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A hard day’s work.

… The 2 muscular hunks were on a night out. We went down to the dungeon willingly. They set to work. Taking us in whatever way they wanted. And making them feel they were in complete control of the hot and heavy sex frenzy. Screaming, grunting and moaning, our twink holes got brutally split apart. And the two porn stars did not hold back on our young twink asses. They took us as if they were shooting the nastiest porn movie to date …

A continuation of:

Last weekend had been fun. Getting group-fucked wasn’t something I had ever dreamed about. It taught me a thing or two about myself though. I liked them big. The bigger, the better. Both in terms of muscle size and cock length. And I liked it rough and nasty. I took pleasure in getting throat fucked. But, and that surprised me the most, I also liked to dominate and use a guy without remorse myself. Stretching his asshole, force fucking the face, and feeding him my loads of cum.

Yes, the time I had spent with my new lover taught me good. His skills had rubbed off on me. Tony also showed me some private videos and porn movies of his. He showed me some great websites that he used for his escort work as well. I took it all in, like a schoolboy in ‘the academy of sex’. And Tony loved that. The more we talked, the more he got into his teaching-role.

My work as a programmer and web designer got in handy too. I had some major design tips for a website that Tony and his porn buddies were involved with. Showing him their total lack of security by hacking it within a few seconds. After seeing me open and change some of the private unreleased video content he jumped on the phone. Firing the web design firm on the spot. Whilst he was doing that I was jerking off on a wild porn video I had found of him and Cliff.

They coached a group of barely legal swimmer teens. The ‘coaching’ got quickly out of hand when the teens did not do as they were told. Tying them all up and tag-teaming their asses forcefully. If one would not want to please the coaches as ordered, he got it twice as hard and roughly. That turned me on. The harder the boys cried, the faster I jerked off.
When Tony was finally done on the phone I snapped my fingers. Pointed to Tony and then at my raging hardon. He did not comply immediately. So I grabbed his neck. Pressed him to the ground and shoved my dick forcefully in his mouth. “Suck the juice out of it, dirty bastard!”, I shouted roughly. Tone knew what needed to be done. Bobbing his mouth over my tool. He gobbled it up good. Licking the dickhead whilst powerfully wanking my shaft and balls. I got up from behind my computer and stood in front of him. He blew me deep. When my cock hit the back of his throat I let fly. Dumping my thick jets of sperm in his mouth as he did with the teen in the video. I did not let him go. Pressed his face against my belly. Pumping every last drop of jizz deep inside. When my balls were spent, I pushed him off me. Like a wet rag, he fell to the ground. He looked at the computer screen. Seeing that he had done the same to the boy there.

I dropped back into my desk chair. Breathing hard. Looking in disbelieve at the porn movie. “Jesus Tony!… I knew you could be rough… But that’s not right!”, I said stern and angry.

Tony looked away in shame. Not knowing how to respond. Sitting on his knees beside me we looked at the video some more. Tony’s phone rang. I grabbed it out his back pocket. It was Cliff. I answered it with; “Hello, Tony’s secretary here. How may I direct your call?”.

Cliff was surprised. “Hey Peety, is that you?”.

“Yes, you teen virgin fucking bastard! I just found a ‘nice’ video of you and Tone on your hidden website. I punished his throat so he can’t come to the phone right now. Listen to this! See if you recognize it…”, I ordered sternly.

In the video, Cliff was now taking a boy roughly. Turning his virgin ass gay. The boy screamed and begged him to stop. But Cliff fucked him anyway. Railing him painfully without remorse making him bleed. The virgin teen got some help from his friends. But that only caused them more punishment. Once the ‘coaching’ was done Tony and Cliff walked away laughing, humiliating the still tied up teens.

“How the hell did you find that video?…”, asked Cliff furiously.

“Your website is as leaky as the virgin asses you filled. So don’t take that tone with me!”, I asked very sternly again. Demanding an answer from him.

“Well,… This was a private and impromptu video the boys wanted to make with some real porn stars. Yeah, It wasn’t planned and it did get out of hand a little. But we left as friends…”, said Cliff somewhat ashamed.

