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A secretary with the whole family/All Parts
All Parts

Part 1 – Part 4

By Dina Petro


My name is Suzanne Known as Sue among my friends, I was in my late teens when this happened, a very good looking girl with sexy body of late teens, I was working part time job as a secretary for a private real estate office, My boss, John was married with two teen aged k**s, Deema and Damien who were only one Year apart, Deema is one year older than Damien.
My boss was on a trip to his sister’s house along with his wife, he was supposed to spend only two days, but it seems that his sister needed some help wanting them to stay longer, he called me asking for a favor, he wanted me to take some money from the office and pass by his house at the end of my working day to give it to his daughter Deema, at that point I had never met Deema or Damien.
I knocked at the door, a real good looking teen aged girl, with brilliant, special sexy looks opened up, “Are you Deema, John’s Daughter?” I asked with a smile.
She returned the smile nodding and saying “yes” I told her I was her father’s secretary and had something to give her from her dad; Deema smiled asking “aren’t you going to come in Sue? I know about your mission, Dad called, please come in first would you?”
I smiled saying “oh, ok, it sounds better than talking by the door” she was so polite with nice hospitality, she offered me a drink before we talk about my mission, I agreed asking her “isn’t your brother Damien in?”
She smiled saying “do you know him, have you ever met?”
I smiled saying “No, but your dad told me about both of you”
She said “no, Damien is at one of his friend’s place, he will spend the night there, they are having fun”
I said “not fair, how could he have fun and leave you all alone?”
She laughed saying “what can I say or do, men…but may be you are God’s gift to stay a little with me and keep me company, I hope you have some extra time?”
I smiled saying “with a nice person like you, I have all the time in the world, I really like you Deema from the first moment I saw you, somehow you have entered my heart easily”
We both laughed when she answered “likewise here Sue, I felt the same about you, maybe we can play a game, or have any kind of fun together” I nodded, agreeing happily.
Besides being a gorgeous looking girl, and very simple person who has great manners and nice sense of humor, Deema was an easy person to like and get along with, she was more of my type, I would say, True she was younger than me, but had almost the same looks as me, except I had a little extra meat on some places, like my tits were bigger than here’s so was my ass, but she had a sexy body, same height as me, with nice mid-sized titties, nice round ass, small waist, bright white skin which was so soft, I saw most of her thighs as she had a mini skirt on with a tank top.
After getting me a drink of Orange juice, and during our conversation, Deema looked me in the eyes with a naughty smile saying “I know the orange juice I got you is not fun, would you care for an alcoholic drink, and we have it whatever your choice is?” I looked at her, surprised and about to say something for objection when she interrupted me saying “honey, I know …but I won’t tell anybody if you won’t, let us do it please, I feel like having some wine?”
I asked “are you sure it would be ok?” she nodded and without waiting for any further comments, she went to the kitchen, got us a couple of wine drinks.
We had a long chat first knowing each other, the more we knew about each other, the more we liked each other, I had a real great time with her, as of a sudden Deema said “Sue do you want to watch boring TV programs, a video tape from mines, or we could play a game, it is your own choice and I will gladly follow?”
Deema did not wait for my answer saying “we could play poker or twenty one, either for truth or dare, or Strip poker, your choice” I almost flushed all read, I could not remember being naked or semi naked in front of another woman, and she continued saying “I guess it is ok, we are both women aren’t we?” she laughed naughtily.
I smiled back, barely looking her in the eyes saying “you might be a good player Deema, and I have never been naked or semi naked in front of another girl in my life”
She laughed saying “baby, neither have I, you may win the game and get me naked in front of you” we both laughed and decided to go for the game.
It seemed like Deema and I were almost equal in playing expertise, we were losing one garment each alternatively till we were both in our undies, bras and panties only, but I found myself so fond of her body which was exceptionally hot and sexy, she seemed to be braver than me saying “Sue, you have an exceptionally hot body”
I blushed, looking down thanking her and saying “yours is hotter and much sexier Deema, I envy your courage I was about to till you the same, but I just could not find the courage” we both laughed.
