began to quiver in his manly grip. She went limp in his arms. Ajay saw her going down submissively. He manoeuvred her in such a way that her upper body was flattened on his chest and taking her along in his arms, he slid on the rug.

Anju adjusted her body over his. She let her breasts be crushed on his ribs and her head was on his chest. She slid her arms below his back and held him tightly. Ajay was delighted to have her in this position. Slowly he put across his hand over her head and played with the tresses of her hair. He kept twisting and curling her hair in his fingers. Anju embraced him tightly. Ajay knowing that he was free to make advances pushed her hair from the nape of her neck and kissing her there, also freed the sari covering her back with the other hand. Anju shivered on the contact of his lips over her neck.

Ajay then slid his hands over her back and feeling the silky texture of her blouse, slid them underneath her to reach for the hooks. On reaching them, his hands left the softness of her breasts and as he unhooked all the hooks, it was easy for him to pull the blouse out. Once her blouse was out of the way, Ajay caressed her bare back arousing her desires. He then held the straps of her bra in his fingers, tugging them loose. Taking his time, he unhooked her bra and slid the straps of her bra from her shoulders. As Anju was lying upon him, he lifted her up slowly before sliding the bra out from her body.

Anju was naked up from the waist. She derived the pleasure on having her bare breasts flattened against his ribs. She kept silent and let him play with her. Ajay seeing her yielding meekly moved his arms down her back, but could not reach her waist. Lifting Anju along him, he sat resting his back again on the sofa. Anju gripped his back for support and moved her body along his. Now his hands had access to her body. He let his hand move smoothly over her naked back and caressed her, making the desires inside her body ignite. Anju started to moan and as she felt his fingers trying to loosen her sari, she opened her mouth and kissed him just below his neck.

Ajay felt elevated on reaching thus far. After loosening her sari, he took hold of the chords of güvenilir bahis siteleri her petticoat and pulled them. Anju shrieked when her petticoat was opened and moving her hands she held his collar in both of them. When Ajay started pushing her petticoat down exposing her buttocks, Anju ripped his shirt with both her hands and baring his chest she glued her lips on it. Ajay could not have asked for more. He pushed her dress down as far as he could and placing his hot hands over her bare buttocks gripped them hard. Anju could not control herself and not bothering she placed her body entirely over his and felt his erect member just below her breasts.

When Anju moved her body over his, Ajay could not reach her buttocks. But when he felt her warm body engulf his member, it started to vibrate. He was experiencing a pleasure unknown to him. Anju felt his member pulsating on her waist and she realized that both were on the verge of coming. Taking a deep breath she lifted herself and positioning her breasts over his erect member, she came down over it.

As Ajay felt her breasts squash over his erect member; he lost control over his manners. He wrapped Anju in his hands and putting her down on the rug he started pounding his member in between her breasts. He started thumping her with such force that the head of his prick poked out from the top of his track pants. He then felt it spurting a white thick liquid over Anju’s breasts. Anju screamed as she felt him marauding her breasts with his trusts and her body shook with tremor. She came with such a force that her body convulsed and she had to grip him for support.

It took some time for Anju to come to terms with herself as she was so deeply engrossed in her pleasure. Finally when she looked up at Ajay, he looked aghast. He was in a shocked state. When Anju asked him ‘what’s wrong’? Ajay looked down on the sperm he had shot on her breasts. He was terrified of his ruthless behaviour and thought she would not take it easy. Anju comprehended his dilemma and shaking his head, she cuddled him to her bosom. She held him close for a while and when he regained his composure she said ‘don’t worry, its okay’. This gave him the much needed respite and as he snuggled closer to her body, Anju then pulled her dress up and steadied her sari. After covering as much as possible, she went out of the room.


The next morning, Satish saw an energized Anju coming down the stairs. She was d****d in a light colour sari which supplemented her figure very well. Satish kept staring at her figure undulating inside her sari, while descending down the stairs. Satish let out a moan when she smiled on passing him.

