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Penny woke up at 7.00 the following morning after just about six hours of sleep, and immediately remembered the events that happened the night before. Looking at her naked husband snoring beside her, she could still feel the uncomfortable sensation of having him fuck her asshole after recovering from his impotency. However, she had not regretted letting him do that, and giggled in amusement and relief to see Wong’s cock currently erect among his dark pubic bush. She could not help reaching out to touch it, and pulled back the loose skin to reveal its head. From last night’s incident, she too had gained some confidence after her husband wanted her to hold his cock, and most importantly, have it in her mouth.

Happy that at least she would not have to worry about one major problem anymore, she got up from the bed, but as she started to walk to the bathroom, she suddenly found that she could not do it properly because her buttocks were sore! Slowly, she tried, and finally managed to do so. Grabbing her compact, she put it down on the floor and parted her legs and butt cheeks. Placing the mirror strategically so that she could see the reflection clearly, she was surprised to see her anus swollen. She touched the tender flesh and winced in slight pain.

Going to the medicine cabinet, she found a bottle of ointment and carefully applied it to the affected area, soothing it gently. I just pray he doesn’t want it again so soon, she thought, once again imagining Wong’s cock lodged tightly inside her anus. At least wait until it gets better, she hoped, in a day or two, knowing very well that her husband sometimes would want to have sex quite frequently. Once about half a year ago, he had fucked her every night for two whole weeks! Whoever said that bedroom activities dwindled when you reached middle age?

Taking a long warm shower, Penny felt fresh and clean, and afterwards went downstairs to check what her maid was preparing for the whole family for breakfast. “Good morning, ma’am,” the young lady greeted her employer, and she smiled back and wished her the same. Looking at the pancake dough, she nodded in approval, and proceeded to make her own cup of cocoa. She then heard the sound of the newspaper deliveryman’s motorbike, and went outside to retrieve the Sunday papers.

When she entered the house, she saw that her eldest son Kevin already up and about to sit at the sofa in the living room. He in turn noticed that his mother was walking with slight difficulty.

“You’re up early, son,” she said to him. “Yes,” he replied. “I woke up at 7.00 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Anyway, I heard the shower in your bathroom, and it couldn’t be Daddy,” he said jokingly, as the head of the family very seldom rose early on weekends, but then got a little serious. “Err… Mum, is anything wrong with you?”

“Uh, why do you ask?”

“I thought I saw you walk strangely, as if you had entered a long distance marathon or big walk yesterday, and your legs are aching today,” he tried to make it sound like a joke.

“Rump romping, piston pumping…” she mumbled the rhyme to herself.

“Are you okay, Mum?” he sounded concerned.

“Yes, of course. I feel a bit sore, that’s all.”

The young man asked the next question softly but firmly. “Did Dad lose his temper again last night? Did he hit you?”

“Kevin!!” the woman was shocked. “Don’t say things like that about your Daddy!! I know sometimes he shouts at us, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad…”

“Mum, last night when I came back around midnight and was walking past your room, I heard you scream. He was hurting you and you pleaded him to stop. I heard that, Mum!!” he said adamantly.

“Kevin…” Penny did not know what to say. That must have been when Wong was entering her back alley for the first time when she was kneeling, afraid. She could still feel it now, the sensation of her anus stretching to accommodate her husband’s cock. “It… It was nothing, Kevin.”

“Did he hit you, Mum? Or else why did you say it hurt? Tell me, Mum!” he demanded gently.

“No, he did not hit me. It’s rather personal, dear…”

“But he did hurt you, Mum!!”

The woman put her arm around her concerned son. “Kevin, we were… having a private moment together, and he got a little rough, but it’s okay now. The problem’s solved. Don’t you worry, Kevin.”

He looked at her as she explained, and decided not to ask her anymore. Obviously, she was finding it difficult to talk to him about the matter, which he assumed was of intimate nature. He also knew that he had mature parents who were still sexually active, especially his father, and probably he was not being considerate erotik film izle to his wife when they were making love the night before. Anyway, apart from the strange walk, there were no bruise marks on his mother, and Kevin knew that despite his temper, his father had never ever hit anyone in the family.

The rest of the family was relieved that Wong’s temperament had improved tremendously when he was more easy-going and put some effort to talk and spend time with them since that Saturday. Although he still came home late, it was much less frequent now.

Penny could sense he was ready for another back-door union five days after the ‘historical’ encounter, and that night Wong was a more confident man when he started undressing unabashedly right in front of her. He sat on the edge of the bed and fondled his limp cock while looking with expectation at his wife. She coyly came closer and knelt in front of him. Gently she rolled the soft organ in the palm of her hands, teasing it tenderly, both of them not uttering a word except for sighs.

This time the woman did not need any encouragement when she handled the situation with similar confidence, and compared to the earlier attempt, Wong produced a thick and fat cock quicker. She too was beginning to get the hang of bobbing her head up and down, loving the feel of the warm tumescence in her mouth, her hands caressing his belly.

“Let me take your clothes off, honey,” he finally spoke, helping his wife. Fondling her breasts as they stood facing each other, the man licked her nipples, biting it tenderly as the protrusions became firm. His hands roamed along her waist until he grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them hard, making her moan.

