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Jack followed mum into his bedroom; he loved how her beautiful ass looked, her massive tits were jiggling, he loved how they bounced up and down, there was something so erotic about mum. They stood at the side of Jack’s King Size bed; Jack was playing with mum’s massive melons, her nipples were big and hard; mum said, “I’m so happy that you like my big tits, I love how you play with them. Jack, I’m still tingling after you sucked my clit; I loved that, your the first person that’s ever done that to me; I can’t wait to feel your big shaft inside me; mummy needs shafted.”

Jack laid mum on top of the bed; she spread her legs wide open, inviting him to mount her. The folds of her vulva were so inviting. Jack lay on top of her, teasing her giant nub of a clit with the bulbous head of his stiff cock. Mum purred with pleasure; she loved it, then mum said, “Baby, you know how to look after mummy’s clit, mummy’s going to look after your magnificent cock. Baby, take me; I’m yours.”

Jack then slid inside her dripping cunt; mum took his full length with the first push. Jack quickly had a powerful rhythm going; mum was gripping his cock at the base and head of each thrust; she gave him a great ride. Jack said, “Mum, this feels so good. How is it for you? Are you comfortable with my cock?”

“Jack, it’s wonderful. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix; that feels so good. You are filling my pussy, I feel filled, but it’s a very comfortable feeling. I love your cock. Can you go a little harder and deeper?”

Jack moved up a gear, then said, “Of course I can, this is now adultery, mum, are you enjoying it as much as I’m enjoying it? It feels so good.”

“Jack, it’s wonderful, I’ve never committed adultery in my life before, but I wish that I’d done this years ago with you. I can’t wait to feel your spunk inside mummy’s cunt, fill me with your sperm Jack, empty your balls inside me.”

Mum talking like this aroused Jack considerably; he was now hammering mum’s cunt, he felt the warmth of mum’s cum then he climaxed himself, he then started squirting his cum inside her. When they both had composed themselves, Jack leaned down and kissed mum lovingly and affectionately for several minutes. Then Jack said, “Mum, I’m glad we’ve done this, we have committed adultery, we also have committed incest, but it is consensual incest. I feel good about it; I hope that you feel the same way.”

Mum kissed Jack so passionately then said, “I’ve loved it too, Jack, we made love there, but it was probably the best fuck of my life.”

Over the next week, they stayed in the Penthouse, only going out for shopping. The weather continued to be warm and sunny. They both had terrific all-over tans. Now that she and her son had become lovers, she couldn’t get enough of his cum. She liked it in her pussy and really loved bahis firmaları it in her ass as he came deep into her bowels, filling her ass full of hot creamy sperm.

Mum told Jack she wanted him as her husband and she would be his slutty wife, always ready for him to take her. Mum would start dressing like a slut in sexy lingerie with a garter belt and sheer black nylon stocking and her new 4″ red high heels. Mum loved being on all fours with him taking her from behind bend over her back playing with her massive tits, and incredibly mum would always have an earth-shattering orgasm when he came up her ass every time Jack ass fucked her.

Jack had two garages on the grounds of the apartment building. He kept his car in one of them; they garaged mum’s in the other one so that no one could see mum’s car. Jack had dictated a letter which Peter had sent to his father’s lawyer. It put mum in total control; father had left the marital home, had purchased another house and was now living with another woman. They had attached pictures of his dad with his new girlfriend. Jack had set out terms that his father must accept. If it came to a divorce, it would cost his father a fortune. Jack had gone with mum and changed all the locks on the family house. As Jack had said to his mum, it was now a waiting game.

Jack’s father had not replied to Peter’s letter; Jack said this was normal, any response would show weakness on his part. Mum had also got a new credit card, as dad was responsible for her old one, but mum was now using her old one for cash withdrawals; this was costing Jack’s father a fortune; Jack slowly turned the screws on his father. Mum was buying a lot of lingerie online using her new credit card, but she was transferring the cash she was withdrawing to her own bank account.

Jack was loving the time he was spending with mum; their sex life was unbelievable; they were doing it three and even four times a day. Mum’s cooking was helping with this; both their diets were so healthy. Jack was only writing a couple of newspaper or magazine articles a week. He still had his finger on the markets. Mum had a little capital; Jack started investing it for her, the returns were good; this made mum happy; she was now beginning to understand how Jack made his money though she had no idea of Jack’s wealth.

Around the Penthouse, mum either wore very erotic lingerie, or she was naked. When she was naked, she had to be sitting or lying on a towel as she would get so wet. They loved watching television together. The sight of mum’s body made Jack hard, as the sight of Jack’s stiff cock made mum so wet. They were sitting on the couch one evening. The television was dreadful. Then mum said, “Jack, let’s watch some porn together, they have some good porn films on Netflix, or we could go on the Internet and get some kaçak iddaa hard-core. If we did that, we could hook the laptop on to the HD screen we have for the television. We have got a lot of options.”

