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I needed to see her, I wasn’t sure, but I think she needed to see me, life for both of us had been stressful, turned upside down, now as life was calming I decided to take control again, take charge, it wouldn’t be easy, it had been far too long, things had changed, but I had to take the chance, go with my gut, assume I was right and this was what we both needed.

Reaching for my phone I stared at the screen, my mind a blank, how to word this, how to throw caution to the wind without ruining our friendship, I decided on the direct approach

“We’re long overdue a “discussion” in every sense, I want you here, look at your schedule and get back to me, if I hear nothing I’ll assume I’ve got things very wrong, and if that’s the case I’ll leave you be”

It was both bold and stupid, I knew I’d get one of two reactions, silence as she disappeared, her default reaction to things she didn’t want to deal with, or she’d slip into brat mode, friendly banter leading her back to me.

Hitting send I waited, not much made me nervous, but the prospect of her not being around did.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity she replied

“We need to talk, you’re right, the thought of a “discussion” made my heart beat quicken, let me see what I can arrange”

Text tennis followed as we both juggled work and life, until we had a date and time set, after that I avoided mentioning the subject, until she was here, then we’d talk.

The night before she was due, I waited until she was asleep, and then sent a final text, the last I’d send before her arrival, detailing things I expected her to bring, how she was to dress, the final line one I knew would cause her to catch her breath.

Meeting her from the train I give her a massive hug, holding her tight, probably a fraction too long, but I’d missed her, I can be a grumpy bastard at times and I know I’d caused some of her absences because of this, but right now, I was just happy she was here. She questioned me on the last line of my text, a small chuckle and a
“You’ll see half pint”
The only response she got.

Back at mine we settle down, over a brew we make small talk, the usual, it’s just a pleasure to be in her company again, before long it’s time for me to return to work.

“You know where everything is lovely, help yourself, make yourself at home, keep your phone on, I’ll be texting you”

With that I head off back to work, sad to leave her, happy knowing she’ll be here when I get home.

Half an hour later I send my first text

“I told you in my text last night I had plans, now they come into play, go upstairs, close the bedroom window, draw the curtains, turn on the lamp and unpack the bedside draw”

I didn’t wait for a reply, I went back to work, I knew she’d do as I had instructed.

Half an hour later I text again

“There’s a bottle of red in the cupboard, open it and allow it to breath, hope you’re sitting comfortably”

This time I get the confused face emoji as response and a sticky out tongue, her inner brat showing through.

My final text

“Be home in 15, pour the wine, select a music channel on the TV, see you soon N.O.R.W.I.C.H”

The text back made me laugh, just a simple “???”

My one word reply just kept the ball rolling


Exactly 15 minutes later I walk through the door, she’s stood waiting for me, hands me my glass illegal bahis siteleri of wine, I take the glass in one hand, with the other I pull her towards me, arm around her waist our lips meeting, my free hand roaming to see if I’d been obeyed.

“Good girl” I purr in her ear, her smile and meekly said
“Thank you” we’re all I needed

With one deft movement I sit and pull her over my lap, reminding her brats got their bottoms smacked, flipping up her skirt, my fingers trace the soft curves of her behind, straying between her thighs, teasing her, relaxing her, then like a pistol shot I land a stinging blow across both cheeks.
Holding her firmly in place, one leg hooked over hers, my left hand gripping her waist, my right landing blow after stinging blow on her delicate flesh, building the tempo, covering a larger area with each set of six I cover her sit spot, her thighs, her bottom gently trembling as each spank lands, the colour deepening as time passes. Her moans of pleasure move to soft gasps of discomfort.
I’m lecturing now, nothing serious, the serious conversation can wait till tomorrow, for now it’s friendly telling off, reminders not to disappear, reminders I’m there and not to shut me out, and reminders my DVDs go back not only in cases but the correct ones !

With a final flurry of smacks, I conclude, helping her to her feet, I embrace her, I remind her I care, remind her I’m in charge, remind her she’s forgiven now. Walking her to the corner, I lift her hands on her head, two clothes pegs hold up the back of her dress, displaying her well spanked bottom to me. We have much to discuss, but for tonight that can wait, roles re established I’m content to sit and admire her beautiful pink bottom, and plan the rest of the evening.

“Come here” it’s not a barked order, if anything it’s softly spoken, but she knows now I mean business.

She walks over to me, face flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement

“Ok Brat, kneel down”

As she lowers herself to her knees I take a firm grip of her ponytail, control her as she settles before me.

“Open wide”

She knows what’s coming next, there’s no resistance as she complies, parting her lips, her eyes looking up at me, smiling on their own, their beauty only highlighted by the lamp light.

“I may allow you to come tonight, but you’re being punished, so it’s unlikely, but there’s no reason I should go without, you know what to do”

With trembling hands she reaches out, unzipping my trousers, freeing my already hard cock, licking her lips she inches her head forward, slowly running her tongue around the head of my cock, one last look up at me, a smile and she guides me between her lips. Normally I’d control every movement of her head, but tonight I allow her to show me just how good she is, my grip on her hair doesn’t loosen, but I go with the movements of her head as she takes me deep between her lips, sucking, licking, running her teeth lightly over my cock, all those months ago, when we’d started talking I’d saved her number as “My Gorgeous Slut” in my phone, she was gorgeous, no denying that, she wasn’t mine, not yet anyway, but now she was proving the last of those epitaphs in the best way.

Pausing she looks up at me, my annoyance soon subsides as she asks
“You want me to swallow, right canlı bahis siteleri ?”

“Always brat, I’m pleased you remembered ”
With that she resumes with renewed vigour, using every trick at her disposal, until despite my desire to keep control, I’m unable to and holding her head still I cum in her mouth, smiling as her mouth moves with each gulp as she complies with my wishes.

