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The Breakfast Bar (forbidden Fruit’s)
Nasima was moaning in the kitchen, having a naughty breakfast. The next door neighbour just pushed his big fat Jamaican Dick into my beautiful Indian pussy.

I was bent over leaning on my breakfast bar. my shalwar Kameez (Indian dress) pulled over my firm Indian bum. Nasima was urging him to fuck harder.

I was so Horny, My pussy was loving the feeling off his big black Cock, pumping my soaking wet pussy bent over the Breakfast Bar.

I felt like naughty Indian wife. while my Husband, was away on on his business trip.

Nasima liked flirting, I’ve heard someone call me a Indian Milf before, I loved that naughty thought.

Nasima was willing to Make my dreams a reality. finally Dwain was Dick meets my Tight Indian Pussy.

I was a married women, I was living with my family in a good home, living a very comfortable life. I love my Husband.

The next-door neighbor, Dwain was a 28 year old, he lived next-door. You must know about Dwain from part one.

My Husband was Away for a few days I was free, no fear of being caught by any one.

The Families gets on well, with my next door neighbours. I was making breakfast.

The door bell rang and my neighbour entered my home Dwain follows me to the kitchen.

Nasima was ready to make the booty call.

I knew this boy was a hot fuck. I wanted his big black cock. in my tight Indian pussy.

My beautiful curvy body, thick thighs spread open, my Arse pushed back . Leaning over the breakfast bar, Dwain firm hands, massaging my bum. he spanked my arse. I gave him a naughty twerk.

” Oh. Dwain fuck my pussy with your big black cock, I am in need of it. Please give him to me baby boy”.

“I moaned. Dwain pushed his black cock into my tight Indian pussy”

Dwain was grinding on my Bum. His Masculine arms around my curvy body squeezing my Tits.

” Oh. Dwain fuck my pussy with your big black cock, stop teasing me Baby, Oh slide him in baby” Mmmmm

Oh Fuck, Fuck, Where Fucked!

Mr Shah my father-in-law. entered the house unannounced. with his set of keys.

Caught in the act

He heard the moans of his Naughty daughter in law, while I was bent over the breakfast bar,

Dwain was behind me with my Shalwar trousers (Indian dress) pulled down canlı bahis siteleri to my ankles, my Indian dress was hooked over my bum.

Dwain stood behind me, grabbing my hips, his big black cock, pushed in, to my wet Indian pussy.

Dwain slides his cock deeper into my wet pussy, I was so wet, and horny, I was moaning.


“Oh Dwain your cocks, so big, your cock feels so good, my Indian pussy is soaking wet baby”

Dwain Your cock is bigger then my Husbands cock, “I love him Dwain”.

Fuck me baby, oh baby boy, fuck me harder, your black cock is huge. Your deep inside my tight Indian Pussy. Fuck me baby. Oh Fuck me harder baby.


Mr. Shah stunned to hear that name. He knew the next-door neighbours well.

He took a peek inside the room and looked through the open sliding door, leading to the kitchen and The breakfast bar .

Dwain was giving his naughty daughter in law his big black cock, my squirting

Pussy juice Dripping down my legs

my Father-in-law carried on watching. Walking into the Kitchen . Coming through the door abruptly. Dwain and Nasima both surprised to see him. Nasima was not expecting him.

Dwain pulled his cock out I gave it up with a moan, we both stood there in silence.

Dwain pulled my dress down covering up my naked arse and Jameel pulled his jeans up and ran out.

My Father-in-law, came closer he said, “What was that Daughter in law.

Nasima mumbled am sorry Daddy .” He ignored my apologise and asked,

” how long, has this been, going on?”

I was unable to speak. He smiled

The Blackmailer

“my son will be shocked by this, He said he will tell my husband. He might leave you, What do you think Nasima?”

“No please daddy you can’t tell him, anything. It may ruin my life. Please Daddy? (Father in law)

I promise you that I will never do such things again.

I looked to him and I saw him checking me out, looking at my curvy body. Watching his Naughty Daughter-in-law.

We fucked in the Utility room, Father in law, fingered me when we went to the Cinema. To watch the latest Bollywood Movie.

What’s coming next, for Nasima ?

Nasima caught Her Father-in-law, Perving so I was Teasing the old man. Nasima perabet giriş knew what she was doing. Playing around with the old pervert.

Nasima giggled again, and tells Her Father-in-law, “Daddy I saw you spying, I watched you Wanking off?”