While preparing for the next part of the game, which is going to reveal our private parts, pussies and nipples in front of each other, I personally was wondering how would she react to that, or how would i? Deema looked at me saying “why are you so uptight about it Sue, you are the older one who is supposed to be with more experience, don’t tell me you are a virgin, are you?”
I laughed saying “No baby, I am not, I have had sex many times, and I love it too, but it may be the first time I am in this situation with another girl”
She said “what is the difference? Haven’t you ever had anything with another girl?”
I answered naughtily “well, I may have, but not exactly sex, have you?”
We both laughed and she said “I want to know what you mean by “Not exactly sex first please, would you?”
I laughed saying “well, I may have thought about it, I have seen some tapes or clips, all what happened were just little games of touching, hugging or even lips kissing with some of my close friends, but nothing further”
She said “yeah, I could say exactly the same, I have thought about it too, to be honest, I may be considered bi-curious”
By then we were already playing for the final steps of the game, as of a sudden Deema shouted happily, just like a little c***d behavior “I won! You have to take your panties of”
I smiled saying “it is only fair, I tried to pull my panties off slowly and carefully, keeping my legs glued together not allowing her to see my bare pussy, I did it, but she only had a couple of quick, short flashes of my bare pussy during that.
She whistled saying “wow that is what I call a lovely pussy Sue”
I shouted “behave Deema” in fact, I do keep my pussy fully waxed all the time, and I know it looks attractive to whoever interested in pussies, till that point it had been men only, but I have never known it would be that interesting to women as well.
Deema smiled saying “although it is not fair, I could not see all I want to see, as if you are still in your panties, but I will accept it for now” we continued playing, and it did not take long to win her and get her to bare her pussy as well, she was naughty enough to do the same act I did, when I took my panties off, but the flashes I got from her pussy, were enough to make me go wild, she was as good as I was, in keeping her lovely, silky soft pussy fully waxed, it had a real special way of attracting my eyesight, my attention and my heart as well, I myself was shocked from my body reactions to seeing her lovely cunt.
We looked each other in the eyes and I said “I guess we both are fully nude now, so the game is over”
She said “no baby, not just yet, the next play the loser has to spread her legs wide apart and show her goodies”
I screamed saying “are you naughty Deema, what do you mean?”
She nodded saying “Yes darling I sure am, I want to see that lovely pussy of yours, if you don’t mind, I will be fair and show you mines if you win”
It did not take us long to win each other alternatively and we sure did spread our legs wide, showing each other our naked pussies, as usual Deema was the brave one who initiate actions, she got closer to me, placing her hand over my bikini line asking softly, and whispering in a very soft feminine voice “can I feel it please Sue?”
I nodded, avoiding looking her in the eyes, she placed her palm over my pussy and started feeling it, I was avoiding her, but she was brave enough to hold my hand, place it over her pussy, moving it up and down making me feel her cunt, I could not resist or reject, as I was dying to feel her pussy as well, we were both feeling kaçak iddaa each other’s pussy when she got closer and closer till our lips met, she softly kissed me on the lips, I responded right away in the exact same manner, that was when I felt her fingers fingering and fucking my pussy not just feeling it, I felt so horny, being fully turned on, my pussy was getting more and more wet, noticing her pussy was acting the same, so we both ignored that part and continued finger fucking each other.
It did not take long for both of us to fully open up to each other, we both admitted how horny we were, we also knew damn well, we were both enjoying what we were doing, our lips started moving to other parts of each other’s bodies.
Deema was sucking my nipples while I was trying to kiss and suck other parts of her body, till I finally was on my back with Deema in between my legs, her tongue was being lowered over my pussy, I was shaking and trembling as if waiting to feel her tongue which went right over my swelled, wet pussy lips, and she started licking my pussy, doing a great job of it, I was rubbing my own tits, pinching my own nipples, we were both shocked how much fun we were having, especially when she made me cum having my first orgasm ever with a woman instead of a man.