The moment Anju stepped out of her room; she saw Satish’s eyes were glued to her body. Her assumption that he would be excited to see her dressed in sari was coming true. She had heard him moan when she had passed him and she wanted to capitalize on this. She kept heaving her body in front of him making him sweat.

On many occasions Anju kept looking up towards her bedroom and pointing at it. Satish did not get the meaning. Thinking she may be looking for Ajay who had shifted his things to the adjoining room, he kept himself busy in his work.

When Ajay came down to the breakfast table he was stunned to see his mother look so ravishing. He gazed lewdly upon her robust body and seeing this Anju started to blush. Anju sat close to him and started to fill his plate. When she saw Ajay was more interested in looking down at her than having his breakfast, she moved a little closer and started to spoon feed him. Ajay was thrilled to have her spoon feed him and as his hand was free; he slid it under the table and placed it on her knee. Anju felt his hand gripping her knee and to encourage him a little, she spread her knees and as his hand slipped in between her legs, she gripped it tightly arresting it in her hold.

Ajay could not move his hand any further but he was happy to have wedged his hand right in between her warm thighs. Having his hand gripped between her thighs she continued to spoon feed him and when Ajay finished eating, she looked up at him and promising him more for the evening, left him.

Satish could not find Anju even after Ajay left for school. He waited for some minutes. When she still did not appear, it suddenly became clear, what she was hinting by pointing at her bedroom in the morning. Satish found himself in an aroused state. He quickly went to his room, changed to one of his best lungi, (a cloth worn by men, d****d like a sari) returned and climbed up the stairs to her room. When he entered the room he was surprised not to find her there and when he turned to leave the room, he found the door of her bathroom ajar and he was thrilled when he saw her silhouette.

Satish moved back and locking her bedroom door stepped inside the bathroom pushing the door to shut. He was astonished when his eyes took to the sprawling bathroom and its settings. He stood in a dazed state seeing the spacious room and before his eyes could take everything, Anju pulled the d****s of the windows plunging the room into dim light.

Anju seeing him rooted on the spot, signalled him to come closer and as he approached her she stepped under the shower. Satish too followed suit and coming closer to her lifted the glass to her. Anju took the glass and keeping it aside on the rack she opened the valve of the shower. The warm water sprayed over their bodies and in no time drenched both of them. Anju turned towards him and she saw the impression of his erect cock over the thin material of his dress. Seeing its size and shape clearly Anju felt a burning desire to touch it. As she was considering it, Satish moved closer to her and holding her face in his hand, he loosened her tresses and let her hair fall on her shoulder. This made Anju to stay put and as Satish continued straightening out her hair and when it was all set, he took the glass from the rack and made her drink all the liquid. Anju dutifully drank all of it and as she started to feel it build up in her, she put her hands on his shoulders and tried to push him down.

Satish felt the pressure on his shoulders. Judging her intentions, he very tamely went down on his knees and encircling his hands, he held her by the waist. Anju was too happy to have him in a position she desired and she bringing her hand down fondled his hair. Satish being in an advantageous position wrapped his hands over her buttocks and drawing her closer nuzzled his face on her wet warm navel. Satish started to kiss the exposed portion of her navel and as this was tantalizing Anju, he started to pull out the sari from her body. He dipped his hand inside her petticoat and releasing the sari from its grip, pulled it out of her body. When he let it fall, it was then, that he saw below her midriff the soft black hair hiding the most treasured cunt of hers over her thin petticoat. Satish then brought his hand into play and straightening the wrinkles of her petticoat, he fixed his glare at her wet cunt. When he was staring at it, Anju started to get the urge building up inside her body. She let out a few drops and as Satish eyes were glued on the spot he was quick enough to see them.

