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Rested and well fed, I found myself basking in the midday sun by a gorgeous mosaic tiled pool. Boy, you sure don’t know where the day might take you. Yesterday I was caught in the act of snooping on my best friend Gale and her boyfriend, last night I had the most incredible night of my life with the man of my dreams and now I’m reveling in the lap of luxury pondering my future. Oh, yeah, and I’m falling in love.

I looked over and watched Eddie fixing a refreshing lemonade for me. How cute. He’s squeezing the lemons with his own hands. My man, I think I’ll keep him. I think.

What might I be getting myself into? His whole family is into swinging. And he admitted participating. I, myself, am an admitted voyeur. What a pair!

He brought the lemonade over to me. “For your majesty.” He made a small bow.

I took the glass from him and nodded my head. “Thank you, your highness.” Then I flicked my hand at him. “Shoo! Your standing in my light.”

“Oh, yeah!” He growled and swung his leg over me, placing his knees on either side of me. He leaned in and kissed my nose.

“Guards!” I yelled mockingly. “There is an intruder, breaching the perimeter!” I laughed up into his face and quickly kissed him.

He kissed me back. “You’re a nut. You know that?” He stayed where he was leaning over me. “You know, it’s getting late. Won’t your parents be looking for you?”

I sipped my lemonade and shook my head. “No. They knew I was going to spend the night at Gale’s. They don’t expect my back ’till this evening for dinner.” I sat up quickly pushing him back a little. “Oh, my gosh! Gale! She must be worried sick. I didn’t tell her where I was going. I hope she didn’t call my parents.” I looked around frantically. “I need a phone!”

Eddie directed me to the phone on the patio. “Gale? It’s me.”

“Oh, girl!” Gale’s voice sounded excited. “You have got to tell me all the details.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about. “What do you mean, details?”

“Girl, I saw you leaving with Eddie. I can only imagine what you two have been up to.” Gale chuckled seductively. “Where are you now?”

“I’m at Eddie’s aunt and uncle’s house. But forget about that. What did Tony say yesterday.” I was starting to feel embarrassed again, about the peeping. “I mean does everyone know about me?” I was almost afraid to hear the answer.

“Oh, Tony! He was just playing with you. I finally got it out of him that he’s known about you watching for only a couple of months.” She sounded amused. “He saw you through the door once and then he would look for you everytime. He swears he never told anyone.”

I wasn’t convinced. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry.” She tried to assure me. “I told him that if he told anyone, he wouldn’t have another chance with my sweet pussy.” She chuckled again. “I think I convinced him.”

Later that day and on into the next, the nagging feeling that Tony might tell everyone they knew about my voyeurism continued.

The next evening I told my parents that I would be spending the weekend with Gale. Even the fact that I was eighteen and a high school graduate didn’t make me feel comfortable enough to tell my parents that I was spending the entire weekend with Eddie. I’m still their little girl even if I would be leaving in the fall for college.

The weekend was idyllic. Eddie and I talked, swam, watched movies, made love and fucked all over the huge house. On Sunday evening Eddie told me his aunt and uncle would be coming home sometime during the night, and I would meet them in the morning.

I awoke Monday morning wrapped in Eddie’s arms. I felt his hard chest pressing into my back. I smiled and pressed my ass into his crotch and then wiggled it a little to wake up the sleeping giant. Eddie moaned into my neck. “You are a naughty girl, so early in the morning.” He murmured into my hair.

“It’s not so early.” I squirmed out of his grasped. “Besides, demetevler escoırt I’m hungry and I can’t wait to meet your family.”

A little while later we strolled into the large kitchen, hand in hand. Wonderful smells and Jessie’s smiling face greeted us. “Good morning, Miss Lydia, Mr. Eddie.” She was dishing up fluffy eggs and crisp bacon. “What will you be having this morning?”

“Morning, Jesse,” Eddie responded. “How about . . . everything! I’m starving.” He poured orange juice for both of us and we sat at the counter, across from Jessie. Jessie had tried to serve us in the more formal breakfast room. But we both enjoyed talking to her and watching her cook.

Just as our breakfast was put before us, Eddie’s aunt walked through the door. That’s his aunt?! It was all I could do not to say that out loud.

She must have been about 5′ 10″. Her flaming red hair was waving down to the middle of her back. She wore a thin white tank top that barely covered her large round tits. She also wore a very tiny white tennis skirt that revealed long, tanned legs. It was impossible to tell how old she was. As far as I new she could be 25 or 45. She saw Eddie and practically flew to him. “Eddie, my sweet boy!”

He stood up to hug her. “Hey, Vick. You look terrific!” He kissed her cheek. He kept his arm around her waist as he introduced her to me. “Lydia, this is my aunt, Vicky. Vick this is my lover, Lydia.”

