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Before We Were Married
This happened many years ago before we were married.

My wife worked in an office and became freindly with one of the other girls in the office who was a bit older and married.

At this time I was working away and only got home about once a month.

One weekend I was home we got an invite to dinner and overnight stay at her friends which we jumped at as we didn’t get much time alone together.

We arrived at their house and mywife Ann introduced me to her friend Dawn and her husband Dave. She was a preety blonde about 5’7″ with nice boobs and he was about 6’2″, dark and well built. We were 24 at the time and they must have been about 30.

Dinner was nice and the wine kept flowing but Ann can’t hold her drink and soon became quite drunk, so much so that Dawn said that she would put her to güvenilir bahis siteleri bed.

Dave and I kept drinking and sat watching a movie, after about 15 mins he said he was going to go and check if everything was OK.

Being a bit naieve I just carried on watching the movie which was a bit of soft porn.

After about another 10 mins I thought I would see how things were going as it was taking a long time to get her to bed.

As I went up the stairs I could hear muffled talking and just as I was about to go into the brdroom I heard Dave say to Dawn ‘now open her pussy and give her a good licking’!

Luckily the door wasn’t shut properly and I could see what was going on. Ann was on her back on the bed with her legs dangling over the side of the bed and all she had on was her black hold ups and perabet giriş bra with her boobs hanging out.

Dawn was fingering her hairy pussy and then slid between her legs and started to lick her while playing with her clit at the same time.

It wasn’t long before Ann started cumming and she shook violently. Dave said he had better check I was OK and I shot back down stairs and was sat watching the movie when he came in.

He said that Ann had been sick and that he and Dawn were just cleaning it up, he got me another drink went back upstairs.

Now you would have thought that I would have stopped what was going on but it got me so hard watching that I gave them a couple of minutes and went back upstairs to watch again.

When I got back upstairs Dave wasplaying with Ann’s pussy while Dawn was perabet güvenilir mi sitting on her and grinding her pussy into her face.

Dave then unzipped his trousers and got out a big cock, possibly about 7″-8″ which may noy seem big to you but compared to my 5″ is big!

Very quickly he lined it up with Ann’s pussy and rammed it in, I could see Ann’s body tense as he sunk all the way up to his bals into her pussy.

By this time I had my cock out and was wanking madly as he pumped into as fast as he could.

Suddenly I could see him clench his buttock muscles as he unloaded everything he had deep inside her.

Dave cleaned up and headed for the door so I ran back down stairs and sat watching the movie. He said that they had cleaned everything up and that Ann was fast asleep.

About 5 mins later Dawn came down and started clearing up. The movie finished so I took the hint and went up to bed to find Ann fast asleep.

Next morning she woke with a stinking hangover and a sore pussy (she wouldn’t let me near it) and claimed not to remember anything that happened the night before!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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