“Okay… Man… Right then.”, I said satisfied. “But you really should not keep stuff online that is this easy to hack. It’s practically public domain.”, I answered relieved.

“That’s why I called Tony. I got a call that he had fired our web design firm.”, said Cliff.

I handed the phone to Tony and he talked to Cliff. After getting the admin passwords from Tony I copied the entire website. And found many more security issues. I heard Tony invite Cliff over. And only 25 minutes later my doorbell rang. The tattooed muscle god stood in the doorway. “Dang, you got here quick! It normally takes escorts 45 minutes to get here. You must be gagging from more of my ass…”, I said jokingly inviting him in. When I turned back to him, after closing the door behind us, he grabbed me and kissed me. Surprised I took a step back. Looked at him and we fell into each other’s arms. Deeply tonguing each other. “Get a room!”, shouted Tony from the living room.
I opened the door to the bedroom. Pushed Cliff inside, dropped my pants and let him rim my bubble butt. Tony had walked over. And he saw Cliff dry humping my naked ass…

“Don’t look so jealous, canlı bahis şirketleri Tone… We’re just doing what you’ve told us to do.”, joked Cliff.

He raised me off the bed and I pulled up my pants again. We walked over to my small living room and discussed the issues we found with their websites. I suggested some changes and different companies to talk to. And a Skype-call was setup with Jeff and Cody to discuss things. Apparently, they spend the night together too and were just getting up. They set in front of the laptop with only their bathrobes on. Well, … more off then on. The image left nothing to the imagination. Their huge pricks barely hidden by their robes.

Long story short. Tony got severely reprimanded for going behind their backs. I joked that they liked it from behind anyway, and showed them the issues I found. Making light work of it, I convinced the guys that Tony had done the right thing. And once I was done I got asked to help them sort out this mess for them. Jeff wired me my first paycheck on the spot. And Cliff called the lawyers.

On Thursday I handed in my notice with my boss. Took all my remaining saved-up free time. That same day I left the firm I had been slaving for. I felt free and confident I was doing the right thing. And started working for Tony and Jeff on Wednesday. The new temporary porn site was up and running before the week was done. It took me 60 hours straight to work through the mess. But the result was a nice new site. That was easy to use and 1000% more secure than the old crap. And this did not go unnoticed by the guys. They texted me and called me regularly. As if we had been best friends for years now. Sharing private details as if it was the norm. This was the beginning of the rest of my life. Aid to the Porn Stars… Helper to the needy…
But the love the guys showed me did not stop with their phone calls, emails, and private sexting. Cliff dropped by. We spend the afternoon together. He seduced me into some hardcore sex with him. And for a couple of hours, I was in heaven again. Cliff had used me nice and rough. Topping my ass like the pro he was. He knew what I was able to take. And he made full use of me without holding back. We made a few kinky videos. Sending some of them to Tony. Tony, in turn, sent back a live video of an escort customer sucking him off.

Tony asked us to join him in the capital for a fun threesome in ‘the Three Brothers’ gay-club. I called Robby to say we’d be dropping by. And after Cliff got out of the shower he paid me. I got 1500 dollar from him for the ‘service’. Flabbergasted I took the money and told him tonight would be free if he wanted to join Tony and me. He jumped at the idea. This was the first time I ‘escorted’ a guy. And if this was what it was like I would certainly do it again sometime.

On the way over to the club, I asked Cliff what it was like doing porn video work. And he got excited. Telling me all about it and even warning me about the pitfalls. He also suggested he could make a nice horny video of me and Tony tonight. I told him that I wasn’t ready to go public just yet. We fooled around with the idea some more. Having great fun racing in his Maserati toward the capital. I pulled Cliff’s boner out. Sucking him deep, we went 80 miles an hour down the highway. “Wow… that was unexpected”, he sighed when I got back up. “All part of the service…”, I smiled hornily. “I felt a bit guilty taking all that cash earlier. It was way too much…”. “Your worth every penny, buddy!”, said Cliff rubbing my head.

