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Boating Fun chapter seven
Chapter SEVEN

Rolling out of New Orleans on the intercoastal waterway, we passed scenic fish camps, small boroughs, a bayou every few miles and a shipbuilding facility. The boatyard had a Navy ship in it. A Destroyer I think. Not big enough to say the “fleets in” around here. Diane wondered if there were any horny sailors. I remarked that if there were sailors, they were horny. We laughed a bit and continued on. As we passed one narrow bayou outside Pascagoula, we saw a couple in a small bass style boat fucking their brains out. We stopped and applauded when they finished. The guy bowed and the gal waved. Then she bent to suck his cock. We motored away and soom Diane had my cock in her mouth as I steered the boat. Before long, Diane had cum in her pretty red hair as she had jerked back when we hit a wave just as I came. Laughing, I stopped long enough to let her take a dip overboard to clean her hair. As she came back onboard I marveled at how a gorgeous gal like Diane kept staying with me. Her hair plastered back, her big tits pointing out, her shaved snatch glistening, her ass sticking out just enough to make a man think about popping it with his cock. She had the whole package. She was smart too. She figured fuel quantities and mileage along with distance and time to go, in her head. And I didn’t have to show her how to do any of those things. Not to mention she loved sex. Not just get on get off, suck me off sex, I mean all sex. Since I had met her she had sucked pussy, cock, ate cum from my cock, from another guys cock, and from a cunt, hell, four cunts. And all while I watched. I even jacked off for her a couple of times and she ate my cum off my hands. I’ve buttfucked her, had other guys buttfuck her, double pussy fucked her with other guys, shared a cocksucking or two with her. Not much could be done that we hadnt done together or watched each other do, since we met. And we only met about a month ago. I think I am falling in love with her.
Standing on the dock at Biloxi, we were prepared to go a bit wild at the casino’s. Biloxi wasn’t LasVegas, but it was close. The huge Treasure Ship Casino(*1) was a short walk and we went in for a dinner. Prime Rib, Huge salad bars, drinks, it was fun just eating somewhere off my boat. Walking about, we spent a few dollars on the slots. I dropped a couple bucks, well actually a couple hundred bucks, at the tables. Blackjack was not kind to me that night. Tired of spending money, I walked back to Diane, she was at one of the machines with an attendant standing next to her. “Hi babe”, I said as I kissed her cheek. “Whats going on?” “Randy, I won.” “Won? How much?” “Five” she said. “Five hundred? Wow, that pays for our stop here.” “No, not five hundred, five thousand.” I stopped talking güvenilir bahis siteleri then and stammered. “Lets get out of here now babe” she said. I followed her to the cashiers cage, she got a check for the money and then we went out the front door. Looking out across the parking lot, we saw a pink and green neon lined building. It said “ADULT” on the sign. “Honey, lets go over there” she suggested. “Sure” I said, still a bit in shock at her good fortune. As we got closer, I saw it was an adult bookstore and theater. Walking in, there were about twenty guys and a couple of women standing around looking at the pictures on the tapes and magazines. They all, and I mean all, stopped and looked at us when we came in. A couple of the guys had bulges from reading the magazines. Some of the guys were looking at gay items, some at the bi-sex things and the rest were looking at straight pictures. The ones with real bulges were looking at the gay items. I had a feeling they were looking at my crotch. Not to disappoint them, I slowly and carefully felt my cock through my pants. It started growing and one guy actually started salivating. Diane was drawing stares too. All the women were looking at her. They were actually looking jealous. They must have figured they wouldnt have a chance at any cock in here if she was up for it. Diane looked back at them innocently. Smiling at each person in turn, she had them all relaxed within a few moments of them seeing us. Even the women. She wandered over to where the girls were looking and I wandered around to the bi-sex displays. Something about a guy sucking pussy and cock turned me on. Come to think of it, just about any sex turned me on. I watched as Diane struck up a conversation with the two girls. Soon they were pointing at guys and saying things only they could hear. I surmised they were giving Diane the low-down on the other guys there. Later I found I was right. “Nice” I heard from my right. A big guy was standing next to me looking over my shoulder. I was holding a tape called “Bi-ways”. The guy on the tape had a huge cock and was feeding it to a girl on her knees while another young man was holding his cock for him. The young man had a roaring hard on also. I remarked that the guy was lucky. “Not the tape, the redhead over there” he said indicating Diane. “She your wife?” “No, not yet” I replied. Not yet? Where had that thought popped in from? Was Diane the girl for me for life? I had never even considered something like that before. “She’s quite a gal, that’s for sure.” “She here to share with us?” The guy asked. “Up to her really” I said. I went over to her and told her the guys here were showing a lot of interest, an awful lot of interest. Lets have some fun she told me and we went bets10 giriş to the counter. $8 each later, we were in the theater booth area. Not many people were in there. Perhaps 3 or 4 is