Holding her body, he guided her to bend and lie down on her front at the edge of the bed, her spread legs touching the floor. Wong smiled as he approached her, and bending his legs, he entered her pussy from behind and immediately established a medium tempo. Putting both his hands authoritatively and comfortably on his thick waist, he did a ‘look-ma-no-hands!’ method as he thrust into his wife who moaned softly, enjoying again the carnal attention she had been missing for a month. He looked down at his round paunch that jiggled each time he thumped her, and grinned in delight.

His hands were soon massaging Penny’s back and shoulders tenderly, trying to soothe the tired and aching muscles of the faithful and obedient housewife, and the woman appreciated his actions by squeezing her vaginal muscles, making the man give out an involuntary but ecstatic groan as he continued servicing her that way.

Wong stopped thrusting and pulled out, and the woman watched him as he walked to the corner of the room to get his briefcase. Opening it, she saw him take out a small long box, which in turn contained a tube. Penny giggled at the sight of her husband’s erect cock nodding obscenely under his big belly as he walked back to her. When he came near enough, she could not resist reaching back her hand to jerk it, loving the way the foreskin intermittently covered the glans.

“This is K-Y jelly, honey. I got it at the pharmacy just now,” he informed her. “Do you know what it’s for?”

The woman shook her head and looked at him, wanting to hear more.

“Well, since we have now entered a new era in our sexual repertoire, I feel we have to prepare ourselves with the right stuff,” he snickered. “And this,” he squeezed out about 1cm of the substance onto his index finger, “…will help lubricate and lessen the friction between my cock… would you like to apply that?” He passed the tube to her and she pressed out some and spread it on his erection evenly, jerking it in the process.

“…And your delectable asshole here, which I’m going to do now… Can you spread your cheeks for me, honey?” Penny pulled them wide apart and displayed her pucker to her husband as he gleefully applied the lubricant on and around it, inserting his finger inside to make sure the passage was also taken care of. The woman was relieved that the swelling had subsided within a day after the maiden invasion, and was also glad that he had now taken some measure to lessen the suffering for her.

Getting back the tube from her and capping it, Wong placed it inside the bedside table drawer so that it will always be within their reach whenever he wanted to prepare his wife for anal penetration. “We’ll know where to get it. This thing is handy and really helps, you know!” he assured her, as the woman was quite convinced he was speaking through his experience.

Coming back to her, he made sure that Penny was lying comfortably on her front as he put a pillow underneath film izle her buttocks for support. “Just relax. You know you too can learn to love this delicate and sexy act if you give it a chance,” he advised her, again implying that he had been enjoying this rear bonking for quite some time now.

Spreading one side of her buttock cheeks, Wong stood firmly on the floor and held his cock, expertly guiding it to the lubricated star-bud, and gave one firm push. With ease, the orifice opened up and the organ entered smoothly. The woman let out a yelp mixed with a gasp when the painfully familiar sensation re-emerged, the cock sliding inside her.

Using both hands, the man parted the flesh wider, thrusting slowly. Indeed the K-Y jelly was doing its job, and Penny could vouch for that when the pain quickly subsided. She just lay quietly on the mattress, learning to cope with her husband’s ‘new’ passion of butt fucking, a term she once heard someone refer to. Some of her friends around her age admitted that they had stopped making love with their husbands a long time ago, and here she was getting a royal plumbing in her ass by a husband of 23 years, a graying man of nearly 50 years old!

Withdrawing once more, Penny had momentary relief in her rear while the man helped lift one leg off the floor and onto the bed, guiding her to bend it. She ended up with her crack more exposed and accessible than previously when it was hidden in between the cheeks unless spread.

Rubbing his palms together with joy like a small boy, she could sense her husband’s continued excitement as he once again entered her and pumped into the tight hole. As he progressed with a quicker rhythm, Penny could hear his heavy breathing and sighs, which were getting louder.

Wanting a deeper and fuller penetration, Wong lifted his legs one by one onto the bed with some difficulty, as he did not disengage from her. Now in a squatting position, he was perched on top of the woman with his cock firmly jammed in her rear. After a few strokes, the Chinese man found his movements rather awkward. Spreading his legs wider and leaning forward with his arms supporting him, he found that the position allowed him to have a better penetration, which was what he desired.

Thrusting like a mating animal, albeit into the taboo shit hole, the father of five contentedly moved his body, performing his carnal responsibility as a husband: making passionate love to his wife. And that did not limit it to normal sex and doing the missionary position only like most other couples, he rationalized. As long as they were engaged in copulation, they fulfilled their marriage vows, whether the man’s cock was in her pussy or up her poop chute.

Wong’s arms were soon tired supporting his heavy upper body and ended up resting on his wife with his buttocks pumping mechanically. He wrapped his arms around her chest and kissed her sweet-smelling hair, his paunch firmly pressed on her back. Whispering and groaning his “I love you’s” to his wife, the man thrust deep and all the way in until the cock hairs that grew along the base of the shaft themselves were lost inside the dark bowels as he squashed her bottom.

