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It’s seven pm, I’ve been waiting for a bit now since you called. It’s been a while since we saw each other, even though after we finished our school together we now work. Gladly you don’t live too far away and we decided to keep in contact. I wait and wait in my large living room, sitting on a chair, waiting for you to arrive. When you called I got excited right away and dressed for you. Wearing a pink corset with black straps, tightly around my waist showing my perky breasts, black lacy panties, black stockings and pink 6″ platform heels, my pink hair falling down just past my shoulders. I look at the clock, 7:04, wondering why you’re here later than you said as I suddenly hear the bell ring. Excited I get up and walk out of the living room through the hallway, to the door. Taking a deep breath before I open the door and smile, looking at you in front of me.

I gasp as I look at you, “W-Wow.. N-Nadine..” I bring out stuttering, amazed at how sexy you look tonight. “Hey..” You say cheerfully to me as you walk in, letting me close the door behind your cute little butt. You walk ahead of me to the living room, making sure I have a good look at your short blue dress that barely covers your butt, having an open back as well. Your shoes being 5″ black pumps, your long red hair flowing like wind as you walk ahead of me. I catch up to you and place my hands on your butt and squeeze them gently as we enter the living room. You turn around and slap me across my face, followed by grabbing my neck and pushing me against the wall. “Mmhm you’ve waited casino şirketleri for this, didn’t you? You even look slutty.” You whisper into my ear as you start choking me slightly.

I reach out with my hands, gliding them across your hips, moving them up I cup your breasts and squeeze gently. “Not so fast!” You scream into my ear as you squeeze my neck harder, making me cough, my hands leaving your breasts to support myself against the wall. You smile seductively as you release your grip on my neck, placing one hand under my chin as you make me face you, the other gliding down my hips to my inner thigh, caressing me through my stockings. My breathing becomes heavier the more you caress my thighs, slowly gliding your hand up to my crotch I moan.

“Mmhm Melany, you’re already wet..” You whisper as you press your lips onto mine, pushing your tongue into my mouth as you pull down my panties and move your hand to rub my wet slit. You keep rubbing my slit as the hand resting under my chin moves, grabbing one of my breasts and squeezing it. Your tongue wraps around mine as you explore every inch of my mouth, as if you were raping my mouth with your wet tongue. Suddenly you push a finger inside of my pussy, causing me to gasp as you keep kissing me, your thumb being placed on my clit. Breaking the kiss you moan and start rubbing my clit, pushing another finger into my wet pussy. “Ahh..” I moan as you start wriggling them around inside of me, your hand on my breast sliding down, holding me around my corset at my waist firmly.

“Touch casino firmaları my crotch.” You command me as you lick down and start kissing my neck, pulling and pushing your two fingers inside of me, rubbing my clit harder. While you start moving your fingers more inside of me I move my hands from the wall to your crotch, surprised by feeling a strap-on I gasp, “W-What?”

You giggle and bite my neck before replying, “Don’t be so surprised Melany.”, you then move your hand from my waist to your crotch and pull out the strap-on from under your dress and stroke it. Pulling out your fingers from my pussy, pushing them into my mouth, as I lick them clean I feel the tip of your strap-on at my wet pussy. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you Melany?” You ask me teasingly, before slamming it all the way inside at one go, making me groan. “Ahh s-so b-big..” I whisper as you pull your fingers out of my mouth and grab my arms by my wrists, placing them against the wall, above my head.

Teasingly you look into my eyes before you start pulling it out, only to push it back in hard. You slowly start to thrust, making long big strokes each time. My pussy clenches tightly around your strap-on as you slowly fuck me with it. “Mmhm you’re breathing heavy already..?” You whisper into my ear, before licking it as you speed up your thrusts.

“Ohh.. so m-much..” I groan as I feel you slamming harder and harder, going really deep as you stir up my pussy. You silence me by kissing me, biting and sucking on my tongue as I try to moan. Your thrusts güvenilir casino getting wilder and stronger each second. Both panting heavily as you sensually bite my lower lip and look me straight in the eyes. Releasing my lip you whisper, “Melany, you’re my dirty little slut.” as I hear your voice my pussy clenches tightly around your strap-on. Feeling your strap-on clearly inside of me I groan loud as you thrust as hard and fast as you can, my pussy making squishing noises each time you push it in.

“Ohh, f-fuck me Nadine!” I moan for you as you keep fucking me relentlessly with the strap-on. Feeling that I’m at the edge I look at you, trying to let you know I’m about to cum by sticking out my tongue. Ignoring my signal you bite down on my lip and push my arms a bit higher against the wall. Still thrusting into me you smile, as if I did something bad and had to be punished. You pull out and wait a bit, hearing me sigh you slam it back in. Now taking quick thrusts as you pull out completely and push it back in hard each time. “Ohh fuuuck! N-Nadine ahh..” I moan, unable to do anything else as I feel bolts of pleasure going through me as you fuck me.

Hearing you moan back at me, replying to my moans I groan in ecstasy as I cum, my pussy squirting out it’s juices around your strap-on. You pull out and let my juices flow out wildly as you kiss me passionately. When we break the kiss we both smile, out of breath we wrap ourselves in each others arm. Slowly gliding down to the ground I pull you with me, sitting besides me against the wall you kiss my cheek, “I’ll be using you a lot Melany.” You whisper into my ear, making me blush as I place my head on your shoulder, falling asleep. You shortly play with my long hair before falling asleep too, placing your head against mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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