Deema kept at it, making me cum twice on a raw, soon enough we exchanged places and positions, I was returning the favor, Deema was so loud, so was I by the way, we were exchanging all kinds of dirty words as we both knew such words would make us hornier enjoying each other, she was calling me a slut, a whore, a hooker, I was returning almost each and every word, we both enjoyed hearing each other.

To be continued in Part 2

(PART 2)

We were relaxing fully nude between each other’s arms, sipping on our drinks when she asked me a brave question “Sue, how long have you been working with dad?”
I said “not long, only a couple of months”
She asked again, naughtily “have you ever sucked his dick or fucked him?”
I said “no, why would you ask me that?”
She laughed saying “why not, you should, he has a great, huge cock”
I was shocked asking “how did you know about your dad’s cock? Did you see it?”
She said “only secretly, I was spying on him when he changes his clothes or showers, when mom is out of the house, I have seen his cock soft and hard, to be honest with you, if he wasn’t my did I would have jumped over him and fucked him”
She continued saying “besides, dad is a big flirt and a woman lover, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed it, unless you want to sit her and lie to me after what we have just had together? I don’t think any two people could get any closer than we are now?”
I said “you are right, we are lovers now, and very close, I have no reason in the world to fake things or lie to you, well, I have noticed him eyeing my body a few time, he would concentrate on my legs or tits when I walk into his office, I even noticed a little tent or hard on under his pants, when he walked into my office as of a sudden, noticing how far my skirt rises when sitting down showing most of my thighs, and may be part of my ass, but I usually straighten it quickly when I see him”.
She smiled saying “go for it darling, you should fuck him, I will help you, by giving you the secrets that would make my dad die to get you, I know what he likes most in a woman or in her clothes, I have heard him asking mom to wear special things once in a while, but under one condition, if you would give me the details of it later on, if you fuck him or suck his dick?”
I laughed saying “what a big whore you are Deema, you want me to seduce and fuck my boss, your dad, and till you all the details about it?”
She said “yes, that is my condition, I want every single detail of his lips, tongue over and inside your lovely and tasty pussy, and the feeling of his gorgeous monstrous dick up your cunt, a deal?”
I said “a deal baby, your dad is a very handsome man and I did have some day dreams about his face over my pussy, or about riding his cock” we both laughed loud.
We started hugging and kissing on the lips again, the whole process of love making game started all over again, we were all over each other, we kissed, licked and fucked each other till we were both screaming, the last scene was when we were having a lovely sixty nine position, Deema was on top and we were both Cumming and screaming when Deema was shocked jumping up trying to cover her nudity looking towards the door.
I lifted my head up, looking where she was looking, shocked to see her brother Damien, he was standing by the door, his pants and boxers where lowered to his knees, he was holding his gorgeous, very long and very thick dick, massaging it up and down while looking at us.
Trying to find her clothes, Deema screamed “shame on you Damien, how could you sneak on us like that?”
He laughed loud saying “what would you do if you were in my place, watching two of the most gorgeous girls in the world, fully naked, loving and fucking each other, I could not help it, and I was getting so hard and so horny”
“How long have you been there Damien?” Deem asked.
He kept his hand over his cock, and was still massaging it carelessly, laughing and saying “long enough to hear you asking Sue to seduce my father and fuck him, not only that, but you wanted her to detail the act to your slutty ears and eyes, so you could imagine dad’s cock in your pussy you little slut”
She was so mad screaming “get the fuck out Damien, fuck off and close the door behind you” but Damien did not listen to her, he continued watching us, playing with his dick, we both jumping around, trying to find our clothes to cover up.
He screamed at us both “listen bitches, don’t you make a move, stay foot where you are and the way you are”
Deema looked at him in a silly sarcastic way saying “what? And why is that?”
He said “well, you know I could tell on both of you, first of all you are both making some lesbian act, fucking and licking each other, not only that, but Sue will get fired, and you can imagine mom knowing your ideas about dad’s dick and Sue’s pussy, what do you think?”
