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A trio with Mom and my Aunt
I woke up and yawned, for a moment wondering where I was, and then I remembered: I was home on leave, and for the first time in months I’d slept in my own bed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, and as I swung my legs out of bed I heard voices through the thin wall separating my bedroom from my mother’s. We lived in a small two-bedroom terrace house, and the voices belonged to my mother and aunt.

Auntie was also in the army, the ATS, and by coincidence she was also on leave, on a 48-hour pass, and because I was home she was sleeping with my mother. I yawned again and stretched; I’d been out the night before drinking and playing darts with some old friends at the Rose and Crown. Mum and Auntie had popped in for a quick drink before going on to the cinema, and by the way my head was aching I’d ended up drinking more than was good for me.

A cup of tea was what I needed, and I decided to make tea for the three of us, and take it to Mum’s room – I knew from experience that they both wore very revealing low-cut nightdresses, and with luck I might catch a glimpse of a naked breast and nipple or two, and at the very least be treated to two lots of cleavage, plus a profusion of bare arms and shoulders. The weather was very warm, and all I had on was the bottoms of my pyjamas – I considered putting on the jacket, but then I decided to let Mum and Auntie look at my manly chest in return for what I hoped to see.

While I made the tea I thought about the two sisters: my mother was four years older than my aunt, and they were completely different in looks and temperament. Mum was tall, with dark hair and a lean, sinewy body and legs, with small, but perfectly-formed breasts, while Auntie was shorter and more voluptuous, almost plump, with auburn hair, shapely legs and full breasts. From previous snatched glances I knew that Mum’s nipples were dark brown, with enormous aureoles, while Auntie’s were pink and less prominent. Surprisingly, Mum’s personality was more self-effacing, almost subservient, while the younger sister was more out-going and fun-loving.

When I was a boy she’d loved to tease me – we often wrestled, and she seemed to enjoy the physical contact. Last Chistmas I’d kissed her under the mistletoe – we’d both had a lot to drink, and the kiss had started to get quite passionate until Mum had interrupted and said it was her turn for a kiss. That one had been more subdued, but even so I’d given her a lingering kiss on the mouth for the first time, and she didn’t seem to mind. The next day I’d caught Auntie coming out of the bathroom naked, but she’d just grinned and covered her breasts with one arm while putting her other hand over her sex, and told me I shouldn’t peek.

At last the tea was ready, and I put the mugs an a tray and carried it upstairs to my mother’s bedroom. Everything was quiet, and I thought they might have gone back to sleep, so I opened the door softly and peered in. What I saw nearly made me drop the tray: the bedclothes were pushed down, and Auntie was half sprawled on top of Mum. They were both naked, and my aunt was sucking my mother’s right breast. I caught my breath, and Auntie raised her head and looked at me for a moment with dull, sex-d**gged eyes. Then she lowered her mouth to Mum’s breast once more, but as she did so she beckoned to me with a limp hand.

I moved towards them and gingerly put the tray on the bedside table, hardly able to tear my eyes from the two women. Mum’s eyes were closed, and she was stroking Auntie’s hair and pressing her face to her breast, but then Auntie reached for my hand and pulled me down to sit on the edge of the bed. I watched her suck Mum’s breast for a few more moments, and then she raised herself and leaned towards me.

‘Don’t I get a good morning kiss, then?’ she asked, and I instantly covered her mouth with mine. We kissed deeply, and then she pulled back, panting slightly. Her cheeks felt moist, and I realized that she’d been kissing Mum’s breasts and rubbing her face against them. Almost as if she could read my mind, Auntie said ‘Feel how wet I’ve made your Mum’s tits,’ and put my hand on my mother’s left breast, covering it with her own and pressing my fingers into the soft, yielding flesh.

I saw that Mum’s eyes were open, and as she stared at me she raised her body slightly, as if to force her breast against my hand. I fondled her, feeling her wet skin and her rigid nipple in the palm of my hand. Auntie was still forcing kaçak casino me to knead Mum’s breast, but then she took her hand away and began stroking my mother’s soft naked belly.

