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5 Instances of sexual thoughts every woman feels.
We live in an age of sexual equality, women are encouraged to be more open and in many cases, sexually aggressive. there has been an explosive revelation of cases of paedophilia, i****tuous r****g, and a truer age of loss of the average girls virginity, around ten or eleven, something I can attest to.

In many ways, as women are the carriers of c***dren, the after thought of the sexual act, our bodies are primed long before men are, we are more adept for sex and in many cases the true source of sex, even the ancients like the Greeks thought so, as young girls were seen as makers of babies, the real task, thought to harder, was to fuck a boys ass, as every girl sat around waiting, naked under her toga.

Today I write 5 small stories to whet your male appetites for you to comment upon, and register one, that you would like me as a woman to elaborate upon, or simply just to chat with me openly and acknowledge your sexual feelings.

Don’t be shy, say what’s on your mind and as “food is supposedly the way to a man’s heart”, your “dirty sexual thoughts are the way to my wet pussy”, honestly, it’s that easy.

Kisses and love to you all Fridagirl.

1.) Granddad’s spanking gave me an Orgasm

Sometimes you realise there is something that excites you and you know instinctively it’s wrong, but the wrongness is what makes it exciting and you finish up doing it just the same.

As a young girl I had an experience with my grandfather, it was sexual and it was so strong, I thought it was me alone and it has stayed with me ever since, never spoken about to anyone, except today, as he has passed away long ago and I write under anonymity.

Granddad was drinking what I thought was cola and when he went to the bathroom, I mischievously ran across and downed the glass, only realising as he came back it was loaded with whiskey too.

I guess he panicked, got really angry and pulled me onto his knee and whacked my behind. I was as tall as he was, so this operation required my cooperation, and I lay awkwardly on his lap, with his bony knee buried into my crotch, and it was this I felt most, not the spanking, which was just a dull thud feeling, and it did not take granddad long to realise, I was actually enjoying the feeling.

He raised my skirt as he chastised me, and went further by baring my buttocks, by then I was moaning as his hand caressed my smooth skin and his fingers parted the folds to reveal my anus and vagina, that was when I felt his erection and his finger going inside. I almost passed out with the most powerful and exquisite orgasm, not that I knew what was happening to me, but it left its indelible mark on my young mind, and Granddad and I would endeavour to do it time and time again, every time he sat down I would go across and lie on his lap, pull up my skirt, without my underwear and be fingered.

Six years later on my f******nth, I was a big girl, too big for my small Granddad, even to sit on his lap, he was frail but I could stand alongside him and feel his hand slide up the backs of my long legs and play with my wetness. We had that bonding.

In the early hours of the following morning I went to the bathroom and saw that the family party was still going strong and when I came out of the toilet I heard Granddad call my name, he was in his bed and I went in. I climbed in the bed beside him, my very first time, and soon we were engaging in full intercourse, needless to say, I had no difficulty in cumming, it was just perfect and it was the age difference that added the spice to the mix, just knowing my Granddad was thrilled fucking me, gave me a kinky feeling of altruism, and boosted my own orgasms.

Eight weeks later he took our illicit union to his illegal bahis grave, my last touch being on the casket lid as he slid to oblivion to his fiery end.

2.) My New Sex Toy, my Aunt’s husband.

By then my attention had turned to another family member, my mother’s sister’s husband, had a thing for me, only I did not know it then, but I found is sexy and loved his scent. I thought I was being discrete and gladly babysat for them, as they were a pair of party a****ls and he was affectionate towards me, my auntie knowing I had a crush on him.
What I did not know were a couple of things, both of them were sexual swingers with mother’s sister having a near nympho status, and she was cool about me being curious about sex and her husband.

I masturbated there regularly, on nights I stayed over at weekends, as they had a substantial collection of porn, but what I did not know, was he had home network CCTV cams watching me, ‘jilling-off’ on their couch.

One Sunday morning after a late Saturday stay over, he was taking his son to Sunday school and as he was about to leave, he came into the bedroom I slept in and tossed me a booklet, as I lay on the bed, “Have a gander through this and pick a toy, my treat”, and I saw immediately it was a sex toy for women brochure.

