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A Knighted Delight
A Knighted Delight

I could call this “Lord and Lady Muck” but they were far too nice for that. It is, as most of my stories, quite true with a few literary licences because life is often not quite the fantasy we imagine. However both the characters were as I described them and they did indulge as written – just the specific and detail is a little embellished.

It was mid year 2007 and I’d made it to 60 years of age without major mishap despite taking ill considered risks but trying every sexual enticement on offer. I’d dodged the bullets of disease, damage, danger and arrest – though I don’t believe I ever broke the law.

I have been fortunate indeed to have a career that took me worldwide and gave me opportunities to indulge my fantasies which few others have. I like to share those opportunities now to give others a small taste of the enjoyment I have experienced I my search for sexual excitement and satisfaction. I believe I have found both.

I was working, as I often did, on a cruise ship as a technical consultant which gave me ample opportunity to mingle with guests. As I have a penchant for the mature woman – they don’t really get interesting, I believe, until they achieve the age of 50 but its more the age when a woman has figured herself out and knows there are no limits to her indulgences if she so desires.

Sitting enjoying a coffee and reading, as I was often to do when guests were ashore, I was on this day, aware of a couple sitting at an adjoining table who seemed to be discussing me quietly between themselves. I could barely make out their conversation but enough to determine I was the topic of interest. I looked up and smiled on a couple of occasions.
Eventually the gentleman approached me.
“Excuse me” he queried “but were you the gent who gave that fascinating historical lecture yesterday.”
I admitted I was, so I was immediately invited to join them at their table. An invitation I accepted.
I was able to observe them closely now though I admit I had noticed them during the course of the cruise on this rather upmarket exclusive ship. They were an improbable couple because she was extremely tall – over 6 feet – and elegant and very slim. Always beautifully dressed and was very quiet. She carried an aura of sensuality about her that only a mature woman can do. I would put her at late 50’s or early 60’s with beautiful smooth skin, lightly tanned and I was absolutely sure she had a different hairstyle and colour to when I had seen her on earlier occasions. She was dressed in tailored shorts and a loose blouse done up to the neck with no décolletage at all. She wore espadrilles on her feet and when she spoke she looked you in the eye and spoke slowly with a perfect clipped English accent. She introduced herself as Pamela and held out a hand to me. I took the initiative to take it gently and kiss the back of it since I reasoned I was dealing with a real lady here.
Michael, too, exuded an aire of sophistication, with very proper English and soft almost effeminate voice. He was of a similar age I guessed and also a very fit healthy looking individual though at least a head shorter than Pamela and myself. He had a fine but muscled small body.
I sat with them and since it was nearing lunch they suggested we share a bottle of wine. A couple of glasses on and Pamela had her hand on mine to express a point and the conversation started to get quite intimate in their questions of me – primarily about consequences of my lifestyle. I had nothing to lose but to answer them honestly since they meant nothing to me and vice versa.
Lunch was suggested and agreed upon and it was during the meal that I felt a hand on and off my knee in a caressing fashion without going too far but certainly an indication of interest, I assumed. Thus at the conclusion of lunch when it was suggested I may like to come back to their suite for a drink, I readily agreed. After all the questions and plenty of chardonnay, they were under no illusion as to my interests and predilections.

