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This story is a work of fiction and all sexually active characters are age 18 or older.


Ann smiled at Janice as she finished realigning her thong and straightening her skirt. “Thanks for the tune up. I feel a lot more relaxed now. Alex is bringing one of his classmates over so we can hang out as a foursome.” She sniffed at Janice. “You’d better brush your teeth and wash your face. I can smell pussy from here.”

Janice stuck her tongue out between her V’d fingers. “You loved getting that skanky twat licked out, you bitch. I could taste a bit of Alex’s cum in there. I assume you fucked him before I came over.” She smirked at her girlfriend. “He doesn’t know the lengths I go to keep you all fresh for him.” The svelte beauty pulled her sweater on and headed to the bathroom across the hall with her permanent Lewis residence toiletries kit.

“What’s this classmate look like – goofy nerd or jock?” Janice queried as she rinsed her toothbrush and applied some lip gloss. “‘Cause I’m going to screw your brother this afternoon, come hell or high water. It’s been 2 weeks since I had that cock in me. You’ve had it how many times since then?” Janice queried as she walked back into Ann’s bedroom.

Ann finished straightening the bedclothes and opened the window. “Let’s see; we’ve managed 3 mornings and 6 times at night after Mom and Dad went to bed. It’s nice that Alex oiled my bedroom hinges so I can sneak out without worrying about getting caught.” She snickered, “Then he oiled my pussy and throat. It’s nice to go to class all stress relieved and with that yummy taste in my mouth.”

They heard car doors slamming. “That must be Alex and his buddy now.” Janice craned her head out the window. “Not bad, from the glance I got. He looks about Al’s size and build.”

“Alex said this guy’s a really good soccer player and no dummy,” Ann said. “He has a science scholarship that gives him pretty much a free ride plus tutors math and physics to make spending money. He accelerated through a couple of grades so got into university pretty young. Alex really likes him, says he’s one of the nicest guys he knows. Apparently he’s a little introverted and shy, so don’t scare him off.”

Alex walked into the house deep in conversation with his classmate. Catching a faint whiff of female pheromones in the air, he shouted up the staircase, “Are you ladies decent? We have company.”

“Of course we’re decent. We’re just killing some time and watching a movie. Mom and Dad said you aren’t supposed to have a bunch of people in,” Ann remonstrated.

Alex and his friend walked into his sister’s bedroom to find the girls sprawled on the bed with an action movie blaring from the tiny computer speakers. “Ladies, this is Wilson,” he gestured with a pointed thumb, “and this is my sister Ann and her best friend Janice.”

The girls responded with waves and smiles, “Hi Wilson, nice to meet you.” Ann was taken with the young man’s shy but friendly demeanour.

Wilson quietly responded, “Friends call me ‘Wils’.” His eyes roamed over the attractive duo, pausing briefly at the hem of Ann’s short skirt and her smooth, slim legs dangling off the bed. He cast a quick glance at her breasts tightly encased in a thin T-shirt and sheer bra before raising his view to lock eyes with her before shyly looking away. His averted glance took in Janice’s figure with her breasts showcased in a snugly fitted V-neck sweater and LuluLemon yoga pants clinging to her thighs and highlighting the smooth cleft of her mons.

“Let’s go down to my room and I’ll throw a Netflix show on my TV,” Alex suggested. “It’s going to be a while before our parents get home and Mom starts on dinner. You OK to stay for something to eat? Our parents are used to having lots of dinner guests. Janice practically lives here.”

Janice rose from the bed, displaying generous cleavage as her V-neck top flopped forward under the pressure of her firm breasts. “Yeah, but I don’t eat as much as you.” She walked up to Ann’s brother and wrapped her arms around his neck, grinding her breasts into his chest as she nuzzled his neck.

Alex responded to the affectionate display by picking her up and walking out of the bedroom with the squealing bundle slung over his shoulder. Ann saw an opportunity to make friendly contact with Wils and took the gawping lad’s hand to lead him to Alex’s basement lair.

“Come with me to my brother’s subterranean empire. I’m jealous that he has such a big bedroom and mine is so small.” Ann smiled up at the bemused lad’s handsome visage and dragged him through the house. “Mind your head when you get to the bottom step. My brother’s whacked his skull on the edge there. Probably why he’s addled,” she smirked.

“I heard you! Just for that, Janice and I are hogging the bed. You guys are going to have to use the chairs or the floor.” Alex was gratified to see Ann holding hands with his classmate.