‘Aren’t you going to kiss her?’ Auntie whispered, and as I bent my head towards my mother’s face Mum slid her arm round my neck and lifted herself to meet me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Auntie’s hand move further down under the bedclothes, and I realized it must be between Mum’s legs as our lips met. Unlike at Christmas, my mother returned my kiss eagerly, and her mouth opened under mine as our tongues searched for and found each other.

I felt someone tugging at the cord of my pyjama trousers – whether it was Mum or my aunt I didn’t know, but then somebody was gripping my throbbing penis and another hand was roaming over my body. I was still kissing my mother and fondling her breasts: somehow I was helped out of my pyjamas until I, too, was naked, and then Mum started to writhe against me, responding to what I and Auntie were doing to her, and then her body arched and she cried out.

She fell back, gasping for breath, and then Auntie kissed her, and I started to caress my Aunt’s breasts as she in turn squeezed my mother’s. Mum was moaning as she clung to both of us, but then they moved apart to allow me to clamber onto the bed between them. I had one arm round each of them; my mother buried her face in my shoulder and Auntie and I started to kiss each other. I managed to put my arm completely around her body so that I could grip her swelling breast, feeling how much heavier it was than Mum’s. I ran my other hand down my mother’s body until I reached her bottom: she squirmed against me and whispered ‘Squeeze my bum darling! Hard! As hard as you can! Hurt me!’

Auntie had been lightly rubbing my cock as we kissed, but now my mother pushed her hand away and took over. My aunt promptly scrambled down the bed and started sucking me while Mum rubbed me, and at the same time Auntie began caressing my testicles. My mother’s mouth found mine, and I kissed her frantically as the two women worked on my cock. I held back as long as I could, but finally I erupted in my aunt’s mouth as Mum rubbed me as she returned my kisses. My aunt swallowed my semen as I spurted endlessly, and then finally collapsed on top of me, kissing both my softening cock and Mum’s hand as she continued to fondle me. I saw Auntie take Mum’s fingers in her mouth, and then sink her teeth into the edge of her hand before kissing and licking the palm of her hand, and then she crawled back up the bed and kissed Mum on the mouth as I held both of them in my arms.

‘Doesn’t he taste nice, Sis?’ she murmured, and I saw her open her mouth as my mother poked her tongue between Auntie’s lips.

‘Mmm,’ Mum sighed, and Auntie kissed her again, before sitting up and reaching across me and Mum for a mug of tea. She took a mouthful and grimaced.

‘The bloody stuff has got cold,’ she grumbled. ‘Still, it was all in a good cause!’

She took another couple of swallows as Mum stroked her breast.

‘Hasn’t your Auntie got beautiful tits?’ she asked me, smiling dreamily. ‘I’m jealous, but I love them, don’t you, darling?’

My aunt sat back and playfully pinched one of Mum’s nipples. ‘I love yours too, Sis – they’re sweet! But now leave me alone, you bitch – I can’t come any more. I’m exhausted!’

She turned on her side with her back to us, leaving me lying on my back with my arm round my mother’s naked body, and my free hand found her breast once more.

‘I love your tits too, Mum,’ I whispered in her ear. She snuggled against me, and I kissed her ear, then pushed my tongue in it. Soon her rubbery nipple stiffened between my finger and thumb, and I tugged at it gently. Mum turned towards me and brushed her lips against mine.

‘Pinch me, darling, like Auntie did. You’ll have to learn that I like to be hurt!’ she breathed, so softly that I could hardly hear her.

I slowly pressed my finger and thumb together on her nipple, tighter and tighter, watching her reaction, and I saw her bite her lower lip.

‘Oh, yes, darling!’ she whispered.

Suddenly I felt her fingers groping for my cock, and I kissed her. She pressed herself against me, and I released her breast to slip my hand between her legs. I saw her staring at me, smiling uncertainly, and she caught her breath as I pushed my fingers into her vagina. She was dripping wet, and she rubbed her body against me as I fondled casino oyna her.

