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“That looks yummy,” Laura laughed pointing to the hot dogs still warm from cooking. I speared one on a fork and drew her over to a bench in the darkness. When we settled down she snuggled up close to me and I put my arm around her waist.

Again I savored how her curves fitted so perfectly with mine as we nestled there together, her luscious body a sheer delight to cuddle, my hand drinking in her warmth and the subtle curvaceous-ness of her flat belly and abdomen.

She took my hand then and drew the wiener up to her mouth, only she didn’t bite it. Instead she slipped her tongue out and licked slowly and sexily over the end of it, and then she opened her mouth and let her eyes drift up from the hotdog to mine. I slipped it into her mouth and she closed her lips over it, drew it in over her tongue, began sucking it, and then worked it in and out of her mouth in a perfect imitation of fantastic fellatio.

“I can see you give great head,” I whispered down at her.

“You’ll have to ask my husband,” she murmured up at me.

“I’d rather have you show me,” I laughed back at her.

“I know you would,” Laura giggled her gaze drifting back to the chairs where we had left her husband and the girl, but they were gone!

“He’s fucking her now,” she said simply. “They’re in your house fucking. He’s wanted to fuck her ever since we moved into the neighborhood weeks ago and he got a gander at her cute little butt, and then when you gave us that painting of her virgin vagina he told me he was going to fuck her for sure.”

“Do you mind?” I asked.

“Jack’s always had the hots for teenie twats and tits. I looked like Mae when we first met but that was ten years ago,” she laughed.

“But you are utterly gorgeous the way you are now. He’s had the best of both worlds with you.” I protested,

“You love tiny tits and tingling twats don’t you?” she murmured.

“When they come as beautifully packaged as yours they’re a sheer delight,” I answered soberly.

“Your nice,” she smiled at me. “There’s a full moon out,” she said glancing up at the sky.

“And now you get to ‘model’ for me,” I whispered happily.

“Yes,” she laughed knowingly, “he gets to fuck Mae, and you get to…” her voice stopped as I took her hand in mine and slowly twirled her nakedness before me, taking in every aspect of her beauty revealed by the shining moonlight.

Now all the details of her delightfully bare breasts and nipples, her luscious buttocks and puffy pussy accented by her gracefully slim arms, narrow waist, and utterly gorgeous legs lay exposed to my gaze.

I realized as I took in her exquisite loveliness that Laura possessed in its most delightful realization everything that Mae’s adolescent beauties promised, and the thought that I might possess the flowered woman and the blossoming girl together filled me with arousal.

“You’ve got a face and a body to die for, Laura.”

“And a cunt you’d love to fuck, right?”

“Of course, and I want to make love to your breasts too.”

“Really! Do you want to make LOVE to them?” she sighed looking seriously up at me as I lifted my mouth to her succulent nipples.

“Yum,” I muttered. “You’ve got the bosom of a young teen, the butt of a sexy siren, and the most suckable nipples I’ve ever seen.”

“They’re awfully sensitive, but Jack never plays with them now,” she sighed unhappily.

“He doesn’t know what he’s missing,” I murmured lowering my face to her breast and touching her nipple with my tongue.

Her hand came caressingly to my head then, her fingers stroking though my hair. “Suck! But not too hard at first,” she ordered as I drew her nipple into my mouth feeling it collapse into a hard little bud of sensation, laving my tongue over it, kissing around the firm up-tilted shape of her breast.

“Yes! That’s nice,” she whispered, “Do it some more like that.”

I felt her flinch then with delight as I drew upon her nipple with a long firm suck.

“Yum! Do the other one too,” she whispered.

I took my time with her then caressing, sucking, fondling her bosom from every angle until I had both her breasts lifting and firming with engorgement, and her nipples hard with excitement.

“Oh that’s so GOOD,” she groaned.

“Where do you feel it?” I probed. “

All over, but mostly in my clit.”

“Do you want me to suck your clit?”

“Of course I do!”

“And kiss that beautiful butt of yours,”


“And lick in between your cheeks?”

“I would love it, and you could fuck my cunt, and my asshole, and my mouth and I will suck your cock and eat your cum and mine too,” she laughed breathlessly hugging my mouth to her breasts, letting me capture and torture her nipples with my teeth, and pulling away until her nipples stretched deliciously.