We stopped directly in front of the club. Robby met us and parked Cliff’s car at the staff parking lot. Tony pulled up behind him on his motorbike. Cliff got recognized by the people waiting in line to be let in the club. He had to autograph a few things and take some selfies with some guys. I sort of acted as his bodyguard and kept some pushy fan-boys at a distance. After a while, Cliff grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. Tony, Carl, and Robby greeted us as we walked in the club. I got a warm welcome from Robby as Cliff got a ruff bro-hug from Tony. “Your ass is mine!”, threatened Tony to Cliff… “Not if I got to say something about it, Tone…”, I winked at Tony. “It was all just a hard days work, honey…”. It was then that Tony understood what had happened. And he was okay with it. What else could he do… He’d worked just as ‘hard’ today.

We got escorted to the VIP area and the security was doubled. It wasn’t every day that some porn stars visited this club. At least not in public like this. Robby sat next to me. Awestruck at the company I kept. I put an arm around his shoulders. And placed a hand on his inner thigh. Robby’s breathing got faster. And his heart started to race. I looked him deep in the eyes and told him that if he played his cards right he might get laid tonight. His body shivered. His dick hardened and our lips touched. All the while Tony and Cliff were looking at the two twinks going at it. From the club, a chant arose “Kiss… Kiss… Kiss… “. Well,… so that’s what we did. Robby and I went at it hard and heavy. Once we were done he thanked me. “It’s a bit Odd… We’ve known each other for so long, yet we never did this before.”, said Robby with some remorse. “Guess we have a lot of catching up to do then… At least if your boyfriend won’t mind.”, I said a little too horny to Robert. “Hey, guys… Mind if Robby joins us tonight too?”, I asked Tony and Cliff. And they liked the idea of fucking the crap out of two horny twinks.

Robby got a bit flustered, but I calmed him down. And after a few drinks, he was up for a wild night under the stars. I introduced Cliff to Robby. And Tony took me on his lap. I could feel his boner pressing against my ass. We grabbed our glasses. And the four of us toasted on a horny evening.

The tipobet güvenilir mi DJ whipped the club in a frenzy. The dancefloor was full of hot and sweaty bodies. Rubbing and grinding. Dancing and making out. Robby and I danced for the muscular porn stars in the VIP booth. Getting them nicely warmed up. Giving them a hot lapdance. All of a sudden Robby grabbed my hand. “Come on guys…”, he shouted to us. “I want to see your asses on the dancefloor!”.

I looked at Tony, who in turn looked at Cliff. We got up and quickly followed Robby. We danced near the DJ booth for a bit. The 4 of us, but surrounded by all the other horny visitors. After a few songs, Robby talked to the DJ. And I was dragged backstage. Robby told me… No, he ordered me… To give the guys a show on stage. He saw my despair. “Nothing to it. You just dance up there as you did on the dancefloor. And if you want too, we can even go further then that…”, said Robby very hornily. He had a mean dirty glint in his eyes.
“What the fuck are you planning, boy?”, I asked surprised.

“Let’s give them a sex-show they won’t forget…”, he panted as he changed his clothes. He put on a harness over his sexy tight body. And changed his leather jeans for a pair of chaps with a leather pouch. And put on a black denim jacket and a baseball cap. On his feet, he put a pair of dirty white sneakers.

“Okay, buddy… If you get to dress up then so will I!”, I told Robby excitedly. I put on a cowboy outfit. Complete with hat and a black handkerchief around my neck. I borrowed a pair of torn jeans that could be ripped off my ass. It had velcro in the seams for easy access. Underneath I had my leather jockstrap still on. And I wore my pointed Sendra cowboy boots to complete the look. Robby approved, and he told me he would grab some bondage gear to play with on stage too. “Cool Robby,… You can be my master up there. But tonight your hole is mine… Do with me what you think is right on stage… I’ll follow your lead!”. The dancers that normally danced in the club got instructions from Robby. And we quickly rehearsed some basic moves backstage. Robby saw that I was ready for it. And the music and lighting in the club changed. The crowd cheered in anticipation of the show.