Satish quickly lifted Anju’s petticoat above her waist and exposing her cunt he cupped it with his hand. Anju started to moan as Satish lifted her petticoat, she was wriggling her buttocks, and she went ecstatic when she felt his hand cup her cunt. Satish holding her still in one hand, he caressed her cunt with the other. Anju could no longer hold back, twisting and trusting her body she let it gush out from her vagina. Satish’s hand felt the hot spray hit it. He caressed her cunt with the hot liquid. Anju loved every moment of this and as she was about to cream out, she pushed his hand away from her cunt and bringing her cunt closer to his chest, she drained out what was held back in her stomach. Feeling it spray over his body, Anju screamed out loudly in her moment of ecstasy. She kept jacking her lower body on to his chest. She rammed it harder and harder over his chest, till she emptied all that was in her bladder and continued till such time she regained normalcy.

Satish seeing her seething and pounding her lower body over his chest was watching her actions with eagerness. Holding her he waited for her convulsions to stop and cool down a bit and as he saw her relaxing a bit, he lifted himself up and taking her in his arms, he let the water from the shower come down heavily. He then proceeded to open the hooks of her blouse and slipped it out from her body. Satish then turned her around and unhooking her bra, pulled it out too. He then brought his hands down and tugging at the chord of her petticoat, he pulled it free from her body. When Anju was totally naked, he then soaped her body and rinsed it in the shower. Anju was getting excited again and when she turned to face him, Satish was in the process of removing his shirt. Anju after having helped him in pulling out his shirt from his body let her eyes wander over his chest.

She then took the soap from his hand and stroked it over his chest. She kept caressing his chest and when the soap from her hand slipped down, she bowed down to pick it up and as she lifted her head up, she saw his erect cock peeping out from his dress. Its head was shining and Anju could not move her eyes away from it. It was so engrossing to see its head pulsating. Though it was not that big, Anju still loved the way it was curved and shaped. Anju could not resist but touch the tip of it. Satish shuddered at her touch. As Anju moved her fingers over it, Satish stood motionless. Anju very slowly took it in her hand. She was enjoying its heat upon her palm. Feeling its heat, Anju closed her fist over it and then started to give some momentum to her hand. Satish felt her jacking his prick. He could not let her continue as any moment he feared he may shoot, so he pulled his prick from her hand and held her straight.

Satish then went on to finish giving her a bath. Anju drifted her hand down and yanked his Lungi out of his body. For the first time Satish stood naked in front of her. He saw her eyeing his cock and this made it gather more vigour. It was very erect and lively. As Satish felt her gaze arousing him, he turned and picking a towel started to dry Anju’s body with it. After he had finished drying her, Anju took the towel from his hand and d****d it over her body. As soon as Anju had d****d the towel to her body, Satish pulled her into his arms and looked into her face. Anju’s eyes were glowing and her lips sprouted a mischievous smile.

Seeing this Satish swiftly lifted her up in his arms and carrying her he moved towards her room. Anju was totally bewildered when she saw him moving towards her bed. This shot the adrenaline up her body and she waited anxiously for his next move. Satish reaching the bed put her down on it and he stood ogling her body which was twisting and moaning on the bed. He then went on his knees and coming closer to her, placed his hand on her knee just below the towel. Anju was mesmerized by his actions. Satish then slid his hand inside the towel and felt her hot thighs. He then continued moving his hand up in between her thighs. He felt the stimulating heat of her inner thighs. He then brought the other hand into play. With it he started to remove the towel from her body.

Anju was squirming with delight and the moment his hand reached the end of her thighs, she jerked her body out of pleasure. Satish moved his hand right over her cunt and slid a finger in. It just slipped inside her hot cunt. Satish on having his finger inside her, pulled the towel from her body with the other hand. Anju bit her lips hard. Her body started to have convulsions. She could not bear the pleasure emanating within herself. She put her hand at the side of the bed and started searching for his cock. As Satish lifted himself to bend his face over her body, Anju’s hand felt his scorching cock. She held it in her hand while Satish rammed his lips on her cunt.