“Do you like to suck cock Laura?” I muttered between caresses of her breasts savoring with satisfaction her flare for sexy-talk. Clearly her nature was as libidinous bahis firmaları as mine.

“Yes. I love to suck cock, and I’m really good at it too. Do you want to come in my mouth? Have me lick up all your semen and swallow it? And watch me play with your penis, and get it hard again and again so I can give you one blow-job after another?”

“You’d better believe it, my dear.”

“You’ve wanted me to suck your cock from the first minute we met didn’t you?”


“I knew you did. I could tell from the way you were looking at my mouth, like you knew how much I liked to suck a good hard prick.”

“Your mouth is beautiful. It’s made for cock sucking.” “

I know, and I love to do it. I would have sucked you off that first time we met if Jack hadn’t showed up.”

“Did you think about sucking my cock when you asked to use my phone.”

“I did when I saw you looking at my mouth the way you were.”

“Well you’ve got the chance now, you gorgeous creature,” I gasped pulling away from her breasts at last and staring up into her animated face. I felt her hand come to rest on my thigh then, and her fingers began to work slowly around it until they were nestled into the heat of my groin. Her fingers closed around my shaft with quick squeezes taking its measure and feeling out the length of my erection under my fly.

We stood close to each other by the barbecue feeling the warmth from the coals and when I brought the wiener to her mouth again she took my hand and held it for a moment.

“I’d rather suck your cock,” she laughed. Our faces were so close then that the kiss was unstoppable and I touched her lips with mine. She drew back, looking intently into my eyes, studying my face with a serious intensity. “Jack said that I could suck and fuck you like a whore but that whore’s don’t kiss. Why do you want to kiss me?” she murmured.

“Because you are absolutely adorable, Laura. I’ve wanted to kiss you from the first moment we met.”

“I know. I could tell, and I loved it when you did kiss me in your studio. It was so special” she groaned,

And then our mouths melted together. The kiss was again perfection itself and suddenly her mouth was open and warm and eager on mine, and that kiss was just the prelude to a whole series of caresses over her face, her brows, her cheeks, behind her ears, down into those erogenous zones on her neck that ended in a session of deep tonguing in her mouth that only ceased when we had to catch our breaths.

She slid her arms around my neck cuddling her cheek against mine, her breath hot against my ear. “Jack will want to know all about what you did to me tonight,” she whispered. “He will want all the details, but I’m not going to tell him that we kissed because kissing is special, and that was a really special kiss,” she sighed happily her face centering over mine. “I’ve never felt a kiss like that before,” she groaned, her mouth coming to mine for another long caress, our lips mingling and lingering in long soft passages until her tongue slipped within my mouth and teased my tongue to follow hers back into her mouth so she could suck it passionately while my hands worked down over the supple shapes of her naked back and down to her bare buttocks to massage them.

“I adore you Laura,”

“I know I can feel it,” she sighed happily.

“You are not only sexy and beautiful beyond belief, you are a wonderful woman with depths in you that I’m only just beginning to discover. “I want to know all about your life, everything that happened to you from the time you were a little girl.”

“It’s a long story, with lots of chapters and its not all about sex but most of them are. I guess I was made for fucking,” she sighed hugging me.

“This chapter is about you and me. How did it begin?” I probed.

“It began with Mae,” she laughed. “Actually Jack sent me over to see you that first day. He handed me that sexy white halter and shorts set before he went to work and told me to wear it, and I called him from your phone pretending our line was dead. The week before he had seen Mae going over to your house and staying there for hours, and he guessed something was going on between you two. He was sure you were fucking her, and he thought he could use me to get to you and then to Mae, and it worked but in a way he never guessed it would,” Laura murmured her mouth coming to mine again for another long soft kiss. “I love you Mister and our sex is going to be fantastic…like never before .. I can feel it everywhere in my being,” she moaned as our mouths mingled in one long savoring kiss after another.

My aching penis was in now full erection under my fly and it was sheer delight when I felt her hand capture it and feel out its length and girth.

“Yum”, she murmured, “You’re hung! And I’m getting really hungry now.”

