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by: dookiewin/fresh


My hand phone was ringing and it was one of those times when you just wished that technology hadn’t become so advanced. I was in the production trailer, out on location, and it was my afternoon break. I had locked the door and was pleasantly relaxing by masturbating over the photos of Sawitree and Jason. Just as I was about to climax the phone rang.

Not missing a stroke I picked up the phone and looked at the digital display. It wasn’t a number I recognized. I thought it might be important business so I answered. The voice on the other end politely said hello and he introduced himself. It was William, the middle-aged guy that I had teased at the market last week.

As he was explaining that he worked at the embassy, and had used his connections to find me, I fantasized that he was here in the trailer eating my pussy. After all, he wasn’t a bad looking guy and I always get off on people in power, it’s just another little device I use to turn up the heat.

He said that the intelligence people attached to the Marine embassy guard had located me from my name on the Am Ex card I had forgotten in the store. He continued by saying he hoped it wasn’t too much of an intrusion, but, he would like to meet me that evening. He had a business proposition to discuss that could be quite lucrative for me. Not being one to pass up a chance to make some extra cash, I told him I would be getting off around six and would love to meet him. He suggested the “Lobby Bar” at the “Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit” and I told him I could be there by seven.

He hung up the phone as I brought myself back to the matter at hand. As I gazed at the photos of Sawitree sucking off Jason, and then taking him in her ass, I came to a shuddering orgasm. No one can get me off quite as well as I can I mused. I licked at my fingers and tasted my own juices, and I tried to guess what Harold tasted like. I dismissed the chance that it would be anything of any fun and resigned myself to the assumption that it was probably just only business, after all he was calling from the embassy.

The rest of the day was uneventful and by six-thirty I found myself on the Sky Train headed for the Sheraton Hotel. I arrived just before seven and made my way up to the “Piano Bar” on the third floor. I always liked this place, a fantastic Russian house band playing modern jazz, beautiful, sexy waiters and waitresses to serve drinks and an understated atmosphere of elegance.

I said hello to some business associates enjoying their happy hour as I made my way to a table by a window overlooking the street. It was the perfect place to watch out for William’s arrival and to watch the evening scene unfold out on Sukhumvit Road. I ordered a drink and some munchies and sat back to relax while I waited for William.

He arrived soon after seven, and as I watched him step from the embassy mini-van I noticed he was still dressed in his business suit. Quite hansom and sure of himself, I thought, as he directed the driver to pull into the hotel garage and wait for him. He entered the building and I waited for him to walk the short distance up to the third floor.

I continued to admire him as I watched him approach, and again I had to smile to myself remembering what my first impressions of him had been Sunday morning at the grocery. This was not the “hen-pecked” or “pussy-whipped” man I thought was meek and complacent, this was a confident and savvy career diplomat who commanded everyone’s attention as he came to sit at my table. We must have appeared to be father and daughter to those who took any notice.

“Good evening Caitlin.” he started. “I hope you are well, and that this hasn’t disrupted any plans you may have had.” I assured him I was fine and quite pleased to have a chance to really get to meet him and thank him for his help at the market over the weekend.

He said he had become enamored of me and had “abused” his position at the embassy to find out how we could make contact. I again offered assurances that I was OK with the situation and that I was always intrigued by men who went to great lengths to meet a woman. He ordered a Tangeurey Gin Martini and we started to get further acquainted.

After an hour had passed and we had both had a couple of drinks he finally began to tell me his “business” idea. He had found out that I worked for the production company and that I knew quite a few models and actresses. He explained that he and a friend from the Japanese embassy had a little running bet going. The bet was to see who could find the most beautiful girls in Bangkok and get them to come to their little clandestine sex parties.

I asked him why me, and not some agency that specified in this trade, Bangkok not being short of escort services I was curious to his motives. He said that they had both been that route and that the selection of talent was lean, boring at best, too hard-hearted and, they weren’t discreet. It sounded like the typical sex for hire Bangkok bullshit.

He knew that a number of super stars sold their favors for a price and it was not uncommon for them to engage in these sorts of activities. I agreed with him on this point and he then asked if there were anyone in particular that I could recommend. As I contemplated the list of available talent one name came to mind, Sawitree. I knew from Jason’s photos that she would fit the bill but would she consider it?

Not being shy, I asked William what the payment would be for this job and when the candidate would be needed. He explained that he was hoping for her to be available on Saturday, this being the day that he and his Japanese friend meet to “play golf”. He further explained that his friend would also be bringing a woman to be his contender for the prize. Both women would receive fifty thousand baht for the day and the winner would get an additional fifty. Around two thousand dollars, not bad for something I knew Sawitree could take in her stride. I would receive fifty for making the arrangements. I couldn’t imagine what the sum of the wager was between William and his friend but it must have been high stakes considering what the players were being offered.

I told him I had someone in mind and that I could get back to him in a day or two. We finished our cocktails, talked for a while longer and then said good night. As I rode in the taxi back to my place I got on the phone to Jason, I would need him to break the ice with Sawitree. She still had no idea that Jason had photographed her or that he had shown the pictures to me. Jason said he would give her a call and try to convince her it would be fun and profitable.

The next day at work Jason came to see me and told me that he had phoned Sawitree at home the night before, that she took a little convincing, but that she felt challenged. And, win or lose, fifty grand that her mom and dad didn’t know about would come in handy. I asked Jason how he explained to her that I knew about them and their sexual weekend. Jason said he had convinced her that I had come to him merely for suggestions and that he had then mentioned she might be up for it.

I called William on his private line and told him it was set. He said he trusted my judgment and that I should bring Sawitree to the taxi stand in front of the “Emporium” shopping center. He would pick us up there Saturday morning at ten.

Saturday morning arrived, I went around to pick up Sawitree, and then together we went to the “Emporium”. William pulled up promptly at ten. We got into his Rover and we were on our way. He said we were going to an estate outside the city and it would take about an hour or so to get there.

Sawitree road up front with William so they could get to know each other while I sat in the back stretched out across the seat. I could see William’s reflection in the rear view mirror. He kept looking at Sawitree and then at me in the mirror. I could tell he was quite pleased with her and, once again, Sawitree surprised me, this time by her nonchalance and easy manner with William.

She was dressed in a short mini-skirt and wore a tight fitting silk blouse. Her hair was well combed and she was wearing very little makeup. She was a classic example of a young Thai woman, but the smoldering sexuality that she radiated was enthralling to say the least.

After a little more than an hour’s drive we turned off the main road and passed a small security box. We drove into the jungle. I knew we were on a private drive and William explained that we were now on the grounds of a private estate owned by his Japanese friend. I noticed armed security guards, watch dogs and video cameras along the way as we drove further into the estate. William commented that his friend enjoyed his privacy, and security, and that we should not concern ourselves with what we saw. I quite liked it and thought it only added to the mystique and adventure.

We must have driven for more than two kilometers before I had my first glance of the house. I’ve been to some very opulent residences, in and around Bangkok, but this was by far the most spectacular. Beautiful gardens, a secluded grotto, and cascading waterfalls and crystal clear pools surrounded the house. All of the buildings were of golden teak wood construction and of great proportions. Colorful birds took flight as we pulled our car up to the main entrance where small wild a****ls wandered free. It was our own Garden of Eden for our private use. I sensed that Sawitree was as excited as I was.

Two lines of servants came down on either side of the steps and formed a reception corridor to greet us. I commented how shy I now felt about my choice of dress for the day and Sawitree confessed she felt the same. William said not to worry, that everything would be provided for our comfort as long as we were guests of his friend.

As we stepped from the vehicle all the servants bowed their heads, respectfully waied and bowed greeting us in the true Thai fashion. The women were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. All were dressed in ancient Thai costume and most wore nothing above the waist, in the style of times past and the courts of the Kings. Each of the girls had perfectly formed breasts, and soft silken skin. Without exception, everyone had long jet-black hair hanging beyond their waists and the most sensational Siamese eyes. All the men were young, strong and handsome looking, too. They were models of masculinity and exuded an air of sheer virility that immediately made my crotch itch. I hoped I too could get a little action today. The air was now rife with the anticipation of sex.

We came to the top of the stairs and were now standing on the great expanse of porch that meandered its way around the house. William’s friend was standing there, framed by a great archway, with a servant girl kneeling on either side of him with heads bowed slightly in respectful pose. I took note that they were identical twins, and thought to myself “what an incredible touch”. He was a kind looking man of moderate height, and physically fit for his fifty odd years. Dressed in a hand blocked Kimono and wearing traditional wooden sandals he was the archetype of a Japanese Master.

William stepped forward, said good morning to his friend, and began the introductions. The Japanese gentleman’s name was Haru San. As William introduced Sawitree and motioned for her to come closer I took a step back and politely waited my turn.

