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A Fantastic “Good Friday”. A True Story.
A Fantastic. Good Friday.

L & I shared a beautiful Day together, Good Friday. (Every day we are together is beautiful, but this was an amazing day.)

We awoke to beautiful, clear skies. Perfect beach day. The teens went their merry way, so we jumped in my ute & headed for the beach. We were on the beach by about 10.30. Naked, enjoying each other’s closeness & the magic day.
We don’t play much, when at the beach. L “makes love to the sun” She loves to feel the warm rays on her pussy. I pulled an erotic letter from a friend & read it aloud. This got us both horny & the urge to play with my babe’s pussy was strong, but too many people about.
We continued to enjoy another hr or 2 on the beach.
The drive home was relaxed, nothing indicating the hrs that would follow. 2 of the k**s were home, & as luck would have it, preparing to leave for the rest of the day & night. (2 down, 1 to go.) Our youngest arrived home soon after; stayed a few mins & he also left, with a “See you tomorrow. I’m going to the pub with some mates so I’ll stay at their place” Home alone!!!!! & it’s only about 3.00pm.
I didn’t mention earlier that while we were at the beach, I had broached the subject of us trying some anal play later, if we had the place to ourselves. L’s response was a quiet, “we might do that”. I didn’t have any great expectations, as it seemed that our anal play was all but over. (& I have made no secret of the fact that I want her to experience the ultimate double penetration. We have done once before. It was so intense for L that she climaxed almost immediately & that was the end of that!! lol.)
Not wanting to rush anything, there was still some sun left on the pool. We took a cold beer to the deck chairs & chilled out by the pool.
After a pleasant hr or so, L arose & headed for our pergola. “You cumming?” she asked. The afternoon sun was gently bathing the bbq area. She went straight to a special chair that she had bought us. Many of our guests have sat in it, have commented how comfy it is, how luxurious it is as they swing in this chair of cloth & ropes, suspended from the rafters. Our sex swing!!! It’s perfect. No-one has noticed that it’s not quite the right height for sitting in, but that’s only if you want your feet to touch the ground. It’s at the perfect height for fucking. I can bend my knees, just slightly, & drive my cock into my babe’s hungry pussy as hard or as gently as we wish.
Anyway, this wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for, but the sight of L swinging gently back & forth, her naked body, tanned & horny, the lips of her pussy, bright red & puffy was all the encouragement I needed. As I said earlier, I hadn’t got my hopes up for anal play & she looked so gorgeous. I pulled up one of the other chairs, sitting close enough that she could rest her feet on my knees, or the armrests of my chair. We chatted quietly, enjoying our beer, the moment & the intimacy of our position. L was fully open to my gaze, my touch. Her pussy was mine to do with as I pleased.
It pleased me greatly to pull my chair a little closer. All I had to do was lean forward, & her pussy was there for my tongue. I love the taste of my babe. When her juice is flowing, I am in heaven. I leant forward, inhaling deeply through my nose. The aroma of a woman in a state of arousal is unbelievably beautiful.
Before I placed my lips to her sex, I gently traced the outlines of her pussy with my finger-tips. I often spend time just staring at the object of my lust, admiring it’s unique beauty. The fine shape; the pouting lips; the trickle of sex leaking from her gorgeous cunt. I used this sticky canlı bahis şirketleri fluid to draw lines around her pussy. Eventually, I could hold back no longer. I needed to taste her, to run my tongue up & down the folds of my babe’s pussy. To enter her body & lap that glorious nectar like a kitten to milk. Placing little kisses on her inner thighs, all around her mound, I slowly lowered my face to her sex. I was in heaven, all thoughts of my earlier hopes vanished. L raised her legs above her head & planted her feet on the wooden rail that held the chair. What an awesome sight. She was offering her pussy to me, totally open & trusting. I licked, lapped & nibbled. I sucked her outer lips, hard, into my mouth; drawing more blood into them; each one in turn. I delved my tongue deep into my babe’s body, tasting her inner being, tracing the depths of this most beautiful of places. L was moaning softly, moving her hips at times, to allow me better access. After some time, I added 2 fingers to the oral love I was bestowing on her. My babe had reached the point of almost demanding cock. This she was not getting, not yet. I adore playing with her pussy. Tongue, fingers, toys, even my whole fist at times. Driving her crazy with lust, until, unable to wait any longer, she demands to be fucked. Today she is mine. My babe will get her cock when I’m ready. I am enjoying this unrestricted access too much. My cock is rock hard. I ache to plunge it into her depths. But it’s a beautiful ache. I want this ecstasy to continue for a while longer. L is writhing on my lips as I nibble & suck her clit, while exploring the inner depths of her cunt with my fingers. No nook or cranny escapes my delving digits. I hungrily lap the extra nectar that escapes my babe as she pushes herself, further onto my hand.