all and most of them were wandering from booth to booth to look at different movies and people. One walked by me and grabbed my butt, another squeezed by tightly rubbing Dianes butt and tits. There was plenty of room to get by, but they wanted a free feel. I couldnt blame them. My cock was hardening and I told Diane to go into the booth near us. Going in, we found a small tv screen with a choice of up and down buttons. Feeding a couple dollars into it, we started cruising the available channels. Mostly gay stuff, but soon we found one where the gal had two cocks in her. One in the ass and one in the pussy. Nice. We started watching it and noticed the wall next to the screen was a window with a shade. It had an up and down button. Looking at me, Diane smiled and pushed the button to raise the curtain. As it came up, the curtain on the other side started down. The male couple on the other side were sucking cock and didnt want to be disturbed. Giggling, we watched as the curtain came down. We left the curtain on our side up. Diane was getting into the movies. As she changed channels, her hands started working her pussy through her pants. I suggested she unbutton and she did, showing her pussy lips to be wet and swollen. We were watching a shemale movie. One where the guy had implants to make big tits and makeup to look female. His nine inch cock was being sucked by a guy and a gal. Diane moaned as she saw the double blowjob and reached out to get my cock. Springing out of my shorts, she popped it into her mouth and started sucking. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her sucking mouth. When I opened my eyes a minute later, there were four guys staring at us from the window in the next booth. We forgot it was open. I tapped Diane’s shoulder and told her to take a look. Turning her head with my cock in her mouth, she managed to smile and wave. Then went back to sucking. The guys in the other booth were now getting into it and two started jacking off. The other two took a look at the hard cocks and fell to their knees and started sucking off the ones jacking off. I smiled and waved to indicate they looked hot. Before I knew it, one of the guys next door had cum. The fella sucking his cock was slurping it down and the other guy was still sucking cock. I came hard in Dianes mouth and the guy next door came in his partners mouth. Diane swallowed my cum and started jacking my cock in front of the guys. Surprised, I saw her indicate to the guys to come over and join us. In a flash there were three guys in our booth with us. Diane was pleased and started sucking all bets10 güvenilir mi the cocks offered to her. Strangely, I did not feel jealous. I felt proud of her. Not many women would let their man enjoy her like I have. I love to see her pleased and this was pleasing her to no end. First one, then one after another, the guys started cumming. Soon she was covered in cum. She licked and sucked and sucked some more. The guys just kept cumming and going and more came in each time. She was into about ten guys when another woman came in and started helping her suck cocks. Then a guy came in and when he got off in the womans face, he dropped down and sucked cock too. Three cocksuckers, and four or five hard cocks all around was quite a sight. Seeing my wonderful Diane, whom I loved, get her fill was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. Soon, every guy in the theater area had been sucked off, a couple of them twice and the crowd thinned out. Diane went to the bathroom to clean up and I sat back and watched another movie. Before I could say anything a guy came in and pulled my cock out and sucked it into his mouth. He had a sweet mouth and I came in just a few minutes. Looking up, Diane was standing there smiling at me. “Ready to go now sweetheart?” We got up, thanked everyone for a great time and left. Diane winked at the other gals on the way out. One was the gal that sucked cock with us a few minutes ago. Walking back to the boat, Diane held my hand tightly and put her head on my shoulder. I was in heaven. We got onboard and went to the cabin. I held Diane tight and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss and I tasted a bit of cum in her mouth. “Let me suck your cock again baby” she begged. Surprised that she wasnt full up with cocksucking for the evening, I pulled down my pants and told her to go for it. “That last guy really had a sweet mouth babe, I may have given him the last of my cum for the night.” “Tell you what Randy sweetie, if you can get it up after that, after four cums like you just had, then I’ll marry you.” MARRY ME!!! SHE WANTS TO MARRY ME!!! I felt my cock spring to life and she started sucking it. Before she could get going good it shot a load of cum in her mouth. She greedily swallowed my hot cum one more time. “Randy, do you feel like I do?” “Like I love you?” I replied. She looked up from sucking my dick and said “Yes, I love you Randy.” “Marry me dear? Please? Lets make this permanent. Diane, I do love you so much, this cock is yours for the asking all your life.” “And my pussy is yours any time any way for the rest of your life my darling” she answered. “I was so afraid you would run away if I told you I love you. Thank you for not running.”
The next day we found a justice of the peace and stood up for the lady. We were married and spent the happiest day of our life together that day.

(Note *1)
this story was written by me before the 2004 hurricane Katrina destroyed virtually the entire coastline of Ms. The casino’s have been rebuilt but not on the water the adult store is also gone.

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