Haru San was beaming as he appraised Sawitree. He fanned himself with his right hand as he caressed her face with the left. I could swear he emitted a sigh when he touched her. Continuing to fend off the heat of the day with his fan, he ran his hand down her arm, took her by one delicate finger, and raising her arm above her head, began to spin her slowly while he gazed.

“William, my friend, you have out done yourself today.” he complimented. “How old are you my dear?” directing the question at Sawitree. “I have recently turned eighteen Haru San,” she replied in an intentionally demure voice while bowing her head slightly. I thought to myself, she really knows what’s at stake here and knows when to turn on the charm.

“And, who might this be William?” asked Haru, looking in my direction. “This is my friend Caitlin” William stated, “My procuress.”

Haru San smiled, turned to enter the house, and motioned for us to follow. We walked through the high vaulted foyer with its towering golden Buddha and dragon statues, through what must have been one of several living rooms and we then found ourselves standing at the base of a winding stair that led to the second floor and beyond.

Haru San told us that the twins would escort us upstairs where we could refresh ourselves and change into something more comfortable. Each of us was taken by the hand. The twins giggled and smiled, and led the way up. As we ascended the stairs I could hear Haru San tell William that Sawitree was by far the most intriguing women William had ever brought to the game, but his choice this week was also of a special breed.

The twins escorted us into a palatial spa with a large marble bath, steam and sauna, and a salon replete with a dressing room. All the fixtures were gold and the furniture hand carved teak from the Northern forests of Thailand. There were other attendants preparing the room for our arrival and I satisfied my curiosity by looking around.

There were tall double door closets filled with the most sensational clothes. Exquisite French and Italian lingerie, leather suits from Germany and kinky Dutch latex fetish wear. Cosplay outfits of every description, Knee high boots from Spain and Brazil, and traditional national costumes from around the globe; swimwear, sports clothes and riding habits, and evening gowns from the most famous couturiers of Europe, all generously provided for the quests of the house.

On the mirrored makeup tables, set against the wall, were boxes of silver and gold trinkets from Tiffany’s, and diamonds from de Beers’. There were perfumes from Channel, in bottles so large I would have never imagined; cosmetics from Japan and anything else a girl could desire.

The twins, Jasmine and Rose, began to undress us. I felt like a shogun’s consort being pampered like this as Jasmine tended to Sawitree I was tended by Rose. As she helped me out of my blouse I caught a whiff of her hair and it caused me too shudder. I reflexively turned and kissed her. She shyly pulled away and politely told me she would be scolded if she “soiled” Mr. William’s gift for Haru San.

I mustered all the restraint that I could and complied with the rules of the house.

By now Jasmine had stripped Sawitree of her garments and I was afforded my first chance to see her in the flesh. Jason’s photos of Sawitree, as good as they were, never hinted at her true splendor. A long sculpted neck cascaded to meet the line of her collarbone. Her chest swelled with her upturned breasts, pointed by magenta colored nipples with areola puffed, swollen and extended. The kind of nipples I affectionately call “bottle cap” nipples. The porcelain-like expanse of her belly, rising above the mons of her vagina, was a place I knew I could rest my head for eternity. And her legs, her legs were long and well figured. So spry and fit I could see her calves flex and tighten as she walked barefooted towards the bath.

We bathed in the warm fragrant water, with the essence of oils swirling in our nostrils, never speaking. I piqued my libido by taking in the beauty of Jasmine, Rose and the other attendants. With my head resting on the edge of the bath I could feel myself slipping away to the realm of the senses. A young servant girl brought us something sweet and delicious to drink, and as it soothed my throat I found myself, once again, in self-gratification. Fondling my tits, tweaking my nipples and rubbing my clitoris I soon brought myself to orgasm.

No one said I couldn’t pleasure myself.

As I continued to frig my own cunt I could see Sawitree doing the same to hers. The look on her face was one of total bliss as we knowingly gazed into each other’s lust filled eyes. A series of roiling orgasms overtook Sawitree and the bath water rippled as she shook uncontrollably. Her breasts were floating on the surface of the water and I wanted to suckle them. As if reading my mind Sawitree grasped one of her perfectly formed breasts and brought the nipple to her lips. Her tongue searched it out and began to lap at it in feline fashion. She looked at me with heavily lidded eyes and I intuitively knew what she wanted.

I moved close to her and took one and then the other of her nipples in my mouth. They stiffened even more and tasted of the fragrant bath oil. Her orgasms continued to riddle her body and we exploded in mutual satisfaction. As we parted, and lay side by side in the tub holding hands, Jasmine and Rose beckoned to us. We emerged from the bath, still holding hands. Sawitree leaned over to kiss me, in the crook of my neck, the way Thais do. Not really kissing, but nuzzling behind my ear, inhaling my scent and purring.

Jasmine and Rose again took us each by the hand and gently pulled us apart. They assured us that it would be a long and eventful day and to save ourselves for what was to come. We took their sisterly advice and refrained from further affections.

As Rose toweled me off I felt warm and languid. Sawitree and I were taken to recline on some massage tables and were powdered and pampered. As I lay on the table, I could see the garden outside the window, and I felt I had arrived in Paradise. I found myself dozing off.

Awakening from my few moments of rest I slowly opened my eyes and remained still. From where I lay I could see Sawitree, she was being tended to by the twins. Jasmine was combing her long black hair while Rose massaged her feet, preparing her for Haru San and William. I envied her and consoled myself with the fact that I had been invited to observe, and knew that would have to be pleasure enough.

As I fantasized how the remainder of the afternoon would go I began to wonder who the other woman was. I was sure she would also be stunning, after all everything else had been so far. What were her age, nationality, and style? How could she be more beautiful then Sawitree? I would have to wait and see.

I raised myself up off the massage table, swung my feet around and stood. I walked to a closet and began rummaging through the clothes hanging there. William had called me the “Procuress” so I tried to find something to go with the role. I found a bright, shiny red fetish suit that I knew would fit like a glove. As I pulled the mini-skirt up to my waist it barely covered my naked crotch. I had purposely “forgotten” my panties so I could continue to indulge in my favorite pastime, masturbation; I could feel the cheeks of my ass jutting out full and firm. The top stretched across my 37 C-cup breasts and exposed my cleavage; my breasts were straining to get out. Selecting a pair of four-inch fuck-me-pumps, that would accentuate my already five-foot ten-inch frame, I smiled at the thought of towering over Haru San as he pleasured himself with Sawitree and the other women.

The twins complemented me on my choice of wardrobe and asked me to assist Sawitree in doing the same. I asked her what kind of mood she was in; she giggled and said she felt like an angel in a renaissance painting. All the pampering and attention seemed to have gone to her head. Nonetheless I went to the closets and began to sort through the lot.

Just when I thought I wouldn’t find something “angelic” I discovered the perfect choice. It was a soft white nightie with golden threads running through it. I always believed that simplicity was elegance; I just hoped that Haru San and William would too. A lot was riding on this and I had no idea what the other girl would be wearing.

Dr****g the nightie over her shoulders she turned to look at herself in the mirror. Everyone agreed that she did in fact look pure and angelic despite what she was preparing for and this was what we hoped would win the day. The twins then applied the minimum of makeup, dusted her with a touch of shimmering gold powder, put a garland of fresh white flowers in her hair, and proclaimed that she was ready. I admired her look of confidence and hoped it would hold. It wasn’t the high stakes that compelled her now it was the purely the challenge.

We heard the soft ringing of a bell and the twins told us that the gentlemen were waiting. Leading the way Jasmine and Rose took us back down the stairs and into an area of the house we had not yet seen. It was a lounge that led out to a garden pool area, secluded by towering lush forest. Both Haru San and William remarked that Sawitree and I were looking beautiful and relaxed. Haru San went so far as to tell William that he was not playing fairly by bringing two such sexy women. William laughed and said that he just thought it would add some spice.

Haru San led us down to the poolside and we made ourselves comfortable on some rattan chaises. As we were served more of the sweet tasting drink from before William and Haru began to explain the concept of the game. It was really quite simple and left nothing to the imagination. Each girl would be left to her own devices in pleasuring William and Haru, either by directly engaging in sex with them or by performing. At this point William joked to Haru that he had brought two specimens and he had not yet seen Haru’s one. Haru said that he would not have to wait any longer and she was now ready to meet everyone and that it was time to begin.

He signaled to a man standing on the edge of the forest and the man disappeared into the trees. He immediately returned leading a woman seated upon a great black stallion. We could not yet make out her features but we were all transfixed by the drama of it all, no one took their eyes from the scene.

She was dressed in an elegant Indian sari, reminiscent of the Rajas, and her skin was a rich olive color. As she rode closer it was evident to us all that she was of pure Indian blood. Her large voluptuous breasts rhythmically bobbed beneath her transparent garment as her soft bubble güvenilir bahis butt undulated to the rhythm of the stallion beneath her. She sat straight and tall, she was proud. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. I guessed that she was as tall as or taller than I was. This would put her close to six foot in her bare feet.

