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Aunty Jean’s Stockings
Aunty Jean was really a friend of my Mother, not a real Aunt but someone who visited once a week and her and my Mum used to go shopping together, visit the local Womens Institute meetings and also go out as a foursome at weekends together.

Jean was a school secretary at the local college and was a bubbly and vivacious type of woman. She was about 5 7″ tall with a very small waist and some would say large round bottom and full thighs. Not fat at all I might add, good shaped calves but her thighs and bottom were definitely on the fuller side. Her bust was small, she tended to wear blouses or tight sweaters, and a pleated skirt or fitted skirt with a slight flare to deal with her lovely round bottom. Shoes were either a full heel or a slingback, my choice will always be her black shiny slingbacks. Her legs were always covered in regulation dark tan or American tan nylons, which in the late 1970s I had always assumed were pantyhose, as my Mum wore them. However things took a turn one evening when sat opposite Jean at my house.

I had not really looked at Jean as a sex object when she visited, however on this particular occasion I was sat opposite her in our living room. She was talking with my Mother and paying no attention to me, Jean had a her black shiny slingback heels on, and I noticed her stockings had a darker coloured heel to the rest of the stocking, I wasnt absolutely sure but I started to think my Aunty Jean was wearing stockings & suspenders. No hint of stocking tops as her skirt was too long, but my interest was already starting to rise. After that initial glimpse I always made sure I was in the best seat opposite Jean as she was a serial crosser of her legs, I knew if I persevered I would get lucky with a glimpse up her skirt. This went on for weeks then she turned up after the W.I meeting wearing a straight just below the knee skirt and those lovely black slingbacks. Her stockings were a dark chocolate colour, my favourite.

Jean sat there for several minutes, then shifted forward on her chair to pick up her cup of coffee, her skirt slid up and she sat back in the chair and crossed her legs, my 13 year old cock was rock hard in an instant. Clearly on view was the lovely deep welt of Jeans stocking top, and the white suspender strap and chrome metal clip attached to the wrinkled nylon.

Every week after this, I was there sat waiting for Aunty Jean to provide me with 2 hours kaçak casino of nylon leg show, for me to masturbate to for the following week.

I often dreamed of getting access to her worn underwear ( I was already addicted to my Mothers ) my dream came true when our central heating boiler broke down. Aunty Jean kindly offered us the use of her bathroom (she lived very close by) for the 10 days or so the boiler and heating system was repaired.

At 13 I had a bath once a week, however I managed about 6 visits to Aunty Jeans house, and her washy basket was in her bathroom. I used to take my transistor radio with me, and a towel and spend an hour soaking in her bath, or at least she thought I did. I would spend 20 minutes chatting to her while she ran the bath for me, and then head off upstairs to soak. Her washy basket was much like my Mothers, Jean washed once a week, so it was always full of worn panties, stockings still attached to her many suspender belts , half slips and lovely satin soft bras (34B). The stockings were mainly RHT tan, dark tan,chocolate colour and a few grey pairs. Her panties were so sweet to smell, Jean always left a big creamy pussy mark in her gusset, they were never ever as wet as my Mums, but far more of a creamy mess in her panties. Once or twice the cream was still soft , it tasted so good when I licked it all off. While stuck in the bathroom I would often wank off 3 or 4 times with all Jeans undies lined up on the bathroom floor or on the toilet seat. Happy days.

My balls were the emptiest they could be during the time the heating was off, incredible wanking material.

Another occasion Jean had come to ours and I had ended up sat next to her, actually to her left. We were both sat on the sofa and she was slightly turned to her right to face my Mum sat on the chair next to her. So Jeans back was toward me, and more or less completely obscured my Mothers view of me sat next to Jean. They were sitting chatting about clothes and what was in the new catalogue (the catalogue I wanked with everyday I might add). As they poured over the contents, Jean leaned away from me toward my Mother so she could see the catalogue better, which gave me a great view of her nice full round bottom, her skirt had crept up behind as she twisted away from me, and I was looking straight at the tops of her stockings, her skirt was a roomy pleated skirt, so not tight at all. I sat there looking at the creamy casino oyna white thigh showing above Jeans stockings and trying my best not to touch. My cock was bursting out of my trousers, I had not masturbated that day to make sure I had a good load for later. After several minutes watching, Jean looked back toward me, sort of glanced down at her rucked up skirt, and then looked directly at me and smiled. All done in a flash, but I knew exactly what the game was. Jean knew full well her stockings were showing and wanted me to enjoy them, as she twisted back round, her left hand reached behind her and pulled the hem of her skirt further up her full thighs. Revealing much more thigh above her stockings, but also the taught white suspender strap and broad chrome metal clip, straining at the stocking top.