We kissed and caressed each other for several minutes, and then I slid on top of her. My mother parted her legs, and I felt her rubbing the head of my cock against the lips of her vulva. I kissed her again, and then pushed my cock into her. For a moment I hesitated – I couldn’t believe that my mother wanted me to fuck her, but then she thrust up against me, forcing my cock deeper into her, and I started to ram my cock into her vagina in earnest.

I was able to hold back for quite a long time, deliberately gripping her breast roughly as I fucked her, and Mum was soaked in perspiration and whimpering as she clung to me by the time I finally exploded inside her. I thought I’d never stop coming – I felt my semen pumping into her in great spurts, and she kissed my face frantically as she bucked beneath me.

Then at last we lay still, and eventually we, too, fell asleep, with me sandwiched between the soft, warm naked bodies of my mother and aunt.

When I awoke I found I was alone in the bed, but I could hear noises coming from the bathroom. I quickly got up and discovered that the bathroom door was open, and I saw my mother and aunt, both still naked, in each other’s arms, kissing.

‘I – I’m sorry,’ I stammered, ‘but I’ve got to use the bathroom – I’m bursting!’

Auntie giggled. ‘I was, too, and I peed on your Mum, didn’t I, Sis? She likes to be peed on,’ she grinned, ‘it gets her all excited. Go on – have your pee, and we’ll watch!’

I was a bit embarrassed, but I couldn’t wait, and started to piss in the toilet bowl. Suddenly Mum was on her knees beside me, and I watched as she thrust her hand into the stream and licked her fingers, and Auntie put her arms round me from behind. Then, as the flow dwindled, Mum took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the last few drops.

Somehow we all managed to use the bathroom together, washing each other’s naked bodies, and then they left while I shaved. When I emerged, with a towel wrapped round my waist, I saw that Auntie was wearing her army shirt, but unbuttoned to reveal her nakedness beneath it, while Mum had put on a small apron that barely covered her nipples and hardly reached below the tops of her thighs, leaving her completely bare at the back and sides.

I watched as they prepared a meal together, laughing and giggling and frequently kissing and touching each other, and then Auntie smacked Mum’s bare bottom, hard.

‘I feel like hurting you, you bitch! After we’ve eaten, I’m going to give you a damn good spanking! You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you cow?’

I saw Mum lick her lips, and she nodded, and then Auntie took her in her arms and kissed her. Not wanting to be left out, I came up behind Mum and slipped my hands inside the apron to fondle her breasts, and leaned over her shoulder to kiss Auntie on the mouth. Photos

We finally managed to eat the meal and wash up together, and then Auntie stripped off Mum’s apron and ran her hands over her body.

‘God, you’re beautiful, Sis! There’s a girl in the barracks who looks a lot like you, and she likes what I do to her too. I can’t keep my hands off her, any more than I can off you. Sometimes she begs me to stop, but you don’t, do you, darling?’

She pulled Mum to her and kissed her violently, and I saw Mum put her hand inside Auntie’s shirt and fondle her breast.

‘You know you can do what you like to me, and that I love it!’ my mother mumbled, and then she smiled at me.

‘And you, too, darling!’

Then we were all back in Mum’s bedroom. My mother pushed Auntie’s shirt aside, and started to kiss her breasts.

‘Oh, your beautiful tits, dear! I can’t get enough of them! I could spend my entire life kissing and playing with them! They’re so lovely and full, and soft when I squeeze them!’

I felt left out, so I sat beside Auntie and kissed her while I watched Mum sucking her breasts. At last Auntie dragged Mum’s head away, and my mother looked up at her sister adoringly.

‘You know what you promised to do to me!’

Auntie laughed throatily, and slapped Mum’s face.

‘Come here, you bitch! Across my lap!’

My mother eagerly scrambled over Auntie’s bare thighs, and I found her head resting on my leg. Mum waited expectantly, and suddenly Auntie brought her hand down hard on her naked bottom. Mum’s body jerked, and then Auntie fondled her bottom and slipped her hand between her legs, for a few moments, then spanked her again. canlı casino siteleri Once again she stroked the soft globes, then hit her again.