The groom led them to within a few meters of where we were sitting and stopped. He then positioned himself at the horse’s side and steadied the a****l by grasping its forelock. She seductively stared at William, and clasping the horse’s mane in her hand, she slid her body down; placed one foot on the groom’s hip and came to rest on the ground at the stallion’s side.

She gestured to the groom to stand beside her and slowly Haru San’s girl went down to her knees and wrapped one arm around the man’s waist and pulled him closer. With her other hand she reached up inside his loin cloth and began stroking his cock out of our sight.

Just when I thought to myself what was Sawitree going to do to match this spectacle she preempted the scene by approaching the girl and the groom. She grasped the girl by the hand that was on his cock, kissed her long and deep on the mouth, and helped her to stroke and fondles him. My pussy was beginning to moisten and my mind began to reel. I had imagined scenarios like this before but the reality of it all was pure joy for me. Sawitree, taking her free hand, began to finger the Indian’s cunt. The three of them, Sawitree, the Indian, and the groom were now all linked in a sexual embrace.

Sawitree got down on her knees and began kissing the Indian girl on the belly. She moved her fingers in and out of her vagina and I could tell she met with no resistance. More and more of her hand began to disappear into the woman and within a few minutes she was taking it all inside her. I guessed it was easy for her, and surmised that she had probably had much larger objects inside her. The girl’s blissful face and relaxed attitude said it all.

While Sawitree inserted and removed her hand from the Indian’s pussy the girl began to stroke the groom at a faster rate. Pulling his loin cloth away she adjusted herself so she could excite him with both hands, and it was evident he was getting ready to cum. I knew that everyone watching was thinking the same thing as I was, “For such a small framed man he surely had a massive cock.” I could tell Sawitree was enthralled by it all and enjoyed being a part of it. As the Indian knelt on the grass next to Sawitree in front of the now shaking groom he lost all control and began to spew his white load. Sawitree withdrew her slick hand from its place in the Indian’s pussy and helped her to finish him off.

Great gobs of thick sperm hurtled out of his prick as the two girls slowly pumped his engorged cock. Again and again the man wrenched uncontrollably in orgasm, and soon there were splashes of cum on the girls’ faces, across their glistening breasts, and dripping from their taut nipples.

As their lust subsided Sawitree commented that she was still insatiably horny and that she was anxious for more. As the stable boy led the stallion away the two girls embraced. It was easy to see they understood their common bond. Rather than see each other as adversaries they would work as a team. They moved from where they were and approached the two men where they sat. Simultaneously they stripped William and Haru San of their clothes and began to tease them.

Both men had raging erections from watching the show but were still definitely in control of their sexual urges. It would take a lot more than this for them to be fully satisfied today; this party had only just started.

© 2019


by: dookiewin/fresh


Considering their ages, both William and Haru San were in great physical shape. As the two girls began to work on the two friends, Haru San apologized for not introducing the girl formally. As she sucked on his cock he told William that he had discovered her on a recent trip to Goa and that her name was Asari. She was a servant at a friend’s ranch and he had convinced him to loan her to him for a while, he knew she would be the perfect choice for these games.

William commented that he always appreciated the great lengths that Haru San employed to cater to his friends. The way they spoke to each other, while the girls worked on their pricks was so natural and relaxed. Haru explained that when he was in Goa, on his friend’s ranch, he was witness to many sex acts he had never seen before, and when he saw this beautiful woman and her ability to fully take on some truly well hung men, he just had to have her. She had been raised on the ranch and when she was of appropriate age she was instructed in the ways of the household. It was then that she learned how to take pleasure from such large cocks. She had obviously learned her lessons well and was now well versed in all the facets of sex, and not just men, she loved women as much, if not more.

Haru then told the girls to switch places, he wanted to experience Sawitree’s affections and for William to taste the sweetness of Asari. The girls complied with his wishes. As Sawitree slowly licked at Haru’s prick, and Asari placed her wet vagina on William’s face, I began to wish it was I who had entered this competition. I knew if I did not find sexual release in the midst of all this I could die of frustration.

Remembering what our host had said earlier about wanting us to relax and feel at home I asked him if Jasmine and Rose could join me on the chaise where I lay. He said it would be his pleasure in return for the fine gift I had found for him. Hearing this twins came to me without hesitation. Rose apologized for not consenting earlier in the bath, but I assured her I had understood and that waiting can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Jasmine hiked up my skirt and began to taste the juice flooding my pussy, I in turn, ate out Rose. What a strange feeling it was, identical twins pleasuring me like this. It was so exciting to have “the same person” both giving and getting sex from me at the same time. The tight latex stretched across my nipples and made my nerve endings tingle.

I pinched and pulled on my nipples through the fabric while the viscous fluids ran from both Rose’s and my cunts.
Rose was looking over at the others close by and began to explain in detail what they were doing. She said that in past times when William and Haru San had their little parties no two girls had ever approached the level of abandon that Sawitree and Asari had. Not just for their beauty, but for their sheer sexuality.

As Rose described the manner in which Asari wrapped her breasts around Haru’s penis I wished it was I giving him pleasure. Asari had a nipple in each hand and was pulling her tits out from her body to encase the man’s cock. I mimicked her movements as they were related to me, and I fervently tugged at my own nipples making them harder, more sensitive and engorged.

I could hear William telling Sawitree to hold her vagina open to give him full access to her inner cunt. All of this sexual activity and banter seemed to create a ring of lust that everyone was a part of. How would I ever find a situation to satisfy me after a day like this?

Sawitree opened her pussy lips and held her position over Williams face. As he licked her clit and sucked on the lips he began to insert a finger into her ass. She pushed down with her hips and it slid right to the last knuckle. She let out a sigh of pleasure and asked him to slowly move it in and out.

As the cum from her pussy ran down his chin to his neck William brought her to orgasm. She bucked against his face and pulled on his hair. She kept asking him to fuck her but he wanted her to wait. Haru told Asari to go to Sawitree and to make love to her as she had done with other girls back in Goa. She stopped jacking of his cock with her swollen tits and went into a bag he had earlier set next to the table.

Reaching into the bag she extracted a long, thick double-headed dildo. Knowing Asari’s pussy was already dripping wet she lubricated she lubricated the end of the dildo she planned on putting in her ass. Asari went to stand behind Sawitree as she rode William’s face. Sawitree’s ass was pointed high in the air giving Asari unhindered access to her puckered anus and gaping cunt hole. She bent it into a “U” and simultaneously inserted a head into each of her holes.
Sawitree squealed with pleasure and gyrated against the dildo, directing Asari to give her more. Asari complied and pushed the dildo further and further into both holes and I could hear them suctioning against the supple rubber device as it moved in and out of her swelling holes.

William moved from beneath her and let her lie down on the chaise. Sawitree lay in the fetal position, relaxing her muscles, and giving Asari all the assistance she could. As Asari stroked her with the dildo she moaned and tossed on the lounger. A stream of profanity coursed from her lips. “Fuck me. Stretch my cunt. Pound my ass.” She wailed. “Pummel my pussy, make it wet.” Asari continued her assault.

Just as Sawitree rolled into another shattering climax Asari began to spank her bottom. This was the last straw and I could see Sawitree’s eyes rolling back in her head. As she shuddered and winced Asari removed the end from her ass, and pointing it at her own pussy, sank down on it. She took it all in until their vaginas were touching and she began a slow undulating rhythm.

Rose was babbling on about how sexy the two girls looked, their pussies and thighs glistening in the sunlight from the torrents of cum escaping their bodies. Something about making love out of doors in the direct heat of the sun that makes people even hotter than they would normally be. The bright blue sky, the light reflecting off the crystal water of the pool, and the dense jungle foliage all helped to set the scene indelibly in my mind. Everyone was sex crazed, and I loved every minute of it.

As the two girls continued to fuck each other with the double headed dildo William and Haru came to stand above them. William inserted his cock into Asari’s mouth and Haru San stuck his still rampant prick into Sawitree’s. From where I was I could see the four of them all connected in the throes of sexual abandon. The two women worked as a team as did the men.

Haru San instructed Jasmine and Rose to come and assist them. The two servants immediately complied by rubbing, sucking, and licking each of the men and women. First licking an ass, then a pussy and then sucking testicles between their teeth. I knew that they were not strangers to this type of play. I mentally toyed with the idea of asking Haru for a job at his jungle hideaway and had to laugh to myself.

Haru informed me that there was a digital camera in his bag and that I should record the event. As I zoomed in and took close-ups of cocks in throats, fingers in asses, and the dildo sliding in and out of gaping vaginas I began to get more and more excited myself. I sensed that the two men were about to ejaculate down Sawitree’s and Asari’s throats. I stepped back to get a full view in the camera.

