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we both love it
Mom closed the light saying good night

i waited 20 minutes before getting up looking at my window wondering if he would be there as promised with the weed

his car soon turning the corner , i got this guy number from a friend at school a while back onlt called him 3 times but he was reliable , mike was on time again

getting out my window in silence, walking to the car sitting in the passenger seat after i open the door

”hey boi i rolled one wamma smoke before you go to sleep?”

”humm sure ok”

”is there a park or spot somewhere?”

we got there and he went in the backseat to lit it up

and we smoke , his weed was good he had roll a big cone and it burned forever

i started to see his sweat pants getting deformed has we smoke, trying not to look at it

feeling small in my pijama pants and tshirt

his bbc tenting up his pants , hard smoking weed with me

we finish the joint , i was feeling nervous, him at least 10yr older , tall cool black guy i dont know alot , hard inches from me on the backseat

”you ever sucked a cock?”

his word catching me off guard looking at him

”no i never”

it went in slow motion

i look at him pull on his pant and it sprung out, looking at the big dark cock , it was so big compare to mine

my head pushed down and like it was a reflex i had all along my mouth wrapped around his fat cock , sucking on the head getting curious and weak my head help on his fat black canlı kaçak bahis cock

”mmmm good boy , go up and down like this ”

i dont know why, by i listen to his coaching, having fun him in my mouth so hard and big

his big strong hand petting my hair, helping me keeping a rhythm with my wet mouth open , accepting its purpose of pleasing this nice big cock

”you like my cock boy? you feel great , that cute mouth feel so tight is your pussy that warm and tight too?”

i dont know why the word was making me feel like this

his hand helping my ass on the side sucking on his cock

getting under my pijama to feel it

”ohhhh so smooth, nice i like my boy with a smooth pussy”

i had his cock in my mouth, sucking on him while he played with my bubble but

”that ass is so small , i want to put my cock in there”

”dont be afraid, im gentle we could try and see if you like it”

a cock in my mouth his finger teasing my hole open

”relax let me in boy, like this yessss good boy arch your back yes , feels good in that cute ass?”

his finger probing me, more spit on his fingers , before getting back teasing me open

”keep sucking , im gonna train you to take my cock boy, yes look at me like this, you want my cock in you, yes boy you want it, no worry we are alone i have condoms , you will love it i promess”

his 2 finger digging in me for a while, my lil bum getting all wet and open

”oh you gonna feel bets10 giriş so good , here get that cute ass up just like this boy”

the sound of a condom pouch and i was looking back at him putting himself in a condom

his bbc started to rub on my hole, him pitting on me until its head pop in

”awwww omg your so big”

”yesss boy relax, my big cock gonna make you feel like a nice wet pussy”

tap tap tap

small taps on my ass , as he move deeper in me

”yes let me in , gimme that cute pussy , cute pink hole all love to get fucked”

”awwwww mmmm my goddddd”

”yes boy , feel good in that small pussy , stay weak, take my cock in you like a good little slut”

”awwwww oh shit awwww awwww”

”yes boy, keep moaning , you sound so cute taking that big cock in you”

tap tap tap

”yes like this moan on the cock boy, told you id make you feel good ”

”you small cock boys are the best”

”nice tight pink fuck hole to open up and trained”

”ass up in a car at night moaning on a big cock”

”oh yes i love this, open up boy, dont go away here, hands in the back taking cock like a white boy should”

”white boy with small cock love a big black cock ramming in their smooth pussies”

”its ok , look at how small this is, i bet your already buying toys to fuck , thats why you open so easy dont you”

holding my small balls and cock with one hand slowly pumping in me

”or you tried your moms toy bets10 güvenilir mi ? is that it? in the shower ass pumping on mommy toy?”

”dreaming of getting fuck by real cock on mommy dildo , training that hole to be fuck”

”yeah i know you white boy , your all the same ”

”ass up taking black cock at night ”

he pumped faster and harder talking about him fucking white boy like me all the time

i was owned and just a moaning raggdoll on his backseat

feeling his big hard cock slide down with such precision, i coudnt stop moaning his tip hitting my spot

”you sound like a girl , oh yes keep moaning i love girly white boy”

hotting my spot so well i was moaning pounded on the seat bouncing under him ass up

”next time you must wear one of mommy panty if your going to be moaning like this sexy”

”feel good in that pussy , told you baby , you would look great in panty taking my cock”

he owned me, making me sound like a girl until he cum in my mouth and drop me home
ass stretch and belly filled by him

i went out 2 days later , him waiting in his car after txting me he was near

he let me sit in his car and pull my pants

”your not in panty?”

”what no i..”

”get out, i dont care, no cock for you tonight”

and he left leaving me to crawl in my room by the window wishing i had cute panties to wear

the very next day i went to wall mart and bought 3 very girly underwear kit

i tried the cute pink panty at the food court area restroom

feeling so tight and smooth , putting the camisole on feeling so sexy and nice in it

i felt a rush my body reacting feeling so horny

i dress in my boy cloth and got out backback on my shoulder walking back home

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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