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What’s up people? My name is Ali Richardson and I’m a brother having one helluva day. I finally got my wife Nadia Nasser-Richardson to cuckold me. Contrarily to what people might think, there are Black couples in the cuckold lifestyle. Not every Black guy in the world of cuckolding is a stereotypical Black bull who fucks white wives in front of their limp-dick white husbands. The world of sex, kink and fantasy is far more complicated than people imagine.

Nadia and I are a sexually adventurous couple, as you may have guessed. I’m six-foot-one, lean and athletic, with dark brown skin and curly Black hair. I’m biracial, born of a Jamaican immigrant father and a white Canadian mother. I was born and raised in the City of Toronto, Ontario, and consider myself a proud Canadian. I work for the Ontario Ministry of Corrections as a prison guard. I met my wife Nadia Nasser at the University of Toronto almost twenty years ago, and we’ve been together ever since.

My sweet wife Nadia Nasser-Richardson is one fine lady. Five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with charcoal-hued skin and long, neatly braided Black hair. She’s originally from the Federal Republic of Somalia, and was born of a Bantu father and a Somali mother. At the time we met, Nadia Nasser was a practicing Muslim, and the sight of this tall, curvy, hijab-wearing dark-skinned sister took my breath away. Like a lot of mixed dudes, I like really dark skinned chicks.

Lucky for me, Nadia and I got along great. What can I say? When the right woman comes along, a man simply knows. Nadia was a dream come true for yours truly. She even converted to Christianity to be with me, over the staunch objections of her Sunni Muslim family. They’ve hated her with a passion ever since. ankara ucuz escortlar Nadia and I are the proud parents of two sons, Omar and Yousef, and a daughter, Amina. They’re all in college now and doing their own thing. With an empty nest and lots of time on our hands, Nadia and I got into swinging to rev up our sex life.

A lot of people think women from the Horn of Africa are meek and submissive. Nadia was never like that, even though she comes from a strict Muslim background. My lady has always been quite dominant in and out of the bedroom and I absolutely love that about her. For starters, Nadia is the one who introduced me to the joys of BDSM, and I can’t thank her enough for it.

I used to think I knew all about sex, until Nadia showed me a thing or two. My sexy African wife tied me up and fingered my asshole before lubricating it and inserting a dildo inside of me. Dude, it proved to be an unsettling experience because I definitely enjoyed it. So much that, at my insistence, Nadia made it a regular part of our fun and games in the bedroom. We bought a strap-on dildo and some other toys, to further enhance our fun. The results were nothing short of absolutely spectacular.

Nadia and are what you’d call try-sexual and that suits us just fine. One time, we had a threesome with our neighbor Beatrice Resende, a gorgeous Hispanic woman with a curvy body, big round ass and wide hips. This bronze-skinned, raven-haired beauty is from the Dominican Republic and totally likes to get down and dirty. Nadia and I had a lot of fun with her and let me tell you, the Hispanic diva made our bedroom sizzle!

Nadia and I sandwiched Beatrice Resende between us. The sexy Hispanic broad sucked my long and ankara üniversiteli escortlar thick, uncircumcised Black dick while Nadia spread her big thighs wide open and feasted on her pussy. Beatrice’s sexy, curvaceous body trembled as Nadia licked and fingered her hairy cunt. The sight of my sexy wife going down on another woman thrilled me like you would not believe. Seriously, is there a man alive who doesn’t like steamy lesbian action?

After Nadia finished polishing Beatrice Resende’s cunt with her tongue, I desperately wanted some of that. I rubbed my hard dick against Beatrice’s pussy and pushed it inside while Nadia held her thick thighs wide open for me. Looking into Beatrice’s golden brown eyes, I thrust my hard dick into her pussy. The big beautiful Hispanic woman moaned softly as I rammed into her. Nadia urged me to fuck her harder and I did just that, slamming into Beatrice like there was no tomorrow. I fucked her till I got my nut, and to drive me extra wild, Nadia and Beatrice joined forces to suck every last drop of cum out of my dick. It was hot!

Yeah, as you can see, Nadia is an amazing woman and I feel so comfortable with her that I can tell her anything. Lots of men have freaky sexual fantasies that they’re more comfortable telling a hooker about instead of their wife or girlfriend. I don’t have that problem because my wife Nadia is kinky and very open-minded. That’s why I told her about my cuckold fantasies. You see, I like watching cuckold videos and in most of them, it’s the same shit. Black guy fucks white wife in front of white husband.

Seriously, why is everyone in the world of porn so afraid to try new things? I told Nadia what I had in mind and she thought it a ankara vip escortlar deliciously wicked idea. That’s why I love my wife, she’s the kind of woman who’s always down for whatever. Nadia and I began looking for a bull right away. We interviewed several guys of all hues, but in the end settled on Ibrahim Hussein, a tall and handsome young Arabian gentleman from Humber College. He was friendly, easygoing, and open-minded. We liked him right away.

Ibrahim definitely fulfilled our fantasies, and the night Nadia and I hooked up with him was definitely one for the ages. Nadia and I took Ibrahim to our bed, and had some fun with the handsome Arabian stud. First I grabbed his dick and sucked it good and proper. Nadia watched me suck Ibrahim’s dick while fingering her pussy. Once I got Ibrahim nice and hard, it was Nadia’s turn to have some fun with him.

At last, my ultimate fantasy was coming true. I was about to watch my sexy African wife Nadia get fucked by our Arabian friend Ibrahim here. Winking at me, Nadia grabbed Ibrahim’s dick and sucked it with gusto, then climbed on top of the Arabian stud. And just like that, Nadia began riding Ibrahim, who smacked her big Black ass and thrust his cock deep inside of her. I watched, stroking my hard dick furiously. You won’t believe how turned on I was. This was hot! Ibrahim slammed his dick into Nadia and she rode him hard until he exploded inside her.

Ibrahim slowly pulled out of Nadia’s pussy, and my sexy African wife sighed happily. I came along and greedily sucked every last drop of cum from Nadia’s cunt, then I sucked Ibrahim’s dick good and proper, just like a good cuckold should. My wife Nadia smiled at me, and Ibrahim thanked us for a wonderful time before departing. Nadia and I watched him go, then I went right back to eating her pussy. As I tongued her cunt, Nadia purred with happiness and said that next time, she’d love to see ride Ibrahim’s dick. My cock hardened at the thought of trying something so wicked and nasty. I love my wife!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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