I know well what my babe needs now. She wants her cunt filled up. She is almost pushing herself into my lap as she tries to impale more of her hungry pussy onto my hand. It’s soon time to give her the release she is racing towards. Without ceremony, I add 2 more fingers to the 2 already exploring her depths & drive my hand into her hungry cunt. The reaction is instant. She cranes her head back as far as the chair will allow. Her eyes roll wildly, & she clamps her cunt around the invading fingers. My babe loves to be filled. I love to fill her completely. There is no pretence of romance now. This is raw hungry sex. Her pussy takes over, & it wants to be fucked. She jams her cunt onto my hand. My 4 fingers are deep in her. My thumb pressing hard against her clit. I lick my left thumb, & place it to her clit. I know just the right pressure to apply at this point. I give her clit, little vertical flicks, then one or 2 harder squeezes. More flicks, all the while the fingers inside her are driving her closer to that beautiful destination. I make the “Come here” gesture with all 4 fingers against her “spot”. The pressure on my hand is incredible. I think she could crack walnuts in her pussy when she is really horny. Right now she is really horny. She continues to roll her head, unable to speak, she will give hand signals to indicate what she wants the fingers, deep in her being, to do. Sometimes flex, sometimes open & close, sometimes rotate the whole hand. I love having my babe in my hands like this.
It can’t go on for ever though. L wants me to fuck her to orgasm, but I tell her to ride my fingers to that special place. I know she is too far gone to argue, & I love to have her cum on my hand. She lets herself go & fucks my fingers as if they were the last cock she will ever enjoy. It’s amazing to watch canlı casino siteleri my babe “let go” & give herself over to what is happening. All feelings totally focused on her cunt & the incredible sensations she is experiencing. This is sex at it’s best. All inhibitions thrown aside. Very soon, my babe’s entire body contorts, she clamps my hand between her legs in a vice-like grip, & cums in one super intense burst. No slow ride to the crest, then a beautiful slide into that place. No. This is one sharp, powerful & all- encompassing orgasm. Her breathing has stopped, her body is almost doubled over, my hand still clamped between her legs. After a few seconds, she is coming down, beginning to breathe & relax. Slowly she releases my hand. I don’t move a finger. At this point, my babe is so sensitive, any movement can be painful. Touch her clit here & you could easily cop a slap. lol.

After a brief time, L is composed again, still enjoying the afterglow, commenting on how powerful her orgasm was. I am content. Safe in the knowledge that my babe will take me into her body & allow my release when she has regained her senses. All my earlier thoughts of anal play, long gone. ….
My gorgeous babe rises from the chair & quietly says, “you want to try the other now?” The “other” can only mean one thing. My heart is instantly racing; my throat dry; I feel intense trepidation. Its hard enough for anal to be successful when the woman is really horny. L has orgasmed, & cum down again. She is hardly going to be ready to take anal sex. “I’m going to shower first” she says. “You get the things ready”
These “things” had to include the enema kit. I was definitely nervous. One more failure & I was sure she would say “NO more”!! Anyway, nothing ventured etc. As my babe showered I got the necessary items.
Twice I filled her with warm, soapy water. By allowing a little more time & doing it twice, the clean-out was very successful.
