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Wifes favourite story Part 9
Wife loves this story, after reading it the 1st time, she got herself a bull old enough to be my dad. Here is her older bull who she likes to treat as her father in law.

“You are such a fucking stud.” I exhaustedly told Ron, as I placed my breast back inside my bra, and then sundress.

Ron laughed unexpectedly causing his softening cock to jump.

“What can I say, you bring out the best of me.” He said grinning.

“I’d say so.” I replied licking my lips as I repositioned the gusset of my panties over my wet pussy that was still pulsating.

I continued, “I wanted you to cum inside me so bad.” I said adjusting the straps of my dress and bra.

“Sorry, but I was just doing as I was told.” He replied carefully putting his dick back inside his boxers and pulling up his pants.

“I know, I’m just being selfish. I’m sure my OBGYN wouldn’t have appreciated me showing up freshly cream pied. Hell I’ve been seeing her since I was a teenager, so I’d feel so embarrassed.” I said reaching for my purse in the front seat.

I glanced at my watch.” Shit, I need to get going.” I said smiling as I reached for Ron’s hands.

“I know it wasn’t ideal, but I’m glad we were able to find some alone time.” Ron said scooting forward.

I laughed, “Hey when it comes to you, I’ll take whatever I can get.” I replied leaning in to give my father in law a kiss.

We embraced and passionately kissed each other.

“So when will I see you again?” I sadly asked after braking our kiss.

“Not soon enough for me.” Ron said giving my hands a squeeze. He continued, “I’ll see if I can plan a trip in the next month or so.

“I’m going to miss you.” I said.

“Me too.” Ron replied as he leaned in and gave me a kiss before continuing, “You better get going if you don’t want to miss your appointment.”

We opened the doors and hopped out of Ron’s SUV making our way to the front.

“You better keep in touch.” I said adjusting my dress.

“You better keep posting pictures.” Ron said as we both started to laugh.

“Ok “In Law”, I will.” I replied referencing Ron’s user name on the site that I post on.

I leaned in and gave him a hug and one last kiss.

Our lips separated, “I love you.” I instinctively said.

Ron smiled, “I love you too. Hey you make sure to take care of that baby of ours.”

“I will.” I replied as I walked to my car and opened the door.

I sat down, put on my seatbelt, and started the car as Ron pulled away.

As I made my way out of the parking lot I could feel the wetness of my pussy starting to dampen the gusset of my panties. I reached down and slid my finger across the saturated gusset, wishing Ron was able to completely quench my sexual arousal.

The twenty minute trip to my doctor’s office went quicker then I expected as all I thought about was the time I just spent with Ron.

I pulled into the parking lot with a little less than five minutes to spare. I found a parking spot near the rear of the lot. I turned off the car, and leaned over putting my keys in my purse. As I did so I couldn’t help but to notice how uncomfortably wet my panties were. I lifted the front of my dress and spread my legs revealing the excessively damp gusset of my panties. Even though Ron was long gone, my cunt still wanted more.

I suddenly had an uneasy feeling come over me. I found myself starting to worry about my doctor noticing the fact that my pussy was stretched, and that my cunt was still overly excited from the near orgasm that I almost had moments ago.

I quickly came to the conclusion that I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, I had a doctors appointment that I was already running late for. I decided that I’d be more comfortable just taking off my wet panties and leaving them in the car.

I slid off my panties putting them in the glove box, grabbed my purse, and stepped out of the car.

I walked swiftly across the parking lot toward the hospital lobby doors. After entering the lobby I took a right and made my way toward the elevator. It was at that point that I started to regret taking off my panties in the car, as I could feel my vaginal nectar starting to trail down the inner part of my left thigh.

I pressed the up arrow and anxiously waited for the doors to open. After what seemed like an eternity the doors opened and I hurried into the comfort of the empty elevator. I pressed the sixth floor button and eagerly waited for the doors to close.

To my delight the doors finally started to close. I rotated my left leg exposing the inner part of my thigh as I attempted to wipe away my wetness.

“Could you hold the door!” I heard a gentleman yell from the lobby. I was completely startled as I rapidly straightened my left leg before seeing a hand, then arm reach between the closing doors causing them to reopen. During the commotion his pen had fallen out and landed on the elevator floor.

“Thank you, and sorry about that. I’m just running a bit behind for an appointment.” The handsome young bahis şirketleri doctor said as he reached for the sixth floor button before straightening out his lab coat.