Both actions were simultaneous and both shuddered at the touch. As Satish started lapping up her cunt, Anju held his cock with a firmer grip. Anju loved his hot tongue cleaning out her cunt and this made her pull his cock harder. As Satish raised his body over hers, Anju’s hand which was holding the cock slid below and gripped his buttocks. Satish positioned his cock right over the hot wet entrance and Anju started pulling him down. Satish then bringing his face down, opened his lips and swallowed her lips in them. He slammed his mouth hard on hers and when Anju screamed out in pleasure he slid his hot cock into her and he covered her mouth with his stifling all her cries.

Anju was in heaven. She had never felt a desire so strong and when Satish started pounding her insides, she lifted her body to accommodate his trusts deeper. Satish had finally reached his goal. He put all his strength behind him in thrusting deeper inside her. Anju was screaming wildly. She was coming and coming in streams. She dug her nails on his back and scratched out his skin. Satish was also about to come. He wanted to come over her face so he lifted himself and positioned his cock over her face. Anju seeing his cock dangling in front of her face brought her tongue out and licked its head. By the time she could taste the salty pre-cum, Satish shot his load of cum over her mouth, cheeks and eyes. Before it could go limp, Anju held his cock in her hand and guided into her mouth. She could feel his cock vibrating inside her mouth and it was a pleasure to hold it over there.

Satish lay exhausted over her, while his cock was in her mouth. He found it difficult to rise as he felt his cock growing stiff in her mouth again. He started to grind his cock in her mouth. Anju suddenly realized he was getting hard again and before he could do anything, she slid away from him and ran into the bathroom. Satish after collecting his clothes as he turned to leave the room, he pictured the whole setting of her room in his mind. He was delighted to have had her in such surroundings. He walked tall from the room.

Anju took sometime to come out of the bathroom. There she sat recollecting what had happened. Though she had cherished the episode, she felt it was wrong on her part. She felt sorry, not for herself, but for her son Ajay. When she had so easily given herself up to a stranger, she had not cared to shower the same love on her son. She felt as if she had cheated him. Thinking of him she went ahead with washing all her garments which she had worn this morning, as she had seen Ajay’s eyes pop out when she stood before him.

By evening Anju had planned out everything. First she had sent Satish out on an errand which would keep him away from the house till midnight and secondly she had cooked up a few things which Ajay cherished. After finishing her work she went up the stairs to her room to dress up. She dressed up leisurely and after spraying a tinge of mild perfume over her body, she looking in the mirror, she felt a warmness engulfing her body. Shaking herself out of it, she came down in time to hear the door bell ringing.

Anju opened the door to see a beaming Ajay standing at the door. As he entered in, Ajay looked upon her and seeing her dressed in the same outfit, his eyes popped out of his sockets. Anju saw his eyes roaming over every inch of her body and when she looked down at him, she could see the lump in front of his pants growing. Anju’s face went red when she saw him looking at her looking down at him. When Anju turned to leave, Ajay caught hold of her hand. This made Anju stand rooted on the spot and before she could think of something, she felt his other hand encircling her waist. As Ajay pulled her she very tamely moved her body in line with his. Ajay on feeling her body contact his went crazy with desire. He tightened his grip over her waist and adjusted himself between her buttocks. Anju moaned as she felt his growing prick stuck in between her buttocks. After allowing him sometime, Anju slowly turned towards him. On seeing her turn, Ajay’s face suddenly turned red and he started to sweat, as he felt he had over stepped a little.

Anju seeing the plight on his face took hold of his face in her hands and bringing it closer she planted kisses all over it. This made Ajay regain his lost composure. When Anju was busy kissing him, Ajay slid his hands from her waist down and held her buttocks. As Anju did not show any resistance, Ajay pulled her body closer to his, making his erect prick cram on her midriff. This brightened Anju’s face and seeing him manoeuvring her to gain more contact of her body, she herself trusted her body upon his. Ajay moaned on having the desired contact of her body over his and he started to perspire. Anju seeing him perspiring silently drew her body away from his and when Ajay looked up at her with disbelief, she laid her hand firmly on his prick before leaving him.

