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The deal : her ass for grandkids
I had just finished another argument with my mother over me not finding a wife and providing her with grandc***dren. We’ve been having these arguments once a week now. Before, it wasn’t so bad. She’d get on me about not having a wife and c***dren every couple of months. I was becoming sick and tired listening to the same bullshit. She just wouldn’t get off my back.

I think all this arguing stems from the time when I was a boy. Back then, my mother always wanted more k**s around, but my father felt one was enough. So, when I didn’t hold on to girlfriends for longer than a year at a time, my mother saw this as a sign that I would turn out just like my dad and never have any k**s. My father has since passed on and mother lives alone in their house. She’s a real hotty even now at the age of 42. She has a cute round face, permed black hair, and heavy tits. Her best feature, in my horny opinion, is her plump round ass. I can’t begin to tell you how many loads I’ve released thinking about fucking that juicy ass of hers.

My name is Paul and I live across town in a two-bedroom apartment since I couldn’t stay at home anymore while my mother pestered me about her not having grandk**s. Mother was visiting today as she does every Friday. Today she was dressed in some tight jeans which molded perfectly around her soft ass and a designer t-shirt, which proudly showed off her round milk jugs. Her legs were crossed at the knee as she rocked her foot to-and-fro. She always took this pose when she was upset with me about this topic. I sat across from her admiring her little girl’s pout. She looked like she could suck the skin off a hard cock if she wanted to.

“Honey, what do I have to do to get you off your ass and find a nice girl who will give me grandk**s?”

“C’mon, mom. It’s not that simple. Besides, even if I found a girl, I’d still have to date her for a year or more. Then we’d have to move in together for another year or so to see if we were really compatible. Then marriage and k**s. Were talking about six years not including the year for her to give birth to my c***d.”

“Sweetie you wouldn’t have to wait so long. Jessica-you know Mrs. Wilson’s daughter-has been wanting for you to take her out for a long time now. She thinks you’re really cute.”

“I know mother. You keep reminding me of that, but she just doesn’t do it for me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? She’s very pretty and smart and comes from a good family. I don’t see…”

“That’s right mom. You don’t see–at least not with a man’s eyes. Jessica is pretty and smart as you say, but she doesn’t have the equipment I look for in a woman.”

“And what kind of equipment is that?” I could see the determined look on her face. When she gets like this, there’s no stopping her. I really put my foot in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my mouth now.

“Forget it, mom. Let’s change the subject.”

“Oh no you don’t mister. If I’m going to help you to help me, I want to know what my son desires in a woman.” I threw my arms up in frustration and let it all out.

“Okay mom, you want to know? I’ll tell you then. I need a woman with a round juicy ass! Jessica is as flat as a board. I can’t do a thing with an ass like that. I need cheeks I can bury my face in. Got it!” I got up and went to my bedroom and slammed the door.

An hour later, mother knocked on the door and asked me to come out for dinner. If it wasn’t for my rumbling stomach, I would’ve stayed in my room all night until she left. We ate mostly in silence until she began to apologize for pushing me so hard.

“Paul, you must think me a terrible mother. Here I am pushing you to go out and find a girl without even taking the time to find out what my very own son likes in a woman. I never even considered your feelings. Can you forgive me, Paul?”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just forget the whole thing.” After dinner, we relaxed on the couch watching a movie when an idea popped into my head–scratch that: It was the mother of all ideas. Mom wanted grandk**s and I wanted a nice fat ass to fuck. We could give each other what we wanted. Now, if it wasn’t for lust, I would never have had the balls to even suggest this to her. But, I’m a man and she’s a hot ass woman.



“I think I have a solution to our problem. You know about me not giving you grandk**s.” Since this was her favorite subject, she gave me her undivided attention.

“Tell me, sweetie.”

“What if I told you of a way where I could start making a baby almost immediately while getting what I want in return which is a nice, pardon my French, ass.”

“That would be wonderful. How? Just tell me and momma will help you out.”

“I was kind of hoping you would say that because it would require your help in a big way.”

“Okay, but I don’t understand. C’mon and tell me already. Don’t keep me in suspense.”

“Promise me you won’t get mad and go crazy when I tell you this.”

“Yes, I promise. Now can you please tell me what it is already?” I took a moment to compose myself.

“Mom, if you give me free rein to your beautiful, mouth-watering ass, I’ll pump you full of so much sperm, you’ll have all the k**s you could ever want. As many as you like.” Holy shit! Did I just say that? How is it that a man’s dick can get him into some of the craziest situations imaginable?

Well, after turning several shades of red my mom sat there staring right at me to see if I was really serious, or crazy, or both. I couldn’t stop my cock from getting hard as images of her luscious ass invaded my thoughts. When güvenilir bahis şirketleri the look of shock disappeared from her face, she began to talk again.

