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Back for more.
The first time I sexed a beautiful trans girl was forever burnt into my memory. Such an organic and loving experience. The passionate kissing and meaningful oral and anal satisfied a fantasy that I had had for many years.
It might sound crazy but I actually fell a little bit in love that night. She was gorgeous, confident and certainly knew what she liked!. I will forever dream of our time together!.

Some years on, I was having a few drinks at home and the thought of having my tight ass filled and sucking a beautiful cock was raging in my mind. This made my cock start to swell so I made the decision right then.
I looked up some local adverts to see if I could find an escort. Some pretty Asian girls caught my eye, not usually my flavour but I was willing to try new things. JoJo was a young transitioning femboy.20 years old, tiny build and gorgeous eyes. My hands shook in anticipation as I rang the number.
A beautiful feminine voice greeted me. “Is this JoJo” I asked. “Yes honey” she replied, and we made some all talk and arranged a booking. I even went to pick her up. This impressed her ( I have a nice ride). We stopped into a bottle shop and grabbed some drinks.

Our booking was two hours, I wanted to not rush, really enjoy the pleasure and company of this young hottie. She seemed really easy going and relaxed, which put me in a relaxed state aswell. I wasted no time telling JoJo what I wanted and how. She eagerly nodded in agreement.
First I put some music and candles on. I asked JoJo to dance a bit, slowly undress as she shook her pert ass. The excitement grew and had to really control myself. She slowly slipped off her panties and revealed a lovely cock. Light brown and cut,just how I like it. I gestured her to come over to me. I was at perfect height to take her cock in my mouth. I sucked that thing with real want and desire. JoJo picked up on that and commented that most guys normally get her to suck them off, not the other way around. Anyway her cock got engorged pretty quick and I was pleasantly surprised by the size off her. 7.5 inches of Asian joy filled my mouth. I wanted her load down my throat but she stopped me short and reminded me we still had an hour and a half.
We moved to the bedroom and jumped on the bed in 69. So hot giving each other pleasure at the same time. After a little while I wanted her ass!. I lay on my back and asked her to straddle me but facing away. That way I could see her sweet little hole. I rubbed her hole with my thumb, just slowly circling it,gently putting some pressure every few turns. JoJo loved this and rocked gently back and forth. My cock was rock hard by now so I slipped on a rubber and lined up her hole. What she did next was awesome. She squeezed her cock and produced a little precum. She then rubbed that on her ass and told me to go slow. Of course, I wanted to savour that sight as long as possible. My head lined up with her pretty asshole and I slowly applied some pressure. JoJo gently rocked on my cock and it started to slide in. Centimetre by centimetre she sank down on my length until I was all the way in. We both groaned and bucked while building up a nice rythym. We fucked like that for a bit, I asked JoJo if she wanted to shift positions. She said she loved it from behind.
She flipped over and I slid in from behind. It wasn’t long and my cock got that feeling. I told JoJo I was going to cum soon. She flipped over and started pulling her dick. She wanted to cum with me so I tugged her cock as I thrust it home. She started moaning and bucking, a clear indication she was ready. JoJo’s dick started pulsing and squirting out an impressive amount of warm jizz. That set me off and I pulled out,whipped of the rubber and I came hard all over her leaking cock.
When we caught our breath, I still rubbed her cock all covered in hers and my cum. We hit the shower and grabbed another drink.

I had that beautiful cock in my mouth, but I was certainly not done. That cock of hers was going in me. I knew how I wanted JoJo to do me. I went down on that cock again, I could have just sucked it off all night. While I was doing that JoJo started playing with my ass. Her finger penetrated me and she started massaging my spot. God, it was wonderful!. My cock started to dribble a little pre cum. That was it, I put a rubber on her dick, l lay on my side and told JoJo to push in from behind. It took a bit but once she was in I angled my body so she continued to hit my spot. While JoJo fucked me she also reached around to stroke my cock. The feeling was intense and it did not take long for my orgasm to build. ” Fuck me JoJo, just like that!” I said. She picked up her pace and it was fucking magnificent!. I just lay there getting pummeled and exploding in ecstasy. JoJo couldn’t cum again but she had done her job. She slipped her cock out of me and I was totally satisfied but also a little sad that it was over. Once again we showered and kissed a little. JoJo told me she was travelling later in the year but looked forward to our next meeting.

I took her back to her apartment block. My ass still tingling and my dick still partially engorged. That was one experience I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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