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Beg me not to Stop Pegged
She was working the dildo in my mouth like it was her real cock and she could feel all of the moves and thrusts. Her body moved like this was natural for her to be shoving a cock in a man’s throat. She coached me at times by telling me to move faster or slower. At times, she grabbed me by my ears and would make thrusts, in and out, just like she wanted so that she could control the feeling and edge around an orgasm.

“You wait till I get this dick in your ass. It’s gonna feel so good you’re going to beg me not to stop.”

Muffled assent was all I could manage. I was worshipping this strapless cock as though it were a real cock. It was so easy to do with all of the enjoyment she was getting out of it. I took it out of my mouth and worked down to the base and nuzzled into her groin and the outside of her lips. I pushed the cock down and sucked on her swollen clit. I had to work my tongue under the little butterfly vibrator she had on. That was certainly a lot of the reason that she was enjoying this so much and making me feel like I was sucking a real cock. Then I went back up top and bobbed my head in and out so that I drove the strapless straight into her clit. I kept the dildo in my throat so that I could press the cock in her vagina and put pressure on her vulva with my mouth.

“Alright, off your knees and onto your back.”

Her aggressiveness made my cock swell and throb. Once I was on my back, she played around my ass, balls and dick with the dildo. She grabbed my hands and put them on my balls and cock as she played with my thighs.

“Show me how you make that thing cum. I’m going to lube my cock with your cum and fuck your ass with it.”

There was saliva dripping off of the dildo so I know there was enough lubrication, but Judy had me playing to her every whim. What would it feel like to have my cum on the cock that was fucking my ass? Just the thought brought me to the edge. I worked my cock and balls as commanded while Judy worked the dildo around my groin and smacked my balls with the dildo.

“Come on. Get that thing pumped up. I want to see cum start leaking out.”

It was no problem for me to cum immediately, but I was enjoying this too much to move it to the next level. I stroked my cock and squeezed my balls till I got to the edge. I massaged the head and lightly tapped my frenulum until I was just about ready to pop, and then I strained until the expected rush of pleasure subsided. Judy moved up and stroked my balls and cock with the strapless. That kaçak iddaa drove me wild and I almost lost control.

“I know how you like to prolong this, but, believe me, once I put this cum covered dick in your ass, you’ll be ready to go again.”

I was so excited by Judy’s aggressive demand that I couldn’t contain myself. Cum was shooting all over my belly, dribbling down my dick, and pooling at the base. Judy just smiled and rubbed her hand in cum and started rubbing it around my ass. She rubbed cum on the strapless, and then more on my ass. She hadn’t even started to fuck me and I could feel my cock swelling again. I anticipated this cock lubricated with my cum being rammed into my ass, when, instead, Judy straddled my legs and slid up onto my chest. She moved up with her knees on my shoulders and leaned over my head so her dildo went straight into my mouth. The cum was sticky on my lips, but my saliva brought it right back to life.

” How does my dick taste with your cum on it?”

I didn’t have to answer as Judy watched me starting to worship this cock with my mouth again. She fucked my mouth in ways to move the strapless in her pussy and push it against the butterfly. Judy was on the edge of pleasure again. Judy had never been this aggressive and dominant before. She had never used a dildo on me. This seemed to turn her on as much as it turned me on. We had definitely found a new rhythm.


This all started when I was watching some gay porn. Judy came in and watched over my shoulder.

“Is this getting interesting for you?” she asked.

“It has been lately, for a change. Have you seen two men together before?”

“Well certainly not in person, but I haven’t seen any gay porn either.”

“What do you think?”

“Well they sure know how to suck a dick and take a dick. Jed, Have you sucked a dick before?”

“No, but I know how I like mine sucked, so I think I could do it.”

“Don’t you like the way I suck your dick?”

“Oh yes, but you haven’t fucked me. Do you think you would like to try?”

“Well, I think it’s pretty easy. I’ll just hump real hard and moan a lot. Isn’t that all there is to it?”

“Come on. That’s not all I do with you.”

“I’m just joking, but I don’t know how I would enjoy it.”

“Well, we could use your little vibrating butterfly on your clit, and a strapless dildo that fits in your vagina. Wouldn’t that work?”