Mum suddenly realized where her head was resting, and she tugged away the towel I was still wearing around my waist. Auntie slapped her again, and Mum wriggled up a few inches until she could take my cock in her mouth. She started to suck me, her body jerking every time Auntie spanked her, and I began to fondle Auntie’s tits. She turned her head to let me kiss her, still slapping Mum’s bottom viciously every few moments, alternating the smacks with caresses. I saw her reach beneath Mum’s body with her free hand to squeeze her breasts. My mother lifted her head and looked at her sister.

‘Oh, God, you’re hurting me, darling! It’s lovely! Hit me again!’

Auntie obliged, and Mum took my cock in her mouth again. I saw that her bottom was scarlet from the spanking she was getting, and then I felt myself starting to come. Mum gave a smothered cry and parted her legs, and I saw Auntie’s fingers working between them. My semen was spurting uncontrollably in her mouth as she writhed on her sister’s lap, and I was kissing Auntie and squeezing her breasts, still coming, and Mum lifted her head to let my stuff spurt over her face.

Then at last she slipped off Auntie’s lap to kneel before her. She pushed her sister’s knees apart and buried her face between her legs, while I continued to kiss her and fondle her breasts, and she squirmed against me, clutching my soft wet cock as our tongues clashed and Mum’s mouth worked on her. Suddenly she screamed, and released my cock to grind Mum’s head against her sex. Her body was jerking in uncontrollable spasms, and I could hardly hold her to prevent her from slipping off the bed. Then she leaned against me for several minutes, panting, and then she grabbed Mum’s hair and pulled her up.

‘I love you, darling,’ she whispered, and slapped my mother’s face viciously.

”God, I love you too, dearest!’ Mum said, and took her sister’s body in her arms as I released her.

After that, the rest of the day dissolved in a blur of sex. Half the time I didn’t know who I was kissing or whose body I was fondling, or who was kissing and sucking my cock. I remember Auntie kneeling up and straddling me to fuck me, while my mother interjected her body between us to kiss her sister’s face and breasts, and me to fucking my mother up her bottom while she and her sister ate each other’s pussies, but that’s about all.

Finally we all fell into an exhausted sleep, and when we woke up it was time for my aunt to get ready to leave: she had to be back in barracks by midnight, and Mum and I got dressed to walk to the station with her.

‘Don’t put any knickers on,’ Auntie warned my mother, winking at me. ‘We might want to get at you!’

There was just time for a quick drink at the Rose and Crown. Even though it was quite early, the pub was already crowded with servicemen and their wives and girlfriends, and I fought my way to the bar to get us all a drink, and then we found a spot against the wall. We had to stand very close together, and because of the noise conversation was difficult, but the two women whispered and giggled to each other. I was holding my pint mug of beer to my chest, and when the crowd surged slightly the back of my hand was pressed against Mum’s left breast. Auntie saw what was happening, and she moved closer so that it was her turn, and I rubbed the back of my hand up and down over her yielding softness. Then they decided they wanted to go to the toilet: when they got back, Mum’s eyes were sparkling and her cheeks were flushed, and I guessed what Auntie had done to her.

At the station, the two sisters kissed passionately, and then Auntie and I kissed in the same way, and for good measure I kissed Mum as well. Auntie kissed her again, and grinned at me.

‘Give her a good fucking for me when you get home, darling!’ she said gaily, and then it was time for her to climb into the train. Mum and I watched her leave, our arms around each other, waving until the train was out of sight, and then we made our way home.

‘What are you thinking, dearest?’ my mother asked as we walked hand in hand.

‘That it’s exciting knowing you haven’t got anything on under your skirt,’ I replied, and Mum giggled. The street was deserted, and I quickly pulled her into a shop doorway and kissed her as I slid my hand up under her skirt. I squeezed her bare bottom, and she winced.

‘I’m still sore, darling. It’s lovely. Squeeze me again!’

As soon as we got indoors, my mother turned to me and kissed me, then fumbled to unfasten her skirt.

‘Remember what you promised your auntie, darling!’ she whispered.

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