“Oh it’s no problem.” I replied as the doctor and I simultaneously bent down to pick up his pen. I looked over at him and caught him glancing in between my legs at my juicy pussy. His eyes slowly made their way to mine, and he knew he had been busted. I smiled as we briefly made eye contact before we both reached for the pen.

“Let me grab that for you doctor.” I said still grinning, leaving my legs spread wide while never taking my eyes off of his.

I grabbed the pen as he stoled one last peek of my fully exposed cunt. We both stood back up and I reached over placing the pen in his pocket.

He simply replied, “Thank you.”

Despite the awkwardness of the moment and the uncomfortable silence for the remainder of the short ride I unexpectedly found myself being turned on by the situation.

There was something about a successful, handsome stranger seeing my aroused and recently fucked pussy that awoke the slut in me.

The doors opened, “After you.” He said gesturing me to go first.

“Thank you.” I said as I walked out and headed left down the hallway. I veered off to the right, into the women’s bathroom. Despite me running late I needed to, at a bare minimum wipe the wetness from my legs. I opened up a stall door and unrolled some toilet paper before wiping the inside of my thighs. I tossed the toilet paper in the trash before quickly heading back out into the hallway.

It was a short walk to the office door, I opened it and walked briskly to the receptionist’s desk.

“Hey Julie, sorry I’m late. There was an accident on Main Street that backed things up.” I said reaching in my purse for my insurance card.

“Oh don’t worry dear, but I do need to let you know that Dr. Lilas had to head over to the maternity ward. One of her patients went into labor a few weeks early and she insisted on helping with the birth.” Julie said taking my card from me.

Julie continued, ” Dr. Lilas asked Dr. Nelson to cover for her this afternoon.” Julie replied as she got up out of her chair making her way to the office copy machine.

“Dr. Nelson?” I apprehensively asked.

“Yeah, the two of them have been partners for about four months now.” Julie replied walking back to her desk, handing me back my insurance card.

She continued, “You take a seat sweetie, and a nurse will call you in shortly.

“Ok, thanks Julie.” I replied as I grabbed a magazine off the table and sat down.

It was strange, part of me was nervous about seeing a new doctor, after all Dr. Lilas has always been my OGBYN. With that being said, I felt a little more comfortable having a doctor that I most likely wouldn’t see again examining my recently used pussy.

“Kim.” A nurse called from the doorway.

I set the magazine on the table and stood up, following the nurse down the hall. She weighed me on the hallway scale, then led me into an office, closing the door behind her.

“Just take a seat right here.” The nurse said gesturing to a chair next to the table.

She reached for the blood pressure cuff, “I’m just going to quickly take your blood pressure.” She said wrapping the cuff around my left arm.

As I sat there I looked around the room at all the pregnancy related posters.

“110 over 75, looks good.” The nurse said removing the cuff.

She sat up and walked across the room, opening a cabinet door, grabbing a white gown.

“If you could put this on, then take a seat on the exam table and the doctor will be in shortly.” She said handing me the gown.

I politely replied, “Thank you.” and the nurse walked out the door closing it behind her.

I set the gown on the exam table and began to get undressed, folding then placing my clothes on the chair.

I reached for the gown, slipped it on before loosely tying it and then hopped on the exam table. I couldn’t help but to notice the stirrups that would soon be holding up my legs. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said adjusting the gown one final time.

The door slowly opened.

“Mrs. Blaze”

I was in complete shock to see the handsome doctor that I shared the elevator with on my way in.

We looked at each other, and briefly shared our second moment of awkward silence before I replied, “That’d be me.”

“So you were the twelve thirty appointment that I was running late for.” He said while closing the door behind him.

“Well let me formally introduce myself, my name is Dr. Nelson.” He added, walking toward the exam table to shake my hand.

As I reached for his hand a wave of emotions came over me. I was feeling anxious about seeing a male OBGYN for the first time. I was even embarrassed about him getting a even closer, uninhibited, second look at my used and sexually aroused pussy. However, to my surprise, the most overwhelming feeling I had was sexual excitement.

“So you’re here for a routine checkup and a first trimester cervical and pelvical exam?” Dr. Nelson illegal bahis asked as he took a seat on his stool as he paged through my medical file.

“That’s correct.” I replied feeling my pussy moisten with the thought of being exposed to this stud of a doctor.