Father-in-law, didn’t say anything and started to turn red, feeling embarrassed. Nasima smiled widened, getting closer to Daddy. (Father-in-law).

Daddy noticed, what was happening he decided, he needed to stop it. He tells Nasima, “You have cheated, on my Son again Nasima.”

“Oh Daddy, You have you know you want me again, Daddy you love your Horny Daughter-in-law.

Nasima giggled, with a smile, placing a finger by my mouth. I inserted my middle finger into my mouth and I sucked on it. for a little while. Then I removed my Fingers from my Mouth.

Moving my hand, between my legs, Nasima inserted the same middle finger into my sticky pussy. Nasima started to masturbate in front of Her Father-in-law.

“what are you doing Nasima?,” Daddy shouts.

“I am getting ready for what’s about to happen,” Nasima said still smiling and rubbing my juicy Pussy lips.

“Please stop” Father-in-law, Tell’s Nasima.

Nasima noticed that Daddy was fully erect. Noticing the Pitched up Bulge. I moved in for the kill.

Nasima moved closer to Daddy, told him, “Why don’t you take off your Trousers Daddy. Your Sons away for a few days.

Daddy take your underwear off please, whip out that cock of yours, and let me do what a woman is supposed to do for her best men, pleasure them. You can fuck me hard, make my tits bounce Daddy,”

while I was massaging my Boobs. Over my Shalwar Kameez (Indian Dress). ”

Nasima asked her Father-in-law, “let me suck that cock of yours Daddy.”

Father-in-law suddenly moved backwards. Nasima didn’t know if he was going to run for the door, or stay.

Nasima could easily see that Daddies, member was sticking out, like a thick stick from his Trousers. Father-in-law, then started to undo his belt. Nasima knew he wanted to fuck me again.

Daddy got his belt off and pulled his Trousers down with some speed I must add. Then he slides his underpants off.

Oh Fuck, my Father-in-law was ready for another Hot fuck.

Nasima was glad to see his cock bouncing perabet güvenilir mi out. with a big smile, looking at the large member. Daddy moved over me with purpose and grabbed my head.

Nasima knew what to do and quickly grabbed father-in-laws cock and inserted it into my mouth.

I wished Dwain stayed I wanted him to finish fucking me.

Nasima was how sucking, father-in-laws cock, Daddy shuts his eyes. getting a massive amount of pleasure looking down onto His Daughter-in-law, Nasima looked up to Her Daddy, while I continue to suck his cock. Then Nasima used her other hand to message Dads hairy balls,

which got a great reaction from My-father in-law.

He was enjoying every minute of it. Daddy looked down to check my large breasts still wearing my Shalwar Kameez (Indian Dress).

Nasima was so excited, and Daddy could tell. My lips was sliding up and down over his hard cock. I was slurping and licking Dads Cock. Gave his cock so many kisses.

Nasima stopped sucking Her father-in-laws and I started to Wank him off.

I looked up at Daddy and said, “You want to fuck me hard, make these tities bounce?”

“Damn right Daughter ,” Daddy said forcibly. He pulled away from Me.

Nasima started to take Dads, shirt buttons off. I pulled my Shalwar Kameez Pants down.

My father-in-law pulled me closer to Him, lifting up my Indian dress, he pulls my White Thong to one side. Slides his middles. Finger through my Soaking wet pussy lips.

The Family Room

Nasima Suggested to my Father-in-law, “lets go into the Living room Daddy.

Daddy removed his clothing and Sat down on the couch. Nasima Removed the top half of the Shalwar Kameez, spreading my legs over Daddy to greet him with a kiss.

Nasima lined up Dads cock He moved his cock around, my love hole, teasing me.

He then thrust it in and held nothing back. He started fucking Nasima hard

Nasima big breasts bouncing up and down. There was no denying what was happening. I buried Daddies face between my 36EE Firm and Perky Titties.

Daddy kissed my Tits, Sucking on his Daughter-in-laws Erect Brown nipples.

Nasima was riding on Her Father-in-laws cock. He was slamming my tight pussy I was grinding on his cock. Riding daddies Cock in my Family room

My Father-in-law, requested I get off him. I sat on the living room floor and I sucked my father in laws cock daddy dipped his hairy balls into my mouth I sucked and kicked daddy hairy balls

Daddy shoots his love juice all over my Tits. Dripping down to my thick Thighs

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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