I excused myself to return to my cabin to freshen up, shower and change clothes before making my way up to their first class suite. The cabin door was just left slightly open on the hook. This, I took to mean I was to let myself in. I closed the door behind me and turned to find Michael standing in the passage-way in just the tiniest of G-strings sporting what appeared to be an erection of commendable proportions despite it being partly still enclosed in the strip of cloth.
“May I join you” I asked, smiling as I started to undo my shirt.
“Please do, as much as you like Lew” he mewed in his soft endearing voice.
I walked into the lounge suite area expecting to see Pamela but was told she was in the bathroom in the bedroom section of the suite. As soon as I was naked (I thought I may as well go all the way – they could only throw me out), Michael took my arm and led me to the full-length window over looking the verandah and bay beyond. Running his hand down my stomach to my slightly tumescent cock, he asked, somewhat hopefully, “ do you play with men at all?”
It was a long time since I’d been asked and or indulged with a guy and while I don’t feel turned off or even uncomfortable, it simply wasn’t really my interest. I explained that my gay encounters had all been in the presence of my female partner at the time and she had always taken a keen interest in the activity.
“Would Pamela be amenable to keeping us company” I asked as I’d not refused his request. His hand was also playing magic on my now stiffening prick.
“Pamela will be a very enthusiastic participant” he cooed and seemed to accept that I was willing to go along. I said nothing but thought I’ll let him play along and see where we are when Pamela arrives. I admit to being quite aroused as he pulled my head down to his and planted a very wet kiss on my lips whispering “thank you’ as he did so.
Now on his knees, he engulfed my now hard prick to full length – he was indeed an accomplished deep throat exponent. Working my cock with mouth canlı bahis şirketleri and one hand, his other hand caressed my bum cheeks and a finger slipped into the anus from time to time.
“ I don’t take anal Michael, I advised, “ and I would like to be able to satisfy your wife fully, I think you understand”
He looked up at me with mouth full of cock, smiled and nodded his affirmation and winked. When I felt myself nearing the point of no return, I told him so and he skilfully gripped the base of my cock to stop the flow and the urgency. He did this several times before finally pulling his mouth away when we heard Pamela call from the bedroom “ Are you coming in boys”.
Michael stood, and casually asked, “ I hope you will return the favour Lew”
I put my arm around his shoulder, hugged him to me and suggested it was on the cards after I’d finished with Pamela.
The sight that greeted me was almost electrifying. Pamela lay completely nude on the huge bed. One leg raised with knee bent the other laying flat on the bed and spread to reveal a truly lovely fanny. Bald with very prominent almost swollen outer labia, slightly parted to reveal the pink purple edges of inner lips. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed and stood proud from her chest with nipples pointing to the ceiling. But the biggest surprise of all was that her head was totally bald. She noted my surprise,
“I developed a scalp condition some years ago and my hair started to fall out so I thought, ‘why not go all the way and live life with wigs’ and so I do.
“ Oh! Pamela, I explained, “ I am surprised but highly aroused. I have never had a bald lady before but often lusted after the ones I have seen in photographs. Look at me now rising rapidly to attention.”
“ Roger me stupid please Lew” she demanded “Michael, help him in please darling” as I climbed quickly onto the bed.
Micheal took my cock in one hand and spread Pamela’s cunt lips with the other and guided me firmly into a wet warm velvet glove.
“You are wonderfully tight, Pamela “ I told her.