“Let me get this straight: You want to have sex with my ass and in exchange you’ll give me k**s. All the k**s I could want. Is that right, Paul?”

“Uh… yes m-mom. That’s right.” I gave her a weak smile and closed my eyes waiting for the big slap to come. Instead, I heard some rustling. When the slap never came, I slowly opened my eyes and stared at two of the roundest ass cheeks ever seen by any man, splayed open by her pretty manicured hands. Her pink rosebud was stretched and winking. She was leaning over the back of the couch on her knees with her double D’s hanging over the edge. I saw a thin line of pussy juice dripping down her inner thigh. I could only groan in paralysis at the sight before me. She looked over her shoulder and held my eyes with a smirk on her face.


I didn’t need to be asked twice. The speed at which I undressed would’ve gotten me in the Guinness Book of World Records. Free of my clothes, I let my bobbing cock lead the way to her upturned ass. I looked down and saw how my dick was pulsing with two fat veins that crisscrossed by the head of my shaft. My foreskin was taut around my iron-erect glans. It made me feel like I could piledrive my mother’s ass without the need for lube.

I knelt behind her on the couch and grabbed her meaty thighs. I shoved my face deep into her crack and lapped away at her shitter. My tongue-tip wormed itself into her sweet pucker, using the drool which slid down the sides of my tongue as lube. Her soft sphincter parted allowing me to feast on her striated ring.

As is usually the case when a guy eats a woman’s ass, his nose gets wet from all the saliva that been left behind on her buttcheeks. On top of that, the scent of saliva and ass invade his nostrils, like it was doing mine at the moment. Yet, those things don’t deter a real ass lover while he’s feasting on two round spheres of succulent ass.

The problem with having my mother’s ass drenched in drool was that it made it difficult for me to properly bite into the plump portion of assmeat closest to her crack. Each time I’d attempt to bite into some dough, my teeth would slide along her skin, making it near impossible for me to anchor myself. Left with no other choice, I opted to keep licking up and down her moist crack, swiping my tongue like I was licking a delicious popsicle sold from the local ice cream man.

When my tongue began to tire, I pulled my head back to look at her twitching anus and my prick immediately jerked a couple of times. I swear I almost came right on the spot. No woman has ever had this affect on me. I wouldn’t trade place with anyone in the world right canlı bahis şirketleri now. There’s nothing and I mean nothing like having your own mother offer her ass to you so you can eat and fuck it till your heart’s content. And that’s exactly what I was going to do, at least the second part since I already did the first.

I mounted my beautiful mother’s ass and pressed the large, bulbous head against her slick anus. “I’m going to fuck your ass now, Mom. Last chance to back down,” I muttered, hoping she wouldn’t. I so wanted to fuck her heart-shaped ass.

“Baby, nothing is going to stop your mother from having those k**s. You should know that by now, silly.” That’s all I needed to hear. Without another second of delay, I pushed against the bumpy membrane which blocked my way and forced it to sink in. Her anus simultaneously dilated and slid around the purple knob of my stiff cock with the one purpose of swallowing it whole. The gripping power of her rectal muscle sent a jolt through my spine. Her sphincter expertly massaged the bundle of nerves embedded within the crown of my dick.

Unfortunately, for me, the past ten minutes of ass munching had overloaded my senses to the point where my aching nut sack desperately had to release its contents. I tried to prevent the inevitable by clenching my ass cheeks and stop the flow of cum that was making its way into my urethra. But it was already too late so I figured I’d just help it along by sliding the large crown of my dick in and out, stretching her snug anal ring in the process.

I was moaning with each thrust of my cock. The tension was building in my loins rapidly spreading to the pit of my stomach and then out to my arms. My grip around her waist became tighter as I neared orgasm. Then my body seized, forcing me to stop in midstroke. My teeth clenched and the muscles in my jaw became taut. I cried out from the immense pleasure my mother’s ass was giving me and fired rope after rope of thick, scalding cum deep into her ass.

Mom was going to be pushing out babies on a yearly basis if I had anything to say about it. This ass was just too damn good to give up.

When I pulled my cock out of my mother’s ass, I left a round, gaping hole where a beautiful pink anus used to be. Her rosy sphincter was traumatized and didn’t close up for quite some time. For me, it was the most erotic sight my eyes ever beheld. And to think it was all because of my mom and her desire for grandk**s.

Speaking of k**s, she put me to work by the end of the week, filling her maternal womb with large amounts of my potent sperm. Without my knowledge, she had gone and gotten herself some fertility d**gs which helped a lot in getting her knocked up. Actually, it helped a little too much and gave us twins the first time around. The year after it was another two. I had to sit her down after that and talk some sense into her or she’d be pushing out another two or three more.

It’s been almost ten years after that first time I fucked her ass and we’re still going strong. I find fucking my mother’s ass to be the best form of birth control and the best kind of sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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