Jack set the laptop up with a cable to the large TV screen; the picture quality was terrific in HD; Jack wondered what type of porn mum would opt for? They first watched a Mature with a younger man with a big cock. It was dirty; mum was playing with her massive nub of a clit as she watched it. It was amazing to watch as she finger fucked herself with two fingers while using her thumb to stimulate her huge clit. Mum said, “Jack, does it arouse you when you watch porn? It’s all I had for the last two years; in fact, it’s longer than that. I like it when it’s naturally done, and everything is spontaneous. I like men with big cocks and women with big tits. What do you like?”

Jack thought for a minute, then said, “I like watching women with big tits too, I haven’t watched a lot of porn, so my knowledge is not that that good.”

Mum’s next question surprised Jack when she asked, “Who was your last fuck before you had me?”

Jack was going to tell a little lie, but Jack had enjoyed fucking the dental hygienist; Jack replied, “My last before you was my dental hygienist; she’s big tits and very affectionate in bed. She’s also married. When she got horny, then she’d message me. I told her after we had done it that I was seeing someone else. She told me to keep in touch if it didn’t work out as she loved my cock.”

Mum replied, “She sounds safe if she’s married; I have got a fantasy of having another woman in a threesome. Does that surprise you, Jack?”

Jack then kissed mum so lovingly and tenderly, then said, “Mum, would you like me to fuck another woman as you watched me do it? Would you like that, mum?”

“I would fucking love it, Jack, that would arouse me so much. I would fuck her too. Let’s watch one of my favourite porn films; this one makes me very horny.”

Mum then logged into the porn channel; she had an account; she went into her favourites and selected a film of a threesome of two mature women with massive tits having incredible sex with a younger man with an enormous cock. The video was excellent; the two matures were fantastic, they played a game, the two of them were kissing, sucking and touching each other, they were so dirty, the first one to cum would get fucked by the young man first. Jack enjoyed the film. Mum had got so wet watching it. Mum said, “Would your friend be interested in doing this with the two of us?”

Jack thought for a minute; a big titted widow lived in an apartment two floors below Jack. She was maybe two years older than mum. She loved Jack’s cock. She took it in every hole then loved to lick Jack’s cock clean after he had fucked her. She was very kaçak bahis dirty. She had approached Jack initially when she had a problem with her Internet; she was another possibility. Jack said, “I’m sure that Jill would be very interested in this, but I think that it would be better if you met her first. If there’s a chemistry, then we can go ahead. I can message her and say that you’re staying with me and would like your teeth checked; I’m sure that she’d fit you in very quickly.”

Mum replied, “That’s the way to do it. Message her and see if she can give me an appointment.”

Jack then messaged Jill; he wrote, “Hi Jill, I hope this finds you well. I have my mum staying with me at the moment. Is it possible that you could check her mouth out? She needs a deep cleaning, and if you could seal her teeth with the sealer you used on me, that would be fantastic. She’ll come to you privately. When things settle down, we should arrange a meet. I would appreciate this if you could do this for mum. Jack.”

Ten minutes later, Jill replied, “Hi Jack, great to hear from you; I’ve checked my diary; I can give your mum an appointment at eight tomorrow morning. I have an hour free then. If this isn’t suitable, then it would be Friday at four in the afternoon. I am busy at the moment. She will have to come privately. The cost with the sealant would be eighty pounds. You know that I do a good job. I’m missing your cock; I need a good fucking. Just thinking about you and your big cock makes me horny. I would love a meet. I’ll look after your mum when I see her. It’s better if she takes it tomorrow morning. Kisses wherever you want them, Jill.”

Jack then asked mum if tomorrow at eight was good for her? Mum replied, “Only if you fuck me at seven.”

Jack then said, “Mum, tomorrow wear that push up bra that makes your tits look enormous along with that white top. Also, put on those very tight leggings that show your Camel’s Toe to perfection. Wear that jacket that comes down to your thighs, then take your jacket off when Jill gets you into her chair. That way, only Jill will see you. I know Jill’s very dirty, but if she starts to chat you up, then we are there.”

Mum replied, “Don’t worry, Jack, I know how to flirt. Does Jill like to be complimented on her body?”

“She loves that, especially on her big tits and curves. That bra and leggings will make her interested.”

“I won’t wear any panties; then she’ll see my long sex slit and my thick cunt lips. Mummy can be sexy when she wants.”

Jack replied to Jill, “Jill, many thanks for taking mum so quickly. She will be at your Clinic tomorrow at eight. I appreciate you doing this for me. I owe you. Hopefully, we can meet soon. Jack.”

Jack then gave mum a fantastic fucking, for the next hour, he hammered into her. They were so dirty and naughty in bed now. They both loved what they were doing to each other. Jack finished up shooting his load deep inside mum’s hungry cunt. They both fell asleep thinking about mum’s dental appointment tomorrow morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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