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Walking in the underground garage
That afternoon I was horny as hell.
I was going down in the elevator of the building office and just wanted to happen across somebody as soon as possible; bend over and get fucked with no introductions, no romance, no finesse, no mercy and no regrets.
My beloved Victor had flown to Puerto Rico on a business trip and from there he would continue a long voyage to Buenos Aires, to visit his old mother, who was ill resting at the hospital.
I heard my own heels clicking and echoing in the deepest level of the underground parking garage as I walked through there, waiting for somebody to pick me up and fuck me in his car…
The place was not so crowded, when suddenly somebody flashed his lights to get my attention. I smiled and picked up her pace a little.
That day I was wearing a short skirt, too short. Before leaving the office, I had gone to the ladies room and had pulled down my wet panties. Now they were in my purse and my soaking wet cunt was feeling the fresh breeze under my skirt…
The light blue car’s doors unlocked with a click and then I stepped in.
The guy inside was just as good looking as I had hoped.
He asked me if I wanted a ride. I did not dare to tell him that I wanted a ride, but onto a nice hard cock.
The man smiled and he said he knew a place where we could have a talk in a more comfortable way. Then his naughty hands began exploring my body like they had known me for years. One hand wrapped around my back and down to my buttocks, then between her silky thighs. The other one stroked my hair, then my cheeks and finally it dipped into my deep cleavage.
A quiet moan escaped my lips. He responded by biting my lower lip and pulling me closer to his hard body.
I grabbed his hand and pressed it between my thighs, against my pussy. Then I felt I was wet and warm, with his hand melted into my slick folds.
I moaned again as he dipped a finger inside of my wet cunt and slowly worked it around. He pulled it out and put it to my lips. I eagerly sucked my own güvenilir bahis juices from his finger and an evil smile spread across her face…

The stranger ran a hand into my white blouse and pulled my boobs out.
I liked the way he was taking control and exposing me. I felt my body now belonged to this man.
I reached down and pulled the stranger’s cock from his jeans. His bulge was large and enticing. A small wet stain had already appeared on his crotch…
The stranger’s shaft was warm and rigid in my little hand.
It was even warmer against my red lips, as I bent down and swallowed it. His thick head pressed against the back of my throat over and over as I bobbed up and down on that wonderful hard shaft. Quiet little slurping sounds escaped from my lips as more and more spit started drooling down my chin and onto his balls.
I loved listening to his quiet moans and the feeling of his hand pushing the back of my head. When he pressed his hips upwards, I gagged a little bit.

The stranger brought my head off his cock and met my red lips, kissing me very deeply. He could taste his own pre cum in my mouth. Then he ordered me to get in the back seat…
I was bent over on my knees, forearms on the center console, looking out the front window. The stranger had climbed in behind me and pulled my skirt down to my ankles. He left my heels on. I felt exposed, and vulnerable.
My wet pussy and asshole were on full display for this complete stranger to do with what he pleased. I could feel I was dripping wet.
A wet and creamy mess was spread between my labia and the stranger wasted no time in eating it. I moaned loud and cursed at the windshield as I felt his tongue dip deep inside of my eager pussy.
I could feel his strong hands holding my ass cheeks apart as he started working my pussy over. He made long strokes up and down my wet slit.
I gasped and giggled when he shoved his tongue deep in my cunt.
Then I tried to reach my hand between my thighs to rub my swollen clit, but he pulled it back and away, türkçe bahis making me collapse onto the center console.

I begged him to let me rub my clit; but he responded by biting my flesh and sucking my labia into his mouth, gently stretching it…
I closed my eyes and suddenly felt the stranger drive his cock deep inside of me in one swift stroke. He was thicker than I had thought.
He started moving back and forth and I could sense his shaft touching all of my warm, wet walls. He was able to glide in with no resistance, and I tried to hold him back at first. But then he just started fucking me…
The car was immediately filled with the loud sounds of his thighs slapping against my buttocks; but my moaning was even louder…
The stranger grabbed onto my round hips and just kept drilling me harder.
Then he grabbed a fistful of my curly hair and yanked my head back. He made me look forward to some people walking there and he told me they had no idea that some married slut was getting fucked just a few feet away from them right now…
I cried and begged him not to stop. He was very deep now.
The stranger continued his hard fucking. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as his cock thrust deeper and deeper. I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror and I saw that I looked like a street hooker…
His fucking was getting harder and more brutal. I could not hold back screaming. The windows started fogging up from our body heat. I was sweating; but then I begged again not to stop…
The stranger was starting to grunt and growl. I knew he would be coming soon. And then it happened, a car pulled up right next to us and parked.

I was starting to feel my orgasm and I opened my mouth to scream loud; but the stranger put his hand over my red lips to muffle my sounds.
I watched outside as someone got out of the car; just in time as I started to feel a brutal very intense orgasm. My cunt clenched hard and I arched my back, spreading my hips and pressing back against the stranger’s cock.
Then I güvenilir bahis siteleri groaned into his hand and let myself cum. He leaned forward and growled in my ear as now he slowly stroked his cock in and out of my body.
The stranger took his hand off my mouth and tilted my head back. He kissed me deeply and then I begged him to cum in my stretched cunt…
That was more motivation than he needed. The stranger grabbed a fistful of my hair again and steadied his stance. I braced myself for his fucking.
I knew it was going to be hard and I was right.
It was more than I could take, but I could not stop him. He was very fast and each stroke he pulled out and drove all the way to the hilt. His entire body was being thrown against mine. I could feel his balls slapping on my clit…
He just kept fucking me like a machine. I felt I was in a trance. My cunt now was sore and weak. But then I felt another wild orgasm rolling across my womb as I started squirting on the stranger’s cock again.
It was more than the man could take. He was finally done. He fell onto my back, shoving his cock deep inside of my cunt again.
He wrapped his arm around my neck and held me tight while he drove his hips forward. His warm cum spilled out of his cock and filled my sore pussy.
The stranger gasped for air and then he left a bite mark on my shoulder
I just gasped in pain and pleasure. The man kept thrusting into my womb.
A while later he pulled out and he slapped my buttocks.
Then he shoved his tongue deep between my swollen pussy lips.
I gripped the console; moaning and cursing at the windshield again. The stranger was licking circles around my well used and abused pussy, cleaning up the mess we had met.
I felt whorish. I had never been licked after such a good brutal fucking…
But the stranger was enjoying that and I was enjoying it even more.
The bastard made me come again onto his tongue. As my orgasm subsided, my cell phone rang out. It was Victor. He said he was now catching the plane to Buenos Aires.
He said he was sorry by leaving before fixing our car at the mechanic workshop. But then he added I should not worry, because my loving hubby had begged a friend to pick me up at the office and drive me home safely.
He warned me that his friend owned a light blue car…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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