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“Happy birthday. You have successfully blown out all of your candles. Now I will grant you one wish.”

The words bubbled from her lips. It was the best possible gift she could have given him. There would be no rules tonight, no backing out. Anything he wanted, she would give him. She even knew what the wish would be before the words escaped his mouth.

“I want to be in control. And I mean every aspect of the evening, from how you look to what you say and what happens at any given moment. Any insubordination will result in punishment. Do you understand?” He eyed her curiously, not sure if she knew what she was getting herself into.

“I understand and I accept your terms. This night is for you. I will grant your wish.” She returned his curious gaze with a devilish grin.

She had been waiting for this night all of her life. She wanted a reason to do all those things she wasn’t normally allowed to do. As much as she hated to admit it, she did live by society’s standards, even though her soul longed to cross the lines into the taboo. She had always wanted to stretch the boundaries, feel the ecstasy of pleasure with pain, and do all of those “naughty” things that her girlfriends had giggled about or scoffed at. This was her chance and she was going to take full advantage of it. Even if he did not think of them first, she knew how to subtly get the suggestions into his head. He would think he was imaginative and forging a new trail down the sexual experiences in their relationship. Little did he know how far she had already gone and how much further she would go, but he would find out tonight, at least partly.

She had always been the good little wife. She did what was expected of her. She made sure the house was clean and that she always looked impeccable. In addition, she made a good living and could cook like a professional chef. She had always enjoyed sex and had never turned her husband down, but she had grown restless, though and was ready for something new. There had been a few indiscriminate meetings in her past, but nothing like what she was hoping for tonight. He did not know of those men or how they made her blood race, nor would he ever. She was not in the mood to destroy her marriage, but a girl has to wander occasionally.

His first instruction was to take a long hot shower and completely shave her body. The water was scalding hot. It made her body tingle and her skin turn red. She lathered her body from head to toe. She took great care in shaving her legs and pussy. Her skin was as smooth as a baby when she was finished. After the shower, he had instructed her to apply an apple-scented lotion. Again, she obliged. She took her time primping herself for their night, carefully applying enough make-up to look exquisite, but not enough to look obvious. She then curled her long, blonde hair and put it into a nice twist to keep the hair off of her neck. He loved the lines of her neck and she intended to show them off.

When she finally came out of the bathroom, she found her evening’s attire on the bed. He had laid out a black satin bustier, a black garter, black thigh high stockings, a short black skirt and a sheer silver top. She looked to the floor and saw her favorite black stiletto heels. “Ha, ha. No panties. He must have quite an evening in store for us,” she mumbled quietly. She dressed slowly, synching up the bustier so that her ample 34D breasts nearly overflowed from the top. She smoothed the stockings over her long, lean legs and hooked them to the garter. Next, she shimmied into the skirt and slid the low cut top over her head. With the shoes on, she looked herself up and down in the full-length mirror on the closet. Wow, she sees herself every day, yet now she even amazed herself. He had great taste when it came to picking out her clothes. Everything flattered the body she worked so hard to keep up. Finally, she put the finishing touches on by adding a pair of simple diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant necklace.

“Are you ready for me?” she called to him. There was no reply at first, so she moved toward the door. Just before her hand reached the knob, it started to turn. She took a step back and froze.

“You look beautiful, but there is one last thing.” He said smiling as he came into the room. He handed her a small brown paper bag. She opened it with wonder. Inside was a pair of black satin thong panties and a small vibrator. “I want you to turn the vibe on, place it inside you, then slip the panties on.”

“As you wish, Master” she replied. It took no time for the vibrations running through her body to set her on edge. Every nerve ending tingled with pleasure. With everything in place, they left. It was a beautiful night and she could smell the roses from the garden as they got into the car. She did not dare ask where they were going. She wanted everything to be a surprise and besides, she knew not to speak unless spoken to. She closed her eyes and tried to relax as best she could. Each bump in the road caused waves of ecstasy escort ankara to surge through her body.