I could feel my face redden, “Why do you think I want one of these things”, I asked, “Because I know you masturbate on my couch”, he retorted, smiling and with a big wink, then he left before I curled up and almost died.

I went out into the living room and immediately saw the cams, I thought were fire alarms, overhead and from behind the TV, “My God he must have had a good view of me”, I thought, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised he wanted me as much as I fancied being with him.

Later that afternoon he took me back home and I wanted to know more and if he still had the recordings and even more so, did my aunty know?

It was “Yes” to still having the recordings and “No” to aunty knowing about my sexualised stay-overs. Did he want me, yes he did, and so we pulled into a lay-by and did the dirty deed, after which he opened up about my aunt and his lifestyles.
Did I still want to choose and expensive toy? I shook my head, “No”, I answered, and we went at it again, after which he got the message, I wanted him to fuck me whenever I felt the urge, so I did not need a toy.

We enjoyed our time until I went to Uni, then it petered, out as did their marriage, and on holiday with her for seven days break she confided in me she knew her ex and I were lovers, and needless to say, we shared a guy and she was a dream to watch up close and personal.
You learn a lot about sex with your nose buried in your aunt’s ass, and your tongue lapping a big brown penis as it goes in and out of her pussy, there was no shame in the slight i****tuousness of the occasion, I loved her smell and sweet taste, as I am sure he she did mine.

3.) My Paperboy and some great sex

I knew him personally, he delivered our newspapers long before my divorce and I always had a soft spot for him, there was something so deliciously sexy about him and the trick was to allow him forbidden opportunities, without him knowing they were being done on purpose for the sake of giving me an opportunity to befriend him.

For a few days running I waited as I heard him ascend our communal stairway and when he pushed the newspaper through the letterbox, I was in the hall way pretending I had just emerged from the bathroom, completely naked of course and on the Thursday it was Bingo, he was looking through after pushing the paper into the letterbox, and I turned and walked back up the hallway to retrieve the paper, making sure he saw everything I was offering.

I mobilbahis güvenilir mi turned and walked back down the hallway to the living room, hoping and praying he was watching my ass as I walked out of view.
I then went to my window and peered down onto the street where he would emerge, and sure enough he stopped and looked up at my window, I had him, hook, line, and sinker, tomorrow night when he came for his paper money, I would invite him in and see if he would try something.

Everyone knows drink makes people less inhibited, even boys confronting a MILF, reeking of booze, can send boyhood fantasies soaring, but to be that drunk, would dull the sexual senses of most men and women, so I showered and rubbed alcohol onto my skin, as well as downing a stiff one before he arrived around seven in the evening.
I was readying myself for a night out with my friends, so being caught in my sexy lingerie, garter belt stockings and panties, trapping my feminine skin between layers of silk and net, and covering it all with a see-though robe, light and airy yet revealing and tantalising even for the most sexually experienced of men, I wanted this boy to experience a real live model jump out at him from some wanking magazine, and slip his cock into my mouth and feel my gentle sucking on his glans, my tongue lash his ball sack with copious saliva, God! I need stop other I will masturbate before he arrives, and so I did and when the doorbell rang, i stole a look at the letterbox and saw his eyes peering down as i switched on the hall light and pretend staggered towards him, my manicured cunt, coiffured, scented and oiled, even sliding a finger up mt bum hole went in with consummate ease, every woman’s dream, to be buggered by a schoolboy, as he hangs onto your tits, for leverage.

4.) Uncles revelations and Mothers dirty Movies.

I cannot honestly say when it is a girl becomes sexually aware. it’s around us everyday and there is a known fact of life, our pussies are a sex object to suit all sorts of men and women, wanting them.
We really don’t do ourselves any favours when we start ovulating, it’s then our own bodies make us want to explore and even let men go further, fathers and uncles, brothers and cousins, even strangers sitting alongside in darkened cinemas, playing footsie, to test the waters, and a hand under your skirt, out of sight, and pinging the elastic of your knickers, as he follows your wetness to its source, I once found a business card, rolled and pushed into my pussy after a Walt Disney showing of “The Jungle Book”, he had left his phone number, had I saw it necessary for more fingering, he was the father of my friend, a girl, who just last year came out and told her story to the tabloid press, how her father had crept into her bed and fucked her hundreds of times, and how she was impregnated, relieving her mother of her bedtime duties, he had fingered me when I was twelve, but started fucking her two years earlier, when she suffered her periods.
her father was clergy, and her mother bathed her on her first periods, and then stood her in front of her father to announce her first bleeding. He opened his scriptures and read aloud about “Lot” and his daughters, as biblical proof of his sadomasochistic urges of his being the first cock inside her nubile body.