We both froze as is where is, we knew it would be a catastrophe if he told on us, he was absolutely right, it would have hurt both of us strongly, I said “but you won’t say a word would you Damien?”
He laughed loud saying “well, I may, and I may not say anything about it to dad and mom, it depends”
Deema screamed angrily “depends on what Mr. Asshole, are you going to blackmail us?”
He started rubbing his dick again, but faster this time saying “well, if you both listen to me, obeying all of my instructions and orders as of now, I may not say a word, but rule number one is, both of you, drop whatever in your hands of clothes, get back to the couch, spread wide open and show me some of your goodies right now or else?”
By then neither of us could wear anything of our clothes, but we had a couple of pieces each, enough to cover our tits and pussies, we looked at each other, thought about it, I nodded to her, she nodded back, we dropped the clothes in our hands, we both sat on the couch, spreading our legs showing him our tits and pussies, he was still massaging his cock slowly, he said “Good girls, I like wise people who know how to act properly.
Deema said “then what?”
He walked towards us till he was standing in front of both of us, he said to Deema “You shut up bitch, I want this whore, the gorgeous secretary of my dad, to suck my dick and show you the proper way of a blow job, and you just sit and watch, and keep your mouth shut till I ask you to open it for my cock to go in”
She did not say a word, and I took his cock in my hand while looking downwards, ashamed in a way, scared in another, I massaged it a little with my hand, passed my tongue over his cock’s length, then wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on it properly, shoving it deeper and deeper into my mouth till he was balls deep in my throat.
His head fell back and he was moaning when Deema said, politely this time “Can I go outside now, do I have to watch this?”
He looked at her saying “stay still whore, no, you do not have to watch only, you have to participate as well” he asked me to let go of his dick asking his sister to suck it a little.
Deema screamed “but I am your sister you pervert creep”
He giggled saying “so what? it is better sucking your brother’s cock than a stranger’s, the way you were licking this slut’s pussy, shows you have had many cocks and pussies so far, so just shut the perabet giriş fuck up and suck my dick now… or else?”
I interfered, holding his cock, pushing her head towards it saying “Please suck it Deema, I will help you” Deema took her brother’s cock in her mouth, started sucking on it with a face showing how gross and disgusted she felt, Damien’s hard, huge cock was passed between my mouth and his sister’s for 10-15 minutes.
He walked up to the bed, asking me to get on my hands and knees, he wanted to fuck me doggie, he instructed his sister, Deema, to spread her legs for me saying “while I fuck you, sweet little whore, I want you to lick my slutty sister’s pussy and prepare it”
I did as told, while Deema said “are you thinking to fuck me, to fuck your own sister creep?”
He said “you bet your life I will, I would never miss such a chance, I have been having daydreams about fucking your slutty little pussy, but I want to fuck you both now”
I convinced Deema to be quite, helped her spread her legs, for me, I started licking her pussy while her brother shoved his dick up mine and started ramming his hard dick in me as fast and as hard as he could, I have to admit liking it one way or another, Deema seemed to like my tongue over and in her pussy while I was fucked, we were both moaning uncontrollably.
Damien pulled out of my pussy, asked me to push up until I was totally over Deema’s body, he spread both of our legs, then he guided his cock to his sister’s pussy, which was already wet, as he mentioned saying she wanted his cock as much as he wanted to fuck her, although she denied it first, but she could not lie about it for long.
Deema was reacting happily to her brother’s dick rocking her cunt, I was rubbing her tits, pinching her nipples, while the cock was alternating between our fuck holes.
At a certain point of time, Damien was rubbing his cock to my ass hole asking me if it was ok, I nodded and he fucked me anally balls deep, strange enough, Deema, the younger one, did not mind getting fucked up the ass as well, he fucked all four fuck holes of us both till he came all over our bodies, he disappeared without any further word.

To be continued in Part 3


A couple of days later, while getting ready to go to my office, I was thinking all about it, recalling each and every move we did, I got so horny, but still afraid Damien would tell on us, I decided to go on with a plan came to my mind at that moment.