Rose and Jasmine must have also realized what was about to happen, and they moved to stand next to the two girls servicing the men. They began to stroke them on the throat and Jasmine commented on how she could feel the cock moving inside Asari’s neck. This was all that was needed as the final catalyst and the two men simultaneously withdrew and spewed their spunk onto the girl’s faces. Asari and Sawitree began to lick the sperm from each other’s breasts, neck and face. Sawitree pulled away from Asari and she dribbled the sperm from her mouth into Asari’s. Rose and Jasmine joined and began to lap up what was left, and soon all four were locked in one big, wet sticky kiss.
Other servants appeared and began to bath William and Haru’s puffed and swollen cocks and sweat covered bodies with soft sponges. Rose and Jasmine tended to the girls and I sat back and tried to compose myself.

Someone brought out a bottle of champagne and we all toasted the day. William and Haru San agreed that they were hard pressed to pick a winner and decided to call it a draw. A servant girl was summoned and she came out with a silver domed tray and presented Asari and Sawitree each with 50,000 Baht.

The girls were then taken back upstairs to bath and relax and I found myself alone with the two gentlemen. William asked me if I were OK and I commented that I would have never guessed, that day at the market, that he was capable of such ribaldry. Haru San mentioned that I looked in need of release and I told him that I was.

He picked up the double-headed dildo and handed it to me. I smiled, bent it into a “U”, as Asari had done before, and I slowly began to work it into both of my aching holes as the lounged nearby drinking champagne and encouraging me to continue.

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by: fresh


Well, things went so well that day at the Japanese ambassador’s jungle retreat that William asked me if I would quit my job with the production house, and work for him full time as procuress party planner. Being the flighty, precocious, “live for the moment” kind of girl that I am, I did just that; I quit my job and became his private procuress. The remuneration was excellent, I traveled first class, all expenses paid, and I got to enjoy all my favorite pastimes and call it work. Not a bad gig for a girl only 20 years old and “fresh off the boat”.

The first thing that I set out to do was to establish a stable of fine young foxes that enjoyed their work. This meant I would have to be traveling all over Asia to seek out and audition girls for William and his friends. I knew that I had to find the best, the most sophisticated, exotic girls who knew how to please, that is what I was after, girls who knew how to have fun and truly enjoyed “the life”. I would scour the region over the upcoming months, the Philippines, Japan, India and Sri Lanka; Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and Sumatra. Not a coconut would be left un-turned. I had a job to do, and I was going to do it right. My first destination would be Vietnam. The girls there had always held a fascination for me and I figured that I might as well get as much out of this experience as I could.

It was a blistering hot day as our plane taxied towards the gate at Ho Chi Min International Airport. I could see the heat waves shimmering and rising from the tarmac as the stewardess announced our arrival, and our plane parked at the terminal gangway. I passed immigration and customs, collected my bags, and made my way through the arrivals area. Hailing a taxi I told the driver to take me to the Majestic Hotel on Dong Khoi Street, near the Saigon River. As we drove through the streets I thought that Saigon probably didn’t look at all like it had in the days of the war. Having only seen images of the city as Hollywood filmmakers portray it, I really had had no idea what to expect.

It was a lot like Bangkok in many ways, past, present and future, European and Asian architecture, all colliding together to produce a strange sense of place and time. Old Chinese style shop houses were being torn down and turned to ruble, making way for modern high-rise constructions. Open-air markets and street stalls being replaced by department stores and air-conditioned restaurants. I would have loved to have seen it fifty years or so ago, but those times were gone now and the Vietnamese people were joining the 21st Century along with the rest of South East Asia.
My taxi pulled up to the entrance of the hotel, I paid my fare, I told the driver, “No thank you, I won’t be needing a personal driver while I’m in Saigon”, and I passed from the stifling heat and humidity of the day into the cool marbled expanse of the lobby.

If the rooms were as well appointed as the lobby I was going to be quite comfortable, I thought to myself. Working for William was turning out to be better than I could have ever imagined. I signed the register, put my valuables in the hotel deposit box and followed the porter to the elevator. Although it had only been a short flight of just over an hour, and the drive through the city to the hotel had been an uneventful one, I was looking forward to a relaxing bath, a bit of room service, and an afternoon nap.

The porter and I were the only two in the lift as the doors shut and we began our climb to the top floor of the hotel where my executive suite was located. He must have been about my age or a year younger, eighteen I guessed. He looked quite cute in his porter’s uniform. White gloves, highly polished black leather shoes, and one of those perfectly round, stiff, brimless hats with a gold cord wrapped around it. I noticed that he was staring at me out of the corner of his eye, and being the tease that I am, I moved closer and stood behind him. He was average height for an Asian boy his age, which meant that I was taller than he was.

I leaned forward and pressed my breasts against his shoulder and I asked him his name. “Tran.” he replied. “Well, Tran” I said, “is it always this hot in Saigon at this time of year?” “Y-y-yes madam.” he stuttered, obviously shy and not used to someone like me being as close and familiar as I was being.

As the elevator was passing between floors I impulsively reached out and pushed the stop button. The elevator came to a jarring halt and I told Tran that I had just come up with a great idea for beating the heat. He looked at me with puzzled eyes, and I returned with my most mischievous smile.

Squatting in front of him, I quickly pulled down his zipper before he could protest, and I pushed my hand into his trousers. Finding his prick I released it from where it was nestled. Still gripping my luggage in his hands Tran was unable to move or push me away.

I gently tugged on his light brown cock and it began to stiffen in my hand. Grasping him firmly I took my other hand and began to roll back his foreskin. The head of his penis was much darker in color and the contrast piqued my excitement. Continuing to stroke and pull, Tran was soon at full tumescence.

Looking up from where I squatted I began to lick the bottom of his cock. Never taking my eyes off of his, I moistened Tran until he was coated with my spittle. Up and down I traced my tongue along his flesh, I could feel him tremble, and he dropped my bags to the floor and steadied himself against the wall of the elevator.

As I tasted the first drops of pre-cum that oozed from Tran’s shaft I took the head between my full lips. I sucked on it gently and he stiffened even more. He wasn’t that big, but he was good and hard. Taking more and more of his shaft into my mouth I realized that this was most probably the first time any women had ever sucked this boy’s cock, possibly the first sexual contact he’d ever had. I wanted to make this an experience he would never forget.

Instructing him to hold my head in his hands I then pulled his balls from inside his pants and massaged and squeezed them as I sucked him deeper into my throat. I knew I had little time to spare and that I was not going to get a chance to have him inside me. I concentrated on his pleasure, and took my pleasure in knowing that I was breaking his cherry in a most memorable way. Tran would never forget this day, this blowjob or the cock crazed girl who gave it to him.
Pulling his cock out of my mouth it made a popping sound. I told him I wanted to be the first women to taste his hot sperm, to be the first women to bring him pleasure, to be the first women to feel him jerking his hot seed into her mouth.

My sluttish language had the desired effect and I knew I had to get him back in my mouth quickly before he came. I renewed my stroking with fervent vigor. Never removing the head of his cock from deep in my throat, and licking the base of the shaft at the same time. Sure enough, he was soon uncontrollably spurting his virgin gob into my belly. I was amazed at the amount of hot fluid shooting from his prick. I considered the fact that this boy probably didn’t even masturbate; he had so much cum to feed me. I reflexively swallowed after each jerking action. It tasted sweet, and it was thicker than most, I figured this was due to his young age. When his climax subsided I withdrew his now softening cock and cleaned up the few drops that had managed to escape my hungry lips and tongue. I replaced his now softening prick inside of his pants and I carefully closed his zipper.

I stood up, adjusted my skirt and blouse, and turned the elevator back on; we began our climb to the top floor again. The doors opened and I stepped from the lift. Tran was still standing there with a look of amazement when I asked where my room was located. Barely regaining his composure, he picked up my bags and turned right out of the elevator and led the way to my room. After letting me in, turning on the lights and opening the curtains for a view of the river he turned to leave. I offered him a tip and he said that I had already over tipped him and that he must be getting back to the lobby. As he closed the door behind him I smiled to myself and knew that he would never forget me. That every time any women would be sucking his cock he would reflect on this day in the elevator. It made me feel giddy.

It was now mid-afternoon and I decided to take a cooling shower, have that bite to eat and grab a quick a snooze. I called room service, ordered a snack and went to the bathroom for my shower. After room service delivered my food I ate and then laid down for my nap. As I drifted off I thought about Tran in the elevator and once again I smiled to myself. Vietnam would be fun I thought, what would the night hold for me, what would I discover, who would I find to bring home to William and his friends?

My wake up call roused me at 7:30 PM and I lay in bed mentally putting together the scenario for the evening. First call room service again and order some Crystal Champagne. Then take another long, hot bath, have someone come up from the hotel’s salon and give me a manicure and massage, fix my hair and do my makeup for me; that would be a good start. Then hit the bricks, find something to eat and tour the nightlife of Saigon. Find some beautiful young girls to audition for William and maybe some stud or two to bring back to the room for a late night bout of marathon sport türkçe bahis sex.