“Well let me first congratulate you on your pregnancy. Is this your first c***d?” He asked flashing me his phenomenal smile.

“Yes…Yes it’s my first baby.” I muttered out.

“That’s exciting. Well I see your blood pressure looks great. I also see that you had some blood drawn last week, and it appears you were tested for everything under the sun. Well I’m glad to tell you your as healthy as they come.” He said smiling.

He continued, “Let me ask you, how have you been feeling? Do you have any abnormal aches or pains?” He asked scooting his chair closer.

“No, actually I feel amazing. Everything seems to be going well. I said nearly getting lost in his blue eyes.

“Well that’s fantastic.” He replied setting his folder on the table. He stood up and walked toward the box of rubber gloves.

He stood next to the exam table as he put on his gloves. He grabbed his stethoscope and slowly untied the back of my gown.

“Sorry, but this is going to be cold.” He said placing the stethoscope on my back which instantly gave me a nipple hardening chill.

“Could you take a deep breath.” He asked.

I did.

“Now exhale.” He said before moving the stethoscope to the other side of my back repeating the same process.

“Sounds good. Could you please lay back on the table?” He asked.

I slid back and slowly lowered myself on to the cool leather of the exam table.

“I’m going to have you slide your right arm out of the sleeve of the gown.” Dr. Nelson said assisting me.

He continued, “Ok, now if you could rest your arm under the back of your head.”

I did as I was instructed. Dr. Nelson lifted the right side of the gown revealing my swollen breast and erect nipple before over laying the gown on my left breast.

“Do you regularly give yourself breast exams?” He asked placing the tips of his cool fingers on my bare breast.

“Yes, at a minimum once a month.” I replied becoming increasingly aroused.

As he felt his way around my breast I could feel my areola and nipples continue to harden.

“Ok.” He simply said removing his hands, then placing the gown over my breast.

He walked around the rear of the table as I placed my right arm back along the side of my body.

“Now we’re going to do the same thing with your left arm.” He said helping me with the sleeve of the gown. I placed my left arm behind my head, and he folded over the left side of the gown.

This time I made a point to look Dr. Nelson in the eyes as he professionally fondled my breast. I could feel my pussy continue to moisten as his fingers prodded my exposed tit. For a moment our eyes briefly connected causing me to grin.

“I can feel the milk glands are in the beginning stages of development in this breast, which is a good sign.” He said pressing a little firmer.

“Could I feel?” I asked.

“Certainly. Can you bring your right hand over?”

I lifted my arm and Dr. Nelson took my hand, placing it on the outer part of my breast. He had his large hand on mine and was pressing the back of my fingers causing me to feel my swollen tit. I could feel my body reacting to the stimulation.

“Do you feel that?” He asked.

“What that?” I naively asked.

“Yeah, that’s the milk duct just beginning to form.” He said with his hand still on mine.

“Oh wow!” I said adding some extra enthusiasm.

I continued. “Did you feel any developing in my right breast?” I asked hoping he’d feel it all over again.

“No, but it’s completely natural to have one develop before the other.” He said looking at me with those baby blue eyes. He disappointedly removed his hand from mine.

With my hand still on my tit I slid it over, taking my stiff nipple in between my index finger and thumb.

“With in the last week I noticed that my nipples have started to darken and are extremely sensitive. Is that normal?” I asked removing my fingers.

Dr. Nelson glanced at my erect nipple, then reluctantly back to my eyes. “Yes it’s completely natural. In fact you’ll notice that they’ll continue to darken. You will also see your areola darken along with potentially growing up to three times larger.” He said glancing back down to my exposed breast.

“Oh really?” I said with maybe a little to much surprise in my voice.

I was in no rush to put my breast away, so I nonchalantly asked. “As far as size, how much larger will they get.”

While attempting, but failing to maintain eye contact he answered, “Most women will see their cup size increase a couple of sizes as the milk glands continue to grow.”

“Will my skin really stretch that much?” I asked placing my hand back on my exposed tit, giving it a gentle squeeze, again catching Dr. Nelson’s attention.

He grinned while staring at my tit, “It’s a gradual increase and believe me, your skin will allow for the growth.”

“Ok, if illegal bahis siteleri you say so.” I replied removing my hand from my breast.