That’s how we got to this point. A dildo covered with my cum fucking my mouth and getting ready to fuck my ass. In all of our talk leading up tipobet giriş to this, I never had any idea that Judy would get so involved, so demanding and dominant, or that she would get as much satisfaction as when I fucked her. Maybe more. I know that I’m enjoying it. I’ll know for sure when she starts pumping my ass with that dildo.

Judy pulled the cock out of my mouth and slid back down my belly. She rubbed her cock on my cock and slapped my balls with it as she slid down and then spread my legs, just like I had done to her so many times before. Judy took her time playing with all of the sensitive areas before she positioned herself to plunge this dildo into my excited waiting cavity.

Judy was completely changed now that she had a dick. She had never been anything near aggressive before, but wielding a dildo seemed like a shot of testosterone for her. I was enjoying being submissive. It’s like the pressure’s off. Someone else will put a dick in you when they want to. They tell you what to do and when to cum. This switch really turned me on, even though I was still apprehensive about someone fucking me in the ass. The ambivalence actually seemed to add to this sensual encounter.

The pressure of the dildo head against my asshole brought all of these emotions to the fore. My conscious apprehension was shown to be a lie by my ever-hardening cock. It had been quite awhile since my cock was so fully engorged. I could feel my cock stretching to its max when I felt the dildo pressing painfully on my sphincter. Judy pushed slowly and I could feel every bit of the head as it entered, and then suddenly the pressure was off and the pain subsided as the head was fully inserted.

“How do you like that, Jed?”

I was still too breathless to say everything was just fine, and I wasn’t sure if this was going to start feeling good. I just grunted an assent. I could feel the dildo as Judy continued to push and it wasn’t as painful. I wondered if this was the way a girl felt on her first time. Was this going to be enjoyable so that I would do this again?

“That’s all the way in.” At that, Judy started pulling out slowly and I felt suction as the cock moved out of my cavity. She didn’t pull all of the way out, and I was glad because I couldn’t imagine the head feeling any better going out than it did going in.

Judy started to get a slow rhythm – in and out, in and out, and it almost started to feel as though I had an itch that the dildo was scratching. That became more and more pleasurable perabet as Judy continued her rhythm. Thankfully, Judy was not being really aggressive right now, and as she continued, I was starting to understand all about a prostate massage.

“Jed, I’m fucking you with a cock that’s lubricated with your cum. How do you like that?”

I had not been thinking about that until she reminded me, and now all of the kinky erotic anticipation I had before was turning into enjoyment. My body was responding before my consciousness. Before she pushed the dildo in my cock was getting hard, and now to my surprise, when Judy said that about my cum on her cock, I grabbed my legs and pulled them up higher so that she could go deeper. As I did that, I wondered if that’s really what I wanted to do.

“So you’re ready for me to really fuck you.”

Judy picked up the pace of the in and out, and she was pushing as deep as she could. It was feeling surprisingly more enjoyable as she continued. I could really like this. As that itch was being scratched I could feel my cock throbbing.

“I said you were going to be ready to go again when I started to fuck you. Look at your dick. You haven’t even touched it and it’s ready to pop.”

I had precum leaking out like I had never seen before and it was feeling great. Judy slowed the pace and started stroking my cock. She was going to drive me over the edge.

“You better not cum yet. I’ve got to catch back up to you.”

I strained to control myself at the same time Judy was pushing me over the edge. I started to make thrusts in time with Judy so that I could get that butterfly pressed against her clit. The trusts were only increasing my pleasure. If she didn’t start getting close, I wouldn’t be able to contain my self. In fact I couldn’t stop myself. I started shooting cum like I used to in puberty. It was all over my belly, but I was completely amazed when cum hit my face and even in my hair.

Judy kept her rhythm and every shot was complete joy shooting out of the head of my cock. Judy’s body started to stiffen as she saw cum shooting all over my body and I could tell she was getting ready to have a massive orgasm of her own.

“Let me see you eat your cum.”

She was breathless when she spoke and her thrusts became almost emotional. I sc****d up cum with my hand and put it in my mouth. I licked my fingers and used both hands trying to happily do as I was told. Judy was a screamer and she was at that point. The more cum I put in my mouth the louder she got. When I couldn’t pick it up, I rubbed it on my belly and face. Judy was stiff and quivering until she fell on top of me in exhaustion. She rubbed her body into the sticky cum that was all over me. She kissed and licked the cum on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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