They arrived at a nice, quiet restaurant. Heads turned as she walked into the room. Again she was reminded of how stunning she looked that night. Dinner was pleasant, but rather uneventful. The only thing worse than the suspense was that she could not do anything with the heat radiating from her pussy. She could already feel the thin material between her legs was entirely soaked with her juices, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was more than ready to leave by the time the bill came.

Back in the car, she took a chance and spoke. “Thank you for dinner. It was lovely.” She shot him a small smile, hoping she would be rewarded for her submissive behavior. She was rewarded well. He unzipped his pants as he replied. “You are welcome. Now I want you to suck on my cock. You will not stop until you are instructed to do so. You must have some part of your mouth in contact with my cock at all times or you will be severely punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master” was all she could say before he grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved him into her awaiting mouth. He was hard and hot and she could taste the pre-cum on the tip of his throbbing member as soon as he entered her mouth. She started by sucking softly at first, then with more force until she heard him moan. Then she swirled her tongue around his head while bobbing up and down on his shaft. She went back to sucking when he grabbed her by her hair again to hold her in place. His cock started twitching as she swallowed the cum that shot into her mouth. She knew better than to let a drop escape from her lips. He released his grip and allowed her to regain her composure. She noticed they were in a parking lot outside an unmarked building. She did not recognize it or even the part of town they were in. While she was looking around, she felt his hands at her neck. He was removing her necklace. In its place, he positioned a black leather collar. It was connected to a long silver chain. “Wow, he is really getting into this,” she thought and a small smile crept onto her face.

“Let’s go,” he instructed. She got out of he car and waited for him to take his place at the leading end of the leash. He led her into the building. It was dark, but her eyes adjusted quickly to her surroundings. She didn’t really know what to expect, but this was not it. The room was mostly empty. There was a large padded table in the center of the room, complete with tie downs. There were also various bars and chains suspended from the ceiling with shackles affixed to them. The floor was hard wood, with the exception of a few pillows and carpets randomly placed. There was another door at the other end of the room, but other than that, there wasn’t much else.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” It was really quite sweet that he was so concerned about her.

“Yes. I am willing to do what ever you wish, Master”

“Then you may remove the vibrator from your cunt now.” She cringed at the word. She hated that word more than anything else. He was testing her again and she failed the test.

“Do not show an emotion other than pure lust and adoration for me, bitch! You are here for that reason only and I will not stand for anything less.” With that, she slapped her across the ass with the end of the chain and pushed her to her knees. She was still in shock from the harshness of his words and the sting on her ass when she noticed the door open. Four people emerged from the hidden room, two women and two men. They were all completely nude, except for the masks they wore. Tonight, they would know her, but she would not be allowed to know them. It didn’t really matter, though. She could tell they were beautiful. The men had hard, long cocks, at least 7 or 8 inches each. The women had full, perky breasts that weren’t as nice as hers, but then again, most women’s weren’t. The women were also cleanly shaven.

He pulled her to her feet and led her to them. She could feel her juices running down her inner thighs as she stood up. They all met at the table. He watched as the women undressed her slowly, taking extreme care not to move too quickly. They knew what he wanted to see and they were going to give him quite a show. They caressed each part of her body as they removed the clothing, lingering around her nipples and pussy a little too long. Once she was completely nude, the men took her hands and led her to a set of chains hanging from the ceiling. She did not fight as they shackled her wrists and ankles into place.

“In order for you to truly know pleasure, you must first know pain. I do not want to be unfair, so I will allow you a safety word. Any time you utter the word, I will stop. What do you want the word to be?”

“You know my word, but I doubt you will ever hear it.” She wanted to sound as defiant as possible. If tonight was going to be what she really wanted, she would have to test him as well.