“Thank you Lew, that is a compliment which others don’t always make. I’ve never had c***dren and always exercised to keep the muscle tone down there. Michael likes it and so too does the other occasional friend we might invite to share our passion. Now shut up and do your best and worst with me please.
I started with long slow strokes as she threw her luscious long legs across my back, hooking her ankles together. she urged me gently to ‘push harder’ or “ Quicker please”, then when she could feel me approaching cum time, she’d say “slow him down please Michael” and he would dutifully reach between us and squeeze the base of my cock till the urgency subsided.
She really was a wonderful erotic and skilful fuck and then I told her that she was “as good a fuck as I’d ever had and much better than many” she responded.
“I love you talking to me crudely like that Lew even if it’s a whole lot of rubbish”
I assured her it was not and she was indeed a wonderful sex partner.
She was calling the shots and as she built to her own orgasm she encouraged me to try to cum with her. This was not difficult and together we increased our very rhythmic thrusts until she groaned loudly and started breathing hard as I let go my salty sticky offering into her delicious cunt. Normally after such an enthusiastic performance by a lady I would dive down on her and lick as much of my cream out to share with her while she was still coming down from her orgasmic high. However as I pulled my cock from her, Michael dived in and performed the service I planned to do. He was not gentle and he very forcibly pulled her lips apart and planted his whole face into her pussy as he ravenously licked and sucked at all my juices. When finished he did climb up the bed and share them with his bride into a deeply passionate kiss.
Us boys lay each side of the lady as I continued to heap praise on what an incredible lover she was and continued to be amazed at how tight she was.
“It all comes as practice with my work,“ she said incredulously. “You obviously don’t recognise me”
There had been a very slight recognition only but I couldn’t put a name to the face. On this ship they refuse to use surnames for that very reason, to maintain anonymity.
“I’m Pamela Ha…….” she announced and I immediately jumped back.
“Oh! Ma’am” I apologised, “if only I’d known”
“Do you mean you wouldn’t have rogered me so enthusiastically if you knew who I really was” she said with disappointment.
I was lost for words for a while until I apologised and explained how much she had aroused me and still did and what an accomplished lover she is and that her name and title really bore no effect on our relationship. She leaned over and kissed me tenderly with lots of passion.
It’s nice to be able to have some intimate fun anonymously and you’ve given me that. I hope you can continue for the rest of your stay on board.
I lay back with my head on her pretty tight little breast which I’d not given any attention to but realised they may not have been as sensitive as wished for since they were obviously ‘re-built”. They were very hard but the nipples were spectacular. I contemplated having just fucked Dame Pamela H., one of her country’s most accomplished ballet dancers and still part of the teaching team at one of the leading companies. I calculated that she must be in her early 70’s. More importantly was her partner Michael. She wasn’t married to him and he was Sir Michael, both having been knighted separately for services to the arts. I remember the scandal when they revealed they were living together particularly since Michael was a renowned homosexual.
Over the next few days they told me all of their wonderful and loving life together and how they happily accept each other’s sexuality. Situations such as that with me are perfect so long as the guy is happy to play along. Pamela has an enduring yearning for sex mostly with guys but occasionally with women. Michael loves satisfying her orally and he is the only one she allows canlı casino siteleri to ravish her anally.