After a brief time, while we allowed L to feel comfortable again, I had her lie on her stomach across the bed. We placed a pillow beneath her hips, thus raising her bum toward me. The first step was to get her aroused again. We had our toys & plenty of lube. Once again I had the immense pleasure of playing with my babes body. I lubed up our big vib & gently eased it into her pussy. She held it in place while I lubed the small anal vib. Then, with my mouth so dry from nerves, I eased the little vib into her backdoor. Now began the double penetration of my babe. With one in each hand, I slowly worked the vibs in & out of L’s body. She loves this feeling. Totally filled. Her cocks both vibrating, sending wonderful feelings all through her cunt & arse. I marvel at the sight of her pussy lips stretched around our big toy. I marvel at the depths to which she can take this toy. I slowly work the little one in & out of her bum, She has so much lube, & this one is a nice small size, that she has no problem accommodating it. L’s hips are moving involuntarily now. Her pussy & bum are enjoying these sensations & are taking control of her actions. She encourages me to fuck her holes with our toys. My cock is so hard, but my throat is still so dry from nerves. I am torn between feelings of lust, wanting to plunge my cock into her bum, & guilt for asking this of her, & incredible love for the woman that is allowing me to do this.
Soon, & to my surprise, once again L instigates it. She tells me to take the small cock from her bum. …….. “Put your cock in there”. I can’t hesitate. It’s now or never. I remove the little vib. I apply a generous dollop of lube to my cock, & lay my body kaçak casino against my babe. It’s difficult to gain entry with the large vib still in her cunt, quietly whirring away. So she places her hand down between her legs & eases the vib from her pussy. Just far enough to allow easier entry for my cock. …… And I’m there. The head of my cock has slipped past her sphincter, almost too easily. We hold still for a moment, allowing L to relax to this new intrusion in her bum. Then she is pushing back against me. I ease forward to meet her push. Then we are there. I feel my balls resting between her cheeks. We don’t move. My nerves are a mess. It has been so long since I enjoyed this most forbidden of carnal pleasures. My cock is enveloped in a warmth & grip so different from that of her pussy. I can feel the vib in her cunt through the thin wall separating her vagina & arse. The sensations are amazing. Very slowly, I begin to fuck my babes arse. L works the vib in sync with me. Now she is relaxed, now she is enjoying this double penetration. This slow, gentle fucking goes on for some time. We move together, all my weight is on her as I pin my darling to the bed by her anus. Then, unexpectedly, L releases the vib & it slips from her cunt. Resting just at the entrance, pinned as it is, beneath us. Now the only weapon inside my babe is me. My cock buried deep in her bowels. “Fuck me Baby” she commands. “Fuck my arse” These words I thought I would never live to hear again. This is primal sex. Sex for naughty sake. Sex for fun. L was totally at home now with me in her bum. She lifted her arse into the air to give me better access. This was what I dreamt of. We have been here before, long ago, Now we were here again. My babe getting hornier with every thrust of my cock into her bowels. This couldn’t go on for long, although I was still so nervous, I did wonder if I might not be able to cum. & I desperately wanted to blow my cum into the depths of her bowels. “Cum on baby, give it to me, fuck me hard” she begged. God I was in heaven. I drove into her bum as I might her cunt. Revelling in the sensations, my balls slapping against her cheeks. This is my favourite kind of sex. Totally naughty. All inhibitions are gone. Pure a****l lust has taken over & best of all, my babe is right there with me, …. encouraging me to assault her arse, to blow my cum deep into her beautiful body.. …… Suddenly she is cumming. For the 2nd time that afternoon, her body tenses. “”Oh fuck, … I’m cumming” she wails “Fuck me babe, Fuck meeeeeee..” & she cums, raising her bum even higher to get every inch of my dick into her body as she convulses beneath me. & she is cumming with only anal play. Nothing but my cock ploughing her depths save the vib occasionally making contact with her clit or pussy lips. This is more than I dared hope for. I slow my assault to allow her to recover, but she needs my cum, she knows I need my release too, so she encourages me to continue my fucking. There’s no sensitive clit here. This has been a true anal climax, so I resume a steady driving of my cock into her body. Once again my babe raises herself, even further off the bed, to allow me total access to my goal. So I continue, my thrusting not as dramatic as previously, the need to be tender, to hold my babe in my arms, is very powerful, but so is the need to cum deep within her. The ultimate culmination of a wonderous day. And so it happens. As I drive my cock one more time, striving to reach into her k**neys, L’s arse is raised so provocatively, so beautifully to my thrusts, suddenly I’m cumming. I am paralysed, my dick deep in my babe. Stars before my eyes as my climax happens. My babe rubs her arse against me. Feeling every pulse of my dick as she squeezes the last drops from me.
I collapse onto her. Encircling her body in my arms, I can’t express the emotions that I’m feeling.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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