“Floor it is. Pillows please!” bahis firmaları Ann demanded as she directed Wils to the rug beside the bed. Janice threw a couple of large pillows at the pair and they settled onto their stomachs to watch ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Ann sprawled on her stomach with the pillow supporting her upper body, Wils following suit beside her.

Alex sat with his back against the headboard and Janice curled up under his arm, a leg thrown over his and her breasts pressed against his side. He started the movie and nuzzled her hair as they watched the onscreen action unfold.

The pair on the floor watched movie enthralled until Ann rolled onto her back, complaining that the rug was hard on her knees. Wils looked down at the reddened flesh and averted his eyes to be confronted with Ann’s breasts pushing against her snug T-shirt. His face turned crimson as he realized he’s been caught looking. She winked at him and rolled onto her side, craning her neck to see the screen and resting her upper arm and leg against the shy young man’s stiffened form. He slowly relaxed as Ann’s attention fixed on the screen, enjoying the unaccustomed feminine contact.

Alex and Janice were quietly making out, Janice having unfastened his pants and reaching into his briefs to caress the firm pole. Alex had slid his free hand under the sweater and unclipped the front closure bra to fondle her crinkled nipples and stroke the smooth flesh of her breasts and stomach.

Janice sucked her stomach in to ease the way for his fingers to slide under the waistband of her yoga pants and inside her damp thong. Alex stroked her slit and gradually hooked his middle finger between the flowering lips. Her grip tightened on his throbbing member and precum flowed over her hand as his arousal heightened.

Janice flicked her tongue between Alex’s lips and they battled for possession of the other’s mouth. The combined sounds of their kisses, his finger squelching in her sopping pussy and the slick slide of her hand on his penis caused Wils to look over his shoulder in the dimly lit room to see shadowed forms writhing on the bed.

Wils gasped and quickly looked back at the screen, catching Ann’s eye. She looked at the pair on the bed and smiled at the awestruck boy. “They’ve been quietly dating for a couple of weeks. If we ignore them, they’ll ignore us. Are you OK?” she asked, noticing his faint trembling as he tried to wrap his head around people in the same room practically having sex.

“I-I’ve never done this, or seen this, or…” Wils whispered. “Should we leave?”

Ann draped an arm over his broad shoulders and touched their foreheads together as they whispered to each other. “Nope, we can stay right here and watch the movie,” she paused and grinned “or we can make out, too.” Without waiting for his response, Ann tilted her head and gently kissed the quivering young man. She rolled onto her back, pulling him with her. He whimpered in fear and excitement as her tongue and lips tenderly massaged his mouth open and he felt the pressure of her breasts against the hard muscles of his chest. The dryness in his mouth was replaced with the moistness carried on her probing tongue.

Wils cast his parents stern teachings on modesty and propriety, and fear of his inexperience with the opposite sex aside and let Ann direct the activities. She felt his body relax and his tongue begin to probe her own mouth, and smiled. The girl writhed under the handsome youth, rubbing her breasts against his chest and pulling at his hips to get their bodies aligned.

Wils stiffened again as his erection grazed Ann’s leg. Ann moaned into his mouth and spread her legs around his thighs. She held his head with one hand and a firm buttock with the other, grinding her crotch against his erection. Wils whimpered and climaxed in his pants. Ann realized what was happening and held the openly shaken and shamefaced Wils tightly to her.

“It’s OK, enjoy the feeling, it’s OK,” Ann soothed. “Come with me and I’ll clean you up.” She allowed the youth to rise to a kneeling position and took his hand again as she stood. With a finger to her lips, she pulled the embarrassed Wils toward the bedroom door. They quietly exited, unnoticed by Alex and Janice as they stroked each other toward orgasm.

Leading Wils to the second floor bathroom, Ann turned on him and cradled his blushing face with her free hand. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re a great kisser and I want to continue our fun.” When he relaxed, Ann reached for the closure of his jeans. Wils flinched, slamming his back into the edge of the door. “It’s OK, let me clean you up,” Ann soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. Look, I’ll even the playing field. Think of this as a soccer style ‘green card’.” Ann reached back and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in a pool of fabric, wearing only her T-shirt and a tiny red thong. “See? I’m excited to be with you! Now let me help kaçak iddaa you get cleaned up.” She reached for the front of his jeans and Wils simply stood there, completely dumbfounded and enthralled with the scantily clad beauty undoing his pants.

