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Two BBCs in three days.
In my last story, I recounted the first time I was fucked. It was an eye opening experience. While I really enjoyed the act, it left me feeling a little vulnerable. I returned home from that business trip and spent the next couple of weeks thinking about what I had done. To recap for those that did not read my prior stories, I am middle aged man (48) in a sexless marriage. I have a couple of teenage k**s and a dog. Other than the lack of intimacy, things are pretty good. Due to the lack of sex, I went from watching porn to satisfy my urges to becoming a submissive sissy to satisfy them. I am 6’2” and about 180 pounds. I am in decent shape for my age and I exercise regularly. I am a pretty hairy guy so that makes the sissy fulfillment a little tough as I would raise some eyebrows at home if I started shaving my body hair. Instead, to fulfill my sissy desires, I would dress in skin covering clothes (e.g. yoga pants, dark hose, long sleeve blouses/dresses).

Up to this point in time, I had three encounters. The first two I provided oral sex and the most recent one, I got fucked. After thinking about the ramifications of my actions, I reconciled with myself on what I had done and, inevitably, I started to hunger for more. Once again, I returned to Reddit and the local personals. There wasn’t much action but after a couple of days, I hit the jackpot. I came across a posting from a black dude looking for a submissive to service him. It sounded too good to be true but I responded. I eventually heard back from the guy and we traded messages for the next couple of days. He was currently out of town in Nashville visiting family but was returning before the weekend. I know I am not like a lot of people when it comes to personal ads. Too many people, in my opinion, start asking for pics and do not spend enough time on whether the other party is an okay match. I would rather make sure that I can trust the other party before I see what he/she looks like. I always want to make sure that health and hygiene are good as I do not want to take any health risks. I also want to make sure that the other party is not some psycho waiting to harvest my internal organs. ; ) In any event, this approach doesn’t always work but it does allow me to click better when I come across someone with the same priorities. In this case, he was also adamant about wanting to make sure that there were no health risks. He told me that he was in his mid 40s and that he doesn’t date. Instead, he has a couple of married white women that he periodically sees. However, he was looking for something more regular and liked the idea of having a submissive sissy service him.

After a couple of days of conversing, he wanted to know if I could come over on the weekend. I had some availability on Sunday morning and we finally hit the point where we asked each other for some pics. I sent him a body shot of me and he sent me a picture of his manhood. Wow! All I could think of is…wow! His dick was HUGE. He told me that he was 9+ inches and six inches around at the base. My mouth immediately started watering for that massive piece of meat. I immediately agreed to see him and he gave me his address. I was rock hard just thinking about sucking that massive dick and I couldn’t wait to see him.

On Sunday morning, I drove over to his apartment. I was incredibly excited but when I saw his building, a little trepidation creeped in. The building wasn’t awful but it did give me pause and all of a kaçak casino sudden I was a little worried about going into a strange dudes apartment with nobody knowing where I was. As I sat outside of his building, I messaged a sissy “friend” that I corresponded with on I told him about my pending meeting and asked him to watch for me to send him a note in a couple of hours. If he didn’t hear from me, at least someone would know where I was. My friend was cool and encouraged me and also cautioned me to be careful. With that last bit of concern taken care of, I messaged the guy and told him that I was at his building.

I got a message back that he was on his way down to let me in. I stood in the building vestibule, a little nervous and a lot excited. After a couple of moments, I heard someone coming down the stairs and then the door opened. I immediately relaxed. I was greeted by a black man. He was about 5’8” a little overweight, short hair and a beard and mustache. He wasn’t a handsome dude but he wasn’t ugly. A typical guy. We shook hands and he led me up to his apartment. He was on the second floor and we walked to his door, he opened it and he let me in. He lives in a one bedroom apartment, pretty sparsely furnished but pretty organized. He immediately started undressing and told me to get comfortable. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and it didn’t take him long to get naked. I just removed my shoes but kept the rest of my clothes on. Once he was naked, he sat down on his couch. He had a couple of pillows that he placed on the hardwood floor in front of him and he beckoned me over. I noticed that his television was on and that he had the internet humming through his playstation with a porn streaming site displayed. However, my attention was quickly captured by his magnificent cock.

I went over to his couch and dropped down to my knees on the cushions that he provided and I just stared at his massive dick. He was only semi-hard but it was already an impressive size. On my knees, I just stared at it and smiled. I gently took it in my right hand and felt it. Amazing! At my touch, it twitched a little and got a little harder. My mouth was watering and I really wanted to put it in my mouth. As I moved my face a little closer, I grabbed it with my left hand. I cupped it in the palm of my left hand while I let the fingers of my right hand move up and down the topside of his shaft and head. He continued to get harder – and bigger! I licked my lips as I watched and felt his massive dick. I then moved my left hand down to cup his balls as I let my right hand slowly and gently stroke his shaft. I knew I would not have an issue getting the length of his cock in my throat but feeling the size of his shaft in my right hand, I wasn’t sure if my mouth was big enough to get around the base of his meat stick.

He just grunted in approval as I continued to stroke him. As an aside, at this point we did not know each other’s name. He just looked at me and said “do you like that, sissy?” I just moaned in approval and told him his cock was gorgeous. I then dropped down and kissed the head of his cock. It tasted great! He also smelled nice. He clearly had just showered and I continued to thank my lucky stars that all of my encounters had been with dudes that were conscious of their hygiene. I continued to kiss the head of his cock and I let his dick rub up against my chin, my cheeks and the rest of my face. The warmth that emanated from his cock casino oyna was intoxicating.