She felt her mothers fingers undoing her robe, which fell away to reveal her nudity in front of her father, and turned briefly to see any hope disappear as her mother left the room, as daddy stood up to show why he had those urges. In the morning, she awoke alongside him, hurting in every orifice, this was what he had in mind for me, but thankfully, only his fingers found one hole willing.
I sometimes youwin wondered if he thought about me as he fucked his daughter, I found thoughts like that, made me wet.

However, dear readers, I digress, this is about me and my sexual ways. I gained access to Uncles computer by checking my mails at an opportune moment, Mother was going home and I had agreed to stay overnight, so uncle took his older sister home, leaving me to nose around his computer and look for dirty sex stuff.

I soon found it, photos of me as a little girl running around naked on the beaches of southern France and of my mother, equally nude and revealingly so.

There was a folder, openly displayed on his desktop, named “Sexually Explicit”, was it meant to be seen by me?

I opened it to reveal home made porn movies, shot with old VHS, and lots of hairy genitalia, one girl in particular, very athletic looking and very fair haired, she was performing a sex act on another girl while a man was fucking her, and I found myself strangely attracted to this.

I was touching myself when my uncle came back and caught me with my skirt up and my hand down my cotton knickers, rubbing myself and here’s the point, I did not stop, I kept watching as he came in behind my masturbating body and undid my top, fished my small titties out, and tugged on my nipples until I cummed.

He turned my face onto his erection and I blew him until I swallowed his seed.

Later he explained the woman in the video was my mother, and the man fucking her was him, and the other woman my mother was eating out, was his ex wife, a truly family video.

He did engineer my using the computer and put everything on the desktop for my inquisitive eyes, how else would an teenage girl be prepared for sex if her pussy was not inflamed with passion, by porn movies.

5.) Being a Stand in Teacher and responding to boys fantasies

Their regular teacher was off during her pregnancy and I was given the opportunity as a stand-in to cover for her. I was nervous as could be expected, and thankfully for the week working alongside her I was not going in blind.
I was in my late twenties and therefore a decade older and more, so why was I enamoured by one boy in particular, the only boy I caught looking up my skirt as I sat, making me self conscious to knowing my legs were apart.

I was not angry but there was something captivating about him and my heart fluttered, knowing he had taken my bait, I wanted to sexually excite him, and letting him look up to my panties as I sat in front facing him, was a step many women take to lure them into making a move, at least if anything, no one can accuse you of grooming, if the boy makes all the moves.

Unlike the “Paperboy” story, this is about everyday realities we read about beautiful young women suddenly put in charge of pubescent boys who fantasise and show themselves to young women, many of whom are going though some emotional trauma, just starting to experience sex, or have a darker side to their sex lives and who find fresh faced innocence, was like an aphrodisiac to our dull lives, as I did, and feeling my pussy ache as I looked at him combined with the knowledge I could command him for my own pleasures.

The class ended as he approached my desk to hand over his jotter, which I took, and opened, as others filed past throwing theirs on the steadily accumulating pile. I saw he had been doodling and on the inside of the cover was my name, alongside the crudely drawn image of a naked woman.
When we were alone I asked him, “Is this meant to be me?”
His face turned scarlett and his cock hardened under his pants, “Would you like to come back to my place”, I asked him, my voice sounded strange as my throat tightened? He nodded he would, but I knew I had to strike as the iron was hot and my panties soaked, there was a small lay by on the outskirts of town, I would drive there and have him, after all, I had a mattress in the back of my van, for the times I picked up male hikers, of school age of course.

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