“There, your jeans aren’t soaked through but the underwear will need to be rinsed and dried.” Ann tugged the jeans down to his ankles. “Step out.” Wils obeyed but covered his hardening cock. The kneeling girl reached up and seized the waistband of the saturated underwear. “Hands away, Mister,” she joked as she tugged the briefs down. A firm pull released his stiff prick to slap against his six pack. “Oh, look at him, he’s beautiful!” Ann exclaimed, stroking the young man’s ego before reaching out to stroke the target of her lust. “Stay put and I’ll clean you up.” She reached for a fresh facecloth and soaked it in warm water. Carefully wiping his abdomen, hard shaft and swollen testicles, Ann commented, “This is pretty much new territory for me too. I’ve only been with one other guy.” She grinned up at her prospective sexual partner. “Right now, I really want have fun with you.” She kissed the head of Wils’ penis and said, “Let’s go to my room.”

Ann led Wils by his circumcised staff across the hall to her bedroom, directing him to sit on her bed. She pulled his golf shirt up and he lifted his arms to assist. Ann pointed at her shirt and said, “You need to help me get my shirt off. Wils eagerly pulled the clinging shirt off with trembling hands, leaving the equally excited girl clad only in a bra and thong. Ann’s nipples made peaks against the lace of her bra.

Ann stepped out of her thong and reached back to unfasten the bra, letting both garments fall to her bedroom floor. Wils’ eyes greedily surveyed the length of Alex’s sister’s slim body, visually devouring the swell of her hips, the split of her waxed labia and her firm young breasts. His gaze travelled up to her smiling face as she moved in to kiss him again. He eagerly responded, sticking his questing tongue deeply into her accepting mouth.

Ann pulled away after a few minutes of kissing and having her breasts gently fondled by the quivering male. “I have something that I want to do for you. Lie back and let what happens, happen. OK?” The naked beauty pulled a pillow out and tossed it at the far side of her bed.

Wils nodded and lay across Ann’s bed, his head propped up and lower legs hanging over the side. Ann spread his knees and rested her breasts against his thighs, stroking the hard, dripping object of her desire. As she felt Wils relax into the hand job, she pulled his prick toward her and delicately licked the copious precum off the crown. His head shot up and Ann looked into his eyes with a broad grin as she engulfed the top third of his prick with her wet mouth. Running the side of her thumb up the underside of his cock flooded her mouth with a fresh gush of clear pre-ejaculate. She hummed with pleasure, sending vibrations into the tip of his sensitive spear.

Ann kept looking into his saucer-wide eyes as she plunged and retreated along the length of his staff, sucking hard and swirling her tongue. Further and further she worked, until her chin rested against his nutsack and her nose pressed into his abdomen. Wils goggled at the sensation of his erect cock being completely inside a woman for the first time. This was nothing like his hand!

Ann swallowed a few times to massage his cockhead with her throat, then pulled off to catch her breath. “Come whenever you want to – this is your time to enjoy. Don’t hold back, just let it go! You’ll be returning the favour on me sometime soon.” She returned to her blowjob, licking around the head, painting each side of the shaft with a flat, wet tongue before returning to sucking the young man’s brains out through the end of his penis.

Wils’ head was spinning. His classmate’s naked (except for socks, he’d noted) sister was sucking his cock and actually deep throating him. She didn’t mind that he was inexperienced with women and didn’t care that he’d come in his pants. She’s beautiful and wants him. Him!Wils stroked her hair and cradled her head with 1 hand as her wet lips slithered up and down the length of his fleshy shaft, his other hand hovering over the sheets, clenching and opening a fist as Ann’s busy mouth sucked and laved him toward a massive climax.

Ann felt Wils tense up and knew she was going to get a mouthful of cum. She fondled his balls with one hand and interlocked the fingers of her free hand with his. Squeezing his fingers, she increased her suction and sucked back up to his swelling crown. Her hand released his balls and stroked up and down at the base of his shaft. She could feel him shaking as the freight train of his orgasm overtook his senses. Ann sucked, swirled her tongue, hummed and bobbed about 2 inches as her hand stroked the rest of the imminently erupting penis.

Wils tensed every muscle in his body, arching his back kaçak bahis and pushing his prick deep into Ann’s eager mouth. His orgasm hit and his mind whited out, leaving him groaning and grunting through clenched teeth as volleys of thick white semen blasted into Ann’s mouth. There was no thought, only feeling, and what a feeling it was!