With my right hand, I reached forward and cupped Jeans soft milky left thigh and didnt dare move, I expected her to move away but she did not. After what seemed like ages, I started to stroke the backs of her thighs and stockings, Jean continued chatting with my Mum and did not respond to my feeling her. I pulled on the pleated skirt and was easily able to position it so I could see Jeans full white satin panties, the skirt just tucked in above her panties, so I could now see her suspender belt underneath but those lovely fullcut satin panties I had wanked off with so many times. Lace inserts on each hip, the suspnder belt had 3 straps on each side, although I couldnt see Jeans right thigh.

I fondled Jeans soft bottom through the satin material, sweeping my hand back and forth across her stocking tops, soft thigh and full bottom. As I got more greedy, and she just sat there enjoying it, I pushed the fingers of my right hand into the gusset of her panties, rubbing away at her soft fanny through the satin, the gusset was hot and very damp to my touch.. My cock was close to spraying everywhere inside my pants but that was for later.

I slid my fingers underneath the gusset of Jeans panties and pushed my two fingers onto her fanny, she parted easily and my fingers slid into her soaked hot fanny. It felt like I had already shot two of my big schoolboy loads up it already, Jean had clearly been enjoying my attentions, and was utterly soaking wet with anticipation. After only 3 or 4 thrusts inside her fanny, Jean had decided enough was enough and she rotated to her left on the chair and sat straight up. This canlı casino siteleri brought me back in view of my Mother, but also had the effect of trapping my two fingers inserted right inside Jeans soaked fanny. I slid my fingers out and adjusted my seating. Now I am older I realise Jean was probably about to blow a massive orgasm while sat chatting with my Mother, so put a stop to it.

I was not fully finished, my access may have been removed due to Jean sitting back straight again, but my Mum still couldn’t see all of me, so Jean had been glancing across to me still sat to her left. I had slipped the head of my cock out of my underpants & jeans and had it showing lying stiff against my stomach, Jean glanced down at it several times. My cock was spewing out pre cum that had soaked my trousers and stomach, foreskin pulled hard back it was a thick purple mess of a boys cock. As my Mum stood up to go and make them both another coffee, I just pulled my t shirt over the head of my cock, until Mum had gone in the kitchen, then Iifted it up so Jean could see what she had done to me. Jean certainly had a good look while my Mum wasnt there, she never spoke but just stared at the huge mess my cock was in. Her cheeks were quite flushed I recall, certainly more than when she arrived.

The pair of them sat talking and my bedtime was reached so I was directed off to bed by my Mother, I went up to my room and shut the door immediately behind me, slipped my cock into my hand, and thrust maybe three or four times and ejaculated about 6ft across my bedroom. we are talking a full 2 hours of sat next to Jean admiring her nylons, then fondling her bottom, stockings, and then slipping fingers inside her mature wet fanny.

I really did think this was going to be the beginning of a sexual adventure with my Mums 46 year old friend, she was in a sexless marriage and clearly still had interests of young boys cock. But it was never to be, I tried a few weeks later to have a squeeze of Jeans bottom as she sat next to me, much the same as last time, however this time she moved away. It didnt dampen any of her nylon leg sex shows, these continued every week all through my teen years. However I did notice a big difference at Christmas, Jean always took her opportunity for a full on lips kiss, with tongues with me, it happened several times at family parties etc, always picked her moment, once at the bottom of the stairs at my Mums as she was coming back down from the loo. She got her round arse squeezed then as she forced her tongue into my mouth, and she was still wearing the stockings & suspenders.

Needless to say I have spent the last 40 years wanking about my Aunty Jean

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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