At last Ajay was ecstatic to have her touch his prick. He could not believe his mother had really touched him with her hand. He stood gazing at her departing soul and once she was out of his vision, he ran up to his room, discarded all his clothes and lay upon his bed holding his erect prick in his hand. He kept fondling his prick and when he saw it growing, he started to jerk it, feeling a new sensation building up inside him.

He kept playing with his member and when he felt it was time to catch up with his work, he very enthusiastically finished it. He did keep count of the time flying and when he heard her mother calling him for dinner, he was really surprised. He quickly dragged his track pant over his naked body and putting on a loose shirt he came striding down the stairs.

Coming over to the dinning table he was enchanted to see his father having finished his dinner was resting in his room. To add to this, when he sat down, he saw his mother getting ready to spoon feed him. Ajay could not believe his eyes and he pulled his chair closer to hers. Anju was pleased to see him so lively and as she lifted a spoonful to feed him, he diverted the spoon to her mouth. Anju’s heart cried out at him. She very lovingly opened her mouth and accepted the food. They kept spoon feeding each other and when they came to the dessert, a spoon full of it fell upon Anju’s thighs.

Ajay quickly drew the napkin and holding it in his hand, he cleaned the spill. When he saw some stains remaining over her sari, he dipped the napkin in a glass of ice water and holding her sari in his hand, he brushed it clean. Anju on feeling the cold water seep through her sari shivered. Ajay held the wet part of her sari in his hand and did not let it go. He kept fondling it in his hand and as Anju did not object, he kept tugging it. This made her sari slip away from her a little. Anju looked straight into Ajay’s eyes. She did not complain but her eyes questioned his actions. When Ajay looked worried and stopped pulling her sari, Anju let out a naughty smile.

Seeing her beaming, Ajay knew she was teasing him. He took his hand and squarely placed it over her thigh. Anju smiled again. Ajay then started caressing her thighs and seeing her giggling, he then slid his hand deeper between her thighs. Anju spread her thighs a little. This move made his hand gain more ground. The deeper he moved his hand, the more he got aroused. Anju waited for his next move and the moment she left his hand creeping up her hot spot, she let out a soft moan.

Ajay took this as an invitation and as he pushed his hand over her cunt, Anju cried out and squeezed her thighs trapping Ajay’s hand in between them. This did not stop Ajay. He exerted more force and dug his hand deeper. His hand felt something moist. This brought him on the verge of discharge. He felt his cock vibrating inside his pants. On not being able to penetrate her, Ajay again forced his hand inside. He grasped whatever his hands lay on. This was tantalizing Anju. She was going wild feeling his hand burrowing her cunt. She could take it no longer and the moment she separated her thighs, Ajay gripped her whole cunt in his hand and pushed his fingers in. This not only made Anju scream out in pleasure but Ajay too could no longer sustain himself. When his fingers felt the warm moist inner glands of her cunt, Ajay came in his pants.

Anju so far had not experienced anything so wonderful. She kept squirming in her seat. Ajay was a little shy after coming in his pants. Anju became conscious of this. She moved closer to him and placed her hand directly on his pants. Ajay shuddered when he felt her hand over his prick. Anju then slid her hand inside his pants and reached for his prick. Ajay could not believe it. He was shocked for a few seconds and as Anju fondled his moist prick in her hand, it started to rise again. She kept fondling it inside his pants and when she felt it reach the maximum size, she said ‘you have a big one’. This made Ajay go red in his face. Anju then removed her hand out and moving closer to him said ‘go clean up and come down’.

At first Ajay could not believe what he had heard, but as the words ‘come down’ kept ringing in his mind, he hurriedly ran up to his room. He had a wash and changing into new pants he came down to see his mother waiting for him. She was standing in the middle of the living room, which was softly lit. Her light colour dress was glowing in the faint light. It was a sight to behold. Ajay moved closer to her.