Wils finally finished pumping the girl’s mouth ful of cum. His muscles unclenched and he exhaled with a huge sigh. He released Ann’s hand and stroked her hair. “Oh god, I, oh god, I’ve never…” he petered off, embarrassed.

Ann pulled off the panting lad’s prick with a slurp and showed him his load resting in her mouth. The teen smirked and made a show of swallowing his jism. “Wils, the pleasure was all mine – well, yours too,” Ann giggled. Sex is fun, and funny, and messy and unexpected. I love it, I love oral sex, I love the taste and smell and I like you. Would you like to return the favour?”

Wils propped himself up and looked at the girl in awe. “I’ll do anything you want!” he exclaimed. “Won’t Alex and his girlfriend wonder what we’re doing, though?”

Ann guffawed, “If we went back downstairs right now, all we’d see is the pair of them fucking their brains out! I doubt they noticed we were gone until the door closed behind us, and they certainly wouldn’t care much, except to hope we were having as much fun.” Ann signalled Wils to turn lengthwise on the bed. “Scoot down a bit. We’ll need some room at the top of the bed.” She plumped and folded the pillow and placed it under his head. “now you’re going to get some practical experience in eating pussy. It’s almost my favourite activity,” she said, not adding that she loved giving as much as receiving.

Ann crawled up on her new lover’s body, gently kissing and nibbling as she went. Wrapping her arms around Wils’ neck, she lowered her face to his, their mouths meeting in a hungry kiss, his arms roaming her torso, holding her head to deepen the kiss and finally grabbing her firm buttocks to help grind their crotches together.

“Lick and suck my boobs,” Ann demanded as she slid her body up to support herself on the headboard. “All over please, not just the nipples,” she requested.

Wils eagerly complied, laving each orb with a flattened tongue, sharpening it to a point to attack the pebbled darker flesh at their centers. He bobbed his head up to suck first one, then the other breast into his mouth, opening his jaw to capture as much of the wonderful womanflesh as possible. His tongue swirled lightly around Ann’s aureoles and flicked her crinkled nipples with a dexterity she hadn’t expected from her brother’s classmate.

The girl’s pussy creamed, smearing a trail of her sexual juices across Wils’ ridged abdomen as Ann writhed in pleasure. She knee walked up the bed until her knees were above his head and her glistening vulva over his mouth. “OK Sweetie, time to return the favour. You did really well with my boobs, now you get to get me off with your mouth. Are you ready for it?” Ann looked between her saliva coated breasts at the awestruck lad.

Wils grabbed Ann’s hips and pulled her onto his mouth. His flattened tongue licked her crotch from perineum to the top of her already sopping slit. Moving down from her hooded clit, his tongue tip slid between the inner and outer labia on one side, then the other. Ann shuddered at the contact, amazed at his ability to push her toward a climax so quickly.

“Ohmygod, how did you learn to eat pussy like this?” Ann panted, gripping the headboard tightly as she rocked her hips back and forth against the young man’s face while he speared her slit, driving his tongue deeply into the soaking mouth of her vulva.

Wils paused and lifted Ann’s hips to respond, “I’ve never done this before but am really good at researching available literature. Ann, you taste wonderful!” He pulled her cunt back to his eager mouth and resumed his attack, sucking up her copious cream and exploring the textures in her honey hole.

Ann sped up her gyrations on his face as she neared her first orgasm with this no longer shy young stud.

Wils shifted his hold on Ann’s ass, gripping both cheeks in one hand while he tilted his head back to suck on the swollen clit that had rubbed against the tip of his nose and slipped a finger past his chin to penetrate the weeping hole his tongue had been ecstatically tasting.

Ann convulsed, arching her back to let the questing finger stir her juices while her clit was punished by suction pulling it into Wils’ mouth as his tongue tip rapidly basted the exposed, reddened nerve bundle. Ann shrieked her orgasm as she shook and creamed against the face of her enthusiastic lover.

Downstairs, Janice snickered as she basked in the afterglow of a vigorous fucking administered by Alex. “From the sound of it, I would say Ann and your friend Wils are getting along fine.”

“Wils is very fit and a good student. He will certainly give my sister a run for her money once he figures out how all the parts work together.” Alex shifted to cuddle Janice and avoid the wet spot. “I’ll bet you a fuck in a public place that Ann has his cock up her ass by the third date.”

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