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This is a work of fiction. Everyone is 18+.

I like to call it The Adventures of Dad Bod, Part 3.

Let me tell you a little story about CC and her sister Micki. Little did I know they had been lovers for years now! Years. I always had thought of her sister as a little dirty nasty girl. She never had anything nice to say and was always scowling. The word was she fucked anything that walked. And I got that info from her Dad! Well little did I know, her sister was still virginal when it comes to men, has only been with a woman and never penetrated by a man. Looks can be deceiving. Let’s get going on this steamy tryst, shall we?


Friday night, I arrived home from work when CC did. Cars in the garage, we went inside. We took a quick shower and teased each other with some dirty talk and fondling. All in preparation for her sister arriving in an hour.

CC put on a t shirt and some shorts. Her little belly protruding. Her nipples poking through the thin material. She was HOT!!!!

I put on my usual weekend shorts and t shirt. This time leaving the underwear off.

When Micki arrived, I greeted her at the door. She had a small bag and was dressed in yoga pants and a t shirt. I closed the door and walked behind her. “Mmmmm. Same ass as CC! maybe a little bigger.” I thought.

She greeted CC in the kitchen and gave her a big hug and a kiss.

“Well little sis, you look great! Pregnancy sure fits you! Look at your titties!! Almost as big as mine!” Micki teased, also throwing a little evil grin at me.

“I will never have as big as tits as you. Perkier, yes. Bigger? Nope. You got Mom’s tits. I got Aunt Becky….”

Both sisters laughed. We sat at the table and ate. I had some Jack, CC drank water and Micki had a tequila. We talked for about an hour. Finally, CC stood up and asked if we should retire to the bedroom. We were all in agreement. I knew CC was horny and wet. I teased her in the shower. Micki on the other hand I had no idea. I did not know how this would play out. When we got to the bedroom. CC and Micki undressed. I was shocked to see Micki. She was toned, big tits, a little waist and a nice big round bottom. Micki was shaved smooth. Her unpenetrated slit was pink and glistened a little. I undressed giving Micki her first view of my cock.

“Damn CC. He is thick! You little slut!”

“I learned from the best, Micki and that’s you!” CC giggled.

Micki kissed CC and they went to the bed. Quickly, they were all over each other. Each had a face buried in each other’s crotch. Licking furiously. Trying to be the first one to get off. I sat on the end of the bed and ataşehir escort watched. It was all I could do. Then I caught CC’s eye. She was on the bottom of a 69 with her sister’s ass planted on her face. She nodded her head for me to join. I kissed my wife and tasted her sister on her lips. She was delicious. CC went back to work on her sister’s clit and I devoured her ass. I hand my hands on either ass cheek spreading her apart. Her pink hole was tight. CC was close to cumming I could see it on her face. She tightened up and moaned as Micki got her off.

Micki turned to me and asked to sit on my face.

“My sis says you eat pussy like a pro. I want to find out!”

I dropped onto my back and she mounted my face. She worked my face like it was her personal saddle. I licked and sucked her until she came. She squirted fluid all over my face and chest. It was warm and almost sweet.

“My fucking hell. No one has made me squirt before! I have managed to myself but never with someone.”

CC came to my and kissed me, licking her sister’s juices from my lips and chin. She was smiling and very happy. CC spun her hips and mounted my cock. She leaned back and put her hands on my chest. Micki was between our legs.

“Lick my pussy Micki, lick it with my lovers cock in me. Mmmmmm, suck my clit.” She was quite aroused.

Micki started in on my balls. Sucking each one in and tasting her sister’s juices that had dripped from her eager pussy. I was close also.

I told them both That I was going to cum.

CC growled, “Fuck, I am cumming again…keep fucking and licking me!!”

She straightened up and squeezed my cock in her pussy. I released my first load. Micki watched my cock pump her sister full of cum.

“That was awesome. You will have no problems having a baby. That cock is thick!! He stretched you wide!!” Micki moaned.

“When is it my turn. When do I get to lose my virginity?”

CC crawled off me and flopped on the bed. She was still quivering. Little orgasms still raking her body.

Micki grabbed my cock and sucked me into her mouth. Her sisters and my juices still covering the thing. I was not soft. Still hard and ready to go.

“Fuck, old man. Do you ever go soft?”

“Not tonight Micki. You wanted a threesome and to get fucked, well tonight is your lucky night. I am going to fuck all 3 of your holes as well as your sisters. Tonight, you will both be my cum sluts. Is that OK with your 2?”

Micki agreed and CC was rubbing her clit furiously. She only nodded her head.

Micki laid on her back and parted her legs. I went to work licking kadıköy escort bayan her and getting her ready for penetration.

“I can’t take it anymore. FUCK MY VIRGIN PUSSY!!” Micki growled.