Penny could feel the weight of her husband pinning her down, coupled with the stickiness of sweat from their bodies, that she was almost out of breath. If not for the air-conditioned bedroom, she could have possibly fainted, she thought. She was not used to Wong on her back and fucking her in that position for what seemed like ages now, his pace gradually increasing,

My back will break and my anus will tear, she feared, although not very seriously, among the grunts and groans her husband was loudly making, when to her relief, Wong’s body suddenly convulsed and she felt her anal passage warmly irrigated. “Aargghh…!!!” he came noisily, filling his wife’s infertile rear with his seed.

He pulled her to lie on their sides and kept on thrusting, his cock not losing much of its hardness yet. Holding her waist, he moved his groin and let the last of his fluid seep out into her rectal passage before eventually getting flaccid.

“Oohh…. that was really good. A straight, no-nonsense buggering!” he confessed to her openly, Penny unsure whether he was complementing her. “Didn’t know all the while my own wife’s got a great tight butt for me to fuck…” he continued, kissing her on the lips. Again, the woman could not interpret what he really meant. Was he saying that he had been having his share of anal sex outside before this ‘discovery’ as well?

As her thoughts wandered around these ideas, Wong without a problem fell into a blissful sleep, once more satisfied after seks filmi izle having had a good session of sex that ended with him ejaculating inside his wife’s bowels. The woman kept on entertaining her thoughts as she absent-mindedly caressed her husband’s hips and waist, trying to imagine him having his fun outside and sleeping around. A few close friends have confided in her about the problem of their husbands doing just that, while leaving them more or less sexually neglected.

She looked at the sleeping man who was beginning to snore. Well, at least her husband still made love to her, and as for his not-too-Asian techniques, she couldn’t care less as long as he was doing it with her!! The cock that had performed so well just now had shrunken to half the length of his finger and looked lost amidst his pubic hairs, his smooth balls hanging loose.

Penny became conscious that she just could not leave the organ alone since Wong ‘introduced’ it to her, and she felt addicted to it now, just like her husband getting addicted to her ass. Fondling it softly, she felt its stickiness, mainly due to her own rectal fluid as well as the K-Y jelly that she had earlier applied. Since married to him, she had never bothered touching it, and her husband too did not encourage her, but now things were changing. They had both found a new enthusiasm when it came to lovemaking, and at this moment could hardly wait to get their hands on each other!

Penny snickered that she had begun to ‘discover’ her husband anatomically only now. She came closer to the shriveled cock and scrutinized it since its owner was not awake. She marveled the way the foreskin covered the unaroused organ, automatically slipping away to let the head emerge once it was erect. Caressing the his round belly, she noticed his deep navel and smooth, pale skin until the point where the hairs actually started to grow in the triangular pubic bush below it.

Her hand continued playing gently with Wong’s cock for some time until she realized that it had begun to stir slightly. Pleasantly surprised that it had done so, she encouraged it by toying with it some more. Amazingly, it began to grow. Smiling to herself, she jerked it gently and the reaction was not disappointing. Not able to contain herself anymore, Penny propped herself at the man’s pubic region and parted her lips, taking the aroused organ in despites its stickiness.

She was soon doing it again, delighted that the cock was growing steadily inside her mouth while her unsuspecting husband remained fast asleep. As she was not being watched or pressured, Penny took her time to perfect her technique, sucking it a little, running her tongue on it a bit, as the organ grew rigid and the man started moaning in his dreams, involuntarily thrusting his body.

Wong suddenly woke up with a start. Almost knocking off his spectacles, he panicked upon finding someone sucking his cock on his own bed. Only when the woman looked up at him did he heave a sigh of relief to find that it was his wife. “Uhh… honey, this is a wonderful surprise!” he managed to say, a little guilty of initially thinking that he was with another woman. He propped his body up with his elbows and spread his legs wider, his balls slightly aching.

Smiling, his wife paid attention to the stiff member, worshipping it for its power and prowess, taking it out and licking along the length tenderly before swallowing it whole until the entire cock disappeared from his view. “Woah… you’re just like a professional!! I’ve seldom had anyone do…” Wong stopped himself in time before giving himself away too much, but his wife was not paying attention to his remarks as she tried with a little difficulty keeping the hairs out of her mouth.

Concentrating, Penny bobbed her head while applying gentle pressure on the cock with her lips, and consequently the man’s breathing became labored. He never dreamed that his wife would embrace this oral foreplay like a religion, and she was practicing hard and her efforts were paying off. His beer belly moved up and down rapidly, as he knew that he was about to come any moment now, for the second time that night.

“Jesus… aahh!!!” he finally groaned, filling Penny’s mouth with his sperm. He spurted more cum as the woman continued bobbing her head. Gulping down with some effort what he had produced, the woman had her first ever taste of the substance that her husband had always been squirting inside her pussy, and lately, her anal passage. She eventually took the organ out, some of the fluid dripping from the edge of her lips. Licking it away with her tongue, she also cleaned up the ooze out of the shrinking cock, swallowing the protein that she found did not taste too bad despite the funny smell. Wong laid down on the bed in exhaustion, sprawled with a pair of aching balls as it clearly dawned upon him that his own wife has become a treasured prize!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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