4 dancers escorted me on stage on the sounds of the music. A chair was placed in the center of the stage. To the sides, two leather benches were placed and used by the dancers are staging. I started to move and gyrate my whole body on and around the chair. Whipping up the crowd. Tony and Cliff were watching us with delight. Whistling and egging me on.
Then Robby entered on stage. Dressed as a young leather master. Complete with a whip, handcuffs, and a dog leash. The music changed. It was a pulsating rhythmic song. And Robby made me dance for him. Helped by the dancers I gave him a show. And he took me as his pray. I got a slave collar put on me, my jeans got ‘ripped’ from my ass. And the dancers placed the two leather benches were the chair once stood. All in time with the music.
Robby put me to my knees and humped my face. He made me lick his sneakers as I was bobbing my gaping asshole around on the tune. For the entire public to see. And they were loving it very much. Just before the song ended he whipped his cock out… And he rhythmically rode it through my ass crack. Making it seem he was roughly fucking me. But it never went inside in reality. The crowd did not see it anyway. The only thing they saw were Robby’s balls hitting my ass. And they went wild at the idea of a live sex show on stage.

When the song was done we got a standing ovation from the crowd. And we saw a lot of people walking downstairs to the dungeon. Apparently, we got them all nicely hot and bothered.

“Dang, Peter…”, sighed Robby backstage. “Have you done that before?… Man,… you were fucking hot, Peety…”. Robby’s prick was fully hard. Copious amounts of pre-cum dripped from it onto the dressing room floor. I grabbed Robby’s harness and looked him straight in the eye. Then dropped to my knees and licked the lovely juice from the cockhead. The dancers stood around us. All jerking off at the hot sight too. I looked straight up at Robby. And then I pressed my wide-open mouth over his entire shaft. Taking his nearly 8-inch twink cock down my throat. Robby and the dancers screamed in delight. I made strong swallowing movements and made Robby cum. Every muscle in his body tensed up. He grabbed my face tight. He got helped by some of the dancers pressing my face forward into Robby’s belly. He unloaded his hot fucking spunk deep inside me with hard thrusting grunts. I did not release his cock until after he was fully done. His whole body shook. And he nearly passed out from hyperventilating. And the dancers drained their own boy-toys too onto the floor and each other.
“How was that for you… Sweetheart?… Does your boyfriend do that to you too?”, I asked Robby lovingly. I knew he had just come out and that he was still a couple of years younger than me. So I did not really know how far he had gotten along with the whole sex thing. I grabbed him tight and we stood there catching our breaths. All the while being congratulated by the dancers.

“Now, that’s what I call a floor show…”, said one of them. “Yeah… Fucking hell… That’s a floor show and a half… And then some!”, panted another. Giving Robby and me a kiss. Robby slapped his ass. “Back to work boys…”, he ordered.

Tony, Cliff, and Carl came backstage. Also congratulating the two of us on a fucking hot show. They saw that Robby and I had made the first contact. “Damn it!… Did the two of you get started without us?…”, asked Tony laughingly.

“Just getting warmed up for the two of you!”, said Robby, still out of breath. “But there is more than enough leftover… So shall we?”, I added.

Carl perabet suggested that we relaxed upstairs in the cinema a while. We cleaned up a bit and got dressed in our pants and boots only. But Robby did not take off the harness. And that got noticed by Cliff. “Are you in a kinky mood, boy? Do you take as well as you give Robby?”, he wanted to know. Robby hugged him and pressed a hand down the front of his pants. Feeling Cliff’s monster cock. “Yes, Sir. That I can handle for sure…”, he moaned as he rubbed Cliff’s shaft. “And I do like it rough! As long as you put a rubber on that thing and use plenty of lube.”. “Well, rough is my middle name… So just prepare your hole. Tonight Tony and I will rip your asses apart!”, moaned Cliff hornily.

Excited by the prospect, Robby took Cliff, Tony and me upstairs. The upper floors of the gay club were kept quiet for our visit. Only some staff and a few of the trustworthy regulars were let in the upstairs cinema and cruising area. The four of us cuddled up together on one of the leather couches in the porn cinema. Watching some of Cliff’s masterpieces. Cliff was the first to whip out his thing. And he pushed Robby’s yearning mouth over it. Tony had put my hand down his pants. I played with his cockhead, rubbing the pre-cum over it. Taking my hand out and seductively licking it from my fingers. Tony pushed a hand down the back of Robby’s jeans and fingered his boy cunt. Lubricating it for the things to come.
“I want to suck more cock”, shouted Robby excitedly. He got up and begged us to follow. He placed himself in one of the glory hole cabins. And got the 3 of us to shove our pricks through the wall. We got serviced, each in time. Cliff ordered Robby to ride him so that he could take Tony via the opposite hole. And that he did. Sliding Cliffs monster up his butt, after pulling a rubber over it. Robby’s hole got stretched wide by it. He moaned and grunted in pain. But he did not stop. Tony plowed his face through the glory hole. And I fucked Tony in the ass. The scene drew a crowd. The naked guys looked at Cliff and Tony as if they were watching a porn movie.