Lover! That was interesting. I reached over to shake her hand. “It’s great to meet you. You have a beautiful home.”

“If you’re Eddie’s lover, you have to do better than that.” She pulled my hand to draw me to her. I was soon engulfed in a warm embrace. Her large breasts mashed into my own not small mounds. I could feel her hard nipples press against my tits. I could see the large brown circles underneath the stretched to busting fabric. She leaned back to look at me. “Why, she’s lovely, Eddie. I like her already.” She suddenly planted a firm kiss on my lips. Then moved away. “Good morning, Jessie!” She called. “Is coffee ready?”

Eddie and I sat down again to eat, while his aunt fussed about coffee and her own choice of breakfast.

I nudged Eddie. “Lover?” I whispered.

He just shrugged. “That’s the way they talk. It just seemed easier to say it that way.” He shrugged again. “Besides, girlfriend doesn’t seem adequate to describe what you are to me.” He just kept eating his breakfast, while I was flooded with warmth at his words.

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you.” I whispered in his ear. He didn’t look at me, but a smiled flooded his face.

Finally, he turned to me, “You are something else.” He gave me a swift warm kiss and turned back to his breakfast. I looked over to his aunt. She was watching us with bright shining eyes and a small smile on her face.

“Where’s my whore!” A deep bellowing voice roared from somewhere in the house. I jumped and my fork clattered on the plate.

Vicky raised her voice. “We’re in here, darling!”

Eddie whispered to me quickly. “It’s just my uncle. But if anything seems weird . . . just . . . go with it. I mean . . well, you’ll see what I mean.” He seemed a bit nervous at his uncle’s eminent approach.

The kitchen door flew open and a giant of a man moved through it. “There she is, my slut.” His tone was harsh but his eyes were twinkling with laughter. He was well over 6 ft. tall and very broad shouldered. His sandy blond hair was cut short almost military style. He was only wearing loose fitting shorts and his tanned chest was firm and well muscled. He was also sporting a giant boner in his shorts. He grabbed for Vicky and roughly brought her to him. One arm encircled her waist as the other sank into her hair pulling her in for a hard kiss. There mouths battled, tongues thrusting into each other’s mouths. Vicky’s hands grabbed his ass and pulled him rus escort hard against her pelvis, where she ground her hips into him.

I blinked and pretended to be interested in my breakfast. I noticed Eddie and Jessie were just going about business as usual.

Vicky finally broke the kiss. “We have company, Ray.” She panted not loosening her death grip on his ass.

He turned in our direction. “Eddie, my boy!” He finally let Vicky go and came towards us. He grabbed Eddie in a crushing bear hug and kissed him hard on the cheek. “Glad to see you. Did you enjoy the digs?” He let Eddie go and looked me up and down. “I can see by this fine piece of pussy, that you did.” He kept eyeing me up and down intently.

I was becoming warm under his gaze. I stuck my hand out. “Hi” I chirped. “I’m Lydia.” I cleared my throat. “Eddie’s lover.” He grasped my small hand in his giant one. He held it firmly but gently.

“Lydia.” He looked me in the eyes. It felt like he was trying to see into my soul. “Lydia.” He said again barely a whisper. “Lovely.” He suddenly snapped out of it. “But not as great a piece of ass as my Vicky, I’ll wager.” He was practically hollering. “No, not as good a piece of snatch.” He moved swiftly towards Vicky. “My whore could fuck the balls off a rhino!” He came up behind Vicky who had begun fixing her coffee.

His arm came around her and grasped her large melon tit. The other went to her throat and tilted her head so that he could lick her neck under her ear. She stopped fixing her coffee and reached one arm up over her head to stroke his head, the other stroked his thigh. When her arm came up her giant breast thrust out allowing his hand to paw it more easily. The hand at her throat snaked down to the waistband of her skirt and easily moved inside. Vicky’s mouth dropped open and she began to pant.

I couldn’t see beyond the kitchen counter that stood between them, and us but I knew exactly what his hand was doing to Vicky. Her eyes were closed but she was grinding her hips back into his crotch and then pushing forward into his hand. My eyes were glued on the action before me.

I reached over towards Eddie and he took my hand. “Do you want to go? We can leave out the back. They wouldn’t even notice.” I couldn’t speak. I just shook my head no. Eddie squeezed my hand then put his arm around my shoulder and stayed there.

By this time, Ray had lifted Vicky’s tank top over her tits. They were lushes tanned melons with large brown nipples high up at the tips. Ray was pulling and twisting each nipple until I thought they would burst. He took his other hand out of her skirt and lowered the front of his shorts. I knew he had released the bulge that had been tenting his shorts earlier. He roughly lifted the back of her skirt and I could tell he was rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks.