Anju raised her hands and held him by his shoulders. She held him at arm’s length. She then looked down at him. Her eyes went over every little outline of his body. She was engraving the look and shape of his body in her mind. When she completed her survey, she found him to be more masculine than her husband. She found his shoulders squarer, his arms heavier, his chest broader and his thighs heavier. While Anju was scrutinizing him, Ajay was silent. He was happy just to stand in front of her. He was observing her actions and when Anju let out a sigh of relief, he shifted his hands on to her waist.

As Anju felt his hands on her waist, she said ‘what do you want’?

Ajay blushed. He did not speak out but stammered. I …………

Anju moved closer and bringing her ear to his mouth, said ‘tell me’.

With great difficulty, Ajay replied ‘I want to see’.

Anju’s face brightened. She said ‘what’.

Again Ajay could not reply, but he kept his hand moving down her waist.

‘You want to see it’ asked Anju.

‘Yes’ he blurted out.

‘Just see it’ questioned Anju, biting his ear?

‘I want to touch it’, replied Ajay.

Hearing it Anju bit his ear hard and said ‘why’.

Ajay did not answer but he pulled her closer to him.

Anju then moving her face from his ear and kissing him on the cheeks said. ‘Yes, you can’.

Hearing this Ajay suddenly blurted out ‘What’.

Anju smiled and bringing her lips upon his said ‘undress me’.

Ajay could not believe what he had heard. He stood motionless for sometime and when he felt Anju’s lips ravishing his, he brought his hands over her shoulders. He then pushed Anju away from his body and as she looked up at him with a naughty smile, he gripped her shoulders straight. Now it was his turn to look up at her. He kept his eyes fixed on her chest. He was looking at her breasts heave whenever she took a breath. Her breathing made her breasts rise up and down. Ajay placed his hands on the top of her chest and as Anju let her breath out, he slid the sari covering her breasts.

Now Ajay had a clear picture of her breasts heave in her bra and blouse. The top part of her breasts were bare and as Anju’s breathing got faster, they moved in unison. Then Ajay held the material of her blouse on either side with both his hands. He kept gripping the material of the blouse tighter in his hand. Anju loved his ministrations. She had not expected this from Ajay when she had asked him to undress her. She had thought he would be very clumsy, but on seeing him act as a mature person, she was enjoying it. Anju felt his fingers and knuckles trust deep inside her blouse and she took pleasure by his touch. As Anju was anticipating him to push his hands deeper inside, she was shocked and opened her mouth in awe when Ajay ripped the thin material of her blouse out of her body in one stroke.

Anju wilted being treated like this and her whole body was on fire. She then very tamely came into his arms and hugged her body to his. Ajay on feeling her soft breasts flattened against his chest, gathered her in his arms firmly. They kept swinging in each others arms getting to know the feel of each others body and as Ajay’s hand drifted down from her back to her waist, he started to tug her sari out. As Anju felt her sari being dragged she started to take deep breaths helping him slip the sari out of her body. After pulling out the sari from her body, Ajay brought his hands on her buttocks and kneading them, he pulled them harshly on to his body.

On every pull Anju felt her body ram his erect cock. Enticed by his manly pulls, Anju freed her arms and taking hold of his shirt, she pulled it out. Then setting straight her locks she placed both her hands on his chest and caught his flesh in them. Ajay trusted his lower body harder into hers. Anju did not stop there. She lifted herself on the toes and gliding her breasts on his chest, she whipped her locks of hair on his face. Ajay held her tightly in this position and lifting her up he carried her to the sofa. Anju started thrusting her body wildly on being carried by him and as he put her down on the sofa, she pulled him on top of her.

Ajay body’s had totally pinned upon hers. He had her body under his and he felt his cock stuck right on top of her cunt. This sent shivers to both their bodies. Ajay pressed himself and his member upon her body and getting the maximum contact, he started to jerk his cock over Anju’s body. Anju too loved the feel of his hot cock ram on her body and as his trusts got harder, her vaginal muscles contracted and she too started trusting her body up with every move of his. Ajay went beyond control. He was aroused to the hilt. He took out his cock in his hand and positioning himself over her cunt, he ripped his cock through her thin dress into it. Anju screamed out loudly. Ajay had penetrated most of his cock inside her cunt and as his trusts gained more leverage, Anju thrashed her self wildly and came. Ajay too could not hold back anymore. As soon as he got more access to her cunt, he rammed his cock with a final trust and spent out inside her.

