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We decided to go shopping at Belk’s for the upcoming holiday parties. Suit for me and something sexy and revealing for you. As we are walking around, I spot the lingerie section that has a new line of sexy undies for the ladies. I start smiling and I get your attention. “Hey, I want you to try something sexy on for me!”

You look at me and just smile. “ok what is it you ask?” I smile and hand you a sexy red outfit with a deeply plunging bra with the snap in the front and a very sexy high hip thong. You hand me all your stuff and walk off to the changing room. After waiting for 10 minutes you notice there is no one there to let you in the changing room. I walk over to the door and it’s already open! “Well here you go”, I laugh and stand outside the room as you walk past me, I reach out and give your plump ass a nice rub. I can hear you changing and talking to yourself about how pretty the outfit is. 10 mins later you open the door and wave for me to come over and check you out. Wow, you look sexy as fuck, and the size was right on. Everything fits perfect and I tell you “good we will take it”.

You disappear back into the changing room and this time you didn’t close the door all the way. I look around for a second and I walk over to the door. Right as I go to close the door you reach out and grab my hand and pull me into the room with you. What’s up I ask, but then I noticed that your completely naked and your phone is set in the corner and recording. I look in your eyes and you just tell me to get naked we don’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri have much time. I take a step back and undress completely, we both are standing in this changing room wearing nothing but our socks.

I take a seat on the bench and I motion for you to come and get on your knees. Since we are in a public place we have to be as quiet as possible. So, we whisper and use motions for our actions. Your nakedness has me Horney as fuck and now you’re on your knees with my dick in your mouth. This has to be the sexiest view I have ever seen.

Slow and sexy you suck me, up and down and you use your hands to stroke me up and down. Your hands and lips on my dick feel like heaven. I’m enjoying your mouth so much you reach up and cover my mouth. Babe, you have to be quiet. Ok, I just shake my head. You go back to work only this time you get more aggressive and more eager to have me cum in your mouth. I have my right hand on your head holding all of your hair in a ponytail and my left hand is rubbing your back all the way down to your ass. Just from the rubbing of your ass grabbing it and light slaps your Horney and ready to fuck. You stop sucking and give me a nice hand job which I had never had before. Stroking up and down slow and sexy when you look up at me and I ask you “are you ready?”

You stand up and turn away from me, I reach up and grab your hips and stick my face right in your ass crack. Licking and sucking while you shake your ass and bend over for me. I take the time güvenilir bahis şirketleri to force you to bend all the way over and I’m able to get a full view of your now wet pussy. Nice and wet with pussy juice on your lips.

I use my hands and fingers to get deep inside your hungry pussy while your bent over. Now that I have you soaked it’s time to fuck. I take my hands and put them on your ass, and I lower you right down on my dick. Slow and steady at first. You wiggle and sigh as my dick slides in nice and deep. You sit for a second and enjoy the tiny moments as my dick head is as deep as your pussy can handle. That painful feel good! Hahahhaha I watch your ass muscles twitch and flex as you enjoy your ride. I hear you say “I gotta cum, this feels to good!” You then pick up the pace and start this sexy hip movement that has your excited and breathing hard the more you move.

Up and down every few seconds then back nice and deep with the hip movement. I have my hands all over you. Your nipples are rock hard, and your breasts are bouncing with excitement. You move your hands up and grab my hands and put them on your thighs and pull your thighs apart. As I hold your thighs apart, I can feel your muscles twitching and your pussy is tight around my dick. I hear you say, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum!” You repeat this and I grab both breasts and give them a nice squeeze and you cum so hard you almost scream. While your cumin and trying to stay quite I use my legs and bounce you up and down a couple canlı bahis şirketleri of times and your pussy squirts her juices all over the floor.

Not to be left out of the performance I wrap my arms around you, and I stand up without taking my dick out of your hungry pussy. I have you bent over with your hands on the bench already nice and deep I hold on to your hips and start fucking your pussy deep and hard. We can’t make a lot of noise so I go deep and stay there, your breathing nice and heavy and I can tell your pussy wants to cum again. She got. Nice and tight and started twitching really strong. I feel my seed ready to join your pussy juice and just about there when I lady knocks on the door and says “excuse me, do you need anything else?” Because she scared the shit out of us both you actually start having another orgasm and squirting all over the floor as I drive my dick deep and cum at the same time. You manage to tell the lady “No I’m good I don’t need anything!” She says ok and tells you she is working 2 departments and she will be in the girl section if you need anything. “Ok thank you!” You tell her and she walks away. We both look into the mirror at each other and laugh as we finish our orgasms.
I pull out and you hand me some wipes, we clean up and get dressed. I help you and back you into a corner and deep kiss you until I hear you moan again. I break our kiss and say we have to get out of here. This was fun but I want more of that wet pussy.
You walk out first to make sure the coast was clear, “everything is good, come on I’m super Horney and I want some more dick!” I look at you like, it’s on where are we going? We gather all of our bags, go to the counter pay for our items and hurry out of the store. Back in my car, I say “I have an idea, you down?” Without even thinking you say “hell yeah let’s do this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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