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Black and White Massage to Remember
My name is Molly and I am one of the older women who live in a retirement Village. We have a secret group of lesbians who get together on a one to one basis and sometimes organize orgies among ourselves. It was Monday morning and two of us had decided we would go out shopping, have lunch and spend the afternoon together. By the time we had bought some new underwear, visited a discreet sex shop for Lesbians, had too many drinks for lunch, we were horny as hell and knew our day would mean a late night or perhaps an early morning. Neither of us would regard ourselves as old but we enjoy the security offered by the village and have we also retired in great comfort with more than enough to live on.
My friend’s name is Kate and she is a slim sixty year old who is as fit as a fiddle and the most open-minded woman I have ever met. She was willing to try anything and had made it clear that her fantasy was to have sex with a young black woman who worked as a masseuse in the village. She told me that she wanted to have an extreme orgy and would love to make the masseuse cum over, over and over again. Only squirting orgasms would count and our young target would have to beg Kate to stop. Kate invited me to join in and I could use my imagination!!!
Kate’s obsession had started when we discovered that our masseuse was an expert in vaginal massage and had hinted to Kate that she was willing to “take care of her”. Our young gem was named Lucy who was 35, had a very slim body and natural tits that drooped only slightly,
The day was turning out to be wonderful as Kate and I relaxed naked in the secluded back garden of my two bedroomed cottage.
The drinks had continued to flow and we were both really buzzing when Kate picked up the telephone and phoned Lucy at the Salon. She finished the call and smiling broadly informed me that Lucy would be coming around after work in about an hour or so.
I am very house-proud and so I started cleaning up, making sure everything was in order and the two of us decided to hop into the shower and had hardly dried off when the doorbell sounded. I went to the door wearing a loose-fitting sarong and opened the door to our guest… victim.
“Lucy, how good to see you, welcome to my home and please get comfortable out back with Kate and I. While closing the door and making sure the blinds were closed, I went through to the garden. My closest neighbours were all in their eighties, hard of hearing and went to bed early. Their bedrooms were nowhere near my Garden and so they would not be woken, as a small group of horny women might just get a little loud.
All was ready including a proper massage table and lots of oil.
Lucy took a moment casino siteleri to describe her work in detail and then said that because we were, what she termed “special clients”, there would be no extra charge of any extras.
Sounded good to me, and it only required a brief private meeting between Kate and Lucy to seal the deal and set any “limits”. I would later find out that there were no limits. After a few drinks, Lucy informed us that she would need some help and would we mind if she called her best friend to help.
Kate was in a hurry and had lost all her clothing in a heap in the corner and soon we were both naked with our dear Lucy a little bewildered, but she soon followed suit. Kate winked at me and asked if we could chat in private while Lucy made the arrangements.
Kate came up to me and whispered, “Lucy and I have agreed there would be no limits and she has suggested that her very sexy young friend join us for the “massage”, She continued, “Honey I want this, and we need to expand our horizons beyond a bunch of old pensioners without any imagination”. I did not know what to say so mumbled, “Kate it is your night and you are free to make the decision”.
Kate responded by putting her tongue in my ear and grabbing the nipple on my left breast. “Good golly Miss Molly you will not regret it”.

Ten minutes later, we were naked and ready for our massage when we got a call from the security at the gate and after checking we gave them permission to allow our guest into the village. I asked, “Please give her directions to my place”. Fine Mrs Smith, replied the guard and quietly added, “When she is finished visiting you, please send her back to me. God she is lovely and I would love to show her what a lesbian can do for her”. We both giggled and I heard her give the order to let our visitor enter. I wondered what our visitor looked like especially since the guard was always so polite and official she must really be something special.
About five minutes later the doorbell sounded and Lucy went to the door to meet her friend and let her in. It took another few minutes and into my garden walked the most stunning, a dark black woman in her early twenties. She was completely naked and covered in oil, as was Lucy. My pussy suddenly came to life and was soon leaking on my lounger. Oh my goodness I could not rise fast enough to greet he.
Our new visitor called out cheerily, “Hi Kate and how are you?” Kate embraced her and their two naked bodies seemed to melt into each other. Black and milky white flesh was just so beautiful. I knew we were all going to be the best of friends.