At that point, I could wait any longer and I opened my mouth to take him inside. He moaned, I moaned, and I started sucking on the head like I had found a lost lollipop. I was in heaven as I felt his cock inside my mouth. Slowly, I started taking more and more of it into my mouth, making sure that I got his dick has wet as possible. I needed to get this monster into my throat. Up and down I went, each time I little farther. Eventually, I felt his massive head at the entrance to my throat. I paused, then pushed and felt him slide into my throat. He let out an audible moan and I continued to push until my lips were at the base of his shaft. I pulled back up and looked into his eyes. He looked at me and told me to be careful as my teeth were scr****g on his shaft. I apologized and told him that I had never had anything this thick in my mouth before. He just smiled and told me to keep sucking. I continued to slide my mouth up and down on his magnificent cock. I did not go all the way down so as to keep my teeth from scr****g against him. He grunted and told me that my mouth felt like a pussy. I was glowing from the compliment.

After a couple of minutes, I started stroking him with my right hand while I continued to move my mouth/throat up and down. He continued to moan in appreciation and I started moving faster. He told me to keep that up and after a few more strokes, he told me he was going to cum. I held his massive head just inside my mouth while my tongue swirled around the tip and my right hand continued to stroke him. He grunted and soon my mouth was filled with his spunk. He tasted great. He shot a nice load into my mouth and I eagerly swallowed it all.

I took my mouth off of his cock and started licking his shaft. I watched for any remaining cum that may ooze out of his slit and I quickly lapped up the additional jizz. He took a deep breath and complimented me on my technique and thanked me for the blow job. “You suck cock better than any woman I have ever been with.” I blushed a little and just said “Thank you.” I continued to nuzzle his dick and told him that unless he says otherwise, I would continue to keep sucking on his massive dick. After a few minutes, he started to get hard again and I went back to town.

I almost regretted continuing to suck him, almost. I spent the next 45 minutes working on him to get a second orgasm out of him. My knees started aching, my neck was getting sore, and I was sweating up a storm. However, I continued to be on cloud nine as I worshipped his beautiful cock. He watched porn as I worked on his. It was kind of a turn-on to have him focused on videos that I couldn’t see while I sucked him. I could tell that he was a fan of big titted milfs as he was playing vids of Janet Mason and the chick from the Wifey vids. Eventually, he was ready to cum again and I eagerly swallowed every drop. My mouth, knees, back, shoulders, and neck were all incredibly sore but I just sat back against the couch and relished the taste of his cum in my mouth. Despite the soreness, I was feeling euphoric.
I sat there for a couple of minutes watching the porn that was on the screen and this guy (I still did not know his name) started talking to me about the women on screen like I was just another dude. He asked me which pornstars I liked (I told him that given his tastes he should check out Ava Addams and Angela White). We chatted for a little canlı casino siteleri while longer, he even asked me if I wanted a beer or something else to drink. I demurred, thanked him and got my shoes back on and took off. He walked me down the stairs and I thanked him one last time and told him I would love to do it again. He smiled and said he would very much like this to be a semi-regular thing. As I left, he told me his name was Paul. I gave him mine and I headed out.

Just like my first time, the drive home was a blur. I was on cloud nine thinking about his beautiful cock and how I was able to provide him with pleasure and got him to cum twice. I loved it! The next couple of days, I was constantly day dreaming about his fabulous dick. Just for kicks, I was on Reddit a couple of days later, looking at the postings when I came across another BBC looking for a blowjob. No way, right? There is no chance I could get lucky twice in three days…could I? On a lark, I responded to the ad and about 40 minutes later, I got a response. The dude was way on the south side, about 50 minutes from where I worked. My schedule was open that afternoon and I told him that I would leave right now if we were of the same mind. We then traded pics. Not again??? This guy’s cock was gorgeous. No where near as thick as Paul’s but every bit as long. I was immediately salivating. We agreed to meet and I slipped out of work and headed to his house.

Almost exactly 50 minutes later, I texted him that I was pulling up. I got out of my car and rang his door bell and he immediately opened it to let me in. This guy was hot! I am talking Denzel Washington type of looks. He was a little thick, not fat but muscular and broad chested but very good looking. He smiled as he let me in and I could smell that he must have just finished a blunt and he was floating. He escorted me into his living room and just dropped his shorts. His cock was already semi-hard and it beckoned me toward it. I immediately got down on my knees and put my hand out to gently stroke it. It felt wonderful. I wasted no time and started sucking on that beautiful piece of fuck meat. He immediately got hard and I was feeling him at the back of my throat. Since he was not nearly as thick has Paul’s cock, I was able to easily gobble down his pole and had my lips pressed against his abdomen in no time. He let out an audible gasp, grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my throat. It felt great! The combination of being helpless, but also giving pleasure to someone had my heart rate soaring. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few moments. He grunted and started shooting his spunk directly into my stomach. I forced my mouth back up to the head of his cock so that I could taste him. What remaining jizz I was able to capture was delicious. I suckled on him for a couple of more moments and then sat back on my knees. He smiled at me and said “Thanks bro, I really needed that.” He then proceeded to put his shorts back on. I took that as my cue to make my exit. I thanked him and told him to let me know if I could ever help him out again.

I got back into my car and started driving home. I looked at my watch and realized that I was in his house for less than 10 minutes total. Boy, that was a long drive for such a quick session. But his cock was amazing and I was glad to help him out. Once again, I really felt like a sissy, available to provide satisfaction to dudes with big cocks. I felt my own little cock harden in my pants as I thought about that on the way home. What an incredible week! Less than five months previous, I had never even been with another man and now, here I was, sucking two BBCs in three days. I felt fantastic.

Next up. I become Paul’s sissy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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