As the afternoon wore on we chatted and strolled about the suite all nude and very comfortable in each other’s company. Pamela asked me if I would “satisfy Michael orally” to which I agreed. Both Pamela and I lay him down and we took a side each as we played with his quite prodigious cock. Quite out of proportion to his small frame.
I admit to it being quite a pleasant though not necessarily arousing experience for me. Obviously I’d tasted sperm before as I quite liked licking out a woman’s cunt and after she’d been fucked either by myself or someone else but that spunk was mixed with the delicious juices of a lady so fresh spunk was only vaguely familiar. Pamela took the lions share and insisted on engaging in a very passionate kiss with me after Michael had cum. Our wonderful afternoon had come to an end but both my new friends insisted that we must continue this liaison for the duration of my stay on board – another five days. I wasn’t sure if I’d have the stamina but as I was leaving, they simply said “dinner tonight then” and I nodded suggesting the bar where we would meet.
We all met as planned – Pamela was beautifully dressed and wore a short blonde wig which I’d not seen before – and went to dinner for a most enjoyable evening of idle chatter. As we were planning to depart, Pamela took control,
“Tonight you will be coming back to our suite Lew and I will have you all to myself since Michael has another dalliance with a lovely young man he has met on board. Works on the ship I believe” she advised.

Michael said goodbye quietly and I dutifully followed Pamela back to that magnificent suite for a night to remember. Pamela insisted that I undress her slowly as we stood in the lounge area of her suite. That proved to be very simple since by sliding the zipper on the back of her tight black mid thigh length dress. It revealed that she wore nothing beneath except a fine black lace suspender belt supporting black lace seamed stockings. It was so incredibly erotic. The full-length zipper went from neck to hem and when it was undone allowed me to peel the dress forward off her like a skin. She raised her arms and I lifted the garment off her body as she stood naked except for suspender, stockings and stilettoes. She was even slightly taller than I as she stood and gave me a silent gaze as if to say ‘you’ve not finished yet’ and nor I had.
“There’s more” she demanded as she raised her eyes to her hair and I immediately understood she wanted me to remove her wig. This lady was delightfully kinky.
I tentatively slid my fingers up the sides of her face, past her ears and the wig started to lift off as I raised my hands – she smiled so sexily as her wonderful bald pate came into view and I could do nothing but throw the wig aside and grab her head and smother her baldness with wet sloppy kisses. It was just what she wanted apparently as she sighed in satisfaction.
“Now I want you naked and in my bed when I come out of the bathroom” she almost demanded as she waltzed off. I obeyed, of course, and was laying there with a semi hard cock when she reappeared without stockings or stilettoes.
“I have an idea my darling“ she meekly enquired. “ How do you feel about urolagnia?”
“What” I exclaimed, “Oh you mean pissing “
“Yes, if you must use that crude term” she said exasperatingly in her very best crisp English accent.
“ Been there a few times “ I declared, ”and happy to oblige. What do you have in mind?”
She explained that she had the urge to ‘try it again’ after quite a long absence and not having a partner who was very willing. She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where she wanted me to kneel on the floor of the shower cubicle. I obliged her as she positioned herself over me and with out saying a word, commenced to piss all over my chest and face. She made me sit back so she could aim her stream at my cock which was semi erect. She moved forward to get the last drops onto my face and mouth but I spat out the squirts that finished in my mouth. I wasn’t all that keen and drinking warm piss didn’t arouse me too much at all but if she enjoyed it then who was I to spoil her fantasy.
“Fairs fair “ I told her, “It’s my go now and I’ve got a nice full bladder to cover you completely”
“ I was hoping you would” she responded enthusiastically, “ I have a real penchant to being degraded by that so please do your worst” as she sat on the shower floor and waited for me to start. I held my cock and aimed at her beautiful small full tits and let go with a strong stream, spraying between her nipples. Then I aimed at her cunt as she sat back and spread her legs. As I hit her pubic area she started to rub her clit vigourously until I raised my cock to finish on her face. She had more enthusiasm than me as she opened her mouth to got the last of my stream in and swallowed.
“Ok, its shower time” she announced and turned on the taps. Standing with me, she soaped us both up until I had regained my erection.
“Time for sex now sweetheart” she announced. Who was I to argue!
I was thankful that she cleaned her teeth before joining me on the bed as I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy a bitter urine tasting kiss.