It really wasn’t so hard getting used to this new life. Whatever I could dream up was what I could do. Not a care or a worry. I wondered to myself what were all the poor working stiffs doing right now? What were my old private schools peers doing back in the States tonight? Maybe they were going to a drive-in movie, shopping at the same tired stores at the mall or, if they were “lucky”, maybe getting a modicum of mediocre sex from some boring and clumsy boyfriend. Me? I was living in a fantasy land and loving every decadent minute of it. The small hairs on my belly began to get static and my pussy started getting sticky just from the thought of it all.

The Champagne arrived; I tipped the waiter, and went in to take my bath. I left the door unlocked for the salon attendant to let herself in, and I sank into the fragrant bubbles of my evening respite. Just as I was starting to sip my second glass of Crystal there was a knock at the door. I buzzed for the girl to let herself in and I heard the door open and shut.

“Excuse me madam” she said from the bathroom doorway, “I hope I am not disturbing you.” I turned to see whom this angelic voice belonged to and I was both stunned and pleased by what I saw. She was as tall as or taller than I. Six feet I would have to guess, maybe twenty-five years old or there about. She also appeared to be Amer-Asian, like me. When I asked here where she got her stunning looks she shyly told me her mom was Vietnamese and her dad had been an American GI during the War. She wasn’t quite sure, but she thought that she was about twenty-four years old. I’m pretty good at determining a person’s age and nationality and this time I had been right on the button.

I told her not to be shy and to please come sit by the tub and begin my pedicure while I soaked in the bath. She pulled up a small wooden stool, sat down and began to organize her things. She told me her name was Mei and I told her mine was Caitlin, but my friends called me Meow. I told her not to be so formal and that she too could call me by my nickname. She said it would be better if she weren’t so familiar because hotel regulations didn’t allow her to do so. Who am I to argue, it was the same thing that had happened with Jasmine and Rose at Haru San’s house when I tried to initiate sex in the spa.

As Mei cleaned and clipped my nails I continued my attempts at loosening her up. I so much wanted Mei to be comfortable with me; there was no other way that I would ever have a chance at seducing her, because that is exactly what I had decided to do. She enthralled me and I wanted to have her, not for William, but for me.

Mei was finishing up my pedicure and I told her I was ready for my massage. She helped me from the bath and began to towel me dry. It was my first time since returning to Asia that I was with such a beautiful woman. One I could look directly in the eye when standing toe to toe. This excited me and I began to imagine making love to her. I knew if I moved to fast she would refuse me and tell me it was against hotel policy. I forced myself to slow down my seduction and went to the bed to lie down for my massage. I removed the towel Mei had wrapped around me and spread it out on the bed. I lay down on my stomach and waited for Mei to begin.

She came to kneel beside me on the over sized bed and starting with my legs and feet, began to methodically massage me. The feel of her long slender fingers rubbing and massaging my calves was so soothing, and I could feel the last lingering of the stress of my Bangkok life slipping away. Kneading the muscles on first my left, and then my right side, and then concentrating on the souls of my feet, and my toes, my entire body responded to her professional and thorough administrations. I laughed to myself and thought it funny that when anyone ever rubs my feet, or my pussy, my entire body responds.

After about ten minutes of this Mei began to direct her attention to my back and shoulders. As she rubbed in a continuous motion up and down my spine I could feel her breasts gently touch me every so often. Although she was Amer-Asian, and tall like me, our breasts were not at all similar. Mine are large and full like an Americans and hang firmly on my chest, but Mei’s were smaller and rounder, as if they were molded in a rice bowl and they jutted out pointed and proud; I could see the outline of her nipples and areola through the sheer fabric of her clothes.

She was wearing an ao dai, which is the traditional long, thin cotton, high collared, tunic worn for centuries by the Vietnamese women. With a long slit up the side, it not only afforded the wearer mobility, but to the observer it presented their luscious legs from the hip to the ankle, and Mei’s legs, being as long as they are, made me want to see more. She keeps her jet black hair long, past the waist, and it moves like silk when she turns her head on her supple neck.
When she was finished massaging my back she told me to turn over. I could see her blush as my naked breasts came into view. She went to cover me with a sheet and I told her I would be more comfortable without it. I knew she was nervous, but I wanted her to see me this way. As she took my arm in her hands and returned to massaging me I looked straight at her and began an idle conversation. At first the talk was tame and innocuous; how many c***dren were in her family, did she come from Saigon, or up-country? Had she been to school and had an education, or had she started working at an early age, as do many Vietnamese c***dren. As she told me her story she began to relax and I could sense I was drawing her into a more comfortable place. I wanted her to feel completely at ease with me before I turned up the charm.

When I asked her more personal questions she was hesitant to answer. But slowly she began to talk about her life. She had had a few boyfriends, but didn’t trust them she said. They were all too immature and wanted to rush things. She said she had always dreamed about her perfect man and that she had yet to meet him. She told me that she, like most other proper single Vietnamese women, spent most of her free time with her family, in the company of other single women, or in school, furthering her education. I told her that I understood how she felt but that I thought she was missing a big part of life and womanhood. I explained to her that my growing up Asian in America had taught me that you could enjoy both worlds without compromising yourself.

I explained that I would spend time with my family, and be the straight adoring daughter, and that I could also be a free and independent woman when I chose. I put in plain words to her my belief that you can enjoy the good things that men can bring to relationships, be they platonic or more intimate, and not feel guilty or used. I could see Mei was trying to maintain her old way of thinking but I also had a sense that she was interested in what I was saying.

When I asked her if she had ever slept with a man before she turned her face away and I felt I had possibly gone too far, I had hit on a personal note. But, she soon softly spoke and told me that although she was approaching her mid-twenties, she was still a virgin. I told her that it was not something to be ashamed of and, on the contrary, it was good that she had her own set of values and the courage of her convictions. This may sound strange coming from me, the seemingly promiscuous Meow, but I knew she was being honest and forthright about her life and who she was.

Mei finished up the massage and asked me if I was ready to have my hair combed out and my makeup applied. I told her that I had changed my mind and that I would take care of it myself. I asked her when she got off of work, and she explained that she was already on over time, and that she would be going home when she was finished with whatever I may want. I suggested that she go change out of her work clothes and join me for the evening. I would treat her to dinner and then we could go do whatever it was she wanted. It took some convincing but she finally acquiesced and consented to joining me.

She was afraid of being seen with a hotel guest and asked me to meet her, in a small noodle shop nearby, at the riverside, on Ton Doc Thang Street. She said she would call her family and tell them that she was going out with a girlfriend, and not to expect her home until late. I thanked her, teased her into making her promise again and she then went to clock-out and change her clothes.

Knowing that she was a shy and simple girl, on a small budget, I made certain not to overdress. I didn’t want my newfound friend to feel under-dressed or embarrassed about being with me. I combed out my hair, applied just enough eyeliner for accent and glossed my lips. I then selected a pair of tight fitting Capri pants that accentuated my legs, pulled on a V-neck t-shirt, that was a bit too tight and showed off my full cleavage, and then slipped into a pair of open toed sandals that tied around my ankles. As I stood in front of the full length mirror admiring myself my nipples stiffened and I could feel my pussy tingle with the anticipation of what the evening possibly held for me.

It was now a little after 10:00 PM and I was strolling along in front of the hotel on the way to the corner noodle shop to meet Mei. I passed a street vendor selling knock off clothes and my eye was attracted to some of those little hats that the Japanese are so fond off, the ones that make everyone look cute and naive. I picked out two matching hats, one for Mei and one for myself and proceeded to find the noodle shop. I rounded the corner of Dang Khoi and Tan Doc Thang Streets and made my way along the sidewalk. Similar to other Asian cities, the neighborhood around the hotel offered a wide variety of shops, kiosks and street stall vendors. The Saigon night was a riot of colors, sounds, and smells, all combining to create a dazzling palate for the senses.

I spied the restaurant Mei had told me about; it was an open-air shop house with a fantastic view of the Saigon River with tables on the inside and along the front sidewalk. There was handwritten paper menus in Chinese calligraphy and Vietnamese language taped to the walls. Bowls of raw garlic and fresh herbs and several bottles of sauces were on every table. Some folks had open bottles of whiskey and beer. The place was packed out and it appeared to be an after work hangout for people with jobs in the vicinity. It was definitely a local joint.

As I had thought, she was casually dressed, not knowing that today would turn out the way it had for her. She was wearing a pastel colored one-piece shift that came to just below her knees, and it had a ruffle along the hem. I am always amazed how so many older women in Asia dress like teenagers. On the stool next to her was a small handbag with a picture of Snoopy and Woodstock appliqued on it.

As I took up a seat across from her she told me she had taken the liberty of ordering some noodles for us, she had missed her dinner in order to come to my room, and was famished. Mei was a different person now that she was outside of the hotel and not working, more relaxed and informal.