Her fingers searched and found the tab of my zipper, and drawing it down over the bulge of my aching erection her knowing hand entered the opening and found my organ. She moved kaçak iddaa her hand with an ease clearly born of long familiarity with this practice, freeing me from the hindrance of my garments, and her face lifted to mine for another long sensuous kiss upon my mouth. Her tongue sought mine as she fondled my erection, and then she drew my tongue into her mouth for a long passionate session of French Kissing.

My hands buried themselves in the fragrant depths of her hair, pulling out the comb and pins that held the French Twist until her tresses flowed freely and darkly down to her shoulders and we kissed over and over again. I offered a flood of caresses to her cheeks, her brows, her ears, to the slim beauty of her neck.

“You liked it when Jack lifted my skirt tonight didn’t you?” she whispered.

“I loved it,” I moaned.

“I knew you would, you’ve been ogling my butt all evening. I thought you were going to grope my cheeks like you are now a dozen times tonight and that’s when I shed my panties.”

“What would you have done if I had?” I answered, my hands capturing the curves of her luscious cheeks and spreading her buttocks to totally know what her husband had already tempted me with.

“Just this!” she sighed cuddling her face against mine while I gazed down her shapely back taking in the deep crevice between her buttocks that led to the sumptuous folds of her sex beneath them.

Her buttocks were utterly delicious, curving delightfully out from her crease to hollowed sides and flaring up to her softly rounded curvy hips, charms that I took my time savoring, until at last under the insistent urging of my hand I spread her cheeks and felt the tight constriction of her anal pucker so invitingly revealed above the sumptuous bulges of her full, puffy and exquisitely generous labial lips, lips that I could not resist parting with my fingers to reveal the pale wet rosy expanse of her pink embracing the folds leading into her vaginal opening, a slit so tight that when I worked my finger into it she threw her head back and moaned with excitement.

“Oh God!” she cried as my finger slid up between the wet slippery hot folds of her pussy lips to find her clitoris and began to massage it while another finger pumped rhythmically in her vagina.

With a gasp she clamped her fingers over my massaging hand, stilling my movements. “You’re driving me crazy!” she moaned, “feeling my clit and finger-fucking me like that.”

I reached round her warm slim supple waist with my arm and drew her down onto my lap with her back to me so that my erection slid up between the folds of her sex and then protruded from between her thighs. She settled back against me, her hand moving to push my penis against her labia, and I felt them part wetly to enfold my girth. With a moan she wrapped her arm around my neck to brace her self while she masturbated her sex on my erection.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she whimpered.

“I want you to fuck me!” I answered.

“I know” she laughed softly. “I would love to fuck you, and it would be so easy now. All I would have to do is shove your cock up into my cunt,” she gasped her voice urgent with sudden excitement, “but I just want to suck you first,” she teased.

She rose then and started to turn to face me when I pulled her down onto my lap again so that my erection slid into the depths of the crease between her luscious buttocks. I lay back on the bench and stretched the length of her back over me until her face was next to mine.

We kissed passionately when my finger found her clitoris once more and massaged it gently. My erection rose to the delights of her firm tight buttocks contracting with the excitement of her movements and I worked my shaft up and down between her cheeks, and then my finger found her vaginal orifice again and entered.

She lay on her back shoving her hips up into my thrusts, her lovely naked legs splayed on either side of my thighs, her bare feet bracing herself to meet my fucking finger and answering it with coital thrusts of her own while I explored the taut convulsing hot wet depths of her vagina, and savored the feel of her tight contracting buttocks upon my penis.

“I want to lick your pussy Laura,” I groaned.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she laughed, rising to sit upon my chest and then turning so that her luscious legs fell on either side of my face, opening her thighs and everything between them to my caresses. Now at last I could make love to her gorgeous cunt that had tempted me so utterly from the moment I had first met her.

Bracing herself with her hands and feet she lifted her sex to my mouth so that I could caress her clit with my tongue, slip it between her petals and stroke the full length of their lascivious shapes into the depths of her vaginal opening.

Over and over again I made this journey with my mouth, pausing to take her clitoral hood with its tiny shinning bulb into my mouth and torture it with my tongue. Her responses to my caresses were ever kaçak bahis more vigorous, so that when at last my tongue found the entry to her vagina and plunged within she was utterly open to my explorations and her juices were lathering my face with their abundance.