After some time, when Anju felt him pull out his cock from her cunt, she quickly put her hands down and holding Ajay’s back pulled him up. And when Ajay saw her signalling to sit on her belly, he readily moved over and placing his legs on either side of her body, he squatted on her belly. Anju then placing her hands on his thighs pulled him further up her body. On having him well placed, Anju positioned both her hands on his hips and caressing them she moved her hands over his deflated cock. Ajay straightened himself allowing more freedom for Anju’s hand to feel his cock. Anju took hold of his cock in both her hands over his pants and rubbed it lovingly.

Ajay’s cock started to swell and when she felt it bulge, Anju slid her hand inside his pants and took hold of his bare cock in her hand. Ajay’ body shivered. The touch of her delicate fingers on his rigid mass of flesh sent heat waves up his body and when Anju said ‘show me’, Ajay was both excited and exulted.

He went up on his knees. Anju held his pants in her hands; he dragged them out of his body. Anju’s eyes lit up on seeing his huge prick dangling in front of her. She caressed it with her eyes from a closer range. She very lovingly held it in her hands. Ajay felt it pulsating in her hand and he pressed it on her breasts. Anju then quickly unhooked her bra and taking hold of his cock she squeezed it in between her soft warm breasts. Ajay loved the feeling of his cock wedged in between her breasts, but he was craving for more. He continued shoving it in between her breasts. Anju cried out in pleasure.

Ajay was thrusting his cock in between her breasts and as Anju was busy moaning with pleasure, he suddenly slid his body down and straddling her thighs he embraced her belly. Anju was thrilled. He started to kiss her belly button and making way he was pushing his hand below. This made Anju to twist and twirl and she placed her hand on his head. Ajay moving his hand down held the chords holding her petticoat. Anju trembled and ruffling his hair, she asked ‘what are you doing’?

By this time Ajay’s face was poised over cunt. He looked down and said ‘I want to see ‘.

Anju blushed. ‘You want to see mine’, she quipped back mischievously.

‘Yes, yes’, replied Ajay.

‘Then what’s stopping you’ replied Anju naughtily.

Ajay did not even look back at her. He immediately pulled the chords and Anju’s petticoat gave way. Ajay saw her soft belly giving way to the midriff on which he saw black curls of hair and the moment he slid the petticoat down and exposed Anju’s cunt, his eyes popped out of their sockets and turned red. Seeing the unseen, Ajay could not shift his eyes from her cunt. He looked at every pore and every curl of her cunt. He kept staring at her till he heard Anju say.

‘Do you like what you see’?

Ajay, in response, bowed down and opening his mouth placed a hard kiss on her cunt. Anju shivered at this kiss. Ajay after kissing her cunt and feeling her body tremble lifted his face to look at her. Anju beckoned him to come over her and Ajay obliged. He hauled himself up and covering her full body he placed his body upon hers. Anju went wild feeling his full frame and weight upon her. Her vaginal muscles started twitching and her cunt went moist with her juices.

On having his body over hers, Anju immediately wrapped her hands over his back and hugging him to her body, her lips started to search his. On having contacted Anju ravished his lips and face with wet kisses which aroused the devil in Ajay. His body started to sweat and his cock which was wedged between their bodies started to throb. He momentarily lifted himself and poised his cock over her. It was blazing and ready to plunge. Anju saw it from the corner of her eye and before she could hold it or guide it, Ajay plunged it deep into her. Anju cried out with joy as the thick mass of hot flesh ripped inside her soft smooth moist cunt and before she could react to him, Ajay started pounding her. Anju looked at him in disbelief when he hammered her body and drained inside her cunt.

This was most exhilarating and she just loved her son better than anyone else.

The End,

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