Our noodles soon arrived and we chatted while we ate. At times I found myself looking intently at her as she delicately wrapped the long yellow noodles around her chopsticks in the bowl of her spoon, and then brought them to her mouth. When she would purse her lips to blow on them in a cooling fashion I could only imagine how they would feel and taste when I finally got to kiss her. She was so refined and dignified in an understated way. She was older than me, but so innocent.

When we were done with our noodles I presented Mei with my little gift of the hat. I told her we were a team tonight and the hats were for team spirit. She thanked me, we put them on, and the discussion turned to setting an itinerary for the rest of the night. She suggested that we go to the Cho Ben Thanh Market so I could see a real Saigon neighborhood. I told her that I would like that so I paid our bill and moved to the street where we hailed a taxi.

She gave the driver directions and off we sped. As we sat in the back I slid closer to her on the seat and took her by the hand. She didn’t respond adversely and that made me feel good. I told her how much I had enjoyed our meal and chat, and that getting to know her outside of work was more than I had hoped for. She said that she too was enjoying herself and that she had never had a chance to get to know a Western women like myself. I reminded her that we were quite similar, both of us being the product of a mixed American and Asian marriages. Granted, her c***dhood and life in Vietnam was a world apart from what mine had been in the States, but nonetheless, we have both had to live as women caught between two cultures.

The taxi wound its way down broad boulevards and narrow streets and the further we got from the hotel the more intimate we became. By the time we had arrived at the Cho Ben Thanh Market, we were the best of friends. We strolled along Nam Ky Koi Nghia Street, hand in hand, and continued our conversation as we walked. We would stop and browse at the many stalls selling trinkets, household goods, and clothing, not really looking for anything in particular, but just passing the time.

We came to a stall selling pajamas and nighties and I asked Mei if I could buy her one that struck my fancy. She blushed and protested, but I insisted. It was fairly tame by Western standards but I knew that for Mei it was very risqué. As we paid the vendor, and continued our stroll, she giggled to herself. When I asked what had struck her as being so funny she said she just couldn’t imagine when she would have cause to where it. I knew better, but kept my thoughts to myself. If I were to get my wish she would be wearing it later tonight.

Meandering along, we came to a stall selling fresh tropical fruits. Not having had desert at the noodle shop we stopped to purchase some; a half kilo each of rambutans and longans, a dozen rose apples and my favorite, sweet ripened mango with sticky rice and salted sweet coconut milk.

The more we walked and talked the more I was attracted to Mei and her peaceful, unassuming manner. At times I would put my arm around her waist and feel her warmth as I drew her close. I could smell the fragrance of her hair and it made me want her even more. Thinking she would be making excuses to be getting home before it got too late I decided to take a chance.

Telling Mei that I felt tired from my day of traveling I asked her if she could help get me back to the hotel, after all this was my first trip to Saigon and how could I be expected to find my way at this hour of the night. She unwittingly agreed, and once again we were in the back of a taxi rambling down now darkening Saigon streets.

When we arrived back at the Majestic I invited her up for a good night cup of hot tea, and she agreed. When we got to my suite I went and changed out of my street clothes and left Mei to fix the tea from the mini bar. I picked out a satin teddy that I had brought for just such an occasion; however, I originally thought it would have been a man I was seducing, and not a stunningly gorgeous woman like Mei. Not wanting to startle her I covered myself with a robe from the closet and went into the bedroom to join her.

She was sitting on the sofa sipping her tea and admiring the lights on the river; I picked up my cup from the table and joined her where she sat. She had her legs up, her head was resting on her knees, and she had one arm wrapped around them while she held the cup with the other. I sat at the opposite end of the sofa and faced her. She was a vision, so unlike all the other women I had fallen for in the past. With the others it was usually a physical attraction, a****listic desire, and sex. With Mei I was feeling that desire, but also a kinship, a true liking for this woman. I wanted to make love to her and share my feelings, not just to satisfy my sexual hunger but to gratify her. I wanted it to last, to have substance, emotion.

As we sat quietly without talking the time passed unnoticed. Finally breaking the spell of silence I suggested that she spend the night, it was already very late, and I was afraid for her to be traveling home alone on the deserted streets of Saigon. Besides, by the time she made it home she would have very little time to sleep before she would have to come right back for work the next day. She said that tomorrow was her day off and her only real concern would be that her family would be starting to worry about her. I picked up the telephone from the side table and asked her to call her mom.

As she put the phone back in its cradle she said that her family had been concerned, but they were now satisfied that she was safe and sound, and that they would see her tomorrow. I got up from the couch, got the bags from the market and suggested she to put on the nightie I had bought her. She quietly got up, went to the bedroom and shut the door behind her. While she was busy changing I took out the fruits and placed them in a basket for us to snack on.

Soon the double doors to the bedroom opened and she stood framed in the opening, all six foot of her. Majestic, statuesque, regal, these were all words that came to mind. Standing before me in her bare feet, wearing nothing except the delicate gossamer nightie, I was speechless. She blushed and then asked if I thought it suited her, and I praised her for her appearance. I beckoned to her to come and sit beside me.

As she glided across the room to where I sat my heart began to race. Unable to sit still, I stood up as she approached and shrugged off my robe, revealing my near naked self to her. When she was not more than a breath away I reached out and drew her into my arms. I hugged her tightly and I could feel the heat of her skin against mine. I crushed my breasts against hers and I could feel her erect, stiffening nipples rub against me. I tilted my head back, looked into her eyes and then moved to kiss her.

She shyly moved her head to the side, and once again denied me my desire. Slowly, slowly, I kept telling myself, but I craved the taste of her lips. I wanted her tongue in my mouth and I wanted to gently ravage her. She broke from my embrace, moved back to the sofa and sat back down.

Picking up the basket of fruits she tried to distract me by offering to prepare some. I told her I wanted the sweet, ripened mango and she peeled and sliced it for me. Holding a piece up to my mouth she fed me the fruit. As I sucked it into my mouth, and felt it melting into my throat, I again fixed my eyes on her. She brought the second piece to my lips; I opened my mouth wider than before and took not only the mango, but also her fingers into it. I sucked the sweet sticky juice from her skin and it tasted of ambrosia.

I picked up a piece and offered it to Mei. As she moved to take it in her mouth I reached up gently, grasped her small breast in my hand, and sucked on her fingers. I could feel her responding and her breathing became more rapid. Again I leaned forward to kiss her and this time she offered less resistance.

I held her gently, caressed and kissed her. She was so unsure and naïve as to what was expected of her. I told her that I was her friend and that I only wished to bring her pleasure and joy. I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t like and that she could ask me to stop at any time. She confessed that she didn’t know why, but she trusted me.

I positioned her to lie along the length of the sofa and I ran my lips across her body. Kissing her neck, her breasts, her belly and her inner thighs, she began to softly purr and a moan escaped her lips. As my nose passed close to her vagina I caught a faint aroma of her sex. Slowly, slowly I kept repeating in my head; make it last. Make it special. Make it memorable. Like Tran, earlier today, I wanted Mei to never forget this moment, to remember me as the one who introduced her to the joys of Sapphic love.

As I traced my tongue along the valley of her groin I reached up and fondled her nipples. They were dark and rigid, bigger than most Asian’s and long, they were responding to my touch. I cupped a breast in my palm and squeezed the nipple at the same time. More and more forcibly I agitated her flesh. She continued her moaning and began to murmur to herself.

Seeing the small plastic pouch of coconut milk, that was intended to be eaten with the mango; I reached out and plucked it from the basket. Biting it between my teeth I pierced the bag. I rose up off of Mei and held the nectar above her. Carefully squeezing the pouch with my fingers, I traced a pattern on her flesh. It appeared to be a ribbon of cum against her smoky colored skin. I knew that she had never been the object of such a sexual deed, but still, it appeared as though she had just been the recipient of a massive ejaculation and that excited me.

I licked at the sticky fluid and I could taste it mingling with the latent saltiness of her body. She was undulating on the sofa as I satisfied myself with her pleasure. As I tongued at her flesh I renewed my fondling of her body. I moved my hand towards her crotch and affectionately began a slow massaging motion.

Tenderly inserting my middle finger between the outer lips of her cunt I had my first searing touch of her sex. What an incredible feeling it was, knowing that no one had ever been where I was now. No one had ever been granted access to this treasure. No one was ever as privileged as I was now. My heart began to race in time with Mei’s and I felt my breathing becoming short and heavy. It had been a long time since I had responded this way during sex. Not since my first exploratory sessions with my girlfriends in high school had I been excited in this way.

Caressing and stroking the vestibule of her cunt I lubricated my fingers, forcing myself not to invade her too quickly. The viscous fluid coated my fingers and I raised them to my lips for a taste. Even through the lingering flavor of coconut I could taste her virgin essence, sweeter and stickier than the fruit.