“You’re so good at cunt loving…” she moaned distractedly, “and I really need it…and I love it so much.”

“You’re taste is so female, so sexy, so delicious,” I slobbered up at her.

“I’m gonna cum. Suck my clit!” she cried lifting her hands to her head and tossing her tresses wildly as her orgasm soared through her once again, until at last it began to fade and she threw herself down upon me in the afterglow of her climax, our mouths meeting again in a hot passionate kiss. We traded tongues then and she tasted the abundance of her own juices in my mouth until she was exhausted and had to stop for breath.

“I’ve needed that for so long,” she groaned.

“Doesn’t he ever lick your pussy?” I queried.

“Not any more. He used to but now all he wants is quickies in the morning and at night and then he goes to sleep. He just did it to sex me up, like he was doing to Mae just now, so I’d give him a really good fuck. But I got so I loved having my clit sucked like you just did to me.”

“You climaxed really hard.”

“I know. I always do. It’s so perfect. And then I can cum again in just a little while it leaves me feeling so sexed up.”

She rolled off my chest then and slid down between my thighs until my erection rose before her lovely face. I lifted myself to watch and savor the sight of her gorgeous countenance about to engage in a feast of sensual sucking upon my organ, and what followed was an utter orgy of oral delight for me and clearly for her too.

Her skill and appetite for my phallus went unabated as she massaged, sucked, licked, kissed, and fondled me into the first surges of my orgasm that I fought desperately to control so I could prolong this delight to the extreme. Alas, the combination of her exquisite beauty and irresistible skill were finally too much for me and I sought to warn her of the consequences.

“I’m gonna cum” I gasped fully expecting her to release my orgasm into the night air, but my words only served to stimulate her into ever more vigorous oral attentions that instantly filled her mouth with the lather of my climax. She drew back to swallow and catch her breath taking the next wave of surges upon her beautiful face until it was dripping with my flood of satisfaction.

I slid my fingers over her sweet cheeks to wipe away the mess but she caught my hand and drew it to her mouth, her exquisite tongue licking my fingers clean of my ecstasy until she had savored every drop and morsel of my seminal delight.

And then she pushed my hand down to the slope of her flat slim belly and over the rise of her puffy mons to the firm pulsing protuberance of her clit so I could again finger her into another orgasm that she craved with such intensity that when her climax came again her juices spurted from her vulva and soaked my hand and wrist with their fragrant perfumes.

Then with a wan smile she lifted my hand to her mouth and toasted her orgasms with a long savoring kiss upon her own aromas, sucking her juices from my finger and offering me the sensations of her own aromas on her tongue filling my mouth.

We kissed again, and again, warmly and with lingering softness in the afterglow of our orgasms and I realized that she had climaxed twice in the last few minutes with shuddering orgasms.

Clearly this gorgeous young woman now utterly naked in my arms had an amorous and sensual nature matching her stunning beauty, and I marveled at my amazing good fortune in being granted her favors as she lowered her mouth to my limp penis.

“Is the party is over?” she sighed up at me with a soft laugh.

“No my love it has just begun,” I responded.

Rising to her feet she picked up the rumpled folds of her dress, “Something to remember me by,” she whispered dropping it into my hands.

“Not that I could ever forget this incredible evening” I offered lifting her gift to my nose for a long sniff.

“If I know Jack he’ll be fucking Mae all night and she’s going to have one sore pussy,” she sighed with a glance at the softly lit windows in the room above us.

“Let’s go inside,” I urged, “we can use my studio.”

Picking up the comb that had held her hair in the French Twist, and shaking out her long dark tresses until they framed her lovely face she spread her arms to the full exposure of her naked body, “I sure can’t go home like this,” she laughed.

“My God, you are so beautiful!” I exclaimed suddenly. She looked gravely up at me then as I added, “I can’t believe this happened, that he let you, I mean offered you to me the way he did when he lifted your skirt tonight.”

She laughed again and tossed her head until her tresses swayed in a dark wave about her face. Impulsively I caught her in my arms and lifted her chin with my hand, studying her beauty before I kissed her mouth once more, and again I was struck with how perfectly our bodies fitted together, her naked curves melting into mine like we were made for each other.

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