I glanced at Jessie who was standing on their side of the counter. She had stopped her cooking and was watching her boss in action. She didn’t move except to play with the top button of her uniform.

“You like this, whore?” Ray growled into Vicky’s ear. “You want my fuckpole in your snatch? Huh? You want it?”

Vicky was moaning now. “Yes!” She panted. “Rip me open with your battering ram, motherfucker!” She leaned over the counter, her tits smashed into the counter top. “Fuck me now!” She wailed.

With a growl Ray rammed his cock into her. “Motherfucker!? Is that what I am?” He reached down and pulled her knee up to the counter and held it there while he pounded her from behind. “You called me a motherfucker!” With each word he must have slammed her three or four times.

Vicky was gasping now. “Yeah! That’s right you fuck your mother!” She was smashing back into him with each of his thrusts. “And you suck your father cock, too! That means you’re a filthy cocksucker! MOTHERFUCKER! Ahhhhh!” Vicky squealed as with a roar Ray pounded his cum into her. Vicky looked batıkent escort like she couldn’t breath. Ray’s arms were holding her tightly as with each burst of cum he growled and thrust.

Finally, they collapsed, the counter holding them up. Ray roused himself first. He stood up straight and shivered and shook himself. “Ah. I think I’ll take a swim.” With that he want out to the patio.

I must have been holding my breath because I blew out a lung full and slumped in my chair. Eddie looked at me. “You okay?” I nodded and gave him a bemused smile. He smiled back “Intense, huh?” I could only nod.

Vicky straightened her clothes and continued fixing her coffee, prattling on with Jessie about their vacation. Jessie resumed her duties and listened to Vicky.

Eddie pulled me from my seat and led me out into the hallway. The kitchen door barely closed behind us when I turned him around and pushed him up against the wall. I pulled at his shirt lifting it up over his chest and licked his abdomen. “I am so, fucking hot!” I said between licks. He was surprised at my ferocity. I stroked my nails over his body and nibbled at his chest, licked his nipples and captured one in my teeth.

“Whoa!” He tried to capture my hands that were roaming freely over his chest and stomach. “Down girl! Let’s go somewhere and get more comfortable.”

I came up suddenly and licked his chin. “Uh unh.” I shook my head no. “I like it here.” I practically purred and growled at the same time. My hand flew to his hardening cock. “He’s telling me that he likes it here, too.” I kneeled down and pulled his throbbing piece into my hands. “Don’t you sweetheart.” I talked to his penis. “Don’t worry, baby, you and I are gonna have a lot of fun together.” My voice was deep and soothing. I looked into Eddie’s eyes. “You see? He wants to play, now.” I poked my tongue into the pee hole at the tip of his cock, trying to taste more of the pre-cum that was dribbling there. I licked my palms and began firmly stroking his hardened pole with both hands.

Eddie groaned. “Lydia! What’s got into you?” He was confused by the intensity of my lust and the pleasure he was receiving. “Whoa!” He said again.

I had pressed his cock up to his belly and was teasing his balls and suddenly sucked a whole one into my mouth, tugging it a little. I let it drop out of my mouth with a pop. Again I looked into his eyes with feigned innocence. “What’s the matter lover? Don’t you like this?” I dropped my hands and sat on my heels. “If you want me to stop, I will. But frankly, I’m so hot from watching them fuck in the kitchen I could get off just by you looking at my pussy right now.” I remained on the floor and spread my knees wide. I pulled the crotch of my shorts to the side to show him my dripping snatch. “See?”

Uncertainty was in Eddie’s eyes as he watched my actions. He licked his lips and looked into my eyes. A slight nod from me was all that was needed. He quickly pulled his tank top over his head and knelt on the floor. His hard cock was standing proud as he drew me to him. His mouth latched onto mine, fiercely. In one swift movement I was impaled on the throbbing shaft. We groaned together as he buried himself deep within me. We held each other for a moment not moving. I felt that if he were to start thrusting I would explode instantly. We panted into each other’s mouths, my pussy quivering on the edge of ecstasy.

Slowly he began moving, grinding. He didn’t pump in and out but rolled his hips around so that we remained pressed tight against each other. The pressure started to build deep inside me. I never felt this intense build up before. I buried my face into his chest and blocked out the world as the orgasm began to overwhelm me. He rolled his hips faster and pressed harder into me. A low wail was coming from somewhere. As my climax reached its pinnacle I realized that sound was coming from me. I wailed and bucked as the most intense orgasm carried me near to oblivion

Ever so slowly, I was able to rouse myself. As I raised my face I realized tears were streaming down my face. Eddie looked at me concerned at my tears. I smiled weakly and pressed my cheek against his. “My god.” I whispered. “What you do to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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