I figured if I fucked John, their father and my boss, I would have more power of bargain when and if Damien says anything, I usually get to work before the boss, and I started preparing for my seduction plan to fuck the boss, I knew it would not be hard as his eyes were always wondering all over my body, searching for any showing skin to entertain and please his eyes staring at it.
As usual, my skirt was short and tight, I had a tank top, very low cut, barely covering my areolas and nipples, showing lots of cleavage, I walked into the office bathroom, took my bra and panties off, coming back behind my desk, which was open from the front, where my Boss, John would indulge his eyes with whatever would be showing of my legs, and upper thighs.
After John’s arrival to the office, I brought his coffee, went back to my desk to give him the folder of papers and cases he should start looking at, that day, I got the folder, going through the papers in the folder with him, one by one, explaining about them, I made sure while standing up and he was sitting on his chair, I bent over completely in front of him, looking at the papers, giving him enough time to see over my top, and of course my bare full sized tits, and my hard nipples were all there, in full display for his hungry eyesight.
When I was back to my desk, a few minutes later, I heard him stepping out of his office, knowing for sure he would follow me, looking for more private parts to see, I acted as if I did not notice his presence, being very busy typing on my computer, he stood by the door, looking at me, and of course peeking right under my desk, up my short, rising skirt.
I was still acting like I did not notice him, but I had decided it was time to reward his hungry eyes with a flash of my bare pussy under my skirt, I did it, I flashed my pussy slowly for a minute or so, trying to use only the corner of my eyes to watch his reaction, I noticed a tent building up under his pants, his cock was rising like hell, after all, it was the first time he could get a clear look at my bare pussy ever since I started working for him, I knew he tried hard all the time, but I never gave him the chance before that minute, by then I knew he had enough, clear looks of my shiny, bare cunt.
I glued my legs together, looking up to him saying “Yes, what can I do for you John?”
He said “please come into my office” I followed him, he sat behind his desk saying he was trying to figure out something in one of the letters he was pointing at in front of him.
I leaned over making the top opening of my, loose tank top, very close to his eyesight, nearly placing my bare tits and nipples in front of his eyes, trying to read, that was it, he seemed to not able to control himself any more, John pushed his hand under my top and started rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples.
I pulled back so fast, struggling with him, acting as if I was so mad to what he was doing, I pulled away from him, he stopped everything, and I started rushing back to my desk, when I was at the door he said “Sue, please forgive me, I am sorry, you are gorgeous and very sexy and attractive, I could not help it”
I nodded smiling and saying “it’s ok John, let’s not talk about it please” but my smile was so big denying any anger I had over his conduct, it looked like he took it as a hint of an approval from my end.
Sitting back on my desk, spreading my legs wide, allowing the cool air to cool my pussy which was steamy and leaking wet, I was so turned on by his reaction, wishing he would continue his attack and courage, as I wanted fucked by him as soon as possible, but I had to make him start, not me.
About ten minutes later, he walked out of his office again, stood by my office door, my legs were still wide spread, I kept them as is where is, he was eying my bare, shiny pussy direct forward, then as of a sudden, he walked to the office main door, locked it with the key, and walked back to me.
I was sitting down when John stood right in front of me, he pushed my roller office chair back away from my desk, got on his knees between my legs, spread them apart, pushing his head in between till his tongue was over my pussy lips, and started licking my pussy.
True I struggled with him a bit, but it was an actual fake struggle, with no power whatsoever, as if I was saying to him do it now or never, by the time his tongue was over my pussy, I leaned back on my chair, making it tilt facing him, spread my legs, giving him more space to lick me more and better.
I started moaning, he was no fool to realize how wet I was, and how shiny my pussy was, he pushed both of his hands under my top in between my skirt and top all the way up till they were over my bare tits, rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples while he was licking my pussy, sucking on my rock hard clit.