Bringing my nose to within a breath of her pussy I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent. It made my face flush with warmth and I felt faint. I was in seventh heaven and taking pleasure in every moment of it. As my head reeled with delight my tongue emerged from between my lips and tentatively touched güvenilir bahis siteleri her cunt. I just rested it there at first; I wanted Mei to get used to the feeling of my mouth on her cunt before I started to arouse her further.

Flattening my tongue upon her pussy lips I drew it along the puffed flesh from the base to her clit. Each time I reached this button of love I’d curl my tongue up and the tip would catch it directly. Like her nipples, her clit was also large. I alternated between licking and sucking it. It was like a little miniature cock, hard, stiff and erect. Never tiring of eating a tasty cunt, I ate Mei relentlessly. Her fluids were running freely and she was heaving beneath me. At times I would spread her cunt wider with my fingers, and probe deeper inside, and then I would return to her clit and continue sucking it.

After about ten minutes of this playfulness I felt Mei’s body stiffening. She reached down and grabbed my head. Gripping me firmly, squeezing her legs tight against my head and arching her back she started to convulse into her first orgasm. My face was wet with her cum as I continued to apply myself to her satisfaction. Not letting up my attention, and concentrating on her clit, I was able to bring Mei into her second shattering climax. I looked up across her belly and tits and saw that her face was twisted into the most sublime smile. She was experiencing new feelings and emotions and she just now understood what it really means to be a woman, to have primal desires, and to satisfy them.

It was at this point that I reached back with one hand and began to rub my own clit. My feelings were so heightened that I spontaneously began to cum as I touched myself. The two of us writhed against each other and the air smelled of cunt and passion. I could tell that Mei was mine to love and to please. She had never been taken down this road before and now there would be no turning back.

As our orgasms subsided I moved up to kiss and caress her, to lovingly hold her and make her feel complete and secure. Understanding how a woman feels after such an experience, I knew she was open and vulnerable at this point. I softly spoke to her and comforted her. I thanked her for the gift of her virginity and the chance to introduce her to the act of love. She never spoke, but only hugged me with her strong arms and planted kisses on my neck and face. When our mouths met our tongues intertwined and we soulfully kissed. I knew she could taste herself on me and that she enjoyed it. We remained like this on the sofa. I kept on babbling and Mei unrelentingly planted soft wet kisses on me, her newfound lover.

At some time during the wee small hours of the morning Mei and I moved from the sofa, to the bedroom, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. We drifted in and out of dreamland and snuggled and kissed. The world was miles away and we were floating on clouds of joy in blissful slumber.

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by: dookiewin/fresh


When I awoke in the morning Mei was sleeping with her arms wrapped around me. I lay with my back propped by a stack of big fluffy pillows, and she was on her left side, head nestled in my lap and her long supple legs held mine between here’s. Her pussy felt warm against my skin. Her right hand was on my left breast and she seemed to be purring in her sleep. I could feel her rhythmic breathing and her warm breath caressed my belly as she breathed. The little down like pubic hairs were standing on end as if in anticipation of something more to come.

From where I lay I could see out the window of my room to the Saigon River below. Bustling with morning traffic, the river was dotted with rice barges, ferries, and long tail boats, similar to the ones that run the Chao Papaya River in Bangkok. My mind returned to thoughts of last night when Mei and I were locked in the throes of lovemaking. I didn’t want my time with her to end and I was missing her already even though we were still here together. I didn’t want to get on the plane and return to my life in Thailand without her. The spoiled brat side of my character was rearing its precocious head and I wasn’t fighting it. It would be wonderful for Mei to join my life. We could travel together, collecting girls for William, and take care of each other all the while.

My first plan of action was to make certain that Mei and I become inseparable. I wanted her to want me with the same degree of passion that I desired her. I decided we should take a trip together and let her get to know me better and learn to trust me. To understand that I would treat her like no one else ever had. Let her discover the joys of loving and living with a woman. This would best be accomplished in surroundings familiar to her. When she wakes up I will ask her to show me her Vietnam and be my guide up-country for a few days or a week. Then we could deal with the big move and the change of life.

I quietly picked up the phone, ordered baskets of fresh fruits and croissants, sticky buns, a pot of coffee and then instructed them to bring me a guidebook from the hotel gift shop. When the boy arrived with my order Mei awoke to the knocking on the door. I eased her off of my lap where she lay, went and opened the door, and directed the boy to put everything on the table in the sitting area.

Going back to the bedroom I found Mei standing in the window looking down at the river. I came to stand behind her. I pressed my mon against the roundness of her ass, wrapped my arms about her, held her breasts in my hands, and hugged her close. Putting my face to the crook of her neck I whispered “Good morning, Mei ja.” As we stood together in the light of the morning sun I sensed that Mei was becoming more comfortable by the minute, and that the situation that had presented itself was not a bad one.

I moved my hand from her breast, sliding along the soft ripples of her rib cage, across her tummy and clasped her hand where it was resting on her vulva. Leading her to the sitting area, and our breakfast, I asked her to be seated while I poured her some fresh coffee. Picking up the guidebook from where it lay on the table she asked if I was planning a trip. I explained to her that I was so enthralled with what I had seen of Saigon and that it had inspired me to want to go exploring in the country side. I wanted to see more of this enthralling place.

Mei had a look of disappointment on her face and I asked what it was I had said that made her feel bad. She replied that she was just getting to know me, and here I was, moving on and leaving her behind. I assured her that that was not my intention and that I wished for her to join me on a wild adventure. We were on our way the village of Da Lat.

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by: dookiewin/fresh

CHAPTER 8: Road Kill

As our hired SUV wound its way out of the city, and the bustle of Saigon was left behind, we settled in for the ride. We had no itinerary or schedule to speak of. Just two lust crazed girls out to discover the countryside and our own sexuality. It was only a short time before we were traveling down a country road and chatting away like mad. We told each other about our families, our school days and of course our first loves. Some things aren’t that different, no matter where a girl is from. Both of us felt our parents were over protective, both of us longed for the “irresponsibility” of high school, and both of us laughed at the inadequate advances of teenage boys.

Mei was particularly interested in my American boyfriends. She was so curious about the sexual habits of the American male, and kept asking me if they really do have much larger cocks than Asians. I assured her that many European men do, and that it does make a difference. We both had a good laugh when I told her that there is nothing that compares to a really good stuffing by a cock of suitable proportions. Just thinking about all that friction and heat, started to make my pussy itchy and wet.

We had been traveling along a deserted stretch of road when all of a sudden one of the tires went flat. Pulling over to the side, under some trees, I parked the disabled vehicle. We both got out and went to survey the damage. As we were rummaging in the back for tools to change the flat tire with I heard the sound of a vehicle approaching. To our amazement it was a US Army Hummer with four American service men inside. Mei said they are most probably part of the US contingent that has been in the area uncovering old crash sites; still investigating the remains of American casualties left behind after the war.

As the eldest, an Afro-American who was probably no more than twenty-five years old, got out of the car and approached; I could tell what was on Mei’s mind. She was turning into quite the little slut in a relatively short span of time. “Can we be of some assistance, Mam?” he asked. We assured them that they had arrived in just the nick of time and asked if they had a jack. The hire company had supplied us with a spare but someone had apparently stolen the jack.

Mei was beside herself with lust. She knew that a situation like this was an opportunity in disguise. As the soldiers began to set about the task of fixing our flat Mei drew me aside and out of earshot. “They are all quite handsome and polite,” she said. “Do you think they find us attractive?” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I reminded her that she was probably the best looking girl that they had seen in their few short years, and already knowing the answer, I tauntingly asked her why she cared. She blushed and stared down at the road for a moment. “I just thought that it might be a good way to start off our adventure,” she answered me. “I mean, you’ve been running on about the benefits of a good fucking, and I just thought this would be a chance for us both to get one.” I assured her that the thought had already crossed my mind and I suggested that we wait until the car was repaired, and then test the waters. She gushed enthusiastically and thanked me for understanding.

When we turned to go back to where the men were working we could see that they had removed their shirts so as not to soil them in the course of their task. They were all, without exception, in tip-top physical shape; buff, and fit from Army life. Mei could not keep her eyes off of them and one cutie in particular.

It only took them a short while to finish and then Mei offered them some cold beers from our cooler. “This must be your lucky day.” one of them said as he quenched his thirst with the cold beer. “You ladies need to be a bit more careful, traveling out here on your own and ill equipped besides.” We all agreed and then there was a moment of silence.

“How can we ever repay you,” Mei asked in a naively suggestive voice. I could immediately sense what was rushing through all of their minds, because the same thing was on ours. They politely pretended to have no other intentions and said that the beers were quite enough. I could see the disappointment in Mei’s face. Were they going to get away before she could have a chance to experience her first sex with a man? Not if she was going to have anything to do about it.