“Very ankara escortlar well. We will see.” Before the remark was out of his mouth, he delivered the first of many hits. At some point he had gotten his bag of tricks from the back room. The first hit came from a flogger made of soft leather. It was flexible, so the tips caused the most pain. She gasped, but did not cry out in pain. He repeatedly smacked her with the toy until her skin glowed with a pink hue. She loved the way every nerve was on full alert. She could feel the air move before the whip landed smartly on her bare skin, she could feel the tingle of the small perspiration droplets as they made their way down her spine.

After what only seemed to be a few minutes, he stopped. One of the girls, the petite one with red hair, walked up to her. The young woman produced a long peacock’s feather and lightly dusted her stinging skin with the tips. The light touch almost tickled. It caused her dew-covered flesh to relax just a little. Her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes. She was able to release her tight grip on the chains that suspended her and flex her arms just a bit. That is when he knew she was ready for the next step. Before she knew what was happening, she felt the next series of lashing commence. The nice, soft flogger was gone. In its place was the rigid staff of a riding crop. She cried out in pain this time. The shock alone caused half of her fright.

He paused after the first hit. The younger of the two men approached her and affixed clamps to her erect nipples. She could not deny how much she was turned on by the event so far. Her husband took the opportunity to play with the clamps by tapping the end of the crop to her nipples. Each slight movement sent shock waves through her body. Her pussy was now flowing with her sweet juices. Her knees were becoming weaker by the minutes. With each swat, the small amount of light in the room grew fainter and more distant. This time, the beating seemed to take forever. She knew the welts were already beginning to surface. The, they stopped.

The other girl, the pretty brunette with the large tits approached her this time. She carried a small bowl and washcloth. The bowl contained perfumed oil. It smelled of a mixture between vanilla and baby powder. The sweet girl took her time slowly rubbing down each inch of the sore body. The men removed her arms and legs from the shackles, picked her up and carried her to the table in the center of the room.

“You have done very well, my dear. You have withstood the depths of pure physical pain and you will now be rewarded, but please do not think the pain is over. This next phase is when we mix pain with pleasure. You will want to cry out for things to stop, yet beg for me to continue. Again, if you truly wish for all to end, just say your safety word.” He was trying to remain in control, but he wanted so badly to push her over the edge. He had been able to get away with more than he had ever hoped and was ready to push the envelope even further.

“If I could stand that, everything else will be easy, ” she replied hotly. On one hand, she loved every second of the evening, but on the other, she was unsure where things would end up.

By now she was tied down to the table. At least the restraints were not as confining as the shackles. The soft leather allowed her to move without the chaffing marks left by the metal. The nipple clamps were still in place and the two women took their place at each side of her. At the same time, they caressed each breast with their hands and mouths, pulling at the clamps, flicking their tongues across the exposed flesh, sucking and rubbing with wild abandon. “This was pain and pleasure at its finest,” she thought, but she was wrong. No sooner were the words forming in her mind than each man took their place beside her legs. The first one began rubbing her clit with his fingers, creating small circles around the flushed pink skin. He continued to rub in larger and larger circles until he was slipping his fingers into her dripping wet cunt for a few seconds before pulling them out and paying attention to her clit again. The second man forcefully pushed his finger into her ass. There was no lubrication other than her own juices that had leaked from her pussy. The sudden action made her stiffen quickly, and then realizing that only increased the pain, she relaxed again. As he pumped his finger in and out of her tight ass, he added a second finger, then a third. The two men stretched her more than she had ever been stretched before. She wanted to cum so badly. She ground her hips into the hands that tried so hard to please her with pain. She arched her back to bring her nipples closer to the waiting mouths. Then it stopped.

She opened her eyes to she her husband next to them. hH must have motioned the group to stop. He removed the nipple clamps and sweetly kissed each nipple. They were red and fully erect, more so than she had ever seen before.

“Roll over.”