It did not take me long to start trembling and shaking having one hell of an orgasm that way, John got up, stood in front of me, we both started taking his pants and boxers off, I held his cock and started sucking on it for another good ten minutes, he held my hand, stood me up, I bent over, holding my desk, while he was behind me, started rubbing his cock head to my leaking wet pussy, it did not need much efforts to glide in my pussy, balls deep so fast.
John was fucking me like there was no tomorrow, I was moaning, screaming of joy and pleasure not pain, after having another orgasm being fucked doggie, john pulled his cock out of my pussy, got down and started licking my pussy and ass hole, shoving a finger then two in my ass, then got up and started rubbing his cock head to my ass hole, awaiting for my reaction of denial or approval
Of course I wanted him to fuck me in the ass, his son, did it a couple of days ago, why shouldn’t he, I literally asked for it shamelessly this time, saying “Yes John, fuck my ass please, I want it in my ass hole”
As if John was waiting for my words, he knew I was able to handle it up my ass, he started shoving his cock in my ass, inch after another, till he was balls deep in my ass, it looked obvious to perabet güvenilir mi him it wasn’t my first time, that is why he was slamming his dick in my ass, in and out nonstop, till he was ready to cum.
I did not wait for John to ask me were to cum, I screamed loud “in my ass John, I want it all in my ass please” and he sure did flood my ass with what felt like a gallon of his thick cock cream, cum was seeping outside my ass hole around his cock.
Being home afterwards that night, putting my head on my pillow, I felt great, mission accomplished, I got John’s cock finally, I was recalling all of it, from the beginning till he came in my ass, I was turned on, very horny, I started feeling my pussy and my tits, rubbing and masturbating till I came and fell in deep sleep without any further thinking.
Needless to say, things have changed completely at the office between John and I, we were no longer the secretary and her boss, as soon as I walk to his office alone, his hands would find their way under my skirt, right over my pussy, which had never complained any way.
He would walk into my office any time, lock the main door, pushes my chair back and get on his knees between my legs, and gets busy eating, licking and playing with my pussy, he ends up fucking me in every which way.
John’s first instructions to me a couple of days after he fucked me for the first time were, to never wear any panties or bra under my light, short revealing clothes at work.
I was shocked by his naughty, selfish decision saying “John, it is true you fucked me and can fuck me anytime you want, your hands all over my body, but you are not the only one at the office with me some times, aren’t you afraid, they would want their share of looking, feeling, touching, and maybe fucking me as well?”
He did not seem to object to that, not that i wanted him loyal to me or jealous at any point, In fact, I knew damn well he was happily married and I wanted no ownership of my body to anyone who isn’t mine anyway, so it did not bother me that he did not object to other men looking at my private parts or even touching them or fucking me, so I went along with it and followed his instructions of working braless and pantie less, it made me feel free and horny almost all the time.
I met with Deema, John’s daughter a few times after the first incident between us, we had some intimate encounters, but we have not met ever since I was fucked by her father, I knew how anxious she was to have him fuck me, so I decided I owed it to her, to tell her, I called her arranged for a get together and we fucked, during which I broke the great news.
Deema was obviously dying to feel her father’s cock up her pussy and or ass, especially after the full details I had given her about his sexual encounters with me, and how good, strong and big his cock was, she almost begged me to help her ride his dick and I finally agreed to it.
I had planned a very devilish way of joining them together and having sex along with me, I arranged for Deema and I to meet at the office after work one day, knowing for sure John would come back that day for something important he left at the office, or should I say I made him forget it in the office acting as I did not know he did.
By the time his car pulled into the drive way, Deema was on her back on the sofa, by the entrance of the office, the door was locked of course, I pulled her dress up covering her face, and I was bending over her pussy, licking and eating it passionately and slowly.
John unlocked the door, walked in to find that strange, sexy and hot scene, his cock sprung up instantly under his pants, he stood right behind me, dropped his pants and boxers, shoved his cock in my pussy and started fucking me while I was licking his daughter’s pussy, of course he did not know it was his daughter till that moment, but I had asked her earlier to keep silent no matter what.