Dr. Nelson’s eye lingered on my breast before reaching for the gown and covering it up. He walked over to a cabinet above the sink and opened it. Not finding what he was looking for he closed it and opened the cabinet next to it. I could see that he was somewhat flustered as he closed that cabinet door and took off his gloves, placing them in the trash bin.

“Sorry, but I’ll be right back.” He said as he opened the office door, and stepped into the hallway, closing the door behind him.

I took this opportunity to lift the lower half of my gown, and part my legs. I slid my finger along the length of my pussy lips stopping at my aroused and extended clit. I even surprised myself with was how wet and aroused I was. I guess there’s something about a handsome stranger seeing and fondling my tits that just did it for me.

I gently continued to massage my clit as I waited for Dr. Nelson to return. I rubbed myself as I thought about him sliding his fingers inside my sopping wet cunt. I was what felt like a few flicks away from cumming when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly removed my hand from in between my thighs and pulled down the gown with my slippery and sticky fingers.

“Come in.” I said, wiping my fingers on my gown.

I was breathing hard as Dr. Nelson walked in closing the door behind him.

“Sorry about that. I just love when people don’t replace or put things back in the appropriate spot after they use them.” He sarcastically said holding up a bottle of lubricant.

I felt like telling him that he wasn’t going to need any of that lube anyway, but I figured he’d soon find that out for himself.

“I know the feeling.” I said for some dumb reason or another.

Dr. Nelson wheeled over a small stainless steel table and set the bottle of lube down on it.

He walked to the sink and washed and dried his hands. Dr. Nelson grabbed another set of gloves and sat down on his chair and rolled over toward the foot of the exam table placing the gloves next to the lube.

My heart was racing as he stood up and maneuvered the stirrups into position.

“Could you scoot down a tad bit?” Dr. Nelson asked.

“Sure” I replied as I slid down the table.

“That’s perfect.” He said as he increased the incline of the exam table.

He continued, “Now let’s set your leg up here like so.” He said softly grabbing my right ankle and gently setting it on the stirrup.

He continued, “Ok, now the same with your left leg. Great. Now if you could scoot down just a bit more.”

With both legs in the stirrups I lifted my ass and slid forward.

“That’s good right there.” Dr. Nelson said while standing on the side of me.

From where he was standing Dr. Nelson hadn’t yet seen my smooth, sexually stimulated cunt spread wide open for him, but that was all soon to change.

My gown was resting high on my thighs, allowing me to see everything Dr. Nelson was seeing, just from a different point of view.

He made his way to the foot of the exam table, sat down and reached for the light that was attached to the mobile table. He positioned the light and turned it on before making a final adjustment.

I couldn’t believe how bright that small light was. I could clearly see my wetness glistening off of my pussy lips, and there was no doubt Dr. Nelson seen it as well.

I wanted to say something, maybe even apologize for my state of arousal, but just knowing that Dr. Nelson was staring at my used wet cunt made me even hornier.

Dr. Nelson put on his rubber gloves and slid his chair closer to the exam table.

“I’m going to start with the pelvic exam.” He told me as he placed his fingers on the right side of my pelvis.

He continued, “If you feel pain or tenderness please let me know.”

He firmly pressed his fingers in various locations as he made his way from the right side of my pelvis to the left side. He was focus on what he was doing, paying attention to my reaction with every push of his fingers.

“No pain or discomfort?” He asked.

“No, nothing.” I replied as the anticipation of him sliding his fingers inside me continued to build.

“Fantastic.” He replied and continued, “Ok. Now I’m going to examine your outer Laybia.”

He gently slid his right index finger in between my saturated pussy lips, spreading them apart. His finger was clearly coated with my arousal. He brought his left hand over to partake in the enjoyment as he gently pulled each side of my laybia, as he examined my folds.

He slid both fingers up in unison slowing as he neared my clit. He spread my pussy lips and with the outer part of his thumbs he moved my clit to the left, causing me to twitch.

“Did you feel some discomfort?” He asked looking me in the eyes, while holding my clit between his thumbs.

“No, far from it actually.” I said grinning and feeling my face start to blush.

“Ok, would you like to take a small break.” He politely asked.

“No I’m fine. I’ve just been so easily aroused as of late. Sorry.” I said smiling as I shrugged my shoulders.

“No worries, it’s actually quite common. That’s just another side effect of the hormones changing inside you.”Dr. Nelson said with my clit still in between his thumbs.

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