We cuddled together and she started to scratch her long fingernails along my ball sac – very lightly but so effectively that I’m sure my prick hardened even more. Without asking or saying a word she rolled on top of me and slid back until my cock easily slid straight up her vaginal canal. Then she started to fuck and she was sensational. She wasn’t quiet as she shouted out her enjoyment of “my hard rod in her quim” (I loved these old conservative terms) and what a “wonderful rogering bastard” that I was. She came at least twice in her peculiar short gasping style before I announced that I wanted to “fill her twat”
“Please do darling“ she shouted. Then I did, squirting three or four good pulses into her before collapsing back on the bed exhausted. Pamela fell forward kaçak casino onto me and we lay for a long time silent and drifting in and out of sleep I‘m sure.
We both awoke with a start to Michael’s voice announcing he was home. He walked into the bedroom to see his life partner laying spreadeagled across the bed with cum running from her fanny and all he wanted to do was introduce us to his new friend William.
“Did you bring him home for me sweetheart?“ she enquired. “ take you clothes off Will, so I can see all of you”
Michael and Will both stripped naked in seconds and wasn’t Will a sight to behold. A gorgeous dark skinned youth who may have been twenty with his shiny black smooth skin turned me on but set Pamela alight. She could only gasp at his beauty and simply asked Michael,
“ May I have him now please darling”
“Of course my love” he responded kindly. As she reached out to stroke his slowly rising prick she asked’
“Has he been in your rectum, sweetheart”
“Yes Pamela, he certainly has” he responded shyly.
“Go and clean him up then Michael – I want him delicious and spotless” she demanded.
“ Lew” she ordered, “ come here and lubricate my anal passage with that gel in the top drawer. I think I’ll double with my Michael when I’m astride that gorgeous black prong”
I did as I was told as she rolled onto her stomach and raised her hips to give me access to her bum. I put a dollop on two fingers and pushed them into her anal passage, moving in and out gently until Michael and William re-appeared. Michael had obviously done more than just clean William as he was sporting a magnificent erection. I’m not into measuring but I suggest it was three or four handfuls and was almost shining in the reflected light. I could easily have dabbled myself.
Pamela told William to lay on his back on her bed and she so skilfully threw her leg over him and straddled his stomach. Michael leaned in and took his friends cock in one hand and with his other, parted his partner’s labia exposing the delicate soft pink of her inner lips and her vaginal entrance which was still quite open from our earlier activity. It was a scene of utter decadence – a partner assisting a beautiful young black man to penetrate his partner’s vagina. William, despite his size, slid in so easily and Pamela lowered herself down gently but was able to accommodate the full length of this fabulous cock. Leaning forward, she started moving slowly sliding back and forth on this giant piece of manhood. I watched fascinated as I saw her inner lips pull outside the vulva gripping this prick which was totally surrounded by Pamela’s flesh. The lips pulled out then disappeared inside as he pushed into her – a sight so erotic and arousing that I began to stiffen again myself. This was a bit out of character for me after such wonderful sex already.
“Ok Michael” Pamela called, “ its time you joined us. Lew will you help him in please.”
I took more lube in my fingers and rubbed it into Michael’s lovely hard cock then guided him to Pamela’s tight little brown rose bud. Even though I had just lubed her up, the anus had closed up again but as soon as Michael’s cock head pushed against it she relaxed and it opened up as he pushed past her sphincter and was buried balls deep in her rectum.
“Now slow and gentle please boys so you can last a while” Pamela asked. “This is just heavenly and I want to get maximum satisfaction. My breasts are for you Lew”
I positioned myself beside her and reaching out with one hand, gently took hold of her delightful left breast and massaged slowly with lots of attention on squeezing her nipple really hard and pinching it until it hurt, I knew she loved that especially when aroused as she was now.
I watched and participated, fascinated for what was probably half an hour of slow but obviously satisfying fucking. Pamela was sighing and occasionally groaning and that, I understood to be her having short orgasms. Finally she told her paramours to speed it up and they did with her help and her groaning and breathing quickened and shortened. My nipple teasing continued.
Eventually, with a mighty expulsion of breath, she exploded in a noisy orgasmic groan and collapsed forward onto William. I removed my hand and rolled clear.
“Thank you gentlemen – all of you” she gasped, and rolled off William, Michael having extracted himself as soon as she fell forward. She lay there in the most unladylike pose with legs akimbo, her gash and anal ring oozing the white fluid of her lover’s deposits. I assumed they must have cum at some time and that sight proved it .
I stood and retrieved my clothes since I knew there would be no more sex tonight. Lady Pamela, I thought, ‘you are a slut, a very sophisticated and elegant one but a slut nonetheless’ and I was all the more enriched for having met her. She drifted off to sleep in that pose and Michael covered her with a blanket.
He came over and kissed me goodnight and thanked me for “being kind to her’.
“See you tomorrow” he whispered, “and we’ll see what mischief she wants to get up to Lew’

I winked and walked out wondering if I’d ever met anyone quite like her. Probably the most active and sexually adventurous 70 year old I knew.
I didn’t repeat quite that experience during my next five days but I spent all my spare time with them or Pamela certainly every night after dinner until she fell asleep from sexual exhaustion. If I couldn’t fuck her I used fingers and tongue to bring her to orgasmic delight and she tried William most nights as well after Michael brought him home. I gave Michael the key to my cabin as Pamela insisted on using her suite for her fun and William only had a crew cabin. Michael did not try to sexually interfere with me in any way again – after all he did have William who was a beautiful piece of masculinity and suited Michael far more.
We exchanged email addresses so that should our paths cross on another ship we would be prepared for each other but was never invited to visit at their home and they made no indication they wanted to see me unless it was in similar circumstances.
It was the first and only time I’ve had sex with nobility or fame for that matter and it was an experience never to be forgotten. Thank you lady Pamela and Sir Michael. I doubt you’ll ever read this but your company was truly appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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