Cliff pulled out Robby’s asshole, grabbed a random guy from the hallway and made him lick his thick rubbered prick clean. Then ordered him to do Robby’s boy cunt as well.
Tony did the same. Grabbing a random guy face-fucking him roughly, then making him shoot a load over Robby’s face. He put me to the wall and pressed my legs apart . Then split my twink ass raw and rough in two. I yelled and screamed. But the harder I did, the rougher he fucked me. He shot a load inside for everyone to see and hear.

Moments later Cliff tag-teamed Tony. He pulled out and I got Cliff’s cock inside.
He did me even rougher then Tony had done. And this was only the beginning of our night out.
Tony pulled Robby off the guy fucking him. And penetrated Robby as if he was doing a fuck toy. Robby’s mouth got covered shut while Tony pulled hard on his harness. At first, Robby tried to resist the onslaught of his new lover. But realized it was just as much fun to just let it happen. He drove his buttocks up and down in time with Tony’s wild pumping moves. Tony’s muscles tightened. His balls drew up. He pulled out way too quickly. Making Robby’s ass fart loudly. Tony pushed Robby to the ground and gave him a facial. The gathered crowd cheered. And some of them came as well at the sight of the porn star doing the young twink this way.

Our rough lovers scooped us up and carried our asses back to the main cinema. Tenderly placing us back on the couch. They took good care of us now. Hugging and kissing. Licking and caressing us. Rimming our sore asses clean. When they sat back down next to us Robby and I looked at each other in awe. And simultaneously sat back down on the still halve stiff cocks again. With their cocks in our asses, the four of us watched another porn movie. Slowly getting the guys fully hard again, whilst we road them tenderly. Tony and Cliff pulled us close and held us tight to their muscular upper bodies.

It became time to take it up a notch when we felt Tony and Cliff starting to pump our butts again. Robby suggested to Cliff that he wanted to see him in leather in the dungeon. He finally wanted to feel what it was like being split apart by him. As if he had not done that earlier.

We knew he was bragging. Because we already had gotten it good from the two powerful muscle god’s. So we laughed and followed him to the dungeon. Where the real work started.
Cliff and Tony dressed in kinky black leather. Cliff roughly tortured and humiliated Robby. Hanging him by his ankles from a rope and wrapping him in clingfilm. Using him as he saw fit. Taking full control of every hole Robby had to offer.
Tony hung me on the wall. Hands and feet tight above my head. My ass sticking out and railing it harder than he had ever done before.
They took turns on us. Splitting us in two. Making our asses gap wide open. Our hearts race and eyes watered. They used us brutally. And once all rubbers were filled they left us there. Hanging helplessly, dripping in sweat. Moaning and grunting.

Only after 45 minutes had passed they came back with David and Carl. Well drunk, the 4 of them gang fucked us some more. Filming us getting used in the horniest, roughest, and nastiest way imaginable. Yes, Robby and I did get split in two that night. Afterward, we thanked the guys for doing that to us, and with us. At the end of the film, the 6 of us talked about the night’s experiences. And we concluded that this would be something we’d love to do again sometime soon.

PS. I felt brutally used and tired. And was happy to ride home with Tony in the early hours of the day. Hugging him tight on the back of his bike. The next afternoon I awoke in a strange bed. I had spent my first night in Tony’s mansion. My ass was sore for a few days. And after a Skype-call with Robby and his boyfriend Erik-Jan he confirmed that he too was feeling the burn. But we were both loving it! It had been a hard day’s work, but well worth it! And Tony suggested that we registered our asses on an escort site…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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