“I noticed a nice secluded spot back down the road a few hundred meters, on the edge of the river, what if we all go for a cooling swim?” was Mei’s next suggestion. Everyone agreed that was an excellent idea, so we grabbed the cooler of beers, locked the cars and traipsed off down the road.

It was an idyllic spot. Just set far enough from the roadside to be quite and sheltered from view by passersby. We set ourselves down under some jungle canopy, shaded from the heat of the sun, and began to get acquainted. Mei, in her exuberance, grew impatient and said she was going for a dip. Standing up she then skipped down to the river and stood in the water up to her ankles. “Hey, why doesn’t anybody come to join me, she shouted back, the water is just perfect.” You would have thought someone had just yelled “Incoming!” at these guys because all four of them bolted for the riverside.

I quickly took the opportunity to strip off all my clothes and go dashing past them all, and into the river. Upon catching a glimpse of my ass, as I dove under the surface, the guys began to disrobe and join me in the water; only Mei was a little bit hesitant. I think she was having a few reservations about her desires now and lingered a bit. But then, it only took a few minutes of harmless jeering from us all, and she soon joined us, naked, in the river, her nipples taut from embarrassment.

Feeling the need to be ‘sheltered’ Mei came and stood beside me in the shallows. The water droplets glistening on her near six foot frame. Her skin had goose bumps from the slight chill of the water and her long fat nipples began to stiffen even more in the breeze. The darkness of her puffy areola set upon her full round breasts was stimulating for all of us to look at. I wrapped my arms about her waist and began to softly peck at her neck. I traced a line down to her tits and sucked on her softly, making her grow even harder against my tongue. I whispered softly to her that if she really wanted one of these boys to let me orchestrate the events of the afternoon. She complied by kissing me fully on the lips and sucking on my tongue. I could sense her heightened arousal and gushing anticipation.

As we continued in our embrace and fondle each other I could see that the Americans were becoming aroused, too. I looked at them invitingly over Mei’s shoulder, and they began to approach.

They were all well fit as I have said, in particular the one black man in the group. I hadn’t been with an African since I had left California and I was beginning to look forward to what appeared to be a massive cock hanging between his legs, no wonder they all kept referring to him earlier as ‘Donkey’. I explained to them that this would be Mei’s first sexual experience with men and that I wanted to show her what to expect.

I motioned for the black man to come closer. As he did, I could see his sex starting to stiffen. Not rock hard, but beginning to swell and I was rewarded with the confirmation of its expected size. I was sure it would be hard for me to get my fingers fully around it’s girth and it looked to be about a foot long, heavily swaying between his thighs even in this semi flaccid state. But what was truly amazing was how thick around it was.

Mei’s eyes were also fixed upon his cock now. The look of disbelief in her eyes as I began to stroke him was almost amusing. I could see she was glad that I had chosen him for myself and not for her. This first experience would be amazing enough; she needn’t be overwhelmed by it.

I wanted to just jump on this man and fuck him for all he was worth but I restrained myself and took it slowly for Mei’s benefit and education. I slowly pulled on his prick which started to make him harder now. The head of it was now completely exposed, his foreskin having receded down the thickening shaft. The glistening dark head of it was fat to say the least.

I continued my stroking until he reached his full length. It was at least eleven inches long, if not more. The head was still exposed when I gripped him hand over hand like you would a baseball bat. The sac for his balls was in equal proportion, large and with two massive balls; I could feel them churning with spunk.

To feel something of such power in my hands excites me to no end. I love to stroke and fondle, caress and kiss a prick like his for hours. To own, or possesses it.

Getting back to the matter at hand I instructed Mei to choose one of the others and to copy my every movement. So after selecting her partner, the cutest and most polite one I might add, she began to cautiously stroke his cock and fondle his balls. Like a c***d with a new toy she examined him closely.

While she was pulling cautiously on it he said, “Don’t be afraid that you will hurt me, Mei, I’ve felt rougher hands than yours.” So, she did, and as she fondled him he grew to a pleasant six inches long and was as hard as could be. I think he was enjoying the fact that he was going to be her first and knowing this encounter would be the precursor to her eventual attitudes toward sex he wanted her not to be afraid, to feel good about fucking men in the future. She lowered herself so that she was at eye level to his penis and then she flattened it against his stomach so she could examine the underside. With her other hand she began tracing her fingertip along the length of it, feeling the beaded line of flesh that rose from the base.

“Why not taste it Mei?” he said, and once again she heeded his words. Darting the tip of her tongue out she now traced the bead of flesh with it, stopping now and again to pull her head back and examine the result of her administrations. Soon she was putting the engorged head of it between her pouting lips and running her tongue into his pee hole and under the rim. This caused him to swell to his full extent and moan with pleasure. “Am I hurting you?” she asked again. “N-n-n-no, he stammered, that’s some of the sweetest cock sucking I have ever had.” Feeling encouraged Mei continued to take more and more of his prick into her mouth. It never amazes me how quickly someone can learn to give head if they have no inhibitions about it.

Knowing that if she continued to suck him he would cum immediately, Mei’s new found lover told her to go and sit on a rock nearby that was jutting out of the water. Then, once she was situated with her heels pulled up tight to her ass cheeks, thus exposing her vagina, he knelt before her. She told him how I had been eating her virgin pussy the night before and that she had never felt a man doing it. She wondered out loud if it would feel the same. He commented to the others that he could see it glistening in the sun light and that the sweetest aroma was wafting up to his nose.

He then ever so slightly placed his lips upon the upper part of it and began to easily suck and lick at the folds of her cunt. She quivered with the anticipation of him inserting it deeper, as I had, and of sucking those fresh juices from inside her. “Please, go slowly I don’t want to ever forget this,” she moaned. “I want to always remember this sparkling afternoon at the river’s side.” He assured her he would, and for the next ten to fifteen minutes he slowly traced his tongue around and into her sex. Pulling and nibbling at the small tuft of hair. I could see her shinning his face as the minutes passed in new found pleasures.

By now I was situated on the hard sand at the river’s edge in my favorite position, that being on all fours. Having stroked and sucked my partner to near madness. Having watched Mei and her lover the two of us were ready for some serious fucking. The black soldier kneeled behind me now and began pushing that great prick into my cunt. “Look here” I called to Mei, “soon you to will be able to get pleasure from a massive prick like this one. Look at how it stretches my pussy and how easy it really is to take pleasure from it.” Spurred on by my randy banter and the sight of that big black penis going up inside me, Mei experienced her first orgasm at the hands of a man. She shook on that rock and lifted her ass from her feet; her back arching and falling in rhythm with the waves of pleasure that wracked her virgin frame. She moaned with delight and reached down to strongly force him deeper in side. Not really needing any more coaxing he probed and sucked as she ejaculated into his mouth. Over and over she rolled from one orgasm to the next until she all but fainted from it.

When she had relaxed her grip on his head and as her orgasm subsided, he took her in his arms and carried her up into the grass. “I do not wish to hurt you.” he said and he lay down beside her. “Squat over my prick and lower yourself onto it. Take as much or as little as you like.” Mei did as he suggested and reached between her legs to open her pussy for its christening. Ever so slowly she situated his prick head there and he grasped the base of it tightly to give it even more strength. Little by little she descended upon him. The look of sheer pleasure on his face was no doubt the result of her scorching hot flesh and the virginal grip that she now had upon him.

Quickly overcome by the feeling of him inside of her she took more and more of his hard cock up her pussy. As her virginity began to fade, and he reached the back of her cunt, the mixed looks of pleasure and pain on her face were priceless. I could see the feelings of joy begin to outweigh the pain and she began to move up and down to test this new experience.

The hard meat inside of me was now hammering away in tune with the lust of the afternoon. Long, full, deep strokes along the walls of my cunt brought me to my first fully shattering orgasm of the day. Feeling me cum only caused him to pick up the pace. I knew that this man had more than enough of his share of woman before, despite his young age. Any guy growing up with a fine prick like that between his legs has his choice of the high school girls as they all hear rumors about his size. I could feel his balls slapping against my crotch and the sound of it was music to my ears.

I could see the two neglected soldiers now furiously jerking their cocks with excitement. I called them to come over and began to suck them off, too. One of them mentioned that he would not be able to hold out much longer and I knew we were all fast approaching the speed of light. I wanted Mei to see me in my sexual frenzy and I called to her once again. I slipped away from the prick inside me and I knelt between the three of them. I commanded that they hose me down with their spunk.

As the first of them began to direct his torrent of jizz at my face and breasts Mei’s lover went over the top and began emptying his seed deep inside her. She writhed with pleasure at the feel of it warming her insides. She moaned that it felt soothing on her torn and broken flesh. She looked totally satisfied and blissful. As she eased herself down upon his torso she lovingly looked across his chest towards me. I was now drenched in thick ropes of sperm and it ran down my cleavage to my belly where it swirled into my navel. I began to rub it into my flesh, around my swollen breasts and into my groin. I looked square into Mei’s eyes and began to suck it off of my fingers …

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