I poised my cock head at her pink, moist opening. I pushed and my head entered. She groaned and told me to push more. I felt a little pressure and a slight pop when I broke her seal. She was really a virgin! Was!!

She asked me to go slow and I followed her instructions. Once we developed a good rhythm, I went faster and harder. She loved every second. Her moans were load. Her hands were all over her big tits. Her nipples swollen. CC fond Micki’s clit and massaged her. She came right away. Her first penetrating orgasm was strong. I kept pumping. CC had now settled onto her sisters face and was facing me. As I fucked her sister, CC kissed me. Deeply. Passionately. She was in love with me and was showing it. I whispered in her ear that I needed to cum.

She pushed harder onto her sisters face and had an orgasm.

“I’m cumming Micki!” I moaned.

Micki had another orgasm and pulled my hips towards her wet pussy. I ejaculated into Micki with force. 6 or 7 streams I dumped into her. When I pulled out, my cum was dripping from her. CC was smiling. Micki was satisfied. I was happy.

“Let’s take a break. I need some water and from the looks of it, both of you also need some. I will be right back.”

When I returned the girls were sitting on the bed talking. CC said she wanted me to fuck Micki again so she could eat my cum from her sisters pussy. I did as asked. I fucked Micki, long and hard. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. I was once again getting ready to unload into my wife’s sister’s cunt. My breathing heavy and raspy I came into Micki’s pussy. I pulled out and CC took my place. She sucked every bit of love juice I had just deposited from her sisters soaking hole. Micki came again. It was too much for me and I slipped behind CC and entered her from the rear. Her pussy swallowed my cock. I fucked her like she likes. Slow and easy with little streaks of hard fucking mixed in. Soon she was cumming.

She came hard and fell onto her sister’s body. Her sister pushed her off and got on her hands and knees.

“You want my asshole? No one has ever been in there also.” Micki moaned in desperation.

I grabbed the lube from CC’s drawer and gave my cock and her ass a good coating. I pushed my still swollen cock head into her tight pink hole. She gasped when I entered her. I slid my entire length into her tight puckered hole and started thrusting. Her screams were loud. escort maltepe I didn’t care. I fucked her ass hard.

“DON’T FUCKING STOP! FUCK MY ASSHOLE, TEAR ME APART. CUM IN MY ASS!” Micki was enjoying everything I could give her. Unbeknownst to me CC had slid a hand between Micki’s legs and was masturbating her sister. Suddenly I felt what I imagined was a hand on the other side of the thin wall between vagina and rectum.

“I have my hand in your cunt Micki. I can feel his cock impaling your ass.” CC moaned.

Good thing CC had small hands. Her sister’s pussy was a tight fit. Her hand had to have filled her up. I pulled from Micki’s ass so I could see CC fisting her sister. Her little hand was moving slow, making sure Micki could handle it. It was amazing she was able to take a hand.

I pushed back into Micki’s asshole. I fucked her hard. I could feel CC’s hand. CC reached up and grabbed my heavy sack and pulled on me. The little jolt of pleasurable pain set me off. I pumped cum into Micki’s ass. I was finally spent. My limp cock sliding from that beautiful pink ass.

CC was relentless with her fisting of her sister. I watched in amazement as she got her sister off numerous times. Micki was near exhaustion. She had come so many times. Her body was tired. Finally, she mumbled, “Uncle. I can’t take anymore. You 2 are freaks!”

CC pulled her hand from her sister. The lewd slurping noise was fabulous. I don’t know why but that noise makes me fucking crazy. Micki laid there breathing hard, trying to relax. CC wanted to cum and was close with all the activity that was happening. Just the visual was almost enough to drive her over the edge. I licked her swollen box. I slid a finger in and found her clit. Just a few licks later she was cumming. She was spent also. We all were. It was 3am when we finally stopped. We had been going at it since 8pm.

We all settled in on the bed and fell asleep. I had my beautiful wife on one side of me and her gorgeous sister on the other. I slept well that night. When I awoke about 10am, neither of the girls were in bed. I found them in the kitchen eating breakfast.

“Good morning old mad.” Micki said as I entered.

“Good morning you 2. How did you sleep?”

Micki replied, “Like I had been fucked hard and put away wet.”

CC laughed and poured me a cup of coffee.

“Glad you all slept well. What’s on the schedule for today?” I asked sipping my coffee.

“We are going shopping for a few things and then we will be back to get serviced by that never-ending erection of yours.” Micki said.

CC smiled. “I like that idea.”

“Get rested up big boy. You will need it.” Micki said winking at her sister.

They both grabbed their purses and left to shop. Giggling as they left.

I reveled in my luckiness and thought about what I could do to them today.

“Anything I want!”

To be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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