Leaving her dress raised I sit her on the couch, sliding down beside her, we clink glasses, savouring our wine, no words needed at this point.

As we’re sat there I force her thighs apart, my fingers exploring her wetness, teasing her, always stopping just as she starts to get excited.

Wine finished, we move onto gin, it’s our ritual, our way of enjoying the night and each other’s company, when at 1 am I stand, take her glass and say

“Bedtime brat”

She’s not expecting it, nor is she happy, we’d just started a second bottle, I’d finally relented and allowed her to lower her dress, and now I was sending her to bed.

“Into your PJ’s and in the corner, I’ll be up in a minute half pint”

With a gentle slap on her behind I send her up and start locking up, clearing up and closing down the house for the night.

I walk into the bedroom, she’s stood in the corner, fidgeting, I sidle up behind her, lifting her hair I place a soft kiss on her neck, looking around I can see she’d obeyed and the cuffs and blindfold were laid on the bed, removing her PJ top and bottoms, she’s stood there in just her bra, the smell of her perfume and toothpaste filling the air.

“You’ll be pleased to hear, I don’t need a grown up to help me tonight”

I chuckle, as I slide the cold metal of the knife, gently along her spine, swiftly cutting away her bra, I help her out of it, arms snaked around her from behind I twist, pinch and pull her nipples, the whole time kissing her neck and whispering in her ear exactly what I planned on doing to her tonight.

Grabbing her hair I drag her to the bed, gentleness forgotten, I push her on the bed, on her back, forcing her legs apart, exposing her totally to me.

Kneeling between her legs I slip the blindfold over her eyes, experience tells me I’ll not need a gag, rope around her ankle, I feed it under the bed, and around her other ankle, she’s not going anywhere now. Taking my time I fasten the cuffs around her wrists, before finally attaching them to the bed head. Leaning down I kiss her softly, our tongues wrestling, I kiss down her body, teasing, sucking, biting each nipple, watching as she gently bites her lip to stop from crying out. Slipping the clamps on her nipples, she’s now ready, prepared for what I have in mind.

Pushing two fingers into her, I fuck her vigorously with them, my thumb massaging her clit as I do, pushing her ever closer to orgasm, watching her closely, I study her, looking for the tell tale signs. Right on the brink I stop, pulling my hand away I leave her frustratedly humping dry air.

Pushing my fingers into her mouth I force her to taste herself, softly whispering to her how I was in charge, I had the control now, forcing her to utter the word she found so hard to say, but finally it escapes her, she calls me Sir, now it’s time to really have some fun.

I lower my head between her thighs, she’s already squirming, frustrated and ready to bahis firmaları cum, I allow my tongue to slide over her, fingers pulling her open I dart it across her already hard clit, push it into her, fucking her with my mouth just as I had done with my fingers, stopping and starting, never letting her reach completion, I continue until my jaw aches and whilst she refuses to beg, I can tell the frustration is getting to her.

“Do you want to come brat ?”

It’s a question I don’t really need to ask, but I ask anyway, she’s nodding her head, biting her lip, fighting to retain control as I strip it from her with each passing minute.

She’s not expecting what happens next, with quick hands i unfasten her hands from the bed head.

“Punished girls don’t get to cum from me, they have to do it themselves, be quick about it before I change my mind”

Nervously she inches her hand towards her wet and willing pussy, I’m stood silently at the foot of the bed watching, paying close attention, the way she’s tied leaving nothing to my imagination.

I watch, almost holding my breath as she starts to masturbate, the flush of her face showing she’s clearly embarrassed, clearly humiliated and obviously turned on. The only sounds in the room are her heavy breathing as she inches closer to orgasm and her fingers deep in her now soaking cunt. Moving beside her I instruct her to continue as I slip the clamps from her nipples, tongue soothing them keeping them stiff as she gets herself closer to a well earned orgasm. Leaning close, I whisper in her ear as she cums, utter filth from my mouth, telling her the things I plan to do, telling her the things she’s going to do, like it or not.

I gently untie her ankles, she instinctively closes her legs, I bite down on the nipple I’m sucking, sign that I’m not pleased as my hand forces them open again, smacking her pussy over and over, not hard, but forcefully enough to leave her in doubt as to my wishes.

Without warning I flip her over, grabbing a fist full of hair I drag her from the bed, guiding her around the room, my free hand wrapped around her throat. Pushing her to her knees I force my cock into her mouth, using my grip on her hair to guide her as she sucks me to hardness, her gagging noises only turning me on as I push myself as far into her mouth as I can go. Pulling from her, I guide her by her hair back to the bed, forcing her into all fours I smack her bottom once more, hard short strokes, not many, just enough to reward her flesh. Pushing her head onto the pillow I climb up behind her, dipping my fingers into her pussy I coat them liberally on the juices flowing from her. Transferring them to her arse I work my two wet fingers into her tight arse, fucking her with them until she’s coated and ready, without a word I slowly ease my cock into her now prepare backside, her whimpers muffled by the pillow as I hold her head still and start to roughly fuck her. I can hear her moaning, crying as I work my way towards orgasm, as always caring about her, but ensuring at the same time my position was clear.

As I cum I pull her upright, am around her waist, kissing her neck I take the time to whisper in her ear.

“NOW, you’ve been punished brat”

As we lay afterwards, spooning, her cuffs still around her wrists, I stroke her hair and always watch her drift off to sleep, gently sucking her thumb, tomorrow we’ll talk, tomorrow we’ll establish where we both stand, and where if anywhere we go from here, but for now, her stress gone, my stress gone, I watch her sleep and ponder if I should have spanked her harder or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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