John was fucking me hard, pushing me further up over Deema, he started rubbing her pussy, finger fucking her while fucking me, I was over her body, with our pussies and asses coinciding together, John pulled his cock out of my pussy, and pushed it up here’s right away, it was a huge cock, Deema could not help but scream.
It seemed that John was suspicious of the sound of her, he pulled her dress off her face and was totally shocked, but Deema and I told him it was too late and urged him to continue fucking her, and he sure did, from that moment on, Deema was my partner enjoying her father’s cock up her pussy and ass with me whenever possible.
John was utilizing each and every moment of them being the only two in the house, day or night, he strips and starts fucking, pleasing his daughter and enjoying her young, fresh flesh, she would visit us at the office once in a while during slow working hours, or even after working hours, so we could all enjoy nice threesome fucks together.

To be continued in par 4

(PART 4)

About a month or so later, Deema called me, she was very happy saying she had some great news for me, when I asked her to say it, she refused saying, it could not be told unless we were both naked hugging after having at least one orgasm each, that young slutty whore was addicted to pussy as much as she was to cocks.
I arranged for us to meet in my place after work that day, we did, and after having one hell of a love making session, both cumming twice at least, she hugged me so tight saying “Guess what Sue?”
I said “what?”
She said “My dad had fucked me and my mother together the other night”
I was shocked, almost fainted of pleasure of course asking “what? how? When?” all of these questions together
She said “dad, mom and I went to a party together, there was lots of fun, music and drinks, they told me to drink lightly as I would be the one to drive us home, meaning they had on mind to drink a lot, I had no objections, on our way home, dad and mom were drunk, not totally but to a fully relaxation point”
Deema continued saying “I left mom and dad in their room, a while later, before going to sleep I walked into their room, my mom was in deep sleep but my dad was awake, I was in a short fully transparent nightie with no underwear, dad was staring at my sexy body, I noticed his cock was rising, I was shocked looking at mom fully naked next to him”
I asked her “nude mom? Did they fuck before your walking in the room?”
She said “I don’t think so, but mom usually likes to sleep fully naked, dad held my hand, pulled me to their bed, lifted my nightie up and started licking my pussy, and I was totally shocked, looking at mom all the times while he was licking my pussy right next to her”
I said “God, John has lots of guts and courage to do that”
She nodded saying “it wasn’t only that, he lay me on my back, side by side with mom and started fucking me hard and deep, I may have made some noises moaning, my eyes fully closed when I was shocked feeling mom was lowering her pussy over my mouth asking me to lick her pussy while being fucked by daddy”
Deema and I were looking each other in the eyes with total silence, and then I said “wow, as simple as that?”
She said “Yes, but I realized later on, she had lots of fantasies licking my pussy, so she told me it was her chance to take it instead of having a fit over my dad fucking me, so dad ended up fucking both of us that night before all three of us crashed on the same bed all night”.
Deema and I were both silent, smiling looking each other in the eyes again, as if thinking of the same thing, her brother Damien, who fucked us both by a blackmail, enjoying our bodies without us feeling it the way we should have.
I asked her “what about Damien, does he know anything?”
Deema said “No, not a thing, not even about you fucking dad”
I said “that is great, it is time for a revenge, don’t you agree, he fucked us both out of a selfish blackmail, enjoying both of our bodies, while we did not enjoy it the way we were supposed to?”
Deema agreed with me one hundred percent on that, we set a plan to blackmail him and make him a slave between our hands to fuck us the way we want to be fucked, not the way he wanted to, it was arranged for me to hide and record a clip of Deema fucked by her brother as if it was by force.
Everything was fine and I was recording Damien fucking his sister, then we told him, we will till his father and mother that he had forced his sister to fuck her without her approval, he was so scared he would be punished and may be kicked out of the house.
Damien understood we blackmailed him and was our slave to do anything we wanted; we sure treated him like a slave utilizing his cock the way we both wanted to enjoy it, which was one hell of a fuck to be remembered all our lives.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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