She did so with ankara kaliteli escortlar out hesitation. He knew how much she loved this position. Being on her knees, her hips grasped tight and a rock hard cock slamming into her. She was ready for it. What she was not ready for was the younger of the two men climbing under her. He lay on his back and pulled her onto him. Her pussy was still dripping, so he slid into her easily. He was larger than she was accustomed to so he had to push himself into her slowly, pulling partially out a few times so she could adjust. Once he was in to the hilt, he lay still. She wanted to rock herself to ecstasy, but she felt movement behind her. She dared not turn to look. She knew what was coming, the other man. Her husband had talked many times about women who could take on more than one man at a time, but he had never asked her to do it. She didn’t know what to expect and she was getting nervous.

At least he had some kindness in his heart. She could tell the man had lubricated himself. She felt the pressure as he slowly pushed himself into her ass. She screamed as he pushed farther into her. She was already full from the cock in her pussy and now she was being pushed more. As much as she was in pain, though, she was also in exquisite pleasure. The men started rocking her back and forth. As one cock slid out of her pussy, the other was sliding into her ass. As that one slid out of her ass, the other slid into her pussy. The rhythm was hypnotic. Soon, the men were still and she was rocking herself to orgasm. No matter what her husband would have done at that point, there was no way to stop her. She pushed harder and harder. Rocking faster and faster. Sweat dripping from her skin, making it glow in the dim light. The sounds of her breathing got louder and louder, moaning, gasping, grunting, pleading for more and more until finally, she let out a scream that could have raised the dead. Her pussy and ass clenched around the big, fat, hard cocks. The men couldn’t help it either. Her cunt massaged their throbbing members into an explosion of cum.

She collapsed onto the man beneath her. The man on top of her moved off of the table and the other man lifted her slightly and slid from beneath her.

“Are you ready to give up?” he asked quietly. She never was able to continue after a really great orgasm and he had bet on her answer, but he was wrong.

“I’m just getting started, Master,” she replied sarcastically. Her breath was still coming in heavy gasps, but she was not going to give up, not for anything. “You’ve shown me pain, you’ve shown me pleasure and pain combined. Now show me pure pleasure.”

“It is not your place to demand, wench. I will give as I wish. If you are finished playing my game, say the word and all will be done. Otherwise, shut your fucking mouth. I told you before. I will only accept respect and adoration from a cheap cunt like you. Now, I will ask again, are you ready to give up?”

“No, Master. I am your humble servant and am here only to do as I am requested.” This time she knew to play the game right. She knew she was getting all she could have hoped for tonight. She was tired of fighting to make it go farther than he would have pushed. She was ready for the next step and she could now trust that he would not disappoint her. And he didn’t.

The two women moved from their silent place next to her head to between her legs. They had pulled her back onto her knees so they had free access to her messy, dripping pussy. They took turns licking the cum as it ran from her cunt and ass. Their tongues expertly swirled and probed into her, cleaning every last drop. She was moaning and panting again in no time. The petite red head stayed where she was as the brunette moved into place at her face. She climbed up onto the table and opened her legs in front of the bound woman. The tired woman instinctively dove into the warm, sweet heaven that lay in front of her. Though she had never tasted another woman before, her husband would have never guessed it. She too licked and probed her tongue like an expert. She alternated between pressing her tongue onto the other woman’s clit, rotating in circles and sliding her tongue deep into the musky, cleanly shaven pussy. She was shocked at how much she enjoyed it. She didn’t know if it was the evening’s previous events or if she had always had some secret desire to eat another woman’s pussy, but she loved it. The red head between her legs was returning the favor as well as she was giving it. She also had the freedom to use her fingers, so she slid them in and out of the woman bound helplessly to the table.

Once the brunette was ready to cum, she grabbed the head between her legs and pressed hard into it, grinding, moaning, rotating her hips in time with the tongue swirling around her clit. She exploded into the waiting mouth. She was promptly licked clean and then removed herself from the table.

Next came a cock. It was hard and ready to be sucked. There was another one beside it, so the bound woman took turns sliding tem into her mouth. They each grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face for the few moments they got and then switched. All the while, the pretty little red head kept lapping away at the pussy in front of her.

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