Lucy stepped in and dragged her friend out of the erotic embrace. “Molly” she positively tipobet güvenilir mi gushed this is my dearest friend and her name is, Venus, Venus meet Molly”. . Instantly Venus embraced my naked and tingling body in her embrace and I thought I had died and just gone to heaven. My new friend did not waste any time and kissed me on the lips, she held it and slowly started pushing her tongue into my mouth. She tasted like a fruit salad and her tongue seemed to be so long it was caressing my throat. I responded by sucking enthusiastically.
While I was getting to know, Venus Kate was reuniting with Lucy and soon there were groans emanating from all of us.
Lucy was the first to draw our attention to the reason her and Venus were in my home. Venus slowly withdrew from our erotic encounter and went to the door to get the table she had brought with her. I had not given any thought to how both Kate and I could have a massage together with only one table. The two women obviously knew what they were doing and had made sure to be prepared for the evening. Lucy had brought the oils, the towels and everything that might be needed for a massage.
Lucy and Venus then changed gear and were ready to start. Lucy began by explaining that there would be two massages mixed together. They would start with a traditional relaxing massage and then move on to a body-to-body massage with a special gel. It would finish with vaginal massages and she then surprised me by saying, “After that you will both have orgasms, ejaculate and I suspect tonight will turn into the best lesbian orgy either of you have ever experienced. The two of us are at your disposal until 1.00am tomorrow morning.” Venus continued, “Ladies, please lie face down on the tables and we would suggest that you give each other a kiss and cuddle before we begin.”
Kate and I were not strangers to intimacy with one another and so we took a little time to kiss deeply, play with our tits and grab each other’s pussies. We then parted and each lay face down on the tables. Then Lucy said, “Molly you can choose who you would like to be your masseuse for tonight”. I immediately responded saying, “Ladies you decide and surprise us.” We had blindfolds put over our eyes and so did not know who would attend to our needs and us. “Just one more thing ladies the chorused, “Do not be surprised if you feel more than one pair of hands or more than one body tonight”.
I was lost in my own world when I felt the touch of a gentle hand on my back, and then felt what seemed like gallons of warm lubricant being poured all over my body. Soon I felt someone’s hands begin to massage my back, first the shoulders, then a slow movement towards the perabet base of my spine. The hands the moved over my buttocks and down my legs to the feet where they caressed me co gently I was literally vibrating with pleasure.
The hands then started to move up again finally reaching the cleft of my buttocks and parted them/ After spending some time on the inside of my thighs the hands moved to my back hole and momentarily a finger penetrated the forbidden orifice and I quaked with pleasure.
I felt myself being turned over by four hands and the massage continued. First my collarbone and then my now sensitive breasts and turgid nipples and it felt like tiny electrical shocks that radiated throughout my body. The hands moved down over my belly and after momentarily pausing at my vagina, the hands continued down to my feet again. Slowly but surely the hands moved up my legs and after spending time teasing me while caressing my thighs the hands moved to my vagina. The person giving the massage knew exactly what she was doing and my clit was literally ready to explode it had grown so big. I was moaning out loud by this time and became aware of my friend Kate whimpering in ecstasy beside me.
The amazing fingers now moved up and down my slit and dipped deeply into my core. She found my and I began an earth shattering, orgasm that involved my whole body. I began to squirt uncontrollably and shook in the throes of an amazing orgasm that kept on cumming in wave after wave. I began to cry out, “fuck, fuck, fuckkk…”
As I was descending from the height of my amazing experience, the Masseuse’s whole body began to envelope me. She moved over my and her nipples seemed to add another dimension to my wonderful experience /
The without missing a beat I felt fingers in my pussy and first one and the two in my arse. Deeper and deeper in unison fingers penetrated me, and once again I was cumming in spasms that I had never felt before. It seemed as though there were hands everywhere on my bod and someone leaned in close and penetrated my mouth with a tongue. All my holes filled and cum squirting from my cunt, I finally ended up a quivering heap of human flesh. Completely satiated I lay on the table for several minutes before I felt the blindfold being removed.
Kate was true to her word and then instructed Lucy to lie down on the table. My friend then finger fucked her stunning black friend until she had cum so many times she begged Kate to stop.
Venus and I held each other close and watched. Our hands drifted over each other’s bodies and we to experience orgasms that I will never forget.
At about 12.30 am we had all showered, our two new black friends got dressed in the skimpiest outfits imaginable and left to visit the Lesbian guard who had finished her shift at midnight and was taking the two very talented, sexy women home.
One thing led to another and our very interesting lesbian guard also had occasion to visit both me and Kate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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